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Profile for then00kiem0nster (offline- last on: Oct 8, 11)
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Name stephen
Age 31
Webcam? yes
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Harrisburg
About Me
i'm a pretty goofy guy, all about the fun. i'm 6'2" 180 lbs. i'm a chef.
My Apps
Playing basketball, football, and baseball. working out. I love going to concerts, and amusement parks. and who could forget hitting up the beach. right now learning how to play guitar and snowboarding

Turn Ons
Not Given
Turn Offs
Not Given
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show scrubs, how i met your mother, king of queens, yes dear, south park, freddie, billy and mandy, life of earl, mind of mencia, family guy, futurama, sealab2021, aqua teen hunger force, fairly odd parents, chappelle show
Movies half baked, old school, wedding crashers butterfly effect, kill bill, billy madison, pirates of the carribean
Music zebrahead, panic at the disco, lucky boy confession, rancid/ (transplants), vandals, sublime, new found glory, senses fail, afi, fenix tx, guttermouth, blink 182 (box car racer), yellowcard, starting linen, nofx, mxpx, vendetta red, something corperate, fall out boy, used, unwritten law, coun the stars, allister, chemical romance, anti-flag, coheed and cambria, catch 22, boy hits car, breakin benjamin, hed pe, sevendust, taproot, ill nino, static x, puddle of mudd, mindless self indulgence, korn, perfect circle( mer de noms, new one sucks), andrew wk (first cd, second one blows), trapt, linkin park, dope, system of a down, slipknot/sour stone, disturbed, seether, from ground zero, adema, mushroomhead, hoobastank (old one new one sucks), finger 11 (old one... new one sucks), theory of a dead man, coal chamber
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songfiredream: saw that you logged into this last month. that's interesting. i thought you had deleted your account. <3 you. always. for real.
LilyGrace: Back at 'ya mister. And judging by all the comments below a lot of people agree. Thank you for my picture comment by the way wink
LilyGrace: Hey lover.... smile
ddemoralizedd: i've been there before smile theyll downrate the shit out of you once you hit it though.
and you were hot long before me.
ddemoralizedd: hottie made it to numba one smile
velocii: oh, I would be too...
not really, though.
ddemoralizedd: i have you hanging on every word.
ddemoralizedd: well now you are aware.
and it didnt post your whole comment. im left here wondering what i can motorboat.
ddemoralizedd: you gave me the best one liner of my life, and then never replied.
makes me sad.
ddemoralizedd: well, if adam sandler said it, i cant knock it.
BaybuhBootiful72: awhh, well i'll be back on here for a while so don't leave me! hah. but yeah, it's hard to find some familiar faces on here when everyone looks different and i cant rememeber their usernames. :/ luckily, you're still beautiful as ever grinlol
BaybuhBootiful72: ya know... i was looking through some old comments and you used to leave me really cute ones. haha, it's been so long since i last talked to you. :[ how've you been?
ktktkt: hey howre you ?
ktktkt: hey howre you ?
ktktkt: hey howre you ?
xSuicidexSlutx: Sick.
how have you been?
xSuicidexSlutx: hi boyy.
long time no talk eh?
BrokenxLovexSongs: oh, &i definitely hear ya about moving lol.
i really need to get out of here. it's so boring i'm ready to go insane lol. ;(
BrokenxLovexSongs: ahh, that doesn't sound too bad! &i work in a shoe store right now. it's actually pretty sweet. mainly cause i get awesome discounts. haha
&my league starts next month. should be pretty good. we've got a good group of girls. (:
BrokenxLovexSongs: oh, well that's good. (:
i just got back into a volleyball league myself, actually. gotta get my butt back in shape haha.
what're you doing for work these days, mister, anything exciting?
BrokenxLovexSongs: [color=#9900FF]oh, i'm doing not too shabby. just working lots. i've had some family stuff going on lately, so just keeping myself busy. (:
&good investment, mister, she's definitely got model potential, she's beautiful!
how 'bout you, how've you been?[
playl3oyl3unnie: I missed you sexy Muah how have you been?
lethalhickeys: awh thanks :]
how are you?
lethalhickeys: hey :]
thanks for the yes!
DaddycallmeRAERAE: You should be more worried of her getting her heart broken. =(
vondutchme: Things are pretty good...ya i took a 2 year brake from this
Boyfriend is in iraq so i needed to keep i logged back on...and just workin...

How is everything with you..redface
NikkiStarlight: thank u =)
xSuicidexSlutx: nada nada
been bored.
NAUGHTYBITCH4007: hay qt rate me bak???
vondutchme: Long time no see/talk...

How are you?
xSuicidexSlutx: zomg I haven't talked to you in forev.
MOREDRUGS: be mine?
MOREDRUGS: be mine?
cowpiespigscupcakes9: wow thanks for the yes i thought i was going to get a no from you to be honest. your sooooo adorable!!!
thanks so much !<3
queenofhearts23: wow
CMUchip08: You are u have a great smile!! Thanks for the yes vote babe!!!smile
Sloppykisses69: lol, wat does wat mean?
songfiredream: it says you're online. are you awake?
Sloppykisses69: ok, i wont tell u boo, haha
Sloppykisses69: haha, my hands not on my ass, lol, do u kno wat the 4 leaf clover signifies?
brianna2828: hello there, thanks for the yes you gorgeous man wink
songfiredream: oh jesus. tara has one of these too. i thought you deleted your account????
AsianCherry: whoa! haven't talked to you in awhile. how've you been? and how's the holiday going for ya? hope all is well. take care hun.
misskayla907: =] your so sweet. not just cause of your amazing bid but because of your comment. it made me smile. i needed that.
misskayla907: <3 =]
AsianCherry: Stephen baby, i miss ya around here. hope your summers been good! grinlol
misskayla907: <33
misskayla907: wow were have you been?? seems like i havent talked to you in forever and a day.

love you babe
misskayla907: wow were have you been?? seems like i havent talked to you in forever and a day.

love you babe
micheanae: hey you. i miss talking to you! :(
JenniferNichole: Hey, How've you been?
BaybuhBootiful72: i truely cannot believe you are still on this site. you're so loyal to your group =] i guess i miss you.
JenniferNichole: Hey hun, How are ya?
LiLCarter781095: hey cutie...whats up
LiLCarter781095: hey cutie...whats up
missKAYLA907: its just occured to me i havent talked to you in a while. =[
songfiredream: just sayin hi silly goose smile
rootforaussie: hey babe wer u from
songfiredream: oh stephen j!!!!!!!!!!!
songfiredream: and who did you get that infectious disease from? i told you to wear protection smile
songfiredream: well you're just a man of a million words these days, aren't ya?
songfiredream: well i guess maybe your stuff is messed up. anyway.
i miss my butternut. fuck
songfiredream: my recent comments are gone
songfiredream: yeah, if you could ask them if they have any. i'd love to see the pics.

and duh, that just means you should talk to me more. silly
songfiredream: what's up you big punk smile haven't heard from you in days butternut!

send me some new pics of your and miss paige smile i know you HAVE to have some from her birthday. and i want some pics of your mom and dad with her too smile
shanniebabe: very cutesmile
songfiredream: your 2nd to last comment to me didn't make any sense cuz it got cut off. and i'm not sure who everyone who loves the nookie monster is referring to. so your comments make no sense either.
AiintSheCut3: cutieee<3
songfiredream: yeah, and was up in jersey this weekend in atlantic city. saw signs and shit for cape may. made me think of you.

songfiredream: *sigh* you just don't get it. do you?
Prettygirl1: Thanks for the yes vote
misskayla907: <3
songfiredream: hurts my feelings, j. smile
songfiredream: oh, and change your fucking name on here already. you're not stephen. you're steve. i'm on the only one allowed to call you stephen. you can't just be whoring it out. you have to keep it the sacred, fragile thing that it is. and honestly, it kinda hur
songfiredream: here. and i'm surprisesd to see that miss nikky still has a page on here after all these years.

anyway, i just stopped by to say hi since i forgot to do it before i signed out of myspace
songfiredream: damn, you dropped to 89% omg omg omg. what are you going to do??? and damn, who the hell would put their ENTIRE phone number in your comments for the world to see? that's pretty stupid if you ask me. but i see you're still "LOVED" by all the girls on
taintedbeauty88: you're hott drool
taintedbeauty88: ily stephen hug
CaNTBePLaYeD: hey hun! i miss you too. you can still call me ya know!! lol 302-258-4837. lol
SwEeTnIkKy01: I heartthrob you!
songfiredream: oh and so you know... after all these years, i FINALLY took you out of "the ex-files" and put you into "old pics"
songfiredream: i just tried messaging your stupid ass on msn. but thanks for not responding. i feel the non-existant love. that's ok though.
AsianCherry: i think it's a common knowledge to know u buy me everytime.....what is it that u would like from me this time? wink the last thing i gave u was HUGE...hope it was put to good use. lol
kuhboomitsbritt: chyeahh sounds good :]
kuhboomitsbritt: me too.
Natalie21989: cuteface=)
taintedbeauty88: hey bby.
are you on msn?
mommyB: very cute
mommyB: very cute
playl3oyl3unnie: <3<3love
iwantmyasssmacked: cute...can i lick you from head to toe??
InfamousxActions: i want to date rape you
InfamousxActions: i want to date rape you
x07LiLStAcEy08x: ur F*ckin Fitttttttttt!!!!!__<
playl3oyl3unnie: this is the hottest guy on wyht!
playl3oyl3unnie: I <3 you Stephen!!!
taintedbeauty88: You are hot.
You need to make me a sign. I'll make you one back <33
AsianCherry: Aren't you lucky?! u got over 21000bbs from enjoy tongue
xalisonleigh: thanks for the yes. you are extremelyyy attractive. :]]
songfiredream: hey punk. smile
IdRatherBeMe: thanks for the vote <33
AsianCherry: Happy Birthday hun heartthrob
24 isn't bad! stop complaining, lol.
have a good one grinlol
x0bostonbabe: your really hawt
aaagirlnamedchloe: cutee.
PiCkLeS111: so cute
taintedbeauty88: Thank you for the yes cute sir.
taintedbeauty88: Thank you for the yes cute sir.
misskayla907: i la la la love you
misskayla907: i la la la love you
DirtyMuffinLover: Hey there sexy!
misskayla907: stephen rocks my socks..
and then some if you know what i mean.
xxshexxxyxx: yeah so you are pretty fuckin gorgeous..
just thought i would let you know <3
AsianCherry: thats right. 11,000.
where's my nice bid? haha
mixtapel0ve: [color=#003333]lol, everyone gets me & sarah mixed up unless she's fighting for you with sarah in another auction. :p but of course i miss you, i never lie about that! & you aren't the easiest person to fight for but i'm doin it! & expect a phone call
SwEet2BmE: aww awesome, yes i do for nowgrinlol lol..that ducktape girl wants you...
SwEet2BmE: hmm lazy day..I do my workout during the week...weekend is for my studies, what i havent started yet..what type of work do you do>
SwEet2BmE: aww thank you!:P how are you today?
SwEet2BmE: gracious for the yes. your adorable and your kid is beautiful!
mixtapel0ve: thats for sure, maybe things won't go the way they usually do but we'll see what happens. ♥
misskayla907: haha yeah i saw it cause it only showed part of your comments. and i was like hey thats my cousin! haha but you love me not her
misskayla907: looks like my cousin has commented you.
ily hun
mixtapel0ve: how are you, darling? its been too long.. again. :p
mixtapel0ve: miss you,crazy.<3
misskayla907: hahaha i did it..
didnt think i could.
misskayla907: eek
misskayla907: awww thankx... im tryin my hardest babe..
either way you'll still love me..

&& want to sex me =]
AsianCherry: lol if u bid higher on me in any of the auctions...i'll make it worth ur while.... lol (j/k) anyways, hope u're having a good weekend tongue
supJAZZYY: Meh, it's a long story really. And I don't think you wanna sit here and listen to it. <3
supJAZZYY: Haha, I ask myself the same question.


But I'm alright, I guess. Just a little sick, cold, and sad.
missy18: Thanks sexy for the yes...missy<3
micheanae: i misssssss you steve. :(
AsianCherry: lol. slow poke. its ok. i still love u wink
SEXUALLYluvdLILgurl: Thanks for the yes wink
KellaBella: HAWT
sojachica: thanks for the yes handsome! your daughter is the cutest lil girl, such big beautiful brown eyessmile
Sillygurl4LIfe: Thanks for the yes smile
ur a cutie <3
AsianCherry: its all good. i just like buggin ya. but ya do it when u can! chill boy tongue
AsianCherry: mr. cherry popper. u still owe me a sexy sign. wink
JustinH: so how do you enter the hottest of the hot contest on the group page
sjcd1212mama: Hey, Nice profile and pics, and Very Cute daughter paige. smile
blondekgurl: thx 4 the yes
missKAYLA907: right here right now...
do you have msn?
add me if you do
missKAYLA907: stephan.. sex me now <33
sairahhh: ahaha yeah Im pretty intimidated by people aswell.
well you are though
sairahhh: you're a BABE
SwEeTnIkKy01: I heartthrob you! smile
SwEeTnIkKy01: I :hearttthrob: you! smile
berriesncream: danm but invite my girl fuckaho into the group she cool as hell
kawesome: i kind of have a crush on you. eeee!
JenniferNichole: Hey sexy, It's going pretty good. How about you? And oh my god i can't stop looking at the pics of your little girl. She's so adorable. I love kids.
xDeJaVux: cuz shes fake wink
volleyballallstar14: OMIGOSh you are super cute.
xxdreamerzxx: hahaha thank you PA is kick ass
xxdreamerzxx: thanks for the yes
lipsofnangel: Hey, Thanx for the yes! smile
MirandaMae18: wow!! CUTE!
MirandaMae18: awe very cite!!
JenniferNichole: Awww thanks.redface
JenniferNichole: Your daughter is adorable.
JenniferNichole: Your daughter is adorable.
MandeeBear: mk, have fun at work

MandeeBear: haha, I'm not that hot, but thanks smile
MandeeBear: lol isn't that the sad truth... I live in greensburg, about 4 hours from you.. I went to harrisburg last year lol
MandeeBear: you're really cute smile
Telecastersoul: Thanks for the yes darlin'
WoundedAngel: Its going I suppose how bout you cutie
xoxAmanda2789xox: hey thanx for the yes u deff got a yes from me =)
WoundedAngel: Yes... of course.... wink
ImHOTshit101: omg cute boy smile
missKAYLA907: lol thanks. but i think you are way hotter than me.
missKAYLA907: sooooo hot. drool
xxemoxloverxx: hah thanx
micheanae: I wub yew Stephen. grinlol
SilverSkies: Aim or Msn?
hourglass87: u are a hottie u have my yes
garotinha002: very cute =**
xAmberx: *#<3 @shoutout!! KMP&QMP re-united.. again smile <3
SilverSkies: I was getting around to it, and rejoining hot shit <3
akvolleystudd: dam absolutely gorgeous. thanks for the yes hun :] your hott. like WOAH!
maggie6689: you're hott!! smile
roxybaby: thanks :-D!
SammieGiirl816: Cuute :]
xAmberx: Thats the main reason i came back, missed everyone, especially you. It cut the end of your comment off, but i miss our conversations & how we use to talk for hours<3
xAmberx: Funny you should mention that, I was looking at it the other day & noticed too. I miss you. Hope your Christmas was good.
sweetjellobabe: omfg u r gorgious
NAYMAYDUH: =] sign for sign? im making some right now if u wanna make me one and ill make you one =] mwah mwah
yahomie14: hey thanx for the tip...
yahomie14: k im new at the group thing and you seem pretty good so i thout that i would ask you how you put icons for your group? plz anser and if you want to cheak out my group. [take a shot]
NAYMAYDUH: i tryed to win you on the groups =[ haha i guess i wasnt there to get the last bet D:
VanillaPepsi: You do realize I miss our talks right? I mean come on whats a girl to do to get some latte in a convo.

Lol. Miss you dude.
AshleyAnnxoxo: Thanks for the comment! wink you are sexy as hell babe! smile if you wanna chat sometime message me your MSN. wink would love to add ya! wink
SIUCBabe: total hottie heartthrob
AshleyAnnxoxo: Sexy Man here! wink
jpgswifey08: ur gorgeous
bl0nd3vix3n: thanx
bl0nd3vix3n: ur hot
TiburonX23: [bgcolor=#D1D1D1][color
=#0099FF]Shit..Im more familiar with York and Lancaster Honestly - I am right outside Lancaster in Centerville. Will take a look into it though and get back to you. Yeah Hardware Bar is always Nice. York and H-Burg both are.[/col
VanillaPepsi: Lol, this holiday season takes everything but a persons soul. I've missed you my latte lover :] <3
TiburonX23: Yo Harrisburg kicks ass man. Whats your hang outs in H-Burg?
majik: thanks man
thanks for inviting me back
BOYimYOURangel: I miss talking to you, ya know that?
Netsirk: your gorgeous!
pimpmasterJ: hey just wanted to let you know your very attractive...
pimpmasterJ: hey just wanted to let you know your very attractive...
pimpmasterJ: hey just wanted to let you know your very attractive...
Krystar: thanks for bidding on me in encore
IPissGlitter: haha <3 You are grand mahdearr.
add me on msn?
IPissGlitter: Only if you bring the sugah rofl
that was
IPissGlitter: rofl your effing cutemuch.<3
illl probly make kool-aid.inlove
IPissGlitter: rofl Ill keep it on the DL.
Im only bored as piss haha
Whatsss up with you cuteboy?
IPissGlitter: Hey Mistersmile
bitchpleaze18: hey
did ya know
im undressing you in my mind right
niiiice wink
aWifeyMateriala: soooo sexyyy
unusedkissesxoxo: alright hun i added you on aim. but your not on. my aim is sexibrook05
unusedkissesxoxo: Damn.
You are a cutie.
Would love to chat sumtime.
Well Take Care.
Happy Holidays
hazelnuts: k can you plz tell how to get into the group im new to this
Littl3Pickl369: Lol thankssmile
Littl3Pickl369: wow!! you are very hot!!!
SwEeTnIkKy01: guess what. im thinking about you right now. heartthrob
FUNTIMES23: heyy i saw that you were in the group that i'm in and were doing that secret santa thing and i saw that you were on so i figured i'd ask you if you knew anything about it at all?
FUNTIMES23: heyy i saw that you were in the group that i'm in and were doing that secret santa thing and i saw that you were on so i figured i'd ask you if you knew anything about it at all?
Mollymac23: <3
CassieOdell22: thanks for the yes! u know u got 1 right back wave
vanillashorty: dude, it's been forever...miss ya too, hope everything is good with you!
SwEeTnIkKy01: punk punk punk. porn porn porn. midget midget midget. now now now. love you love you love you! teehehehe
sexymixedgurl69: ..yeah.. ur reeaLy fyyne
bitchpleaze18: damn u stephen you make me wanna giggidy giggidy haha anyways qt im out night babe <3
bitchpleaze18: omg i know its getting so cold
now is a good time for you to come visit me tho
bitchpleaze18: haha oh i wish :(
so where have u been hiding mr
SABcutie: hellooo smile
gagirl84: very cute<3
gagirl84: very cute<3
EMMMyy: eh nothing, same ol same ol

how bout you smile
starkiss11: hey babe thanx for the pic comment cutie muaahhh
EMMMyy: steve! smile imuuuuuuuuuuuu
kkelly074: you are gorgeous!
ayemeeelynn: hey sexc... what you been up to ...any hot new pics for me hehe<3
ayemeeelynn: hey sexc... what you been up to ...any hot new pics for me hehe<3
songfiredream: how come i not hear fromyou? did you die?
AngelaNicole: you're really're rating should be higher.
AngelaNicole: you're really're rating should be higher.
AngelaNicole: you're really're rating should be higher.
AngelaNicole: very cute <3
AngelaNicole: very cute <3
AngelaNicole: very cute <3
playl3oyl3unnie: i miss talking with you
songfiredream: that's because i got a new cell phone with verizon. the number is on my facebook page
Antibarbieskater: Hey sexy
songfiredream: still too good to say hi on here, huh
BaybuhBootiful72: so i've missed you
because... well.. you're wonderful.
and uh, my foster dad. duh.
how've you been, swee'art ?
TaylorsInnocent: so effin gorgeous
VanillaPepsi: whats your msn
songfiredream: oh stephennnnn
songfiredream: it's been a long time stephen j.
songfiredream: it's been a long time stephen j.
VanillaPepsi: Haha aw how I've missed you!
VanillaPepsi: <3 My main squeeze. I miss you <3

Ok so you're not my main squeeze but you're my latte man =]
omglaurennn: wave
mixtapel0ve: i <3333 youuu.
mixtapel0ve: lol well of course i think about you but lately its been more.. duh, silly.
i was thinking of how we go on our spurs of talking & not talking
& all our retarded fights lol.. all worth it.. <33
mixtapel0ve: meee too. i've been thinking about you a lot lately. shrug
we need to talk asap.. or else.
i still looove my beanstalk sweetcheeks.
mixtapel0ve: i misssssssss you.
SwEeTnIkKy01: i ra.eally mis you. and it s my birthday aned we drank alot. and you should call me.
SwEeTnIkKy01: midget porn isnt the same without you.. :(
ChelseaRae: well hello haha very hot
ChelseaRae: well hello haha very hot
BlueEyeBaby: oh & nothing much
BlueEyeBaby: good. would be better if you was on AIM.
BlueEyeBaby: Hey Stephen.
Georgesbabygirl09: hott!
BaybuhBootiful72: hey mister. how are you. miss you.
spirtulblkdimson: shake yo bojangas!!!!!
emmyyface: aii papi
kharris: ur so sexy
kharris: sexy
kharris: sexy
kharris: sexy
mixtapel0ve: summer, license, new job & countdown to being finally legal.

mixtapel0ve: stranger. ;]
BlueEyeBaby: rolleyes You always have me. Me &' my boyfriend are no longer together.
BlueEyeBaby: I thought your sexy lover was that elle girl?
cybil69: Super hot*thumbs up*
BlueEyeBaby: Oh sounds nice. I've been at the beach a couple of times this month. wink Hope the gym is working out pretty good.
BaybuhBootiful72: hi you.
is like everyone in the group a mod now?
cause i saw some chick with 10 posts editing
her post. &idk, just asking.

&i miss talking.
how've u been :(
how'd the work-out/beach thing go?
Even tho u DONT need to lose weight.
BaybuhBootiful72: hi you.
is like everyone in the group a mod now?
cause i saw some chick with 10 posts editing
her post. &idk, just asking.

&i miss talking.
how've u been :(
how'd the work-out/beach thing go?
Even tho u DONT need to lose weight.
cybil69: o wow ur sooo hotxxoxx Cybil
BlueEyeBaby: Not much stranger. you? Missedddd you.
smitley: OMG your a babe!
vivalasillyness: smile its a deal
BlueEyeBaby: Heyy Stephen <3
babiikakes04: you are veryy sexyy
babiikakes04: you are veryy sexyy
Nedd: You remind me of Feeeeeeeezzzzzz! grinlol I (L) him.
femalebulldawg: totally hott!!!
xAmberx: QMP has been working her hardest this week, i'll tell you all about it on some point.. i know you'll be proud of me though. <3
BrittneyMuah: mmm sexxy.
krissyg: damn boy u are fine as hell
soasian: looking gooddd!
xomzNEWBOOTY: your daughter is absolutely adorable! like her dad lol <3
xAmberx: Oh, hello.
Remember me? :P miss you & get on aim soon,thanks. <3
KrIsTeN1114: thats stupid to change an answer because someone just told you the truth lol i wasnt trying to be mean lol
MissTease: thanxs 4 rating me! if u wanna talk 2 me other than here u can im me on yahoo....beauty_unknown
333! thanxs again

<3 christian nicole

devils4reject: wow you're cute!
devils4reject: wow you're cute!
loven: hii [:
Ashnoob: Heyyy ive seen you on here before or something =)
LittleMissCie: Oh god, How I'd hit that wink
SUPPxITSxKELLEEEY: Thanks for the yes. You're adorable. :] hitit
sexaybiatch: damn, you are so hott. wow, your picture makes me horny && i dont even know what you got goin on yett. wink
songfiredream: hey stephen j. haven't heard from you in a few days. not since the whole hooters shoot-out story. IM me or call me sometime today smile cuz i start work tomorrow (wednesday) and our schedules will start conflicting more now.
TrackerChic6: woooow thats all i have to say :-)
christinabremner: puke
NikitaTequila: [color=#CC0000][/color]

k69erchick420: your fucking hot dude!!!
xtropicalbreezx: daMn boy.. you are sexy... i would hit that!
smokey69foreal420: hell yeah i'd hit that ... hallo back at your gurl
xAmberx: So I think i should be careful about what i say on your comment now, as some people whores like to lurk, isn't that right, boo? teehee :P <3
sweetp341983: You are so sexy
damn boo smile
xAmberx: Have fun judging those sluts, let me know how it all went.<3
BlueEyeBaby: Two wild people= NAUGHTY FUN eekeekeek!!!I'll chill at both.
jondoatupantysdotlik: Adult Swim kicks ass!
BlueEyeBaby: how about both?
songfiredream: i don't know if you care or not, but i got that job in richmond. my first day is next Tuesday.
and by the way, thank you for being there for me the other night.
have a great night. i'll always love you.
Your Nutta Butta
BlueEyeBaby: Sounds nice. I should deff. try that. I'm coming!
xAmberx: love you smile.
xAmberx: Shithead.
xAmberx: Whore.
BlueEyeBaby: If your thinking about me coming over, then we are on the same page. He's probably cheating on me, like he has done, and i'm always dumb to forgive. :stupid:
xAmberx: Slut.
BlueEyeBaby: I miss you too. <3
I finally got my boyfriend away from me for about 2weeks.
So i'll be on here more often. I really have missed you alot.
BlueEyeBaby: Heyyy Stephen.
BlueEyeBaby: Heyyy Stephen.
xAmberx: New job is going good thanks, started on friday & looove it. miss you lots & hope everything is good with you. & Like I've said before you need to get on aim more! <3 ya.
weirdhotgina: Huni- You're fine as hell, What the fuck are you doing on this site? lol {Lucky Man- This is the first comment I've written} ;0)
unpopular71787: You think I can trade you a cam show for your bbs?!
mommy2be: i sure would hit thiswink
playl3oyl3unnie: Just saying Hi hotstuff!!
xAmberx: Get on AIM more, hookerpoo! <3
xliveformetalcorex: you're the cutest.
XvegasXonXacidX: You Are GORGEOUS..Thanks For The Yes!!
BaybuhBootiful72: lol good theory♥we should try that method someday.
&kgood but i missed you so much more - it sucks cause my
hours at work changed again so now ill only be on at night
&like.. no ones on at night. k ily (: Paige.
lilhill15: i would totally fuck u!!!
mbrierley88: hey cutie
xAmberx: Shitface, i was getting a drink!, Oh and you suck for leaving, but i still <3 you..kinda.
SashaDonna: thank you. you are hot! smile
DancinSara06: HOTTTTT oooo baby u get my yes
xItalianPrincessx: You are Fucking Gorgeous!
sUgaRhoOkeR: hey<3
sUgaRhoOkeR: hey<3
allisonraeee: sup buttercup? <3
perfectlilangelgurl: thanks cutie =)
xAmberx: hahahaah@ the posts you've made in that thread, thats my KMP. Oh & hi.
BaybuhBootiful72: aww cutee♥. but i've been single for like ever. [i dont think WYHT boys like me, oops] at leastt i'll always have my foster dad (:
alilbitsexy: Hey sweetie how have you been? glad to hear from you
MegSweetee: Wow, then we must totally rock. Like.. we are out of this world. I think I enjoy rocking. Do you enjoy rocking?
MegSweetee: Haha! Aww, you rock. I think I like you.
MegSweetee: lol @ 3 times. And I was ready to read a bunch of new comments. :( Way to burst my bubble!
TrailsOfMurder: hot
MaNDaNiCHoLe: your baby must be gorgeous
Foxylady223: sexy pic !
hotXsexxXlindsay: hey sexy.
got msn?
fatalattraction: dayum.
AssalKhoshkeleh: wow you are cute
oulaurenlax14: ur sexy!
CassieAnn: Hey hunni..thank you for the are to die for and have my yes! smile if you have msn you should give me your addy! bye
songfiredream: stephen j!!! where are you hiding?? i miss you
xcandiikissesx: lol why did you not put your rating list on that!!!! I WOULD SOO HIT THAT!!! lolz
katiedidx0: cutieeee.
MyXTaintedXRomance: lol niceeee haha
KaYlEeMiChElLe: well since u disabled ur ratings ill just tell ya that i would for sure hit it =P
shortnsudsey: well since you disabled the rating thing, i guess im just gonna have to tell you myself that ide deffinantly hit it wink
sexylilshortie: I would definantly hit that
HaNhLoVeSyOu: gorgeous!<3
devilchick2443: damn your a hottie
perfectlilangelgurl: heyz hunn, if u dident have your ratings disabled then i would deff give u a yessmile
SarahW: hottie
Untouchable327: good musical interest
LoNgwoOdStAr: Very Hott!! <3
LoNgwoOdStAr: Very Hott!! <3
LoNgwoOdStAr: Very Hott!! <3
xAmberx: Why couldn't you have been up in PA 2 weeks ago when i was there?!!?!?! f u. & yeah sunday sounds good to me, missed you! <3
xAmberx: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
from vegas smile miss me? thought so. & we're @ #2 now. aim date soon, slut. <3
aaasxcsuga: hottie for sure
wannna chat ... add me emmalouise411@hotmail.c
illusionsxfail: love you style hun
AngelHaven: thanks for the yes ur like really hott soo wats up wit ya holler at me sumtimes like write me a message or wat ever
RAWRxiTSxiVY: very hott ... lovin it !..!
allisonraeee: heh thanks you too <3
SassyBaby06: WOW i am just speechless. I dont know what to say....
SexMuffin420: thanks your cute too
LimeOLemon: sexi
PrincessCassi: oh ur super pimp photo = sex =D
oh and trust me theres 23180 better girls than me on here
hehe =]
and as if u can talk u should move to australia hah
nice69nicole69: ay u look cute
PrincessCassi: yum =D
OmgItsKallie: damn.
sexychild420: damn u are fine
add 4 add
ciao sexy
alishaeady: yummy
sexxione: and you are very cute
sexxione: and you are very cut
Turtles505: So your pretty fuckin hot~!
gothic0sk8ter0chick: like so0o0o cute!...hug
ClassyTease: very cute hun!
MESOSEXI: you are a cutie
omglaurennn: oh, i'm bored. i appologize
omglaurennn: ewww
ohsocutexo: whoaaa.. ur a cutiee.. <33
meaganhott4u: mm ur are really sexy !
KaylaGray: very hot
KaylaGray: very hot
beelicious87: wow ur sexi
PrincessCassi: hot
JaCLyNn1107: I'D HIT IT =)
Lilo0770: hell yea id hit that
heartsnstarsx3: =]
cantfindaname1: sexy wink
Gabalicous: okay, i cant rate you but if i could i would give you a YES! you are a total cutie!!
likeyoux3: cute pic.--<3
xAmberx: Yeah.. you lookk hot in it.. what happened? ahaha jk. i'm going later so probobly won't catch you @ that time :( <333
xAmberx: Woo back where we belong smile aw@ old school picture of you that your using as your default :P btw when am i going to get to speak to you on aim?! its 'bout time that we had another aim date. <333333333 you.
CuTeGiRl69: i would give u a yes but it says i cant rate are absolutly gorgeous
AsianCherry: hey hun
thanks for the yes
definitely a yes for u!
mmhmm lookin good wink hehe
unforgiven062000: id hit it...=)
gunsxgoxbangxbang: cutttiieee <33
xTELLxMExUxLOVExMEx: Well. I woulda rated you a yes... But you have disabled ratings :(
... But here's your yes :]
xAmberx: Haha@ you know what.... OINK! :P
RAILHER: ha, youre so cute.
AshIsSweet: I give you a yes.. I would vote it but u turned them off hun
songfiredream: you'll always be my stephen j
femalebulldawg: hey i was gonna vote yes to you but you disabled ratings so i thought i would just tell u that u look really good!!!!
ashandwray: OOooooOO so sexy!
sirens99: so hottt baby wink
MarcieRenee: ...cutie... smile
toxiccc: thanks for the yes smile
youre cute
kimmygurl222: such a cutie.... a girl can only smile and flirt with that face
booziebear: your the best steve, my older hotshit brother! I hope the job is still going well
cali5286: hmm. you are gorgeous
CaNTBePLaYeD: its more than the true thing baby.... theres more to us than this site.. we both know that
CaNTBePLaYeD: i love you always steve!!!!! you know that i just figured you had moved on with your life and didnt want anything to do with me anymore... i'll fix that!!!
CaNTBePLaYeD: miss you babe
zarbiethebarbie: your wayyy too cute wink
CanadianStonerBabe: DAMN YOUR HOT! MmmMmmMmm
xAmberx: I'll suck the cream out of your cadbury any day wink p.s. we're still on the top 10.. WOOOO!!
xAmberx: Happy Easter baaaaby<3 miss you!!.
ayemeeelynn: I waNteD yOu ...In My EaStEr BaSkEt wItH A BoW :o)~
uWillNeverHaveThis: hottie
MaxHart: "Hot stuff."
sexyhuny: mmmmm
sexyhuny: mmmmm
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: i want u
lovethisprepgirl: thanks for the yes baby
redneckwoman74: great profile..lookin my yes!! wink
xAmberx: Of course we're still up there...we're hotttttt :P I can't beleiev i have to wait a week until we get to speak on aim.. you suck. i misss you though :( <3
hurleyhottie: Jealousy is such a bad thing aint it.......
HOTTIEALERT: your in the top ten couples and handsome
HONEYxBUNNY: mmmhhhhmmm so sexy!
MystiKz: I'm running for April bang bucks. I was wondering sweetie if there were any extra bang bucks you had that you could send my way. I am willing to do things for bbs. I make signs, sigs, etc.. Just let me know. Any bang bucks would be awesome. If not, that
mixtapel0ve: Come pick my Roses!
Sweet from the flowers
honey from the bees
I've got a feeling, I'm ready to release
shanliz122: very cutesmile
xAmberx: Yeah... nice one@ signing off aim as i was just about to speak to you!! p.s. woooooooOOOO@ top 10 smile <3
xjesyka: thanks for the yes. wink
liltoyangl: ur still lookin good after all this timewave2
babydoll62369: haha, welllll, im actually from charleston, SC, and i'm just in NC for school right now, but that's okay, i'll let it slide. wink you're very welcome and thank YOU, babe.
nickinick12: very hot def a yes! smile
ScrubbaDubba: You are absolutley adorable!<3 Not to mention amazingly fine!<3
BitChPleaZe18: lol naaah im still alive:P missin you tho annnnd waitin to see wen ur coming here so i can totally violate you
xoxoJeSsYiStAkEnxoxo: Q-t.
blondeatheart22: damn ur rele hot... message me sometime!!
xxREDxxDELICIOUSxx: biggrin I see someone sexy in the #1 spot & that's you heartthrob
BitChPleaZe18: i misses you :(
peaches6421: Aweeeee... look at you ur adorable!:P
LuckyBiatch6907: Thanks for the yes! Got mine cutie! grinlol Hit me up sumtime! Layter!
heartthrob Megz heartthrob
harleyrose: thanks!
baller14: absolutely gorgeous that's all i can say!!
sexyhuny: ye! i feel special now:P .....
sexyhuny: GOD DAM! u are hot!
luckyhottie692001: ur a cutie
ch0ked: Oh good, you look cute when you smile in my opinion, i hate all "serious" faces, it's nice to see someone smiling once in a while, it always makes me happy shrug it's contagious i spose!
em0sexual: Stephen, you are really cute.
You seem nice by your profile anyways..
You got my yes. ^_^
See yeah around.
Take care of Holly haha <3
texasgurl89: thanks for the yes hottie!
babypink90210: hi handsome thnx for the add!!!
KristixMarie: HEY i remember you!! whats up
KristixMarie: HEY i remember you!! whats up
CrazyOverYou: Stevieee...yea, I wanna call you're #1 in the top 10...that's cause you're soooo cute, duh! tongue haha
herconviction: Blue balls? Why I would never!
imablowpop: thanks for the yes smile
BootyshakinMama: your a wyht manwhore!! haha thats great
playl3oyl3unnie: Has to be after 2 so probably around then
playl3oyl3unnie: Tomorrow me and you on Msn
you+me=cam time hehe
kissie: hey your defintly a stud!
Sexydana4ever: ahh well it doesnt really bother me but.. if it bothers you then.. okay i guess
Sexydana4ever: damn ur hot as fuck haha.. id be ur sexi lover anydaywink
babygrlnikki09: Cuteface. <3
ut your hott as hell
krufty: omg u n ur daughter are both adorablegrinlol
lorraine: damn your fine as hell deffently gotta yes from me
hotnheavy: qt.
bellacanadian: DAMN YOUR HOTT! definetly a YES! wink
sexychick7283: ur hot as hell.. hit me up sometime
HeyitsJen: Haha, that would be pretttttyyyy sweeeet.
Alexandra22: hey there sexy wink
HeyitsJen: I'm going to Virginia Beach in like a month. winner
mixtapel0ve: i think we should make an aim/msn date. biggrin
mgraz29: gorgeous <3
mixtapel0ve: you suck cause you're toooooooo freaking busy to talk to me.
Alexandra22: oh fuck yea baby its on wink
Alexandra22: wink i'll use it on you :P
Alexandra22: oh baby i plan on using it
emmmyy: well thank you very much.
i am flattered grinlol
emmmyy: awww thank you steve [:
glamourrx: Hahah, two and a half years?
Sheeeeesh boy. Thats A LONG time!
But of course I believe you're pretty kick ass; you seem like it so far anyway :]
How are you doing this fine day/night/afternoon/mor
ning/whatever it is there?
Im not good with that whole
glamourrx: By the looks of it, everyone on here seems to LOVE you!
I suppose I might have to see if I will start loving you as much as everyone else does =P
mixtapel0ve: i got bored..
mixtapel0ve: sorry, i wasn't at my computer when i got your message!! but screw the fake times.. i'm still pumpkerpoo & salsa. :] & you're beanstalk & sweetcheeks & I ♥ YOU!
Angelina369: yes!
playl3oyl3unnie: i hope ur having a great time cant wait till you get back
shaen1980: great pics:-)
BitChPleaZe18: *rapes you*
SatansAngel333: thats so kool babe...and its def a sign! wink
add me again to the group.
wyht is being dumb.
&ill add ya k.
omglaurennn: omgomgomg. we're in each other's sigs. that's adorable.
omglaurennn: you know just what to say. i think i'm in love.
mixtapel0ve: i like clicking on your profile just to see your about me. =]
babydoll62369: Freakin' gorgeous. ♥
playl3oyl3unnie: ur just 2 dam adorable
xAmberx: K, so first you don't give me your new sn and then you ignore me, thankkksssss :P
xAmberx: Have you blocked me, asshole? NO box bangin for you!! i see how it is :(
xAmberx: after we do some box bangin' in Jamaica you can come with me to Paris & we'll do some box bangin' there too.. wink btw.. get your ass on to aim. i miss you!<3
supskank: cute<3
mixtapel0ve: haha, AWESOME. lol.. man i've known for you like 2 years now.. how crazy is that?.. you need to get online sometime, everytime i see you online, you're away.. IM me on aim when you get a chance: ms jesse x
mixtapel0ve: haha just saw the picture comment you left me, of course i'll be your head hooter!
mixtapel0ve: haha how cute. grinlol
salsa lalalaloves beanstalk.
yummy salsa & beanstalk!! haha. heartthrob
mixtapel0ve: look in my about me, mkay? <3
mixtapel0ve: yeah, i've been busy with school & night school & friends & tryin to just finish everything.. only one more year.. what have you been up to? i miss you <3
mixtapel0ve: yeah, it has been FOREVER! & i'm good, just really busy with school & stuff..
how are you? i miss you too..
SatansAngel333: Can i Please have you?! hehe xoxo
<3 HaYz
ALiLnAuGhTy17: hotttttt
tinagirl32: hehe.. i'm doing good. how things with you these days?
playl3oyl3unnie: theres no way i could ever be a bitch to you soo sweet
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: hey there sexyyy
playl3oyl3unnie: seee though i thought about you while you was gone and took care of you when you got back hehe
xxsummerangelxx: thanku 4 the yes xu have really sexy eyes x
playl3oyl3unnie: i missed u more
playl3oyl3unnie: hey sexy
oXoNESSAoXo: i think you are soo hot...haha and thanks for the comment..(you could replace my
CrazyOverYou: Hey gorgeous <333
gizthaspawt: you are hot.
meaganhott4u: hott ! yes for yousmile
igive6headcase9: thanks for the comment cutie smile
bedrooomdancing: hello :]
igive6headcase9: Sometimes I wish I was hot so I could get a hot guy like you, but that would never happen cuz obviously I'm not hot haha
CaNTBePLaYeD: i heart you too honey... very very much
sweetshygurl: hot !! HOT!! hot!!
janineishot: you're very handsome :-)
Lyz04: Is there a way to "hit thaT" x10?? wink i would...
and that is my fave ireland shirt in the whole world..i want it!
Lyz04: Is there a way to "hit thaT" x10?? wink i would...
and that is my fave ireland shirt in the whole world..i want it!
mink420: hey still didnt get 2 join but oo well
queend621: cutie!!
lyrikalhotboi1: how do i get in the group?
kgoulet: hey gorgeous! hows it going?
kgoulet: hey gorgeous! hows it going?
xAmberx: aww smile so sweet<3 your getting extra box lovin for that one :P
xAmberx: haha dork<3 & also "that or elle that way i can get some box lovin :P.... " <-- glad i got a lil mention in the valentines thread :P
xAmberx: miss you too, we deff need some quality time in the box. cya in jamaica, PIMP! wink
SwEeTnIkKy01: Happy Valentines Day Steve!
xAmberx: Happy Valentines Day, BUM!
hope you have a good day.
katielizabethamsen: deng, even tho yer a daddy..
hella bomb! haha
i'd wouuuuld hit it..
you gots a kiiiid! lol
kgoulet: dammn boyyy
kgoulet: dammn boyyy
letsmakeascene: oo i love your clothing choice!!
ThatzHott07: HOTTIE!! HAHA*
sinfulspice1: hey u i'm good =) your daughter is adorable =)
flyforawhitegirl: damnu hella sexy!!! YES id hit it! hard
BlueEyeBaby: haha i don't agree with the other 2.
XsexyXemX: holy hell... you SHOULD model for hollister.
drop dead gorgeous =]
kellen: Thanks for the comments, dude. I really appreciate it.
youcantbeatme23: yum. you look good hun<3 get at me sumtime gorgeous. Latersmile
tessa15: ooohhh Hollister hottie! damn thats what I'm talking about!! drool grinlol
armyangel: u r a total hottie....~*~!!!WoW!!!~
Syst3mGurL: <3
playl3oyl3unnie: rawr i want it we soo should cam sometime hehe did i say that
playl3oyl3unnie: here i come are you ready.......
playl3oyl3unnie: i would give it to you soo good you wouldnt know what to do you would be hooked hehe
playl3oyl3unnie: wow ok that didnt sound to good lmao
playl3oyl3unnie: I would blow more than kisses to you
xashleeee: hey gorgeous!
i was in CT for the weekend
how are you?
XxLuckyGirlxX: thanx for the yes babe!! *muahz*
XoXMissCaliforniaXoX: You are very handsom babe! I'd hit that for sure! ♥ - Tiffany
abbers: yup smile
tinagirl32: LOL
your comment just made my day smile
abbers: thanks for the yes, ur a real cutie, take care smile
xAurorax: hot wink
CrazyOverYou: aww thanks Steve, you are too cute!
BlueEyeBaby: You & I will chat on aim Soon!! I will catch you. And Handcuff you. MISS YOU TOO.
StuntStud: hey thanks for the invite to HOT SHIT, but ive left like two posts in the group talks in forums and it says i havent left ne so idk if im doing it right or what. comment back, peace
SwEeTnIkKy01: rolleyes Prove it to me Mr. Midget man because I don't believe you yet....frown
SwEeTnIkKy01: shrug Don't lie... it hurts my feelings..
SwEeTnIkKy01: frown<---I miss you--->frown
SweetSprinter07: I was in the group on my other account...
MiZzBoOti: ure a cutie..
BlueEyeBaby: <3 ya too. :P
xashleeee: yeahhhhhh! i just saw that
looks amazing.
i'm too scared to get one
but i'll be 18 in december
so i guess i have a year to think about it.
i kinda want one on my left side.
like how travis barker has 'cadalic' on his.
lol i dont know what mine
xashleeee: hellllllo gorgeousface.
how are you?
tinagirl32: ohh my god.

that just made me LOL for real. <3
tinagirl32: hhahaha..
I remember watching room raiders once and it was all over the boy's wall.. lol
tinagirl32: YESSS.. blacklight sex!!!!!!!!
xAmberx: Thats what you get for working.. you should have just been sat around all the time on aim and spoken to me & then i could have invited you.. but NOOOO mr. "im a working man" ha <3
xAmberx: Was there really any need to write all of that in 3 seperate comments, i got all excited, then when i went to see who they were was all you.
xAmberx: Heey shitface, I've been trying to ignore you, but then you ruined it by commenting on my page..GJ. :P
I went to go see Dane Cook last night....he was ammaazzzing.
where the hell have you been, jerk.
BlueEyeBaby: My Parents have been having some problems. And i moved out into an Appartment with Kim.
BlueEyeBaby: Steve. Hey I haven't talked to you in forever. How's Life Going?
xashleeee: haha. HEY STEVE, YOU'RE FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!<3

better? heartthrob
xashleeee: okayyyyyy
i remember now
yeah it was me
but i was like ;' when did i get bannded' so i was confused
but i got banned from hot shit becuase of kels :]
haha whatevvv!
you're cute.
BitChPleaZe18: haha ok deal heya babes did ya ever get msn?
xashleeee: hahaha was that video really to me?
when did you make it?
:] i was in school dear.
sometimes i go to school and im doing really well this year
be happy for me :]
xashleeee: aha woo hoo. i like to lend hands once in a while. you know how i do :]
BitChPleaZe18: haha saweeeeeet maybe i have a chance and even if i dont ima have to rape u anyways esp if ur in the nude its not my fault
tinagirl32: ahahaha.. the photo comment you left made me giggle smile <3
Lyz04: yummm...
xashleeee: :] i'm happy i just had the best guy on wyht leave me my FIRST comment.
yay<3thanks steve.
you still look amazing as ever hug
BitChPleaZe18: omfg well then change that ill be sleep walking everynight and ending up in your bed on top of you weird condition i have i know :P
BitChPleaZe18: ommg oooh pick me pick meeeee
that would so much fun we'd be roomies, but umm yea i might jus sleep walk everynow and then and think ur bed is my bed so yea sorry in advance....
BitChPleaZe18: lol sorry i never make any sense im at loss of words cuz someone is so hot
and noo i cant wen u live so damn far :(
BitChPleaZe18: *looks around*................
me!!!!! totally not like ur atitude of wanting to live in Pennsylvania = not cool :(
BitChPleaZe18: *faints*...............
............*recovers* damn it boy you always make me faint stop bein so damn hot it aint nice for the girls that cant have u
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: hi thurrrrr cutie piee!!
BitChPleaZe18: ooh u never been to canada? youll love it here ill be like ur tour guide haha i dont think im gonna let u leave tho i mean have u seen u????? yea ima hafta to tie u up to the bed but pretend i didnt say that and please do come wink
BitChPleaZe18: saweeeeeet you better be for real bout that cuz damn it boy i want ur freakin goodies now!! wink
BitChPleaZe18: haha soo wen u comin over so i can sex ya up wink
BitChPleaZe18: i miss you too!!!!!!! didya have a good time babe
BitChPleaZe18: yaay thanks babe <3 oh hell yea i am ill bring the whip cream wink
BitChPleaZe18: wanna make me a sign pic pleaaase cuz ur jus soo damn hot
BitChPleaZe18: haha babe can i ask ya for a favor?
BitChPleaZe18: omg can i keep u?? <3
trendyxskank: STEPHEN You took me out of your sig, My ♥ is now officially broken. =(
BitChPleaZe18: oh how i wish :(
BitChPleaZe18: lol shht yea thats what i meant haha so mr hot ass what you up to tonight
BitChPleaZe18: oh your right but i gotta better idea i think you should fly ur ass down i can rape u k? cool :P
BitChPleaZe18: haha oh you get annnythin u want wink
darkangelhere2000: i think im like new at alll of this so i dont understand how to accept or anything !!!
BitChPleaZe18: lol oh im always gonna be polite from now on then ......YESSSSSS
i get the hotties goodies
BitChPleaZe18: I WANT YOUR GOODIES!!!! ..........please
lovesucks: youre right.
were super cool. lol
lovesucks: haha highfive YESSS.<3
lovesucks: haha nice to see she proves herself as stupid, in every forum she posts in rolleyes
lovesucks: is she even real?
because some other person had that account, with a salute ( i think) and her name was brit. shrug
either way, shes not very smart
lovesucks: rofl that comment was pretty dumb that she said.
xAmberx: ♥Well if it isnt my dirty little secret... ill keep this simple.. i love you
naughtybitch03: DAMN u sexy baby holla at mami sometime
BitChPleaZe18: lmao that actually made me lol ur so funny and have i mentiond jus amaaaaazingly hottt
GAsweetie09: Hott~ I would hit that anyday
BitChPleaZe18: hell yea!! or yahoo works too i jus dun have aim duno what the hell it is
....and btw when can i get in your pants dude?? :P
BitChPleaZe18: awww damn you only have aim? no msn :(?
BitChPleaZe18: lol yes u may i give u permission
heey hottie u gots any messengers
BitChPleaZe18: mmmmm well dont u look tasty wink
BUTTERLIPS: Hott Shit KING, i like your HOLLATHER shirt, lol
trendyxskank: Or actually sweets, I'll just talk to you tomorrow. Sorry I didn't stay on long today, just had a long day and I'm sleepy as shit...Okay. I ♥ Youuuu!
trendyxskank: Hey babeh, you should IM me on yahoo. My aim is being really GAY. And won't let me sign on or something, idk i'm mad at it lol.
trendyxskank: You, me, my smile
BitChPleaZe18: oh obviously minus the clothes so theres nuthin in between us wink
BitChPleaZe18: lol ahh ur totally invited the party consits of me and you the jacuzzi
BitChPleaZe18: hell yeaaa u did ur too hot to not be on whens ur hot ass gettin here
BitChPleaZe18: haha omg yes i want that package right now..dude why ya gotta be there and not here on top of me and btw that new pic of urs is jus fuckin amazingly do me hot
brittbaby21: ok. well i was just asking bc i wanted to see ur friends girls will add me bc im a girl and i wanted to kno if i could see ur friends list for like 10 minutes
BitChPleaZe18: haha aww thanks babe ok now get ur ass over here i want that lap dance and well more then that too wink
brittbaby21: would u be interested in seeing some vids of mine
trendyxskank: Stee-FAN I ♥ should tell me your s/n for messenger...ANY of them. hotstuff
vondutchme: hey stud...♥
sexyitalianchick05: very sexy babe!! smile
vondutchme: that leslie in ur sig? that me?
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: **U R SEXY**smileYES FOR UsmileCOMMENT BACK**smile
TimelessDream: pSSh..And you too :P
TimelessDream: headbang Im in the Kewlest group ever! Your group is kickin Eh!
RenvyXStyle: Wow. Your a cutie. Sees if you have alot of girls that like you.
xAmberx: aha stfu i knew you were going to say that, wasnt my fault it posted twice!
miss you too (still hatesss you though) <33
xAmberx: I told santa to drop me off tomorrow round yours, im coming in a box so instead of it going to waste, we can...... wink
Hope you have a great christmas, asshole!.
by the way the end of your comment cut off, jerk.
xAmberx: I told santa to drop me off tomorrow round yours, im coming in a box so instead of it going to waste, we can...... wink
Hope you have a great christmas, asshole!.
by the way the end of your comment cut off, jerk.
xAmberx: Merry Christmas, bum! =)
sexyitalianchick05: very sexxxxy babe!!! smile
blueEyedBeachBarbie: dance ill do the hapyp dance all night grinlol
blueEyedBeachBarbie: now your all mine mine mine
blueEyedBeachBarbie: dance so tell me this funny stud why do you not have a sexylover?
blueEyedBeachBarbie: eek you called me retardedeekwoot woot i think i luv youtongue
blueEyedBeachBarbie: rofl you sir are way sexier than i
blueEyedBeachBarbie: eek your so sexy
Totally reminds me of you, bum. hope your having a nice shower, you need it.. i can smell you from here...
xAmberx: miss you too BUM. even though we're actually talking on AIM. Hope you have fun in the dumpster by yourself =)
niccipunk: just thought i'd leave some love since i havent in awhile
Lizette1: just rated you, mmmm your hot!!! thanks for inviting me to the hot list... Lizette
Lizette1: just rated you, mmmm your hot!!! thanks for inviting me to the hot list... Lizette
still looking good.
HeyitsJen: Mmm Irish boys.
I'm very Irish as well.
I suppose I expect guys to hold their alcohol cuz' I do very well. shrug
HeyitsJen: redface
I like when guys can hold their alcohol and it seems to me that you can.
HeyitsJen: hi, you're hot.
mixtapel0ve: BEANSTALK! i miss you. ♥
i tried calling you the other day.. randomly but you didn't answer so yeahh
catch up with me sometime & thanks for the picture comment! <33
kelley7584: SEXY
SwEeTnIkKy01: *muah* xoxoxoxoxox
SwEeTnIkKy01: victory
SwEeTnIkKy01: iloveyou Hope you had a good thanksgiving!
xAmberx: My thanksgiving was indeed fan fuckin tastic...
Hope you had a great one too & are having fun in PA.
Kiraaa: thanks for the invite smile
xAmberx: Internet ho's back mwahahah smile <3
xlinsiex: very sexy
EmoLoserBoy: Hey man, im not gay but i wanted to know if you wanted to YES for YES, ADD for ADD.. just to help out your rating.. nothing gay thx bro heres my YES vote..
xAmberx: So Steve i loooveee you tee hee ♥ Elle....Not Amber tee hee
xAmberx: We dont need to cyber silly, especially when i can get the real thing pretty soon.<3I love you
xAmberx: Yourrr baaaccck! Oh i love you. =)
xAmberx: GET ON AIM. thankkksssssssssss<3
songfiredream: i thought i was the best.
missthang54: wow im flattered... and your super hot yourself! i wanna get in yur pants!
summerangelbaby: ur so hot xxxx
TiCkEt2HeAvEn: HOTT!!!
Plyboyhunni0420: ur hott...hit me up sometime hun! =)
xAmberx: Night Boo bear wink & Yeah tell me about lake george, hope you had a good time. <33
skexylilshay: shay + jackoff = stephens pics eek
xAmberx: Hey Good looking, wink Hope your doing ok, just thought i would leave you some love <3
grayday: may i just say HAWT!!!
ladiskiillz: goddam ur sexii u got my yes muahz
JaCLyNn1107: ur really hott!! hit me up!
itzmeeLeNa337: u are fawking hott!
skexylilshay: <3 you are amazingly sexy


i want your sex eek
angelgoddess429: hey cutie...its me *S* we need to hang out sometime...the perks that come with living so close hehe (i'm so evil)
BrokenxLovexSongs: Thanks for the add hun.
You're taste in music rocks.
Plus you're amazingly hot <3
BaByGurl09: ur hella hot<3
HoTaSsNaNa: youre yummy
ashleym07: u r sexy!!
ashleym07: u r sexy!!
xAmberx: alphabet*
xAmberx: Oh Steve... no-one has ever said that to you before?! ill break it down i ment "taking the mick" pleaseee say you know what that means otherwise i give up, jk grinlol I should have expected it though from someone who thinks 'Z' comes after 'X' in the alp
blondierocker: ur hot !
DaBratInPink: holyl hell u are fucking hott!!!!
YoungandNlove4eva: hey, you are really sexy
playboiiblondiixo: hey... you are effin hot as hell! heartthrob
skexylilshay: hehe aw thanx <3 your sexy! ive always thought you were hot and well hitit
skexylilshay: Hiya wave hitit
Kourtney69: hey cutie whats up hit me back some time id love to talk
justamemory888: wow...ur really really whats up..o hit that
juggalettextrish: BiTcH YoUr SeXxE!
crazychick2345: ~CUTE~Definately holler at me sometime!~heartthrob
xXxMissIndyxXx: hawt
s3xy1: oh fucking snap!! ur damn hot...drop me a line some time..
louisvuittonmami: ♥ showin luv and droppin a yes..hollah ♥
TeenageTrashx3: Cuteee.<3 ♥
lilhoney420: ur fuckin hot
loves2partay90: hey there handsome
xAmberx: I know the real reason you came back to this account, its becuase you wanted to have more comments then i do, comment ho smile
justamemory888: yea umm ur sexy...u so get my yes...hit me up on yahoo or aim sometime
Xxmotoxluver71xx: damn ur fine
blondebabii8905: u r flippin amazingly sexzi!!
danielle6916: you're super sexy!! hit me up sometime ;-) later hottie
XsunshineXdazeX: HOTTIE!
x0xloveaddictx0x: thnx. do u have msn?
NautyxGood: Damn baby!! Ur fine!! deffiantly a yeswink
xoxjeanniexox: you're a cutie :p message me to talk to you
UndoMyPantsJusLilBit: very hott!!!!!!hit me up
sexykay69: hey babe....
damn you look good as hell... !! hit me back
x0xloveaddictx0x: heey sexxy! hows it goin?
heybabygurrll: oww oww..whadda stud muffin
crazywtgrl4eva: damn, u sure do deserve to be in top 10.. chek me out some time
frkyintentions: sup sexy?
SexxiBlonde: very sexy! message me sumtime q t! wink
LexiBabi22: GorGeous!!! **yes** for sure
XOKAiLAHXO: ur hott <33
xAmberx: Hey, Well ive added you on Aim now its just a case of us catching each other on there! Hope you had a good time in Dallas & remembered the sun lotion! x
sashasexkitten: Mmmmm can i have some of your.................. Drink?
lixxy: *orgasm* I'd hit that!! TWICE!! <333
~:~ eX Oh ~:~
My bf has that hat <3
lixxy: *orgasm* I'd hit that!! TWICE!! <333
~:~ eX Oh ~:~
hockeybumm: heartthrob Your Hott!! heartthrob
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: ur soo hottt babysmile
laynahsparkle: Still looking FAB!
xXxJeWeLxXx: hey sexi!
PartyGirl1: hey hun looking good
cutenshort: wow!!!!!! ur amazingly hot
xAmberx: I like how you shuffled the blame onto me! im sorry, i'll make sure im there next time! No wasn't the first time shes been, but she really enjoys it & i love taking her.
Hope you have a good time in Dallas, tell me all about it when you come back! & r
n19lali8: Looking SEXY !!!
lilbit0469: is that drink good, damn i wish it was me lol!

love love ::jess::
AliDamnBitch: hey boy whats going on .. your totally hott.. i never get on here but when i did today you soooooooo. caught my eye. write me a message babe. grr
hotchik69: WOW!! u are sooo hott!! hotstuff hit me bak sumtyme u git my YES!
xAmberx: Aww poor you! Didnt you put sun lotion on?! Im good thanks went to the beach today with my daughter..didnt get burnt though! :P
xAmberx: Hey, Hows it going? <3
SouthernBabiiDoll: woo-woo you are so gorgeous wow unbeliveable
ShawnaSunshine: Hit me sometime...You are bangin!
XxSurferInDistressxX: Wow. Damn. ur gorgeous.hotstuff
XoMoNiCaXo: will you marry me
XoXBrittneyXoX: damn ur hott!!hititmsg me back!!
sexibabe17: mmmmm*yummy* u are so sexy!
Mandie5060: this chick wants u to check her out.. and leave a comment her sn is Blondie69akr.. byes
Mandie5060: lol nice no seriously.. i like them! lol so whats new? well hit my pics.. tell me whatcha think.. lol byes!
sexcplaygirl696969: HEyyy cutie Damm u are fine!!!!! hot me back...and add me to msn if you have it sexc_playgirl6969@hotma
PmpnPlayGrl: num can i have some!?!? of whatever ur drinkin that is...wink hah very cute babe! yes!
hockeybumm: heartthrobheartthrobYou R Hot!!heartthrobheartthrob
lilthug200669: ur hella good lookin i would hit that holla back lilthug200669
LostxDreams: i wanna taste you
XxSurferInDistressxX: Woah. extreamly hott.
Agoofygoober: wow you are so hot and sooo sexy!!!
xoxobabiigurlxoxo: hey u are SO sexxi!! hit me bak sumtyme smile u git a yes frum me
xAmberx: No no, thank you for asking! <3
crzyblondechicx3: you are a cutie, I added and yes'd u
SeXiSaRaBeAr: damn babe ur hella fine
BrokenHeartBeat: hot
getrdone56: UR HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! check out my pic and letme know
xAmberx: Hey! Thanks for the invite to Hot shit! Your cute :P x
xxangelbabexx: Your so sexy!
chicabonita89: too bad your already taken!!
chicabonita89: message me back sumtime!!
chicabonita89: your hot message me back...did youknow that if you have sex for ten min you burn 2000 calories...wanna burn some!!??? lol j/k
lilme15: hey you are really hott
lilme15: hey you are really hott
chicabonita89: hey hey...your way hot but Im pretty sure you already know that!!! What a lucky girl she is!! Write me sometime. later, xoxo
xCUDDLExWHOREx: ♥ gorgeous ♥

<33 heather
Raphaelx3: heck yes he is & he's mine baha <3
be jealous.
jessandangelabff: YOU'RE THE SEXIEST GUY ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SmurFeTTe: Damn the things i'd do to you :-*
lykeomgwtf: congrats on winning the tourney wink
XoBabezxO: ur cute♥
SexehCrystal16: you like alot of the same stuff I and youre cute too =)
Raphaelx3: yayyyyyyyy i'm home!!
BoxerBabe: your a cutie!
jessicacollis: hayy yur pretty hott whats goin on?
oneandonlylovex: hottie♥ hitt me up sometime. wink
Raphaelx3: my beanstalkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

i <3 you!!!
SpAnKbAnK101: OMG Yes! I'd DEFINITELY hit it! In the words of Nelly and Tim McGraw, "Over and over again." :-D
Katiekate: Hey person who doesnt reply to messages.. !
Raphaelx3: i you very very much & i'm glad we talked tonight b/c i missed you & it brought back memories of old times & it was friggin great! i'll be thinking about you & can't wait to talk to you tomorrowinlove<3
TuckyBabii2007: hey! i am corena.u sent me an invitation on my other screen name (BabyBlondie2007) can u send it to me on this screen name? hit me up! muah -Corena
lovincali: HELLA HOT
muchluvin69: i love ur music taste, and i love ur looks so ur a winner hit me up sometime sweetie
falsebeauty: wow. you are gorgeous <3
CandyShop07: <3
stoneEaglezwing4life: awwwww CAN U SAY ADORABLE?!?!
SoftKizzez119: Hey babe! u are soo hott!! smilesmile
nikkithrift: DAMN! you are sexy as hell!
sexxy1chick: damn u r fuckin hot :P well anywayz talk 2 yal8a
XxSBCxX: hey thanks for the yes. you're hott <33

muchos love smile

♥ heather ♥
dropdedsexy4u: hey...thanks for stayin in touch! lol
Xxmotoxluver71xx: dang ur a hottie
Agoofygoober: very hot n sexy!
CarolinaGirl06: thanks for the yes babe <3
sweethangurl08: SO DAMN SEXY!!!! ya should hit my up sometime
Cheznababy: like BANG BANG!!!! o=D
Cheznababy: I'd hit it!!! =D
Almstpeachy: hi hi
attractiveXnot: you're breathtakingly handsome<3
chicabonita89: i like your shirt to!
chicabonita89: Hey, your hot man, you shoul find my e-mail amd use it wink
beachbabexx69xx: hey sweety...ur a total should try IMing me sometime at pinknhotprincess it's on aim
XXjessicaXX: very very sexy
ShootingStarx3: NERD!tongue
PimpinMyHollister: Gorgeous. biggrin
Katiekate: Feeling horny i see.. as always
Katiekate: Hey Beautiful
courtney7: hey member me!? well i had to get a new name cause my computer went pshyco! add me to friends list again ttyl!
guysluvme16: oooo babi ur fine as hell hit me up sometime!!!
Almstpeachy: hey!
Katiekate: And when did i do that face?? when you were dreaming?
Katiekate: Nah that is true i do talk alot.... but you love it
tongue <--- i love that face
Katiekate: Maybe its just fun because im talking to you then... Nah that cant be it.. tongue
Katiekate: Isnt talking over comments so much fun..
Katiekate: Three more words for you..
..Nerd, Weirdo, Dork <3
I like mine better
xDarkxButterflyx: ..Three Words For You..
..Drop Dead Gorgeous..
Sexiballercouse: so sexi
Katiekate: Finally a nice comment.... smile i <3 you to... when your not nasty :P
SexyItalianQt326: ur deff. a HoTtIe... thanks for the yes ; )
Katiekate: That was just cruel!!! i now officially hate you
Katiekate: Your comments dont make sence you geek... your just jealous coz' im better at vball then you... End of.
Katiekate: I smell good trust me... though maybe you will have to find out for yourself wink dont call me a weirdo you dork
Katiekate: Mature Steve.. Mature. p.s you smell, K thanks
Katiekate: No no, Your totally right with the H 2 HO
Katiekate: Indeed he is the man... even better hes my man! <3
everthingsbeentaken: Very sexy
XXjessicaXX: yo gurlz hes the man
blythierose: you're really cute!
XXjessicaXX: wow ur hott babe
k1mack6: hottie<3
bixallxmeans: VERRRY sexy!! i'd bang ya :-)
couturebarbie: ow! ow!
BlondeTeaseX: damn be mine!! UR SOO DAMN FINE
MiiDGETo1: yo0ur so0 h0t babe ! <3
courtney7: member me! i had to get a new account well holla!
ChelC5658: Wow,,,idk how to even explain it,,,you are sexy!!!
melinda9794: babe I haven't talked to you in a long time but you're getting more gorgeous everyday. smile
alesha123: u are so hott
do u have yahoo! if u do im carebear_2015 and give me your sn thank you bye hott!!!!!!!!!
kailasho112: hey cute... wanna chat let me now.. I'd hit it
addicted2349: very hott baby. much luv
freddyzchic19: You are quite hot. smile
voodoochickness: God damn your FINE!!!! XOXOXXO
rargh69: Nice smile smile
enforcer2449: UR SO HOTT!! add me to your friends and send me some BBUCKS to get some more pics we can have fun!!
llamas4life: damn ur pretty hott
xxoxoxx: holy hell. I know you. smile
sweetsavy: omg ur soo cute lol ttyl
newportbeachbaby2006: hey. I just wanted to say that you are a total cutie. And thanks for the yes.
revolutiontoday: hm, you look like someone i know. a lot.
BrokenPerfection: holy shit dude u r like the hottest guy ive ever seen and u like MSI thats like another 10 points!!!
AllRealNotFake: Thanks 4 the rejection..... Ur a hottie <3
UWishUHadMeMe: u have such a gorgeous smile!! i want to pinch ur cheeks!! ...both sets lol
lilsummer: Thanks for the invite..your way hott!!!
melissababe351: I'd Hump ya leg lol wink
xjennyxuk3: Cute/Hot/Perfect </3 x
eyezthahypnotize: love the new hair hunn... let me know if u want the BBS
fallingstar14278: hey sexy whats up?! u should change ur main pic back to the one u had before.. that one was way hott smile
VanillaPepsi: 007kill eek Erm yea dance
SwEeTnIkKy01: I Actually think i was your best sl...grinlol hahaha jk jk!! mad2 you fuckin lobster man!!
Abergail: hey..u switched ur pic..
Da1iTaLiAnOcHiKa4U: Heyy...ur real hott...think u culd add me 2 ur friends list???inlove
amandamonteverdi: Your so adorable
xpinkxangelx07: Heyyyy hottie!!!! Wats up?!!??
Babigurl9602: hottie! gald to be in your group
Lexus420: whats up
summerstar69: not bad not bad......your pretty cute.
lilsavy89: very sexie me likes
emilyXO33: haha pretty good. i'm kinda bored. this is weird that i'm talking to you through comments. lol
emilyXO33: how are you doing today? smile
ShootingStarx3: ♥♥Strange
r <3
lipskissox: your mad sexy babe <3
emilyXO33: hi stephen ♥ wave smile
Katiekate: Hell yeah he's sexy and hes all mine! <3
LuLu4u: yeah ur a cutie !
OxShinyxO: wow.. he so hottiest...

luv ya hun,,, sexy... hit it me. talkin w me.. any times.
flamedfox: You are very do able....You listen to awesome got my yes
xHoTnSeXy69x: damn ur hella fine....hit me up..sometime...*wink*
sweetfacegurl24: hmmm you are really fine....hit me up sometime
honeybear87: love the hats
XxSexieBabiexX: hey comment me cuz ur really really really really HOTT!!
LiLsHeEnA91187: Just thought i would drop a few lines and say thanks for the rating, and dat your looking rite. I'd fuck you in a Well hey if you have aim or sumthing IM me
Luv 9 Is 11 Pain on this screenname till i think of a new one. Hopefully we can talk s
Jessica1981: id hit it
iixiiExorcistiixii: nice pro smile heartthrobDanielaheartthrob
littlemisspoptarts: thank you for the yes babe
emotionalwreakingbal: i heart you!! you are a sexy beast! lol. you rock my socks off, and sock my rocks off! haha!!! ♥
slipknotbabe81: thanks for the vote hun
SweeThang009: very sexy =p
captainobviouss: aw well aren't you a cutie. i like the hats.
caitbabe8809: Hey HUn
wuts up me nuttin just sittin here staring at ur sexy pic.
omg u have to messsage me sometime.
Im in the hot shit group! i dont even know why i told u ttyl
bye babe\
SuthernBeauty08: hey sexy thang!! lookin good!
BraNdn3WluV: HoTTnEss.....^_^
blondechick22: omg ur r so dam fine umm..........u r so fuckin delicious hit me plzzz
XxSexieBabiexX: hey i think ur lke super freaking hott!!!hitit omg! ur hott!!!! RATE ME BACK! thanx! smile
SomethingSpecial84: lol Thanks...i know you from somewhere..."thinks" oh yeah Hot shit! you got a cool damn group...but anyways your hot, and you probably got a kick ass personality 2..i wanna find out
LustfulxDreamer: Nice taste in music. Pretty rad selection I might say. And well, of course, I'm going to say you're hot, because you are. ♥
oOSuNsHinEOo: very sexi! wink
b3autifalmystake: hey qt. havent talked to you in YEARS! how have u been
RaNdY1990: oh great taste in music btw
RaNdY1990: WOW ur a cutie! nice pics lol maybe ill do a salute to u one day ;-)
xxfoxchikfromvaxx: So hott!
oceancowgurl6984: thanks for the yes, ur definitely a hottie...
hotchic2005: hi, i think ur really hott so i gave u $2.00 for bang bucks
x0PlayingHardHurtsx0: hello prettyboy.
BirdiBeakAboo369: damn ur soo sexy!
kiss1me: sure u noticed but ur sexylover has closed her account lol
liltoyangl: still lookin hot as ever sweetyhug
ASEXICAJUN: ur sooo sexi wow weesmile
xpinkxangelx07: ur soo hottie!!!!!
secludedbutterfly: Message me sometime hottstuff Damn your fine hotstuff
bitchygirl: you are hott!!!!!!
XKristaX: u lookin real good in those pics
Julsnh16: Hey your a hottie!!!! hit me up sometimes if you wanna chat, Julsnh16
NymphoQueen: hey gorgeous!
colieslaw06: What a hottie! Damn Id hit that like 5 times over! HAHA. Well leave me a comment sometime!GRRRR!
bubbles198123: yikes!!! so yummy *drools*
GraveyardSlut: hey ur very attractive.. we like a lot of the same things and we're both from pa so i decided to comment you.. sorry i'm not leaving a nympho comment. i just think you'd be fun to talk to.. so if you have yahoo or aim i'd be very pleased to hear from
XxXshortycourtyXxX: Woah! Ur a soo cute and adorable..Yummah! *Mwah*
p1nkjell0: heyhey luv..gotta say looking goood!! xoxo
COKTZE: YuMmY..bOi ur s0o h0t!
alyssa1989: ur shirt says get off ur nuts.. but what about ur shaft?
babeegurl: AWW Thank you for that comment it was the sweetest thing ever!!!!its not everyday that someone that is amazingly sexy like you is a total sweetheart aswell . message me back anytimewink
SwEeTnIkKy01: eek Woh woh woh crab man....My midget porn got my dog... frown so now i cant masturbate to in anymore... What am im guna do?!?! mad2 blah!@! plump, floop, hump!! haha.. Cute as always.. *Nikky*
babeegurl: very sexy
tifferz69: hey Tiffany just wanted to holla sweetie....Holla back...Atcha Gurl*...i added you hopefully you add me backsmile
Monique03: Just wanted to say u are really cute smile
blondsdoitbetter: gorgeous <3
dviousblonde: very fine!
partychick71: Miss hanging out with you buddy, you are the best!
miniskirts: biggrin very cute
unknownvampiress: Dayom boy. You're a total hottie.
XxImUrPimpettexX: wow ur bangin. . .
Jesslax101: hey your really cutie<3
Jesslax101: your a hottie! you should be number 1 <3
sexylilblondy55: you are soo fine!!!
MiSSxMEGANo5: wow your hott wink
killakimmy17: HELLO!!!
xThexExiesx: Drop dead Gorgeous.. Keep looking Sexy, See yeah.
SqueefMe: baby you are so sexy
gazoozaboo89: im just not sure if i would get off your nuts haha! nice shirt.. well hit me up sometime sexy ..kc
songfiredream: hewwo love smile
kalikali: i added you to my list... come holla at me sometime-
Krystin: hey hey hey, your looking pretty good!
kalikali: you're hott sweety*
songfiredream: hey babe. i'm sorry about matt, john, and jen. they'lll be ok. i wish i could be up there to be with you. your week will be better this week. let me know if there's anything i can do
xXB3autySurr3nd3rsXx: mad2 wantsome Slap nuts hey??!?!? Who do you think i am?!mad2 wantsomeI will fry you like the crab that you are!!mad2 wantsomecall me slap nuts!! pffft!!!mad2 wantsome heartthrob lol!
songfiredream: i've done nothing but think about you all night long. the chick flicks i watched tonight made me think about how special you are to me. you really are my soul mate. i love you baby
oxbeachbabexo: very cute
rebeccaROSE: I have new pic's look
xXB3autySurr3nd3rsXx: Well...LoL...Im leaving you a comment with my new name... I dont really have to say anything because you've always read my mind so im sure you can think of something good...

FoxRacinggurl237: damn ur hott!
Avenged7XGAL: Grrrrrr Very cute i want to have a miniture you to put in my pocket
songfiredream: ^ that girl is right. i'm always at a loss for words when it comes to you. you are definitely everything she sees in you and more. OMG i miss you. by the time i can up there again it'll be 3 weeks since the last time.
TheWrongWay: I've been sitting here for about 9 minutes now.
You are unbeliveably gorgeous but thats not saying enough, its been 12 minutes now and im still lost for words, theres nothing i can think of that decribes how hot your are
BrokenAndCryinInside: wink hey!!! ur really, really HOT!!!!:P<3<3<
FrEaKaLeeK305: damn u are so0 ho0t..i was gonna ask u.. can i take u h0me??? halla back...x0x papii 1
xoshorty69ox: dayum! ur lookin TOO damn good!!!
Lizness83: sexy <33
Emza223: Nice! wink ur very good looking, check me out sometime grinlol
princesskmw: DANG UR A LIL CUTIE!!
songfiredream: birthday
rosepetals266: *jaw dropping* let me tell you what you definitly are a very good looking guy... and I figured I'd add one more comment to the beyond long list of comments you already have...
rosesorgenfrei: Yes you know your a hotty...
alwayszbr0k3nh3rt3dx: <3 hawtie
AtreyuRoxUrMom: Your HOT
LostLove05: # 1 in the top 10 and ur from pa also.. ur a cutie!
songfiredream: holy crap, you changed your name to "stephen" on here too... wow. how did i not notice that before. when did that happen? P.S. I love you butternut.
sexi4youbaby: hey hottie what is going on nothin much here i think you are really hott and would love to get to know you better you know my 411 i am jackie by the way
skexylilshay: so hott
eyecandi69: You are so damn fine. Msg me sometime!
songfiredream: you added new pics... which ones are they? i can't tell
LiLxDana06: omg you are so0o f-ing hot!! =) Message me anytime!! xxoo
whocares01: why would i wanna get off those nuts!!!!!! damn!
Erica20: hey sexy, thanx for the yes! Anytime! lol
Electra: very sexy!!!!!
PoiisonGiirl: Hit me up on AIM-TaNglEdUpInYoU18...
MSN RazorBladeKiiss@hotamil
Starryn1ght420: hii
songfiredream: let's try this again: I love you so much!
xxnikkihxx: *HOT*
*mUcH lOve* ♥NIkki
rockerpnk420: wow u bet like soo much for the wizards
xxsexxie7xx: Ow Ow, very hott. I'll talk to you later
sexiibiitch: Damn, what happened to your face?! OMG you're ugly
IceBreaker20: WOW your such a hottie!!!
XxIeffingWANTyouxX: cute cute
oxobabigurrloxo: holy shit, i;d do u in a second, u fine as hell, rate me please<3
ScreamnSteph: you are really fucking HOT!
KristixMarie: U are Gorgeous!!
italianprophet7: you are fucking get an A+
xfallinxstars: omg u r sexy
LilJules: very very sexy
Ashl33: hi this is ashlee my dumb ass friendz wrote my name like this... ashl33.. would luv 2 talk 2 u ~!!!
Shannywanny: still on top ten ey.. good job
tiffany740: u r a cutie!! Hit me up some time!! *MUAH*
PoiisonGiirl: You's a Cutie!!
courtney82: haha ur so cute add me to friends list courtney82
restinpeace2: holy fuck id love to fuck the shit out of you and dring your hot sticky cum
gitinmebelly: youd look better sucking my fat cock
XxSBCxX: damn boi! you are fine. well yeah. i'm sure you've heard that plenty of times. but yep its all true :-* xoxo

; Heather
SwEeTnIkKy01: *hump* LMAO!!! Your fuckin crabs are eating the shit outta me.. They crawled all the way from PA to WI to eat my cereal!!!!!!! mad2 ya know what bitch?? lickmy clit! nana ~*Nikky*~
azzlykedayum: hm...nice shirt.....get off my nuts and on my dic....hehe
sExCBiOtCh: damn boi..ur are hella fine! get back at me sexC!!
msindependent05: hey sexy feel free to hit me up when u want * devon*
megzi0069: very hot!! <33
babeypinkbabey: dayum..ur fukin hott as hell!! check me out!
dasexyplayboibunny: hay hottin hit me up some time
sexybeachbabe: sugar you are just so damn fine! YUMMMMMY! haha. Long time no talk! whats up?
BaByGrRlKaTiE: your really hott.... hit me back some time... i definatly would hit that...
angelkiz: HOT!
Zellybean: sexy sexy wink
pyrosin: where the hell is barbours
xXxRatedBlondiie: Verrrryy hawt. <33
sexylysol: your good looking. Will u leave a comment or something for me to?
sweetpea59izzle: DaMn YoUr So FiNe!!!! HiT mE bAcK bAbY!!!!!!!!!
Suzzzeh2005: wow...seexxxxy thanx for the invitesmile...hiw me back babehhhhh
corky82: You are really
it me back sometime if ya wanna chat......~*sacia*~
AbercrombieCuttie: sexy.....
songfiredream: I love you so much. and i miss you incredibly. i can't wait another 3 weeks.
songfiredream: guess what...
rmoss84: hey how did u get so much bang bucks?
NicoleLynn69: damn love to hit that
bbygurlgotstyle: damn where have u been all mah life? playa lookz foine in ur pixz hell yah i'll hit da shit holla baq
hollister69: god ur hot
sexylilgurl72491: it hot in here?.. or is it just me.. wait its you!!
Xspanky69X: sexay!!
x0xkristyx0x: damn fine...i would bang you anytime
MissRight08: hotness
osexibaybgrlo: yyou are hotttt damn hit me uo somtime we should talk.
SwEeTnIkKy01: ♥Steve, i will never forget you, nor our friendship...Hope your Valentines day was great! and of course remember you are oh so sexy!! hehehe♥
dixiebabygrl: hey babe your a hottie..message me sometime...ttyl amber
jers: hey cutie thanks for the message
BabyGirl0311: Happy Valentine's Day!
honeybear87: *!*Happy Valentine's Day*!*
xXjenJENXx: My God, if I could have my way with you. hotstuff
candiceisme: damn baby u fine... hehe
pink69passion: ur beautiful!
sweetiepie233355: u are sexyyyy!lol
x0xkristyx0x: got my yes!
csweetie14: steve!! thats an awesome name luvin mu boi steve the pirate ha ha argh ha ha i dunno ur soo cute!!n HOTT n luvin the hat babe!!!smile
SXC: your really hot...come check me out wink
lildumblondie511: but i wanna get on your nuts
brit911: hot
babeegurl: sooo hot
imanangelbaby: your super hot thanx for the yes!
lagunabeach: ~*~ YOU'RE A HOTTIEE!! you have my yes grinlol ~*~
Kelcout: Your really cutewink
juicybooty: i would hit it
gothikusa: ur such a hottie
Darkillusion: very hot.
AngelBabii29: oOo..damn hot!!
BlueEyeBaby: Hey, I havent talked to you in forever....I hope i get to talk to you sometime soon
badgirl2x2life: aww your sexy as shit!
dccballa24: damn u sexy!!!! holla at cha gurl
sinfulspice1: whoa your page is like EXTENDED from left to right =P hey you how r ya
aprilkristine87: Hot as hell...wink
rockerpnk420: what a hottie i'd hit that msg me sumtime
CoLoMbIaNeNa: very cute
ilovedonuts: Pretty
oberly: AH O__O superman emblem! i love you. <3 XD
not4you: Hey, thanks for the yes, very cute. smile
pimpsbiatch: UR A HOT BITCH! LMAO
axgawthikkxromance: what horrible taste in men girls have on this site nowadays.....
bambamam: cute
PimpShizzett: Very Sexy
BlOnDePuSsY: mmm sooo fuckin sexii
RisiNgXAngEl: WOW! sooo hot wink
Heather05: Oh wow, Thats Interesting but anywayz, just wanted to say, hey your the most adorable person ever.. Hit Me Up Sumtym And We Could chat *smooches*
playl3oyl3unnie: your a hottie
rachael2551: whoa you arre so hottt...message me sometime
SUPERduperLIZ: Damn!!!
come and check me out some time
TaylorMckay: yooh are hella bomb email meah some time xxblondesarebetaxx@love kk
VanillaPepsi: Your meeting Lori tomorrow -happy dance- hope everything goes well, and she can pee freely :P
xstonerchckx: hay not that hott but w.e IM me somtime AIM...xstonerchckx :-) yahoo...freaky_shishcab
ob1089 dont ask...
kelskeonerx0x: dam sexc boi!!!! i accept ur lil offer thng dat u emailed me smile....luv ur taste in muzik!!!!!!!!!
pinkstardust543: ooo very sexy hun hotstuff
luckygirl313: ur really sexy ill talk to ya laterz!!!
AirHeadzGoPOP: hell yea i would hit it
songfiredream: STEPHEN! what's up my little butter nut smile heartthrob i'll be your lil irish cream any time. smile
melinda9794: do you remember me ? i reopened my account today, so what's up ?
Shannywanny: -one love i be out like dat 1,3 shit yeah boy holla
Shannywanny: ohhhhh baby come hea and lick my toes!! haha Eww toes yucky well juss wanted to Drop off sum love at your hot spot.. lmao wha?T dude i dunno but i wanted to let your know your special to me my lil buddy for life!!! DAWGS fo lyFE yea YEA!! wha wha! one l
Badlilmama18: hawtnesss!!!
sexay10me: you Do realize that you are really hot right?! lol...message me back..
XoPartyGurlXo: your hottt!!! ......... wanna be friends?? smilegrinlolwink
sexykay89: wow ur hot! IM me sumtime.
FuturePlaymate06: Damn....You are very Hott! You got my vote!
nickitay999: Hey! ur realllllyyyy hottt wink wink wink! hit me up if u wannna chat more!!!
LooksInnocent: great music taste, thanks for the yes! hit me up sometime
ixtxtxex: u r fyone bwoi! <3
CuteBoringLove: ♥♥♥&#
9829;♥my my my<3
TaintedEuphoria: cute..
MayraJade: hey ur pretty hot chat with me sometime!
cheerbelleza: hottie!!!
ANGIE9: nice.......... i love wut i see!! sexy sexysmile hit me back
sk8erb0izr0ck: Still sexy as ever. I'm glad we still talk. smile <3
SassyBaby17: Man i can see why ur #1 u are fine as can be!!! i am sure u will stay #1 for a very long time. ne-body that votes a no for u is just jealous b/c either 1)they are ugly and know u wouldnt hit it or 2)its a guy down-voting u!
sk8erb0izr0ck: ♥
Sweetthang003: hey hun, your really fine..give me IM if u want sometime! Xoxo-Amanda
Manda07: YOu are so sexi omg! i would hit it 24/7 i guess ill talk to you in the HS forums buh bye babe ttyl *Manda*
bigurl6969: hell yeh id hit it....get at me
BlueEyeBaby: Hottie and SO Fine
sexyfelicia: ur hott
deebaby07: hey sexy
Shannywanny: CALL me obsessd but i cant help my self from leaving you a lil comment.. haha ..steve-ess your the best evan tho we hardly talk any more i got mad love kid lol.. Sexercise partners for life! and after that hardcore work out i got you as my body pillow!aww
SwEeTnIkKy01: can you say obsessors on this comment page??? shrug anyhow steve my love...we need to talk soon...shrug
Miss ya....

babiikatiex3: so sexxi! you and your lover!
sumthinyucanthave: alaska.. haha wow.. well ima go later kid (shit sorry about that)
sumthinyucanthave: Daymn.. Yu are a Fukkkkin hottie.. well why cant they have guys like u in
baranbran541: def. a hottie!
Shannywanny: come over now your turning me on!!!!!!! lol im sure you dont need a translator for that!!!!!!!!!
MayraJade: damn i want u! lol
APolishPrincess: oh you are Super HOT!
Tinkerbelll7882: hottstuff
Julia: Hottie!
sweetcaramal: your a hottie...added ya to my friends list
xoxohugsnkissezxoxo: urr soooo hottsmile im adding you! <3 nikki
angelbaby3189: love love love
thats me leaving you love heartthrob
lol im your dork
iiNoCeNtaNgEl86: dam ur hot !
iiNoCeNtaNgEl86: smile w0w !
angelbaby3189: i miss you too sweet cheeks <3
im leaving you loving
b/c im thinking about you
angelbaby3189: i miss you <3
i got your message on aim
and i was like aww i <3 him
so i told you lol
miss you sooo much mister
freeland2307: Damn I'd his it most definatley...Thanks for the yes! If u wanna chat more u can im me on freeland2307 if u have AIM! If not just messege or comment me on here!! ~Julie~
xoxoallyxoxo: yur sexxi
fubbyloofers: id hit that =)
TiffyLovesYou: awwww....yur SoOoOoOoO cute!!~check me out!!~
OoeasthunnioO: thanx 4 the invite**!
urgfsjealousofme: I love your name!!!!!!
foolish52590: hey ur pretty hot get at me aight
beki: the thug whylin pic is soooooooo hot!!!!seen that one ages ago an were like WOW!!!!lol
beki: CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AcidGlossTimeRuns: oopps..
make my babies <3333
AcidGlossTimeRuns: <333 omfg i love u ur soo sexy, lol
have my babies <3333
ShootingStar64: you better treat my best friend.twin/wifey wonderful<33

I bet you will because you both are wonderful<333+++
ShootingStar64: so Steve, Mr. Steve..
would you take jesse to which of the following on a date..
a. the beach
b. the woods
c. a meadow with GRASS
d. the moviess?
angelbaby3189: inlove
leaving some love
you better smile when you see this <3
AcidGlossTimeRuns: :o Very Hot!! hotstuff
hitit All day everyday
angelbaby3189: iloveyou

thinking about you...
when you called i was in class
missing you tons tho sweetcheeks <3
br1ttany: really hot smile w/b if u want, thanks!
Shannywanny: your..awsome the way you are and memba dont give a flying fuck what people think be blunt be you be steve ..rock on too that.! haha
Shannywanny: crap it cut me off juss whea i was all deep and shit god... lol anways i dont memba what i said realy lol.. but im closing my account now so i just wanted to tell you bye and hopfully we still talk on aim dont be a stranger ily and dont ever change your
Shannywanny: my pillow what can i say bout my big fluffy nice gorgeous hardcore body pillow? lol well stevess .. stevess?? lol i like it well your beautiful in and out but you allready know this your so goofy and thats a good thing maybe one day we can actually meet
angelbaby3189: i miss you
you didnt call
it sux
but shrug
angelbaby3189: it was an inside joke
you better not be mad
XoXAmBeRXoX: Wow! very very nice I would definetly hit that n e time You wanted grinlol w.b a/S/l ? Love - XoX-AmBeR-XoX <3
angelbaby3189: i <3 getting phone calls from you
i can go from ugh to biggrin
its craziness <3!!!
lol i <3 my sweet cheeks
<3 your pumperkoo
ZoAmandaoZ: ur hot
K2dawright: Yah, i'm not gonna be the first one to tell ya ur hot...but i will anyways...ur HOT , wink id hit that,,,,Much love, Kels
angelbaby3189: MMM MMM youre my bitch

angelbaby3189: i decided to leave you some loving...

burnerboy1010: Damnnn, God blessed you HaHa! Sexyyy. . .
angelbaby3189: iloveyou

steve is owned by me!


youre soo hott
want to touch the hiney inlove
angelbaby3189: omg omg omg
GGGG1!!!!!!!!!!! who love steve?
jesse does
angelbaby3189: i love my nerd!!

we're so meant to be...iloveyou
angelbaby3189: lol wow you and making up words...silly boy tongue
i put your nerd pics in my album lol
KraziBeacher408: wow ur a hottie!
sweetestkiss18: thankz a bunch for my sign
angelbaby3189: i love my sexy nerd <3
sweetcandy01: very sexy
AdOrableLala: lo0kiin go0d!! u deff gEt muh yeSs!!
evanspinkprincess: your still cute as every! ;-P
x0x0leesax0x0: awh your cute
ithinkyourlying: you.. in my bed .. now.. lol.. jk but hey ur dead sexxay! lol.. message me sometime..
PolskaLaska: sexyyy wink comment me sumtime babe
urgfsjealousofme: I wanna get on your nuts!!! j/k like the shirt though are sexxi aren't you?
talldarkandhandsome: such a bastard. i still hate you from like a year ago.
naughtibodi777: yumM!!! damn sexy!!!!!!!
sweetie4444: hot!! wink
froggy1012000: hey your a cutie you got my yes
xangelxhasxfallenx: HoTt
billabongbabe: Your HOTT!
Starryn1ght420: why hello...
TearsOfPain: you are so hawt...... love the new picinlove
Shannywanny: i wuv u my other side of the pillow cheer upsilly
blazinbeauty: fine, fine, fine, thats all i gotta say! except maybe a DAYUMMMMMMMM hehe
babygurl5987: you are totally gorgeous!
XoXAmBeRXoX: Hell yea i would hit that!! N e time 4 shur! Well if you want to chat w.b Soon please grinlol Love- XoX-AmBeR-XoX <3
couRtz89: mmm sexxy!! im me sometime evilpunkstar77
MoronicAngel: Omfg........You are so fucking hott!!!!! Now I know why I'm here.....To gawk at the hot guys.. smile
babygurliz19: DAMN U R FUCKIN GORGEOUS wink *~MUAH~*<3
aaabeachbabe: AWWW i got the hottest sexy lover around....XOXOXOXOXX babeh...its been fun
emilyXO33: your really cute smile hit me back
BlaZe: omg ur soo dayum hottt.. i'd def. hit that.. hit me up sometime or lemme a comment.. <3
CuteBoringLove: so0o hott<3<3<3
xOxGeTLoW1xOx: omg!! your mad hott!! let me know if ya wanna chat!!
Brokin: ugh,You'r HOT!..hit me back
aaabeachbabe: Sexy....ure hotness X 10 boi... my sexy lover ....wowow u got that boy next door look with a wicked side....gotta love it!!
SpinTheBottle: Aww, too bad you're taken :P you're an absolute cutie!
CanEhdian: Sending some love to Steve <3
p0eticXsuicide: damn, you are sexy hotstuff
automech7053: whats up dude..... can i get on ur list so i can see tha hot chicks boobs?
Jazmyne: luv u
sexxysweetie: hey bum! can you invite my HAWT friend trina69 to the Hot Shit forums?
Ill love you forever!
tmega: you look real interestin, get at me
CAROLiNE88: stilll not hot =D
xlLiLtiNkErzlx: omg ur one hot babe
ghettobooty666: hey hey babe wow ur real hott :P i'd hit that no problem well give me a holla wen you get a chance smile
naturaldisaster: hott hott smile mmm... lol
HollisterBitch: your so hott
TanSkinHotty: Wow your sooo hotty message me something baby smile
acsun72: yeah, np babe, you can't expect me to see you, and your interests and not comment
Kayla5104: omg! what a hottie!
acsun72: you are very cute... so i suppose i'll join your group
xXxStephanixXx: your so hott baby!
illbeyourlilshorty: wow ur sucha hottie... hit me up sometime!!!
sexxysweetie: hahahah "holy horse shit"
you're officially my new favorite person for the day for saying that
<3 thanks
sexybeachbabe: Fricken hot!
YummyAmber: hey hunni, hows it going, too bad are convo didnt last to long, but i hope i talk to you soonn.. *muah*
VonBitch77: Damn ur a QT!
Brittknee2: hello steve!!! you're really hot
whitesky511: you get hotter every time i look at you
XxSexyMichellexX: verii sexxii!!
TanSkinHotty: ohh very nice! took my breath away! message me sometime baby!
x0PlayingHardHurtsx0: Steves so sexy.
Lylsugababi111: damnn u hott
TBV420: hitit Soo hot!!

IcyHottBabie504: ur really sexay
krazebaby8987: U are sooo hot :P
OxAmandaOx: UR HOT lol
mzb1tch04: ur a hottie... smile
laceyunderwear: mMmMm hottie :P
pimpnasty661: your so cute
tiff88: dayum boi ur sexy
lauraleigh00: i love you 2
StaticZack: How is this cuntrag in the top 10?
illbeyourlilshorty: omg... your such a hottie... y dont you hit me up sometime!!!
geminifreakshow55: Sexy
xCallmeFiFix: <3 hottie!
muhbabyzsuga04: i love you sexy as shyt
angelita4e: hotstuff
xoxoallyxoxo: yu could b hott enuf holy shyt lol just wanted to tell ya yur damn sexxi probly like yur millionth msg lol
ciao! xoxox
CuteBoringLove: wow.....inlove
xOneNightStandx: amazingly hot♥
XxpAuLaxX: ur a cutie <3
tookinky4u: hey cutie, im me some time, even though u have a sexy lover we can chat!! xoxo
italiagurl: GINOOO ur hottt
ShootingStar64: hotstuff Ur absolutly Gorgeous hotstuff
skeoch2: so hot! i'd hit u n e daywink
xXSweetDesire8Xx: You have very seductive eyes very nice........
jssbabygurly: you were just too cute to not send some to wink
megzrae: Very sexy wink
katiemoomoo: damn baby id bang you
babigirl1115: HOT
PoeticTears: *mwuah!*
missbabybella: ur sooo hot
mmmwah babe
Brittybabe18: hey babe send me a message sometime so we can chat
elmoskinkyho: Damn Baby I Want A Peice Of That! <3
xxwayshortxx: U r gorgeous.. i would soo hit u lol
punkrockprincess4eva: so gorgus id hit ya neday! nice work wink luvya mwa mwa
xLOVEx: Remember me?
Hottie1269: Hey just wanted to say i'd hit ya i think you are a total babe later hit me back if ya wanna??
PoeticTears: put me on your friends list you mofo! :p <3
DemonicPride: thx for the yes biggrin ur hott!
bulletproof: definitely have a way with staying on top!!!
PoeticTears: ahhahahaha smile <3
Hottie1269: your hott i'd hit ya in a heart beat
then00kiem0nster: blah
PoeticTears: "sweetnikky01- my e-fiance" Uh oh! Your "sexy lover" is jelous... <3 lol
imperfectangel07: hey your really hot i thought id tell you that lol i bet you get it ALL the time lol well hit me UP soemtime alrighty--miranda--x0x-
CountryGRLgradeA: aww i like all of your pictures ..your a hottie babeZ~* Mwuah
fuckmeplz88: o0o babiii very sexy
Tinkerbelle09: not bad
XxFrEaKpArAdExX: HEY WHATS UP?!?!?! remember me??
PoeticTears: so hot, uhg!! i cant really seem to type anything clever... lol anyways you get my yes wink <3
chikita: hey sexy! U ARE FUCKIN HOT! I wouldn't mind doing you
Lucky1: hey ur hott IM us twins at soccer_princess004 its a dumb IM my sis Milissa picked it out a long time ago so IM us k on yahoo k Buh bye Twins~**
luvme4me16: hey, your really hot, put me on your frnds list, i want to see your private pics... PLEEEEZE
mandikinz: hahahh i know you!!!!!!!!!
EstateBella: =)
UrLuCkYChArM: very sexyy
foxxieroxxiebaby: hey hottie wuts up ur fuckin sexy
LICKZ2K4: ur really fyne i'd hit that easy
liljenn: SEXAY~! very
babygurl086: as wink heartthrob id hit it anyday wink
ToriBabe07: hey ur REALLY HOT!!!
xbutterflyxkissesx: dang... u r smokin! hit me up sumtime wink
JUSTxJESSXO: adorable !
LethaLLipgl0ss: Aww ur like a teddy i just wanna SQuEeeeeeeeze the shit outta You! lol pleasant yes i know ;] <3 ur Soo0o0o damn fine
mmmyea: wow your hot smile
surfergirlx: wow you're gorgeous!
surfergirlx: wow verry hott i like!
irishbeer21: adorable and close to home. in a second baby.
toxic23: hott
lOvEnBeN03: wOw Ur A hOtTiE!!!*
xOxSunKisSed604: soso cutewinkwink deff hit that <33
Brittybabe18: hey ur a hawtie!!!!! lol. . .yah. . id hit it!:P
xKissesFromKellyx: Your so hot!!!
acsun72: you're adorable
lalalandhuni69: hey huni ur lookin really fukin hot
babygurl1012: LOVE THE PIC!!
pinkthong0053: DAMN!! lol your fine as hell! Check me out and lemme know what you think! You got some sexy ass eyes too lol
l3utt3rfli3slxl: Ow Ow! GaWd DaMn! YouR sExAh! HoLlA BaCk At DiS ShAwTiI <33
babygurl1012: DAMN!!! ur fine as hell!! i would hit that anytime~
Hottie1269: your hott i'd hit that check out my pic and tell me wat ya think 18da
missbabybella: hey u r so good looking if u have MSN add me miss_baby_bella@hotmail
luv elle
shawdi86: love the shirt... and your a CUTIE to by the way....
omgitsaGIRL: hey, you're cute... DEFINETLY "bangable" wink
pookie18: damn babe ur FINE as HELL u should it me up sometime
Hottie3188: wow ur hot =)
bekuhsibet: you get my vote
Greeneydgrl5: thats too bad u have a sexy lover :-(
gucciprep00: ya i scam people alright, that's why i have about 100 signs on my account
XxCherryLiciousxX: hey cutie wussup?!
Brittknee2: you're so hot, and i really like ur pics
bballbabe2oo7: Damnnnnn.!! I like it.. You're hott..winkwinkWe should talk so IM me sometime or something.....
lilmanda718: very hot i would hit it comment me back sumtime
xox amamanda
bambinaxo: ur incredibly hot
GeMzZ: OoOoOoOoOo WoOoOW...speachless
ladyliberty: dammit! dont you just hate when people blame you for things that you obviously didn't do!!!? i mean, i dont shit on the floor, it was my fucking dog! and that bitch i call mom blamed it on me!
xXxCanadianxChickxXx: thanks sexy you rock ass headbang heartthrob wave
BlingBling69: you have been in the top 10 for like 3 weeks lol..still lookin good i c
sugasweet: o0o ur sexy
Brookie: hey ur cute....heh yeah just had ta tell ya that wink
OnlyOne: ur hot
babycakes8: you look like adam brody in grind. very hot
XXBlondie4everXX: Cute!
YvetteBaBi: your very me sometime...
SexyKayDee69: your hott we should talk sometime my aim name is Ghettobaby16g im me sometime
xoxobrittybabyxoxo: hey QT talk to me sometime xxbrittybabyoo
Footballgurl16: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn you fine... wow i tell you what wow... You would be a nice addition to anyones dream.. toodles
stoneEaglezwing4life: i think u already got a comment.. but heres another one.. but if this is the first one.. then.. hi..and ur hot =] lol
x0xleesa0x0: your so cute!
SeXyDiva611: SeXyYyYYYyy
VonBitch77: yes yes yes!!!
hottymexgirl4u: heartthrob very hott!!! heartthrob
sexyasiwannabee: i guess so smile
ItsAllMe: hey,
i'd hit itwink
would u???
bong420rip: yum(N)
h3avenSanGeLo3: Goooddd damnnn !!! .. Homeboy god blessed you lol
ToriBabe07: Your Really Hott hit me back
sexyasiwannabee: wow your really hot.
faathyma3145: yea u are real sexy
xxTinkerbellxx: Heya i wud hit u any day xxx
HottestChickEver69: woah!! ur DAMN SEXY!! i'd do you any day well message me if yea wanna chat some timewink
BigBlinkies: signedrofl
DazzlinJewels: Ur sexy lover is so lucky smile haha Ur such a hottttttie. Your also awesome to talk to. You know i would hit that up anyday, anytime, anyplace! much love sexy boi!
farawaystar18: hey hottie!! <3 hit me up sometime
sxcbabe: ur hott!!
manderz006900: you're HOT!
PiNkIzPiMp: wow ur hott!! you have my yes!! heartthrob *BrEz*
foxxbabe061: hey sexy! jus wanted to say wad up! lets chat sumtime!
LostInYou22: oo lala! Youre very hott!!
onefyneguy: yeah sorry i didnt mean to rate you, i am not a fruit
tittania: heyy your hot!!!.wink..can i be in you hats album wink.. ttyl message me sometime!wink... later hotty
LilShizznat69: hey you're a total babe and you listen to some awesome music! heartthrob
babygirl7143: wow...ur hot,sexly,fine,and more
foolishlove: Hey... you're a cutie! I love and adore Kill Bill as well... anyway, message or IM me sometime... I'd love to talk!
Erakuh: hot =]
ShortBlonde: ur hott yeah and my freind justme1120 says hi
divineluv: hey daddy you're cute!! hit me up if you're interested
sExmEuPbAbY: hey hottie good luck with the bbs! hope ya win! if u ever need nething else just let me know! bye babe!
BlaZe: yo, dayum ur madd hottt I'd def. hit that!.. check out my pic sometime n rate me n lemme a comment if u wantt..<3
TragicDeath46290: you have wayyyyyy tooo much time on your hands if you have the time to put allllll those pictures on your profile
cuteNsassy00: you're hot...check me out sometime
x0xstephieex0x: Wow! your a hottie! i give you a yes!
babygurl4lyfe129: Damn no wonder why ur top 10 ;look at urself..u look mad good...well holla at me if u wanna and if think the same bout me.. BabyGur4lyfe129 thats my screenname..<3 shylah
xonexlastxkissx: Hot!
s0heavenly: gorgeous =)
TurnItUp2269: ur pretty damn hit it!
prettykitty69200: hottttttt!!!smile
redheadshavefun2: Don't you get tired of everyone calling you hot n' all? Yea, your cute, a realy babyface lookinguy.
XsweetNluciousx: once i gave u all my bang bucks.. i definalty figured u would stop talking to me. ood while it lasted, but wasnt worth the effort. bye.
sugasweet: ahh it came up twice lol
sugasweet: hey ur reallly cute =D
angelkisses789: very cute hun
CuteBoringLove: freaking Hotttttttt!!!!
aliciaakababyboo: hehe thx..good luck wit the $$$~!!~
RaindropKisses: Whoo hoo.Very good lookin'.SexaY!Thats a BIG HELL YEA from me!wink
Manz6t9: sexccccc
Cookamonga15: hey...NICE! ur ttylOrz
BrokenSmile: ummm... no! that's so not true.
KiMmAyReTuRnS: sooooooooooo sexy!!!!!
brunnettebeauty5: your cute baby i voted u hit me now baby! lol
BrokenSmile: oooh, you're right. how 'bout a laundry room?

fine! no one timers.
AshyPoo11: Hey..Ur Purdy Hot!! I Give Ya A 10!!!
navycutie28: hey whats up your really cute
BrokenSmile: illegal sex? we can do it in a closet. biggrin
BaYbEeGuRL143: im liken' it, lol...your a cutie wink
BabyYost: wow...ur a major hottie...message me sumtime
BigRedCA04: Sexxxxy! Hit me up sometime cutie wink
sugahmomma: hey hun , just wanted to say that u are FINE !
SexylilTease88: ur really cute...
SarahAndLauren: hey your cute
HotChick178: wow your like the finest guy on this sight i.m. me at kay cutie... comment me back
xojulexo10: hey hunnie, ur really cute !!!~
sevastra3: How you are an extremely good looking guy!!!
TINAm21: u are definately HOTTTTTTTTTT!! hit me up sometime sexxyyyy!!! ;-)
SummerTragedy: Simply.... BEAUTIFUL!!
QT89: ur amazingly gorgeous and i luv u!! <333
check me out sometime.
SweetNSourFW: WOW! just wondering......Can I rape you?
xochelzz: ahh - yuu aree VERY hott . we shuld deff talk sometimee wink
Plbabee: so sexi!
iMbRuiSeDnBrOkn: Aww SO cute =)
ZestyChica: You are really hot!! wink
CuteLiLmUnChKiN: fuckin hott as helll! id hit any day! wink mmm
xlurvxsarahx: your soo gorgeous
TsukushizV: pretty hot smile hitit
xHuNnEhxBuNzx69x: Hey therreee wink
You got it going on baby xD Mwuahahaha Keep it up =)
Kissez: Wow, your really hot! yeah id hit it
BrwnEydBmbShll: wow ur love to do ungodly things to you wink
HoTmAmA3o0o: damn ive seen ur pic b4 many ties, just havent left a comment i think? lol, so just wanted to say thatnx for the invite and i a hottie in a hat? lol tiphat
MwAhBlOnDe: baby u r so damn fine
mandibrowneyes: heartthrob Howdy wink hehe, <333 xoox
dirrtystarkitten: aww thank you for voting me a yes .....i think you the hottest guy i have ever seen, like my jaw is at the ground
Corinne: *hyperventilates* helluva stud i must say! def yes! say hi sometime grinlol xoxo
dirrtystarkitten: this is beckas sister and i have no dought that your the hottest guy in here for sure
SexayChiara: very sexy! wink
deathlyconfused969: very hott- hit me bak sumtime!
sexyshorty89: holy shitzzzz!!! ur a hottie ;-)
llxOniickiiOxll: aww sooo cute*!wink
xoxspoiledbratxox: Hey your really sexci do you have msn??
Mikaela: very nice, id definately hit that!
IvyLoveHope1087: Love the hat and thanks for the yes!
seximamifasho69: Hey Sexi! This is my new account! My old 1 was xxxnaughtygirlxxx they shut it down! But oh wellz... I learned a lesson! So umm... Ya leave me a comment add me and yes me plzzz... ill yes u once u yes me wink ur sooo sexy hititheartthrobur baby girl
videobitch69: damn ur hot hit me up
SiMpLiCiTy22: wow boy ur fine! IM me sometime ~ Lobbyrat 510........check me out and leave a comment......u gotta def YES! ~ SARA
sunxkissed: heyy your gorgeous!
TwIsTeDTiNkErBeL078: hey qt we should chat sometime
love2lick69: cool ass dude...i gotcha back to #1
HoneyB: damn i'm still in shock lol.... nice baby very nice!!!!
Jennylovesya15: Ur hott!
xbabygurl6969x: ur so cute smile c ya later hunni!
BeachBlonde237: hey, your hott!!!
volcomloser: Your really cute!!!!
Motordiva29: i just want to tell you i think you look really good!
cutiepootie21: u look hott!
shane12: Fag
xoBaBiCaKeS19xo: ur really really hot!! message me! smile
Anna12: Hey babe!!...Yous a Damn Hottie!!!wink.....hit back sometime!
LaaLaaDeeDaa: Hey bub! Thanks for the YES! You are such a HOTTIE!
Angeleyes6969: Damn...Ur Pretty hot..Im glad ur in tha top 10 cuz u deffinatley are onewink
cutiepootie21: what can i say u look GOOD
Sexykkay: very hot....
SweetSuga17: Very Cute Boi
x3f0reverhisx3: damn you are really hot!
liljenn: heartthrobDamn Your on hott ass guy! Hit me up sometime!!wink
iLLkickUrButt: MmM very cute
cumandgetme1569: Dayum, Someones Look'n Good!!grinlol
xsparklinbabezx: whoa
iMbRuiSeDnBrOkn: Hey!!!
sunshine0823: look so good in that pic. your so damn finegrinlol
SexyBlondeBabe: hey your hott you know it too try a pic with out your hat
rufistbs: fuck.. u are SO HOTT!
LAURtheWHAUR: definatly a hottie!!
LilMizBabyPhat: i love tha hair, n pretty nice bod, def got my vote, and gotta hit me up soon wink .... <3 Dani
xxsweetxsammyxx: hey ur hot~!
ktrinaa9: oo you're hott
kbug06: hey we need to talk so im me
StephLovesKai: u r soo fine i wanna hit yah now! ur sooo my favourite!!! ow ow so sexy!
sportzchic011: sexyyyy
MamiiLovesYew: hey bro ur sexy!!! get bak to me!
SeeYaLaterSkater: hey baby, wanna be my pony tonight?wink
EmoIsh: . Even though, your comment cut off. : )
xslipkn0txownzx: i have read your comments people are haters
xslipkn0txownzx: when you need some lovin message me sexy
blueberry1233: o wow your really hot and fine yum
redhotchilipeppers: ur sexy AND you like the red hot chili peppers...what more could a girl ask for?inlove
redhotchilipeppers: omigosh ur sexy AND you like the red hot chili peppers..what more could a girl ask for? :inlove"
XoBaByGrL06oX: hey sweetie, u look so fine babe ;-) holla back!
fireprincess69: hey boo ur sexy as hell.......100% bangable
CutiePaTootie101: Hey! you're a cutie!!! I'm me on AIM... lilshwaika101
sloppyjo7890: your dream girl is hot
vanillashorty: hotstuff grinlol
B1OnDeBuNNy: thanks for the yes, voted you yes also! wink
stealmypain: *dies* hotness...
blondebombshell69: hey your pretty hot..u wanna chat?
me4wishful: Soooooo sexy!!!! wink
Candy6909: wow yer sexy...
longvacation: niiiiiiice
StephLovesKai: wow ur hott! GIVE ME A SHOUT!
illestdyme69: your so fuckin hot im meh iight iLliNdApRaDA
Jessi: *drool* uber sexy.
againstyourjeans: hey lovah. you are beatiful wink
lilplaygurl6996: veryyyyyyyyyyyy sexy :o)
SexyRillA: very cute and imma give yah a yes
britter9: Hey...we should get to talking sometime...i think we would get along great! wink
StrictlyPure: definately the hottest guy i've seen on here
XKElZBuNNIEX42: hell YEAH! lk 12 times a day! lol wink
xBYTExMEx: as soon as i seen your pic i completely loved it - you're so adorable:-)
DaDdizlilDefeCt: HeYS~! ur SoOoOoOoo fine* hit me up sumtime KAYs *nikki*
crazybitch1: damm your fine
xPiNkAnGeLx: I love your taste in music and movies! You seem like an awesome guy!! Not to mention soo damn hot! lol
redhot15: wut a hottie
SSamour: gorgeous babes
hotsutherngirl: Hey there! Just wanted to tell you that yer pretty damn cute and I agree, Scary move 1 and 2 are funny as hell!!....much love all the wayyyy from TEXAS baby wink
Hurleygurley8: WOW! ur hot!!
CelticBabe148: u hawwwwwwwwwwwwt
bigredlover: hahahahaa..i love your name on here!! nookie monster..thats original lol
<33 *stevie*
Jessi: HAAAWWWTTT. can i have you??!heartthrob
frozencompromise: gawd damn.....uR fine
ladyliberty: of course hun, im way too cute. smile
xdowntownromance: so you like ladyliberty, aye?
BrunetteGuitarLuver: u sound awesome babe hollla wink mwah
killmer: You're really
PinkLipGlozz: your madd cute
oxxer22: ur hott! check me out xoxo Oxxer22
FoXyRoXy09: soo effin sexxy!!!!!!
x0xAlex143: very hott deff a yes
Mslecs: men u' r fine get on mah hot mail so we can talk
dani88: OMG ur hot as hell! I want u!
x0xAllie143: damn boi..your really hott
SeXiLiLtHiNg8669: AwWwwW shyt baby u FINE as hell , hit me up sometime if ya think ya can handle me smile , much love MUAH!
xch3rryxpi3x: damn, you look good...hit me up if yur interested
x0c0urtneyx03: ur hot
McFine: woowww!!! ur HOT
CelticBabe148: uza hottie
Shannywanny: yum yum can i get sum baby??
RxyAngel06: all i can say is DAMN! You fucking fine. I would hit that anyday, ne time! Holla
xxSunShine4Uxx: damn baby ur a hottie! ~muah~
tara2289: oh yeah i'm the first one! you are really hot! wink
RxyAngel06: Your Fucking Fine as hell! Holla
cardscheer: (uz fine) message me some time wink
pLaYgUrL4LyFe: heyy babe! ur so hot! u deffinatly deserve to be in the top 10! anyway hit me back wen u get the chance!
naughtyblonde: Hey, your really sexy, and are defiantly bangable, im sorry you already have a sexy lover because im sure i could pleasure you well.. but ill hopefully hear back from you... bye
EmoIsh: I didn't know you were still alive, owell..
smile, ty.
SassyMe: hey there. looking good. check out my profile if you want.
shawna420: hey saw u and thought u were hot. cum check me out some time
naughtyblonde: Hey Whats up? Well yeah ur pretty damn hot and are most defiantly bangable, so ill see what u have to say about me, have fun! Peace
CanEHdianAngel: Steve,Havnt talked to you in forever,You are like never on any more. Oh well just thought I would stopin and say hey,So ttyl. hug
LuckyCharms87: aww your such a cutie:P
thisxisxmexleaving: [x] AHhHhHhH ure killin me smalls....KIILLIINN MMEEE!! lol this whole never on at the same time sucks... [x]
xCaTxPuNKx420x: oooo thank you!! you are really cute!!
AHSxoxPuNk17: hey r u a hottie!
xtakexmyxheartx: u fine as hell <3 hit me back sometime
LyLkiki89: so so hott smile chek me out
xxmego6090xx: *w0w* sexy! wink
trickynicki9984: aww yay! im glad you got top 10 baby. ps, i never said thanks for the yes, so thanks! feel free to msg me anytime if ya want
LiLcAiT5: hOtTiE* wink
xXxDaNixBaBexXx: hay ur HELLA hot hit me bak
kinkymonkey: dayum hunnay u are sexxie as hell!! lovez..xoxo
tristonia: defnate gaylord, Look at you, do you think you're in some gay-ass boy band or something? stupid hat, and the paper heart truly is lame.
Baller08: YOUR SEXY
b3autifalmystake: Steveeeeeee I love you! You are amaZiN ...SeXeRcIsing LoL yoUr tHe BeStEsT sExY LuvR! Love YAh BuNchIes~SmOoChEs!
sxybbygurlie: damn!!! email me
m youre hella fine!!! my sn on here is sxybbygurlie soo look me up and tell me wahtcha think!!
OperationLiz: Hot! I love the pose. biggrin
ChelseaRae: Sexy!
RedneckGrll: cute
LiLSeXaYGaL4710: Hey you are a super hottie im me sumtime
shadychicafate: cutewink
MansonChiK666: Wow, You're HOT! Message me sometime!
softballmoo: u belong num 1
thisxisxmexleaving: [x] my ex-sexy lover!! lmao...i'll always <3 u!! =)~ [x]
matskimz: yo dog im in KT also at bryant college in Ri HIt me up to talk about your pledging process and shit
sweetxxshawty: damn sexy, thanks for the vote
xliquidlollipopx: hey steve.. wink slow motion for ya! haha just wanted to say hey! <3 u xoxox linzi
Gettipsy: ur gorgeous
sexiisteph: damn youre fine babe..hit me up!!
noshrtnoshoesnoprob: SUPER HOT N' SEXAY! hit me back
kAtIePoO: hey...your pretty hot..I'd hit that...wink
missbritny: damn ur hella hott ! message me !
xxplicitmagikxx: ahh saw you at the're such a cutie!! hitit lol and msi is grand grinlol message me sometime smile
jewelz: damn boy! ur fine as hell! no wonder in the fuckin top 10! i would hit that any day! yea..that's all i gotta say is damnnnn!! smile
plaiboibunii69: Steve, u no eye heart yew n wood neva rite that frown. . .heartthrob u !! smile
fLiPxmYxfLoPzxBaBii: <---SoOn To Be YoUr SeXy LoVeR =P
ShOrTy07: You are extremely good lookin' hun! Hit me back!
aShLiEgH: u are so hella sexy hitit
Blayzincutemami: damn you cute......come take a look at my pic sometime and tell me what you think
l3eware0fTh3Muff1ns: wow ur sexy
volleyballer21: you're hot that's for sure!
littleredneck: your so hot!
StonaStatus: damn!!!!!!
sexysummer01: hottie!!
icateyesi: still lookin yummmzsmile
plaiboibunii69: Fuck yourself!
SeXyLeXy: ur soo fine...mmm mm
Hoodman87: i juss saw ur sig man and i thought no1 on this site even knew strongbad well thas tight and ur otha posts that were freestyles were tight too coolz
xxstaciaxx: very sexy

bombassbooty: damn baby your hott
xabazabagrlx: HOTTY
SexKitten1982: u know whats sad ive seen u online and didnt know who u were :( ooo well hopefully i can talk to you when i get back from vacation smile
prettykitty125: oOOooo baby...
Cutekat69: DAMN!!!!!!!!!
ShOrTy07: Wow, you are pretty good lookin smile You seem pretty cool and I like you're favorite book...Dreamcatcher, Ive seen the movie & it was good, hit me back when you can :P
lilago: Backstreets back..alright! gay fucker
hondababe420: hottie...yes
Kelli: ur definitally hot!
prettypimpette69: shyyyyttt boi u sexi as hell!!
StEpHiEaNn: WOO!! hitit
HoTtMoMa69: wat a cute little fart!
NobodysAngel78: hey, just wanted to say damn your hot!
JBL: omg hott hott hott hott!
x1xsexylilplayax1x: ur really cute
tnsouthernrose: thanks sexy!
Barbara1248: so handsome...
RawrQueen: Woof
sexymama16: your hella sexy
RawrQueen: Rawr
llmama: Really hott and awesome music taste smile
lilhotness925: thankies for the yes hottie!!
FoAmItheLeTTe: MSI is always a turn on ;-) ur hott!
Starryn1ght420: your soo sexxi
superfreak: wow
cassie420: Ur a cutie hit me up later if u want !
cassie420: Hey what's up jus wanted to say ur a cutie
sk8erb0izr0ck: *i want the n00kie everynight!*
BiteMeAbcrombie04: Heyy just wanted to stop by n say congrats on being # 1!! you totally deserve it!! <33 Jenn
sexiiLiLshawtii: uRr a CuTiE
JeNnIeXIsLeNo: Hey cutie! Iknow your busy and popular, but i would like to congradulate you on being #1 on the male wyht, check me out sometime, i wanna know what you think smile
cRyMeAtEaR4U: are auditioning 2 be the 5th back street boy
SwEeTnIkKy01: You are absolutely adorable.. smile <3
XoXoBaByKiSsEsXoXo: ur hottsmile
LuShUzMaMiTaOx: DaYyYuMm BoI...EnUff Sed
syberiankitty: ur fine as hell id hit it
stoneEaglezwing4life: i like the hatness its quite sexy hehe
oOosexcioOo: DAMN!!!...soooo sexy!!!...grinlol
VegasQT: you're a cutie
babygrlpimp43: Very cute!
JayTay: damn I see you got some haters on ya comments, I hate that shit. brush those fools of ya shoulda playa.
imsrywhat: i have that spongebob pillow~~!!! on mine is winking lol
wvangel111: u are so fine
OoPartyGurl04oO: hey hit it...
iwantmyasssmacked: whoa so sexy......i would do you anyday
AshleyMaree: ur hottt!!
stephi: damn, u r so cute babi
absolut10court: sublime rocks
SxkiTTeN: ur moooooore sexual :P
pollypocket1: u r soooooooo fine wink
SxkiTTeN: :P
iwantmyasssmacked: dayum....very hott...
CuteLilJessi07: ok fuck that loser above. you are awesome and cute!
sk8erb0izr0ck: ur a total cutie! wink -Stevie-
sassysami69: ur very cute ... no wonder ur on the top 10 wink
Stoney: You're pretty fuckin sexy
krazebaby8987: ur like in the top 10 bang bux or we hahah im soooooooooooo drunk right now uts 330 am thought u should soooooooo know lol ahhh youre hot latres love ya always Jen
Margarita08: hey cutie...u got my yes... hit me up sometime wink
SexKitten1982: Sexy smile
jessiep: hello
jessiep: hello
sexylittlefemale21: damn ur dead the pics.rockin the beanie i like that.hit me up sometime.L8r sexy**
jennilynn38614: DAMN SEXY. . . if I had the option to hit that or not ... I would without a doubt hit that very handsome face and great style
Ashley22193: W..................w...
..............w.....wo. very hot!.............PLEASE
check me out, i know ur busy with all the girls, but just do when ur free
CuteLiLmUnChKiN: wow ur friggin hott!!! wink
BlingBling69: HoT!!
ily: your a hottie <3
pollypocket: absolutely gorgeous babe! wink
dippyblonde: u r gorgeous!!!!! x heartthrob
LoLLiEpOp05: dang your hot! JaMiE
hsccowboy: u r a Hottie
sexiishortii730: hey your a total cutii can i get a look at those private pics??wink
yourwish69: awww, your not top ten anymore, maybe if you took some of those nasty lookin girls off there you would be, and to the really pretty ones up there, dont even be fallen for somethin like him, hes just a big joke...believe me..i would ya babe*win
rainbowsnails: thanks for yes! i give you one too!
followxmexdown: just got back from mexico ill talk to u as soon as i can..miss ya babe
kirst: hey how r ya
SexyStoner420: ur fucken hot holla back at me babe
sexcbecca: omg nooooooooo we cant let dat chick beat u wif bang bucks! cmon girlys help da cutie out! heartthrob
surfgurl7771: omg your always on top ten! oh well... thats fine cuz ur hott!
luvone87: u r fine....again... i would SOO DO U IN A HEART BEAT!!!
destinybody: hey babe you are a real hottie mos def. a yes
cutieh1242: hey your cute. hitit
cassybby: hey sexy! lookin goodwink
xwishfulx: hey babe.... ur really good looking..hit me up
luvone87: u fine u wold do me ?? lol... i would do u 2 sweetie!!
YellowFever: Haha you are no longer number 1! =P

DownAssChick: hey sexy give me a shout sometime or you can add me..h_o_tlips@hotmail.c
DownAssChick: hey sexy give me a shout sometime or you can add me..h_o_tlips@hotmail.c
DownAssChick: hey sexy give me a shout sometime or you can add me..h_o_tlips@hotmail.c
LVixen: hey sexy. check me out....
Gigilicious: mmm so sexy, can i bite you? hehehe
followxmexdown: [x] MISS YOU [x]
sexziashley016: OMG! hottie!!! can i molest u now lol???!!
lilshorty2004: u def r bangable!
Volleybabe32: Your very
bootyliousCandi: Hey cutie how you doing? Not to bad my self just wanted to drop you a line and let you know i think ur fucking gorgeous hehe. Well take care. much love ~*CaNDI*~
followxmexdown: *muah* miss ya babe
bulletproof: love ya hun!
PRudeIsMyBitch: Hey, yea... I dont know if I can say anything that anyone elose hasnt said like "youre hot" "youre sexy" or whatever i may be thinking... *snaps open a coke on using his belt buckle* does that work? damn that commercial, anyways, yea, u know it, ure sexy,
rebekahsmith1984: hey babe hit me up
shazsharon: your totally cute get in contact babe
smilinghottie: hott
tatiana: hi u r cute
xJuggalettex: HOTTIE!!!!
IaMsoCrAzY: <3
onlyyours69: dayum
DanceNaked2008: ill dance with you anytime...
darlin270: Hello there! You are VERY goodlooking!
kraSziix0qiirL: y0u are fine as hell ..
shayla: hey hot and by the way sponge bob rocks
whentheworldends: i am really beginning to get annoyed seeing you in the top 10
followxmexdown: [x] i miiissss yyyoooouuu.............
......OMG I HAVENT TALKED TO U IN SO goin through withdrawals over here..........annndd my aol is being retarded and never lets me stay on for more than like 2 mins.......=( =( =( i better ttyl tod
luvone87: u r a sexie man!!
xxHeAtHeRLyNnxx: omg.. i want you now!!
you are SO SO SO SO hott
PunkSociety: yer a hottie.. i take ityou like taking pictures???
surfgurl7771: heya man! ur hott! check me out sometime even no i would never ever compair to you! i give u a yes for sure!
milovened: ill give ya sum bang bucks but i dun have alot yet
milovened: heyy secccy can i see ur private pics
CrAcKeRbUnNY: hey...fuck ol boi that said all that shit to u....ur fuckin fine as hell and hes just mad cause he prolly looks like sumthin that crawled str8 out a minkeys ass....newasy ur fuckin thats all that matter..!!
DesiredConstellation: ummm.... why are you wearing a visor indoors? is it overly sunny in your house? :/
CrAcKeRbUnNY: wow !! u look ReAlLy GoOd !! *im* me sumtime ???
demandred: BTW... I gave you my money...later homeboy... peace

demandred: Sup Mr. #1... I have not been around in a while.. how have things been?
AnFchickAnF: hey... very cute... definitely bangable!!
CrAcKeRbUnNY: da da damn u fine !! =]
sinfulspice1: heh if you define COOL please leave me out rolleyes
iwannabelikebarbie: Like I said.. rhyming is for COOL people. cool
DoLCexGabana: awww ur still at the very top!!!!! lucky bitch! :P
sinfulspice1: <3 i misssssssssseeeeeeedddd
ddddd you you left me
for like a whole day i didnt get to talk to you!!!!
but i must admit nice penis wink
BeBeGirl: wink Jus tooo sexy for me :( But you get a yes!
kissableme: Hey Steve? Guess what. . . . ? You are sexy in my eyes. Can I kiss you hunnie?
i want you
i need you
o0o0 baby
o0o0 baby
iloveyl: damn you're fine. hit me up if you want
sexyplaymate: Hey Steve..I got ur lil msg.Yea it's been a while since we talked.But hey whats up.U still lookin hella hot as usual smile
gloriachristine: wow! u are hot!! smile
aLzerZ: hey your cute
BabyGurl14701: hey there ur deff a cutie
thickworm: wow lookin good hunny! hot stuff!
EviePie1651: lol wow u r gorgeous
pRiNcEss: i can see one :d
yoitsus: sorry to say, but you have not ONE pic that your actually looking at the camera? lol wtf
bkgreeneyes: hey there cutie.. message me wink
BBMagoober: yeah sevendust. you're a cutie
DoLCexGabana: dammmn more new pix....
sinfulspice1: and like score! i totally didnt rythem!!!!
sinfulspice1: mwahahha like omg!
i wish u lived farther
so like omg i could be
in love wiith someone 3500
miles away liek totally!!!
megsypoo21: hey your hot! and i want to get to know yousmile
iwannabelikebarbie: SCORE! that rhymed cool
followxmexdown: you tomorrow babe =)~ <333 [x]
followxmexdown: [x] um wow..u r like soooooo hot like sooooo sexy...damn kid, we would hit it off u should like, totally, for sure. like check me out cuz like um yeah...i like soooo want u LMAO hahahahaha yea yea yea i DO WANT U!!! have a good nite, can't wait to talk to
iwannabelikebarbie: like OMG.
can you like marry me too?
like OMG. LIKE that would
be a dream come true.
icateyesi: yummy as eversmile
lildevil: your pretty hot thanks 4 writing me.
UrMuhEverythingMTS: YOUR HOT hitit
sinfulspice1: like OMFFF
would you do that
for me??? i liek totally would love
if someone would kiss my ass like
it was going out od style!!!!
sinfulspice1: OMF!!!!
you like sooo hawt
*slaps face*
omg i'm NOT dreaming
omg!!! *gets down on knees*
Will you like totally marry me????
lyljenn89: omg ur so beautiful xox
SeKzIbAbIgUrL007: haha whooo back off ladies he's allll mine NO ONE elese!!! grinlol haha
SeKzIbAbIgUrL007: s00ooo sexxi...
he's allll mineee grinlol haha
ya rite..
i only wish wink tongue
HopefulDespair: Hahahhaa.
EDENLOVESTOSMOKEWEED: LOL you have a fat ass wink lol your a tease to. lol nice pics babe.
sunnychic: ohh yehh... your a hottie
HopefulDespair: I gots a pickle, I gots a pickle, I gots a pickle hey hey hey HEY. I don't like pickles...
heyyou12: hey wanna be friends add me k lol
swimonkey713: sexy, loves adam sandler, concerts, and is've got a lot going for you...i definitely give you two thumbs up (and two big toes cause you're so damn cute!)
UrKiSsiSTaiNtEd: mwah <3
followxmexdown: [x] i signed off for ure own good...even though im sad now =*( but...i still <3 u!!! =)~ u rock my world...*MUAH* [x]
marcopolo0715: hey u told my friend amy that i voted no for u so u voted no for me??? (shatteredxxdreamer) was i suppose to vote yes for u????
LatinPrinc3zz: hey u're a hottie! *yummy*!!!!! muahz
krazykris101: you are a freakin HEART THROB!!!! now u could fall in love with your pic baby!
afbabigrl16: hi steve, im jessica you are very good looking rate me sometime hun !!
playmate69: very sexy
ebsexiidoll69: U r sooo HoT hehe i hope we talk sumtime kisses MUAH <3Eennie****
hazelgrlemi16: holy shit ur gorgeous
niccipunk: ok so yeah i think i've already told you but you arte hot im me online sometime
Hoodman87: I aint gonna vote fo u cauz ima guy but hey major props to flows, thas sum pretty tight shit
SeKzIbAbIgUrL007: you are s0o000oooo0 friggin seexXxXiii!
c2h0e0e9r: wow, your good lookin yourself!wink
MissHotKiss4SAB16: omg.. ur so hot!!!
angelsxsuicide: cosmo!! haha you rock
NawtyManda: hey heyyyyyyy ur sooo fucking fuck u in 2 seconds lol
orange21: Your Sexy!! You like guys too right?!
Imaginary: ur hot
Marie: how are you?
you are very good looking and i thought that i would let you know that
pinkyheaven: you're so fucking aforable.
Ind3libl30n3: you are such a cam whore.
GuRLInTeRUpTeD67: gorgeous<3
b3autifulbabe05: damn u gotta lot of pics babe
AttikusChik: Damn..sooo hott! hitit
jjennii: Hott
aFiregurl08: got damn u have alot of fuckin pictures lol...u want some :spam:
harliejamie: HEy whats up????? nothing much i sent you the bang bucks you would ve liked~~~
niccipunk: you are quite the lil hottie smile
jonjon: Damn boy! You are so hot! i would rock that ass with my cock! hotstuff
kottonmouthkingschic: u r sexy
sWeetLikeh0nei: hMM...vEry SeXy...oHh yea...x0xo, jaSMinEl
takingbackbrit: you're gorgeous <3

i added you, hope you add me back
DoLCexGabana: dammmn you got a lot of pix...
DoLCexGabana: sooo cutee
IcyHottBabie504: damn, i wanna do yew!
MissKristin: sooooo gorgeous!
rollerdutch: hey do you hate black people as much as i do?! cuz if you doo i'd do you up the ass all night long
IcyHottBabie504: yewr so sexc
pimp2pimp: lol.. like ive got a chance with that. HE's soo nice! mwah.
SexyAmanda: sexy sexy sexy sexayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
ChiCkViCiOuS27: damn fine if ya ask mewink hit me up or comment me boi
whitesky511: hey stud, can i be on your friends list? and nice ninja outfit! haha
adorkable: ooh my you are very very sexiful wink hehe.
MizTana: You are soooo HAWT!!!
SEXYBLUEEYES225: damn damn damn can i see them private pics u can see mine u going on ma friends list!
labelmenot: you are gorgeous
iwannabelikebarbie: funny... you quote all these comments in my profile and question them?
mature or no?
sweetbaby78: wow very hot n u don't live to far from me smile
SweetPinkx: you are so cute!!!!!!!!!!
crazyme87: hot!
njrotcbooty: Oh yes nookie oh yes! OOOOOOOH OOOOOOH OOOOOOH OOOOOH YES YES YES YES YES! Your hot.....*whew* great sex!
bkzbabigrl: cutie
crazyabercrombiegurl: hey baby you hot as hell hit me up seomtime
yanksgirl369: ur really hott n u look like u know how to have fun which is DEF a good thing..hey hit me up if ya want...
carla: you are sooo hot baby
RuBbErDuCkIe: aww ur usin the pic i like heartthrob
KrissyBabe69: wow, your super hot, i'd hit yeah! i'd also give you 110%
hitmebaby: aw adorable! wink
IzThisSpeltRight: You are SO beautiful
blondecheerleader1: u r soo damn hott!! im me again sometime :-D! love ya gorgeous..madi
mrblonde: you fucking homo, go back to hollisters
Milkshake69: STEVE YOUR THE HOTTEST!!! OmG I Would Drive to your house and jump on you and NEVER get off!! BANG ME!
babygirlkelly89: you are the sexiest guy on this site MWAH
MeLaNiEe: hottt
maraschino0ocherry: mmm...mmm...mmm...
your name must be campbell's, cuz your mmm...mmm...GOOD!
coolflurtygirl: absolutely gorgeous.......rawr!!!!
megdizzle: thanks for the *hit u up*
goBIGblue: ur really sexy...u kinda look like an ex of mine...luv ur style
*holla bak*...c*ya! wink
megdizzle: hell yea... id hit that in a second, hit me up
PrincessOfLove81: HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT yes you are i would hit this and hard !!!....... drop me a line steve
KaItY69: hey, you're really hot! definately bangable!
demandred: *high five* Yeah that was just a taste though.. I am comin' up there with you sioon buddy... Steve and Steve.. Top contenders for #1 & #2 wink

MissHeatherMarie: top ten, woo woo! <3
watson17: fuck ur hot
stephanie79: wow very hot
kaygiekay88369: damn boy.. you sexy wink i'd hit it everyday :P
msnide03: wahoo thanks tryin to get there with you man...its so close yet so ill try and be a vote whore that way o can join you....
whitesky511: wonderful
iwannabelikebarbie: heartthrob's Steve X infinity.
onlyfade2fallaway: yo what up nook, still battling in those boards kid?
rollerdutch: take off the hat dopey
ghettochild69: WOOOT WOOOT we have a hottie!!! holla back at ya girl i would fuck you anyday
kizzez123: sexy smile
ashleyc88: love your taste in movies...good choice wink
iwannabelikebarbie: heartthrobheartthrob
Ok.. i'm done bothering you now.
iwannabelikebarbie: ok it's final- I'm going to marry Steve. BC he's sexy, funny, HONEST, sincere, did i say sexy?
Well I'm marrying him just BECAUSE ! and that's that. oh yeah and because he likes the same movies I do- isn't that enough these days to marry someone? shrug
iwannabelikebarbie: just adding to your collection... so feel special GOD DAMMIT! jk grinlol
this kid = absolute sweetheart + hottie. heartthrob
(now don't let this go to your head wink)
xToxicxKissx: OMFG!
It's Steve!
motoxbabe83: awww thank you, your pretty damn fine yourself!
UNoUWantBrooke: omg.. ur so rude... Saying I was really ugly.. dude... do u have any niceness to you??
Preziosa: sooo sexyyy
homegirl571: hell yes
SeKzIbAbIgUrL007: wow yer SEXAY biggrin haha Definately a yes wink
princessbritt831: well yr really freakin hott n i want u lol
princessbritt831: wow now you*re a hottie... *orgasms* hehe u r so sexy mmm i*d love to lick you all over babe u get a hell yes from me..hit me back i*d love to talk to you~*mwah*
candi4687: BTW dont worry with the gay ass holes
on here they just mad cause ya wont be tappin their shit for them wink..grinlol
candi4687: cute but whats up with all the hats?!?!?!?!?
maddi111: hey thanks for the sign! you are soo friggen hot! and sinfulspice is probably right! You probably are the best sex haha! ttyl!
shortshit22: Definite yes!
Milkshake69: Mmmmm YUMMY! i'd definately hit that!
watson17: holy shit your hot lol
Ctownzdollie216: u are a totally hottie and u have really good taste in music

innoncence: gorgeous!!
sinfulspice1: -luffs-
CHRJESS7: hotttttttt!!!!!!!!!
mixedprincess: haha thanks ur hot wink
sexybiatch69: then00kiem0nster is the hottest guy on this site, and by far the coolest!!!! I am definatly gonna hit it soon!!!!
br0wnEyez2004: u are sooooooo hot!
paintingchick2005: damn boy, u've gotten alot of notes from some haters... don't worry bout em, ur sexy as hell!!
wannalickmykittie7: Fuck i would totally fuck you all night!!!
lazyxlea: ur hott xx *lea* xx
wonderfulyou: You are OOber Cute wink
trish71: love the new pics nookiemonster :P
demandred: A demandred yes for the cause of getting us Steves up there to rule the top tenlaugh
xToxicxKissx: steve is the sexxxx heartthrob
you can touch my hiney anyyyytime
xToxicxKissx: courtney loves her steveee! heartthrob
harliejamie: Hey hottie! Whats up?????
fCkiiiNg: hey sybliimee!! =] new sn..s0rryy =] s0o sup?
sexylildanca: your a hottie
flirtyx0x0: hey whats going on?

ur very good looking i love the pics

Siznarah: awww =] cutieee *drools* ^_^
chelspels: not to bad... not to bad at all*winks*
southernshorti: mmmm sexy!!smile
xojaymeox: your cutee
angiv117: yum yum.....damn you are such a cutiesmile i meant to mention that earliersmile
trish71: should be #1, by far smile
Lil2much4you911: your so fucking hott! id hit you. ;-)
seXyfcuKyeaH: hey baby ur damn sexy .. send me mail and well talk iight sexy wink
gangstagrl: u r absolutely gorgeous
lyljenn89: ur so sexy
babyxboo: completely adorable.. holla bacc =]
CuteLilHollie83: hey hottie hit us up....cuteliljessi07 or imcutiepie83
xKinkyCutie69x: damn, u are SEXY. i want.
EclipseGurl69: definatly a hottie!!
trish71: me love nookie smile
sprtgrl225: this boy is toooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooo HOT!
sprtgrl225: this boy is toooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooo HOT!
crayzeebabez: DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN U SEXY!! msg me sumtime gorgeous!!
whentheworldends: i see you have been in the top 10 for a very long time..i wish i was as good looking as you man frown
rkdude1621: quit rating dudes, you faggot ass hater
Collinmademedoit: right back atcha baby <3!
ladystylez21: hey there cutie...message me if ya want!!!ladystylez21
princessbritt831: hey gorgeous *muah* my aim is xosweetbrittyox put me on ur BL i jus added u to mine =)
cottoncandy: hot as hell
princessbritt831: wow now you*re a hottie... *orgasms* hehe u r so sexy mmm i*d love to lick you all over babe wink u get a hell yes from me..hit me back i*d love to talk to you~*mwah*
zerochik13: youre pretty hot yourself smile
drunkenbutterfly420: sexy beh beh
CaLiFoRniAnPLaYa: Hmmm. . . nope I was never on dat site and I have alwayz been straight. So that mus have been sum otha person. I will alwayz choose pussy ova dick, so don't worry bout it lol rofl
numbaoneshortie: :P im outtin some new pics of me upp... check em out
OneSeximamI: w00p w00p wink
pepsigurl007: hmm well, your really pretty!
batmansxwife: thanks, you're cute too
OneSeximamI: HERE NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW *rawr* *orgasm*
numbaoneshortie: i would bang you ! wink :P DaMmMmMn
household101: your soo cute smile
KuteKay: yeaaaaaa aim- urxFetish yahoo- x_karleen
toolthuggirl: very nice pics
OneSeximamI: omy SWEET SWEET SWEEEEEET LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE LETS GET MARRIED !!!
aliciaakababyboo: hey ur really cute~!!~
KuteKay: heh, cute pics
thoughtxviolence: smile
DarkAnGeLX09: aww thank u babe :]
DarkAnGeLX09: Ur soo cute :]
jenabee: i will amit i thought u were cute.... but hey i know who u are sooooo ..........Mal can think ur cute or hot or what not but not me b/c shes like my best friend.....Maybe like my dream said u two will hook up........... LOL talk to u later !!!!
trish71: MmMmMm sexxxy grinlol
bANAners: aw, thank ya grinlol
bANAners: congrats to da top 10 grinlol
punkrock1727: I'd hit that backwards WITH the lights on haha wink
engelsdie: wowzers, definitely hot stuff heartthrob
xkahluatropicx: thanks=D that's SwEeT!
calibunny: Hey Steve, very cute *muah*
BaByBeks: you get hotter every time i look at you wink
Renee: mmmm hmmm :P
fornarina: sounds like fun.....haha, how's the after affect of it all though?
fornarina: oooooh well happy birthday!! hope ya had fun smile
fornarina: haha, thx hun...wuts up?
QtPie3323: hi there! lol
BaByBeks: very sexywink
blinginbaybe: hotttiee .. i would so0 hit it
bROkENPROMiSE: id love to chat sometime!! if u have aim or aol im me sometime: hurleyxgurlii
bROkENPROMiSE: wow!! your fucking gorgeous! <3
tongueringer420: Your HOT
awsokme: No worries. I wasn't insulting you, I think you're hot. I just noticed you wore hats in a lot of your pictures.
kraziemoon: sexxxay *muah*
awsokme: You like hats, hey?
secretagentsamy: but of course.I have aim at lipglossnblack0.bitch at me if I am not logged on.
secretagentsamy: well that was quite possibly the best comment ever and it made me break out a little smile.thank you dear.
amber884: of course i wanna chat! message me
amber884: thanks for the comment...ur cute as hell too!!!!
plaiboibunii69: wow hun... niice.. very nice... ~hit me up~ pyce n love*
da1crazzy4trent: hey sexie check me outand im me on aim da1crazzy4trent
xxfnsmartassxx: very cutie..
FoAmItheLeTTe: Ur very cute
blueyedbeauty6919: hey yousmile...the other night was...ummm wow....mixed feelings definatly...still lov ya though..and im not gay!!!you aresmile
deadkiss0: thanx sweets *lix*
onlyyours69: ddd daYum
deadkiss0: *pounce*
magickalbella: you are so sexy. very gorgeous face
BioHazard192: lame ass fag, why u voting on guys??? are you gay??? FAG!!!
ChRoNiCbIaTcH: so sexy
justcallmerobyn: aw. i want you
babygirl4ever: your sooo hott!!!!
LilSexy: Just wanted to let ya know. If anytime you would like to chat. Let me know and I can give ya my AIM screename
whitney: damn you r a cutie xoxo hit me up
sexyswashbuckler: yes yur hot... i'd do yu.... smiling picture? *yummy*
xjustme: _ rotflmfao -purrs- wink i don`t have yahoo :(
xjustme: _ hahaha. oh em gee. rofl + i`ll play nurse + nevermind. i`m not even going to say it. rotflmfao. heartthrob i`ll take the wood like a good girl :x
xjustme: ya just slide em off it wont happen again.. i uh.. promise ?!lol.OH i get the hell not tell thing now. didn`t get it at first. wow are you sick too ?! what a damn coinky dink !! heartthrob although i hope you feel better smile
xjustme: _ guess what. it`s early in the morning. + your messages confused the crap out of me. + the weird thing is i love it. -looks in mirror- that face is priceless (dumbfounded face) ROTFL. i`ll be over in like 2 secs!! ROTFL. a wedgy ?! ohhh. hahaha. yeah, if
loveableloser22: you're really cute! nice tattoo
icateyesi: leave me ur aim love to talkgrinlol
svisgod2: you are so g-damn cute.
ShakinIt: Definately a Sexy one!
icateyesi: so cute;D
xjustme: thats awesome. but i wont pay you for treating yourself :x you didn`t even let me help! hah. michael jacksons dick at a preschool. oh man hahahahaah. you suh-lay me. heartthrob
xjustme: _ ROTFL.
i hate stuck up people. they make me want to go 'grrrrrr' yeah that`s all i got. pretty scary huh ?! WOW. hahaha. -confusion- but it is okay, cause you`re hot. + hilarious. like jim carry in his young days. hahaha. they were like hhiiii eh ?! th
xjustme: _ i did it all for the nookie !?
i`m so lame.
but you`re hot.
CSFireAngel03: Well its been fun...but I guess you found a girl....hope you are to you sometime soon hopefully....
CSFireAngel03: Yes we have established that I do suck....:-)~....questio
n is when r u going to let me do that to you.....
MissHeatherMarie: Oh so Yummy!!!
sommerlover: sexay as fuck...will you sleep with me tonight???
Courtnana88: i have that beanie!
uknowuwannadontya: hott
babygirlkelly89: wow seeexxxxyyyy xoxo
bigbootybrittany5: hey sexy hit me up sometime on AIM im fueganina wink bye~~
seitekina: damn sexy
XoXoskaterbabe16XoXo: wow some of those haters are soo gay they really must have no lives to sit here and say crap about you when frankly i think you are one of the hottest guys on here ..xoxo...
runwayangel: sexi!
whitney: hey baby u r sooo fine hit me up sometime xoxo
CSFireAngel03: I am so sorry....i will make it up to you....i will bring the handcuffs and other things...:-)~
ChRoNiCbIaTcH: hahaha...shit...niiiice
SweetnessFollows: -lick- tongue
CSFireAngel03: That would be awesome....only one problem I have class early Sat Morning....
CSFireAngel03: Yes I do and hope to let you find out real soon....
TwiZtidJugGaleTte: im very picky but i was strugling on ur pick so if i struggle i just put no. im sry but i was goin to put yes.
CSFireAngel03: well fine then mister smarty pants....j/k.....I don't have yahoo messanger....
ChRoNiCbIaTcH: hot as hell
asherz: incredibly hot you are
CSFireAngel03: We will have to see about that....all i got to say is I use to be a cheerleader and dancer so yea flexible as hell....
irockboysjocks: hello there you are very sexy...
CSFireAngel03: O you better make it up to me...everyway possible....i hope you know what your you better rest up cause i am a hand full....
waldothegreat13: hey...add me on aol sometime
XoPrettyNPinkoX: DAMMMN id hit that all nite long
wintercf: homosexual
CSFireAngel03: Man i drove all the way up there tonight and u never called me so i couldn't ask u where excatly u i just drove all the way back, u better make it up to me....I am just kiding i didn't come up but i will soon so u better be ready.....
MissHeatherMarie: Wow... That's a rad Tatt!!! And you are sooo good looking, and don't worry, it's my finger, and I'd love for you to replace it with somethin else!!!


crazyboi: yo dat wasnt me ratin u it was my sis aiight i dont rate guys aiight dats gross
AbortionsTickle: IM me: Mustard Pig Face
CSFireAngel03: Hey sweetie just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day and wanted to see if you would be my valentine...cause if you will i will have the bubble bath running waiting for you...:-)~
AbortionsTickle: Hell, whatever it takes to have you
AbortionsTickle: Will you marry me?
kmw357: Hottie!
CSFireAngel03: Hey that sounds just fine with me...We can even take nice hott bubble baths together with we don't have to be far from each other and we both can keep in real good shape....
perks4002: You are sooo hot!!!
rapethestars: i wanna chat i wanna chat! grinlol
-does happy dance-

rapethestars: aww dude right on with the music. the get up kids own us all. you are one sexy mofo!
<3 lynn
vampiraeva: grinlol thanks. and you're very yummy too :P
i would love to chat
xXxRaTeDxXx: your pretty fine!
CSFireAngel03: I hope your keeping buff for better be getting enough rest to be able to handle me....
Stellar21: MY BIRTHDAY TWIN! wink Let's get drunk together..somehow smile
blueeyedbabe: thanks for the're cute yourself.. smile
CSFireAngel03: Yea you better be keeping in shape....cause when I get a hold of will be so tired...LOL
cateyez: hey hun your a cutie and i bet you know it right? well u got nice lips can i get sum? lol juss playin stay cute im out
CSFireAngel03: Hey sweetie haven't talked to you in awhile...just wanted to tell you can't wait til i try my tongue ring out on you...
SeXxXypunk17: mmm can i have you ? hot =0)
hopesfall: yea i got it from them..they're from NC
hopesfall: yea man that damn over time .. we almost had em
SeXxYDaNa69: my AIM sn is: SexiCute8843
s3xylat1ncut1e: very very sexciiii u are
Nonesexi: yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
hopesfall: tarheels rock man
MissHeatherMarie: Yea same here... I don't think I ever go without some kind of music in the background... LOL.. I think I'd start hearing things!!!
ShadyGirl420: are u serious? yeah i live in buena...basically vineland i dad lives in Ocean City
MissHeatherMarie: Thanks for the comment... yea some chick posted after me saying that I had no life lol... It's a damn music forum... WTF... I can't help it that I'm passionate about music... But yea... I love music... I'm not in a band... Although I want to be... A drumm
ShortChic69: haha! ur funny as shit! and cute smile so why don't you jsut im me on my sn and talk to me on yahoo or aol.... u are such a dork smile lol
ShadyGirl420: hell yeah..actually i didnt rush last semester so im about to this week. i go to RIDER University, its in jersey..
ShadyGirl420: haha thanks...yeah their my fraternity boys here at college, their awesome..
ShortChic69: haha! ya maby sometime you can kidnap me or something and we can take a lil road trip! smile lol
ShadyGirl420: Phi Tau huh? pretty cute...
Pinkalicious: Thanks! So are youu and dont worry i willl hit u up sumtime, lol my scn for aim is-xelliebelly2007x
CSFireAngel03: :-) know you want to find out if I know how to use it or not...
sexylilrockerchick: what about alexisonfire, makeshift, wakefield, taking back sunday, thrice, finch, from autumn to ashes
CSFireAngel03: Oh yea by the way I have my tongue pierced...
CSFireAngel03: If i don't hit you up first here is my screen name...FFChris85....
babygirl16: nice! check me out and leave comments! smile
CSFireAngel03: That was a cute may be right or you may be wrong...wouldn't you like to find out...and thanks for the compliment...
sexylilrockerchick: yea babes thanks for the comment and i happen to LOVE yellowcard too, you should check out atreyu, fall out boy, aphrenic, and alexis on fire they are awesome. yea your still hott- damn
wisconsinshorty: damn ur hot n' sexy
sexylilrockerchick: yummmmm
babyd6969: hey hope you enjoyed snowboarding today. wish i could have gone with ya. :( oh well maybe next time.
BitchyBlueEyes06: Hay well i understand if u don't believe me its cool i just thought i'd let you know...
BitchyBlueEyes06: hay babe..i didn't pick yes for u sry that was my sister we were just tryin to figure out the site...but i would have gave u a yes
sexiitessa: Hey hun thanx for the comment ur sexii also!!very sexii~
April: thx 4 the comment sweetie
deedsmyster: yer lookin really good theresmile
iheartpunk: Punk and Pokemon rock.
britney84: you are very cute!
scaryevilponies: boy hits car kicks serious arse! u have an awesome taste in music and shows :0) i added you to my aim, hope to chat with ya sometime!
scaryevilponies: hey cutie! thanks for the comment, you should def IM me sometime :0)
brooklynzmami718: ur hot!
RocTheCasba07: very cute. wink and thank you for the 'yes'.
angellove: i dunno u done wiht ur homework yet?
angellove: ill walk around the house anyway you want me too from ohio..were close..ill be waiting for u
angellove: hot and sweet, will u move in wiht me?
sexyplaymate: Ha ya i know.I got 96% of the guys rates an 65% of the have no clue y they rate me not bi,an they arent either.They jus try 2 drop my rates down an knock me utta the top 10.LOL
sexyplaymate: Umm yessss!!
teehee: wow what a hottie you are
moochi: damn your sexy....hell yes
DaniLove2233: haha...nice comment u left for me :-) u aint so bad ur self... ;-)
sexziashley016: very cute!!! hit me back babe! ~.*
yehritewoteva: beaut
babyd6969: wow you are just irresistable. i think i'm in love! SEXYYYYY
xxlittleladyxx: Thanks for voting yes! cutie
naughtyschlgrlem: ur a cutie
katbrat: Yeah. You=HOT. Damn. Yes
nutmeg467: jeepers.....whoa um okay here's the scoop, m'dear: you look great!!!! absolutely amazing. can we say model? eh? eh? c'mon you've had to have thought about it at least oncewink. well anyway, muy guapo.smilesmile
pelegradai: wow you are extremely hotttttt HOLLA AT ME BOY!
nickyboy: hey sweet thing, hit me up soemtime wink
perks4002: You are soooo cute, check me out sometime!!
sxyblondy: HOTT
CuTeLiTTLeJeNn19: hey..thx for the comment, but it's pretty gay that you use it on practically EVERY girl you leave a comment for....::BuH-bYeS::
emtears26: would I hit this? HELL YA!
sexilexi: way hot it
ladyluthien: You're a special one! ;-)
skaterchick3: get on yahoo!!!!!lol
sxymillerlight: U are soooo hot!
skaterchick3: WOW! your pretty hot! i love your eyes hahaha
babyd6969: oh my god you define sexy. *drools* holla
jennybabe: hottie?
Dreamnprincess13: NICE!!! thanks for the comment sweeti! ; )
gal89: hotTIE!
brunetteqt52: awww thanks for the comment! you're such a fricken HOTTIE!
staci786: thanx for ur comment ur rather fine ya self..i cant spell how u described me so fine will have to do! xx
sexielexie: sorry babe dont have yahoo...i got msn though...
sexielexie: yummy
littlegirl: aww your pretty
HazardousMrCrackerz: u faggot why the fuck u votin on my pic u stupid bitch u gay ro somethin!
AKA2000: I am a guy why did you rate me!!
HopefulDespair: Adorable!
kinky: hey ur sexy im me some time if ya want
yummychicka: dude u said that 2 my best friend babygurl169~bit thax ne way~
sar1904: lol thank you for the comment smile
RockerbabeTJ13: Thanks for the comment very hott......and very funny!! smile!
dragonbaby: lol thx,you can touch it anytime
sxymillerlight: Damn Boy! You're too gorgeous! You better say whats up!
hotmags: p.s. If I had a girl friend now I wouldn't tell you. LOL As for that "First of all, I'd like to say 'fuck off'. 'Fuck off?' 'Fuck off.' FUCK OFF!' " Another great tune...
hotmags: wow, I have no idea what you meant by all the crap you left on my comments LOL Uh, thanks if it was good and bite me if it wasn't LOL See ya
tigerbeatsix: you're adorable
crazyme87: cute
xoabbyox: lol thanx u can touch my hiney if ud like lol j/k but yeah anyways ur very cute =) hit me up sometime
oXCarebearXo: haha thanks for the comment.. your a cutie hit me up sometime!
kOurtnEyxO: w0w u look gud
blonderockerbabe02: thanks babe, you're really cute
wisconsinbabe: thanks for the comment..your a total hottie
SeXyFroSh0304: thanks for the comment! lol your cute too!
NaTaBaBy: wow, very hot
TeSsAbAbY: hahaha thanks baby...youre very very cutesmile write back to me for sure!
arielle: youre totally cute! thanks for the comment grinlol
sWeEtxaDdiCtiOn: thanks for the comment .. ur pretty hot urself!
crystal87: aww thanks
gemmie14: aww!!!!! cutie!!!!!!!! hottie!!!!!!!!! sexie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! babie!!!!! ur jst plain gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
hotmags: You're really cute, but why are you #1 on the site? I just don't see it. I still think you're hot, don't get me wrong, and no offense. *walks away in a confused daze*
untamed: damn you are a hottie!
natetheplaya: wow, u r amazing, holla back
AniceGURLgoneBAD: Oh Yeah!!!!!!!! Your a CUTIE!!! Nice smile and eyes.....How many times can I hit yes????????
xbabixdawlx: lol thanks. you're a cutie :P
eyezthahypnotize: wow very hottt! aww thanx for the comments hunn :-*
BreBre: Adam Sandler is my fav actor! Good job on that one! You are cute yourself! Holla...
iwannabebarbie: lmao omg you are so great!
angiv117: thank you so much sweetie ...and i love the humor!!!!! *muah* you are so sexy babe!!
eeviltemptress: very cute smile
lollipop: you are def. a hottie!
angiv117: awwww so so adorable!!!!
cheergurl9: thanks for the comment made me laugh!!! haha well i think you are very hot wow!! i just wanna kiss you all over!
s3xylat1ncut1e: oOh thnks babe for da comment lol it made me laugh u so cute keep it up wink much love * kisses * u sexy too wink bye cutez
iwannabebarbie: and omg! in your pic where you are wearing a white visor..or hat..i cant totaly like like "The Finchmiester" that was weird! ((and no thats not a bad thing))
iwannabebarbie: lmao i always believed that the best way to try to pick up a chick is to use a pick up line quoting adam sandler..i like you already! haha
jennybabe: aww that's your cute too and i like your smile wink
mixedemotions: You're cute ^_^
blondeplayboy69: Mmmmmmm ur a hottie thnx 4 de msg babe love ya mwa xoxoxxo
tsunamibomb2: thanks for the comment... smile you're pretty cute
luhvergirl: hell yea~~ VERY HOT!!! pretty eyes~ great smile~ all around SEXY~ wo0o~ho0o!!!! check me out.. and hit me up wink
fuzzyrubberchicken: Thank you for the comment cutie wink
xXxRaTeDxXx: hey cutie! thanks for the comment!wink
everydaygurl: very very hot!! i love the hats..thats sexy!!
bootleggerbabe: dont worry its a GREAT thing
beauty2horrify: lol. thanks hun. your a hottie too
swetcandikises21: haha...thanks for the comment! it was cute. youre a hottie! MWAH
babygurl169: hay i got youe commont thanx and u r ok
aceofhearts5416: hahaha thanks man. You're pretty hot too. And I can't see the hiney in your pics, but I'm sure its nice also. wink
dizzy69: yea thnx fo the comment ur pretty hott ur self!!
babiigurl144x: dayuumm ur fuckin hott as hell wink
ashleyelizabeth: ur tottaly hot urself hun :-D thats for the comment thats that best ive gotten yet! :-p
xxconcubinexx: thankx for the comment! u look'n hot!
xxxcherriesxxx: *giggles* thanx for the comment youre def. hottt xoxox
Mary77: mmm, mmm not bad. lol thanks for the comment. hehe.
MissHeatherMarie: Hey baby!!!! MMmmMmmm..... You're a hottie... XoXoXo
sexybabe4u: ok i imed u on yahoo
sexybabe4u: lol thanks 4 the comment .. ur a hottie
XxAnaxX: u cute but now i want to see more hit me up
bootleggerbabe: damnnnn ur a murder hottie
AssLikeOmg: lol.. ur funni
letsmakeout: hahah thanks for the comment, hot frat boy.
terilynn: hott!!! thanks for the comment smile
Starr9911: oh my sweetie that comment was so freaking cute i am still laughing over it, never had anyone say that to me before but thanks and you are not too bad looking yourself
XoJeSsoX: lol thanks for the comment that was really funny! ur soo cute!
baddez6969: well thank for the comment you arent too bad your self..hit me up sometime hun
redhotchilipeppers: haha i love ur comment. ur so funny. and so hott wink wink
ambernicole: Heya babes thanks for tha commentwink Your adorable as hell * hugz* mmm yeah ok!!Ill cya later hun! byee!
angelbunny: humm, maybe i can , i mean ur sexy enough to use it on.. lol holla back:P- angel_bunny
Britt000: hottie!!
babiecaxe: thanks for the comment wink Your a hottie mm mmm mmmm.. msg me if u wana chat wink *kisses*
babybunnie1211: thanks for the comment it made me laugh ur hot 2
redhotchilipeppers: veryyyyy nice wink
svisgod2: mmmmmmm. hot. very hot smile
sexyimportbabe: ehh? i didn't get it
playboybabe69: haha, thanks for the comment......deffinatel
y made me laugh =) you're a hottie! *xOxO*
angelbabycakes: OMG! TAKE ME NOW! LOL! I love Adam Sandler! And you are just so fine! *MUAH!* We should chat sometime! You are histerical and a total cutie! Leave me a message or another comment and we'll chat, if you want! =o) *drools!*
swetcandikises21: you're HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAH!!! --blows kisses!!--
IM me if u wanna chat on AIM- swetcandikises21
babelicious: awww thanks hun..i thinks thats the most coolest comment i have gotten so far
AlethaB: He he! Thanks! Ur really funny!! smile
claireabelle: thanx 4 the comment, u made me smile...
nesiangirl: LMAO!, awww that would sound so sweet n funny if u didn't send it to every other girl out nookie bad bad nookie now go to yur own dam room!.... :o)
SeXiLiLdEvIl69: hey qt..thnx 4 the comment..holla @ me sumtym!
girrl: hahaha. thanks for the laugh. you are gorgeous. wink
freakyleeky: wow ur very hot. and ur sn made me laf smile hit me bk sumtime
dragonshorty: nice smile
MySTiKaLiLLuSiOnZ: haha ur a funny guy~also a cutiewink
putdowngirl: hahaha thanks babe. something in your wording made me think that i knew you so I was a little spooked hehe. anyway, you're looking quite stunning yourself, if i may say so. smile
yzfr1: cute
SexyJessi: lol hey hun.. u crack me up thanks for the comment it made me laugh.. that was really sweet. u r a total cutie and seem like a fun guy. hit me up some time. take care.
crazychic2: haha thanks so much for the comment that just made my entire day haha.. no one has ever used that before.. you are quite the cutie urself... well im out.. ttyl ciao babe.
thoughtxviolence: im me somtime tomarow xpunkrgrl7x
thoughtxviolence: haha thankyou your cute
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