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Profile for LILTITO (offline- last on: Oct 18, 10)
Rating (go rate me)
Name Kris
Age 29
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Canada
State Ontario
City Hamilton
About Me
I am 23, I am funny, Smart even though I act stupid.My daughter is my life, You fuck with her you fuck with me.

I work a full time job I do Play WoW.

Need More Ask.

My Apps

Hockey(Ottawa Senators)
Heather, She is Fucking Amazing!

She's All Mine...Great person all around..Love you Theresailoveyouinloveheartthrob


Turn Ons

The smell of a ladies skin just get me, Smiles, Humor, A Brain.Someone who wants something out of life.Likes children.
Heather Obviously!

Turn Offs
Bad teeth, Stupid people, kid haters.There is more but cant think right now

Heather...she makes me go boing boing boing

Favorite Things
TV Show that 70's show, Simposon, CMT, the usual
Movies Horror and Comedy! Sappy romance stuff is ok but not really for me unless my g/f's like them
Music Rap, Hip Hop, Country everything except for jazzy and classical shit!
Book I dont read!
Quote You never know where the one you love is all you know is that she is closer than you think!

Never trust the words of "I love you" until you know if what they say is true!

Every girl has their own way of showing how much they care and how much they dont, so if yah gonna be a stiff leave now and if yah gonna stick around then baby im here for you!
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lifeinblacknwhite: i cant believe u havent dumped me on here yet lol
lifeinblacknwhite: lifeinblacknwhite@live.
x0xLaceyx0x: I'm not lol
x0xLaceyx0x: I MISS YEW TEW <33333333
x0xLaceyx0x: PSSST
theycallmemel: sexy =)
lifeinblacknwhite: well hello sexy boy

we should talk more grinlol
lifeinblacknwhite: aww smile <333

i should be the girl on ur profile :-p
tragicxdisaster: thank you(:
kinkycherrylol: you seem like a sweet and good guy.. wanna be my cool friend (just kidding) :P.. if you care to chat sometime
this is mine
jessy_scott88 at yawh0 n0r h0tmaL..c0m

see yeah .thanks... always takecare!
SexyIckleBaby: Hey Kris smile How are you?
peppercorn: niiice work, lol.
peppercorn: morning! what's up?
JumperX: scoop out lil kids :O
peppercorn: not too shabby, although i wish i were still asleep. my grandma just had to call and wake me up.
JumperX: i am not from hamilton anymore.... I moved back to woodstock to work fulltime
peppercorn: lol princess. good morning!
peppercorn: no doubt. i'm pretty content so fuck it.
peppercorn: nah, i don't even care to impress the important people. i'm a slob and pretty proud of it.
peppercorn: i've been telling myself for the past two weeks that i'm going to start working out again. has my fat ass gotten up and done anything? nope. and it definitely shows. oh well, who do i have to impress!
peppercorn: the only response i can think of is something along the lines of "fuuuuuuck that."
peppercorn: you boxed all day long? holy shit. i mean i'm sure it wasn't constant, but still. that's a lot.
peppercorn: hello hellllo. what are you doing?
peppercorn: hahaha oh shit. that sounds amazing. what's the url?
peppercorn: i have no idea what that is.
peppercorn: yeaaa, most likely. i'm sure a lot of my pics are floating around all over the place. /shrug : )
peppercorn: r0bin
all i really did in the forums was post pics of my ass.
peppercorn: uhh. my old account was created i'd say three or four years ago, and i was on it pretty regularly up until i deleted maybe a year ago. as for this one, like two days. : P
peppercorn: yea like i said, small! and ha, i wouldn't care one way or the just seems silly to me.

as a sidenote, i just noticed that your current rating (92.31) is the last four digits of my phone number. pretty sweet.
it was fairly small, but that's one thing i enjoyed.
and yes i'm single! the whole s/l thing annoys me.
peppercorn: oh no, fb is heaven in my book. the site i used to live at (lol that sounds horrible, but you know what i mean, i'm sure) got shut down so i had to downgrade...ha.
peppercorn: i'm not all too fond of this site in the first place, but i've been desperately bored so i've stooped to re-joining, lol.
peppercorn: fucking BORED, and yourself?
peppercorn: well hi.
Symbology: the sens, REALLY?
xEXSxANDxOHSx: Oh ya, very true. biggrin
xEXSxANDxOHSx: Lol, oh I remember. ur one of the biggest rule breakers I know!
xEXSxANDxOHSx: Nah, I didn't forget bout u!
EnchtedKiwi: there for its morning
EnchtedKiwi: wave2
baMIH: I know right? Msg me on msn then! You are always online. ha
baMIH: Sup fuckah. smile
EnchtedKiwi: I Play better the more i drink
EnchtedKiwi: nope just dinner and some pool
EnchtedKiwi: im ok gonna get ready to go out soon
EnchtedKiwi: Tito grinlol
EnchtedKiwi: not so good, i think i need some drugs
EnchtedKiwi: morning wave2
EnchtedKiwi: I know SAVEEEEEEEEEE ME
EnchtedKiwi: really really tired
EnchtedKiwi: you too hun <3
GiovanniBoss1976: lol sorry man .. and I really hate your Senators ahh
x0xLaceyx0x: MWAH!!! <3
EnchtedKiwi: what the hell is going on here ?
EnchtedKiwi: Good Morning <3
EnchtedKiwi: You stalkin me? haha <3
EnchtedKiwi: I am good grinlol and you
EnchtedKiwi: Morning Hun <3
EnchtedKiwi: I dont know how to do that
EnchtedKiwi: I have a hott SL huh
jedbakla: hi how are u doing? wanna chat? lol.. cause
its boring here at my crib, i have nothing to
do.. can we chat? btw here is my addy, on
yah00 and msn. and
seeya there..
EnchtedKiwi: How do i do that
EnchtedKiwi: oooooo thats pretty
EnchtedKiwi: hmmmmmmm
EnchtedKiwi: was that meant to do something, looks like jibberish
EnchtedKiwi: Was that meant to be instructions?
EnchtedKiwi: I dont know how
EnchtedKiwi: grinlol
EnchtedKiwi: You just wanted me to look
yoitsjen: Kris!
jedbakla: hi how are u doing? wanna chat? lol.. cause
its boring here at my crib, i have nothing to
do.. can we chat? btw here is my addy, on
yah00 and msn. ashleynash4u and
ashleynash4u @ live.c0m.. seeya there..
AMagicCarpetRide: I hope your weekend goes great!
badgirl05: more?
ItaliaStudd: Yes, they did lose.
AMagicCarpetRide: I am doing pretty good here just really tired!
AMagicCarpetRide: Hello!
dubaigirl: hi how are u doing? wanna chat? lol.. cause
its boring here at my crib, i have nothing to
do.. can we chat? btw here is my addy, on
yah00 and msn. ashleynash4u and
ashleynash4u @ live.c0m.. seeya there..
BringHerDownBoy: hello =]
ItaliaStudd: No one said anything about Det. or Pitt., you just said how the Sens beat the Sabres, I just asked how many times have those two teams beaten the Sens? And we're not number 1, we're number 2 which is good because number 1 never wins the cup.
ItaliaStudd: How many times did Pittsburgh kick your teams ass? What about Detroit, for that matter?
ItaliaStudd: Ottawa: Wins-22 Losses-16 Overtime Losses-4

Sabres: Wins-26 Losses-11 Overtime Losses-4
ItaliaStudd: Very mature.
Crater: <333
ZROOMgiveittome: miss ya! <3
Raphaelx: not much at all Kris what about yourself??
playl3oyl3unnie: Miss you<3 and u took my pic down on ur profile:(
tarantado: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
ThePhantomOfDeath: hahahhahahha, your a joke. I'm done now. so reply all you want, I won't reply back. Fucking joke, dude.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Did you know if you change the letters to the word "Subtext", it spells "Buttsex"
ThePhantomOfDeath: Try saying that to anybody in MMA to there face. Pussy.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Come on, try to come up with something else, all you know how to say is the samething over and over.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Not trying to impress with your spelling, because you don't know how to spell, and I'm a queer, that would knock you the fuck out. Dumbass.
ThePhantomOfDeath: "Queer Seeking"? that's not even a complete sentence, dumbass. Elitepro, I'd knock you the fuck out, dumb ass bastard. Can't even spell correctly.
ThePhantomOfDeath: I never said, you have to impress anyone, I just said your grammar sucks. Seeking approval? the fuck are you talking about? and MMA is badass! Elitepro is badass. Dumbass.
LylMiSsy89: I actually went to the thread before seeing this comment, I hate you now lol They're fucking terrifying
ThePhantomOfDeath: I think you're just a fucking idiot, who doesn't know how to spell. Smarter, than me? yeah, Seriously doubtfull, Plus, you say I'm ugly? why you judging dudes for? faggot.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Again, Learn to spell.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Fucking idiot, dude.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Dumbass, can't spell.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Learn to spell.
ThePhantomOfDeath: God, at least type with better grammar. You ever heard of a comma?
ThePhantomOfDeath: How about, you try saying something different, than the samething over and over or can your small brain do that?
ThePhantomOfDeath: lol, wow, talk about some doesn't know how to insult people.
ThePhantomOfDeath: Just because I watch Wrestling don't mean anything, and under your "Interest" is "WWE" so whats with the wrestling insults?? fucking dumbass, try getting in the ring and leave that fake WWE shit, ElitePro, Faggot, unless your too scared, you old motherfuc
ThePhantomOfDeath: Wrestling??.....I fight for ElitePro, an MMA promotion. idiot.
ThePhantomOfDeath: fucking ugly cunt
AshleyD: Hey there yourself Canada :P
xOaSHLeYXX: I am verrry bored, getting ready for work...blahh
xOaSHLeYXX: Hello!!! What's up??
pukingina15: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
pukingina15: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
yoitsjen: what are you hinting at dear?
yoitsjen: Haha, are you trying to hint somethingggg?
yoitsjen: cuz Im unavailable tongue
misskayla907: why hello.
XxBlueEyedSuicidexX: lol what request?
sammyheartsyou: holla
XxBlueEyedSuicidexX: of course, lol
XxBlueEyedSuicidexX: whys that
XxBlueEyedSuicidexX: good =) how are you?
XxBlueEyedSuicidexX: haha hi =)
lylmissy89: mhm def has lol
akvolleystudd: it's because im the only girl not on your profile. tongue
lylmissy89: I don't even know who you're talking about, but no I'm not. I only make signs for people I know. But, thanks for the heads up/advice. thumbsup
SmackDat: *Booty Humpz*
SmackDat: Yup.. agreed. SSDD all the time. At least you don't let shit get to you that bad and if so you vent and it's over. *Shrug*
SmackDat: Oh no no no... I see you're just still too cool for everyone else to understand you. Such a shame.. *sigh*
SmackDat: Pretty damn good son! Hope all is well with you and noooooooo drama. *squeezes*
SmackDat: hey bish.. long time no see.
skuter: haaay yew [:
xHannahxSuicidex: yeah I noticed,
you suck btw.
xHannahxSuicidex: shrug not a damn thing. :/
kittenprincess: i doo =X
kittenprincess: haha yeahh i'm meowmixx,
Idk I just get bored of names quickly.
stopthistrain: which one is that?
stopthistrain: lol they're usually from creepies so I delete my comments!
tiffanieex33: hi smile
skuter: oh okaaay lol [:
skuter: Lol uhmm do i know you?
Imwithdork: <3!!!
underURwindow: heyy! =]
xxcutegirlxx: Allo allo smile
AnGelfire2: <3333333333333
AnGelfire2: just same old stuff. wow I havent talked to you in ages, imu
AnGelfire2: hey you whats up? smile
MeGziX1127: hi
xxcutegirlxx: <33
MyxGayxUsername: what?
iLOVEdale4EVA: Bring it on bitchface lick
xxlivingangel15xx: just because he HAS hit on me, doesnt mean I want to make it my life goal to troll him.
xxlivingangel15xx: arent you just everyones hero?seriously, its not like its a classy site.. its WYHT.
xxlivingangel15xx: you cared enough to comment me....
bbbrook: hey darlin how are you ?
RachelAnn05: 36 points?? That means nothing to me..
RachelAnn05: well then go wild I guess??
RachelAnn05: Got it..I do follow the wild not sure how they are doing this year..
RachelAnn05: I'm not even sure who you are talking about..oh well..Minnesota..well..
its okay I guess..the Vikings won today so its a good thing I guess?? Then again pro. football is lame if you ask me..but mn..its cold..but you probably new that too..
RachelAnn05: well that is good..creepers are bad...
RachelAnn05: I know that you post in there maybe you are the creeper hmmmmmmm
RachelAnn05: creeper hmm..ill look out for doing okay though how are you??
Mrblackpuertorican: LOL he trys to get me suspended also. He said hes watching mq19 on a couple of websites what a life!
Mrblackpuertorican: Dennie is a stupid pedophile btw
bbbrook: oh my god haaa shit im soo sorry smile my bad will u forgive me wink
bbbrook: on my picture you put a wanker sign ?
bbbrook: u joooker callin me a wanker look at u
MikeRocksYouHardcore: http://www.wouldyouhitt

You're funny little man.
Fragility: hi.
playl3oyl3unnie25: Ill get u in there:(
annsley: why is he like a creep or something?
hottazzpartygirl: send me a pic to put in there and i will make me a sign lol
RADri0tsconfessions: lol, okayyyy.
RADri0tsconfessions: I look gross though. frown
RADri0tsconfessions: winner I'll make you a new sign. I jjust can't today because I'm going to be super busy. nono
RADri0tsconfessions: Because, I don't have one from you! ugh
RADri0tsconfessions: MAKE ME A SIGN, DAMNIT.
hottazzpartygirl: i will soon i need some from u too
hottazzpartygirl: yes you do dont lie you want me all the time lol nomatter whos had me ha ha ha
hottazzpartygirl: Megan found me a husband this morning lol next one?
hottazzpartygirl: nm babe just being a hoe in vp
hottazzpartygirl: xoxox
hottazzpartygirl: what honey
akvolleystudd: well i wanted to show you in person;
duh thats whyredface
Maxxy: Home is where the heart is or some bullshit like that.
I moved here 10 years back, a shit hole, but i still like it
Maxxy: [bgcolor=#F1F1F1][color
=#000000]Ive been to more countries than you cunto, im pretty sure i can afford to go Canada? LOL CANADA?

Duude i have love for canadians lol you murdering twats.
On a serious note, im moving there, like seriously in 2 year
Maxxy: LOL i will remember you the next time im on my travels tithead, you bring the lulz
Maxxy: LOL im from England? Guess again moron lol

Actually it was a 1 year old
Maxxy: Yes your kind, dead baby fuckers and trailer trash people.

Maxxy: Who doesnt hate your kind?
Maxxy: [color=#000000][/color]

Maxxy: How in fuck is that pathetic? I fucking hate you trailer trash fucks irl and oti
Maxxy: [bgcolor=#F1F1F1][color
=#000000]Motherfucker you look like a failure and that is fucking Lolz for me
I dont give 2 crap bags what you post, you can post your dead kid and id laugh, i just dont like you wave

LOlz yeah yeah wyht is my life, im not
Maxxy: i dont give the shit if you believe me or not lol Its not your belief that im after.

LOL who the fuck do i try to run down? I have love for fucken everyone
Maxxy: O Lawd, i never fucken insult you, i speak teh facts, and facts are not insults wave
MyxGayxUsername: so u are horde?
LoviK: Well then it must take a faggot to know a faggot-keeping all your dresses & wigs in the closet?
MyxGayxUsername: what realm?
LoviK: Oh it is apparent to me now that you do not have the brain capacity to understand humor so I guess I won't overtax your little mind anymore, have fun in special ed today.
LoviK: Sorry didnt know that you were mentally challenged & could not read more than simple sentences-How was the ride home on the short bus today?
LoviK: [bgcolor=#000099][color
=#F1F1F1]After reading your profile & looking at your pics, your comment makes sense-I now know that you wish I were a dude so I could roll you over & fuck you like the little bitch you are. Its a shame you have to be the Sens i
MyxGayxUsername: :( I hadnt played on wow in ages so my highest lvl is 39 :(
MyxGayxUsername: do you have a death knight?
akvolleystudd: redface
misskayla907: <3
xkrucialx: i don't get how that could be much of a lie? :P
xkrucialx: lol how am i lying? i don't have much of one anyways :P
xkrucialx: you'd die over my accent wink
xkrucialx: well that's kind of stupid :P i would just answer
xkrucialx: why doesn't anyone answe?
xkrucialx: lol why are you doing that?
xkrucialx: i'm great actually .. how are you?
xkrucialx: ay slut ;]
ZOMGIMKEZ: zomfg hai
alex88: Hey there : ]
Havent talked to you in forever <3
hottazzpartygirl: i get on there sometimes but if i dont see anyone i get right back off are u on my yahoo? i think you are i know ur on my msn
hottazzpartygirl: aw u do still luv me lol
hottazzpartygirl: nothing at all just u always like to get peole all rialed up
hottazzpartygirl: same old kris i see well i missed ya kiddo
hottazzpartygirl: ive been gone for so long its entertaining me just to talk to everyone i havent talked to in a while but im sure i will get bored fast
hottazzpartygirl: just peachy keen jelly bean ive been gone a very long time but derek said i have to get on more cause im not to good for wyht lol go figure oh and he moved close lol
hottazzpartygirl: hey stranger whats up
lyssa23: thanks i don't really have anything to do with him i was just being nice
lethalhickeys: says the fan who's team is sitting in 12th place LOL =P
lethalhickeys: sens fan boo lol convert to the good side LOL (habs) lol just kidding,i should really talk much i have a dany heatley tshirt haha. Anyways,thanks for the yes.
bangbangxyourdead: Hey!!!! grinlol
playl3oyl3unnie: Im on ur page i feel special!!!<3
playl3oyl3unnie: awwww Kris
StrictlyForMyNinjas: oh no way!! im the best elbow licker alive
Me4everChrissy: i'm good, how's u?
igotdeleted: lmao its a maltipoo
igotdeleted: those are pretty cool
Me4everChrissy: hugheartthrob
igotdeleted: lawls. hes my favorite always. im shocked most guys HATE dogs that small
playl3oyl3unnie: i added ya
playl3oyl3unnie: I dont know if you have the right yahoo or not
playl3oyl3unnie: Hey Kris!
Kailasho: we okay who is we and sorry for the blank comments
kaylakickass: Yeah. I was coming from Buffalo, New york to Detroit, Michigan. And I had to stop at a Tim Horton's for directions ugh
Kailasho: Why do you say that about frank?
coffeelove: WoW.
kaylakickass: this one time, i got lost in your city.
CHEESELikeWoah: haha hey whatsup
samysalsaxx: ottowa senators huh? gag
samysalsaxx: could b better. =/
samysalsaxx: hellohow are you?
Girlytomboy: haha idc I'm ready for change
Girlytomboy: I've never been, I'm moving to London anyway or Los Angeles
Girlytomboy: it sucks TBH
Girlytomboy: =D
Girlytomboy: fun stuff

I want to get paid for being pretty.
Girlytomboy: yuck! so glad I'm not working
Girlytomboy: it's all good, I'm just killing time until i have to go to the grocery store with my friend
Girlytomboy: heyyy
QueenDork: Work=money though so its better to have to much work then not enough work.
QueenDork: I didn't even get to see any of the game saturday night I was working. But I heard we won lol. I've been good you?
StrictlyForMyNinjas: whatever! mine soo dominates yours
StrictlyForMyNinjas: there is a picture in my private album
StrictlyForMyNinjas: i can lick my elbow, toosmile
radri0tsconfessions: How are you?!
radri0tsconfessions: rawr.
Crater: grinlol
RoXyByTCh19: lol yeah i have to hide from the cops in ohio cuz i have a bench warrant out for my arrest in 3 diffrent countys
RoXyByTCh19: I don't know sweetie... ... Here in marion I don't get to do much of those unless I hit the Quarry then I'm out of city limits and can't get busted for most the shit... so I like it!
RoXyByTCh19: [bgcolor=#FF3399][color
=#33FF33]I'm like a tom boy.
I like being out doors,
I love mud!! Bein outdoors. walks. workin on cars, dirtbikes, atvs, mud runnin, derby, speed, race cars, 2008 shelby mustang gt500 kr, older cars like 1965 pontiac GTO's..
RoXyByTCh19: I'm On My Way!!

Yeah He's A funny Character!
RoXyByTCh19: Aww I'd Love come you warm. I'd a little to energetic considering I've been up since 4 am lol. And I'm listening to Weird Al "I'm A Wigga" ... it makes me laugh
RoXyByTCh19: Shall I come Keep You Warm?
RoXyByTCh19: It's Small.
Pretty Boring.
Hows Ontario Goin 4 Ya?
RoXyByTCh19: HEY wave

Not Much You?
xcassykayx: Haha, well thank ya wink
xcassykayx: Ahhh, see, then you don't even know. =P
xcassykayx: LIES! lol
xcassykayx: Not too much, how about you?
SexyIckleBaby: yeah doing good - hows life treating you - dont see you around the site much anymore - whats been keeping you occupied?
SexyIckleBaby: wave2 Hey you - how are you?
bikersk8rkid: I am? HAHA I was just curious what we was on about.
Mirandaisgross: smile Hey what's up
ZROOMgiveittome: miss you too, how you been?
NotSOBEAUTiFUL: Not a daaamn thing. You?
NotSOBeautiful: Hiii :]
MysTikZ: wave Hai
akvolleystudd: yeah pretty much same here.
akvolleystudd: what have you been up to kris?
akvolleystudd: wave
MyxGayxUsername: oh shush, ur cute

ty smile
cerealisyummie: nothin really, what about you
Carly12: hiya
taintedbeauty88: nice.
I hope you have fun.
taintedbeauty88: hows you bby
taintedbeauty88: hii inlove
akvolleystudd: howwss you!
akvolleystudd: pshh yeah i do!
akvolleystudd: ohh krislick
BabyLady: im okayyyy!!! been living on my own for almost a year now! and despite the fact that im the brokest bitch, it was a good experience. lol. how have u been?
BabyLady: im okayyyy!!! been living on my own for almost a year now! and despite the fact that im the brokest bitch, it was a good experience. lol. how have u been?
BabyLady: hiiiii amigo!
RAILHER: Ew ew ew ew ew ew. I have this like plastic protecter thing, THANKS GOD.
RAILHER: WTF RLY? Shit.. I don't even know how long I am suppose to for.. I am so fuxed. I am going to be like reading motherhood for dumbies.

Nah rly I'm all set, there is just SOME stuff I'm not sure of.
RAILHER: HELL YES. Good for bby and me! Helps lose weight.
My boobs were huge to begin with, I'm hating the whole milk thing, wtfox.
RAILHER: That's not trueeeeeeee. You gain the most in the second trimester. I'm not worried about it, as much as I feel like shit, I am very active.

November 19 wave hello bby.
RAILHER: ahh I have gone through the weight gaining period and only gained 2 pounds. wtfox I was fat beofre!
RAILHER: hug Awwww! Thanks! I need the love, mang.
I hope to bounce back ugh
RAILHER: I'm glad someone thinks so! I feel fat as fuck. ugh
punchXsluts: im goood. n you?!
punchXsluts: hi hii!!
southofdixie420: hey!
limpchic4you: ive had mine for a looooong time. and hes actaully a personal friend of mine. i sorry
xxPASSIONxx: i do occasionally lol
xxsouljagirlxx: I AM CANADIAN!
ZomgImKEZ: very tired.
Crater: I try. redface
ZomgImKEZ: kris bby. how are u?
Crater: Yah, that's it. And you actually talk to me.
xcheer4kellyx: lol so whats up?
Crater: Haha, aww.
metalchickchels: Haha I have that shit every nighttt!
Crater: Ooh. Have fun? I've never been.
xcheer4kellyx: yeah i know ut does it hurt to keep saying it?
metalchickchels: haha that was yesterday but I had some ramen noodle soup grinlol
Crater: I's good. How are you?
xcheer4kellyx: ur a cutie
metalchickchels: Nothin nothin,

I had me some dinner and now I'm just kinda chillin out.
Crater: wave
metalchickchels: Hellooo
debbie28: tylersagirlsnametoo she a bitch ans a cunt
tylersagirlsnametoo: i can't believe you're posting again. i said a prayer that you and your ugly excuse for a wife killed each other because you're both so disgusting. by the way, fuck your nana. that poems gay as shit.
KTxHOE1: no bullshit. frown
KTxHOE1: boyyyy.
you were in my pro fo eva.
NEVER was i in yours!
AshleyAnnxoxo: your gay and retarded.
Fucked that one up.
I'm doing okay Krisbby, how are you?
iLOVEdale4EVA: [color=#993399][/color]

iLOVEdale4EVA: Sup bby I miss you!
QueenDork: My boys in blue haven't been that great these last couple of years but next year will be a building year and then they'll come back.And at least my 2nd team is better then your 1st team lol.
QueenDork: Well they obviously need to step up more if they want to make it to round two of the playoffs.
QueenDork: And that just proves you guys are nothing without Alfie. He's a nice dude he came and talked to my school but I still hate his team lol.
QueenDork: Only reason they made it was because of how they did at the start of the season. We both know if they played all year like they did the past 3 months they never would have made playoffs.
QueenDork: biggrin

4game sweep!
QueenDork: So how about them Penguinstongue
QueenDork: Oh the last goal last night was fucking beautiful<3 Open net!
xskribblesx: i'm great thanks, yourself?
xskribblesx: heyy smile
zroomgiveittome: Ptsh, you always dump me.
zroomgiveittome: I got a new msn.
zroomgiveittome: I know, It's sad:(
Why don't we?:(
xxPASSIONxx: hey whats going on
zroomgiveittome: I miss you too<3
QueenDork: Sens will be out in 3 more games<3
cutetokillfor: oh that's cool.
cutetokillfor: lol i know where maine is! haha
cutetokillfor: sure. and cleveland is fine haha
cutetokillfor: yup, it happens. i'm bored as hell.
cutetokillfor: lol. good, you?
cutetokillfor: lol. thanks? <3
BarbieFreak: I'll try to later on when I make myself all pretty.
BarbieFreak: Don't tease me. wink
BarbieFreak: eek
Sounds good.
BarbieFreak: hug Ha, yes, but you're still in my heart redface
BarbieFreak: I'm okay, broke my tailbone though. How are you?
BarbieFreak: wink
elLAbelLAbear: you can always buy stuff and drink
elLAbelLAbear: hope you have a good one
elLAbelLAbear: thought i would say have a happy birthday kris
bigXbangXtheory: yeah l know...leafs arent making playoffs they lost that 8th spot a long time ago....lolz the sens are barely hanging on dude....
bigXbangXtheory: lolz and sens are playing any better lolz
LETSGETNUTS: holy hotman.
angelbabycakes: Oh yeah? Do you like it? Moving is such a pain, but I typically like moving into new places. smile
angelbabycakes: wave Not too much. What are you up to?
x0xLaceyx0x: You always ask at like 2 in the morning!! lol you never ask when I have makeup on haha
x0xLaceyx0x: Suck on my ballz!!!
x0xLaceyx0x: frown WHAT DID YOU DO??? LOL j/k I'm sorry. Whatever it is I hope yall work it out
x0xLaceyx0x: What happened?? I'm confused now lol
x0xLaceyx0x: well you better freaking start!!! lol
x0xLaceyx0x: Are you ever happy??? LOL SMILE DORKFACE!@!@!@!
BarbieFreak: Sure. :] What would you like for it to say?
BarbieFreak: That's good. I'm just peachy.
BarbieFreak: Hiii.
How are you?
HardCoreMisery: lol fuck you douche
Bumbalo: Come on, babe. :( Dump your Sexy Lover and be MINE! :(
xkrucialx: you haven't either! tongue
xkrucialx: yeah i know :] yall arent that special yet!
xkrucialx: let's do it! you first - go!
GiovanniBoss1976: GO SABRES victory
DICKjohnsons: inlove
BarbieFreak: Ah, yes, I do remember that one.
the1bastard: wave
BarbieFreak: So I hear. He talked to me once or twice. Didn't seem to terrible, but I don't know.
BarbieFreak: I gotcha. The main people I've seen get crap are him and MikeRocksYouHardCore.
BarbieFreak: I see, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I've always kind of wondered.
BarbieFreak: Ha, I'm a lurker, I see some things. Apparently not enough. Why do so many people not like him?
BarbieFreak: We've only been sl's for a week. frown In time, maybe? :]
radri0tsconfessions: oh, no wonder. haha
radri0tsconfessions: nono I never see you in the group that I post in. ugh
radri0tsconfessions: i'm alright, how are you? long time no talk!
radri0tsconfessions: wave2
skot: how so?
what have I done that is fake?
fungus11x3: Did you watch the Royal Rumble? If not, do you want to download it. 2 links, no waiting, no RAR, just AVIs. ahh Let me know.
BarbieFreak: Ha, how so?
BarbieFreak: Aww :[ If I could, I'd entertain.
BarbieFreak: Haha, yess. What are you up to?
BarbieFreak: Got me all excited. wink
BarbieFreak: Well of course wink
BarbieFreak: Ooh bby redface Like what?
BarbieFreak: Ooh dang. I wish I could say I had a job. <///3
BarbieFreak: Dangg. Where do you work?
skot: how am I a fake!?
skot: you are a very stuck up bitch, maybe I should stick something up your ...beep!, and then maybe you'll have a reason ... phffft slut!
BarbieFreak: Hey hey cute.
How are you?
skot: icky boi!
IMxURxLUCKYxSTAR: heartthrob
kayluhh: heyinlove
KatieNicole: i love that poem for your nana
skot: now, I really like men, but you have to be one of the ugliest men I have ever make me wish I was straight! icky !!!
DKrissy420: wave2
x0xLaceyx0x: Get naked on cam...then i'll THINK about it wink haha
x0xLaceyx0x: No I know you don't but I dobiggrin so you can wait lol
x0xLaceyx0x: Noooo! I have no makeup on. I'm hideous lol
x0xLaceyx0x: Cause when I came back he was asking me to find him a sl. lol I didnt have one, so yea. i'll make you some prob tomorrow or something not right now cause it's late and i look shitty lol
x0xLaceyx0x: Cause your on and you never message me lol biggrin
x0xLaceyx0x: wank
kayluhh: hahah.
sorry i went to sleep. i was getting sooo sleepy, and it was like 4am.
x0xLaceyx0x: [bgcolor=#000000]LOL! You know you missed me always trying to get you naked biggrin I'm gonna get off here. Cheer up sexy butt!! I'm always here for you if you need me heartthrobheartthrobheartthrobheartthrob [/bgcolo
x0xLaceyx0x: gnoc LOL j/k
x0xLaceyx0x: winner lmao
x0xLaceyx0x: jilloff OH BBY!!! I love it when you talk dirty to me rofl
x0xLaceyx0x: lol you turd nana
x0xLaceyx0x: PSHH!! You like my dorkiness biggrin
kayluhh: no why?
x0xLaceyx0x: Grrrr!! I have never once lied to you butthead!! lol
x0xLaceyx0x: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I only speak the truth
x0xLaceyx0x: LOL! I miss your goofy butt <333
x0xLaceyx0x: Awww I'm so sorry babe. ugh If you need someone to talk to you know where to find me. heartthrob
x0xLaceyx0x: Don't be sad!!!!!!!!!!!!! inlove
kayluhh: hiiiii hunniesmile
Sweet4u420: dont member me?
Sweet4u420: btw you are on my friends list .
Sweet4u420: i <3 playin with ppl on here. Ho?
kayluhh: would you want to talk tomorrow or something?
kayluhh: lol that was supposed to be you*
kayluhh: im good how're youre? im really sleepy probably about to lay down & go to bed, long day.
xoshaeox: no no no... ilu <3
ps i'm mad at you.
x0xLaceyx0x: MUAH!!
x0xLaceyx0x: Well now you know biggrin heartthrob
x0xLaceyx0x: LOL! You just now realized I was back!! Gawd I feel so loved biggrin Your always trying to make someone look like an ass when you post LOL
x0xLaceyx0x: lol i'm ok how are you?
x0xLaceyx0x: thankx for ignoring me!!!!! lol j/k biggrin
kayluhh: hiiii. how're you??? sorry i havent been on too much lately, so much going on.
x0xLaceyx0x: heartthrob
beautifulOriot: an example of me being a moron biggrin
i did that twice now, wrote on my profile!

beautifulOriot: fuck, my bad, copy and paste sucks. i wrote on my own thing, and thought i copied and pasted, guess not.
i said wicked. i always have a good time when i go up there
beautifulOriot: wow i know people in the hammer. thats crazy, and its close to where i go to school. neat.
maybeeee, will you make me one?
beautifulOriot: brampton, kind of a ways away, but i know where north bay is. smile
beautifulOriot: thanks, i though you were too so i added you. plus your from north bay!

EllaBellaBear: kris!
SexyIckleBaby: Night qute stuff wave2
pinkladies32: thank you
pinkladies32: hi
xxAshleyDatHoxx: hey ur a qt
craziblonde: sadly i know that when i have a new comment and it's a game night that it's going to be from you lol
chuckdizzle00oo: want to stick a carrot up my ass?
chuckdizzle00oo: well thats rude
eckogurlie12: No, you aren't an asshole.
If you were, I wouldn't be talking to you.
You are a sweet guy, just not to me.
well, I guess I will leave you alone.
eckogurlie12: So, remind me how I came to deserve this again? I mean don't get me wrong, your comments make my dayy.
eckogurlie12: But from you, it doesn't bother me for some reason.
annd whats sad is that I know you aren't even close to kidding.
eckogurlie12: Oh... Hog?
I've never been called that before. =]
That;s new.

Welp thanks for the laugh hun.
I enjoyed it
eckogurlie12: Offend me with something I've never heard before. Gain my respect. =]
eckogurlie12: Yea, I know.
I'm fat. =]
chuckdizzle00oo: i give u yes u give me no why
Fragility: Been better. How bout you?
ilovedale4eva: HAY BBY.
SexyIckleBaby: lol
SexyIckleBaby: whoo hoo i got a Kris hug i feel special now
SexyIckleBaby: since christmas
Fragility: Hi there!
Liviexohmy: right back at you! Lol.
SweetSolace: Lemme know if my cousin is just a bullshitting liar, ok?
SweetSolace: My cousin lives there now.... he says there's one in Sudbury.
SweetSolace: Oh......I've only been in Hamilton for about 4 years. I lived in Mississauga before that and Sudbury before that still. There must be quite a few Sir John A'
SweetSolace: Also.....I lived in North Bay for a bit when I was a kid.
SweetSolace: Also......I don't think you're a prick.
SweetSolace: Are you talking about the school in Sudbury or in Toronto?
SweetSolace: No, but it sounds really familiar.
the1bastard: LoL
misskayla907: rawr
craziblonde: winner
SexyIckleBaby: nana
Valentine666: You'll slit my kids throat huh, I'd like to see you try that... My address is 2101 Champaign Avenue Apartment 109, Mattoon Illinois, 61938
Go ahead and try.
Valentine666: You don't even know what my kid looks like. And men like you are always wrong either way.
WrenchMcLovin: LOL if I were any more a loser I might even get into arguments with people I don't know!
You're such a bad ass, and I mean that literally. You try to talk shit but just end up shitting all over yourself. You don't need to reply again by the way, I've
WrenchMcLovin: aha. funny that you mention down syndrome. i'm sure you're internet savvy enough to be familiar with the 'fighting on the internets' picture, right? cheer up buddy, you're on the road to a massive heart attack. go watch a puppy montage or something
queenofhearts23: wow
WrenchMcLovin: LOL i don't know you
paigeexvictoriaa: cutieee!
SexyPunk4eva: awe hun!
I know I dont know you that well but if you ever need to talk about something like that, I'm here ok smile promise
SexyPunk4eva: Yes really! grinlol
why you sad baby boy ? smile
SexyPunk4eva: God after reading your interest's I'm so fucking proud to be Canadian not saying I wasn't before just now I know a little more grinlol
SexyPunk4eva: Hey, whats up baby?
SexyPunk4eva: Hey boy, I was just looking round the site and I saw you smile your pretty damn gorgeous, hit me back sometime iight.
EllaBellaBear: ahh
EllaBellaBear: redface
x0HeavensLilAngel0x: wow someones sooo mature
as if i care for that portion of the site
EllaBellaBear: LMAO kris im soo putting that canadian thing in my profile...ily haha
x0HeavensLilAngel0x: good for you buddy... as if i give a shit
KTxHOE1: *Rapes you*

GorgeousBitch: nope. because im rarely on here. and they dump me! HAHAH! oh well.
GorgeousBitch: haha you think your not? well trust me you are!!
XonedamnfineblondeX: yes'd you smile
GorgeousBitch: hot much? smile
SPanKy69XxX2: hug im here if you need me bro
SPanKy69XxX2: How you doin bro?
LabelWh0re: aw yay i got a smile out of you
yw smile
LabelWh0re: aw.
im sorry hun.
like i said im here if you need me.
i know what you're going through.
aw i wish i could go with you
LabelWh0re: well good smile
LabelWh0re: im good.
i was looking for you... :( couldn't find you haha so i did this instead.

how are you?
LabelWh0re: hey where you at!?
SexyAngel624: smile cute.
coffeelove: lawls; stfu punk♥
coffeelove: kris♥
youre gay.
SPanKy69XxX2: http://www.wouldyouhitt
926782 go fgt

ilovedale4eva: Chyea, me either.
But it's fixed now!!!!!!!!!!
ilovedale4eva: Cause we haven't talked for a while!
Or, so it seems.
ilovedale4eva: I rly, kinda, sorta miss you!
ilovedale4eva: lick
missy18: hey sexi how are you doing?....
coffeelove: you're added, dorkkk.
coffeelove: well its because i dont like SHORT people

ilovedale4eva: OH HEY SL.
EllaBellaBear: profile looks sooo much better now THANKS TO SOMEONE!!!
ThexJadedxSpawn: No excuses...Ottawa was simply better!
ThexJadedxSpawn: finger

krystlebaby12: we havnt talked in a long time
how are you babe?
zroomgiveittome: done.
zroomgiveittome: nope.
zroomgiveittome: Nope, used to.
zroomgiveittome: I used to love you.
LilMissMegan: Thanks For The Yes Cutie wink
misskayla907: iloveyou
x3MaybexMemories: Hahah I know how that goesss.
x3MaybexMemories: hey you, I'm pretty sick right now, otherwise, I'm alright. How're you?
MissTake: whurr do u want it
MissTake: hmmmm ok gimme a sec
MissTake: lol everyone wants a sign now :P
MissTake: good good, drinking you?
MissTake: oh hello thurr
ilovedale4eva: I'M ALREADY NAKED
ilovedale4eva: me too!
ilovedale4eva: Thankyou, I so needed that!
SexyIckleBaby: that pik is a lil disturbing .... lol
samysalsaxx: wow whattt
IMxURxLUCKYxSTAR: I'm not in this profile either.
lonestarwaltzin: thanks for the yes, cutie
misskayla907: i ment in a naughty way
misskayla907: punish me.
zroomgiveittome: thats
ditzy420: ty sweetie youre fukkin adorable biggrin
zroomgiveittome: DOUCHE!
misskayla907: yeah i thought it was just me who saw it =]
misskayla907: you took out my picture =[
SpanishBarbie: Thanx handsome smile
SpanishBarbie: Bored, waiting to go out.
SpanishBarbie: Hey handsome smile
QueenDork: We made up for it tonight and won 8-1 biggrin
QueenDork: biggrin Quite the loss you had tonight tongue lol
misskayla907: <333
BEATiNGHEARTSBABi: cuz no one likes me lol
BEATiNGHEARTSBABi: i probably wont post in encore again
BEATiNGHEARTSBABi: i can't sleep it sucks n i was putting up new pictures n got bored of that to
sweetxmisery: i bet you would. wink
sweetxmisery: shut it sir.
sweetxmisery: oh you hush.
you turn me on too. <3.
BEATiNGHEARTSBABi: im bored:( lol
BEATiNGHEARTSBABi: its nice to meet you tosmile i like groups so ill stick around
BEATiNGHEARTSBABi: thank you i like this group already
craziblonde: you suck :]
zroomgiveittome: lol. yeah.. wellsmile we're hot sls!
zroomgiveittome: Oh dang, That doesn't sound good. I was hoping that it wasn't towards you.. That would of been messed up!
zroomgiveittome: That sucks. I'm sorryfrown I seen your facebook status. It sounded depressing.
zroomgiveittome: smile how are you hun?
zroomgiveittome: hey sexy loverwave ily!
akvolleystudd: your right lol
akvolleystudd: well im not in yours either ugh
zroomgiveittome: ily
misskayla907: kris oh baby oh baby.. i lovers you.. and we never talk anymore! emo get on msn and talk to me~
akvolleystudd: loser/
akvolleystudd: ugh
akvolleystudd: ohh its all my fault huh .
akvolleystudd: why is it hard to believe i barely know you ugh
akvolleystudd: hii cutie.
akvolleystudd: yw smile
JenniferNichole: lick
How are ya lovely?
barracuda: wave
ZOMGIMKEZ: scooooreee
will you have my babies?
Raphaelx: lol in playoff series sabres are up 3-1 so that makes sabres better than senators still so ha :-P
Raphaelx: lol and senators suck even more.
MeganBee: same i guess
MeganBee: how you been?
MeganBee: heyyy
MeganBee: awwe :c(
MeganBee: fine. how you doing?
MeganBee: hey lover
Ravenlyn6996: lol you like wrestling because you like watching big muscled men in tight pants rub their nuts on each other
HxCPandorasbox: heh noob
A1aHockeyDeviL: haha i got a life buddy a pretty good one soo go have fun with your online buddies smile
A1aHockeyDeviL: yea your pretty gay
A1aHockeyDeviL: your pretty gay dude for rating another guy
canadianchick111: thats kool
fate0fell0short: ive got a headache :( you?
fate0fell0short: heya gorgeous smile
Beerijuana: yo man, I don't know you. but Since you got the most bangbucks then anyone on this site I may as well give you mine. not like I have any use for them.
moonprincess: thanks boi <3
fate0fell0short: lol okies. What u want it to say? x
fate0fell0short: grinlol
im ok just bored, gonna take some new pics i think, you upto much?
fate0fell0short: loll, good thing?
hows u?
xoshaeox: i am so suck it up princess. muahaha. lol
EroticSultry: no problem hun
xoshaeox: i'm cooler than you are. end of story. <33
xoshaeox: over the computer? yah sure! haha
NakkieBaby: so what. that site was gay anyway. no wonder you were there fagboy. grow up will ya
NakkieBaby: as will i....... except my friends will do it for free where you have to pay ppl
NakkieBaby: thank you for the no vote.... kisses
xoshaeox: whats your point gangster? i'm always on... just never talk on forums and shit... i just reply to my messages. :P
xoshaeox: i.... i.... i can't believe you broke up with me and didn't even tell me! hahaha
KTxHOE1: <333
cheLsEEThestudmuffin: you have bethy in ur profile
so you get my bangbucks lmao
KTxHOE1: I miss you!
lizzardx3: same for you
lizzardx3: shrug same reason i'm not in yours?
lizzardx3: its true.
lizzardx3: your hott

xBeLively: im gonna send you more bangbucks cos i got more smile
bigandbeautiful69: Thanks for the yes sexy!!!
picklepuss: wtf how do yo get so many bb
kursesaysrawr: hellooo. :P
aStaticDREAM: <3@you.
xoshaeox: k fine. i forgive you this time... i won't be online tonight i'm going out with the boyfriend. blehh. wink
ly2 <33
xoshaeox: k fine. have no time on your cell. i'm crushed. lol
Pookity: Your child is beautiful. =]
xoshaeox: heyy, how are you? i texted you the other day and got no reply and now you're not on the computer?! whats goin' on you??
aStaticDREAM: I'm suppose to be the one who makes everyone's profile complete. Not you, Kris. ;( You just...I don't know.
aStaticDREAM: No one is. :]
aStaticDREAM: h8u.
even more now because I'm not in your profile.
spoka: sup bra, missed you
whats new ese?
misskayla907: hey you. i havent talked to you in FOREVER. i miss you.
akvolleystudd: friends smile
KTxHOE1: Ill put you in mine
KTxHOE1: Why am i not in ur shoutouts?!
AmberMarie: i dont think my messages are working so..
yes i do make signs lol =]
MyxGayxUsername: I was just being retarded, lol I dont care
MyxGayxUsername: Sry clicked the button to early...

Do you want me to delete the posts they made or what? Dunno what to do
MyxGayxUsername: ppl hijacked my spam thread
SexygothChick: hey when they approve my new account let me into your underground groupies group!!!
IM4U2TEASE: you worthless piece of shyt
IM4U2TEASE: boot me off this site fag boy
xoshaeox: i'm so mad you deleted my FAVORITE bathroom picture of you!!! :(
SexygothChick: kk
SexygothChick: I am still not in there
SexygothChick: loser, why am I not in your shout outs /cries
SexygothChick: [bgcolor=#000000]the reason I didnt know what you were putting in there is because it said "my spam thread" so I didnt think to look because I thought you would do what I did and just spam pics... so yea....

xoshaeox: awe you love it. haha
xoshaeox: lol okay fine. if you REALLY want to have me as a teddy bear... you can have me. *rolls eyes* haha
xoshaeox: but its only because you can talk, and well pepsi... obviously can't! :P haha
xoshaeox: well duhhhhhhhh
xoshaeox: you just did. sheesh. you know pepsi is better!
xoshaeox: LIES!!!!!!!!!!
xoshaeox: sweetness... just like pepsi! :P haha
xoshaeox: haha my bad... you need to be specific with me. silly. and thank you, now all i need is a sexy sign pic! :P
xoshaeox: what is? lol
xoshaeox: errr you've got me confused. lol
xoshaeox: is that a bathroom pic? oh my i think i just fell in love! lol you're gorgeous <3
xoshaeox: oh shit, did i just hurt your ego a bit? :P haha
xoshaeox: lol loser. :P
xoshaeox: done did dealio. haha
Valentine666: Your a small man with an even smaller penis...
Valentine666: Ugly gay fag...
Valentine666: Tell me something..? Does the SN LilTiTo mean that you have a little dick...
Valentine666: Oh well, say whatever you want, Your just not hot to me... I vote for real, I don't do that stupid no for no, yes for yes crap... Its just as fake as anyone who does it...
sexygothchick: How come I am not in your profile????

Answer my message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xxPASSIONxx: fine thanks :]
just bored,
we havent talked n a while
so i figured i would say hello
xxPASSIONxx: hello :]
how are you
PitBullPrincess: I Love Tats!
iheartyou89: bahahaha. how're you?
XxLoveMe07xX: talk to me in the forum so i can get my post count upppp
XxLoveMe07xX: hey dude
ThankYourLuckyStars: I've never seen so much glitter on a guys page. I love it.
likexwhoaxlove: lol i know. i dont post in there too much
likexwhoaxlove: i havent talked to you in forever
likexwhoaxlove: i miss u.
likexwhoaxlove: krissss
xxBrittanyAnnxx: miss talking to you too.. how's the baby?
xxBrittanyAnnxx: yeah i know how you been?
misskayla907: hey love.. i will make you a sign when my sun burnt face goes away! and i will put you in my shout outs now!
x0xLaceyx0x: rofl i'm just being a drunk slut
x0xLaceyx0x: put you peen in my butt eek
bangbangxyourdead: inlove
craziblonde: sleeeeepy...hbu?
craziblonde: hello darling
xXxsexibabi08xXx: why the heck did u accept me to be ur sl and then dump me lmao
xTipsyThursdayx: <3 Thanks hun.
ZroomgiveittomE: what's gaytarded mr? lol.
LynnaexNaexStar: Whatcha up to?
LynnaexNaexStar: Hey<3
JenniferNichole: Yeah i know dude.
JenniferNichole: Mmmmk.wink
MadlyInLoveWithMatt: ty for the yes ^_^
x0xLaceyx0x: frown
ZroomgiveittomE: lol... i don't think so.
ZroomgiveittomE: you've been on there, you blindass:|
ZroomgiveittomE: you're still on there
LoveIsSuicidal00: sweet deal ♥
LoveIsSuicidal00: ♥ so does this mean i can be on your "wall of fame" now? =]
SexcSouthernXtc15: hello there.
you said we should talk more.
so let's talk.
OMGdirtycunt: thank you =)
ZroomgiveittomE: lol. i guess not
OMGdirtycunt: you're cute:]
BabyxLuv: ill get on it for you smile
BabyxLuv: i dont get on it anymore.
BabyxLuv: how are you? how have you been? i miss talking to your gorgeous ass!
BabyxLuv: damn kris lookin good!
been awhile, howya been?
ZroomgiveittomE: I didn't do it. My bf must of did that. Grr
x0xLaceyx0x: awww :( i'm sorry
x0xLaceyx0x: <333333 inlove how are you babe?
x0xLaceyx0x: WOW you got some haters on your comments LOL I HEART CHUUU!!!! <3333
baby05phat: thanks hunni..
You know I think the same wink
yoursecretadmirer125: awww! well she's adorable!
heids420: lol youre pretty hot yourself..the yes was deserved smile
cuzican4202001: fucking DIE already jesus christ
cuzican4202001: grow the fuck up u fucking piece of shit
fayenicolebuckau: hey what up you look like a total hottie and i love your pics on your profile so cutesmile
x0xLaceyx0x: inlove
x0xLaceyx0x: <33333333
x0xLaceyx0x: ummhmmm frown
x0xLaceyx0x: you didnt like my special messages frown
x0xLaceyx0x: [bgcolor=#F1F1F1][color
=#FF00CC]I MISS YOU heartthrobI MISS YOU I MISS YOUheartthrob I MISS YOU heartthrobI MISS YOU I MISS YOUheartthrob I MISS YOU heartthrobI MISS YOU I MISS YOUheartthrob I MISS YOU heartthrobI MISS YOU I MISS YOU:hear
x0xLaceyx0x: HEY!!! Guess what???? I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x0xLaceyx0x: haha ok <333
x0xLaceyx0x: lol do you really now? why is that?
x0xLaceyx0x: i miss my hott sexy lova!!!!! heartthrob
x0xLaceyx0x: Night babeinlove
Christina927: nottthing just won at poker haha
Christina927: hiiiii how are you smile
Christina927: wink
KiTTYBONDx: well add me on yahoo & chat with me =]
KiTTYBONDx: So how do i become a turn on or a shout out on your page ? =]
x0xLaceyx0x: hey my hott sexy lover!!! <3333333
SimplyMandee: get back on msn frown
x0xLaceyx0x: jilloff
Malani: <3
tobleedice: hello kris, i'm going to be perfectly honest here:

this is the greatest idea for a group ever wave
Malani: dirtybastard.
ZroomgiveittomE: nu uh ,you blindass.
ZroomgiveittomE: yes, you are. you're blind!!
ZroomgiveittomE: lol.. NOOOO. you don't even have me on your profile, you dirty jew.
ZroomgiveittomE: well thank yousmile
ZroomgiveittomE: jilloff
x0xLaceyx0x: Naw i'm not worried about the money i'm supporting derek anymore, just gave all my bbs to james
x0xLaceyx0x: anything special you want on these signs?
xohalicia: shhhpopsicle
xohalicia: I've heard the cd
milos78: get a life you stupid idiot!!
Butterby: lol, i don't know how to do emotes on this site but Hi to you too. lmao.
playl3oyl3unnie: Hey sexy miss talkin to ya!
fungus11x3: owned
fungus11x3: owned
oliviarobinsonn: heyy what's up
lifeinblacknwhite: I miss u too
lizzardx3: i liked it.
jayface: thankyou! smile
very flashy page you got here!
lifeinblacknwhite: I mis u!
playl3oyl3unnie: <3 ya
sweetguy2579: ty bro for the yes and the add
OMGitsEliese: thanks for the yes.
ewwNIKKI: thanks, youre pretty cute yourself:]]
loveangel: you're hot! hit me up sometime =P
KTxHOE1: haha thanks grinlol
KTxHOE1: Haha, yeah i like it.
KTxHOE1: haha..
well it does.
cuzican4202001: get a life
ohxeMxgEe: cunnilingus
ohxeMxgEe: i demand dome.
missKAYLA907: yes yes very true.
SexyIckleBaby: Yeah i know alot was going ont he other day with Derek and that ...but thought that had blown over
SexyIckleBaby: Yeah i heard.... not sure why he left but im sure he had his reasons
SexyIckleBaby: what...who...did i miss something???
missKAYLA907: wooo im in your shoutouts! winner
i love you
Da216PiMpStReSs: Hey Kris!!! Just wanted to say HI! biggrin
likexwhoaxlove: Haha. =[ how are you?
xheartsxandxskullsx: LOL
likexwhoaxlove: ima sing u a song...'lalalalala'''..
k. done.
likexwhoaxlove: :uhm:.. yes. lol. going right now!
likexwhoaxlove: damnit. loser. lol. im not in ur profile either!
likexwhoaxlove: gimme ur cell #so i can call u and leave u a msg
likexwhoaxlove: gimme ur cell #so i can call u and leave u a msg
likexwhoaxlove: gimme ur cell #so i can call u and leave u a msg
likexwhoaxlove: do me?
likexwhoaxlove: besides, im betterbiggrin
likexwhoaxlove: grinlolgrinlolYay. lol is ur old sl gonna get mad?
likexwhoaxlove: lol. if you want, i will.grinlolgrinlol
likexwhoaxlove: ilusmile
Malani: -ahem-

Malani: I flashed my neighbor. Call her and ask.
Malani: YES! I win. I win because I'm naked. Nakedness = Winner.
Malani: kristopher = adorable = malani being right...again.
Malani: lmfao BAD KRIS!!!
Malani: By mean bitch slap my face. :(
Malani: I'm not a dork, maybe more of a nerd or geek, but definitely not a dork. Thats your status. I knight you (because i'm that awesome) Knight Dorkus The Magnifico!
they...think....i'm.... ^.^
Malani: You should come to Texas... I've never talked to a Canadian ...In Texas. I think it would be interesting! I might mock you though...or quote the simpsons episode where the boy goes...
Malani: Thats bs Kristopher! You're the one who called me by another ladys' name :( but i was always <3 with you besides that!
Malani: All the silly faces you make when you make signs for people AND WHAT THE FUCK DON'T EVEN you're adorable to all ends and then some. But fix my messenger :( <3u
Malani: Your silly faces are freaking adorable! heartthrob
TahliaReynolds: weeee Comments!!!
TahliaReynolds: >: (
TahliaReynolds: hi kris.
TahliaReynolds: hi kris
UhOhXoXOreo: ur a fucking slut bitch and wanna insult how clack i am ill get every black kid in my school on yo ass wanna be funny do it else were bitch talk to me like that again and deal with my rathhoe bag scum you dont even make people laugh wats the point then go
Malani: <33
SexyIckleBaby: Done
SexyIckleBaby: hey didnt say please nana
SexyIckleBaby: wow she is 10 mths i bet you are a proud daddy
SexyIckleBaby: yeah ok i guess.... how is your lil baby doing.... enjoying being a daddy?
SexyIckleBaby: LOL - how have you been?
SexyIckleBaby: Hey there sweetie - where you been hiding??
Malani: <3 x232424242
v3rysl0wbl0nd3: thanks 4 tha yessmile
AngelFire2: winkwink
AngelFire2: yes yes letslick
VeronicaWhat: well not when im with someone.. but when im alone.. lol
VeronicaWhat: i dont get it..
The666Devil: you win bow
The666Devil: mammoth twat cum guzlin bloody popping pustual(sp) dick sucker. HA
The666Devil: Rolling rimjob thundercunt rofl
The666Devil: Geek? NGR!
gagirl84: very cute wink
ElLaBellaBear: you went off msnugh && now you know i i feel with my laptop
ElLaBellaBear: hello its truerofl how dare you laugh!

lmao ily
ElLaBellaBear: No way, no way
I know it's not a secret
Hey hey, you you
I want to be your girlfriend
ElLaBellaBear: [bgcolor=#00CCFF][color
=#FF00FF] Hey hey, you you
I don't like your girlfriend
No way, no way
I think you need a new one
Hey hey, you you
I could be your girlfriend
Hey hey, you you
I know that you like me
No way, no way
I know it's not a se
ElLaBellaBear: In a second you'll be wrapped around my finger
Cause I can, cause I can do it better
There's no other
So when's it gonna sink in?
She's so stupid
What the hell were you thinking?!
ElLaBellaBear: one month til we meet bby!!!!
ElLaBellaBear: i miss you lots!!
EllaBellaBear: iloveyou
catssy06: yummy
EllaBellaBear: ok babe im glad i got to talk to you today tho && know you're ok imy & ilysmile
EllaBellaBear: hope your ok babe havent seen you on all dayhug
EllaBellaBear: heartthrob
EllaBellaBear: inlove
ZOMGimKEZ: Awwwww adorable!
Its easter here grinlol EGGS grinlol
ZOMGimKEZ: how old now?
ZOMGimKEZ: Aww how is she?
ZOMGimKEZ: whats new dearest?
ZOMGimKEZ: such a charmer wink
ZOMGimKEZ: Hows u sexy?
click123: handsome smile
DymondSnake: nothin wrong with that. hehehehe
DymondSnake: not much bored as hell... wishin my baby was here so i can get laid. lol
DymondSnake: Hey you sexy bitch!!!!!
laceyxro: placenta
laceyxro: rub my thighs
sweetxbabyxgirl: nah you're more awesome
sweetxbabyxgirl: haha yeah you're awesome
sweetxbabyxgirl: I'm alright, check my shoutouts. lol
sweetxbabyxgirl: hey dork how are ya? lol
BamiH: fgt.
idaaa: hot smile
EllaBellaBear: 48 days!!
EllaBellaBear: alwaysinlove
EllaBellaBear: psh i could sooo
EllaBellaBear: ILYM<33
xXxSeXiBaBi08xXx: hey! I so like miss talkin to you all the time lol
smileygal: hello my name is Kelsi
sweetxbabyxgirl: hey hun do you have aim? I don't use yahoo anymore lol
EllaBellaBear: lol that was alot of fun but i am sooooooooooooooo tired now lol
STFUxRETARD: 7 !!!! u know how huge my twat will be after that ?!!!
STFUxRETARD: ok how many you wanna make.. 1 ? 2? 3?
sweetxbabyxgirl: yea that's not the oldest that's hit on me, lol it's kind of disgusting but yeah whatever I'll live.. I've been okay how are you doing?
KendraTM: Aww <3 thnx.
polkadotsyeshuh: That baby is cute. You're a sweet heart.
playl3oyl3unnie: Kris u sexy beast
MizzMegan: Ginormous.
PlayWithYoursXxX: thanks right back at you hottie
FatallyYours77: hey gorgeous... hows everyone doin... mamn i miss u an dtee... hows emma, is my lil girl gettin big??
xSupaFlyx: how r you? xoxo
xSupaFlyx: dammn boiii!!
LeeLeadingham16: Ill get those drivers for you for that computer. (dell)
skuter: Alrighty smile
skuter: how are you today/night?
skuter: hi smile
zOmgimKEZ: ur time will come.
sexygothchick: Hey Sweets!!!!
xEXSxANDxOHSx: I'm not mad at Chris or anyone. Bad day + hearing bad news = a very pissed off me. It's over tho.
forget2breathe: Please, stay out of my profile. I hadn't left any comments on yours, so please do the same with mine.
missKAYLA907: kris..
your hot <33
MandeeBear: mmmhmm tongue
MandeeBear: I will not get nakid on cam for you!
I do not love you so dont fall for me!

ouch tongue
Megalicious69: i told you that you were lying. now pay me bbs loser.
jamesleroy62: forfun http://www.wouldyouhitt
jamesleroy62: so you are friends with forfun?
EllaBellaBear: ewwwww kris change my pic in your shout outs its sooo old
underURwindow: haha yeah i am!!!!!!!! <3
Me4everChrissy: silly, i never said i didn't wanna see you nakkie.....i just said that just cuz i vote someone "yes" doesn't mean i wanna see them, that leaves "i might wanna" lmao!!!
SwEeTnSeXiAnA: SoooOOOo Sexii!!
<3 ashley
jen4u: hunnie where have you been? im worried.
playl3oyl3unnie: since my messages arent wo rking Good Afternoon!!
XOKAiLAHXO: i dont have msn its not working
KornLover: beat me .. lol
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