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Name Matt
Age 30
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Australia
State Not Given
City Not Given
About Me
My Apps
Hanging out with friends, music, guitar, movies, skating, parties, drinking, photograpgy, photoshop, chat, stuff like that!
Turn Ons
Not Given
Turn Offs
People who are assholes on the net for no reason, perverts, liars, people u cant trust, stuff like that..

This stupid SL stuff on here, people get so involved/pissed off about it, its just a website.. get over it.
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Donnie Darko, Matrix, Fight Club, The Butterfly Effect, Snatch, Zoolander, stuff like that :P
Music i like heaps of stuff lol... Nirvana, Living End, Silverchair, Grinspoon, Jet, Marilyn Manson, Boxcar Racer, The Distillers, A Perfect Circle, Fear Factory, Everclear, etc...
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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lailai1104: ur cute
vbarbiee: goood smile and yourself?
vbarbiee: heya smile
MissDrummerGirl: come onlinee on msn :(
rapiscrap127: or not.. sorry something just fucked up, you need a salute to be on my friends list.
rapiscrap127: ...see my comment below...
asiancream: please rate me before adding like my profile says
TallBlondeMaine: Miss you tons Matty! I am okay i suppose... How are you?
TallBlondeMaine: Matty!?
pukingina15: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
alexa15: hey whats up.. how are you doing?
nice pic.. do you have some time
to chat? i need someone to talk to..
can we chat? btw here is my addy..
om and
FatallyYours77: Snugglefucks babe! Happy new years hun.. i miss ya tons!
Kirston19: Aww..well aren't you just ahmazing adorable and suchness. Lol..Thanks for saying I'm "cuteness" lol.
xbrokenguitar: freaking sexy
NarutoJunkie: pretty cutes ^^ hehe
antorocksyou: hey cutie :]
kaylakickass: "This stupid SL stuff on here, people get so involved/pissed off about it, its just a website.. get over it" I couldn't agree with that more. Seriously. smile But, Hi.. I'm kayla. & You're cute.
MaGiCalMisSy18: Hello Cutie!!!
x0bostonbabe: don't beeee
x0bostonbabe: har har
x0bostonbabe: good

oo haha i will
x0bostonbabe: yayss
x0bostonbabe: hehe how so?
x0bostonbabe: noo haha
x0bostonbabe: frankenstein :] lol
x0bostonbabe: readingg for school :[
x0bostonbabe: lolz
pretty good
cas07: i never mind a new add, thanks for the add though cutie!
x0bostonbabe: hehe :]
you like lickingg
corruptedchic: cute
LilBabiiBiatch69: im good
how are you?
LilBabiiBiatch69: hottiiiee =]
kgs05: thanks. i don't mind the add.
HolyShiteItsMe: hey, i don't usually add guys but you got in smile
katlinisawesome: Cutiee.
laurzt: ohh yeeeaa didnt see itt :P
laurzt: if only you had a salute..
IrishGoddess: Not to be rude or ne thing....but if im so "cuteness" then y didnt u read my profile?
afaveo: thanks your a cutie too..
JCLuver6: So I've decided that I pretty much LOVE YOU!! grinlol
deexDRAMA: Aww
tragiclovexx: awww thanks!! :]
xxluckycharm88xx: thanks for the add!
girlfriendxo: THANKS lol wink
kayarebee: mmm you are very good looking.
johndeeregurl69: Howdy darlin thanks for the add. your a total hottie. hit me up sometime
maegan2316: aww thanks your a cutie too
AroundTheClock7: dont mind at ALL smile
loveangel: thanks for the add gorgeous! hit me up sometime smile
apocolypseariel: not at all baby smile
Within2008Temptation: aw ur so very adorable! thanx for the request...i added u
brittanyblunt: hey im bored come talk to me on msn lol come on im cute im cuddly hehee
theCLASSICcrime: DONNIE DARKO! i love that movie, no one ever knows what that is though.
BtxMegARoo: Haha thank you for the cuteness...that was really cute!!
sorry4living: I don't mind the add, but you didn't rate me first, lol. :-(
annie699: that's lame why do you live in australia?! you should move here smile
annie699: comment my new pic! smile
miztxx: thanks for the add cutie!
Tsihcrana: Thanks for the add and the compliment! smile Pretty cute yourself hun, and i have a weakness for australians, lol.
lilfox: Very Cute!!

xobellalova4yaxo: hey thanks for the request..i added you =]
OhSnapItzJess: grinlol ty for the add smile
jessicaxrae9989: heyy wats up??
OneSeximamI: deff not lol ....your a hottie<3
lenachka28: nope i dont!
Celine3: your gorgeous!
hotSEXonLEGS: hola
TBOO: birthday
Shelbah6189: smile
FenderChick: hey .. thanks for the add hit me up some time <3
brianna2828: you're cute too! ;]
xXxJesi420xXx: hey u how are u
tashh: hehehe it all gud smile ur hot .. hehe
CrackahDee: nirvanas ill. ( :
lailai1104: of course i dont mind. ur adorable and seem like a nice guy
Lindseyfull890: weeeeeee
Ulti53: msn?
lmshottie151: Hey bay, thanks for the add.

dyingtosing: heck no ure realllllly cute yourself smile
girlandboy: of course not =)
sheleighrae89: thanks for the yes.. and the add cutit pie<33
FatallyYours77: snuggelfucks your my hero i miss u babe
PenguinsAteMyHw22: haha hi!
submission07: haha
sup, gorgeous
FatallyYours77: i luffs my snuggelfucks... i misses you horribley
deathbylemondrops: YOU WIN!!! ^_^ How have you been?
xXxJesi420xXx: ducky i havent talked to u in forever i miss u
hesmyobsession: just thought i'd say hey smile
ktsngr5665: thanks for the yes smile
Sweet1Forever2004: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Jacqueline1989: lol thanx hun ur a cutie too
HesMyObsession: im alright i finally got calls about some jobs today so thats exciting smile & how are you, lovely?
MeLLyKiNs: awwwww it cut off! i said hows things? and then said
luvvvv uuuu xx
MeLLyKiNs: hey hey my sexy babeh!! long time no chat as always we both are busy little bees! BUT HOT ONES hows melb on this fine hot day!...adelaide suckles, had workies im now finished i can go back out into the world looking non daggy! lol!...hows t
HesMyObsession: ur freakin adorable!
IrishHoney15: lol thnx for the add xD
you're pretty cute toosmile
ps. i voted yes
xXxJesi420xXx: Your so sexy lol.
ashleyxcore: haha =] ive been good how about u
ashleyxcore: do u have to be sooo cute
sexylady01: np good, how are u?
sexylady01: nice photoshop skills smile
Sillygurl4LIfe: I been ok i guess how bout u ??
Sillygurl4LIfe: Thanks for adding me to MYspace smile
xoxjeanniexox: Lol i'm alright, having some issues with the police for my driving, once again. It's something new every month. xD How about you?
xoxjeanniexox: Np hun smile Thanks for the add.
Hannahdoll: hahaha finally!! someone who agrees with me that this site DOESNT MATTERR! and bonus cuz ur hawt.
AllYouGotAbbey: fucking cutie<3
princessmonica9: Good,
but very tired.
princessmonica9: Ha ha,
you're welcome.
princessmonica9: You're friggin adorable,
thanks for the add!
craziblonde: i'm pretty good...kinda cold tho... how bout you?
craziblonde: you're sweet smile
OMFGitsASIAN: I'm good, kinda tired though :]
OMFGitsASIAN: Thanks for the friend request :] How are you?
foreverOTB: happy feet! i saw that a little while ago, super super cute <3
foreverOTB: oo what movie did you see?
foreverOTB: lol thats good, not much up with me >.< i'm sick and therefore cant do much, you?
foreverOTB: lol peachy, you?
foreverOTB: hewos?..... your not on.. blah on you lol
foreverOTB: <3
hotmcbsTITchbits: hello my sexii b0i t0i. i love you <3
MOREDRUGS: hii cuteass :]
missme113: im alive, you? lol
missme113: im alive, you? lol
missme113: im alive, you? lol
missme113: lol thanks
l3eautiful: im good..tired n sore tho
l3eautiful: im good..tired n sore tho
l3eautiful: so sexay!
jeffiner: thanks for the add
IPissGlitter: Really good now that im talking to this uber cute boy smile
xblackdreamsx: i am good how bouts you?
JuliafingChaos: dude, a perfect circle kicks ass.
sUgaRhoOkeR: yummy <3
emyli: wherever you wanna lick, you can ... mm ice cream....
Jocelynx3: aww i am sorry. . .
nothing just chillin
iLoveHEAVYmetal: yeah. i'm bored outta my mind right now. lol.
Kissthegirl06: Fucking adorable.
BatmanIsTheSex: hita cutie, yeah i've missed chatting to you, hows life treating you?
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