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Profile for Littlelyd (offline- last on: Jul 8, 08)
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Name Lydia
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Washington
City Spokane
My Apps
i play and play the guitar.and i love to play sports!and go out with my friends!
Turn Ons
i love the Pacific Ocean, and i love the sand..and i love the rain..hehe!i like the mountains but i hate heights werid i know!lol..well i like anyone if they are nice.and sweet!and guys that i can talk to about anything..and the way they make me feel even when they arent here and can tell you everything is ok!i love guys that look you in the eyes and not the chest!and i like punk rockers!but you dont have to be a punk rocker!nice Teeth!lol.i guys that are tall!lol..i cant help it i like guys with nice butts!lol..i dont know why!just
Turn Offs
smokers!a liar!and people that are fake!and people that are mean!grr!
my lover Brittany (tbridchick)love ya guys!wink, , and my new lover Zach he is greatwink..(p8ntballdrummer)he is so so sexy!
Favorite Things
TV Show Charmed, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, the Dead Zone, Roseanne, The Nanny, and Golden Girls, family guy
Movies i like scary movies and i love chick movies..well duh im a chick!(Dirty Dance Havana Nights)
Music hmm..alot of rock, and country or whatever sounds good at the time
Book romanic, mystery, the super natural, and stuff like that
Quote wiggle that thing like your name is Flipper, you dont have to be naked to dance like a stripper
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derailed:'re really, really sexy
adamadam87: fuckin hot
funboy85us: very sexy. love your lips
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. you got a yes from me. who ever would say no to someone as hot and as sexy as you are. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. hit me back
dnocules: simply beautiful
MegaVortex: You are beautiful as hell!!
shaningwa: beautiful!
CRaZYSh1T: lyd! its terry. long time no talk... hows it goin?!? drop alittle sumthin if you get this. late
TexasTakeover: You look amazing, You definately got my yes
confederatepride08: hey.. just thought id tell ya that your gorgeous... and i wanted to ask if you dont mind adding me to your friends list.. please and thank you.. I'd really appreciate it.. bye now..wink
JOETHEBEAST: Woah seriously? He must be lucky because he knows you smile
JOETHEBEAST: yeah... she pretty much has given up on me. I called her the other day and she didnt even act like she missed me. That will teach me to go for local girls
JOETHEBEAST: because i wanted to see her. she knew i was coming but she hadn't been fully honest with her mom
JOETHEBEAST: um i came up there... her mom freaked... now she has no phone/cell/car/computer
... i seriously never get to talk to her anymore. it really sucks
JOETHEBEAST: did you hear what happened to brittany? Shes it a shitload of trouble because of me. hit me up on msn
Razz: Your seriously stunning, and would nopt hesitate to see if it were possible to hit you. FAF
hesmyobsession: thanks hehe hug
hesmyobsession: yay my names lydia too and they call me lyd!! nuts ur rlly pretty too! lucky :-p lol
trubouncerlah23: i am new to this site and i just wanted to say. damn it girl you are sexy as hell. you got a yes from me. hit me back
reicko11: whats up sexy i just wanted to tell you your really hott.
do you want to add for an add?
EverybodyKilla: whut up, you live in spokane too? hit me back
JOETHEBEAST: i know you too... whats going on in your life?
Kalen: youre lookin good, i like your eyes they make your pictures sexy lol
chocl84u2000: hit me up on yahoo...chocl8_4u2000
dasrichard: Very impressed.
blueeyedmatt: mmmm, of course. you are absolutely adorable...very nice :P
shawn007sk: WOW!! u look amazing
so gorgeous u look really pretty
i love ur hair
a definite YES
DaDonJuan9: Very preetysmile
UpsNdownZZZ: Yes, but why do you look so sad?
trellnevafails: damn u r really really cute and u play sports any girl that athletic get even hotter u seen cool maybe we can chat some time hit me up some toem gorgeous aight lata
Nothingman: Damm girl you are too fine!
cdub0707: hey sexy can u add me to your friends?
parkourer107: hey ur very hot, id say yes. hit me bck plz, cris x
teddybear4u78: Who could say no to a beauty like you?....... you have my vote
Oleg: Wow, you're hot. But you should smile! grinlol
HeavensThief: YOU'RE cute. Hit me back sometime. lol
p8ntballdrummer: Wait wait wait... she IS a godess though! hehe, my goddess none-the-less. grinlol
Littlelyd: haha i gave you your skirt back!have a talk about what im lost!
tbirdchick: I NEED MY SKIRT BACK ^^^
tbirdchick: Excuse me? Why are people hitting on MY Lydia?? Hmm??? 2morrow, in school, we're having a talk, little ms. Lydia...hehe. I love can't move!!! PUT ME IN YOUR SUITCASE!!! I'LL FIT, I PROMISE!!! hehe. PLEASE?? *tear* sad.....and..and...I NEE
aceswildtru: Wow, you're a goddess! grinlol
isaacaol: wow very sexy and hot im going to VOTE BIG YES u are sooo sexy hit me babe on aol soccerlife333 on yahoo isaac_aviv2002 check me out sweety
serialmatrix: very cute
Littlelyd: really good^
Littlelyd: wow..whoever you are, you are really sweet and good..but your account is closed so i have no clue who you are..i would really like to find out??so make you will come back to the site and we can seem really sweet..and i love the are rea
ourobouros: "...sultry petals of glorious light kiss off her faec, peeling into the darkness, spreading love and wamth into the hearts of the deepest spaces. life has never seemed so good..."
Littlelyd: gosh im so bored..and im about to leave for school..haha..yes...sch
ell bye for now!
blbeach112: hello there sexy... want to trade pics?
RotaryWeapon: U should smile more, u have a very beautiful face.
Mordax: I'm trully flattered that you would hit me...wink *ouch* that hurt..wink
Littlelyd: hehe well thanz hun your a little hottie!hehe..
lsorice: worries. It's only the truth babes.
Mordax: hitithitithitithitithitithitithitit
lsorice: are very very cute. I'd love to chat with you sometime. My profile is the key to all doors...haha...not really but it sounds sweet.
Littlelyd: oh im sorry Heather i love happy. oh thanz for the phat thing JaredKC hahahahaha
JaredKC: thank u for the yes, and u ur really phat ( pretty hot and tempting)
JaredKC: thank u for the yes, and u ru really phat ( pretty hot and tempting)
uknowIrawk: urggh..the damn comments arnt showing up..stupid stupid computer!!
uknowIrawk: smile
Littlelyd: i vote people a yes or i just skip.
baybiegurl42069: umm i was juss wonderin if you were bi? cuz you voted yes for me
TwistedShane69: thanks for the yes beautiful wink
Littlelyd: hehe..yes we do and i love it..hehe..and it turned me on so much when my hands were on your butt..hehe..i loved was great
uknowIrawk: haha smile your hands always do manage to find my ass..oh an i appreciate the massage you gave it yesterday wink geez i love you SoOo much!! smile i must say we have the best times ever.
littlesurfergirl: hey ... your pretty smile
cmoney85: thanks for the yes vote sexy smile
Littlelyd: hehe..yes..Heather wants me...go me go me!!!oo yes..i want you too Heather cant help myself..i cant keep my hands off your butt..haha!and i always want to hold you hand!!love ya too hun!
uknowIrawk: haha yes,yes she is..i want lydia in my pants right now! wink she's all mine not yours..hehe love ya babe!
samusdaballa: damn u sexy as hell, hit me back an leave yo MSN s/n if u want
doneehoward: you rock
Littlelyd: well thanz!lol....
WVSEXYGUY4U19: u still sexy as fuck coment back plz sexual hmm
Littlelyd: well thanz hun! are yummy too!
bz3: sexxxy!! very yummy! wink
Littlelyd: yeah i know!and im going to miss ya!
uknowIrawk: :( i know well if it makes ya feel better i leave in december too for arizona
Littlelyd: guess what guys im Washington!
Littlelyd: its kool..i havent been on here in forever!and i miss talking to you guys!hehe..i love ya both..and you broke up with me Britt..haha..nice..and Brandon is kool..hes not really like that!
uknowIrawk: haha yeah,ill just mail ya about it instead..seeing as everyone on this damn site probably gets a kick outta reading about your love life lol smile sowwi lydster :(
tbirdchick: Yea Yea...I know, but he's done it once, he'll do it again. LOL, we need to stop having a conversation on Lyd's comments, lol. Sorry Lyd, I love you! Mwah!
uknowIrawk: yeah i know exactly what u mean..i wouldnt be able to ever trust a guy that i knew could date 2 girls at once..well anywho,i talked to him this morning,an he dosent have a gf at all right now..but he said in the past he had 2 so i duno..i really dont know
uknowIrawk: smile
tbirdchick: lol, I dunno what to think right now...apparently he still has 2 gfs...not good, lol. I dont appreciate that, lol.
uknowIrawk: haha u guys are krazi smile an yes lyd i know,what the hell would u do without me?!? lol hey brit! did u read that note i gave u from,do u like him? cause he oviously likes u wink hehe -nudge nudge-
tbirdchick: Aghhh! She's proud of that Heather! LOL...Im gunna go cry. LOL...wait, YOU DUMPED ME! LOL...shutup
Littlelyd: oo yeah you know it babi.cant live without you!me and Brit broke up!:(
uknowIrawk: haha u love me,an u know it smile lol
Littlelyd: haha...oo nice stuff..Heather got to love it!
uknowIrawk: lyds owned by me!! we bondage all the time while she buttsmack my ass.. haha its amazing the stories i can make with these damn smilies when i try.. haha shit im sucha > postwhore
uknowIrawk: ur damn straight lyds priddy!! mmm oh yeah baby!! smile hehe lyds the best,someday we're going to have hott steamy love making! haha ya lyd!
BlingBling69: i thought you gave me a no that y i gave you one frown im sorry but your very priddy
uknowIrawk: lyds the bomb-diggity! haha she's mine,all mine damnit..haha i love ya lydster!!! -muah-
ellesthename: that guy (crazysh1t) isnt that cute
Littlelyd: hey guys go and look at one of guy friends..ill know youll like himwinkCRaZYSh1T
threesimplewords: haha pretty cute!
Littlelyd: lol..well thanz you guys i feel special!.lol.
seeddrums: you are fucking hott, message me or leave me a comment sometime
HipsterDoofus: I don't know what that one dude's problem is because you're gorgeous. tongue
Littlelyd: well thanz!hehe!i love you too Heather!
uknowIrawk: haha of course id hit it!! again! and again! and again! lol smile u know i love you boo-berry!! <3 muah!
Littlelyd: well you are an a$$!
N0usef0aname: ur fat... u fucken hoe
tbirdchick: school. Damn, it always cuts me off. LOL...
tbirdchick: I love you Lydia!!! Where's my pic? Hehe...Mmm, I want you!! Haha. Guyz-Girlz...if you want my're going to have to put up a fight! I own this hott chick! Haha, na...she's older, and taller...Mmm, I love you Lydia!!! Hehe. Mwah! See you at
DoubleE: Very sexy! HOt! U got my yes!
mike82: stunning very sexy
themezzomix: def. a cutie grinlol
chazy: heyrgeous
Mateo812000: beautiful
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