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19-02-06 (4)

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Profile for AussiePunk (offline- last on: Sep 6, 13)
Rating (go rate me)
Name Shaun
Age 28
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Australia
State Not Given
City Sydney
About Me
hey my names shaun im 6'2 and u can judge the rest from my pics, im from sydney australia, i like goin out with mates, goin to parties, meetin new people, the usual smile
My Apps
chicks, parties, drinking(socially), chillin out, sk8n/bmx, music.
I will pay many bbs for signs!
Turn Ons
Out going personality, not afraid to make the first move( its good to see when girls have confidence), piercings, girls that can be themselves
Turn Offs
Not Given
Trendyistaken is one gorgeous cool chick
Favorite Things
TV Show family guy, the footy show, simpsons, south park, Skithouse, whos line is it anyway, futurama
Movies too many to meantion
Music punk/metal/hardcore but latley i have been listening to everything, because i cant always have my choice of music everywhere i go
Book not a fan of reading
Quote Not Given
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Laciebaby024: Dayummmm Hot as hell smile
Laciebaby024: OMG gorgeous smile
TwilightVampire: heyy you
Laciebaby024: wow gorgeous smile
Succsexy: awe well thank you
enderkensenbender: dude i just got the teargas ep in the mail today. are you into them?
reapergirllol: nice pic lol... you seem like a cool guy care to chat sweety?
addmeup ok... hope you could addme up.. if you dont well its ok i don't care lol... this is mine jessy_scott88 at yawh0 n0r h0tmaL d0t c0m see yeah
EmmaHH: 0428465971
EmmaHH: hot!
notyour0rdinary: haha, that makes you awesome! hug
UnwantedChild: hey cutie.. thanks for the yes ^_^
ShesLethal: ty sweetie
Hollisterhope07: <3
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: <3333333
TwilightVampire: so yummy mwah i miss u
LoveMeDead: grinlol
Babygirl6925: U are so damn cute smile
RockBaby: Wow. So you should get on AIM to chat please Much <3.
taintedbeauty88: Hii.
You're cute.
Susan23: you seem like a good guy..neext time im on my cam i'll do a sign for you'd be the first i dont usually do signsgrinlol
BreeIrbyPorter: ur beautiful
i lived in OZ an di miss all my aussie boys!!!
stevie666: sexy nipple ring wink
aprilkd: You're welcome... you are cute too. smile
aprilkd: Thanks for the comment. I added you back. smile
AberCrombieBlondE: Wow;
You look good!
Hollisterhope07: awww thank you lovey <3 :]
Hollisterhope07: thanks for the yes sweetheart <3
hesmyobsession: hotttt
Swtstff08: hi.
KraziToxicAngel: omg sexi dice in your nipple!
supletsmakeoutx: gorgeous. :o)
hatreditmightbe23: cute
Swtstff08: cute <3
ktsngr5665: [bgcolor=#F1F1F1][color
=#CC00CC]ooooh lol so we are the same age then lol. well its all good, the drinking age here is 21 hence why i want to be 21 lol. but yeah anyway i thought thats how old you were and now i feel stupid lol but its all good. have a
ktsngr5665: sweet! not the same year though, however i would have loved to have been born in 86 bc that would mean i would be 21 lol...but anyway thanks for the yes! your a cutie smile
RdnckWoman: like your nipple! =)
steph2009: aww thats sweetsmile
a1dorkeydanielle: hehe
awh <3
thanXxX hun
a1dorkeydanielle: wow
hella Sexah =]
u may not think the same for me, but im still voting Yes <3
SxkiTTeN: thanks mate!
steph2009: thanks for the yes cutie!!!smile
lilbluv: ur soo hott
beauteseule: thanks for the yes sexy
PeaceLoveHappiness: hmm believe we used to talk on my old account =P kuhrazykeembah....well anyway ttyl :]
waupacawinodoubt: wow...thats all i have to
KaitlinSiera: very cute!
SweetSmegy: heya! yay another sydney resident!! i live in eastern subs... urself??
Lizz2614: No problem
Thanks doll =]
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: Ok have fun with that. I have some super important homework to get done so I shall talk to you later. bye
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: I do have an accent to most people. I was born in the northeast US and moved to the Midwest so I have a little of both. People in both places think I sound funny when I talk. shrug
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: Thank you for the bang bucks. I <3 Australian accents. wave
sweetie0770: hey babe...ur gorgeous.
wanna chat?
midgetof05: Damn you look really hot. just thought to let you know hehe
xrainwhispersx: You have absolutely gorgeous eyes.
nesummers: heeeeeey stranger!!
sexyaussiegirl: your fukn hot... and me n my friend wanna eat u... lmao jks yer whats up?
axhotpinkkiss: Cutieee Piee. (:
liledwardz28: hey cutie hit me up!!!!
Kimberlea: hhheeeyyy <3
applebee: nice piercing
xoxAmanda2789xox: hey thanx for the yes =)
ajenjen47: thanx for the yes!
ajenjen47: thanx for the yes!
x0hChance: Nice Dice.
JennMWFinDC: If you were in the States...yes!!! smile
soccerbabe2245: Love your pic... Very Hot.....
JennMWFinDC: Very cute! Yes. smile
xhotmommanatx: good, i miss ya
xhotmommanatx: heeeeeey heeey baby
xoJudyxo: got msn?
xoJudyxo: soo cute!, i got my nipple periced as well<3
v3rysl0wbl0nd3: heyy thanks 4 tha yes ur cute...wanna talk on msn//yahoo sumtime?
rockchick2009: What a hottie! <3
ImSingleNLookin: so so so sexi Shaun!
DyingForYourKiss: Yeah you're cute=]
aheartinabox: hey good lookin, what are you up to? wink
budgirl: your a cutie have a good one gorgeous
chelseaisprettyidk: i like your hair
axpimpxchick22: damn your cute
ImaPoke: yeah you are way out of my league......but i must say I think you are seriously attractive.
nicehotass04: DAMN YOUR HOTT!!!
hottchik05: hey your cute you should add me
nicehotass04: hey
HartsXpolkadotXdeath: thanks for the yes. nice dice. heartthrob
TabbyLe3: thnx for the comment ur hot :P xoxo
TabbyLe3: Nice nipples hehehe i jst wanted to say nipples lol
hananah88: did that get to u/
OCHottStuff03: =]
so cute.
hananah88: why? so i can get creepy guys hitting on me! lol i got a myspace if u wanna c more pics
robotsexx: awe;;you're so sweet:]
hananah88: thats what i thought, but i didnt know if it was real. and i thought that commented on the picture, not on this lol i dont really get how to use this yet
robotsexx: awe;;thanks;;you're too kind:]
robotsexx: you're pretty<3
hananah88: whats on ur nipple? lol
goddess11: hey damn ur a hottie....and an aussie to even better...
ashleighhhh: im from vic lol
TaraBarbie: hey geougeous your so sexy?
nice nipple ring to i love that on guy it makes them look so HOT???
rainbOwsEdge: whats up homey gee *gang sign* yea im gangsta...
Georgina: Your gorgeous.
babygrlnikki09: [[Cuteface.]] <3
aheartinabox: hey freaking GORGEOUS boy
sjcowgirl36: you're gorgeous to the extreme.
Chelseaiscool: Very hot. Thanks for your yes smile
Anything2PleaseU: Wow, ur very sexy! Love the nipple ring! I want to lick it! Yes4Yes? Comment back!
imablowpop: thanks for the yes smile
ChelseaRae: i WANT U
bleedingxx: lol..i don't have any nice ones...hey do u have msn?
bleedingxx: wow..hey hawtty!

<3 heartness**
sexychickita69: wow your right hot!
xhotmommanatx: http://c.wouldyouhitthi
DestinyKay: marry me please!?
DestinyKay: absolutly amazing
emoXchick: DANM! Love the nipple piercing sexy! WOOT!
xOHbabyx: omg your gorgeous
Definite hunk. =]
What's going up?
stephyd111: spank you
m3l0d1: wow
stacce: hello
ohitsjen: ok that nipple ring is seriously HOT!!!!!
bloodstaindfairy96: beautifull!
Georgina: Your gorgeous.
Message me sometime.
KortniMarie317: Thanks for the comment, love!!!!!!!!
ilovedale4eva: an AUSSIE! wow we're real rare round here! grinlol I love the footy show too!! What team do you follow?!
modelperfect: You are should hit me up sometime *muah*
pLaYbOyBuNi69: wow.yur gorgeous thanks for the yes!
TakeOneChance: wow your nipple is funny
soccrchik1210: hey ur a hawty IM me some time xemoxbrookex
KortniMarie317: Thanks for all the comments, sexy.... you are awesome!!!!! You are really hott too!!!!! Send me some private messages so we can talk!
flyforawhitegirl: ok i might be able to ill try.. i need a sexy aussie cam friend =P interested?
aaahaleigh: cool nipple ring lol how'd that feel getting pierced? heard it hurts for guys
babygurlforlife14: sexy
AmbiBambiMoses: Thank you, darlin'.
XNaughtyXAngleX2: THX U <3
XNaughtyXAngleX2: SEXI <3
xhotmommanatx: i mmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiisssssssssss YOU

lol... leavin love...
Rebelicous: Thanks darlin'...Here's your cookie, as promised wink...Mighty sexy yaself there darlin'.

ning: aw boy ur nipple ring is so pretty ur hot
chassity1986: hey sexy its chass.. just thought i would drop in say hello and that your looking good
xhotmommanatx: happy aussie day... hah i miss you... you need to get online sometime mr. s/l
sexxxeebitch: youreeeeee a hottttttie
CommonIVY: like to pull on those
xhotmommanatx: aww i miss you... hey i got new pix.... i miss my m/d & s/l hehe okay 330am i got work at noon ttyl.... :hugs:
Trendyistaken: hows my smexy aus boy doin today ?
next2nuthin: SO so so very Hot.
Trendyistaken: shaun = the sex!
Dancinpenguin86: Wow! Break me off a piece of THAT kit kat bar!
Melanie05: sexy
Drumline21Babe: wow, ur hott<3
xhotmommanatx: woot woot, i had to double check you send me a sexy lover request... thought it was to good to be true... def comign to aus now lol
killersweet111: hey ur sexy
Sexychick07: wow your hot as hell you got my yes hit me up sometime wink
youcantbeatme23: verry hott <33
jessbannon69: your hott,, i want you
m3l0d1: where bouts in sydney r u???
m3l0d1: omg...take me now.
ayjay: hottt
xWiLdAnGeLx: cute cute cute ! ! !!

<333 brandi
Sara26: You are so GOD DAMN FINE...
Righteousloser: OWE OWE
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: omg thank u ! ur soo sexy <33
InMyPants: thanksfortheyes<33
InMyPants: prettymuchgorgeous?<
bangbangxx: your gorgeous♥
;: ♥ Te Re Sa
Afreaklikeme: o.o;; you are sooo pritty <3!!!!
brokenangel22: aww thanks for the yes!!
AllyCat666: hey your the first aussi guy i have found on this site and i must say us aussi do live up to the standers of hottness, lovin ya dice
cautionibite: mmm god dam i would fuck u eny u make me so horny lol
cautionibite: dam i wuld fuk u any day
PlayboiBunniGurl: u are so flippin hott!!!!!
whitneyxw: damn your hot!
abbers: i like hte nipple piercing, pretty cute smile
sxygirl56: you look DAMN good in your pics!
cautionibite: mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy hello sxc wot part of aussie you from give us a call sxc 0400225894 xxxx
Natalie86: gawd're gorgeous<3
aa1xbrunette: oh.. you are just SEXY<33
SexySandy69: thats a hawt peircing!
beautywithin: heyy babez!!!! omg i miss u like woah!!!! i love you nso much haha mi hottIe!!!!<33
brok3nh3artz89: you are really hott!
dontletthehalofullu: hey hottie

chat with me some time lol
x6manda9x: shaun is fkn hot !!! .... ur my future x gf
dontletthehalofullu: HEY UR REALLY HOT
desireeisnaughty:'re sexay!!
EverythingYouHated: Thanks, you're cute
StRaWbErRyBlIsS: Niiiice wink
AFIGENE: Yo I'm not gay or anything but the point is, wanna yes for yes? Hit me up with a yes and I'll do the same for you bro.
PmpnPlayGrl: awesome hat!
TahliaReynolds: Your tha kinda guy that makes australia worth livin in drool
TrappedInsideMyself: you like some decent music

rock on \m/
Amanda1422: Very hot ! grinlol smile
icequeen25: Hey whats ur msn addy
icequeen25: Hey! :P well if ya wanna chat msg me! i think that ur kinda kute (coz ur taken) repects to ur gal, she's very luckysmile
Caitlan: damn your fuckin hott...msg me sometime!!! love to hear from ya!
icequeen25: Hey! im a chik from aussie that into punk and rock! IF Ya wanna chat one day, give me a holla wid ya msn addy! well i think ur cute 2
gangstaalliet: oh my goodness, you are hawt!!! oh my gawd...
<333 Allie T
MrsPsycho: very hot smile
hotbitch666: heyy hottie!!! add me 2 ur friends list and dont forget 2 vote 4 me!!!
crystalishious: HOT BABY!!!!
Lexy566: sexy
deathbywords: your fuckin s-e-x-y!
RkyHorrorShow: ello love.. awesome profile

rock on
Phantomstar: mmmmm
Sk8rChick2104: WOW....thats all i have to say.....hit me up would like to chat.
oXBeachGirlXo17: ur smoking hott.. hit me up sum time !! <3 AnDrEa
axpimpxchick22: ur pretty dam sexy..hit me back cutie much luv heartthrob :Lat3rz ..::aMbEr::..
GhEtToBoOtY: aww.. thanx for the comment. your soo damn sweet.. hehe.. your not too bad your self.. hehe
xoxoxtiffixoxox: do u have aim or msn?
GhettoGuy: Dude!! If you was a bitch and asked me to fuck you...I would call the police to put you "25 with an L" in jail grinlol
xoxoxtiffixoxox: hott!! comment em back sometime<3
urAwKmySoX: god your hott comment back sometime
shawnsie: hot.
DaNNix: Hot as hell, yo. :]
nicole33: hey
oohgrandmapuskas: very sexy
beautywithin: and i love my gorgeous babii boi<33 haha
YESSplease: hhhhhotttiiieee
HeartlessSoul: Very hot heartthrob
dreamer1662: ur way hott way 2 hott 4 me
LadyAmber: im diggin the long hair :P ..way hott
SinfullySweet556: Very cute darlin <3
HeIdIlOvEsYou: hey ...

hannahmulishababe: your sooooooo hottttttt and your peircing is reallllly really hott lol msg me sometime smile
supraridinchick: very hot smile
SxCaNgEl69: heyyy cutiie watsupp
pruttygurl95: hey we really need to talk more
kinkyteri: wow very cute!! **blush**
DiSLiLBoOdo69: hey hey sexi hit me up some time
kikigurl18: hey baby you quite cute and i wouldn't mind a piece of that lol, hit me back
XxLushesBitchxX: aww hey!! smile
ur sooo hawt <333
maybe we could chat? do ya have msn...
yes 4 yes? n add 4 add?
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: **~~WOW UR A HOTTIE BABY**smile~~~
love1: omg~omg~muy heart dropped wen i saw you~well i g2g mesage me bak hottie~bye~
Fjana: drool
SweetiePie2009: hey there sexi whats up?
danireno: lol THANKS add me up babe
danireno: high five LOOKIN GOOD. guess whos moving to australia in a few months.. ME haha
hoochie7: Heyy CUTiee your RLLYy HOT! I'd soo Hit THAt! heartthrob
sexcaiani069: drool hoooooooooooootttie drool
sexcaiani069: heartthrob wOPZ im sorry :( bowshootmyself UR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG UR HOT like 10000% HOT add me Please i give u my email but Can u PLEASE addddddd ME
sexcaiani069: :hearthrob: I love u sooo much UR AWSOME AND UR HOT and i cant stop looking at u MWAH
sexcaiani069: shuddup babe im soo shy now love ya hunnie MWAH
sexcaiani069: I think ur cute love aiani grinlolwink
falsebeauty: gorgeous <3
lilbabygurl069: hey you an cutie
crazywtgrl4eva: hey sexy!!
Shemellio: damn. i scream NIPPLE FETISH. and a beautiful face >< <333
freakyleeky: very nice wink
Grnsmurf01: Hey your hot!!! you got my yes too. MWAH
IxCanxHandlexIt: Damn boy ur finewink
Kelcey: hot hot hot♥
zonkaghoop28: get my vote

sw33tkiss3s4y0u: nice punks are awesome even better if they have accents and piercings your very attractive
bleedingxx: ur really good looking=)...and i like ur nipple ring..its hott...LOL!..=P
britney07toxic: hey sexy! love your pics! thanks for the comment and sign! you are gorgeous!!
britney07toxic: hey sexy! thanks for the comment and the sign! you are gorgeous!! wish i lived in sydney!! have a great day!!
ohsbabbii: ow ow hottie!!
AeroHooperGrl22: wow you're cute!!
KYMpossible: your gorgeous♥
Emza223: thanks.. smile i have another pic yes. topless.. will that do it for ya?
Emza223: can i have ur msn smile
Emza223: very very hot smile nipples piercings are sexy as wink
sexi4youbaby: damn damn boi u got my yes fo show drop me a message
snoopy10: hey what r u up to well u r hot well maybe we can chat some time if so hit me up sometime k k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
sweetestcountrygirl: oh my god u are so sexy! hit me back sometime!! xoxoxo
testing123: dollface
Angelina77: HOT DAMN!!
BabyYost: wow..a yes for you...i would definitely hit that...ur a hottie
meganlavelle22: im doing good you?
meganlavelle22: Hey
shortwhitegirl22: yes yes u are hot too
brUnEtteBARBiePHUCKa: hawt
pantyxwhore: psshh
how nice
CarolinaGirl06: <3
britney07toxic: wow you are really hott!! very sexy!!
xoChristina420: i gave u a yes
OCHottStuff03: hey cutie! you got my yess!
hit me back sometime!
OnceOponMyNightStand: sexysmile
sexcladyinpink: a yummi Oz guy!
acarcrashkiss: hot<3
Emza223: your gorgeous smile awsome taste in music too.. go the rock \m/ hehe .. wana chat? get back to me smile
CantBePerfect: Be good to Kimber, she is my bestfriend!
pretty1npink: aww thank yuuu !!: )
pretty1npink: owoww ! sexieee.
mandythesweetie: hey sexi wut r u doin
Danielle53566: hit me up
Danielle53566: omg sooo hott
mandythesweetie: o yea well that may be arranged lol im me or get my number
mandythesweetie: ur sexi hit me back
Chelz122: hey ur really hot! hit me up sometime wink
xOxKisseyKissxOx: marry me?!?! hehe well of course i would love to talk to you IM me at MissingPiecesXOX bye gorgeous!
KissMyButt: the pics in your signs are scary lol
KissMyButt: hey gorgeous you are so freakin sexy
sweetie122789: sO hOt! especially cause ur frOm australia! i wOuld <3 tO talk tO u!
girlsrockyourboys: your a cutie<3
SimpleVegGirl928: yay go u aussie punker! you seem pretty cool and ur just a bit of a hottie too
lOvElulu26: nice piercingwink
i wan to lick it
KuHrazyKeemBaH: <3 Shaun is the hottest =P
Britt431: wow... ur like perfect.. msg me sometime......
meant2bealone: soo cute
SecretCrush008: <3gorgeous<3
teacup101: i don't brele like ur nipples
BabyV: DAMN YOUR FUCKING HOT!!!! heartthrob hit me up sometime sexie!!
SweetiePie2009: damn ur hot
NotSoOriginal: Thanks for the add babes, ttyl
FadingHope: i got dibs on this hot motherfucker.

no really, i do.
he;s mine hotstuff
iseedumbppl420: hah hey hunni your pretty damn sexy yourself and your totally cool cuz you said heaps hah x0x0x<3
wanatouchme: ill see you soon hopefully if your keen? i want you next to me.....ontop of me......and in me....!!!!
helloboys4: very hott
pink11: DAMN UR A HOTTIE!!!!....ill hit ya for sure....lovin the nipple ring its hot as!! maybe we could chat sometime...
geterdone25: ur fucking HOTTTT
wanatouchme: Your gorgus babi hope we can meet up! remember i got a room to myself ;o) im keen if you are! well talk soon sexc mwah!
BlondeXBianca: uhg..fucking hott bitch<3
NextExGirlfriend: well arent you a little hottie
babygirl7143: hey baby wat is up write me at lil_baby_sara_forever i got a new name so yeah love ya miss you kisses
babygirl7143: sorry babe about last night.i went to sleep i hope you are not made at me.miss you and i hope you come on 2nite but i guess i will talk to you later....*kisses* love ya
babygirl7143: good...and forever an ever and ur my babe forever
babygirl7143: ur my sexy lover forever and ever
babygirl7143: i miss u babe kisses
babygirl7143: That is mine hot baby isnt he hot...haha babe but yea hit me up*kisses*
ilove5912: hey there ur really hot hit me up sometime
rapiscrap127: u should put the pic with u on the couch in the hat as ur reg. pic its better cuz u can c u better
rapiscrap127: i went to australia this summer...lots of hot the country wink
killingaurora: fucking hot
babygirl7143: wow babe really really hot hit me up love ya
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