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Profile for TahliaReynolds (offline- last on: Mar 19, 14)
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Name Amanda
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Australia
State Not Given
City Perth
About Me
Not Given
Turn Ons
Turn Offs
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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titan2781: it's a shame you are on the other side of the globe.
Willndowed: sensationally delicious!
Raphaelx: i miss you my aussie love
ACsore: stunningsmile
StNr: wave hey whats up?
suLK: oi wyht wont let me msg you, but add me to msn
baroudy: hello how ru ?
sublime666: heyy hows it goin? you should hit me up sometime :]
endlesslies: helloooo. you're small?
WelcomehoME11: hey whats up? how are you doing smile
Chldrnofbodm: Hey babe, sugar hottie sexy darling.
mindofnobody: how are you amanda?
mindofnobody: hey
somePhreak69911: What about beautiful? i think that fits you. lol and i call everyone sweetie...male and female. That's kind of a normal Southern U.S. thing.
mindofnobody: Hey amanda. Loving your pictures. How are you
aceswildtru: Wow, what is it about Australian women? grinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlol
Raphaelx: ily2 my beautiful SL
joshyewuh: yeah we have a love/hate relationship <3
joshyewuh: that's my girlfriend on my profile
joshyewuh: i like your 5head
gomo: lmaoooo OKOK with kanguru grinlol
ahaha u are at work so ?
gomo: what are u doing at 3am ??
Gr8T1Ne: sup girl
SeventhCircleOfHell: melbourne
Raphaelx: Nope you're definatly still on my msn and i will <33
sk8erjer17: hey whats up? You're quite gorgeous
Raphaelx: I love you Amanda =]
raziel33: hey =]
XxXJay69XxX: your so f**kin sexii
AnGelfire2: kay, you are there smile
now sl me biotch laugh
AnGelfire2: oh and by the way, you are single haha
AnGelfire2: I will put you in my interests section redfaceredface
AnGelfire2: we should be sl's mandaredface
XxXJay69XxX: thanks for the add hun!!
Gr8T1Ne: got any nudes
mindofnobody: Hey there. how are you doing?
ghengis: finger
gomo: its look very difficult to chat with u lol
redfinzz: ....ur CUTE!!!
sjohnson: hello beautiful
JoeNycStyle: 2 words yummmmmm meeeeeee
MrSteven: Wow, you're sexy! How are you? smile

tDUB2486: hey very pretty wave
BomberBen: sounds like a good idea.
CTM77: very cute!!
Markus0069: very adorablesmile
gomo: its nice at wake up to see an hot body like urs :p thx
gomo: WOWO why do u feel horny, u should come in france !! grinlol
mortuus: wanna bone?
Longhorn769: cute as hell and of both worlds!
circa123: cute!!!
AnGelfire2: inlove
scotty80100: wow gorgeous they woudl have to be stupid to vote no on you baby
menace2006: sexxy pic u look amazing
CarManiac: Nice photos babe, definite Yes for you!
ghengis: ur still linked to me inlove
Meah: LO!L howdey ma'am
Meah: I wana rub you knees and play with your nose and braid your hair
ShaolinBenji: You're cute!
AnGelfire2: same here girly, anything new with you lately?
Mick23: lol hey ... thank you grinlol how are you anyway ?
Raphaelx: I miss you so much too
AnGelfire2: AMANDA!!!!! I am doing awesome

how are you, I missss you!!! <3<3<3
Raphaelx: I <3 you
Meah: ya your back
Meah: flowers
Mick23: yes but i am with my girlfriend all the time now, i love her to bits. we are getting engaged smile
brendanfromsydney: damn i love this bitch! :P
Mick23: why do you miss me?
AngelFire2: haha yeah I cant stand drama at all, which is why I dont post much anymore
AngelFire2: oh i just thought I annoyed you or something girly, I like talkign to you tho, ur uber nice
AngelFire2: eh I dunno girly, you tend to ignore posts I make to you and yeah ugh
sydneyguy1982: WOW you are one very beautiful lady and I see you are from Aus as well so you definetly receive a YES from me Amanda smile
AngelFire2: ur in my shoutouts, even tho u hate mewavewave
Clinto21: wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave wave :WA
Maxxy: lick
WoLfMaN1981: babes come on msn =)
WoLfMaN1981: wave
MoshXCore: Damn =( cause ur so fucking beautyfull
MoshXCore: damn babe marry me lol im going to germany soon to stay on a base how far are u awya from there
nine9inch: its not WOULD I, its more like when can I?!?! you're yummy x
i3luechaos: nigger lover
i3luechaos: slut
caliguy6969: wow yor hot
caliguy6969: wow yor hot
brendanfromsydney: hey cutie. just sending u some love! some REAL love! talk soon!
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
McLovin: wink <3
McLovin: lets be b/f and g/f
Chldrnofbodm: nothing wrong with it redface
JOSHYEWUH: man, where have you been?!!?
Chldrnofbodm: your salute has so much cleavage eek
gedi1873: your profile is so intereting.
McLovin: huh huh huh yes
Alinta: hott smile
gedi1873: <3
The666Devil: awww. imu2. havent been on in awhile so seems to be a lot of people are missing me. lol. how you been? <3
x0xLaceyx0x: omg lol thank you sooo much for doing that <333 my dumbass kept forgetting!!! Thank you though biggrin
needsumthing2do: gorgeous! only way i can describe u!
natasftw: i think you've confused comments with messages.
natasftw: tired. just got back from working out.
natasftw: vaguely
Maxxy: tell me when your powers are its peak smile
haha, did you have breakup sex?
and i didnt get the last part, it ended with and your boobs have grown. and i was l
Maxxy: lol how are they now?
Maxxy: what is out of order? lol richard that bastard! mine is doing good, how is yours? haha what are we talking about?
seamech: darlin, love the purple eyes :0
Maxxy: how are your seduction powers?
Meah: LOL kk will do

might have to resize it but i will
AyDee: hey hun thanks for the request MWAH! xoxo
hollowpomp: hrmm did you just crop the top and bottom out of that pic?
hollowpomp: you own a panaramic camera?
Zemus: well its true, looks help but dont matter, its all about how she really is and ticks on the inside that makes you fall in love, not looks
derailed: you're extremely sexy
LiLTiTo: hmm
hollyny: so you are accident prone huh? what kind of accident would you have in my bed?
Trackstar10: haha, I know. That's my sarcasm coming out. tongue
LiLTiTo: lol you dork
LiLTiTo: hey cutie
TheUnforgiven0311: nice quote of Taking Back Sunday
travisty: heartthrob wink
travisty: your a sweetheart wink i like that ...
travisty: thank you hug
travisty: o long story .. i dont feel like talkin about right now :(
travisty: pissed off ... and aww ... i wish i were still in bed :(
sleep well hun wink
travisty: umm .. im allright i guess .. a little piturbed .. but no biggy .. how about yourself hun?
fungus11x3: I don't have msn. I have yahoo. I think I can still add your msn though. I'll try when I sign on next, I'm about to get off the net. < my add. <3
travisty: thank you sweetheart .. your pretty beautiful yourself wink
ungertaker: that picture from Australia Day is amazing! I love it.
YellowEyes09: PERTH KIDS ALL THE WAY!!! haha wo0t! gawjus photos hun! And u rock just coz u live here :P! wink laterz
sublime666: wow...that picture you took on the beach is amazing!! its almost as beautiful as you wink
twiztid2g: u have beautiful eyes
hotone4fems1: VERY BEAUTIFUL
Raphaelx: hehe and i still LY and always will my buddy amanda <33
Raphaelx: Aww i cant hun i told my last one that i just didnt want a SL and you know me i dont lie
Raphaelx: LOL me too and ILY and IMY mostest buddy
Raphaelx: Nuh uh silly i just read my comments again and it only said for me to check out your pics..and hmm hell yes lets get the threesome going hehe ily2<333
Raphaelx: lol you did not silly go read the comments again :-P
Raphaelx: yes you ladies do and im doing pretty good how are you doing?
Raphaelx: Commented <333
Raphaelx: hehe so how are you doing Amanda?
Raphaelx: I wanna sex you up hehe :-p
blueeyedbill: If you made me a sign it'd be better
TalibKweli: I sure do smile
Raphaelx: hehe well glad hes taking care of you love
Raphaelx: Aww love is the bf taking care of you?
Raphaelx: hehe yeah and im doing pretty damn great.How have you been doing my darling?
Raphaelx: lol youre thinking about realpics silly
Raphaelx: *hugs and kisses* <3
Raphaelx: Psh i so miss my Amanda =[
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: *beats you away with a stick* tongue
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: i'm not a bitch. the letter is just to scare off the creepy pervs. smile
Mick23: lol i know, i cant be bothered changing my profile
Mick23: No, She dumped me cause we hardly spoke anymore :(
boyIMyourANGEL: lol. good job hun.
i'm pretty good
how are you?
boyIMyourANGEL: xxREDxxDELICIOUSxx ...i was mick's SL.
boyIMyourANGEL: Just sayin hey hun. Haven't spoken to ya in a while..came back on the site a week or so ago.
LolKatie: Aww Thank You grinlol I try to make them short, But they always seem to end up long, Eh.. I have too much to say :P & Thank you, I fixed it. I was just re-doing the top "about me" Part actually, haha.
giarcnotlob: wave2

Hey short stuff, how are you? I miss youuuuuu. <3 Hope all is well and that you get that cute butt online soon. smile
naughtybitch062006: yes being married does mean im commited to my husband.but he does not consider sleeping with other females as cheating so im bi
xsympathyx: hey sweety, i miss you.
TiburonX23: hug Just saying hey, Hope all is well. Im outtie Heading to bowling..and work all day tomorrow.
Nirvana37nirvanA: well i'm a sweet guy lol
TiburonX23: Cars - Family Guy - and Much More. hug
TiburonX23: Im going to make it a Goal to read your profile!
LolKatie: LMAO
sweetxmisery: thank you hunn. <3.
LolKatie: Lmao no way, That's a dolphin! Look at the fins! & The top of it, is shaped like one >.<
LolKatie: LOL THAT'S NO WHALE! o.O Looks like a dolhpin =(
LiLTiTo: lol same youve been on my friends list for ages lol
LiLTiTo: ive seen yah post so many times and i havent even given you a yes yet lol
Nessaja: Hotty!!heartthrob
firefighterpa280: hello i am a firefighter from pa and i seen you pic and thought you where hott and voted yes and hope for the return favor thank you
GoodTimeGuy: listen bitch, i didnt leave ne thing rude about u, why r u such a fuckin twat? like fuck i thought u were u hot but ya know what, now that i know what your like, i wouldnt touch that shit a 30 ft pole, so go blow a donkey so go blow a kangaroo, fuckin twa
LolKatie: grinlol No problem & Thank you! <33
LolKatie: In the section about your boyfriend, Change all the "his" To "he's" That's the correct word.. Just thought i'd let you know. & Great prifile grinlol
insearchofsanity: absolutely gorgeous
SweetAngelLips: rofl really now
AFJeff19: hotstuff Very nice, a YES from me
hesmyobsession: lol we sure are<3
ManitobaHottie89: Awwww thanks Amanda, but I think you are beautiful. Keep up the good work! wink
hesmyobsession: aw look now we're sls<3
SULLMAN5: sexy hun
studd1981: your such a qt
bikersk8rkid: No it's not, because I was going to do it anyways.
bikersk8rkid: Aw I'm sorry, I'm going to probably going to dump her within a day or so, she hasn't said one thing to me yet, so we will see.
bikersk8rkid: Give it time, she hasn't said one thing to me yet, so I'm going to dump her within the day. shrug
bloodfoz: I Love You Baby heartthrob
trojanjoe7: lol, looks like lilly doesn't get to play, she'd try to eat oscar
trojanjoe7: what about monty?
trojanjoe7: awww, that sucks, i feel stupid now flowers
i3luechaos: lol @ your sexy lover being marked as a pedo / kyscott supporter in my group. ugh
catdude: Ill get that to ya!! haha u still on mi msn?
TheManInBed: yes! from me gorgeous.
SportyStud: Did u wanna maybe catch up sometime? U have msn???
SportyStud: I'm in scarbs, how bout you??
savethesalmon: damn girl!!!! you are so insanely sexy!!!!
cockpunch: yo
kev757: lol thanks
i am dancing on yahoo for a friend cause she is sad
kev757: :0 thanks
keelyteslow: Join my group!http://www.wouldy
Onekid2nv: Peow Peow wink
BabyShy420: ahh.. thanx
XTwistedX: hey<3 ive missed you whats up!!??
whatyoulookingat: lol that wasnt even my closet
brendan85: lets have some fun!
wishfulbabie41: who's your mikey???
Justyn725: hey now...i just never go online...mwaahaha...
mrdanparks: rated ya a yes, hook me up with the bb's cutie
mrdanparks: yes all day long, can u add me to friends list too?
ghostrider7629: a real cutie wink
Moore1966: hiya ~ yes for ya
ilovedale4eva: well i thought that tahlia reynolds...
Was someone famous or something lol...
But its you lol
ilovedale4eva: Ohhhhhhh... stupid me.
ilovedale4eva: Oh! Its just that is says ur name is Amanda lol..
comptoncrunch: I guess we "no" each other know
ilovedale4eva: whos tahlia reynolds?
alwaysgotaboner: stunningly beautiful.
sergeantcracker: mornin miss smile
brendan85: hey there cutie! how u been. its been a while since we spoke! hope everything is going well and that u had a good easter! smile jus noticed all the pix i sent u r up on ur profile! how funny! :P enjoy babe!
MikeasaurusRex: haha thanks :o

you have aim?
MikeasaurusRex: you're quite cute :o
kandyismyweakness: Hi Amanda You Are Pretty
SexiBitch2008: wow.. i love ur looks like ur loved!!
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. you got a yes from me. who ever would say no to someone as hot and as sexy as you are. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. hit me back
laurzt: why have you copied my profile?
Justyn725: United WYHT...duh
chileno83: what???
i have never seen u befor so......
jesterss: lol we got the same stats! :p
Chikadee: Hellow fellow Aussie hehe, i gave you a yes =D, hope you had a good new year. <333 me. xXoO.
ILcuntryboy: very pretty, got my yes!
benji6955: Hi Amanda!! Ur a hottie and u know it dammit!! Have a great day sexy!!
benji6955: Wow sweetie, you are HOTT HOTT HOTT!!!!!!
aZnDiSTuRBeDHeLL: I am extremely sorry about that knife incident with your friend... maybe I should be more careful when I do that and think twice before I perform that act again... Merry christmas!
MMDiortsa: lol no i dont grinlol
MMDiortsa: oh hello smile
NdwnVup: hot!
MMDiortsa: too much effort wink
MMDiortsa: neverrrrrrrrrrrr grinlol
joshmiller111: Wow, Totally Awesome !!!
myfavoritemistake: not too bad I guess tired and busy lately. And yourself gorgeous?
myfavoritemistake: heartthrob
funguy4unu: Pretty
dilinkwent215: woops, thanks lols. you're pretty
aZnDiSTuRBeDHeLL: Oh boy sorry for calling you sir, yeah I typed too fast without realizing it. I mean mam, of course your a girl. -_-Thanks for your support :-) winner
aZnDiSTuRBeDHeLL: I hold your words very close to my heart. Thank you. I envy you also, you have allowed youself to expand your horizons and humor in an unconformed way. My graditude towards you, sir.
Quvack: hehe ur welcome, well minus the burning ur looking good anyways wink hehe how are u?
XoBabygirl41oX: haha thanks for the yes..i dont hate girls rating me yes, just the oneso that vote me no cause it screwed my rating over...appreciate the yes though thanks smile
clinto21: hey, what part of perth are u from?
pornstarmatt: hey u raped my comment box?? ok .. umm yeh .. well id hit u too thnx
Joshyewuh: Thanks, but person in my default > me
Joshyewuh: Because, i want to be hot so i'm chaning my default to the bestest person ever inlove
Joshyewuh: rofl! amanda! hi, how are you, dear?
Sk8rNotAHater: my bad....they do have that g.p look to them though....doesnt change the fact you got a nice butt though
Mave: WOW baby FU**ing HAWT of course iīll sey YES! check out my profile and let me know if you like it smile
metalkickzass: WoW...damn, you are VERY cute/hot/sexy smile
Joshyewuh: Argh :|
Damn, why did it have to be me against you :( I tried to get the veto i'm sorry people voted you out :(
markymarkisback: Pretty as.
MMDiortsa: you do, and why?
MMDiortsa: you get so many comments :P
VomitRemnants: nice
jake55555: thanks for the yes hotstuff
TexasTakeover: You're gorgeous, i give you a Hell yes
AFIGENE: yeah um whoever you are not really look at all my comments and everything about me. freak. blocked.
JLibertoe19: we have the same birthday...thats awesome!!!!!
JLibertoe19: how come u r soooo beautiful?
xspeedrcrx: you're such a cutie!!
footballlove: this here is the sweet girl ever and the hottest to so if u rate her a no ur fucking stupid and blind if ur going to say no donít rate at all this princess doesnít desver less then a yes
Cobraspit: hey thanx for the comment,ur hot urself wink
jimijames: MMmm.... soo SeXy!
AFIGENE: You totally got my vote hun. Come check out my pics and profile and I hope you vote the same!
aceswildtru: Very very hot! grinlol
AFIGENE: Of course I'd vote yes for you and would have sex with you! You're amazing! Check me out and I'd hope you'd vote the same! *kiss*
f150man38: nothing can be said except WOW!!!!!!
SULLMAN5: you're beautiful, don't have sex until you're married
AFIGENE: Of course I'd vote yes for you and would have sex with you! You're amazing! Check me out and I'd hope you'd vote the same! *kiss*
VeronicaMae: yea but when he is on id b at school n when im on he would b sleeping... n stuff like that.. n i dont know the kid..
VeronicaMae: sept the fact that he lives in austrailia..
Groove: Haha i got e-raped.<333
FRaZZ: VERY nice!
hot girl thatz in2 wrestlin lol ura dream!
chancenc: damn very very sexy
dj07: so sexy
zachrob6: yum. i totally wish.
zachrob6: well damn, i need to be your friend and get some of that action lol.
XTwistedX: hug aww im sorry but you still look good smile
zachrob6: lol. so why did they think u r kinky?
XTwistedX: dance eek i havent talked to you in such a long time how are ya sexy? dance
NIZMO: you poor thing
eduardo83: hey baby girl
u get my "YES" =)
youngbloods: ur hot holla just put some new piks on my pro
zachrob6: lol. aww sux that u didnt get with someone. my band played a show on friday night in the pouring rain, i jetskiied at the lake all day saturday and had a date sat night. pretty fun stuff.
zachrob6: thanks. so anything fun going on this weekend?
zachrob6: hey beautiful. i think the gray shirt should be your default. what u been up to?
brukland: smile your welcome Beautiful
brukland: Wow... You are Daamn freaking sexy
youngbloods: UR HOT
MrBlondie: well randi mandi shorti thats one hell of a profile, every one should be loved by someone,dogdgeball is piss funny, i can't play any insruments but hey good luck wiv yours check out my profile, you got my vote very cute x
mebepimpin: yea really long profile but it did take u along time to put it up i have to respect that i guess
SexyAmanda: Hey Just hitting you with a comment Girl. I love your Profile <3
mebepimpin: i have to say took u a long time to get all this crap on the site get a damn life will u its just sad when u see a girl thats reasonably cute not hot but cute spendin all her time on the damn computer
theman1973: hitit Very nice!!
hellboy716: Sexy sexy Amanda <333
AliciaV2005: um can you PLEASE stop comin at me with this shit sayin im fuckin fake IM NOT so just leave it at that DAMN
stevej: yea very sexy
catdude: very hot!!
lswisaun: GORGEOUS!!!!!!
drgoatcabin: whoa. you redefine hott.
BallaBaby21: ya i kno my cam sucks
thugjuvenile666: damn shorty u sexy as hell, i would hit dat any tyme.. yummm. hit me up n let me know what u think of me and if it was koo with u add me to ur buddy list.
NateRW21: looking amazing!!! Where exactily arey ou from???
JRP01980: Thanks for the Yes vote love. I too gave you a Yes. I also like your profile. YOu seem to be an awesome down to earth kind of Girl. You are also breath Taking.
twinkyp420: very sexy indeed
BaBaYgIrL: i like your profile it's cool..i gave you a yes and no im not bi or anything like that
DnBKiD84: im gonna win you amanda. can i get a yes for putting so many bbs on the line? ill yes you
m0n3ymike: ur sexie amanda dont listen to that fucking retard
XxmyusedromancexX: you look like a fucking monkey on crack....thats said in the nicest way possible......and i'd hit it....with a hammer
RockChalk: awww thanks ur really fun to talk to as well
i'm not too big of a simple plan fan
but do like them some
wildcats1122: woaa ur hottttttttttttttt hottt hotttttttttttt
theman1973: hitit
catdude: Definatly VERY HOT!!!!!!!!
CrazyBeautiful3L: Hey!!! ur cute and i wrestle too!!! converses...hell ya!
number: 3 & 7
color: hot pink & lime green" <<<--- My favs too! lol
discodawg: you need a private album!
ZachRobb: yum. what a total cutie.
UrbexDweller: kewl profile, defintaly one of the best ive seen, only an aussie could have it :p .. sexy pics as well :P ..add4add ?
southcentalla: ellllllllllo very sexy msg me sumtym xxxxxx
PsYch0t1cS0ul: heyyyyy
alwaysbored: where have you been? hope everything is going well with you....i have missed talking with ya...message me soon smile
RyoTheStrife: Your main pic is soo Hott I love it hit me back sexy
mellowmarley132: hey sweetie just saw your pic on united royal you are a beautiful girl....i would love to talk to you some time drop me a line.....
ImDuHs10: Damn you are just so hott! Check me out and tell me what you think. And if you like then add me Please? Thanks Sexy!
lalo83: come get some then wink hehehehe
thanks..ur nice as well..nice body 2
lalo83: NICE =)
PsYch0t1cS0ul: im good, i deleted everyones wen i deleted, im sorry, im ok, still sl less :(
PsYch0t1cS0ul: heyyyyy hows it goin?
robert298: really cute hun smile
NateRW21: you are totally stunning!!!!
younggunna3: yup its a hell of a fence lol, your hot as hell too
JulyLz83: I only one word for beautiful SEXY
ShaunieBoy: you're GORGEOUS to an extent which can't be explained....
XTwistedX: w00t! dance lets party
garfield6662000: u prove my point that Australian girls are hot
freestylesz609: wtf,,people who rate u no are mad mental
your sooooooooooo hott its crazy
JRP01980: You are Breath Taking Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Boricua05: damn u fine.. hit me up sum time
pyroman251: can't believe your rating isn't higher........
perrco: i like australia now thanks to u
gypsyflash: i wanna be ur SL
skin88: you are too hot hun, love to add each other as friends if u want, u get a big YES from me smile
XTwistedX: lol oh okay well still its nice though. dance w00t! and np smile
cra86: Pretty.
XTwistedX: lol yay! more smilies dance w00t w00t! i love looking at your profile because it has so many and its just the best because of it lol! but yeah like i normally say your hot because well you are grinlol and i love your pics there amazing how you edit the backg
arahorn: Aussie Hottie Nice :P...
dempsey: that was so sweet heartthrob I like you biggrin
Luke18m: aww thanks... same 2 u babe grinlol <33
Luke18m: Hey beautiful!!! <3 the lancer
chipsahoy: y r all the hottest chicks from moving there now...
PsYch0t1cS0ul: OMGOSH!!! this girl is so amashing!!! be nice to her everyone!
PsYch0t1cS0ul: you totally rawk!
WickedDreamer420: hit me back sometime ur a cutie smile
BrothaSoFly: damn haha, all your albums are privates haha. cant see anymore beautiful pix of you... well anyways care to chat
mollywop17: like the pics they are very pretty and really hot. go any other hot pics? my screen name is emosucksit for aim/aol if you wanna talk and feel free to add me as a friend if youd like. take care-sean
BitterlyEmo: amazing
theman1973: You are very pretty! hitit
dpwpi: Thanks for the comment, quite the cutie!
aussiechick1987: Very prettyful.
skin88: You are too fine hun, would love to add each other as friends if you want smile
brokenhandedsuperman: You are a goddess.
DovMuffin: Heyllo and a yes vote from The Muffin Empire for the cutie from Perth
xsympathyx: eek i miss you lovely.
HoneyBaby62: Hahaha....i dunno i just felt like saying it...its because you are so pretty and nice.
HoneyBaby62: i love you hug hahaha....creepy LOL!
PsYch0t1cS0ul: i dont know, i was better off with you
rapta: gorgeous!!
PsYch0t1cS0ul: im ok, i wish i had a sl that would actually talk to me
LonghornCowboy: lol, sure, call me anything u want. wink
LonghornCowboy: cutie!
theman1973: Looking good there!!! hitit
PsYch0t1cS0ul: new picture = sooooo beautiful...but you always have been!
Trojans12: hey just thought id tell you you are still pretty hot wink
XTwistedX: eek <--- you have no eek's in your profile and only one dance come on now those are the greatness well dance one is grinlol dance lol and i still think your hot well cute too but yeah grinlol go you!
nogutsnoglory: Great pics hun .. very sexy <3
VikingRaid: u need larger breasts
voodoochickness: absolutely Gorgeous XOXOXOXOXOXOX
foose311: hey i said yes..add me and ill send u my few bang
DovMuffin: Very nice you get my yes vote
Alexx9388: thanx 4 the yes!
bigcowboywalt: deffinately a good thing....gotta love a sense of humore
bigcowboywalt: HAHA your profile is quite possibly the greatest thing i've seen on this site!
G4L: damn ur fuckin gorgeouswinkwinkwinkwinksmilewinkwinkwinkwink i think my heart skipped a beat
Davibo: pretty grinlol
Cheeeeeeeeese: wow you seem really cool, and are definitely really cute, check me out
xsympathyx: you=coolest girl ever. true story. you're smart, and pretty, and have a great out-look on things. +awesome taste in music. +awesome taste in movies. ♥ you're so lucky i'm not a boy. haha i'd not leave you alone.
montana278: very nice
ATMV1: your hott as hell id love to hit that
jayjay71787: nuttin just got off work
brokenbonesrule83: wow lots of smilies and stuff...Definate Yes!!
jayjay71787: some messed up shit huh
XTwistedX: lmao! your profile amused me with all the smilies, im taking it you don't do add4adds since its in there about 4 times but still your a cutie smile
BR3NDAN: Hey Babe i dont have much 2 write :P hehe not really in a thinking mood at the mo heh :P
well immma go for a bit and have a smoke and chillax and look after my niece then imma come back and talk 2 yaa agen ok
luv ya MWA
rmoss84: ur beautiful...write me back sumtime
lameOstl: your profile
PsYch0t1cS0ul: i heartthrob you
SecsiLadi: heya fatty
if im fat ur a blue whale
hehehehe jks luv ya
heartthrob keira
punkmonk3y: i've gotta say, you do love your lil cartoony thingers...add me to fav's or friends or msg me if u wanna chat a bit xoxo
SecsiLadi: ur a skank, haha jk
hehehe smile
heartthrob keira
Hondo: BEAUTIFULwink
socalgirl: cutie
lameOstl: COOL
krazyjuggalette: Yes brain cells!You lose them when you smoke pot! Theres a fact for you see you learn something new everyday now im done talkin to you! byez!
tduck: wow, wicked cute and sexy heartthrob I'd love to do PDOA with you wink
Sewell911: very cute
coolguy123469: yo this bitch, this is the bitch right here
BrothaSoFly: Coo, let's caht sometime as freinds if you want. its up to you
krazyjuggalette: god your lame i wont waste my time writing back anymore i just dont have the energy to think of more come backs or waste anymore brain cells!
tallwood: so if i can't judge you what do u want me to do i will give you a yes but i don't know if u want me to judge u let me know
krazyjuggalette: your a waste of sperm grinlol its ok tho i still love you and ill be your bestest friend till the very end..... call me we could hang out sometime......waittttt you live in the san doonz or some shit wit fuckin kangarooz n stuff! NICE!
krazyjuggalette: try that your damn self!
ComeAndGetIt: Dayuum gurl u fuckin fine , hit it in a heart beat
newhotty: mmmm cute face, but one fuckin tight body! would luv to give it a hit sometime ;-)
titan2781: you are very real! as in not superfacial, you get my vote hands down. message me if you'd like smile i'd love to hear from you
krazyjuggalette: if you didnt read, it says when the comments dont show then you leave yourself some so thats why i did it and i might as well just say something to my self but oh well and i felt special on my birthday! so oh well!!! lol!
canadianguy19: uncensor that pic, i wanna see wink heartthrob
LordJoker: hitit
PerfectToStay: Wow, very pretty!! Would love to talk to ya more...!
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