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Name 11-1-19-19-9-5 figure it out genius
Age 30
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Texas
City somewhere in this hell
About Me

~I rate honestly. Defeats the purpouse of the site if I don't. Just because you gave me a yes does not make me feel obligated to vote you yes as well. If I do not find you attractive or there's something about your look I don't like I will give you a no. You can have the hottest body in the world and still look like douche bag.

~I may not have a huge chest or the perfect body but I am happy how I am.

~Many of my friends have passed away too young.

~I've broken my share of hearts and I honestly don't feel bad about a single time I've done so. Matter-of-fact it felt GOOD to fuck them over just as they did me.

~Love isn't blind... it's human stupidity that doesn't see the obvious. True love will find us all someday, and when it happens you will know...

~We all need to face the music sometimes and admit when we are wrong. We also need to admit when we've had enough or when to give up.

~You have your opinion and I have mine, that's the way it'll always be, learn to accept it. Liberalists and Holy Rollers need to stop trying to shove their ways down others throats. I'm Mormon and I'm in the Military, I have my opions and I won't shove them on you, so don't do the same to me. Respect is key.

~People should never say they're honest, because in the end judgement we are all seen as liars.

~If you try to assume you can figure me out just by talking to me, I will most likely confuse you. I am very apathetic when it comes to what people really think of me and my rating does not prove anything to anyone.

~You know how they say that light travels faster than sound? Well this explains why someone may seem bright until he or she speaks.

~I sometimes find it's quite pathetic how we're on a never ending battle to fufill our egos by placing our pictures on sites as these. It's as though we're so worried what others think in the real world we need proof that we're just another pretty face in the crowd.
My Apps
I have many intrests that most would find boring to read if I spoke about them. Sure I do some cliche stuff but to me it's boring to write it when it's what everyone else has in their profile. If you REALLY care to know, you can ask me.
Turn Ons
military boys, tattoos, sense of humor, someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind, a strong will, thunderstorms and the rain.
Turn Offs
smokers, druggies (that includes pot smokers), ghetto boys, guys who use ebonics to speak to me, white trash, guys who are stuck in the 80's and their football years, big egos, guys who think they're still as cool as they "were" in high school, guys who are controlling... and the female species

SPC Christopher West KIA 4 FEB 08.

To all my brothers and sisters in arms overseas serving our country... I LOVE YOU ALL!
Favorite Things
TV Show HOUSE, The Shield, CSI, Nip/Tuck, X-Files (Yeah that's right...)
Movies Field of Dreams, Boondock Saints
Music Many different types really... I try to keep an open mind to music... Dave Matthews Band is my fav band though.
Book like water for chocolate, the curve of the world, angels and demons, da vinci code
Quote If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself
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