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Profile for automech7053 (offline- last on: Nov 22, 11)
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Name Jeremiah
Age 27
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State North Carolina
City Asheville
About Me
Im going to college for a bach. in Automotive Managment right now..... but im also on a pit crew for a race team. You should see me on tv on the Nascar Busch Series!!
My Apps
Right now my fav thing in College bball but i like lowered and raised trucks, street rods, cruising and drinkin sometimes, anything to keep from bein bored
Turn Ons
Sexy fit girls, common sense, good personalities, bein able to let loose and just have fun, Honest and trusting, Athletic girls
Turn Offs
stuck up, bad attitudes, girls thats think there all that but sure aint, cheaters, lazy people, body hair
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show College Basketball is my fav to watch! But i like the OC, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Tilt, American Hotrods, and RIDES! I cant forget about the NFL too.... go Panthers!!
Movies To damn many to name.... mostly Scary and suspense movies
Music Everything xcept Lite Rock, Techno, and Classical
Book bout any books about trucks and cars... and fabrication work
Quote Not Given
AIM ##Must be a Member to View##
MSN ##Must be a Member to View##
ICQ ##Must be a Member to View##
Yahoo ##Must be a Member to View##
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ahnecute: im good, you? smile tnx for the add
Jodibiatch: yes i do my addy is on my profile
Jodibiatch: Hey whats up with you?
PsychedelicUrchin: I hate to break it to you, but I don't use messengers
lavenderlindsey: gotcha!
lavenderlindsey: no need to be sry n yea he needs some old chicks his age haha
lavenderlindsey: nothin, im not addin ne1 now!
lavenderlindsey: sure just heard he was askin for em! now im not addin ne1 n not sendin em to no1
lavenderlindsey: no he like asked for em on some other site! n im arguin with some skank who loves fuckin black guys for some reason haha
lavenderlindsey: a guy my fathers age is wantin to get my nudes
lavenderlindsey: bored n kinda creeped!
Ky1985: not at all, go for it.
RockerInRed: Lol Nope. Ill send you a message with my email
bangxash: ah not much. um i live in southern ohio down by kentucky.
JaVonte: my day was eventful how was yours?
LilMamma: i been alright. yu?
sammielovex63: Your A Cutie smile
b00mb00mxx: recovering from a rough night lol, you?
b00mb00mxx: Alohaaa
RockerInRed: Well I'm on there now. Probably getting off soon though, and I don't have ADHD! lol
RockerInRed: Not really. Im never in the mood to sit on msn and chat anymore lol
RockerInRed: Oh, hmm... I haven't been on MSN in a loping time either lol
RockerInRed: Hmm... I don't think so. Should I? lol
cocainecowgurl: i use msn
cocainecowgurl: your welcome
MysteriousGurl07: Im In scottville MI its a small town lol
Crater: Heh. No.
hillbillymeg: Welcome to *KiwiLo0*!
alannabanana: yeah it wasnt too bad. how bout you.
alannabanana: noooo problemm.
tearsofblood117: yeah, im doing a little better today, thanks for askin love
lyssa23: alyssaohrt
lyssa23: Lol yeah
lovestinx: no thanks
lyssa23: I did smile
alaskangirl574: yeh im tired as hell haha had a long day o im gunna get off to bed haha talk to you soon
alaskangirl574: hey haha how are you doing?
concretefallout: love is the risk.
concretefallout: not much. want to talk a little before i pass out? get on aim!
sexysam12: haha 4 sounds pretty good right about now lol.
alaskangirl574: Haha I only have it when I have my moms computer but I'm on my itouch right now so it's hard to type lol but howe you doin?!?
sexysam12: haha yahh, sucks even worse that I may have H1N1 now lol. you lucky bumm! wish I could go drink some beers with my friends =P yahh I go on msn quite a bit.
sexysam12: not a problem, I don't mind adding handsome guys like you. not much though, just in some pain from working out; how about yourself?
alaskangirl574: haha yeh i guess so haha
alaskangirl574: i sent you one back haha? ill txt you in a few and we can chat?
PrettyBritty: lol...yes it is!!!
alaskangirl574: haha yeh definitly ill send you my number in a message grinlol
alaskangirl574: yeh hopefully one day haha but for now i gotta deal with txting :P
xlovelyduckx: yeah, but it means more money because the weekend shift for me is usually 8am to 5pm.. but lol i'm looking to quit there. actually already have a few apps elsewhere.
xlovelyduckx: seems to be hit and miss with my weekends off.. i usually only have one day off during the weekend if i'm lucky.
xlovelyduckx: wasn't bad, had the day off so, yeah.
xlovelyduckx: yeah they do.. everyone has to know everything about everyone.
alaskangirl574: i dont have access to internet so im not able to get on
xlovelyduckx: lol i've been there! i don't mind little towns, kinda prefer them really,
xlovelyduckx: lol which town? i've been nearly everywhere in montana and wyoming.
xlovelyduckx: lol kinda far away though.
xlovelyduckx: i wish i had a pool.. lol lucky!
alaskangirl574: anytime hun....i had a great night haha i went dancing with my roomate and then i ran into sum old friends so we all went to the strip club...pretty exciting haha
xlovelyduckx: hey doll, it's not too bad. how was your night?
HeatherxxLeighh: Good! How about yours?
jvic: Fls_sexy_baby09
jvic: Anytime smile
Countrygrl7733: hey! im doin good. how are you? mine is Countrygrl7733 on yahoo
LoveMeDead: my brother in law is in the 82nd and im here staying with my sister because he is deploying soon
NotSOBEAUTiFUL: Sure do smile
LoveMeDead: fort bragg smile
LyLMissy89: you never were
SeXyReDhEaD33090: youll never know if you arent here...
SeXyReDhEaD33090: cum help me wink
DanceBabe15: Hey. I'm not too bad. youself?
candyapplecrush: You're welcome. I'm doing great! Yourself?
misssexysarah: sid0389
misssexysarah: more so yahoo than msn
lilmamma: hey whats up?
yoursecretadmirer125: good and yourself
XxShoeBoxBarbiexX: Suresmile
KilledInMyOwnBlood: lol, my weekend was alright, yours?
KilledInMyOwnBlood: yeah?
Countrygrl7733: for sure
KilledInMyOwnBlood: a heart with stars.
Countrygrl7733: awesome! uh on occasion.
KilledInMyOwnBlood: it's alright.
Got my first tattoo on thursday lol.
Countrygrl7733: hey! yours welcom.e im doing good. you?
KilledInMyOwnBlood: nm, you?
kattyx3: i knowwww. =[
i need someone to make me smile =]
KilledInMyOwnBlood: you're welcome smile
kattyx3: i have a bunch of exams coming up =[
kattyx3: smile
im doing ok, veryyyy stressed.
how are you??
Drowprincess: Hey yourself wink
DorothyRose: where are aim is x3ang3lzlilgurl
XOAshleyJennaMarieOX: Well whenever I sign on to my laptop, they both come up, so feel free to add me to both if you want.
XOAshleyJennaMarieOX: anything....what do you like?
XOAshleyJennaMarieOX: you have to talk if you wanna be my friend.
XOAshleyJennaMarieOX: yes...?
abbeyyy18: Um u were talking about private pics..
abbeyyy18: People just wanting pics like that..and stealing my pics.
GeorgiaRedneckGurl: ur welcome babe.. im good.. how r u?
abbeyyy18: You don't either..?
I aint putting shit like that ever again on this site.
abbeyyy18: Heyy np.
xlovelyduckx: lol i know.
xlovelyduckx: lol i would, but my boss owns the shop that i work in.
xlovelyduckx: lol so far. it'll be better though if i don't have to deal with my boss at work.
xlovelyduckx: i don't know now... lol must have been a bad day haha.
xlovelyduckx: hey, i'm okay considering.. you?
SeXyReDhEaD33090: hide me?
LoveMeLaLa: mkay lol ur a retard.
automech7053: sunflwerx3love
gangstahh: Oh, rly? Should have hit me up! & Nah, I don't go to UT. I was going to a community college, but now I'm just working full time.
songfiredream: still looking hot as ever jeremiah
phatass09: idk.
AngelinKs: blondedemon?
AngelinKs: I' good, I see you know Amber huh? I love her
AngelinKs: hey baby
xFamouschickx: Mhmm.. Yahoo -> BCBGirl90 and MSN ->
breaktheice: hey whats up? smile
AngermAnAgement: I, don't, have, yahoo
DazedHottie2516: im southern michigan
breaktheice: i'm great smile how are you
crazycutie: hey, I'm alright just busy with lots of traveling. Visiting family for the holidays.
xjanedoe: sure
xjanedoe: cold cold cold and windy windy windy
xjanedoe: today sucked more
xjanedoe: could have been better

how are you?
CourtneyRose: Ahh, no I really didn't. Did you?
innocentlovelines: aha hi
LateNiteLuva19: hehe thanks. mine day's goin pretty good. just gettin some schooling done. you??
Wdyg2l: sry idk if i have you on my friends, just add me im on so just im me and ill add you that way
xPuzzledxAngelx1x19: this is deff true
CourtneyRose: haha nope, I haven't done anything fun. =[
xPuzzledxAngelx1x19: fun stuff lol
xPuzzledxAngelx1x19: jsut chilling. u?
CourtneyRose: My night was alright. Yours?
girlandboy: sure.
girlandboy: my day is fine, i suppose. you?
girlandboy: hi =]
blackroze: hey darlin how are you
CourtneyRose: I'm alright. How are you?
NotSOBEAUTiFUL: Not bad. How are you?
dixiediamond179: yeah yahoo n aim
dixiediamond179: I live Up around greensboro
RiotGirl: I rarely get on my msn anymore due to the fact Im always busy with life grinlol
kcwhatever: yes for you
SJxDolce: hah yeah aim. EssJxDolce
DazedHottie2516: no?
LoveMeLaLa: nope. as far as i went down was maryland like 2 years ago with a friend n florida when i was like 9 =] haha
LoveMeLaLa: yes i did lol i jus got home actualy. i went to jersey to a friends house. how bout u?
LoveMeLaLa: im good. how r u? =]
tinsleyy08: lol.
tinsleyy08: no ty
tinsleyy08: good i guess.
partyreadychick: meh, maybe
which one?
Michelle08: grinlol no problem good and yourself?
partyreadychick: just this once
SJxDolce: hah heyy, i'm actually not on msn really.
partyreadychick: pshhhhh you blew it :P
partyreadychick: i like biting
partyreadychick: what makes you think that?
kinkykristi: fun stuff
its goodgrinlol
kinkykristi: fun stuff
its goodgrinlol
kinkykristi: fun stuff
its goodgrinlol
kinkykristi: fun stuff
its goodgrinlol
jordiejameson: oh thats wicked cool how that posted twice. but anyway, engineering is even better!!
jordiejameson: explain please??
jordiejameson: explain please??
PoptartxBritta: aww your welcome.. its lovin_them_snickers@hot
jordiejameson: guessing ur an auto mechanic? lol
jordiejameson: no problem smile im alright i guess and you?
PoptartxBritta: Lol I'm not to sure =/ lol
kinkykristi: im good
missdanielle18: np its goin pretty good how bout you?
lPreshuz: lol xx_ghettomami_xx@hotmai
PoptartxBritta: haha maybe? I'm hardly ever on tho... But I have left you a comment before =)
xxlivingangel15xx: lol sure, message me your addy
xxlivingangel15xx: when would you like to ?lol
uncgirl: haha cool
Serina: haha nice
whad u end up doing
to stay enertained
Serina: im good
how are you?

uncgirl: cool. uhm it was ok, i went to the drive in movies haha. how was yours?
uncgirl: close to high point.
ilysilly: mhm i do =]

you should add me
anchorsaweigh: hello
RaNdY1990: orlandobloom8998@hotmai orrr the title is
and so the lion fell in love with the lamb
RaNdY1990: yeah i still go on msn
DiamondBaby09: I am absolutely awesome, and yourself?
xxlivingangel15xx: aha nope, I dont have yahoo, just msn
xxlivingangel15xx: lol yes yes I am.. wild eh?hope youhad fun!
xxlivingangel15xx: im great, what are you up to?
xxlivingangel15xx: lol Im honestly not sure if Ive talked to you before..
Pigtails: the other side. memphis.
crimsonangel117: sure so.. toobadxxyourebeautiful
Vampirebunni: MSN
Vampirebunni: idk
Vampirebunni: It says
Carly12: tired and sick =[
crimsonangel117: kewl kewl.. weddings are usually always a good time..
metalchickchels: I'm alright...
crimsonangel117: no problem, thanks as well.. and the night was alright, how was yours?
AngermAnAgement: Well I'm on right now haha
RiotGirl: Im doing good, you!?
SeXyReDhEaD33090: not a lot babe.
I txt you sometimes but you don't like to respond much anymore.
babiequrl17: yahoo temptedesirexo
sambabyy: i dont have either, but i have AIM. xSAAAM
sambabyy: yayyyyy. i'm looking forward to that sexyyy ;*
pinkthong0053: great, yourself?
ToxicDrop: Yeah my aim is BlairDarkHeart if you wanna chat sometime.
lPreshuz: good and u
Amazing2313: im good..u?
lilraechy2410: doin alright urself
freakxSHOW420: yeah
freakxSHOW420: tireddd
freakxSHOW420: its all good
xostilettopumpxo: pretty tired lol. long practice.
how r u?
freakxSHOW420: really?
freakxSHOW420: no :[
RachelAnn05: Hmmmm pretty sure you have to add me for us to do that wink yahoo= eatsomeorangecrayons@ya (I know its pretty pimpin screen name haha)
lilmamma: yahoo: lilmomma099
MSN: bamabeautie09@hotmail.c
kayLuhh: good how about u?
lakken1020: lakken10
lakken1020: sumtimes its usually really late tho
BtxMegARoo: Well it got deleted.
CrossMeOffYourListx3: I'm good, you? =]
BtxMegARoo: When my internet decides to work yes I do.
lilmamma: yeah i do every now and then.
metalchickchels: haha nice. I'm just chillin at my friends house tonight
brittmichellex3: heyy, i'm not too bad..what about yourself?
kattyx3: hi =)
im good. how are you?
yea im on msn every once in awhile.
RubberDuckyxXx3: Awww...thank you sweetie! Sure, you can add me to both if you want smile I'm good about you?
xkrucialx: nebraska is great, but i am actually living in california at the moment.. weather is beautiful
metalchickchels: Thankiesss grinlol
xkrucialx: oops you said "how are ya" not "whats up" soo i'm good then :]
SexXxyDianna: im ok thnx, yuu?
yes i doo
BtxMegARoo: Lol too bad youre not on now im so wasted :-P
beautifulbrit: pretty well and for you?
PaperbagSlag: StaceySimplistic@live.c
xkrucialx: nada
BtxMegARoo: Lame and boring lol.
PaperbagSlag: Yep. =)
Veronaa: not too bad thanks urs?
Veronaa: im fine thanks, u?
BtxMegARoo: Nothing much cutie how about you? smile
PaperbagSlag: I have a major fear of water.
chloebrooklyn032708: thats fine...if u are okay with talking to me! =)
xAmyisSw33tx: heyyy nm hbu
PaperbagSlag: Nice. Lol
My night was pretty uneventful.
PaperbagSlag: Hey there. =)
I'm pretty good, you?
CheerBubbles19: hey there handsome
SoccerDef12: it has sucked all i have been doing is working
XxXdisasterifficXxX: ah...
SoccerDef12: hey.. your welcome... good how about you?
xoxDenisexox: kurtz_baby_gurl12 <<<yahoo
blueeyedbaby1692@hotmai <<msn
xoxDenisexox: Im sry...The chat froze up and now it wont let me in :(
ZabZilka: ok
ZabZilka: nmu
ZabZilka: hi
kaseyhaan17: sure if you want i ant on my yahoo but you can to my msn
BabyLady: nooo... im hung over and have to go back to work for the next 4 hours. i think i might honestly die. hahaha i hope ur day is going better than mine
youthinasia: Oh I got a new one.
youthinasia: Decent enough, and you?
youthinasia: WHOA, hi stranger.
BarbieFreak: You too. smile
BarbieFreak: Ha, I would, but I'm about to go to bed.
BarbieFreak: Eh, it was alright. Can't complain too much. Fathers day, heh. How was yours?
Mic66588: LOL...because i sent you message and you never replied tongue
BarbieFreak: I'm okay. How are you?
NotSOBeautiful: Pretty good, thanks =) How are you?
KATIEnicole: well it don't matter it's closed now but you can join the new group jack rabbit slim's
KATIEnicole: if you don't post you don't get to stay
KATIEnicole: you're welcome
KATIEnicole: hope ya enjoy my group
BornaHuskerchickNU: my night is going fine, yes i have msn
SeXyReDhEaD33090: haha idk if you do or not. its the same as on here lol
SeXyReDhEaD33090: I'm on aim right now. and I'm just layin in bed waitin on you to get here wink
SeXyReDhEaD33090: what's up lover?
Christina02: niceeee =) just got home about to get in the showerrr
BornaHuskerchickNU: you're welcome for the add
Christina02: heyy whats goin on?!?! thanks for the add =)
AngermAnAgement: it's wibamuftw
AngermAnAgement: Yeah i have aim
punkedsugar: i'm good hun
how are you <3
xcheer4kellyx: i am on yahoo now
so IM me
AngermAnAgement: No, nothing fun
vittoriasecret91: hahaha wowowowow im dumb.

suppppppppppp !
sorry i was caught up in Wesley.
vittoriasecret91: haha do you talk to me ont here?
AngermAnAgement: I'm okay how are you? and you're welcome.
pr1nc3ss: very rarely....but you can try to catch me on there sometime smile
noliezxjuslove: a prize?! someone has some wishful thinking huh?! tongue
noliezxjuslove: oh...and im a litttle tease wink
noliezxjuslove: heyy nice guess with the bra size lol...they're a B
SeXyReDhEaD33090: fucked up on oxycodone and hydrocodone lol
SeXyReDhEaD33090: layin in bed halfway fucked up and waitin on tomorrow to roll around. what about you babe?
SeXyReDhEaD33090: yes I can still walk. luckily I was fortunate in that aspect and I never even use aim anymore babe sorry
itsj3nnybich: yeha IM me on aim sumtime my sn is the same as on here
SeXyReDhEaD33090: I will be ok other than back problems the rest of my life. and we were doin the confidence course and I fell straight down 10 ft
SeXyReDhEaD33090: its 9 weeks and no. I didn't get to finish. I got through 4 weeks and broke my back in 3 places on monday
SeXyReDhEaD33090: no I don't. I just got out of basic training today, unfortunately not the way I had hoped.
SeXyReDhEaD33090: not far from charlotte which is where I am again lol I'm not in belmont anymore it just won't let me change it back
SeXyReDhEaD33090: sure ill be your friend. you are a hottie. what's up?
beautifulbrit: haha i bet it is.
SexyIckleBaby: Ohhh lol clever aye
SexyIckleBaby: what group and comment?
oiudlukgdincufz: i dnt no lols
beautifulbrit: i bet,.
what were you doing to it?
partyreadychick: dont worry I never said you did
beautifulbrit: pretty boring
and yours?
partyreadychick: lmao that's just what I'm like though
partyreadychick: haha who knows wink
dazzlemexo: Prove it! lol
PiNkJeLLyBeaN17: I live near charlotte
stephanielaugh: I have aim, same name as this smile
stephanielaugh: lol actually.. I'm revising my government homework... haha boring right? wink
stephanielaugh: hahah... I'm so not a tease wink
gangstahh: Awe, no problem! My day has been pretty dull. Real rainy. ugh How about your's? :]
stephanielaugh: My night is going pretty good smile How about you?
PiNkJeLLyBeaN17: I'm doing good how about yourself?
stephanielaugh: sure thing I'll be your friend smile Thanks for the add
Hashstash: not prob good and yours?
italianangel637: ooh? well then. lucky you huh? lol. hopefully thats what im doin this weekend. =] im lookin forward to that.
italianangel637: actually my weekend was pretty boring. didn't really do much. how bout you cutie?
KcLeigh: mizzippigrl777
KcLeigh: my
i was doin some things to my

um i have
KcLeigh: nah im takin it easy today..
just layin around..
im too damn tired..
plus my feet and legs are killin me..
and my neck hurts and im
KcLeigh: oh thats fun..
lol always good to make money too..
eh yea after the concert i went to the bowlin alley here and drank alotta
and was wasted..didnt get home til like 4 this mornin...went to sleep and woke up at like 10..
KcLeigh: no problem hun!
oh its going amazing!
i went to the best concert last night.
feel like shit today..
but i would totally do it all over again..
hows yours?
Stewchunk18: You're welcome. And Thank you smile
PoptartxBritta: aww your very welcome! smile I'm great.. how about yourself?
toxiicbarbiedawl: no prob hun
good you?
XxLivingAngel15xX: Im awesome , thanks for asking smile how are you?.
kristinbby: welcome.
sabbilicious: no problem
Fantasy0f1nn0cence: haha hayy. Life is def. better here. Finally got an amazing bf so.. im happy. how are you
East00Coast00Nymph: sure my yahoo is hotpinkribbon123
JumperX: i dont know
lol you may want to reconsider
JumperX: and why would you want to be my friend?
East00Coast00Nymph: np ^_^
dstyle217: Why am I what?
beautifullbailey: hmmm comments for ur pix
beautifullbailey: have any bbs to send me lol
partyreadychick: yeah sometimes, once I get to know who I'm talking to and such.
msg me or something... this commenting gets annoying lol
partyreadychick: alright i guess lol
partyreadychick: not too much, you?
lalamelly: pretty good, yours?? and your welcome grinlol
lOvex3: yeah. you can add me if you want.

lOvex3: you're welcome for the add :] and my nights goin great. how about yours?
emeRgENcyx: all the time. :]
emeRgENcyx: Maaaaaaaybe. ;o
emeRgENcyx: not that i know of.
xobellalova4yaxo: you're im sorry :/ i have a really bad memory so i hope you don't get offended.
xobellalova4yaxo: hey thanks for the request..i added&yessed you =]
CrazyChance89: thats ok
yeah im ok and u
emeRgENcyx: Crap.
I forgot what you asked. lol. doh
emeRgENcyx: not bad, you?
CrossMeOffYourListx3: hahah I'm a tease. ;o
TeXaSToRNaDo: Mm no I only have aim
and I get on every so often
CrossMeOffYourListx3: You're welcome. grinlol
TeXaSToRNaDo: Aww well thank you
as do you have nice pics wink
MySticalEyes55: yea i do leave me ur s/n...
akvolleystudd: yupp i do
snoopkitten: im good. how r u?<3
xLiesxHatex: added to yahoo.. ill add you to msn when i get on it later.
xLiesxHatex: yea i do smile you should message me your addys grinlol
xLiesxHatex: smile thank you.
CanadianA: No problem seXxXy
IndianaHoosierBebe: No problem=)
aDozenFuries: * MUAH * you're so sweet, and adorable, and a blast to talk to!! <3
partyreadychick: That's a secret :P
partyreadychick: msn
l2o0aLo0: yer fucking adorable..
xxgcxgirlxx: i am now lol :-p
xxgcxgirlxx: nope neither sry..
gorgeoussXdisaster: yeahh definitely. =]
ClassyTease: Oh aww Im sorry to hear that
gorgeoussXdisaster: yeahh, sure keepit xSTEADY
gorgeoussXdisaster: yeahh babe, im on all the tiiime. =]
shellyxxx: i will do x
HottieKelly: hey! it's been awhile.. just seein what was up...
uncwblondie: cheer up sexy boy!!!!
HONEYxBUNNY: Haha hes not lucky... I am lucky
lilmissplayful69: aww your welcome.
pluss..your hot. so why wouldn't i? wink
skankypanky: :P
skankypanky: Noo
skankypanky: Sometimes, I'm on AIM all the time though.
I'm signed in MSN more.
skankypanky: Lol. welcome, even though I don't even remember adding you. :P
FatallyYours77: np hun
agoddessb4u: i dont give out sn's
agoddessb4u: near nashville :-P
xstellax0: nooooooo just never on msn smile
aznshorty: hey there cutie whats up?
NaughtiGyrl6969: Yeah Hit Me Up On MSN ...


Talk To Ya Soon...
kayluhh: You're welcome.
& Yes you can IM me on AIM. smile
aznshorty: hey no prob hun
shortnsassy21: Hey hunnie , ive been workin alot .. how have you been? nething new wif u ? My dog had puppies and i got a new car smile
brooklynBEATDOWN: (:
you're welcome.
AngelxWith0utxWings: Well well well, Ashley is quite lucky to have a gorgeous SL. I'm may even be abit jealous! tongue
DavidsPrincess: Ya added me and ya gave me a No ... THats DUMB nono
perfectlilangelgurl: aw thanks your a cutie to =].. msg me
aZOMBIE: Y!- caitlination
aZOMBIE: of course =P
aZOMBIE: no problem. <3 thanks for the add as well cutie
Megalicious69: np. im always down for makin new friends
sexybabylauraa: i dont have more pics...and all i have is msn..
sexybabylauraa: pshhh i am notwink
uncwblondie: umm sexy boy i miss you.......guess i'll have to play all by myself for now jackoff frown
Barbie313098: I know, I haven't talked to you in a while. Do you even have my number anymore? Well I will try and get on more so we can talk. Talk to ya soon.~Victoria~ lol Nice ass! HAHA
uncwblondie: so yeah my toy........I LOVE IT, you did such a good job getting me the perfect valentines day get off....i mean feels so good......i can't wait to be home and fuck you all i know is it will be........FUCKING AMAZING!!!
uncwblondie: so yeah my toy........I LOVE IT, you did such a good job getting me the perfect valentines day get off....i mean gift.........i can't wait to be home and fuck you all i know is it will be........
<img src="http://www.mypimps
VivaLaAmber: thank you... salisbury.. you?
littlepimpangel: okay hun
missmelinda: Swansboro/Emerald Isle
sweetgurl4u89: both my screen names are on my pro
KanewtzsGirl: thanx
shakkkkkkeit: your welcome :]
sexybabylauraa: hey thanksssmile id love to
missme113: you're welcome
HottieKelly: hey thanks for the yes hottie..
AngelxWith0utxWings: Hey! No problem, You deserve the yes! ;] =P
patriotsbabe54: aww ur not psychic?
emoXBANG: No problem.
Feel free to IM me anytime.
patriotsbabe54: youre welcome n thaank you! sure we can
PlayfulLilHunnie921: damn you are sexxy
uncwblondie: YOU are so FUCKABLE, hit me up if you want to sometime, or again........
grlnpinkz: you welcome and sure
XxXJenXxX: hey no problem anytime u deserved it
Caitlan: dang, your hella hott!!!! msg me sometime!
JzSweetheart: cute pix!
xlovemetonight: be my sl??
xlovemetonight: mm, i see. lol.
xlovemetonight: hey, how are you doing?
XuntoldsecretX: you're really cute...nice body too
CrystalxxxKisses: you're at total hottie sex...
kutcherlover15: no i dont mind at all
GhettoBooty2004: Hey Jeremiah! i am fine .. how are u ? sure i would love to chat on yahoo some time just message me and ill give u my name k ttyl Muah!oh & u got a yes from me; )
omgzwtf: You're gorgeous!
Luscious10: hey hun, thanks for my comment! indeed lets chat....what do you have i have aim and msn???
Luscious10: Hey Cutie!!
boycrazybabe2006: wow you're hott .. thanks for the yes..
ashleypimpu: wow! hot! tell me what u think about me... but ur definately a yes!
CandyFlipGirl: damn youre fine
Punkchik69: Your very sexxy! i'd hit that, and u get a yes!
sohotithurts19: mmmm what a sexy beast... oo god.. makes me orgasm just looking at him ...*drools
hotcowgurl208: ur hot but u need to clean ur room
sommar1202: what up sexy boy? wink
lilme15: hey baby
oliveoyl89: i used to...but they got taken the only ones up are the ones i self posted that aren't really that revealing smile
CantxTouchxThisx0x: thanks for the comment hun x3
tennisplyr626: thanks!! haha
tryagain: you're f*n SEXY!!!!
melinda9794: you're so sexy babe, we need to hang out soon
xstellax0: aww thanks babe your awesome.
melinda9794: added you. <333
AmericanOEagleOBabii: Hey Sweetie...Whats Going On???
Unable2ResistMe: I am on AIM
Unable2ResistMe: Thanks for the comment, whats up?
JenniferNichole: hey cutie, i haven't talked to you in
SexiiAsh927: hey ur a hottie...check out my pics and let me know wat u think!! i guve u a hit it lol...well talk to ya later!!! bye smile
britney07toxic: CUTIE!!
melinda9794: when i make a new sn, which should be soon, i'll let you know.
melinda9794: sure
Playboy69girl03: Thankx For the comment. back...I would love to chat with you!
Playboy69girl03: Mmmm...Sexy!
melinda9794: where at in NC?
cinnamon625: Omg...please come over to my house and tuck me in!
confederatebarbie: Gotta love a blue collar man!!!
CandyFlipGirl: you are a damn fine man youre a hottie
xoChristina420: well when you wanna play... send me a message
Babigotback: hey! talk to me...
PeppermintLNNS: your very cute your self. message me sometime.
crayzeebabez: ^^^ what she said ^^^
ThinkPink: i <3 you muuuuah hehe
chingysbooty: thanks u have pretty eyez to
starz2004: hey there you look really sexy!!
xohollistergurliexo: hey your really hott luvin the towel!!!
JoKnee2007: Nice! Id tap that! haha! talk to me.
fairyyah: what's up mah's fairyyah on aim. <3
cutiecourter: surrre hun why not lol tongue
cutemellbell: hey nice pix
Lucious5yko: thanks for the comment, love the frowink teehee!
BrokenMemory: wow ur hott..i added u to MY friends list lol muah heartthrob
cutiecourter: thanx for the comment hun
xourlilteddyox: hey cutie hehe whats goin on? just leavin a comment lettin everyone know that i think your sexy! haha ttyl!
aerochic2008: *slurp*!!
HottStuff04: won't you come take that towel off for me baby lol luv ya bunches hit me up sometime sexy
Crystal702: haa.. i could just eat you up! wink what a stud
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