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Name Jakodah Martin
Age 26
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Alaska
City Talkeetna
About Me
i am 5 foot 10 inches tall i work at a log yard i am all about work and the ladies i like to take girls on long dates and have fun i spend lots of money on my gf and i would do any thing for them
My Apps
girls, cheerleading, motoX, snowmichine racing, and helping people
Turn Ons
sexy eyes and lips tall or short dont matter athletic girls that take pride in the way they look
Turn Offs
bad breath, girls that let themselves go and dont look good
emma, and all my homies
Favorite Things
TV Show southpark robin live on brodway
Movies blue coller comidy
Music anything
Book lord of the flies history of war
Quote all is fair in love and war nice cumback.............wipe your mouth
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AnNAV: sexy
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: veryy sexyy,,yes for u
Brittany77: like mercatie says you are So Effing Sexy !!!....but ya i was the other girl you talked to on the phone ..well message me back later sexy
mercatie: You Are So Effing Sexy!!!!! Hey this is Mercatie that girl you were talking to on the phone with.... Me and Britt think you are so hotgrinlolgrinlolgrinlol lol message me back
imnotthathot: hey just me i love you ttyl i geuss if you call me definetly hot and sexy
QuikSilver83: Dam you are hot.
Icebabe13ak: Nice body and ur hott. Hit meeh up with a message hottie
loveangel: hey sexy just letting you know you're gorgeous! hit me up sometime hottie and let me get your msn
LinziMae: kimmy are you trying to score with another man lol. sorry tjackodah that i leave so many comments, it probibally annoys that piss out of you
okay bye
KimmyKat: wOw YoUrE rEaLlY hOt!
yOu HaVe A sExY bOdY tOo.. LoL
HeLl YeAh iD HiT tHaT!!
LinziMae: so jackodah you are always online and you never write me. do you hate me??? am i too ugly for you to talk to??? you make me wonder these things... okay so write me.
love ya
LinziMae: so ya i dont think that you have not fixed your mispelled words... grrr. oh and i called you last night but you were too busy fucking your 20 year old gf to talk to me... it burns my soal. BLAH!!!
LinziMae: when are you not board heidi??? ya jackodah sez that oyu are a hottie... if he only knew what you looked like naked. lol jk... or am i... love ya call me l8r
MyNameGoesHere: And its control, not "controll" and whine, not "wine".
Just thought you should know.

I'm bored.
MyNameGoesHere: "all is fare in love and war"
And that's 'fair' not 'fare', as in bus fare...
LinziMae: i love AlwaysAnd Forever we have to hang out
HawtStefani: Omg, wow. You have a really hot body. Very nice.
AlwaysAndForever: Damn that Linzi chick is a hottie. lol. You, on the other hand..........erm, yeah...

And what is up with your obession with your body?
LinziMae: uhhh jackodak you DID spell "work" wrong, at first i just thought that it was ester... sooo you might want to fix it, because now it is starting to bug me... ok tell joey hi and call me when you get a calling card.
babz15: " i am all about worh and the ladies i like to take girls on long dates and have fun i spend lots of money on my gf and i would do any thing for them " wtf is that bull? its not nice to lie jakodah
Im2Sexi: i want your penis so bad you are so hott!!!!!!!!
wb and tell me what you think about me
l8r sexi
LinziMae: heidi is a man
my man that is lol
LinziMae: wow ell have you like read esters ShoutOuts... lol what did you do? oh and od you still have your penis???
MyNameGoesHere: Hi.
Linzi's a fag.
We called you and you didn't answer.
You're a cheerleader and that's odd...
I have nothing against "men"..
LinziMae: hi am talking to you reit now... so i wanted to say hi
so ttyl
babz15: its had to think i loved you at one point...ehh so when are you and your girl going to come see me? or am i ban from your life? that wouldnt be so bad oh yeah take me off your shoutouts unless its for me to die
Melonhead: Hey Crystena took ur sweater and i dont know where it is in her house i lookes for it but couldnt find it u cant find anything in her room so yea......ttyl love ya bye
sexylilchick101: hey Jakodahheartthrob how have you been lately? I haven't talked to you in a long time...well you should call me sometime or email mesmile we should get together and hangout sometimesmile Tyll XoXohugoXoX
Melonhead: u loser you email adress isnt on here but yea u have to come to palmer and get ur swearter cuz io dont wanna go to your pace and giv eit back puls crystena will take it this weekend i know it...just to make u come out here and get it...well love ya bye
sammyz32: Hey Loser! I Miss You Alot.. Happy Birthday Sorry I Wasnt There But Hey YOu Live A While Away. Come To Palmer Some Time. If Ya Do. Gimmie A Ring! I Have No Life So Ill be Home=D --Sammy!
Melonhead: hey Jakodah if u ever read this i still have ur red swearter from liek forever ago.. and if u want it back then u have to call me ok well love ya bye
Melonhead: hey Jakodah havnt talked to you in a long time happy late b-day...well i'll ttyl bye ---Rachelheartthrob
sammyz32: Hey Jakodah! I Miss Ya Boy! Call Me Up Sometime=).. --Samheartthrob
LinziMae: you are so hot. lol ya i cinda miss it up there.but all of my friends think that you are drop dead sexy!!! lol thy all want to meet you now. but call me sometime if you want.k. 928-925-5611
(from az wink )
Macy2008: Nice body!.....but i can't really see ur face.....
xoxtherealmexox: dayum! u sexy
babz15: come Jakodah dont be mean fat people are cool..and my gf is fat so shut up lol love ya
DudelessChick: hey i hope you get on soon cuz i need to talk to you but yea this is my new onegrinlol so yea ill see ya
boredallthetime: or keep a secret you prolly have a lot of those kind of friends but im here for you my cell is 355 0780 if you need it well ttyl
boredallthetime: HEY!! whats up?? i didnt know you where on this site so you still in cheerleading?? thats so cool that you aresmile so you still in touch with heidi? well ill talk to you later i hope your doing okay well if you ever need anyone to talk to or for someone to
Melonhead: hey jakodah havnt talked to you in a long time but yeah u should call me sometime but yeah i'll talk to you later heartthrobRachel
floridasnexttopmodel: hella hot
babz15: im sorry im not a cheerleader maybe your ex would if you asked
EyexCandy: haha me to i totally no you. haha omg.
EyexCandy: lol thanks.. you dont happen to go to my school do you.
jessica13: dam your ugly but your brother is a fucken sexy babe!!!!
babz15: i miss you so much Jakodah your brother told me about you being here in wasilla... im really worryed about you it would be nice to talk to you if you get this plz give me a call i love you baby i dont know why you would do somthing like that but i just wa
sammyz32: hey jakodah! Looking sexaywink anyways. no one can see your face really. we should hang out sometime cuz ur awesomely awesome! love ya bunches. samantha!
Melonhead: omgosh that is such a hott babe lol hey jakodah its me lol yeah i dont know if u will know who this is till u see my picture but yeah well i might see u on saturday i dont know yet though buhybe hott
kelskeonerx0x: haha fanks fo d comment!!!ur fyn yoself mwaHZx
EmoIdiot: you know what would be nice... if you took a good picture of your face showoff!! lol jk remember me?
guskimochick: i luv ya baby i want to hold ya in my arms forever well call me if you want k luv ya bye!!!
geterdone25: hot
babz15: im sorry i wasnt home i wanna call you soo bad

babz15: hey my baby whats new?? i havnt talked to you in along ass time call me plz
babz15: i still cant take off the ring....<3<3<3
teamo8904: total cutie!!
anXa: check `em sweetheart wink
ShannonHall: your a hottie jakodah... i luve that pic...
anXa: hug
anXa: ur more than welcome..besides, u belong in Playboy hotstuff wink
guskimochick: hey hottie!!! whats up?? well this ones for u <3
guskimochick: hey sexy baby you drive me crazy!!! i love you jakodah james martin you r the best sexy lover i had
babz15: well just in case you for got from all theys other girls saying it
i love you
guskimochick: omigosh yall this is my sexy lover grinlol damn he is a hottie i love you jakodah!!!grinlol
guskimochick: thanks... for the commentgrinlol
guskimochick: damn... you and your bro r hot well luv yas
guskimochick: what a hottie... lol i would love to hit that!!!
greendaylover: be happy that i put up wityu for 4days this weekend LOL! well baby i loved it! tell mom THANKS for my hair i love it! hehe well i miss yu n hope to see yu soon! i love yu lots!! n happy that yu took me bak I LOVE YU!! imgonna miss yu those 6months in FL
greendaylover: Hey Baby! love yu soo much haha i miss yu lots!, imsorry that yu n kim didnt get together... i seriously feel really bad! i shuldnt have sad anything cuz i dont want any body mad at me! but baby i do love yu n im sorry for all ive done! but hey yu gotta b
wittey08: Hey Jahkodah smile haha well yes.. im glad we are geting together smile ahah well i gotta go... later babe... i heartthrob Yu!
Allyson: wow your hot
RockenRedhead: o.O. . are you by chance a wrestler?. . i dunno you just have that look. . nice body!
lonelysoul67: HI KID grinlol
Un4gtablema: veRRRy nice
kinkydiva: when you take a picture you need to look at the camera and not at someone else.
LosingTheMemory: hell to the yeah! <3
beautyxhate: Definately a cutie. smile
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