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Profile for youknowyouwanna (offline- last on: Apr 25, 13)
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Name ♥ Jessica ™
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Birmingham/ Milwaukee
About Me
1709 friends were found.&&&& NO im not suppose to remember you all

I'm Jessica ♥
most call me August <3
I blow out candles on July 10th
i'm 19
I smoke cigarettes--get over it
I'm Italian, columbian, russian, and syrubien..
I guess child number 2 took the cake my body is NOT the dont get it twisted and no i will NOT send you pics EVER again...
I have a son named Collin who was born July 1st 2009

Pinche gringo culero ve a chingar a tu reputisima madre!
(Fucking gringo asshole go fuck your loosecunt cocksucking mother!)


" i called you're boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse"

*Keep talking your shit, you're making me famous!!
*I'm not a virgin, therefore im a slut.
*I speak my mind, therefore I'm a bitch.
*I make mistakes, therefore I'm a bad person.
*(( You judge me, therefore your a silly little cunt. ))

**There are 6, 470, 818, 671 people in the world;
what makes you think your so special?**

*I hate guys thats try to get in my pants.

****let me get something stright here******

theres like a 99% chance i DONT want to get to know you/talk to you/ fuck you/ or even look at you

if i give you a no ur ugly-- kay thanks.

i dont care if your nice i can be too.

so dont write me messages calling me a whore cuz igave you a no, just beacuse i can get laid and you cna't doesn't make me a whore... 99% of the time i say no.

i sing and a life would be nothing without thoes two

**I want to find my mister right. Not another guy to beat my ass. I want a guy to want me. a guy that thinks im worth holding on to. I want to be the girl of HIS dreams, the girl HE can't go a day without. I want to be HIS EVERYTHING. I dont want to be in this alone again...**

BTW i know mister right is NOT on this site!!!!
i really don't think hes anywhere.....

My Apps
you bloody pervert. ♥

"I have no armour left; you've
stripped it from me.
whatever is left of me -whatever is left of me-
whatever I am....I'm yours. "
Turn Ons
i love honestly sexy guys!
i love hot ass girls
i love sweet guys which is honestly impossible to find beacuse they never come sexy enough
i love nice tan bodies
i love the guys and girls that have no intrest in me

Verse 1
One time, I'd like to say the right thing
First try, with everybody watching
Tongue tied, I'm making my way to you
The last time, I thought before speaking
My mind barely kept my heart beating
Tongue tied, I'm looking for the words to prove
Pre chorus
That all I've ever wanted has made its way through
and all I've ever needed
cause baby it's you
that takes me away
give me the fire, fire that stays
baby it's you
that turns me around
you take me higher, higher now
baby it's you
Verse 2
Nervous, I'm fighting off the feeling
I get like I'm walking on the ceiling
A perfect sort of lack of gravity
A panicked group of words are leaving
My lips and I hope they get the feeling
A perfect shot of how it feels to me
Pre chorus

Turn Offs

Favorite Things
TV Show
Name: Jessica
Birthday: july 10th
Birthplace: Atlanta
Current Location: milwaukee
Eye Color: grey/green/brown (contacts)
Hair Color: brown
Height: 120
Right Handed or Left Handed: both
Your Heritage: ima mut
The Shoes You Wore Today: k-swiss
Your Weakness: gorgeous smiles
Your Fears: dieing alone
Your Perfect Pizza: cheese
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: happiness
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: hey
Thoughts First Waking Up: I feel like shit
Your Best Physical Feature: body
Your Bedtime: anytime
Your Most Missed Memory: being happy
Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
MacDonalds or Burger King: mc d's
Single or Group Dates: single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: both
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee: both
Do you Smoke: yes
Do you Swear: fuck…way to much
Do you Sing: always
Do you Shower Daily: every other day
Have you Been in Love: yes
Do you want to go to College: yess
Do you want to get Married: yes
Do you belive in yourself: sometimes
Do you get Motion Sickness: umm sometimes..=/
Do you think you are Attractive: sometimes
Are you a Health Freak: nah
Do you get along with your Parents: usually
Do you like Thunderstorms: love them
Do you play an Instrument: yes
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: yea
In the past month have you Smoked: yea
In the past month have you been on Drugs: nah
In the past month have you gone on a Date: not a real date
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: yeah
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: noppers
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: no
In the past month have you been on Stage: negitive
In the past month have you been Dumped: no
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: wayyyy to cold
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: nope
Ever been Drunk: yes hahahaha
Ever been called a Tease: yup
Ever been Beaten up: yea
Ever Shoplifted: no
How do you want to Die: honorably, preferably with someone I care about
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: doctor
What country would you most like to Visit: europe
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color: blue
Favourite Hair Color: doesn‘t matter
Short or Long Hair: depends
Height: tall
Weight: athletiic
Best Clothing Style: doesn‘t matter
Number of Drugs I have taken: 5+
Number of CDs I own: over 100
Number of Piercings: 10
Number of Tattoos: 0 for now
Number of things in my Past I Regret: don’t regret
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote "sing like you think no ones listening, dance like no ones watching" --my instructor
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Yahoo ##Must be a Member to View##
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FrFghtr85: Wow, you are gorgeous!
IM4U2TEASE: hi. im sorry that one of my pic comments to you posted twice. i hope you are having a wonderful day
GoHYDrO420: my bdays july 10th too! lol
Wilson1111: So beautiful! A definite yes.
givetomek: lol sure u r
givetomek: one man's loss, even if its a sad excuse 4 a man, is another man's treasure
givetomek: o dumb... ya theres 3 things i dont stand for cheaters beaters n the ones that dont stand up 4 their responsibility
givetomek: ha ya . n ur welcome the father is very lucky
givetomek: aw thas no good ur such a cute mommy i love kids
givetomek: ne time cutie so wat r u up 2
supersailor2202000: your bueatyful can i hit u up sometimesexy.
falcon1085: yeah i know a bit about em. i have fun doin it and i pick up more whenever i can
caliguy6969: your a cutie
daverulz22: muah!!!
daverulz22: beautiful eyes
ItsDipSeth24: uh well i kinda did i just actualllyy changed my major so i dont think whole thing is goina happen. u?
ItsDipSeth24: ha aight.. that sucks.. well i read pretty much all i mean i skiipped the quotes or whatever but yea i read the info bout u so u sound pretty awesome.
ItsDipSeth24: aw no wayy, wow im glad to see u liked my profile yea i like girls that actually read up on me idk it may of sounded kinda crazy but i just say whatever came to my mind.. well urs is very long so ill get to it here lol.
ItsDipSeth24: hey thanks... i think ur def gorgeous girl.
tmoney82: thanks. but im gorgeous not cute.
tmoney82: thanks. but im gorgeous not cute.
datyunghustla: not much ssdd yaddamean
datyunghustla: no prob thank u. whats up
nhra347: hey whats up? your cute! I have you a yes, wana chat?
carlito1982hbk: well hello there and how are you wow eres bella de verdad i would love to know more about you if thats ok with you
ChelseaFC: thanks for the yes
JoeNycStyle: :P
StraitCountry: Thanxs for the yes cutie. Hit me up sometime.
Chaosnake: you're fucking hott, I'd love to talk to you
atticus000: you so crazy! miss ya! ur never on messenger anymore... hit me up!! grinlol
Anonnymous: np sexy, how are you?
DarknessWithin: hey smile
how are u?
JWes: lol youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ive missed u :(
ChrisMVP: whats up?
frankthetank87: thanks for the add, hows it going?
armyguy08: you got my yes! wink
JoeNycStyle: mother nature called and wants sexy back lol smile
SiiNFULxBARBiiE: I LOVE YOUR STYLE and your sexapeal
stevehallny: you are beautiful
A11Star: How come? we cant be having that, how an i sposed to compliment you if you cant giggle back :p
ILikeMusic: you're all kinds of gorgeous
lisabelly: your so sexysmile
lisabelly: your so sexysmile
Coleon: dig that jacket
britishjay: nice........i'm from sheffield
britishjay: no problem at all. what shakin?
RandmPlan: of course i do, whats up?
sexywhitegangsta85: my phone gets turned back on either today or tommorrow babe
theprinceof978: no problemoooo =P
theprinceof978: your default is hella sexy
JWes: i miss you way more :(
and plus i called you last
fireman3869: you're so pretty smile
sexywhitegangsta85: my phone got shut off for right now
Amanda900: hi there you wanna add
stevehallny: very sexy
Hollisterhope07: you are fiercely gorgeous =]
JeffreyG: aww thank you QTwink UR Too!
PANTERA333: heyyy how are you???
TEXASBALLER: Wow you are absolutely stunning, definitely a YES wink!!
sexywhitegangsta85: i miss you to.i didnt know you have a kid
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
BrewCrew962: holy crap i want to father your children
BrewCrew962: damn you're gorgeous.
MattVido: hey thanks for the yes you are def a yes cutie wink
xsoftxkissesx: your lucky to have a baby smile i wish i did...haha anything else new chicky poo. love you.
PANTERA333: ya haha i miss you 2
xsoftxkissesx: hey baby im good how are you???? i miss you. and whose the baby in your profile!?
love you.
FatalXFrame: im good! :] your cutttte
FatalXFrame: thankkkk youu! your gorgeous!
QTfromCT: hope you like the BB's!
krazieguy: thanks sexy
DallasPimp: damn u look pretty good urself!
jontaylor: oh hell yee i wanna lol
HXCSteven: simply gorgeous....
canuck512: can i add u to msn?
leestud: Hey whats up?
canuck512: thanks babe u really sexy nice pics
Trier20: miss u
PANTERA333: heyyy babe it was fun talkin to you i love your voice its beautiful jus like you and i was nervous but its all good and ya jus love to talk to you ight well leave me something bak if you wanna and i miss ya and have a goodnight <3333 muah
PANTERA333: me 2 babe what bout phone
PANTERA333: na sorry babe but i added you on myspace
PANTERA333: and ya i wish you lived here to babe ight <33333 muah
PANTERA333: ya babe i would wana do that like almost everyday and i would always have to do it in the shower wit ya lol if you wanted to you could i mean idk i would really perfer you cuz you kno your hott and shit but ya babe i would treat you more then jus a queen
PANTERA333: hahhaaa ur madd cute i think u did a long time agoo <333
nine9inch: YES i would! what a beauty, you look incredible baby xox
PANTERA333: haha not as gorgeous as you babe <333
PANTERA333: thanks for the yes beautiful
kikbak: You're cute!...reeeally cute!!
HonestStupidity: not much whats up
HonestStupidity: hola
malrebh: There are too Many gurls here but the best is one, in the sky there are too many stars but the moon is one. you are my moon and i am your shoadow
funeone01: Hey thanks, you're pretty gorgeous yourself.
Scottman00: WHOA you look differnt now! I didnt even recognize you.
Scottman00: Wow you love me? Thats awesome! haha wanna chat sometime cutie? And can we be friends?
jrv2789: haha thx smile
G4L: lol thanx
TheDarknessPimp: Your welcome
TheDarknessPimp: thanks
wow your fucking gorgeous and beautiful
Primetime021: thanks for the add. now that we are friends you have to comment my pics. i'll return the favor when you do!
G4L: lol i kno wat ya mean lol itz aight thou wink
G4L: Beautifull wink
studrock112: trauma surgeon? My kind of girl. Great pics though! You got my yes!
ComitThs2Memry: ok well i wouldn't know about that but ok lol ill take your word for it
ComitThs2Memry: lol nothing that moose the walks on your profile im pretty sure its from some album art work from academy is just figured id ask i guess you don't know
robxb: what if i cant talk, because of the trama!!
ComitThs2Memry: is that caribou on your profile from the academy is?
JWes: You are such a sweetheart and i missed ya soooooo much frown but ya always had my heart! Love ya hun!
robxb: woaaaa if i ever need trauma surgery, i'll know who to call! thanks for the yes =]
sexywhitegangsta85: i dont always stop talking to you messege me
rockintothenight: come be my mrs smooth ;-) xo
JuiceBox420: thanks smile
TommyBoy19: like OMG you are so smart! like totally!
TommyBoy19: tell me something i dont know!
DXN987: nice
DXN987: Thanks you are very cute.
aceswildtru: Very nice! smile
brandon454: very cute
xScenexCorex: you are pretty damn gorgeous
sdvidauri: thx for the yes
BrewCrew962: and move to milwaukee i love that place!
BrewCrew962: holy shit i'd marry you.
johnvanspronsen1: so did you look at my MySpace???
howhottisthis: your really pretty :]
vanspronsenjohn: im going to add you to mine check out my site and let me know what you think... and you are FAR FROM UGLY if i had the chance.... n/m
vanspronsenjohn: lol far from it... are you on MySpace at all???
vanspronsenjohn: i wish i could agree but i dont see it. that is why i put my picture on here.... and i have had a shitload of no's i was hoping id find out i was wrong and that i am hot or somethin lol was i wrong or what???
vanspronsenjohn: lol NO THANK YOU i love eye candy! If you had more pics I would have been happier cuz there arent many but who am i to say anything? i only have 2!
vanspronsenjohn: in a heartbeat.
BenFo: <33
twin: thanks for the yes sweetie .
TheTexasKid: you must have me confused with all your ex's
You will need both hands :P
TheTexasKid: your just mad cuz you cant jackoff for me
But its ok i still iloveyou
TheTexasKid: nope, its true!
TheTexasKid: iloveyou
BIontGIRL: hey sexy smile
usmcbrian: not alot. what u up to? anything fun over the holidays?
nessaja27: Ur beautiful and hot..heartthrob
jayuk: hehe im a bloody pervert!
xsoftxkissesx: AWW thats way to sweet hun <3 I love you so fooking much to xoxox
argylekid87: hola
xsoftxkissesx: dont say shit like that. i dont wnat to never talk to you again!:(
JWes: i miss you frown
eljon100: yes i do wanna lol
xsoftxkissesx: hey jessicka hope your feeling better.
brettdawson1: wow very gorgeous!
Brokenbokken: cutie
xsoftxkissesx: I miss you baby girl:(
xsoftxkissesx: hey baby! im gonna call you tomorrow <3 i miss you already L you tons <3 oxxo
xsoftxkissesx: hey angel grinlol im back <3 and im totally working my profile!
xsoftxkissesx: I FUCKING LOVE YOU WOMAN!
xsoftxkissesx: because i felt like it. why are you sending me 3 of the same comment!? and just so you know me and carlos are best friends and i get to hang out with him again this week grinlol
xsoftxkissesx: that girl crossby or w.e is so pretty smile
thehotsockhider: ashley get the fuck away im hers i hate you....BUT I LOVE YOU BABY!!!
YourPrincessAshley: no he is mine get over yourself
YourPrincessAshley: why you tryna steal my man?
thehotsockhider: hahaha ok baby i am
mikeslim: boooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooo toooo yooooooooouuuuuu toooooooo!!!
Deaner17: Yes...Yes...Yessss...Yo
u are sexy...
thehotsockhider: your here now and thats what matters
toydolls4: Your a cutie
gomo: sexy smile
BrewCrew962: How does one get your cds?
usmcbrian: ............and this will be the last time u get to drop my name. hehe. such a total stunner!!
xsoftxkissesx: i love carlos to
PuNkNSeXy: Wow, I'd Totaly Fuckin' Hit That! Your Gorgous!! Add Me As A Friend Hun <3
thehotsockhider: i miss you terribly
bigpimpinak: definately lookin damn good... especially for bein jailbait :p wink
BrewCrew962: QT
thehotsockhider: LETS HUMP LOL
monkeymonkeymadness: beautiful!
smblkcj7: wow your sooo beauitful
thehotsockhider: oh my lord i missed you more than i missed myselfsmile
CurtisCurtisCurtis: then how are we posed to chat?
can you get either of them?
ubominalsnowman: thanks for the yes hun
archmoore: hott!
eri1536onaim: your beautiful smile
codyv2: hey.. your cute.. i added you on msn.. i was accept it smile sweet... talk to you later
Moodskis: very hott, yes4yes?
xSpyderx: Ur sexy as hell. but yes ^^ jailbait LOL grinlol signed
lcplbooth: very hot, but JAILBAIT
kandyismyweakness: hey your cute
giarcnotlob: so cute and sexy!! wow...what a sweetie! Cx
Megalicious69: very cute!
gainfreak84: wow great body! totally hott
musicphan23: beautiful... smile
guero789: ur ur eyes
truckin96: hey, i'd love to chat with u, whats your MSN or YAHOO name?
leon01288: woot just lovely picture
thedudeyea: you are the hottest girl ever
scarlemz10pidgeon: heyy jessika, wuts up?? wat can i do for an add to friends?? hit me back...gave u a yess allready
jmacdog420: wow you are beautiful girl
phillycityboy: Hey sexy. thank you so very much for the yes.
ThEiLLeStPRni99a: SoOo Seductive....
hotgqvic07: hey qt just wanted to say hi
capndumbazz2000: Jessica im so glad we talked again i love you so much and i missed terribly. you are just so wonderful....i havent stopped smilling since we talked last night
hockeyguy913: very pretty!
hottieash: cute pics!!
sirbustalot: varey pretty hit me up
SingleBladedRonin: "Im from aus./england and yes i have a accent" You know that im from wisconsin, and i have meet a few people from other countries, and now i would like to meet you smile How you likeing wis so far? O yea you look great
tastygingerbreadman: u r right i do wanna, in fact I really wanna
scarlemz10pidgeon: heyy thnx for the yes...think i can see ur "friends" pics?? hit me back
SingleBladedRonin: very cute
NickAKnight: did u change ur msn n forget me or somethin? sigh miss ya
zachrob6: how u been sexy? i wanna see your new pix sometime.
xmac3004: nothing shy of beautiful. : )
wheelzy084: Hey, I think your a very beautiful girl I gave you a yes and I'd love to chat sometime. Msg me back or lv a comment and hopefully we'll chat :-D
amcfarland: look whose pretty.
AL3XxX: mineeeeeeeee <3
AL3XxX: you're beautiful <3
AL3XxX: <33333333
RandmPlan: so what if i am? lol
RandmPlan: You just said your wicked funny
RandmPlan: thats so emo, but thats why we are married
RandmPlan: WICKED! lol
RandmPlan: we are so married, i am on the phone with you right now! wicked...
kmm4344: hi pretty eyes! hope your injuries are healing well. :-)
djskuld: yum.....need I say more.....Good girl indeed.
coyt: You are one sexy gal. Hope you are game for another friend cause I wanna be yours.
ImEverythingIHate: photobucket.
it works wonders. i have it.
maybetheearthisflat: wow you are very hot.
ImEverythingIHate: yu think i like the fact that hes fake??confused
no. i dont.
one of his friends showed me. if yu go to the site. yu can tell thats the real him.
ImEverythingIHate: alex is fake.

go there. yu'll see.
AlexAt: luv you baby
AlexAt: MINE MINE MINE MINEheartthrob hottest sexylover ever and she is mine mine mine
amishpimping: what's up babe, I'll write you back in a little while, gotta go play a show!
zachrob6: yum. u gotta love this smokin hot beauty.
clayton: u should go on there smile
clayton: your very sexy urself ,message me ur yahoo name it isnt leting me send out messages
MooreCherryz: hiya i hit ya with my yes!
hotgqvic07: so doll what have u been up 2
JWes: OMG there is no girl sexier than you ! ya hair, ya skin tone, eyes, amazeing body and a super great personality your the perfect girl bow .. your the best gf i never had.. lol drool EVERY ONE BETTER GIVE HER A YES .. if not ( stab ) yeah that will
skankbynumbers11: biggrin damn, you're gorgeous, hit me up sometime
xspeedrcrx: OMG you are so damn cute it's driving me nuts!!
kmm4344: you're very sweet and totally gorgeous!
lastnightintown: i lvoe hipbones <3
charlestonartboy: thanks for the YES vote! you're yummy. waaaaay too young, but hot. grinlol
spoiltheinvasion: hotttieee
icunvmeguy: your gorgeous! You should hit me up some time.
AFIGENE: Of course I'd vote yes for you! You're amazing! Check my pics and profile out and I'd hope you'd vote the same! *kiss*
spoiltheinvasion: cute girl.
mattyisjuicy: wow, pretty fucking hot
biggieg: wow you are very sexy...i would love your yahoo if you would give it to me
phillycheesesteak03: hey your beautiful.. id hit it for sure.. if u ever want to c2c hit me up sometime
hotgqvic07: hey doll sorry i picked on u too much i promise ill be nicer next time
kpbrawnygp45: hey baby! you have a way of making me smile! Keep it up. YOu're beautiful <3 talk to you soon!
Houstonpepper: you are a total HOTTIE!!
gh0stsoldiers: hey if u got yahoo massanger my s/n is hks_eclipse_gsx_97 hit me up there if u do
gh0stsoldiers: a black rose mmmm your fine hit me up sometime laterzz gurl
Vanbara: you got my yes baby smile
capndumbazz2000: im so in love with you jessica you are my world.......marry me! rock my world
love ya
capndumbazz2000: ya love me so much you took me off ur profile.........thats so wrong
youknowyouwanna: I LOVE TRAVIS!
capndumbazz2000: all these guys hiitting on my future jessica your fiance loves you so much
Reble85: Very sexy.... check me out and tell me what you think!!!!
amishpimping: wait I just saw that you are an aussie? I wouldn't think twice. that is the hottest thing ever, hands down
amishpimping: maybe? how bad do you want me?
capndumbazz2000: im so in love with you baby

NickAKnight: wow your prettyful! ya seem like a sweetheart too. lemme know when ya post your bands i bet we have some in common. if your ever in Orlando i could use a french teacher haha. definitley a yes.
capndumbazz2000: yes yes yes i think im falling for you
JWes: Hey sweetie ! i jus wanted to leave ya a cooment cause you are liek the sweetest person ever, and such a cutie, ya a sweetheart...
iloveblondes48: wow ur really beautiful all the guys must miss u in aus. no1 would want to lose such a gorgeous girl.. add4add?
Duhman536: i know that i would!!!
skyttlz: I do not tolerate insubordination, is that clear?
skyttlz: Your insubordination will not be tolerated
Mathew444: Thank you for the yes sweety.
voodoochickness: vERY Beautiful soooooooooo jELIOUS xoxoxoxox
AFIGENE: You're great hun! Def. a yes!
soghetto05: your real pretty, u got my yes. plz check me out if u get some time...thanks
fallnsk86996: very hot very cool. msg me if u wanna talk sometime.
skin88: You are gorgeous hun, love to add each other as friends if u want , u get my vote smile
zooyorkdork16: hey babe, ur hella fine, hit me up sometime gorgeous
ca86: Very Pretty
lovemelisa: omg u r so buitiful i would love to chat sometime
rhcinjme: Damn you are TOO FINE
XxUndiscoveredLovexX: thanx soo are you!hehe
XxUndiscoveredLovexX: Wow ur hella pretty!maybe sometime we could chattonguewink
Abercr0mbieGuy7: ur pretty awesome gal to talk w.. smile u seem really sweet talking to me.. I really like that.. keep that way wink
Abercr0mbieGuy7: lol whoa! ^^^^ lol
youthinkyouknowme: realy something
youthinkyouknowme: my hott sexy lover
youthinkyouknowme: sexy beast
youthinkyouknowme: i love u smile
youthinkyouknowme: my sexy girl
youthinkyouknowme: my sexy beast
youthinkyouknowme: my sexy lover
youthinkyouknowme: fuckin hott
earthboy: woooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooow yuor sooo lovellllyyy
usmcss: very cute and sexy ! hitit
hillier: hey sexy welcome to the site u r very sexy ;-)
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