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As a member, you can use WouldYouHitThis as an Online Dating Service, a photo sharing and picture sharing service, or just a place to hangout and meet people.
  • Dating service and personals: If you're single and looking for casual romance or the soulmate sort of romance, use us as a completely free dating service and personals service.

    Search for singles with real pictures, or let us do the matchmaking with our Matches page: Whenever you vote yes for someone and that person votes yes for you, we'll automatically show you the match on your My Matches page, just like a matchmaker service. If you don't care to see your Matchmaking page, you can also view everyone who's voted yes for you AND who lives near you! A lustful dating service indeed!

    If you find someone, you can always message him or her for free, unlike "real" online Dating sites and personals that make you pay loads of money for such a simple function that can lead to a great online romance!

  • Picture rating: See how good-looking others think you are, and vote them back after they've voted for you! Great just for kicks (most common), or as a very laid back Dating service!

  • Photo Sharing: Photo sharing is free here. You can share all the photos you want and create all the photo albums you want. You can mark your photo albums as public for everyone to see, you can mark your albums as private and only let your friends see them.

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