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Profile for LILTITO (offline- last on: Oct 18, 10)
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Name Kris
Age 30
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Canada
State Ontario
City Hamilton
About Me
I am 23, I am funny, Smart even though I act stupid.My daughter is my life, You fuck with her you fuck with me.

I work a full time job I do Play WoW.

Need More Ask.

My Apps

Hockey(Ottawa Senators)
Heather, She is Fucking Amazing!

She's All Mine...Great person all around..Love you Theresailoveyouinloveheartthrob


Turn Ons

The smell of a ladies skin just get me, Smiles, Humor, A Brain.Someone who wants something out of life.Likes children.
Heather Obviously!

Turn Offs
Bad teeth, Stupid people, kid haters.There is more but cant think right now

Heather...she makes me go boing boing boing

Favorite Things
TV Show that 70's show, Simposon, CMT, the usual
Movies Horror and Comedy! Sappy romance stuff is ok but not really for me unless my g/f's like them
Music Rap, Hip Hop, Country everything except for jazzy and classical shit!
Book I dont read!
Quote You never know where the one you love is all you know is that she is closer than you think!

Never trust the words of "I love you" until you know if what they say is true!

Every girl has their own way of showing how much they care and how much they dont, so if yah gonna be a stiff leave now and if yah gonna stick around then baby im here for you!
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