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ImaPoke: so when we skyping punk? <3
ImaPoke: I miss you =]
bulbolnisam: hi! whats up?
nice pic... if you have time to chat, just hit me up,,
ImaPoke: obviously got the better of the batch.
trancee: i love your picture,
yes for you
ImaPoke: hey babe, miss ya.
ImaPoke: <3 want you!
xPinkBoxersx: Well that's not how I meant it, so there [:
ImaPoke: heyyy
xPinkBoxersx: Hey hey now.. I wasn't being mean!
xPinkBoxersx: Lmao okayy.
NotSOBEAUTiFUL: Lol, thank you :]
xPinkBoxersx: Fine then YOUR FACE [:
xPinkBoxersx: Baha nevermind then.
xPinkBoxersx: Lol no dear.
xPinkBoxersx: Lol you told me not to fuck up my car and I said I've never owned a car. So I fuck up a car in order to not be able to drive it, now could I? Lol.
xPinkBoxersx: I've never owned a car in order to fuck one up anyways [:
xPinkBoxersx: I would be if I weren't having car complications right now, lol. Now I have to wait until January.
xPinkBoxersx: I've just felt hella tired lately. It's been really hard to get out of bed for work the past two weeks and I want to go home right when I get there lol.
xPinkBoxersx: Lol they're okay [:
xPinkBoxersx: How are things? [:
xPinkBoxersx: Hello thar Yosh.
sugartootz34: the brewers better start winning, or i might have to start kicking babies.
sugartootz34: hang out on good ol facebook huh....ive been around lol hiding here and there!
sugartootz34: awww i miss you too! where have you been!!!!!!!!!!!
brooklynBEATDOWN: well i laughed. and that's all that matters.
brooklynBEATDOWN: you're kind of a dick
NotSOBeautiful: I miss you.
NotSOBeautiful: Lol, nooo. I was trying to show off my weak ass muscles.
NotSOBeautiful: Haha, I wasn't singing, silly. I was just being hardcore. Duh :-P
NotSOBeautiful: Thank you so much sweetheart =) I miss you like craaazy!
xPinkBoxersx: you need to pictures, i've decided. grinlol
ImaPoke: JOSH!
xPinkBoxersx: Lol, would you buy one or just say "fuck it?"
xPinkBoxersx: Wouldn't they give you another one anyway since it's a work phone?
xPinkBoxersx: I think it's silly sometimes, but then I start hating myself for doing something so stupid. No fun for me. Go drop yours in the toilet and I'll have a good time [:
xPinkBoxersx: ehh, not to me really..
xPinkBoxersx: eh, not really. every time i go in the bathroom, my mom tells me not to take my cell phone passed the sink. it gets annoying after a while.
xPinkBoxersx: I was picking my crap up to leave the room after my shower and the lid was up when I lost my grip on it.
xPinkBoxersx: Yes. I got a new one when I signed up with Verizon. Then I dropped this one in the toilet two months later and they had to mail me a new one.
xPinkBoxersx: What message chain? When you were telling me we weren't talking? There was no point to it. I don't have your number anymore- new phone.
xPinkBoxersx: Are we going to talk again any time soon? Or no?
Amplifymylove: Ok well my msn is teenage.wasteland.420@h smile
Amplifymylove: I should add you on aim or msnsmile
Amplifymylove: Hehe awwwww thanks a lot!!!
xPinkBoxersx: hi darling [:
xPinkBoxersx: I would've been super happy if YOU were MY date [:
Sarahbabayyy: haha ok, even though i prefer to win fair and square.
i'm good though I just got home, i'm pretty beat
and how, i don't know your name?
i'm sarah if you didnt know :]
Sarahbabayyy: actually.
i believe there's no comparison
handsome and gorgeousness are two different things
i win :]
courtneyOMGG: thankss for the commentt. xo
katlinisawesome: You're fucking grogeous :]
brooklynBEATDOWN: i love you joshua [:
aewebbunny: it was my birthday first!
NotSOBeautiful: Thank you, baby =)
ericalynnx08: you're welcome.
ericalynnx08: thanks for the picture comment.
you are quite gorgeous yourself.
laaaaaauren: you hush you liar
kaykat0789: <3 gorgeous boy!!!!
laaaaaauren: your cuter smile
laaaaaauren: cute
Sugartootz: cause i can? cant i just say i miss you!
Sugartootz: ok ok my bad...but im back and better than ever! wink
Sugartootz: Ive missed you! Come back to mama...haha
Sugartootz: Hello sexy friend..I missed you so!
derpp: cutiepie smile
shannonerin: np and thankssmile
MarniStar: cutie smile
XOitsrockybabyyOX: heyy thankss =] youll get a yes too
NotSOBeautiful: Haha, I'll send you a pic of him/her one day.
NotSOBeautiful: Damn it! That's like the coolest name I've ever heard! I'm totally gonna name a kid that, someday.
NotSOBeautiful: Aww, thank you! You're way too nice. Oh, and your name fucking kicks ass. I love ittt.
akvolleystudd: nice smile
akvolleystudd: well now i feel bad :(
whats your name?
akvolleystudd: well then whats your name?
& i was just going by what your pro said frown
akvolleystudd: so how are you joshlyn smile
akvolleystudd: thanks smile
akvolleystudd: damn your cute <3
josefina1: haha yiiuhh. I'm so tired though I got like 2 hours of sleep last night and then I had to work 10 hours starting at 7:30
josefina1: haha yeh I mean honestly you kind of get over the gross factor of touching other peoples dirty clothes since you're doing it constantly
josefina1: haha well whatever it's funny but yeh kinda gross
josefina1: haha no I wish it was after but we're not allowed to do that we put them on over our clothes. it is kind of gross but we have to touch them all day anyways so whatever lol
josefina1: man people complain about eeeverything 99.4% of the time they get the right clothes back. although we do try them on sometimes
josefina1: I have to do sooomme stuff it's easy though just take people's dirty clothes and get them their clean clothes and few other various things but yeh it's easy
brittini: your cute
josefina1: that would be really boring I'd go crazy
lol I work at a dry cleaners which is actually more fun then it sounds
josefina1: where do you work?
josefina1: work's not too bad
I work with one of my best friends and the boy that I like so it's kind of fun actually
plus the job is easy so woo
brooklynBEATDOWN: wow. really thought your name was joshlyn. embarrassing.
josefina1: haha yah I mean I like my family but too much time with them kind of makes me crazy. I'm actually looking forward to going to work today to get away hah
josefina1: saamme
really bored I've had too much family time today :/
josefina1: what up qt
josefina1: heeey
MarniStar: smile<3
killwithcrayons: haha. well thats a good thing ^.^ haha
killwithcrayons: oh okay. haha. i was like "what were his parents thinking....."haha<3
killwithcrayons: is your name really joshlyn?
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: I use to be Megalicious69 if you remember me. We use to talk a lot but that was so long ago. shrug
jllake: I don't give a damn.
ThEKaTieMonSter: You're super cute too. And i yes'd you back. hug
Bballa4lyfe101: Thanks for the yes and the ad!! Your gorgeous!!!
jyeahboiii: hey cutiee :] wuts up
woahhhitsamanda: wow QT
brooklynBEATDOWN: lolz
i love youu
aheartinabox: hey babe what are you up to?
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: Gorgeous!
You Have The Cutest Bum
=) =)
xHypnotiic: Thanks for the add =]
Xalex05X: aww thanks for the yes..your really
Broussey: adorable smile
BlueEyedBlondie2011: Damn!!! Messange me if you want to chat sometime!
BlueEyedBlondie2011: Damn!!! Messange me if you want to chat sometime!
xOKathleen: thanks<3
SouthernCherry: Hey sexy i gave a yes
ImaPoke: yeah you are way out of my league......but i must say I think you are seriously attractive.
xShayleex: aww your so adorible. thanks for the yes
SweetxKoupsie: Cutttiesmileheartthrob
robotsexx: how's it going buttercup?
wantmuhass: the top 10..bout dang time <3
smileygurl1090: hey, thanks for the yes smile gave you one too!
xRetaliationx: Thanks for the yes handsome.
ShyMouse: thank u for the yes its greatly appriciated!
ranaragab1: thanks for the yes smile
brooklynBEATDOWN: um, noo.
i love YOU more.
i love youu.
hesmyobsession: aw thnx for the yes, heres one back<3
NaughtyBarbie: Thank you darling smile
Megalicious69: what signs do i owe you? you never talk to me anymore frown

p.s. i won't be able to make the signs until i get back into town on monday afternoon.
robotsexx: :]
robotsexx: nice =o! i've always wanted a psychic friend.
robotsexx: i guess you're like psychic or something =o!
robotsexx: no;;the batteries in my camera are dead;;so i had to use my webcam;;or i would've definetly took random shots:]
robotsexx: myself silly:]
robotsexx: yeah pretty much:]
robotsexx: it was quite exciting grinlol
robotsexx: pretty great:] just about to take some new photographs.
robotsexx: thanks:] how are you doing?
robotsexx: you're cute<3
wantmuhass: joshua i want in your pants =] gahh youre so cute
XxTaintedXLovexX: msn.
aaaaBurberryBabeex3: thankk you babe <33
sugartootz34: Point taken ....but i still miss you like crazy style!
sugartootz34: Point taken ....but i still miss you like crazy style!
crazyheather88: hey, youre pretty sexy
sugartootz34: Baby gosh I miss you! I miss talking to you all the time! Come back to me!
xshortyx: thnx 4 the yes...hottie
Megalicious69: just stoppin by to say hi wave2
XxTaintedXLovexX: i miss Josh.
CrossMeOffYourListx3: hii. <3
Fredo777: Approved + sporting it in my "GOOD salutes" profile album.

CrossMeOffYourListx3: beebadoop.
sorry for confusing you.
e-bang buddies, 4life? yes, i think so. smile<3
er, well. i guess maybe i could have YOUR kids.
but i'd rather YOU have them. hahah.
eeeee. have my kids one day?
please? &thank you. woo<3
zarbiethebarbie: I just got back from prom last night smile
imthetrueshorty: Awww ur to sweet!!! and u are way cute!
zarbiethebarbie: hey cutie, whats new?
Thanks for the yes, cutie pie.<3
Megalicious69: hey gorgeous sorry to hear about yahoo.....luv yas anyway heartthrob
Megalicious69: yea its almost summer which means i move back up to oshkosh.
Megalicious69: hey hun haven't talked to you in awhile so just stopped by to say hi wave2 and leave some love heartthrob
sweetntastay14: Josh so effing edible!
You deserve a good kick in the chens
for that
I say Thank you! not evil:(
I am handicapped haha
Haha. Maybe.
But see ive never had a cast before.
so its cool.
plus people do things for me cus they feel bad
i still have that mental problem
sorry lol,
well now that its summer I go outside alot.
but i broke my ankle. so ill be on alot more nowsmile
im right here
I heart Chu
And miss you times A Billion
sugartootz34: Joshy come out and play with me....I miss you! biggrin
sugartootz34: I love you...ohhhhh yess I do!!!!!!!!!
mander: naw they get along great.
my dad loves him
haha its not weird.
my dad and bf work together
and thats where they are.
sad times.
bored as hell.
im alllllll alone.
nothing to do.
yeah no doubt.
thats wut happens when u
have no life i guess.
so anywho,
hows it going?
thats true.
but with you by my side.
im willing to risk it =)
plus, we're cool.
so thats something the he/she doesnt have.
but who knows
maybe its like a he/she
with super human powers.
then wut?
man. i need back up.
haha but wut if its a he/she
u gotta fight the man half
it would over power me =)
AsianCherry: hehe...ya MOST of the time...
geez Josh, u should kno if I do or don't...
if u remember, haha.
AsianCherry: lol of course im behavin...u kno i am...hehe wink
AsianCherry: biggrin good to hear josh!
u behavin? wink
AsianCherry: good good smile
how have u been?
AsianCherry: aww hun!
i miss u.
we haven't chatted in awhile.
hope u're doin well.
lol god.
that chick bugs me.
lets beat her up wink
em0sexual: haha you're cute xD <3
em0sexual: I'm rating you a yes for a few reasons. You seem really nice, You have a gif the "mine" one on yours and I have the same one. It's cute! Also, you're super cute. See you around.
lol its all good.
she's a fake
she admitted it
in my friends profile
hahahahaa. wutta whore.
not all americans are whores*
just her.
aww well ur nice.
cuz u agreed with me
that chick is supahh bitch.
but oh well.
¬ all americans are whores.
just her.
CumHither: she didn't tell me anything? I gave you a no BECAUSE I THINK YOU ARE UGLY. Fuck, you people are stupid.
Megalicious69: *high five* for my fellow wisconsinite
melanie16: I love your hair =)
aaaaBurberryBabeex3: same :[
aaaaBurberryBabeex3: how are youu this evening =]
aaaaBurberryBabeex3: <3
BaMiH: Your page is quite colorful. It amused me, which is hard to do.
gymnastxrox: hi darlin, thanx for the commentheartthrob xxoo
pinkunleashed: your pretty sexy, thanks for the add hun
sugartootz34: Baby I miss you...I wish you werent so busy! It makes me sad when I dont get to talk to you everyday!! BOOO Joshy come back to me
gymnastxrox: secks!!! lol
bangbangonthedoor: Thanks for joining Beautiful people!!! hope you post tons!!!. gave you a yes!! have a wonderful day!
DedSexiSoftballChik2: Josh, you are o so very adorable
ohitsjen: pretty good......tired mostly
ohitsjen: long time no talk :/
miss ya!
AussieBaabe: xOx Aww you are so freakin cute!! can i like,.. smuggle you into australia? please!! xOx
ohitsjen: hey handsome <3
LimeOLemon: gawjus
ohhyessssxO: aww thanks babe<3
ohhyessssxO: wow your hott<3
sugartootz34: I love the way you shake that ass for me.......wink
sugartootz34: BOOO
x1xLiLsHaWtiEx8x: THanx f0r the yes
sugartootz34: Booo this crap...i tried to write you a cute message and umm yeah the font got messed up!!!!!!!
sugartootz34: [bgcolor=#FF0099][color
=#3333FF]So why don't you stay with me?
Share all your secrets tonight
We can make believe the morning sun never will rise
Come and lay your head on this big brass bed
And we'll be alright as long as you stay with me,
sugartootz34: THANKS FOR THE YES!!!!!!! heartthrob lmao
sugartootz34: Awwwww my baby is soooo hott and sexxxxxy!!!!!! Appparently alot of girls think this too wink
Congrats on the top 10 my love biggrin
kennalynzi09: Thanks for the yes
XoCRUSHoX: <333333
ABeautyInABreakdown: Cute..=)
XoCRUSHoX: can i keep you???smile smilesmile <3333
faery4hire: you are tooooo adorable
Surina: wow your really hot
Surina: wow your really hot
Top Ten
You Sexy Beast
haha. well Talk to you Later.
xisntlifejuicy69: sooo hot <3
notyourstarxxx: look at this hottie in the top ten <3
fuckuimfromtexas: no thats how the people who don't know how the site work, work, u put ur pics on the site to get rated, not everyone is gonna think your cute, so wuts the point in saying no to someone who said no to u? i'm sure there are people who say yes
fuckuimfromtexas: i ahte people who do this shit it's so annoying, vote how u feel not in retalliation,
fuckuimfromtexas: i gave u a yes and u gave me a no... thanks
yeah, i know.
i've had some stuff going on.
notyourstarxxx: you are too cute smile hehe
notyourstarxxx: thanks love smile <3
notyourstarxxx: stunning <3
unpopular71787: I just wanted to say hey!!!
fuckuimfromtexas: u have to remember i don't see ur answer till i give u mine..... sorry
fuckuimfromtexas: u have to remember i don't see ur answer till i give u mine..... sorry
Im going bonkers
without talking to you!!
sugartootz34: Hey baby Im sorry i havent been on much...its been kinda hard to get on!!!!! I stil heartthrob you hehe!!!
HealMyBleedingHeart: No problem <3
HealMyBleedingHeart: Thanks for joining my group dear. Try to post whenever you get the chance xxx
Heather718KY: thanks for the add
perfectlilangelgurl: thanks for the yes... hit me back sometime
sweet2bme: thanks for the yes..i love black and white rockgrinlol
Rebelicous: Thanks!
sugartootz34: heartthrob
Malani: typical.
sugartootz34: Baby I missed talking to you this weekend...hehe inlove
Malani: I really highly doubt you want to get into this on, wyht comment boxes.
Malani: Well done, I won't, and It looks as though we won't ever be wyht friends again.
Malani: And no, You can when I become the typical girl.
ALiLnAuGhTy17: whats an ipex?...Ohhh a theatre!!!!!
kgs05: thanks for the yes
ALiLnAuGhTy17: "put the pickle in the middle motha..fu..=x..not the fannay", lmao.
AHHHHHHHHHHh...member this...
gothic0sk8ter0chick: thanx for the yes sexy...grinlol
ALiLnAuGhTy17: lmao. oh stop. u were seeing things. =\..weirdoo~ ha.
ALiLnAuGhTy17: hey now~ don't pick on meeeee=\

you always *itch* things...
so there..
ALiLnAuGhTy17: pffff~ i like em that ewwww. they aren't UP act like i have to reach up to get them out. ewie.
ALiLnAuGhTy17: im NOT touching your icky undies, lol...ewwww
ALiLnAuGhTy17: way to rub it in poop head
sugartootz34: exchanging body heat in the passanger seat....
enchanting: aww thankss you're a sweetheart♥
Malani: ^^^^ SEE! I'm not the only one who has that happen to them...
w0rd Bitch...
sugartootz34: [bgcolor=#FF0099][color
=#3333FF]Joshypoo...oh where oh where could you be? my sexy lover i misssss you!!!!!!!! Thank you for this weekend and talking me through that situation with my friend. I really need to get it outta me sense i was the only one
Kaytee heartthrobs Josh
Bye Bye Josh<3
Talk to you tomorrow
SLeep Tight
Dont Let the bed bugs bite
Alright Alright But You Are..

XxTaintedXLovexX: haha.cut or not i always think your pretty<3
XxTaintedXLovexX: im a bit tipsy. i saw you were online and missed your pretty facesmile
XxTaintedXLovexX: lol oops it will work either way
omgosh what are you doing??
XxTaintedXLovexX: heyy sexxxsmilesmile
sugartootz34: You know how i like it baby wink....just make sure our children come on cute!!!!!!
sugartootz34: I just wanna marry your hot ass....and make sweet sweet love to you LOL biggrin
sugartootz34: [bgcolor=#FF0099][color
=#3333FF]heartthrob redo redo....i want a redo!!!!!!! Yeahhhh anyways....Im sorry mister it isnt Michigin State its PENN STATE. Your just jealous Redick is sooo much sexier then you. But then again I love you more!!!!!![/col
ALiLnAuGhTy17: [color=#FF66CC]Malani..
Darling=) I used to call him that a long time ago. and then i just called him that recently..just because. sooo you can keep calling him that kzsmile..i won't anymorez, cuz it's your guys' thing. and its cute. soo sorrrrry!!! =\
Malani: Oh and i'm taking your Bub title away from you.
Too many dames are calling you that.
Sorry for the inconvience.
ur crabby
ALiLnAuGhTy17: soo..whats this i hear about..hollandaise sauce?? you can buy it?! rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl
ALiLnAuGhTy17: yeps dance
ALiLnAuGhTy17: nanaAhHahHanana
*the hOlLiStEr one*
surrenderxfacexbaby: YAY

hah you rock cuteface.
ALiLnAuGhTy17: wearing ur sweat shirt..laugh
surrenderxfacexbaby: haha well right on.
that hug thing is cute ♥
surrenderxfacexbaby: haha aw shucks

i read that you liked comments, so i left one.
Now two ♥
surrenderxfacexbaby: youuuu have a cuteface
ALiLnAuGhTy17: awww! yay=)
yay. <3.
but i'm going to lie down.
talk to you later on or tomorrow.
i<3you noodle. inlove
you're a spaghetti noodle.
my favorite kind. =].
&what kind of sauce am i?
BrokenxLovexSongs: haha.
i know it wasn't. =P.
&i like being your sauce.

nooooodle. inlove
i'm the sauce to your noodle.
and you're the noodle to my sauce.
wow, i just realized how perverted that sounded.
yes. lol.
i bet if you tried hard enough you could stop. =P.
but i won't stop commenting you.
cause you're my..

that's right, my noodle. <3.
ooooh yess.

all night long. wink

ilu. =].
joshypoo. ♥ inlove
you can totally rock my bed. eek
inloveJoshhhh inlove

you rock my socks, love. <3.
i'm glad.
cause i heart you too. =].
oh yeah.
well josh makes my heart stop. <3.
so that isn't better then what you said.
but shhhh. =].
Josh makes my heart skip a beat.

i win. =].
aww. <3.
josh = absolutely amazing. smile
of course you do. =].
oh, and btw.
josh = gorgeous. <3.
kay. lieing comments are done. wink
and of course you still love me. =P.
you totally lie. =P.
it's ok. i still<3you. smile
lies. =].
all lies.
Malani: e.
Malani: I'm going to pop you one right smack in the jaw if you don't straighten up. Just because i disappear from AIM doesn't give you one god damn reason to! And i miss you and stuff. I'm gone for a day, and i get all girly, wtf seriously, you're breaking m
you're wrong.
you're clearly the greatest. =].
ALiLnAuGhTy17: Bo0bs=D
ALiLnAuGhTy17: yeah, well if someone wasnt so CRABBY. sheesh. but anywhooo..I DID get to watch it. AND...she made it=) duh. of course she did! she's the best! just like me! lol im jk=\
ALiLnAuGhTy17: hey bUb=) ha about them penguins!\
underURwindow: Thanks <3
underURwindow: You are really CUTE! I gave you a Yes!
XxTaintedXLovexX: you bum!, lol gonna be on msn at all tonight?
Kristal4: what cha looking at ^o) wb like your pic grinlol
ALiLnAuGhTy17: i liked the red sox movie grinlol wooohooo
ALiLnAuGhTy17: JOSH!
XxTaintedXLovexX: you are my sunshine
my only sunshine<33
you make me happy when skys are grey
you'll never know dear how much i love you
fashionexpert514: very cute ,and thanks for the yes.
khanman225: i'm in movies
Although we've been talking on AIM already.
electriclove: Haha how do I give a preview of that?
I think thats when I started getting confused.
electriclove: And what wouldn't be boring about that?
Wait I'm lost now
what were we talking about? lol
electriclove: Can't get everything you want or that would be boring!
electriclove: You are lucky
electriclove: Nope not even close. Sorry butie.
electriclove: Only previews are given out
electriclove: Umm. Guess you have to wait and find out.
electriclove: Haha well I definitely don't suck up dirt and other nasty stuff.
Even vacuums suck less than I do.
You don't need my help to feel like a moron.

Oh gosh, so mean of me.

How about, if you know a song that I don't, than I am the moron.
electriclove: Uhhh sure
electriclove: Everything is a great plan when 2 buddys are doing it together.
haha wow.
electriclove: You can be a dumb blonde with me.
Or atleast a confused one.
electriclove: Indirectly I'm calling myself a dumb blonde.
Although my hair is much too white to be blonde.
electriclove: Ok wow, hurt my head just attempting to understand
electriclove: I don't get it
I am not a liar but I lie?
There you go accusing me of lieing again!
For what, the millionth time tonight?!
What kind of buddy are you?

I <3 you
electriclove: lol umm you have that confused with being turned off.
electriclove: Perfectly fine.
But by now I have already forgotten what we were talking about.
electriclove: Dammit.
Guessing was so fun too.
Ruin everything why don't ya.
electriclove: Orgas, West Virginia.
Its an actual place, look it up.
electriclove: organ
electriclove: instant orginization.
damn nothing can compare to the popcorn though.
electriclove: or...ville redenbachers!
Instant popcorn.
Good one.
electriclove: haha the quote! i know how flattering it can be when i ask to remove articles of clothing from you
electriclove: You're a funny boy
electriclove: Ohh yeah
because if I asked now
I would only get the PREVIEW right?
electriclove: How can you prepare a girl for something like this?
electriclove: You did not prepare me for this task
I wasn't ready for it!
electriclove: And whose fault would that be Josh?!
Not mine.
electriclove: Haha I'm sorry, its the preview of your pic that did this to me.
Ya know, the "idontshowanythingbecau
seiamapreviewpic" picture!
electriclove: pjs that are easy to take off make sleep better too tongue
electriclove: i think we need a shower before heading to bed
electriclove: omg yes
we are long due for sleeping
WYHT buddy
who is my favorite..
Grr. I miss you.
XxTaintedXLovexX: I really enjoy talking to you toosmile your so funny lol i want you
ALiLnAuGhTy17: don't even pretend like you don't know what I'm talking
im jkk=p haha. u funker.
ALiLnAuGhTy17: soO..i hear you like pickles??
electriclove: Anytime smile
electriclove: No crying!
Oh sheesh, I guess I can make an exception.
Get over here.
electriclove: I don't know if you'll be allowed on my bed, boy cooties and all. No offense butie tongue
electriclove: They are secrets!
electriclove: Yes, more ideas when I'm in bed
electriclove: Oh gosh, am I really that naughty?
I am just filled with naughty ideas
electriclove: But it gets even more naughty..
cookies WITH MILK!
electriclove: Something naughty huh?
Hmm..eating cookies in bed?
Haha how naughty
electriclove: Well what would you like that experience to include?
electriclove: Only want one??
aww. thank youuu.<3.

you're pretty gorgeous yourself. ♥
KatieOYeah: aww thanks you're adorable!
Megalicious69: hey i have no idea you were where from wisconsin too! thats awesome where in wi? im in milwaukee for school but im from oshkosh. stay cute much <3 and ttyl ~Meg~
electriclove: You are such a sweetheart
and my favorite guy
ALiLnAuGhTy17: lol those are just darlllinggg<33
omg sexy boy alert.
Malani: You're too cute for your own good.
And you're most welcome, even though I look like shit.
And if I could be somewhere else, I would be in a heartbeat. So bite me!
ozzigrl: hope it works this time babe... xxx
electriclove: Thanks for being away on AIM
Text me when you're back and I'll get on!
Malani: Hello Handsome
Message me on AIM, malani31
If you want to of course.
electriclove: You're needed online so I can stop being bored.
Catt: hotstuff Wow, your hot! drool
sweetntastay14: josh is soo effing cute ah!
AsianCherry: ya baby! damn sexy thang! *muahz*
XxTaintedXLovexX: happy newyeardork...MUAH
XxxsexiebiachxxX: hey i just wanted to say happy new year and to tell you to have a wondeful
year and be safe hope ya have fun be careful while your at it love ya much ♥
Megalicious69: thx for the yes hun..yur cute too...luv yas ~Meg~
babybree792: DAMN your hott
ALiLnAuGhTy17: hey kygrinlol
I mean!!
WeNt OuT!
lol..who knew.
I am blonde..memberz.
Hey josh!!!!!!
Gueeeeeessssssssssss whatttttttt!!!!!
-My Tv Is Broke!-
kyhoney: VERY cute! AND a sweetie to boot! smile
ALiLnAuGhTy17: hey yousmile what cha doin!!!!! tonight was fUn..i miss hanging out with u 2 fruit loops! lol yay. we acted like such girls...laying on the floor all cuddled up...drinking coffee and watching how cute!!! hehehehe
sxyshortchic: awww!!! look like such a sweetheart and a hottie too?? got a great mix goin there!!! got my yes for sure!
XxTaintedXLovexX: i miss you</3....god! get ur ass online lol...i had so much fun ill tell ya bout it later MUAH, p.s Love the new drunk picture very sexy hun lolwink
iwantpaul: sexy smile
valeriew: you're awesome..and you are one of the only guys that really makes me smile...
XxTaintedXLovexX: You Sexy Dork<33
wannabesexy: very handsome babe... i dig the style
PrettyLilJessica: hey, i like da pic u got up dere
XxTaintedXLovexX: im gonna cross my fingers that you win the lottery! lol
ibleedthetragedy: cute. :]
LoveXAXBrunette: Hey Dork<3 lol guess what I did last nightwink hahahasmile ttyl
Leigha: hug You're a great looking guy, dance Well I'll say more, lol, As soon as you 'get to it later' tongue God, that just has me going nutts lol O_O <3 have a nice day y0
forget2breathe: aww you're cute
Icebabe13ak: dang ur hott. lol.Thanks for the yes sexxy. hit meeh up with a mesaage.
shakkkkkkeit: im superr sorry my computer messed up and wouldnt let me get back on this is like the first time in forever it let me get on, i hope you still love me
shakkkkkkeit: josssssssssssssssssssss
shakkkkkkeit: josh i freakin love you :P
shakkkkkkeit: he would be mine....yepp all mine thats right be jealous :P
icequeen25: hey mad pix! do u have msn?
shakkkkkkeit: thanks hun
shakkkkkkeit: totally adorable♥
nicolalynn: HAVE A NICE DAY !! smilesmilesmile XOXOX
ALiLnAuGhTy17: Lol..Rememmmbberrr?!?!
sommar1202: awww thanks hun!
mobscene66669: hey mister ignore kayla for the rest of your life.
LoveXAXBrunette: Muwaaaa*<3miss you
simplykrys: &heart;
LoLChick: hot
LoveXAXBrunette: hey hun im in class and very bored and i saw u on u should message mesmile
thekillersx3: <3
LoveXAXBrunette: lol i should prob stop sendin u so many comments:P ur prob gettin sick of me lol

im in class right now, thanks for the texts made my daysmile i love gettin em from you, sorry we didnt get to talk last night i was soo tired and i fell alseep on the couch a
LoveXAXBrunette: Hey my sexy lover ur the best ur so hot im lookin at ur pic hopin u could be with me right now wink wink *kiss
xTELLxMExUxLOVExMEx: damn! finally someone actually READ MY PROFILE. lol thanks. i was starting to think people only wanted to see my priv's?
you should go comment me too. that would make you FREAKING AWESOME in my books ♥

<33 heather
ChocolateMama4U: cut your hair and you will be str8 jackoff
LoveXAXBrunette: miss you **lots of kisses**<3
LoveXAXBrunette: Hey sexy, i just got back from my job interview and i got the job!! lol so im happysmile Just thought i'd say hi and that i miss ya*kiss
Heatherlf: i gave you a yes!!
LoveXAXBrunette: GIRLS! THIS ONE IS MINE!! lol
Mir15: cute
chokeonthefizz: whats up sexii
LoveXAXBrunette: hey hottie u should hit me back<3<3
MandeeSexxee: Cute outfit!
otarnishedxhopeo: your so adorable
Browneyedgirly: Thanks for the comment your hot yourself smile yes for you doll *muah*
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