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Name 11-1-19-19-9-5 figure it out genius
Age 29
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Texas
City somewhere in this hell
About Me

~I rate honestly. Defeats the purpouse of the site if I don't. Just because you gave me a yes does not make me feel obligated to vote you yes as well. If I do not find you attractive or there's something about your look I don't like I will give you a no. You can have the hottest body in the world and still look like douche bag.

~I may not have a huge chest or the perfect body but I am happy how I am.

~Many of my friends have passed away too young.

~I've broken my share of hearts and I honestly don't feel bad about a single time I've done so. Matter-of-fact it felt GOOD to fuck them over just as they did me.

~Love isn't blind... it's human stupidity that doesn't see the obvious. True love will find us all someday, and when it happens you will know...

~We all need to face the music sometimes and admit when we are wrong. We also need to admit when we've had enough or when to give up.

~You have your opinion and I have mine, that's the way it'll always be, learn to accept it. Liberalists and Holy Rollers need to stop trying to shove their ways down others throats. I'm Mormon and I'm in the Military, I have my opions and I won't shove them on you, so don't do the same to me. Respect is key.

~People should never say they're honest, because in the end judgement we are all seen as liars.

~If you try to assume you can figure me out just by talking to me, I will most likely confuse you. I am very apathetic when it comes to what people really think of me and my rating does not prove anything to anyone.

~You know how they say that light travels faster than sound? Well this explains why someone may seem bright until he or she speaks.

~I sometimes find it's quite pathetic how we're on a never ending battle to fufill our egos by placing our pictures on sites as these. It's as though we're so worried what others think in the real world we need proof that we're just another pretty face in the crowd.
My Apps
I have many intrests that most would find boring to read if I spoke about them. Sure I do some cliche stuff but to me it's boring to write it when it's what everyone else has in their profile. If you REALLY care to know, you can ask me.
Turn Ons
military boys, tattoos, sense of humor, someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind, a strong will, thunderstorms and the rain.
Turn Offs
smokers, druggies (that includes pot smokers), ghetto boys, guys who use ebonics to speak to me, white trash, guys who are stuck in the 80's and their football years, big egos, guys who think they're still as cool as they "were" in high school, guys who are controlling... and the female species

SPC Christopher West KIA 4 FEB 08.

To all my brothers and sisters in arms overseas serving our country... I LOVE YOU ALL!
Favorite Things
TV Show HOUSE, The Shield, CSI, Nip/Tuck, X-Files (Yeah that's right...)
Movies Field of Dreams, Boondock Saints
Music Many different types really... I try to keep an open mind to music... Dave Matthews Band is my fav band though.
Book like water for chocolate, the curve of the world, angels and demons, da vinci code
Quote If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself
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Jsully7445: hey whats up im sully how are u
nakeddrummer: your name is kassie ha ha i figured it out
acesfull00: Props for use of the word "douche bag". I'm a fan. Few words can convey the same message weight.
darkvamp999: hey
Chaosnake: heya
DallasPimp: Your Gorgeous!! smile
navigator5328: Some interesting insights...mind as well as a body..thats gotta make a guy smile and say yes
RustyDawg: Hey, long time no chat. Just back on the site, thought I'd stop by, check out that amazing body and get lost in those stunning eyes again, and say hi. Hope all's well...
aceswildtru: You are gorgeous, and God Bless you! smile
TorturedPersona: thanks for the yes darling, send me a message sometime.
OnCrimsonWings: damn girl. u tell it how it is! lol. some much of what u say couldn't be more true. smile
speedy36: hey how are you?
monkey78: beauitufl smile, nice eyes
orangedrink: whats your fav MXPX song
JoeB: thanks for the yes and the service. God bless, soldier
willygee13: Well, hello there beautiful. smile
Trackstar10: Hey there SEXY Girl! How's your weekend going?
ryetoast5: gorgeous...amazing..bea for a comment back
eshank8806: hey before you send me a comment tellin me to pull up my pants ask about the picture i was in the middle of getting undressed...all i did was throw my hat on my head for the don't say i was disrespecting the uniform...
willygee13: hehe yeah you do but not as well as i treat you. wink i'm so wrapped around that little finger of yours it ain't fair. even if you do feed me grapes
willygee13: you know just because you're the most beautiful thing this side of heaven doesn't give you an excuse to treat a nice guy like that
willygee13: well hi uh you got a man?
juggaloco: baby wow ur drop dead gorgeous
Gabriel210: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!
reprise101: hi
route333: mmmmm lookin good hun ya get a a huge yess from me and do u have msn?
msmatpgwtdatotu3: i love mxpx, just saw your name looking good =]
nelkhael: Kassie. LOL Funny way to put your name up. grinlol
Snook2128: very hot keep up the good looks.
ccourtneee: 4'9? why
NaughtyAndNice: thanks for the yes beautiful
riddleout: total BA
BonnieD: actually i don't drive a shit box neon... that was almost three years ago hunny...
CrombIEboY17: hey there whats up? thanks for the yes!
jha2297255: when do we get 2 c ur tats on ur hip? wink
jha2297255: wink thx ur looking gorgeous urself!
jha2297255: ok chek the new pix, this is frm 2day! see not so thin
jha2297255: wait im goin 2 tak new pix, thast frm begin summer, much lifting + eating since then, ull <3 it!
jha2297255: i hava fast metabolism
AFJeff19: bow Definite YES
suckmycorn: kassie? am i right?
suckmycorn: good luck with being airborne you are braver than i scared of heights
Braska209: Thanx for the honesty
shakethatass4me: thanks for the yes
droolWoW! Your Fucking HOTdrool
Cum Join US

Braska209: Hey gorgeous I like the profile as well as your pictures well rate me back i want to know what an honest rating would be smile
pimpwaddywatson: thanks for the no at least i gave u a yes
merteral: Altough you gave me "NO" ,thanks for voting,sexy
aj4816: Hey cutie, great pics
howysrye: i put up a new picture for you
aciddmonnky: Hey beautiful, thank you for the yes, now onto business. The arm crossing is staying cause its comfortable, but I think I might be able to work on the smiling thing.....
rocker2084: hey ur really cute
OhShitItsAmbur: well look at ur bitch ass w. yr greasy ass hair
Trackstar10: That is a big horse. wink
stryker0617: lol, I did that earlier. Now i'm just relaxin. What you up to?
stryker0617: Not too much, just got up. Gotta head to school then work. What you got planned for the day?
stryker0617: Hey cutie, thanks for the yes! So what's goin on?
sailor777: Thanx for the yes babe. MMUU@@@@@@@
Mark92660: Kassie, you are so sexy!
swizzd: stunningly beautiful
sugarbaybie19: oh ok j(w nice pics and i probley was i dont rember lol
AngelJohn: Your Beautiful!smile Very Cute!
niceguy4u2005uk: wow your gorgeous drool thanks for the yes
sugarbaybie19: were u getting lippy when u left as comment on my page?
SULLMAN5: you're gorgeous! wanna play naughty?
dlsoldier: hey u got mine too!
Sean19D: hey hows it goin, you look great
xveignx: Thanks for the yes! smile
TheRock77: very sexy!...wink thanks for clearing that up...
ShowStopper101: you got in goin girl very nice pictures smile
karona: yea they are, u got aim or something?
karona: nope, idk i guess he wasnt that wild or something, but it was nice though
banksb420: thanks for the yes k-a-s-s-i-e
karona: your abso-fuckin-lutely gorgeous, thanks for the yes, heres 1 right back at u
kmsugg: i you a tattoo I love tattooes i have 6 of them
xMSUxKidx: No problem, you were an easy yes... ;-)
illdance4ya: i actually used a really bad camera...but believe what you want
gafar: thank you hun!
r6driver: thanx for the comment, yes i love my toy, and you have my yes too.
SimplySara: Fake As Fuck!
CR25: sexi
BigDom: hey slut we been 2gether for 3 years and never cheated on eachother or done anything to hurt eachother so sorry you have to sleep around and have tell you your jus an easy ride so fuck off
Jonathan20: Thanks for the hit cutie!
ILostMyPants: thanks a ton!
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: too sexy gurl and love the tatt!
EastCoaster: Thanks for the comment, ur damn sexi
GlennDM2: thanks, good for you, i hope me makes it back ok
GlennDM2: very pretty Kassie, you have my yes
illgiveittoya: thank you .. an honest girl.. i hate girls that yell lol
Mike27ftw: holy shit lookin hot
brandon42052: it's not illegal to smoke a hand rolled cig :( ... you should change it to a yes smile
brandon42052: aww i get a no :(
lawnboy5: ME?? why thanks!!! you are pretty hot yourself babe!
BDave: oh i see well that kinda is my best pick on my comp at least because i dont realy take tyhat good of picks maby i will chang it.
BDave: ok whaterver i never realy did win that may people with my looks but with my personality i cant go wrong
euphoric: your a fuckin cutie!!!!!!
DitaMonroe1: I think your pretty rad too
JakeTheInfamous: lovin the hat. feel free to get rid of the rest of the clothes. =}
Kdogg7337: Kassie, hah! figured out ure name... im a genius. im from btown too, never seen ya before tho, maybe we can chat sometime, rate me back if ya want
Scottman00: well your a cutie! I know I dont look 19 but I am so deal with it haha. And if you still dont believe me I can prove it to you.
spcsmith318: Very sexy,come check me out!!!
YagerUSMC24: love the cowboy hat. Get it girl
coloco: i saw your pics not bad babe u get a yes from me and it would have been nice to have a cute girl out here like you to play with wink
PunkRckPrnces17: there was no need for him to go out of his way and say the things he saidand that's what pissed me off cuz thats my best friend he siad that too
hollyny: very pretty
c08connorkelly: Duh! This one's a no brainer.
SNWBRDER0888: You look like you definately know how to have a good time! That rocks! Love tha pics gurl!
OncogenicZen: hey there...
theboogieman316: wow you are very sexy here is a yes for you
lykin2005: hell yea
xadytumxaureumx: awwww, how come i'm not your friend anymore?
carb0n: Git-R-Done! lol, ur sexy
heretic912: Thanks 4 the NO
xHopelesslyRomanticx: haha thats a little werird ehh? hmm..creepy. grinlol
xadytumxaureumx: Happy new year sweets, even though you gave me a "no".
HateRabbit: pretty. smile thanks for the yes.
offmychestxxx: very sexy
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. you got a yes from me. who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. hit me back
guero789: ur gorgeous....u got my yes...
capt1eye: You are very hot...Here is to the Wisconsin hotties!! smile Got my yes
army503d: Just want to say thank you for leaving a rate for me, well you are looking hot your self
reprise101: hitit
reprise101: F*in HOT!
SULLMAN5: mmm sexy
steelerjoe: i see you like "The Shield" me too. Season Four is coming out next week on DVD
KutieWitaBootie: very cute
IndianaGrl20: Just wanted to say you are very pretty kassie. Yes4Yes?
GBall: You're most welcome
xadytumxaureumx: sweetie, you deserve much better than 85.3%. we'll talk about it over coffee sometime, ok?
GBall: Women cowboy hats, sexy!
macabremind1313: this girl could give me nights i could never forget! wow is she sumthing!
macabremind1313: damn babe you are incredibly sexy!
mepunkrockgirl: thanks doll!! your sweet!! yeah i cant really deny her!!
monkey78: beautiful smile
cpgraham: the name wasnt so hard to figure out Ms. Kassie.. :P
Thanks for the yes vote.. I appreciate it. Lookin good =)
xadytumxaureumx: Awww, Kassie, you'd drive three hours to untie a friend, but you couldn't give me a yes vote? That really hurts, sweetie.
scarlemz10pidgeon: heyyy wat can i do for an add??? hit me back u....allready gave ya a yess
IminIraq: Thanks for the support its always nice to here someone actually care about what we do. And you def got a yes from me.
AAAarmyAAA: oh yeah easy vote
sexybabylauraa: if im so gross ugly and fat then why is my rating higher then yours
Jmemdrx69: You are very cute 11 - 1 - 19 - 19 - 9 - 5 (Kassie) smile Hope I didn't spoil the fun for everyone else.
lonehitchhiker330: Cowgirls are sooooooooo sexy. You're beautiful.
svendust99: thanks for the comment : P

how u doing?
FckImMike: LOL your man isnt even in AIT word.. Tell him thanks for joining up!
alear1981: thanx 4 the vote u look very good too wink
DutchMasta420: hey girl i seen u were on n lookin real good.......lemme know if u interested in talkin sometime
R0CKDTHAT: lol niice thanks "mom" :p your pretty also
Chriskwondo: Hey, thanks for the no!
gzzupp: cuttie
willygee: fuckin right doggy that's my girl!!!!
gordie: yesssss!!!
nightfallracing: hottie
Mave: WOW baby FU**ing HAWT of course iŽll sey YES! check out my profile and let me know if you like it wink
jeremy81004: thanks for the yes, i definately give you a yes
rockerstud6369: Thank you smile Your really pretty, and a yes right back :-p
BetweenUrThighs: thanks for the sweet comment, kassie... your quite beautiful yourself..
DredawgZ: Hiya kassie, you are one pretty lady wink
SportsFan41: Wow, very nice, you look really good
You got my yes
hollyny: very sexy add me if u like what u see
MooreCherryz: hiya i hit ya with my yes!
capt1eye: you are gorgeous, definitely get my yes, very hot smile
TexasTakeover: You definately got a yes from me, you look really good
teenageriot: Hey! ur cute smile would love to chat sometime
SULLMAN5: you're gorgeous, wait until marriage
MzIndpndnt04: You and your boy are so cute together! Glad you're standing by him especially through these times!
nut4u: thanks sexy,you have mine as well
hayze: you look adorable
cockycraig69: U are hot.
And u got style =)
Mathew444: YES!!!!Very hot I would love to add you to my friends list. pls send a request if you like me.
endthecold: Beautiful
chaos1440: Wow infantry man....thats all right cause a forward observer does the same thing except we dont have to call anyone for help. Artillery, King of Battle
budman08: your sexxy
TorturedPersona: thanks for the yes, send me a message sometime.
swazoo: ok u where close the beer tower is onley three sides and is 22tall 22 wide
superwoody: lol thnks for the comment it was a uniue but ya uur added add me i fu want to
mxpx924: gwar stupid site not working
Samadhi007: I have been good, but busy and somewhat unfortunate in love! You should message me on Yahoo sometime soon, we can have a nice chat smile
Goliath25: Well thank you very much.
Goliath25: Kassie, eh? If that is your name!?! (insert Bum Bum Bummm) Nice pic.
liquidss1: 18 are you shore that long cus ever1 i here about is only going 12. do you know what his job is?
liquidss1: thats kinda shitty is it the first time hes going?
liquidss1: yea i was in korea... NOt any more though. IM suprized you new that most ppls say you holding the flag
inaglieri: very pretty....
MUD: cutesmile
Samadhi007: And who's this Martin faggot trying to strong-arm into my 007 turf? You're fucking dead Martin, sleep with one eye open motherfucker!!!
Martin007: wow ur gorgeous!!! A deffo yes wink, hit me up sumtime if you wanna wink xxxxx
Boricua05: damn u fine... hit me up sum time
holmes27: by the name is toby....kassie
holmes27: i would definetely hit that. maybe we can talk later.
triggs: and another hot wisconsin beauty got to love them
Jamaica829: hey there hottie very beautiful hit me up sometime so we can chat
bboystyles: Just wanted to let you know your beautiful, hit me up sometime, if your interested!
studliness: awesomeness :p definitely beautiful. I'll go ahead and put u on as a friend.
MikeyFeuling: stunning..WOW
PrimalRage: you have a grate smile
crack: get dem der meatballs and throw dem to da pond of ice cream that never screams "H2O" and dat just might be allright in old tim currin's book of pedestrian lettuce farming...MmmmHmmm...I'
ll tell you what.
poashaggy69: you're REALLY hot
Samadhi007: TO CAMELOT!!!!!!
KidInTheHall: hey whats up your pretty
djkenshin: Well thanks. I think its nice that someone actually cares about what we do over here. Even if it isn't in Iraq.
djkenshin: Hi there! I love the picture!! And thanks for the cheer up for all of us over here that are overseas!
whirep: verry hot
superswan: Behind the eye-shadow.
And the long brushed hair.
There's a sign on your heart.
Saying "Handle with Care."
Samadhi007: You also need to message me again because I don't think your screenname was saved on my computer, because it was built with shoddy French craftsmanship.
Samadhi007: We shall call ourselves......The Knights of Nee
Punisher101: yer a cutie fer sure
NickAKnight: well kassie even though i gotta no ur still really hott and i like your music n movies so i'd still give u a yes!
sevend: hott
MichiganFootball1: Your Hot.....check me out sometime
WPCBrian: very cute, beautiful smile
love2smileqb12: Hey Gorgeous! way to represent the great state of WI! lmao hit me up some time!
RUN22: hey u said I looked like mike from mxpx no agruments here hahah I'll take it hahah my ratings droping so bad hahaha its all werid people tho voting me no hahah thats odd hahah ne ways thanks for the yes msg me back sometime smile
Czimmy034: thank you for the yes vote. I'd like to hear from you again.
trUeblOndeVbaLLaH: lol thanks!! you're so gorgeous... and im glad that you appreciate my personality! "THEY ARE NOT NUDES SO STOP ASKING! If you want nudes go to the sluts!" clap

sounds like me
Paul30Bunyan: thanks for the comment on my music, it's a big part of my life, IM me sometime and we can chat about, if i may're gorgeous, simply amazing
Malaka: Very pretty, just look at her.
Cwspef05: Wow, very pretty!!! Would love to talk to ya more...!
uwoulduwoulduwould: your hot! whats your yahoo sn?
HitxOfxThexParty: what a gorgeous should give me you aim sn
monkey78: beautiful smile
Omally872: hey there just wanted to let you know that you are very pretty and i like the pics
tpshorty: HOT
spyder002: Nice pics, your very beautiful grinlol signed
NextDreamPlease: Love the smile.....the suns got some competition....
elmo90299: gorgeous
HeavensThief: YOU'RE cute grinlol *starts singing 'knock knock knockin on heavens door' *
luckyrican: nice pic babe
ezzee: Thanks for the vote.
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