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Profile for woulduhitthis19 (offline- last on: Aug 4, 08)
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Name Elisha
Age 28
Webcam? no
Taken? Does not want a sexy lover.
Country Canada
State Not Given
City thunder bay
About Me
Hello, so this is where I let you know some stuff about me.. Well here goes. I'm 21, from Thunder Bay Ontario.(the city sucks) I am planning on moving to the Edmonton area. I jsut graduated from college, I want to contine my education in a few months go for my full R.N. or maybe my RMT. I havent Decided yet. I live on my own and have been since I was 17, I don't need a guy that wants a girl that will bow down to him, i can fend for my self. and as most see i am a tough bitch when i need to be, but the rest of the time im a outgoing fun person.
My Apps
I love being with my friends.. driving around, playing pool(even though i suck at it) just being my crazy and spontanous self..The rippers are quite all my friends say, I'm one of the guys
Turn Ons
tattoos, peircings, nice personallity, and humour.
Turn Offs
Ignarent stuck up guys who think their shit dont stink, bad teeth, bad breath, dirtyness,
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Cold case files,
the first 48,
biography (sometimes),
city confidental,
crossing jordan
Movies my girl,
wedding crashers,
sunset park, and most scary movies
Music I can listen to anything but POP
Book i enjoy reading true crime novels.
and horor books
Quote L8er Dayz
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