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Profile for skyttlz (offline- last on: Feb 27, 12)
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Name rasheem
Age 33
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State California
City CPT
My Apps
Battle rappin and BET
Turn Ons
anything that moves, anything that has a hole, fubu, bling bling, bling blau, gold teef
Turn Offs
haterz, fakerz, The Man, any month other than February, cracker barrel, 8 mile, tighty whities, prohibition, marraige or any other long-term relationship, women that don't put out, country music
to all my peeps back in CPT
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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igotgame: im gone again!! - hope life is treating you well homie 7 april 2011 @ 20:51
igotgame: im back!! - 7 april 2011 @ 20:49
drdeath: I saw your penis. Poor Kristen :(
Sinfulspice1: lol sorry no!
HeartOfGlass224: Hey....say hi to Dave for me, I miss him. And hi there. smile
sugA581: all mine now <3
PrincessX143: where are youuu? <3
sinfulspice1: awww well i just got my new car so you dont have to worry about that =P I'm good goin to school and work same ol' hows umm omg i totally had a brain fart and dont know how to spell relestate omg! how do you spell it wtf! lol never your job!!?
sinfulspice1: omg the love of my life!! where have you been!?
drdeath: My test came back positive. You better get to the doctor soon.
forget2breathe: eek
imuRbiggestmistaKe: Someone got too coool for me ugh
igotgame: hola havent been on here for 5 months, im quitting like an emo kid, its all good though, my life is too busy for the internet, keep on pimpin them ho's and slappin them wanksta bitches, peace out
Sweet4u420: Yer mean. I like her.
XTinalovesu: LOL well isnt that nice?
LILMISSPLAYFUL69: lol... nice photo's. very sexy. rawrwink
forget2breathe: heartthrob
mmmbaby: sliiiiiiim to none. smile
LiNzYLoVeSyOu: my mama is yugoslavian
ImUrBiggestMistake: Ummmmmm....Anything is fine with me..Surprise me.
ImUrBiggestMistake: LMAO.
you are funny.
/still waits for her sign...ugh
ImUrBiggestMistake: Oh come on know you wanna see her boobies!
ImUrBiggestMistake: LOL I take it you seen who did I bet you will let her have it. Make her pay you off with nudes!
ImUrBiggestMistake: hahah that's funny. Yea it was funny. Got to love people who have nothing better to do then bitch eh.
ImUrBiggestMistake: I was in the spot fakers forum yesterday, cause someone was faking me, and I seen a thread about you, someone complained cause it was typed...or something. shrug
ImUrBiggestMistake: LOL FAKER!!!!!
Salute ho <3
wufwufwuf: HOTT
forget2breathe: heartthrob
Chldrnofbodm: LOL
you tricked me...
those girlfriends of yous... nono
hotfudgesundaisy: AbortionsTickle has HIV dont fuck with that. oh and you might want to consider killing yourself and doing us all at wyht a favor
AbortionsTickle: I just plucked and trimmed my eyebrows.
I look like I have no eyebrows now.

Fanna wuck?
igotgame: word, im wanking it to your pics as i type one handed wink
JessicaRae: wow. it's
BloodyKisses: rofl!
HeartOfGlass224: Please make Dave come back. ugh
HopefulDespair: That didn't rhyme.

At all.

muletrain66: dude i wish i could change places with u for 1 day lol
Shemellio: so form your pictures your seem pretty fucking you doin?
sugA581: I miss you ugh
KillaKamm: ur so gangsta yooo
KillaKamm: you rock my world baybe
mrpickle: you're so cruel. rofl
forget2breathe: I love you.
KDogg88: Guess that whole thread was a bunch of bull shit. You got some pretty hot ex girlfriends though you fucker!!
AnnaClause: thats the hottest thing i have EVER seen
DonkeyDave: you remind me of Tim Westwood. you want to be black, but your white.
ch0ked: hiiiiiiiiiii
ch0ked: Maybe i will
ch0ked: I like stalking you
ch0ked: That was SLICK
RightWhereItBelongs: skittles... i remember you... haha, kmodm? god what was my name on there then... blizzard of oz or something? i dont remember.
manoncam8: it's Fuck You FUCK YOU!
AbortionsTickle: Cum in my nose baby
fresca: That sounds great! You cool with meeting my parents first? I dno.. maybe we could all see a movie together, then they'll go home and we can catch a flick? I'm not sure. But I think I'm already in love. MAKE SURE TO MESSAGE ME BACK
Ind3libl30n3: I got my first comment on that pic with you and I in it...remember when we used to kill white people on a daily basis?
AbortionsTickle: I be hollerin the same way I do when you lovin me from behind, nigga
KiiSStheRAiiN: rofl your private album is hilarious.
LovinSocal: rofl
that rocks man!!
BloodyKisses: ( . )( . )
HopefulDespair: lol<3
beans7178: haha the ex girls page is funny as hell man i got a nice laugh outta that one.
team: hey dude, thanks for the add, would you mind giving me the numbers of a couple of your ex-girlfriends? a few of them would make nice a hat.
sweet4u420: Go ahead laugh it up.
sweet4u420: Ugh i hate you
xKristinax: you're cute, I give you a yes
purringKITTY: Thanks for you comment.. your awsome...
SolbyColby: dude ur ex gfs' private pics are fuckin SMOKING
thanks for the add
HopefulDespair: O RRY?
JonJohnson: you fly for white guy
manoncam8: whats up you sexy bitch?
ImBetterthanyou10xxx: Hott grinlol

I miss the old days.
pixle: yes'd and added you dude :]
curious about your gf's pics hehe
xbeccax: SUGARPLUM.
Arruda85: lol you silly fag
OoitsRoByNbabyoO: Oh Boo!!! you are making me so wet right now!!! grrrrr! im on my back with my legs spread so just come dive in baby!!*smooches*
xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo
OoitsRoByNbabyoO: what up boo? so you wanna roger me 6 ways from sunday huh? the feelings mutual my sexy lover!! well thats all i got to say for now.... but much <3 to you playa!! *smooches*
xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo
babyskittles15: my homie heather wants to fuck u hey check it out her sn on this site is sticky2010
Mono: fat fuck
JonJohnson: ah you make enemy of homosexual. me thought you tolerant of emo boy. he call you bitch. that make me laugh.
vsc4life: fuck you you litttle bitch...look at your fuckin pics you cleary gay...why dont you hit girls more ur age...and get her drunk?...and fuck her, buddy i think not, if you ever were to touch her id fucking hurt you
vsc4life: hey buddy fuck ever say ur gonna fuck my gf again i know people in cali so fuck off
Mono: if i actually did anything productive to make me sweat.
then maybe.

btw, fuck you.
Mono: you love me
Mono: as a matter of fact, I quite like my nose rasheem so BUGGER OFF if you don't like it!
Mono: Owwww, i want you too hug
isn't my cool test just wicked?? LOL..
drdeath: Merry Christmas
EasyEBThugs: hows the CPT holding up son
xXTaraxX: hehe why thank you sweety.. smile
xXTaraxX: Owwww, i want you too hug
isnt my cool text just wicked?? LOL..
MissHeatherMarie: I love you <3
ambitiousallycat: as a matter of fact, I quite like my nose Rasheem so BUGGER OFF if you don't like it! gayfight
babiesonspikes: that delicate, satin-draped frame?
AdonisTheory: Dude...reading some your comments i have decided that you are on my favorite list because you are HILARIOUS. Thanks for the laughs...
omgzspankme: i miss you.
BADxLiLxBiTCH: u havent been voted hottest guy on this site 5 times in a row bcuz my sl is a hell of alot sexier den u n im just blown away how u lie n say that shit wen u damn well it aint tru so grow the fuck up n stop lien cuz ppl kno that aint true...its not hard to
LoveIsSuicide: Happy Halloween!
greeneyedangel: Well I think ur sexy!
xXTaraxX: eek you serious!!! hug LOVED MATE!
fake: how sweet. you're so considerate.
Av0idTheCliche: That is probably the coolest rating ever. 69%
Devon79: haha yeah, of course I do
xXTaraxX: why's that??..
VanillaPepsi: Oh you know it will be that orange flavor because that bitch is fine.
Unlike that ugly purple mofo.
VanillaPepsi: Oh sweet jesus a fellow member of the 2 hot for Fanta club. eek
xbeccax: yeah you toooo
forget2breathe: skyttlz, i love you <3
forget2breathe: i actually dumped my boyfriend 2 days ago, I just haven't changed my profile.
So you're my #1 <333
forget2breathe: no nudes, and never will...
leaves more to the imagination smile
forget2breathe: i never lie!
now get your ass over here flowers
forget2breathe: shh! you're getting me excited
forget2breathe: YES SKYTTLZ! HAVE MY BABIES! <3333
forget2breathe: i think you're sexy
nycchickatheart4life: ur hot i give you a yes hit me up sometime
decafdoublelatte: I WOULD DEFINATELY HIT THAT!
Devon79: eek oh my! I had no idea!!! redface

tehe hug
only1matthew: hawt
babygirl4ever: cute
forget2breathe: drool
mysticalfaerieorb: Sexy as hell!!!!
lilbit0469: lol what the hell does that mean?
batmanbitch2004: i gave you a no out of pity because u dont even deserve a no
ambitiousallycat: Oh just out of curiosity, where is CPT? Is that Cape Town?
ambitiousallycat: Why do you get a kick out of irritating people? Only someone inhumane could show such abhorance! Look, I think it would be best (for both you and I) if we didn't speak again. I don't like people like you - along with pessimism! It's tainted!
ahardcoredesirex: your name aint even john its rasheem
FleshForFantasy: Haha. Kajeebers.
ambitiousallycat: I'm talking about DarkRomeo! How immature and low of you to resort to name-calling...I PITY YOU! Don't comment on me AGAIN! BUGGER OFF!
george69: ive been strait since i was born
ColorMeGreen: same here mann. it suckks.

(sweet ass pics <3)
CLICK: hey thanks for the comment. lol i'm really diggin the afro/thong pic. it cracks me up sooo much! niiiice!
george69: im not gay shit hole
faketomgreen: go for it.
Devon79: Thats pretty effin sweet!!!!!! highfive
fake: i know baby, i know.
Devon79: haha
fake: thnx.
xbeccax: shang a lang a lang a lang a shang
CaiteeDid: better by far my friend
HeyitsJen: W3rd homieeeeeez
HeyitsJen: W3rd homieeeeeez
datsmissmary2u: well thanks cutie
SarasDoItBetter: whatever.
i wasnt gonna but a eye color cuz it changes so there.
but mine are blue green yellow and gray...
Urcutewhenuscream: smile Thank you! Your cute n ur page is quite interesting! smile
SarasDoItBetter: sure but can they change on there own?
so i didnt get owned by u.
KinkyKim2005: sexy kinda lol j/p sexy
ilyelh: sup?
DarkAngel26: I need some people gunned down for me!
amoramor: ^.^
you= cool
Devotionalist: Gold teef? you're hilarious grinlol
xxcinderella05xx: Ha! Right, I was coming on too strong flirting with you, then you woke up!
xxcinderella05xx: So did you make a mistake when you were typing your age? Because I cannot believe that you are 24 seeing how you have the mentality of a 12 year old.
SummerBaby731: english please
you're fuckin hot!
CemeteryJuggalette7: MWCL
bassngal: whey the quote from my profile into my comments? (i havent even rated you .. . . ? )
xXTaraxX: Yay babys, our babys are going to be so hot!!
xxcinderella05xx: I'm sure you could do that with your 17 year old lovers, but not with me hunni so might as well stop thinkin bout somethin that will NEVER happen.
xXTaraxX: victory I know you are extreamly gorgeous
cindy232141: thanks for the comment bend over hun ill spank ya
beelicious87: Well come here Mwuah.. lol
omgzspankme: bitchhh.
filthyazzwhore: go ahead, no1 else does
dixiechick12105: ya i am proud to be southern thanks
xxcinderella05xx: It's good for you that you can get 'what you want' from single moms.. However - I'm one stubborn bitch, with plenty of morals, self respect, and values and good luck gettin ANYTHING from someone like me :-) Have a great day!
grayday: Holy nasal passages!! You are so effin hilarious!! lol
dancinbabe321: hey. surprised bout what?
cherrilbling: Maybe you can one day *wink* *wink*
HugZ n KisseZ Ash
xXTaraxX: i ♥ you? i always have!!!!
daSECONDtoOf: im actually friends with a kid named rashiem rofl
icryrazorblades: hot dong! i mean nice ..bannanananana hammock! hotstuff
xbeccax: OI
CanEhdian: I dont know why am I not your friend. :P
smushy: haha yummy like strawberry skittles?
blueeyes24: thanks hun hug
Avisute: oh just about the same amount of chance that Orlando Bloom is going to knock on my door in nothing but a red bow with a rose in his teeth.
lilbit0469: smile
lilbit0469: WELL there are people who think you really hate me :(
cause you know good and well i could whup your ass!
lilbit0469: im mad at you!!!!!!!
lilbit0469: PAL!!!
lilbit0469: well I Appreciate it!
xbeccax: how many
omgzspankme: s3x.
BrokenANGEL05: yes sir!!! heartthrob
vastangel: dude you know you should be nicer to ppl you don't even know... cos sumday very soon its gonna bring a shit load down on you !!!
And i mean VERY soon !
y0m0mma: pshhhh smile
y0m0mma: smile
Afreaklikeme: I'm a freak in the bedroom, I like it wild and rough.
Afreaklikeme: yeah, im a freak. what about you?
ambergood16: who the hell is jane fields??????
filthyazzwhore: are you stalking me? lol same to you homie... have as much fun as you can without me haha
filthyazzwhore: are you stalking me? lol same to you homie... have as much fun as you can without me haha
lilbit0469: well the second and third one now
lilbit0469: well the first two in health and relations!
HeartOfGlass224: MastaRasta is a very sweet man, as are you. smile
lilbit0469: hell yes it is!!! and you need to check out my thread, its hilarious!
FBTiger: ahahaha funny as Gj man
vickzie101: awe well thats ok then
as long as u new wat u were doin in fine wit that
carcinogenic: I'm trying to think of something life-changing and inspirational that I can leave here...

ah, fuck it. you're hot <3 Welcome back grinlol
vickzie101: y would u do that?
nowim sad:(
blackrose: oh that's ok I guess. I like the name.
blackrose: What?
TRAPTgurl4ever04: i am not going 2 play your little childish games, u can call me fatty all u want but the point is i have more maturity than u ever will in this life time and also u will still be an asshole.........
TRAPTgurl4ever04: Well thatz your opinion if u think i am fat........i don't have 2 put up w/your rude comments....i am surprised u even have friendz....having 2 deal w/people like u is like trying 2 deal w/ a i am not going 2 play your little childish ga
TRAPTgurl4ever04: Excuse me i am not fat and if i was u would be the first person i would sit on so go and eat your own wordz.....
TRAPTgurl4ever04: **that say about u? leave me alone i never made a comment towards u until u made 1 towards why don't u go fuck a dog since u r might help your atittude and your personality towards just leave me alone..........
TRAPTgurl4ever04: Oh really! well come 2 think of it i thought i went 2 a Backstreet boyz concert and "thought" i seen u there, oh well wasn't much 2 look at anywayz if u were there and if a guyz at a backstreet boyz concert that usually means they gay and what would th
JOETHEBEAST: Hell yeah dude. the doors... one of my ex's said it was because of the jaw, lips and eyes. Now its also the hair
CarlyandJason: fake hmm? that's funny considering your pictures. i'm not fake at all. and for number two, where the hell do you get off calling me fake? and why were you looking in that section anyways? you want a dildo up your ass or something? that's why i hate men
lilbit0469: wow not most guys will admit that! and that pic is nasty, it needs to be called the BIG NASTY!
lilbit0469: do you really like cats?
Swedish80s: what?
Genia: the quote about pride in my info is from pulp fiction... it fit the context of the movie... and sometimes pride does get in the way
AppleCider2989: thnx i try
MaliciousIntentions: Wow man, did you forget you are white? HAHAHAHA!! You look like a fucking ghetto clown, wigger!! KKK all the way!
BloSSoM2008: that is hot
wantmeladies: what a fuckin wigger
yUmMEh: ummmmmmm wat??
Dory: Lemme taste that rainbow babe!~*LoL*~
foxzychic: thanx lol hope ur kidden about the kids or i'll need te lock u in a cupboard hehee
lilbit0469: yea! i hope you know where ga is, i dont htink anyone is that dumb! but im sure you have plenty of hoochies you can bother bye!
lilbit0469: and you gonna come all the way to GA from CALI? i dont think so!
EasyEBThugs: seems like grape st is busy?
EasyEBThugs: lol @ ur pics
lilbit0469: I DONT THINK SO!
gabbysmommy20020: very cute. thanx for the comment
suzieo: LMAO. The result of photoshop, a wild imagination and too much time on your hands!!! Cute
lilbit0469: trust me i wasnt begging!
AngMarie: thanks for that ummm interesting comment.. lol.. you have some nice pics. i take it you like guns.. lol
lilbit0469: oh please!
AppleCider2989: late start. cunt. ha lol
CanEhdian: Well jump in.
hotchik69: DAMN UR HOTT hug hit me bak sumtime <333
AbortionsTickle: I took new pics for you :]
Carcass: alright homes, im up for that.
CallieC: Awwwe thanks =]
freakymia13: lol, my true calling in life huh? interesting
veilsideracer213: haha this is a funny fake account
EightBallManager: Don't even worry about it anymore its okay i'll just let them keep making fun of me sence I don't care anymore cause its over the net so I don't have to worry about it sence I will never met them in person anyways right? Thanks for helping atleast. St
EightBallManager: Why does everyone gotta hate on me man. I'm sick of the shit its so damn old!
beautifulmistake92: Why thank you, sir. As for you seem goofy, fun, and sweet =) people like that are awesome! =D
AmyH: whats so0o 'aww' ?
PrincessX143: you have a point. we do friggen rock. :P
kougar00: -Douglas Addams
kougar00: are merely the product of a deranged imagination.
kougar00: ided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the universe can be said to be zero. From this it follows that the population of the universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time
kougar00: It is known that there is an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number div
theboss: what it do big homie
CanEhdian: <3 hug
PrincessX143: true story.
PrincessX143: Make babies? Cute ones though, if they come out ugly we will put them up for adoption and try again.
WishIWasYoursDontYou: looks like ur the one that isnt very bright
WishIWasYoursDontYou: you got all kinds of enemies dont you........and if you were 13 you wouldnt have a beard and you wouldnt have 24 on here
WishIWasYoursDontYou: what the hell is a password stealer?
kayl: erm ....... ?
chevellerachelle: I DIDNT UNDERSTAND YOUR COMMENT?????
AllEy3sxOnMe: I mite like chixs but i dated tons of dudes thereofre its not called lezz could be called bi but totallie not lezz u petafile . gosh haha ur just jealouse cause u can not get a girl !
AllEy3sxOnMe: O wow i was wrong u dont give up on being so fuckin lame u dumbfuck seriousely u need too get a fuckin life and why the fuck u gonna sit there and judge me biotch u dont no shit about me so dont be hating and first off im not Lezz thank u very much mite l
babygirl4ever: yea i know
TaPMyAsS: oh yes please!!!
stickyshadow: why thank you so much for the yes you stupid fuckstick.
AllEy3sxOnMe: ur fuckin gay i guess u gave up on fuckin being so immature and making ur rude ass comments on pplz pages ugly faggot silly faggot dicks are for chicks *
Annrie: very cute pics
StarzFade2Black: hey cutie. biggrin what's up?
notyourstarxxx: thanks
arieschic329: hey
xXTaraxX: Cats own!!!
xXTaraxX: yay??
XxaliemuahxX: you arent black?
dinosuars42: you never said what you thought about my art silly. i want feedback
desfinest11: i'm gay b/c i have 4 male roomates??? this just further proves your ignorance you dumb shit....why doesn't your skinny little ass stop talking shit and crawl back in your hole
checkinitout: yeah...if you say so can a girl be a guy to get girls? are you just jealeous?
desfinest11: No buddy i don't jerk off to magz....i got your momma over here deepthroating me whenever i need. she's my lil' sex slave...and i'm about to make you my bitch
BYOBMuthaFuckas: awe thanks hun
xbeccax: I will not tolerate your insubordination!
SuperSkittle43: Hey Skyttlz boy! Luv Bunches
angel420: haha thx love you too
desfinest11: you lil' skinny bitch.....i bet you get the shit kicked out of you....
desfinest11: you're a fag
JayStar: Thx Rasheem (skyttlz)
cheerleader4life69: thank u for the commet ur cute too
AbortionsTickle: I get atleast 2 pm's a day from your little friends crying to me about you being mean to them.
God you make me hot jackoff
iheartyourguts: http://www.wouldyouhitt
8567 <--- don't call her lover, she is MY lover! rage
checkinitout: o ya and your what? a wanna be? a wrapper? first of all its rapper....and your a former star from those faggits NKOTB...yeah your real cool....and if your cd is out how come its not in stores? is it only available at your house off your computer?....o
TheseTIdesDoSigh: faggotry haha i never heard that one before. but thanks i appreciate it not everyday does a straight guy give you compliments.
x3tastemyrainbow: if you read my profile you wouldnt want to "taste my rainbow" because im fucking gay......

AshuhleeNicolex3: dude you're fucking queer.
barbiebabe1257: why thankya :-)
TheseTIdesDoSigh: haha i figured i get so many gay cracks though i'm use it by now.
TheseTIdesDoSigh: i know, its a wonder what the gay community has brought itself too.
Allmightypepsi07: why the fuck you leaving me comments like dat you little dumbass bitch?
angelface: thanks
A430angel77722: You need to learn how to have respect for women instead of sayin nasty shit to them. Do us all a favor and grow the fuck up.
ASexyLatinaPorVida: lol u can delete that if u want. Annnyhow, thank you for the sweet pic comment, papi.
ASexyLatinaPorVida: Sallllsaaaaaa!
ASexyLatinaPorVida: Hey papi. Hmm....we'll ive done all kinds, club/cage dancing, Flamenco, salsa....i love salsa. i teach it ^_^ i dont have any vids of it. wish i did, tho! *Besos*
Crazylilillnina: thatd be rad... momma im not so sure about, but hey fuck it...
Avisute: That's hot!
ASexyLatinaPorVida: Ai papi. Kickin ass and takin names yet? or am i too late? laugh heartthrob *Besos*
AbortionsTickle: <3
b00mshakalaka: cybering is awesome, skat is my fav smile
c3rtiFri3dxbeaty: what was with the comment lmao?
lilace: well thats oxymoron. but i already told u i dont want to fight u any more. u just talk about pointless stupidity. and im sick of u!! so just leave me alone!!!
lilace: look dude, im not going to fight with u any more. ok. so stop bing a perv and looking at my pics. and leave me alone. i already got suspended and my friend too. so just leave us alone before it happens again.
bombasspussay: thanks:-)
ThaBaddestBitch: lol i looks like u could bust a cap!
ThaBaddestBitch: lol well if ud get into a fist fight with a girl..then i guess you would win..but thats mean :(
Suthnhunny: LOL love your profile!! Thx for the sweet comment hug your "real" pics are dayum sexah
ASexyLatinaPorVida: ˇsí! ˇjusto como un demonio! hahaha! twisted
ASexyLatinaPorVida: AI papi! muchos gracias!! hahaha! vayamos matanza algunos (lets go slaughter some) crackers!!! hahaha you crack me up. *Muchos Besos*
babyCANNIBAL: It obviously tastes good.
YourSoSexyy: huh huh huh im sure you do...puke
igotgame: i am now certain that lilgaylace: & hablaconmi8649387584 are so fucking gay, they just broke the gaydar

they may be brothers, that could be why the gaydar broke, it cant handle inbred inbreeders
drunkONcyanide: thank you lol nice describtion
lilace: man, just screw the IQ crap he is a street bumb! lmao... but i actually thought he was pritty good with the accent. just like a hillbily. like i told u earlier, he prolly is one only his parents threw him out cuz he accidentally shot himself in the head.l
hablaconmi86: by the way... you do a poor Southern imitation boy... I already did my chores though thanks... did you get to suck that black dick I know you love?.. lmao..
hablaconmi86: exactly^ I said he's not even smart enough for college and he went and said that yet again he "owned" me... cept he completley forgot the fact that he's a dumb ass gangster wannabe queer with the IQ of a street bumm...
lilace: now your sorry ass is running? like i said u are the most pitiful 24year old i have ever seen. u are a DISCRACE to the male gender U SORRY SON OF A BICH!!!!
lilace: and whats even funnier is when "i owne u" u just change the subject as if it never happened.
lilace: u think just cuz u put a little "owned" sign im comm. that means u automaticaly own me? hahaha. if i counted i prolly wouldnt get to ten smart ass. and decimals represent parts of a whole. u cant put half a little sign on my comm. WOW, u are stupid.
lilace: but i was right about u... u are too much of WHIMP to take my challenge!
lilace: baseball is not on the same subject as what u said earlier... smart one! (j/k)hahaha!!!
lilace: and i find your stupidity amusing cuz u THINK IM STUPID AND THAT YOUR ACTUALLY SMART......HAHAHAHAHAHA
LMFAO!!! (btw: i said earlier that the SUBJECT didnt require decimals)
lilace: ^^(now your the hipocrite!!!!)^^
lilace: well, i dont know. i dont think im doing damage... that comment sounded REALLY sincere. lol. im touched by your care for me. i new u had some good in u. hahaha!! (HIPOCRITE!!!!)
lilace: well that just goes to show how smart u are. u set urself up. i did hit puberty. and to go along with your stupididty, the subject of how many times u own me in a day, DOES NOT REQUIRE DECIMALS!!!! SMART ASS!!!!(sin #9785576736)
lilace: well i did forget to tell u that HUMANS ARE IMPERFECT!!!! but even more important i did tell u that if u piss me off i will be pissed off. but really, just cuz im a christian doesnt mean i cant sin.
lilace: and like i said, my challenge is still available just ask me about it if ur interested.
lilace: and like i said, my challenge is still available just ask me about it if ur interested.
lilace: and like i said, my challenge is still available just ask me about it if ur interested.
lilace: *correction on comment about judgment day/God's arrival* i meant to say: the dead that have followed in Jesus will rise first, then the living that have followed will rise next. the followers will ascend to the heavens with God.
lilace: and just to let u know... if u SINCERLY ask God for forgiveness, he will forgive u.
lilace: if we knew what day, then we would be jacking around, screwing our lives up and then at the last min., we would ask for forgiveness and we would all go to heaven. so thats why he never said when. he just said to be prepaired.
lilace: the Bible even said there will be much pain, sorrow, and devistation in the last moments of the earth before i arrive. but the Bible never says what day.
lilace: now this may seem like a fantasy tale. but the book of Revalation is o book of prophesy. its like it talks about the future. and if u read it, you will see how real it is. everything that it says is going to happen, has happened.
lilace: but as for those who were sinful shall never return contiosness again. they will know nothing, and its not like dreaming, your spirit will be gone. there is nothing to host the spirit that was once in your body. so it will burn along with all evil forever
lilace: and once the city is finnished, there will be no evil left to corrupt anything ever again. God is preparing a place for the followers of Christ. it will be like a dream, with a mansion for every person there. we will do things we could never of dreamed of
lilace: and they will burn for a thousands of years. and once the all evil, along with Satan, is burned to the point of no existance. Heaven will decend upon the burned earth and God will make the new Jerusalem over the old earth.
lilace: after God rises to the heavens with the followers of earth, they will remain there. while they are in heaven, God will burn the earth which the fire will burn thousands of thimes hotter than the sun.
lilace: then it says that on judgement day, the dead that have followed in Jesus will rise first, then rest that have followed will rise next. but those who have dispised God and those who have spat on him will stay on earth.
lilace: just to give u alittle taste, it says: hell burns hundreds of thousands times hotter then the sun or the core of the earth. and it says: Satan will be like a beast, a dragon parts mixed with lions parts. he will have several heads.
lilace: and also to go along with the whole hell thing. u might not believe me. but if u get your hands on the Bible... go to Revalation, its in the very back of the book. it is a complicated chapter, but u will understand the part about hell.
lilace: but if u really think your tough... then u should be up for a challeng. but if u dont want the challeng... then personally, i wont think your very tough. so i guess its something to try.
lilace: well make fun of me if u must but i am a Christian. i believe in God. and i regret to say this as a Christian... but if u dont turn yourself around, u will GO TO HELL! and thats a fact! now im not saying that u need to attend church evry sat. or sun.
lilace: so if u really dont like ppl getting pissed off at u, then i suggest u SHUT THE FUCK UP with the comments. and dont say anything unless u have something nice to say.
lilace: now u may think that im a very mean kid... well im actually a very nice person. but i believe in respect and honor.(something youve lost alot of.) but if u piss me off i will get PISSED OFF! and you have pissed me off. along with alot of other ppl.
lilace: i can see u have totaly thrown your life away. just cuz u thought u were cool the way u are. well ill tell u this.... the nicer u are to ppl, the more friends youll have. thats a fact. cant you see that ppl are PISSED OFF at u. theres alot of them.
lilace: but i have some suggestions. but u think ur all tough, u dont have to appologise, right. well u better learn. cuz its very important in life. anyone who never appologises will NEVER succeed in life. and youve already started down that path.
lilace: but if ur REALLY starting to feel bad cuz of all the comments its all started from YOU! when ppl first meet, they dont say, "hey, u like an ass". that kinda thing. so its comming around to bite u in the ass! its already started.
lilace: AND GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF YOUR CHAIR AND GET A FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!!! really.... your 24, i think u should really do something with your life rather than prostituting yourself around for money, or gambling whatever u like to do. or even being LAZY IN FRO
lilace: well uf u think im being mean, why dont u take a look at all the comments that uve given ppl. im sure they dont like it! so if u want me to lay off, then u lay off being an ass to EVERYONE!!
lilace: if ur really being hurt by all this then that must mean that ur a flat out jerk. ppl dont have respect for ass holes like u, unless u force them too, but i would die as many times as it takes just to not respect u.
hablaconmi86: yeah watever me hurtin ya? anyway I have school in the mornin, I'm gonna go now, haha that's something pathetic street trash like yourself wouldn't know anything about... loser
hablaconmi86: go get some black dick that I know you like...
hablaconmi86: dude... ok you see that's where I have "owned" you (stop using that gay term you little bitch lol)... we aren't like anything you described... but you're exactly how I described yall? am I right? yea thought so
hablaconmi86: yes I have... and your gay... and don't fuck with a redneck son... gangstas aint got shit on us... we laugh at yall... with your clothes too big and gold chains... that shits gay..
hablaconmi86: dude... exactly I'm only 18 (kinda young for you to be picking on) with much more a future instore in my life than yours... don't think I can use a gun proper huh? gimme a chance to demonstrate aimed right at your skulll
hablaconmi86: a 30-30 is weak? ok... you don't know as much as I thought you did about firearms.. and if you really think your soo tuff let's "throw rounds" "homie" I'll fuck your wanna be ghetto ass up anyday.. try me... cuz I can...
hablaconmi86: you owned me bitch? lmao... ok first of all I'm not an inbred nor am I gay... but YOU ARE some poser wanna be gansta loser with no life ahead of him... reallly that's what it comes down to... you're a loser... admit it...
adidaspimp22: dude you got some serious issues! what do you do go find random ppl you dont know and just be like oh im big and bad and gonna call this person i dont even know a "fag" wow what a bitch
ghettobty420: listen here fuck o aint nobody got herpes but u in fact i bet ur hiv positive and ur dick is so little albert enstine wouldnt be able to discover it. so next time u go to open ur fucking mouth... look in the mirror ya dumb ass nigger wanna be moron!
cassehEm: well ur gold shyt around ur neck is not moderatly cute
aaaaaaabbbadc: what?????
XuRsWe3tEsTxSinX: Hunnii I kno this is the inernet ok, The thing is ..Is when you sit there nad say rude shit and urlike not to be mean or anything.. You dum u should justsay what u mean!
lilace: are u ignoring me? dont be scared, im only 15. well u used to be my age u should know what its like to me. ohh yea.... thats right, u were a stupid ass hole ur whole life, u wouldnt know.
lilace: but im going to save my hand energy from ur eye and ill use it to ripoff ur horny nuts,along with your dick, so u can never feel the pleasure of being a man! (not that u ever were(transvestite))
XuRsWe3tEsTxSinX: Dude you fucking gay as hell Instead not trying to be mean how bout u dont sya anything at all and make everyones life a hell of alot better ok?...Cuz if i commented you on ur pic... Im pretty shure it wouldnt be so nice...So keep ur comments to urself.
lilace: just the way u talk makes u sound like shit! i can smell u from here. ur so fucking stupid it radiatesso bad i could poke u in the eye in a pich black room.
lilace: but really u should have taken basic math. it halps u understand advanced. unless ur a wizz at math.... but we know ur not. (at anything)
lilace: well. mabey u need to learn basic math before u can learn advanced! and yes, those were decimals, they werent commas or apostrophes or colons or even semicolons, IT WAS A DICIMAL! u dont putt periods in #.
lilace: man get a job! or school wherever u left off. mabey u can learn about decimals there. but ill warn u, if u screw any little boys u will be put i prison for rape. so be careful. best of luck ass hole!
lilace: whats with the whole 986.956f4.975767. stuff? and what makes u even more dumb is that u cant have any more than one decimal in a #. unlike u prolly did, i have a life. i actually go to school. a place where u learn about decimals.
XuRsWe3tEsTxSinX: Ok Why did u comment me and say that?
lilace: u are soo obsessed with cut downs! u are so dumb. u midlessly cut ppl down. and its even off the subject too. ive seriously never met a 24 year old as dumb as u?
giffergaffer: haha the hood of your car?
FlippinBC1220: hot hot hot, u got my yes! smile
lilace: u obvously like being an ass. u should really stop trying to butt screw my friend(that isnt gay) and ur the one who should get a life, because as far as i can tell he is the one with a job ass hole! (something u need)
lilace: u think im white trash? well ur the one who looks like a wannabee pimp.
Darkgddssdez: yes i do like icp
lilace: if u really want to come to come over here i could be like u and hide behind the police instead of ur computer. or i could turn u in right now.
hablaconmi86: yall both like that ok and another thing... I'm not an inbred bitch...? go fuck yourself gangsta wannabe...
hablaconmi86: no ones crying... he's just a dumb ass... and alot of things are good for the military... sure that's cool lol... but a 30-30 would still make a bigger whole in your ugly face... lmao... who's gay? maybe you and igotcockinmymouthgame should talk
AbortionsTickle: Ive gotten so many PMs from people crying about you being mean to their comment boxes.
This makes me want you even more lick
xHighRo0oller420: if you were 10 years younger i still wouldn't let you...
hablaconmi86: puny? the bushmaster is only a 220 caliber? something like that? haha in that case if you're gonna be a bitch and hide from long distance, I'll get my 30-30 with my scope and pop you once... and tha'd be all lol
hablaconmi86: wtf do you keep talking about being gay.. you must like talking about that... queer... so you wouldn't be afraid of a 12 guage loaded with 00 buck pointed right at ya... and you say I'm stupid... haha lmao...
hablaconmi86: it is you wanna be.... you wouldn't talk so much if you were staring down the barrel of my 12 guage with some 00 buck gettin ready to tear into your ugly face...
hablaconmi86: I'm not sucking anyones dick you fuckin queer... I really don't care... I just stick up for my friends... ohh being a cowboy is something you don't like? well atleast I'm not trying to act black like you, ya little thug life homie or watever the fuck
hablaconmi86: no bitch I'm not crying at all... wtf would make you think that? you dumb ass... just leave him alone... fuckin retard pickin on kids younger than you... you're just a big loser... admit it
hablaconmi86: damn... dude just leave Ryan alone... what the hell? he's only like 15 yr.s old you dumb ass... he had a good point... you're fuckin 24 bro... grow the fuck up
filmgal24: lol...thanks for the comment??....had no idea my work could do that to
bellybuttongrl30: aww thanks, ur a sweet heart
AnimalActivist: They can be bitches. Don't let em' fool you.
ViolateMe: Ahaha.
I'll remember that. wink
beatinghearts22: Hmmk nono
beatinghearts22: huh? huh
lilace: this is exactly what u do. u will engage in an arguement then hide behind your computer. as far as im concerned, u are a whimp!!
lilace: really man, lay off the insults. if u want to talk about lessons in life, here is one: keep talkin like that and someone os gonna kill u! wink
lilace: ohh well in that case i forgot, sarcastic son of a bich!!! there are u in pain and agony. is your poor soul shattered in to the smallest molecules of the earth? ohh im sorry, but if u want pics to slam, u should look at your own!
Well thank you very
much mister. =)
lilace: ohh, im sorry. i didnt realize u were a wannabee pimp/fag/asshole/bich/g
aywad/dumbass/lazzy ass! ect. ect. ect.
lilace: "OHH NO, HE JUST CALLED ME A FAG BOY!?" are u still trying to make me cry? cuz its not working. but if that was a come back, then u suck balls. something u would like that guy u asked out to do for u. u perverted gaywad!!!!
lilace: im sorry but i wouldnt cry for u. i hardly cry for that matter. but if u can only pic fights on the internet, then ur just a chicken ass! u also say ur 24, well for being an adult, dont u have a better life than this?
lilace: and why is that ass wipe?
BabyCakes19: lookin damn delicious over there too babi . .. . grrrr inlove
lilace: really. your whole comm. file is full of ppl that are really pissed at u. and not to mention, when u say someone is dumb or stupid, thats being judgemental. k. so why dont u relax, and hold off on being mean. k
lilace: dang dude. ur really pissin off everyone. i think u should lay off the mean comments. say something nice or nothing at all.
WhutAyHottay: really? thanx
CAROLiNE88: ha..not necessary
CAROLiNE88: hahaha hope your arms dont get too tired
adidaspimp22: why am i a fag? you dont even know me queer
AbortionsTickle: heartthrob
Poor girl kept crying about you hitting on her
butterflyrain: Awww why thank you!!!
depressedshelly: wow does that line work with all the ladies..... hmmm tell me cuz in my opinion your tryin to componsate for an abusive mother and a wicked edipous complex..... or you just have a small dick and low self esteem... grow up and learn how to treat people you
bunz723: i do like it a little rough you think you could handle that?
wildsexymomma: hey whats up to you too
blondsdoitbetter: thankss i loove being called plump. actually it reminds me of chickens or something..
coolbeans3: haha
hiii to you <33
Twister8138: Wow, you've got the average black man down! If you created this account from a prison computer, you're even better than I thought you were! Evading child support payments to six different women for your ten kids... I salute you!
AnnieUSNdoc: haha whatever you say sparky...
feetarefunky: inlove
that was the sweetest comment anyone's left me.
Can I be your proverbial ball-and-chain?
xXxDieingInsidexXx: rofl i love your pictures. You're funny. And cute. laugh heartthrob
link: only for oyu big shooter
omgzspankme: bling bling. i love you.
sucka: your pictures make me giggle
vanishingmemories: you=amusing.
BooYouStink: mm...FREAKY
TakeMyHeart: hmm. well thats a nice compliment, but very very strange at the same time.
VanillaShake206: dont leave me stupid ass comments
VanillaShake206: i aint no tranvestite bitch!
shaz: so you think i look bout 30 odd. im bit gob smacked. is that gd or bad like?
AnnieUSNdoc: used to own camp courntey huh? gimme a fuckin break i would hope to God that you're dumbass was never in the corps. goddamn eminem wanna be.
Connie1423: what ever buddy, ur an asshole......
britney07toxic: No im sorry asswipe, im not a lesbian and whoever voted for your sorry as must not have known you were such a dick or you never would have been voted. And no, i do not find you atrractive! Sorry fuckhead. Get a life!
britney07toxic: no im not a lesbian but im just not attracted to perverts and pedifiles! sorry shithead! Ugliness isnt always about the looks, well in your case it is!
AllEy3sxOnMe: fuck off jackass ur nothing but a pedifile like britt saids go too hell u jackass i fuckin hate u u will never touch britt or me so shut the fuck up ur proablly gay u look it
britney07toxic: you are what we like to call a pedifile! fucking pervert! stop writing rude and explicit shit on these girls comments! you arent even cute so FUCK OFF.
britney07toxic: ok let me just tell you something here, talkingto a woman like that is NOT going to get you anywhere. Assholes like you shouldnt even be allowed to have children. You are a dickhead and an immature one at that! Stop writing bullshit in peoples comments
AllEy3sxOnMe: Stop writting me im never gonna date ur ass wtf is wrong with u . i dont let no guy talk too me like that ur so lucky u dont live near me or else u would be thrown in jail for all teh shit ur saying and i do not i REAPEAT DO NOT wanna be ur friend i dont
AllEy3sxOnMe: well w/e dude who ever said anything about me ever having sex with u so dont bring sex up please. and um first off i dont no u and from what u said too me i wouldnt wanna get too know u even if it was just going out for a cinnamon roll think how u said wh
robynn: k rasheem have it your way..your a wigro..with a red furry afro..and fake guns..and plastic jewlerrysmile
robynn: no nono rasheem..theres this thing called POSER..thats what you are..your not black..sorry sweetheart...and please..spell canadian rightsmile(L) only wish you had those shades
robynn: p.s what makes you think you know that there immatation sunglasses..... you dont know shit all your just a hurting ugly faced boy with nothign better to do then to diss pretty little 14 yr old girls cuz your jealoussmile(L)...
robynn: :|...ther enot my sunglasses lmao...are you liek retarded or somthing..havnt you been reading your comments:S....and dont diss canada..ever againsmile your jealous cuz canadas got the hottest bitties alivesmile

love ya raASHEEEEMMM i get a kick out of you.wink
robynn: lol you know what rasheem are a ugly
kkatee: p.s. your white.
kkatee: so shut your overly wide mouth before i do it for yousmile. have a nice day. (L)!
kkatee: hi RASHEEM. i have a few suggestions for yousmile okay.. numebr one .. work on that speech inpediment. youll get it with practise. say it with me. teeTH. .. okay number 2.. consider an ear tuck or something. number three.. glasses are hot.. unlike you. so s
shelli718: uh thanx? but its just pic lol they dont have 2 b perfect
tippytat: hahahahahahaha i can see u got some jokez fo real u really are as stupid as u look first of all im probably smarter then u will ever be.. and by the lookz of ur pics u are eather a big poser or u were a high skool drop out who has nuffin better to do then
tippytat: ya sure.. think what u want but so u knowmost gurlz are aroud the same hight as i am... so unless u like the big slanky freakz good luck findin a gf... o and news flash most normal guyz like shorter gurlz...
mmeliaa: im nto making any sense? your retarded. stop talking to me. your old.
mmeliaa: theres like, soemthing wrong with you. your the one who randomly comments to people about there glasses? so like, fuck off. your 24 do you have anything beter to do than go on websites & talk to young girls.
tippytat: wow... u really must have a lil to much free time huh... and just so u know im 5" isnt really that short.... so id like it if ud cute the crap..
mmeliaa: excuse me? your the one who judges people based on sunglasses, RASHEEM.
mmeliaa: and excuse me, RASHEEM but who says ta-ta. honestly
mmeliaa: well your really old.. and haggard. so have a nice lifesmile p.s. my aves are better than you.
mmeliaa: i like how you made fun of robyns aviators. p.s. their mine, and they cost over 100 dollars and thats like more than your life.
CarolinaLadyRebels14: hahah thank you!!!! ur not 2 bad urself..
AllEy3sxOnMe: Dude!! dont fuckin comment on my page again first off NO NONE of my BOYFRIEND never hit or abussived me cause i would never date & asshole like u wut the fuck is ur problem comming on my page saying u wanna slap me around a lil and shit fuck off * and ur
A3n3D0r7E: omg ur still whyte
CrossMyHeart88: Ahhh how about no.
CrossMyHeart88: Wow, that sounds like a dream, rofl
Ichor: Sure, whatever you say.
EmInEmSgIrL161986: Thats pretty kool...Adam is a really good kisser.
BigRedCA04: Haha, thanks sweetie, you too! hug
BigRedCA04: Just this one.
BMXgirl121: lol hmm thats hot lol
BigRedCA04: Thanks, but which profile? confused
Ali55: that was a really wierd comment
FenderHeavyMetalChic: that's great
need a glass of water for that?
anXa: imagine that....
robynn: no RASHEEM it means your fucgly as heell.. lmao ..i think i mite puke.
Ichor: Yeah, I have to be fake because I won't take the time to make a "salute". Brilliant deduction.
robynn: uhh are you fucking kidding me. your hiddious.
IceGoddess8930: LOL LOVE THE COMMENT!!! ::slaps ass n calls you susan::
kikkie6t9a: Oh okay
kikkie6t9a: Thanx...?
FenderHeavyMetalChic: Cool, I once set fire to your grandma.
TnBrunette3288: Im guess im supposed to take that as a COMPLIMENT?
AndLoveBits: i cant belive u killed one of my foxes!!!, and why were u allthe way up in canada???
CloseYetFar: *hehe* Thanks for the comment. But no i am not an imbreed i assure you of that.
angelnwv: Lol Thanks for the comment :P You're quite hott yourself
BabyYost: thanks for the comment
babygrl224401: u should learn to have a little respect for ladies lol that might help ya! ummm and i have to agree with u i am pretty hot. try bein nice to me and mayb ill talk 2 ya.
babygrl224401: well first off no i dont like black guys! dumb porch monkeys and second u dont have anything for me because i dont want shit from you. ummmm and lol thanx for callin me fat i kinda like that. ummmm ya lets just say ur an asshole and i am great in the sack
AgKingPimp42: wat u to dumb to spell skittles right
AgKingPimp42: lol hahaha ur white dumbass
anirishlad17: naw man. Sorry i am sweet for da ladies, not for guys, so why u put so much effort in , sorry but i aint goign to talk to you , i dont like guys hitN on me
aprilprince823: ive never thrown up after a meal. thats digusting
anirishlad17: lol naw sorry. I like da shirt, but u dont have too and da women love it and i get more girls then u do son. sorry its iight tho peace
AmericanEagle: You young piece of shit, dont even talk to me , i will put your head through a fucking wall, From the CPT , FUCK YOU PAY ME !
YAMS918: so effin' hot!!! smile
lilone07: hm.. what was with the comment you left me? insubordination?
SugarBoobs: oh the beauty of photoshop where would you be without it
SugarBoobs: oh the beauty of photoshop where would you be without it
AndSheShatters: Hey you unintelligent piece of shit, I'm not fake so shut the hell up.
Goliath25: hey you do that ill give those bastards a piece of my mind
xxsweetnsexy17xx: huh
lilbit0469: what the hell lol, what did that mean little man?
a420superfreak: chunky eh??
YourSoSexyy: youre fucking weird.
theLoverBoi: wtf... go suck ur own cock,
amelia182: what the hell?
xbeccax: No.
xbeccax: Elaborate
YourSoSexyy: huh
clarkie11: password stealer ?
vanity: i wasnt insubordinating anything.
i was asking.
AddictedToGlam: lucky you are. my life is horrible. =(
AddictedToGlam: somone shit on my face. what about you?
AddictedToGlam: somone shit on my face. what about you?
BonnieD: Hmmmmm i've never seen who clint eastwood married... but thanks ( i think )
vanity: do you actually know the guy xxrockandrollaxx, whose pictures they are?
fingerz: Kay fuck off yopui dont know n e thing about me.
so dont fucking talk to me!!!
decafdoublelatte: What do you mean if i'm for real?
DarkAngel26: thanx for the comment sexy ♥ Hit me up sometime on AIM or Yahoo smile
Browneyedgirly: ok..
alittleoverated: lol they do dont they:P
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: u make me soo wettt, ur soo hottsmile
drunkONcyanide: do i know you?
amaya04: To answer your question, no no and no!
bgaubryl513: WTF...
cutiewifbooty: ok wtf ever thats fucken lame anyways
cutiewifbooty: what in hell did u just leave me???
akfoxrider69: Thanks for the comment...I guess.
angeleyes2481b: lol umm thanks for my lil message!
aelx08: whatta mean i got hit with a baseball bat? wtf are you talkin about
OMGxItsLexxi: your scary.
badboyobsession: rasheem is my fantasy man I LOVE HIM sooo hilarious and sexy
ben2k5: Will you stab yourself for the love of me and any significant other? smile
ben2k5: Oh snap! You've shattered the rest of the very little left of my self esteem. lol

Now go burn in a fire. Thanks!
Av0idTheCliche: I know :( I'm such a horrid person! Please forgive my unkindness.

Oh, and thank you. wink
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: sooo damn sexy babysmile
Av0idTheCliche: me*
Av0idTheCliche: oh, I'll change my name then. You can call my Myrtle.
allalone005: thanks!...ur cute
BonnieD: ummm no....
SnuggleBunny774: ohhhhh yeah, and i like the 11 cookies at once picture.. hahaha..ur so silly.
SnuggleBunny774: thanks. but your much more hotter. haha.....and mmmmmm i like skittles...tha candy, that is ;-) )
BonnieD: well i'm not most girls... and yes i was rather offended by your comment.... maybe you should think things through before you hit comment... that might piss a few girls off
AINTNODISCO: sorry, you're a little too far away
BonnieD: ummmmm.... my pictures aren't there for whack off material..... thats actually really discusting knowing that...
AINTNODISCO: hahaha wow. that was quite the comment
AINTNODISCO: sup, gangsta
ThisAreFlashes: i think i would enjoy stabbing you in the neck.
bamsloverxXx: sweeet, dance
BonnieD: well thank you darlin... your so sweet
unknownvampiress: lol thanks, much
yehritewoteva: aw thank you hunny, that's really sweet! xx
deathxr0se: lmfao, nevermind
bamsloverxXx: uhh. thanks grinlol

your hella hot. ♥
deathxr0se: you aren't black?
fatkid26: if you weren't such a moron you would know what fatkid means
deathxr0se: lol. becausee. your default is quite strange
bestxofxme05: well thank you smile you're not so bad urselfwink
deathxr0se: so uhm. you seem odd.
cutawaythemisery: nah it's okay, i forgive your friend or you or whatever. Thanks for apologizing and I'm very sorry too... just got offended by those things so i went off.. but thanks and i apologize too! smile beth.
cutawaythemisery: shit i think it cut me off oh well.. basically yes i've been raped, beaten, cheated on and lied to and that just caused me to not have a heart anymore and not have feelings.. so go ahead so whatever you want because i guarantee you that you cant hurt my
cutawaythemisery: oh darn i'm ugly.. guess i'll go cry somewhere... and doll my friend was over the other night and she left you that comment under my name so in all reality i had no fucking problem with you until now and you're right sweetie.. i've been raped 4 times,
cutawaythemisery: o my god u fucking wigger...u need to get a life...wake up- YOUR WHITE!!!!!!!!! if i was anywhere near u rite now id slit your goddamned throat, you fucking wigger... whoever made you, made you with a white cock you bastard so why dont you pull it out of
spubkyspiffer: <3333 lets have some buttsecks
PrincessX143: welcome back love. ♥
Stoic: Thank you, & nice pic =]
igotgame: i wanna touch the love pole
blush: I had to turn my head upside down..scared <-- dizzy. But you're cute!
Ind3libl30n3: fucking sig is sick. lol
hottshyt: haha i love ur pics...
deskirkham: how the hell you get that many bang bucks
sinfulspice1: d0rK
punkassmunkey3: Very hot! wink heartthrob
sk8erb0izr0ck: skyttlz is the shit. super cute too. grinlol
bigsnoopdog: what up my nizzle. you be showin me love on my comments and all dat shit, and you know i gots love fo dat CPT, you best beleive ima be givin dis nigga a shout-out. blaze big homie.
Jessi: ur cute! <3 love, *jessi*
Hayley: huh I thought you left... welcome back.
llmama: I feel used and abused <33
sk8erb0izr0ck: much love much love, you rock skyttlz! smile
blondiebabe11404: very cute..hit me back! wink
mandibrowneyes: ha..too cute and to funny. gotta lust a sense of humor
igotgame: peace out dawg frown
paintballpro69: funniest shit ever. "lets get retarded" for some reason fits your pictures. peace bro keep it real! haha
bulletproof: Sexi and hottt!!!
kissablexnxquiet: _ alex.
you gangstuh bee-yatch. <3
thank you.
missed ya.
Hoodman87: Truly cool and I have respect for u cauz u dislike racism and that makes cool as hell ur the fucking shit and no matter no1 will get that one above u man word
PunkCareBear: hah you're sexy
nice guns biggrin
bigirl224: very cute, love the pics!
BaJanBwoi: Yo B..them pics are SIKK...for real....U own all dem gunz man?
CuteLilJessi07: so sweet. ur rating should be higher. heartthrob
EvilTemptress: i <3 guns smile
QTay04: 0o0o la la sexy!! ♥ ♥ ♥
hottmamma719: You are toooo funni!!! gotta love them pics!! hit me up sometime xoxo Kristen
llmama: heartthrob
angeleyes54914: i agree hes cute and an awesome person
boombada: OK, first..i'm straight..but damn..u is just too funny yo!
sugA581: my sexy sexy lover ♥
Tamis: you...are strange...but cute ...yes
Lacy: omg. you are lyke soooo hawt.
XxX0Kisses0XxX: i <3 u too
devilswhore: OMG.. you'd piss in my mouth.. anytime fluffy bunny
sinfulspice1: I love you....
bmsmith54: lmao not gay but kudos to u awesome pics
maddi111: you're pics are the shit skyttlz!
erinbliss: lmao. awesome!!
llmama: Lovely smile
cutesdwoman: great pictures
peacefuldreamer06: wow you pics are awesome
lilkeykey27: def. the hottest guy on the site lol.
pollypocket1: amazing
JustSomeChick: hahahahahahahaha thats great i love those pictures!!!!!

only1matthew: holy fuck
how did u do that to your rating???? huh
rainydaylax: your sexyness needs to be spread all over the world....keeep it coming
OosweetstuffoO: My comment is: I want to help you shoot your Ak sometime wink
somer: marry me please? say yes bacause my heart can't take a rejection from someone as great as you skyttz!!
somer: can i touch your fro? please? it makes me hot wink
xXpinkLollipOpXx: My intellectual buddy smile
I love you <3
JeNnIeXIsLeNo: fuck me hard wink
BrokenDreams: who wears short shorts?
skyttz wears short shorts...
and i like em grinlol
LumpyMilk: Alexander, you rock.. Your one of the funniest guys on WYHT, and for that, You have my respect.. : )
KerBear: I stalk alex!! <3 lol! Luff yas <3
Milkshake69: Hehe you make me laugh!! aww i love guys like you!
Rosalie: oh you thought you could hide awy from me, now I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson *spank-spank-spank*
tnsouthernrose: Hi hun? whats up?
sk8erb0izr0ck: awesome pictures!! shows u have a good sense of humor!! *stevie*
iseverythingokay: <3
No9: Kick ass fro.
BabyDolly69: haha you are too funny...u get a YESSS for sure!!
Reese81: that last pic was fuckin hilarious! you rock!
plaiboibunii69: sooo sexxxy!
iNuRdReAmS: aww ur adorable AND funnygrinlol
pimp2pimp: uuuhh sum 1's got their knickers in a twist *looks at NismoNightmare*
grateful26guitar: man those pictures are quite entertaning. i liked your wigs. yes they were quite comical. and i like your political stances.
NismoNightmare: yall r retards anyone ever heard of photoshop.
JeNnIeXIsLeNo: ur pics and profile had me in tears, ur so funny!
pimp2pimp: I'M back and got a cool new SIG
tnsouthernrose: nice pics lol...more power to ya
UhhYeah: lol, love the new photos bro, especially the basketball one hahaha... keep em comming !!
HottyMcBody2: i'm in fucking awe looking your pictures man. you are a god of photoshop, haha
you really really really like guns, dont you
koTIc: those fuckin rock man.
manoncam8: i look at you and i want to flex my man muscle.
only1matthew: you sexy piece of sexy sex you!
u r teh co0l3st!!!!!
wo0ters =P
xoxblondie69: hah omg.
you've got to be the coolest guy ever
BadKitty: mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee
sinfulspice1: lolup i never said that!!!
Skyttlx: Kristen said its was "ok". And since she loves you that could mean your pecker is lacking.
drdeath: You're hot. Can I see your private pics? Let's cam sometime. Do you have a large penis?
bANAners: Don't shoot yourself!
RobertG: Haha! Dude you're awesome!
BootleggerHoe: Well well well, its the most awesome person evar!!! come over soon k?
sn0wboardinb4b3: i didnt mean it to be mean... i mean i shoot guns all the time in the summer with my dad n' my bro's n' stuff...

but holding one next to your head... thats not cool
pimp2pimp: Nice new pics hun wink Didn't ring me, did we? nono
sinfulspice1: mine...
justagirl226: you rock.
DanMan5OOO: clever.
MissHeatherMarie: Skyttlz, you're fucking hott
The way you kiss me crazy
baby your so amazing
7 days and 7 nights of thunder
the waters rising and i'm slipping under
i think i fell in love with the 8th world wonder
IaMsoCrAzY: oh well they r funny
Pedro: yo u hilarious lol
anXa: interestin`..
AngelBabe04: ur hott
HeAvEnSeNt: ♥My love♥
IaMsoCrAzY: ur pictures are so funny, how do u do it?
Rosalie: ah hellz ya, you know I be likin' that shit raw!
Rosalie: damn yo, you gots the finest ass on this sizite! when you gonna tap this rabbit?
PHAHQ2: that is way too good hahaha awsome shit, american for sure hahaha
rayray77: dont hate on my man hes a freakin soldier
HopefulDespair: in time.
rayray77: your pics are fucking BOMB
xxMakemebleedxx: CUTE STUFF
shazsharon: your a total cutey get in contact babe
trep: hahahah this guys a fuckin joke
SmokeEater88: You are one of the funniest kids on this site
theonlyrealshark: dude ur awesome
igotgame: yo keep dem guns smokin in the hood playa cool
like in tha ghetto shouldnt be so rough

keep it gangsta aiite

sinfulspice1: MINE heartthrob
AttikusChik: the is that real gold? haha well those pix make me laugh ...later!! wink
HopefulDespair: You are so weird sometimes, Stan. <3
Devon79: you are too fuckin funny. I love it!
Shorty2Sweet420: i love the guns....and the fro!! lol~*~ smile
ojetstreamo: hey dude..where'd you get all those guns and junk? haha
PlatinumRed2256: ur fuckin hot!
hieveryone: dude, this guy is FUCKING PIMP!!!
sexybrunette: haha your fuckin hilarious...the only way i'll hit u is if im drunk or on crack LOL
ME0WxCORE: dam yo ... im mad shook by this cat right heRRe. brush ur heRRR right ThURRR ...
all41artistaEtYahu: Very interesting pics - def like the integration, very well done! :P Hit me up sometime smile
MissDeevi: lol the Opposite Eminem? Fuck M&M's, I'm Skyttlz BITCH. You got a lot of guns... rifles, what not. whoa, scary
MissDeevi: Yo, I have that same shirt as you lol When you're "running with the boys playin basketball"
stevesshrooms: lol awesomwe pictures dude
alainak: wow, i hope yer joking. yikes. you are nuts.
iwannabelikebarbie: Awww... he loves me today. <3
MyChemicalRomance: fucking hilarious
xoxBLOWxox: Sup, you make my heart go BOOM BOOM baby, BOOOOM. I'd luv to hit that 24/7 wink
xoxBLOWxox: Sorry hun, I haven't seen yo BUM but bets its a great one xXx big cock XxX
bad4you: your silly wink
meteora: it's ok... i understand. and yes i will have your children.
meteora: you want me, i know it.
metallicarocks: haha yeah i am 16, and thanks man
theCHEESE: that shits so fake but funny ahah
Luchia: ur pictures are to cute and funny
badboy12981: headbang there we go.
badboy12981: in reallity skyttlz is a hardcore headbanger, listening to such bands as megadeth, slayer, metallica, and motorhead. he is a sarcastic man who enjoys making fun of the hip-hop rap community. rock on skyttlz, rock on. :handbang:
TenthVelocity: get well soon yo
Tresmondaine69: hahaha ur white CPT nigga hahaha u make me laugh lol
Reese81: I love the pics! smile
theyregreat1986: Hahahahahaha, ROFL!!!! Funny ass pics!!!!! Especially that bus one!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!
Dahlia: Oh baby! I wanna fondle your sauciness wink
xkrucialx: lol thanx for the comment! and ur cute!! but in ur dreams boi my clothes will be staying on! haha ur funny though : D muah krucial kisses
vanillashorty: thank you very much biggrin
CuteLiLmUnChKiN: thanx for the comment! wink
vanillashorty: and what have you done for me?
moonbeam4: can i see your privates?
ataris1: SEXY!!!! ... ya gotta be smart as hell too... lol .. even though you use guns in almost EVERY pic lol
DaShOrTnEsS15: Thanks 4 The Comment
MissHeatherMarie: errrr heartthrob
MissHeatherMarie: without a doubt you are the corniest, hottest, and most deisred on guy on this site. Not everyone has come to realize this yet, but they will, somday! lol
Skyttlz you can add me to your friends list now

ImDaStupidIdiot: nice, haha
Serkix: drizzy4wizzy that is. And props to you my man! I meant. Gee, must be time for bed. Keep it real homie.
Serkix: hahaha damn you still crazy me up "dawg"! lol. Yeah drizzy4wizz...what you said. Haha we have something in common. Propz you my man! =D
liltingoddess: Hot AS not at...damn I'm tired fo rizzle my home slice wink
liltingoddess: Hell're hot at hell g munny dawg. wink Me so horny baby. grinlol
mexicola: funny as hell grinlol
aftrdrknss53: holy shit your a loser, but u look funny so your tight
emtears26: lol wow your pictures are rather...interesting - nonetheless, they made me laugh, so that means you have a slight sense of humor in ya (even though it may require guns and an off-brand of skittles...)
candi4687: I am colonel Sanders's grand daughter and if ya dont fuckin mind I need your address so I can come kick ya fuckin ass.... Ya dip shit IT IS ON!!!!!!!!! wink lata
xxspeednplayaxx: ive been cracking up all morning, your good a photoshop
(im into ladies)
wienerwhistle222: Hey baby. You are HELLA fine. Can i see your private pics?
Swij: haha, yes man! i love the comments in that drizzy dudes profile. he's gettin' so mad.
iLoveClitsMore: you like bling bling??? i like bling bling!!! no one out-blings MEEEEE!!!! mother fucker. can i see your private pics?
NismoNightmare: PIC are fake anyone ever heard of photoshop?
thedonkey4you: Damn Bro, that shit was funny as fuck...thanks for the laugh's and keep them come'n....

BootleggerHoe: your just wicked shit smile
sinfulspice1: i wanna
bANAners: eek redface
AMiUGLY: omg it's eminem!!!!j/k. i luv the pics and keep it up! i need a laugh once in awhile!
TheNewt: "If it ain't a chevy don't raise it up, and if it ain't chronic don't blaze it up. You know we keep it real don't think to front you know we keep it real so gangsta it up!"-Snoop Dogg (from the Lesbian Scene in Snoop's Hustlers Vol 1.)
ScubaJoe420: Nice job man, the pics are great
xashluvsyoux: haha i love ur pictures!
KidFoshizzel: yo yo yo homz keep it tight
soul1355one: Any rich boy can own a gun you pussie.Learn how to shoot and then come talk to me....I fucking grew up in jersey....We dont play games and we dont get killed.....You fucking rich boys grow up with your money and computers...keep fucking jerking off and pr
girliemustangchic50: You are awsome babe! heartthrob Give me some of that!
jojoacatatonicclown: nice chose of wepons but i think your full of shit because a kf7 soviate is a wepon that is hard to find and so is a m40 sniper rifle
HopefulDespair: Assmunch.
pimp2pimp: ur age..LooL. u look bout 13
sunofsand: sorry, rasheem my cock has been hurting lately. sowwies frown <3 <---my luff for you
bROkENPROMiSE: hehe. wud up GANGSTUUUUUH! lol, your a cutie.
HopefulDespair: eek
abusedtrend: w3rd love my acid! nice AK
abusedtrend: so pimp!
tvv: so when are you comin over to show me your big gun?
HopefulDespair: That was so wrong.
HopefulDespair: How much are you willing to pay?
meisstevo: tooooo gangsta
pimp2pimp: hitit yeah, your fit. I'd bang you like a rabbit on speed hitit
preciousangel: damn boy i would love to taste that rainbow
HopefulDespair: Maybe...maybe...
iwannabelikebarbie: haha
Can always make me laugh.
ChocolateChip: haha...cute!
AbortionsTickle: I love you, and the private pics biggrin
butterflykisses: i dont really like boys but this one is definately the exception i love a guy with humor...
buttcheecks17: is it wierd that im listenin to D12's Get My Gun song while lookin at the gun pix?
BroncoFootball: haha you're the fuckin man.
TrippyRaverGirl: hey sexy hehe i love your pics
bballplaya287: im not gay or anythin to comment but this kid is fucken hilarious, i love those pics
apolarisb: dude if we were gay that would be the hottest thing ever! -thumbs up-
blueyedcutiexc: awww your cute... i'll add you as a favorite and friend!!! too cute not to be a favorite!
FCUKBABE: LOL yeah ur awesome
putdowngirl: I want to have your babies...NOW!
-luvs ya lots-
MissT420247: you r fucked ok dont make fun of other white boyz because hunny look in the mirror u dont have much room to talk lmao
DemandredsMom: Fuckin' Cracka!!!


Assassins all the way Shhhhhhhrofl
mylilangel: u fuckn idiot
Chelzie: wow a lil obsessed with guns now arnt we?
demandred: Fuck yeah...assassins all the ready to go cap some crackas my G vertical skrew unit nigga?>

Gimme that ass...I gotta throw a yes to my negro assassin comrade-demandred-
qtwitabooty3: ur kewl
xdaniellex: Marry me!! lol
azpunkrawkr24: -heart-
sweetasiantease: Your soooo sexy, hehe. I <3 you. wink
jimmyboy: old school g...sick. btw how the fuck did u get ur hands on that xm177e2(colt commando)???
nErdTasTic01: dont shoot me
XoPrettyNPinkoX: i heart u babe
sinfulspice1: you make my heart melt -luffs-
xXPiMPeTTeXx: haha ur reallly hottt!! i luv tha new wrapper thang!! XoXo VeRyYy GoOd
x0xchrystinax0x: if i say no r u going to shot me??
PimPJuicE04: tru ma nigga packing SUM SICK AS HEAT
HopefulDespair: Thanks, sugar. <3
HopefulDespair: Sho' baby!
glascoe32: YOU'RE WHITE!
BabyStepherz69: haha the pics fuckin rule man lol awesome job
kAiT8d07: i luv ure crazy ass grinlol
ry2thean84: even tho these are jokes man u must have a lot of time on ur hands to be playing with fake guns and puting this shit into photoshop, but w/e floats ur boat i laughed at em
x3fingaz: niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice..
heello there. xxx MWWAH!
lordmatt: these have to be THE BEST pictures on wyht!!!

Funniest pics hand down!! good fucking job my brother!!!
BrianP: that fucking awsome! haha great photoshops man great stuff
HopefulDespair: You bring it all. wink
sexylilblonde: you cutesmile
HopefulDespair: Woo! You ladies man!
sugA581: Thanks hun!! You are sexxi as hell!! wink I'd hit that !!!
UnpressPoet009: I'm just joshing you, holmes. You're alright.
UnpressPoet009: Malibu's Most Wanted....kid.
meteora: *wonders where you find the free time do to all this*
igotgame: Yo got mad flows dawg, give you props, fuck da haters bro, brush dem off like stankin biotches
fuck drizzy4twizzy fo real

Stay up playa !!!
bakoffho: Dahahaha Man my friend Alex (Gaz5499) showed me your pics man. You are freaking hilarious. Most of these people need to calm down and take a joke haha. Keep up the good work man Photoshop is number one. Way better than Compton.
canuhandlethisnigga: I want you to cyber explode all over my face
BadKitty: Hiya baby, I just wanted to put some positive words on your comments thingy! anywho.. I love you and blah blah blah all you people that hate on Skyttlz are just a buncha, a buncha haters! Stop drinkin' Hateraid!
Love ya Skyttlz! xoxo meow
canuhandlethisnigga: and why the fuck dont you have a picture with me hmmmm?
canuhandlethisnigga: oooh baby, you make me so wet. I want to sex you so hard. mmmmmmmm
sammy16: HAHAAHA I LOVE UR PICS and ur hot so its awsome, hehe if ya wanna talk, im me at iamsam016 thanks
FranktheRabbit: my freind, your arsenal is insane.
jessecobra: Hey man i got another guestion about photoshop, Once i use the Wand tool and inverse my selection, i cant seem to find the copy and paste options. What do i do? I right clicked on the image but it doesnt show anything about copying and pasting.
jen: i was just trying to help ya..........but looks like u got it uunder control DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
drunkenbutterfly420: LOL you rule dawg
I love the new photo
projectmayhem: Thats the greatest thing ive ever seen.
jen: hehehe you make me giggle!!!!!!!!! watching someone that doesn't even have a real pix on here get so mad at someone he doesn't even must keep realy busy writting all these people back back......
DiirrTy: nice guns babe
D4L: D4L uPp in thiz motha fuck..
Ind3libl3on: your sexy.. i want you soo bad what do i gotta do to get your ass?
Blondie27: ahhh! That is the shit!!! Your cd man, classic!
clairvoyantmind: HAHAHA, wow love the pics man, very very funny. seems to me like ur pissin a few people off, all i gotta say is fuck those haters, keep up the good work!!!!
SkorpIoNS: Yo' I'ma give you creadit for yo pics. They is funny. but lose the guns and the gold. And mine is hilarious. Yo', STRAIGHT UP, they's real though unlike yours man. I don' need to be gettin' no fake shit. On the real, son. I keep it as real as it gets. ~On
Serkix: Oh hey man, Thanks! Props to you too! =D
boombada: thank your better half for the yes vote ..and vote of confidence.and to u...mad props to u for being #1 on the top 10 list!.....your pics are funny as hell....a sense of humor goes a long way in the real world...and i'm sure your girlfrie
canuhandlethisnigga: My homegirls tried to warn me, but that butt you got ma-makes me so horny
Thrasher: After reading through these posts it amazes me how many people on this site have no sense of humor. Atleast some of us get it. The rest of you are bunch of idiots.
LightMeUp: i love how everyone rips on this guy, and then i go check the ones calling him a "wigger" and you faggots are pulling the same shit. Wow. Play hard. Go pro. L8
Supaballz: rasheem, u the man brother, u r so gay,nice gay pics, i think you could have done a better job at editing those pics, keep it real dawg,
canuhandlethisnigga: <3 lots of love
lesbass4: their either real or airsoft....right? anyway, thats fucking awesome in itself. i wanna see you hunt white ninja's or pointint the ak at "the man"
Shelly05: Nice guns..
lorena211: dude everyone needs to chill out, its a joke. ur pics are hilarious dude, keep on postin em
dejota_212: I must say that you have the funniest pictures on this site. Nice job.
Mastataspe: haha ... mo powa to ya, kid!
zerosk8er19: haha this is hilarious
binrah: Dude, you're my freakin' hero, you are hilarious
babydoll2: wow ur so sexy!!!
rivalred: FUCKIN FUNNY! wow this site has some interesting characters.
BadKitty: I don't know how anyone could hate you.. I love you.. so meow :p
BadKitty: You are so cute... happy happy joy joy... doot doot doot I love you Skyttlz!
chad4887: hilarious, youve got me clapping for y dude... funny stuff ya got grinlol
zeppelinfevah: ghey
-- loll sorry some-one told me to vote you a no .. sorry
xNinjaloxNationx: Bus it!
x6Untitled6x: im sorri i gave u a no. u seemed kinda..odd..but now that i think of it u seem pretty bad i cant rate over...and thanks for the yes smile
unsanejoe: funniest damn thing I've seen on here!
AddictiveBehavior: Aww. Thanks I appreciate that comment wink
AddictiveBehavior: Your pics are so funny. Screw what everyone says, you're making people laugh wink
xmissxnickiex: at first i thoguht your main pic was a cartoon but i see by ur other pics that you are not. Keep it real playa
HopefulDespair: lmfao, 'girlfriend'! <3
rkinsey: ill stab your nuts to the dresser
unitedelements: your fuckin hilarious man
HopefulDespair: iloveyou Stan!
WAV0023: thats funny shit man
SkorpIoNS: Yo' Drizzy, what is up with this foo'? You gots to be kiddin' me, man. Yo' Skyttlz or whatever yo' name is, let you in on some'.... guns don' kill people, people kill people. Quit hidin' behind them guns. They're toy guns by the way , ain' hard to tell.
caribbeancoke: Thats awesome... you rock.
hockeyfan7: your fucken gay biatch i would own you,you think your so cool i got golden guns instead of sliver you ever played goldeneye well i would own in that game and in real life to so stfu biatch
ur fucikin white to ass fuck
paintingchick2005: This is so great! Are you really the dude in the pics? If so, u look pretty good, and you must have a great sense of humor.
oOoCandyQT4uoOo: Haha, you seem hilarious and not bad looking too;-)
bry: Your a flamer get a life u embarrising wigger
hannahrifka: your amazing
lankonia: lol all of you who think he is serious are obviously the fags here...hahaha its a JOKE morons.
oar: omg come on wigger get off this site, damn the last thing we need is bitches like yourself. you have guns cuz you're just a skinny lil shit who'd get beat up by anybody..fag
DeutscherMann87: haha, I'm no queer, but I'm clicking yes cuz that's a funny ass picture...
ThuggMan187: gangsta gangsta. keep that shit ril homie.
hottymcbody7: this guy is fuckin brutal at photoshop.
DoG4LiFe769: RIcE puff Daddy whats good with ur fake guns? fuckin wigger think u all thugged out u fuckin fagget... go shoot sum cans with ur bb guns
F3lixth3Cat: lol thats fuckin priceless!
nickyboy: I hope some nigger comes and kills you
scoob0803: 2 words man....fuckin awesome!!!
demandred: hahah dude i ain't gonna rate you...being that i am a str8 guy...but damn your pix are insane cool man...fuck yeah...I love the photo editing....dude do you think if i sent you a pic you could doctor it up for me?...make some crazy ass shit...anyway mssg.
canuhandlethisnigga: you are hot and sweeter <3
Rah: LOL, that's some funny shit!!!! Got any rocket launchers??
jaybutter: whats up with all the guns ??
apolarisb: awesome
KajunKutie546: dont take that the wrong not talkin shit to
KajunKutie546: uummm....looks like ur beefin w/ a few ppl lol....and whats with all the guns and the gold? im just wonderin.....its just kinda funny and scarey.......u look like a terrorist or
nickyboy: your a fuckin pussy
fthatsh1t: hahahah, dude, your rediculous, please shoot me.
bleweyes: anyone who thinks this is a real profile and not a spoof on all the stupid assholes who think they are tough shit on this site should just put a bullet through their brain right now.
aldizzle187: wow, makes me hate my own race. lol
hotbabigurl4u: man that shit is hilarious. Mad props.
Serkix: lmao great stuff man! *two thumbs up*!
hopeless: wow dude is all i got to say ur good with adobe photo shop who the fuck hangs out with guns and who the fuck wears those chains fucking mr-T
StylesAbs: that was dick.
imalwayschillin: what suburban ghetto did you roll up from you fuckin joke....and take them crackerjack chains off...your such a gangster on hahhahahahah....
tooprecious2u77: Funny you have to rig the ratings.LOL.Even funnier you care enough to find a way to do it.By the way I'm crying over the 5%.
ecruized: you're awesome dude... f'in badass
tooprecious2u77: lol, nice pics dude, these photos are also available at www.skankycrackwhores.c
om, look at the profile named "debbie", same fucking photos. LOL - skyttlz LMFAO That is your great come back!
tooprecious2u77: OMG.I took yet another look because I felt like a laugh and those people aren't even in the pic with you.I am so sorry.You obviously are far below the point of pathetic lonleyness that i thought you were.ROFLMAO.But I'm sure you get alot of that.
tooprecious2u77: penis size like you do.Exactly how long did you spend in toys r us to find some that might look real to a 15 yr old girl.Go out and meet some people maybe then you can get someone other than your mom and sisters to pose in the pics with you.
projectmayhem: hahahahahhahhahahaha
nyr1192: LMAO
cass04: ..ahahaha. That's fucking great.
SolbyColby: SHIT SON, U da crazziest sunofabEotch eva
crazyme87: cute
IlikeItRUFF: ur hott
htothaizo: I will say yes because you're on the great wall with a gun and one day I might want to visit said wall and wouldn't want you to shoot me when I'm up there
babygurl169: umm... u like tom green did u no that~
DrunkDoodles: haha, wicked awesome, i wouldnt do you, but id definately drink some beers with you.
FranktheRabbit: dude, ima a guy, but you are the fucking coolest mother fucker on this site. Drizzy4twizzy looks like a skinny bitch that got gang raped.
cottonkandi1212: haha thats good stuff :-)
Georgiaguy0221: ROFL~!!!! is this serious..
good times..
babygirl16: hells ya boi damn u fine, check me out and leave commentz
nickyboy: omg your so hot, lets meet sometime and we can fuck. i would love it if you took your ak 47 and stuck it up my ass, unless you wanted to do that with your arm? i love you
EasyMac: whats up dog nice morph jobs.....
patryk996: hey look! a terrorist! grinlol --can I join your faction?!
yo yo g money...word to yo mama
Realistic1: don't get me wrong butyou won't be in top 10 for long
bleweyes: this is the coolest person to ever walk the face of the earth bar none. sadly, im not being sarcastic.
liltingoddess: Hahahaha...ur pics are a riot! And you're a cutie!
boombada: k people...stop all the complaining..he's obviously playin around...kepp them glocks and cocks in check. check out the pic he has of himselfat the great wall of a fuckin post card waiting to happen! this guy should have his own reality
boombada: dude, i don't rate guys..but, damn..your funny as hell!!!..your like the ultimate hood ornament!..too funny!...keep that shit up!..but hey, thats just this crazy cannucks thoughts...later
xmissxnickiex: DoN't sHoOt!!!!hehe
arielle: heehee adorible. smile
AlmondEyez: Hmmm Hmmm Hmmmm sexy for some unfathomable reason...just please don't kill me with those gunz lolz grinlol
canuhandlethisnigga: damn dawg, i wanna kick it witchoo
sheekandsweet: saw those pics and couldnt stop laughing... i think you just gave me my daily smile... ps. I have an AK-47 too... pretty sweet ass gun... i wouldnt go braggin to the world i have it though...
pointblank: omg too funny ahahahahaha
munkeybawls: I shoulda hit yes... You crack me up dude.
msapplebottom: lol nigga u look crazzy wazzup with all dat yo lol
imexcitingiswear: you are so fuckin adorable. You get a big yes from me!!! I heart you!!!!!!!!!

xxdolcevitaxx: very cute smile thanx
lancashire: i love men......
sweetsweetsmiles: nice pics did u do that shit in photoshop? anyways your a hottie..not to fond of guns..but they look good in your plain and simple your hot...hit me up sometime xoxo, Sara wink
sexykitty: hehe ur are 2 cute
sexyprincess469: your a cutie
canuhandlethisnigga: you're so adorable. Much Love hunny
canuhandlethisnigga: I love you hunnyyyyy
HopefulDespair: Yo, Rasheem! lmfao.
EatTheCookie: dude this guy is fucking pimp! man you are like the ultimate wangsta i love it! nice caps
AvilleShortCake: thanks for the comment!
luckycharmz: u should add me to msn if u have it
canuhandlethisnigga: you're so cute.
BlackRose666: Hey hottie....whats shakin....thanx for the yes hun and the comment I would love to talk to you some more send me a message or hit me up on aim....Amanda
bamababe: your cute!
blondie1128: you're shitting me right? thanks for the comment btw...i guess...
sar1904: Haha I really really hope you're just messing around with those pics. Thanks for the comment smile
April: thx 4 the comment babe !!!!! u look so sexy lol
WouldUHitThis: What the Hell, i gave u a yes , i am sorry if i gave u A NO , I MEANT TO HIT YES. I AM SORRY , NOW TAKE BACK WHAT U SAID PLZ.
MaNdAzHoTt: i love all your pics! you*re a hottie! hit me up on aim sometime! xoxo, amanda
Xclearnailpolishxoxo: Haha thanks...your pretty cute urself :o)
sugA581: damn... I'd hit it wink
aliciaakababyboo: LOL~ thats very cute~TY 4the yes!!!~~~
bpa2: Oh my god dude, thats hilarious. Hell yeah
uwantmebadly: haha, never heard that one before :p
thecharmedone00: sexy, thanks for the comment, a definite yes for you too!!!
drunkenbutterfly420: lets have some wild monkey love
drunkenbutterfly420: oh yes
gotta love the photos!!!
annie111: send me a pic with no guns and no modification to it..and then we will talk....
thundercatshoe: LoL
goodmourning: hahaha you are hilarious
irishpornstar: i clicked onthe users online and u saw ur pic man....bro thats funny as hell!
macdaddy85: your such a fucking player
SPa: HAHAHAHA, sorry i know ima guy but i love the pic, smoke one for me dawg, haha
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