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Profile for joshyewuh (offline- last on: Dec 29, 13)
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Name josh
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Kentucky
City Not Given
About Me

just want to get PREGNANT***

My Apps
people who drive cute cars. if you drive an ugly car, do not talk to me as i'm not interested in getting to know you. how much i like your car is by far, the second most important quality in a person, seconded only to acquired wealth.
Turn Ons
josh says
do you love me
God says
yes i do josh
josh says
are you in love with me, ryan?
God says
yes josh
josh says
aw i love you too baby
God says
now shut the fuck up and ride my cock faggot
Turn Offs


Favorite Things
TV Show Hariet Tubman was more eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize than Mr. Obama.
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote josh (。◕‿‿◕。) says:
God says:
i know right
I wanna
josh (。◕‿‿◕。) says:
what do you wanna
God says:
till you

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Adi0Sk83: Dude, fucking text me! 541-891-2632
cxnt: wut a ho0ker
bangbangxyourdead: ummm love you ALWAYS!!!!
Adi0Sk83: Lol, damn. How've you been?
bud4u2000: and u look like a fag
joshbluelovesyou: i don't know when you left that comment to me..

..but i love you too <333
cxnt: LOL allo!
god your profile lol what the fuckkkkkk
bangbangxyourdead: Joshy! I've been good, How about you?
LoveMeDead: yw qtpie :]
LoveMeDead: way cute :]
Adi0Sk83: Josh, I love you too dear.
coffeelove: What have you been up to?
coffeelove: joshhhh. wave
Adi0Sk83: Hi Joshy!
Adi0Sk83: Hi Joshy!
bangbangxyourdead: Lol why is that fat girl saying you weigh 300 pounds. ew. that chick is fucking gross.
fireangel2626: i know, but at least i have a boyfriend... i don't have to resort to patheticness and ask out everyone.
fireangel2626: haha you're gay
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: ...coming from a closet faggot. Keep trying to hurt my e-feelings you weight what like 300lbs+
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: Awww don't be jealous and get all mean. You should take that out on the treadmill NOT the twinkies haha
TahliaReynolds: i figured that part? you arent very nice to her in the picss thogh, ahaha
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: Ok what I meant by that comment is: I don't e-date ppl its something I would've done back in grade school. I have a real life. Therefore I have a real life boyfriend.
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: I'm not in grade school anymore
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: Umm no...
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: Idk who I'm going to accept yet I've been e-single for a few days and havent decided.
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: I meant OTHER than that silly. I haven't talked to you since way back when with kat you & I...damn! Request and you shall see :]
x0xSweetx0xKissesx0x: Hey you how you been?
TahliaReynolds: <3<3 i dun understand the pics on your profile... make me feel stupid joshy =[
Maxxy: ask me in 10 years time, today its a no
Maxxy: lol, bethy described it once. I STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES!!

ack!! noooooo ahh
RAILHER: Hella, can't tell if she is a spic, or and arab.
Maxxy: i wont be able to handle your ecawk
RAILHER: I love him though.
Maxxy: redface sup joshieeeee
RAILHER: I thought we were married you dick. bitch
RAILHER: Of course I do!
bangbangxyourdead: omg go on msn so we can catch up bb!!!!!!! grinlol
bangbangxyourdead: well I added you to msn, add me x_bethy@hot
bangbangxyourdead: hey u. what's your email. is it still the peanutbutter and jelly one?
plussizedhottie: joshyewuh??

more like joshyewonteverhangoutan

should i just stop asking?
plussizedhottie: i messaged ryan stephanie for you......

~ you're welcome
hardcorecupcakies: smile you're welcome
hardcorecupcakies: I think you're super duper adorable.
plussizedhottie: omg look who it is

joshbluelovesyou: aw why what are you doing this week?

are you getting someone else to cut your hair?? :(
joshbluelovesyou: sorrryyyy i'll stop
joshbluelovesyou: there is a site with a bunch of pics but that's the only one where you can really see him

but you should see the tight little shorts the boys have to wear in crew
joshbluelovesyou: top row, second from left
laurzt: why not?
laurzt: Im good thanks how are you? do you still talk to that girl ughh ive forget her name beth was it :S
joshbluelovesyou: p.s. you really need to take that chubby guy with the tiara out of your profile

when you see it tomorrow you're going to love it. i'm not even saying this just so you'll come to school , YOU WILL LOVE IT
laurzt: Hey josh, how are you? Hopefully you remember me :P
SweetAngelLips: ya i can't wait till her b-day i'm getting her a ice cream cake i love those
SweetAngelLips: they are doing good my youngest will be a yr old on may 1st so i'm excited about that. i dumped her father though couple months ago..
joshbluelovesyou: omg what did she say
SweetAngelLips: omg i'm doing good and how about yourself
joshbluelovesyou: EW who is that fat boy with makeup under your turn ons???

is ryan trying to be stephanie again???
plussizedhottie: omg did you have britney spears and tyra banks leave me voicemails

tyra was like hey chocolate fantasy i see u posin in them mirrorz u got it gurl keep it fierce...HOLLAAA
laceyy: no problem:]
plussizedhottie: omg buy this for me for xmas plzzzzz

plussizedhottie: she was telling her friends how she is in love with you
plussizedhottie: your bff angel was talking about you today
plussizedhottie: WYHT???

Amplifymylove: Mhmm
Amplifymylove: Oh my gosh you're so adorable!
MrParkin: Fag, wtf did u vote for me? im not gay! u dont have to vote 4 guys ya know? u can vote just for girls...
MrParkin: Fag, wtf did u vote for me? im not gay! u dont have to vote 4 guys ya know? u can vote just for girls...

coffeelove: you need to give me your digits, i got a new numberrr.
coffeelove: dude.

did you miss me?
hesmyobsession: lol srsly? thats hilarious
joshbluelovesyou: NOW TELL ME YOU LOVE ME MORE!!!!!
joshbluelovesyou: HEY, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!
bangbangxyourdead: hey, i love you.
Blackhol3sun: smile Thankies
Blackhol3sun: Oh my goodness you are so adorable
hotmcbstitchbits: Omg im sitting on the bus behind fat anna maria talking about her grandma omg kill me. Youre stillcoming tonight right? 7pm k talk to you after this horrible trip is over
joshbluelovesyou: HEY i got a new sl/bf!!! what do you think?
joshbluelovesyou: hAY josh m i had a really lovely time at your bday party this weekend! here's one of the pictures (it's my fave<3)



TahliaReynolds: Joshhyyyy, imu =[
anaki: Definately a cutie!
hesmyobsession: ily!!
leftbehind: i'll always love my josh <3
bangbangxyourdead: JOSHY JOSHY JOSHY
let's be sexy loversss
kapoorker: jawsh this is my friend. she has black eyebrows, is bald, and likes scarves like grandma buccini. want me to hook u 2 up?
kapoorker: yeah i did and thanks for making me changing it jawsh
kapoorker: hey wasup jawsh i mostly been eatin wut about u
hotmcbstitchbits: hiii josh! i'm back smile miss me?
HaLvYbAbE21: i love your eyes.
cartmanwifey1: nothing.
how are you hun?
miss you<3
hotmcbstitchbits: j0shy kerbie wants you to join his group so he'll get a big group to make up for his little you kn0w what ~*~*~*~
tinykermit4mistress: /
hotmcbstitchbits: hey did you see my new sexy l0ver <33
kapoorker: nothing much, just went for shopping at macys for a cute bathing suit today.. you have a cute bathing suit too?
cartmanwifey1: hey kiddo<3
hotmcbstitchbits: d0 y0u think my new sexii l0ver is hawt?!?? ~*shelly*~
hotmcbstitchbits: i g0t a new 0ne at penny's 0mgah it was 0n sail!!!! 10.99!!!!!!
hotmcbstitchbits: i g0t a new 0ne at penny's 0mgah it was 0n sail!!!! 10.99!!!!!!
hotmcbstitchbits: j0shy!!! i am s00000 excited im in y0ur sh0ut 0utz n0w w00t w00t
hotmcbstitchbits: [color=#FFFFFF][/color]
hotmcbstitchbits: i d0 i d0. will y0u make me tayl0r ham&cheese pretty please?
hotmcbstitchbits: hey 0sh g0sh b'g0sh!!!! we haning 0ut t0m????
bangbangxyourdead: January 26, 2007: You are currently with JOSHYEWUH.
hesmyobsession: You hate me don't you.
hesmyobsession: Movie night.
Maxxy: Joshie poo is getting all manly
bangbangxyourdead: its gud boii.
bangbangxyourdead: josh!
Craziibeautiiful: fucking amazing! life couldnt be any better. :]
Craziibeautiiful: thanks love. Got a new boyfriend yet?
Craziibeautiiful: lol nothing you?
Craziibeautiiful: hii.
bangbangxyourdead: haha i love HER =)
bangbangxyourdead: redface thank you, but no joshy!
BeatingHeartBabyy: I love that song :]
apreppyjock: what happened to your fabulous gayulous profile?
XdiesxforxloveX: lol okay
XdiesxforxloveX: that sad bethy turned you gay
bangbangxyourdead: haa ^
nutttin best friend, sup w/ you ?
HesMyObsession: Josh. I was very upset that you weren't on last night :(
leftbehind: lumpkin boy
HesMyObsession: JOSH! I e-love you<3333
hotmcbsTITchbits: 0mgah!! osh gosh b'gosh let's open a law firl t0gether!!! it'll be hotTITs&osh gosh!!! lol lol
deathXr0se: not much
i miss you ebffl?!
deathXr0se: whats up josh?
sabbilicious: very cute
hotmcbsTITchbits: ewww thanks for ruining my comment box by talking about homosexuality. if you don't have anything heterosexual to say, don't say it at all! </3
hotmcbsTITchbits: omg joshy YOU better stop leaving me mean comments or i'll tell my bf danny on YOU.
hotmcbsTITchbits: what are YOU talking about joshy? you know YOU would hit this.
BANGBANGxYOURDEAD: happy new year josh, i love you.
bigtickles: I rEmBer Yr FreND
BANGBANGxYOURDEAD: hi josh frown
sweetlyn: redface
apreppyjock: hey. i like ur smooth baby butt. i mean baby face. hehe.
joshbluelovesyou: whatever you say.. and try to come to school tomorrow because julie isn't coming
joshbluelovesyou: omg josh you think i'm weird, creepy, and annoying? frown
withoutani: I MISS YOU!
joshbluelovesyou: like i'm telling you my secret112 so you can be good looking like me sorry josh m
joshbluelovesyou: i know. you guys should be jealous. not everyone can be as good looking as me
joshbluelovesyou: you're welcome and you may have the higher gpa but i'm better looking and that's all that matters
HesMyObsession: Happy Thanksgiving!
bangbangxyourdead: josh, if you're on aim. go on msn, i wanna talk.
joshbluelovesyou: 0mg if y0u want t0 hear ab0ut h0w julie asked me 0ut
joshbluelovesyou: hey did you hear i'm going out with julie now? yeah we're official now
Quan: lol i dont think she wants to see my peen but i do owe her an apology
Quan: lol my bad dude you and megan were fuckin with me i guess and i thought fallon was some crazy stalker person and im sorry for what i said to her. i just found all this out yesterday lol i felt bad.
Quan: lol who is your bffe?
joshbluelovesyou: aww why would i take you out? you're my slaveboi <3
joshbluelovesyou: hey i added some hot pics. go check them out (no nudes yet sorry)
RAILHER: Chello..
joshbluelovesyou: hey josh we're still on for our date at the diner tomorrow right? omg i'm so excited! make sure you borrow something nice to wear. <3
hotmcbsTITchbits: hey bff4l!!!!! i lub y0u
mixtapel0ve: i am online.

ms jesse x
mixtapel0ve: i'm online now & you're not.
joshbluelovesyou: hey josh m we missed you at lunch today

and ewww why does everyone think i'm that fat beccaxxx? ewww
joshbluelovesyou: it's a secret112 sorry
joshbluelovesyou: believe me i'm trying but she won't accept :'(
joshbluelovesyou: hey josh m. dump rihanna and be my sl
XxfrostedXflakexX: hey, thanxx 4 th add^_^
TheClassicCrime: once again, your online, and im not.
EnvyMe69: dont worry FAG i gave you a no as well.
RAILHER: Fuck this site, fuck these people. I think I am done.

mixtapel0ve: RAWR! i'm on msn now.
mixtapel0ve: you're a hooker.
mixtapel0ve: RAPHEL<3'sHOOKER
mixtapel0ve: lol LIAR!

mixtapel0ve: thanks for the compliment on my hair! & it doesn't take 10 minutes, crazy.
oh yeah, thanks for hanging up on me last night!
mixtapel0ve: love = hooker.
i <3 my hooker. lol
HesMyObsession: when do i get to know how i did!
RAILHER: My lovar.

You complete me.

RAILHER: My lovar.

You complete me.

RAILHER: My lovar.

You complete me.

RAILHER: My lovar.

You complete me.

RAILHER: I am sorry baby.
I've just been so sick. frown
I've now missed three days of school, too.

I miss you uber baby.


RAILHER: Sorry mister, I forgot about the time difference so you have a nice lame message from your wife on you phone.

RAILHER: Howz about three?
RAILHER: I want to live in a normal four bedroom house RIGHTTTT HERE.
RAILHER: inlove
RAILHER: Possibly a year?

It's very berry special.
RAILHER: That's too soon, a huge wedding like that will take months to plan.

RAILHER: Set the date lovar.
adubb49: well DUH. i wasnt trying to be sly about it. ugh
adubb49: josh is awesome.

cartmanwifey1: heartchu.
HesMyObsession: you change a lot :(
HesMyObsession: it was good to have met you :( have a good life
HesMyObsession: do you even want to be sls anymore :(
vanishingmemories: thanks for the hott voicemail last night lol

ya'll are hilarious.

xMEGAnxiSxEmoX: hey gorj x2

hesmyobsession: :(
hesmyobsession: I miss you :(
yousuckxhardcore: Seriously, just fuck off.
xMEGAnxiSxEmoX: omfgg bby. talking to you on the phone was soo much fun. grinlol grinlol hotstuff you turn me on. eeksmile
bangBANGxyourDEAD: It was really nice talkin on the phone again..<3
xMEGAnxiSxEmoX: sdfklsfj

i fucking love you inlove
hesmyobsession: happy bday you silly skank
hesmyobsession: one day I want you to have my babies. K
? ty.
hesmyobsession: If you don't want to talk to me anymore you can just say so.
hesmyobsession: i wanted to talk on the phone yesterdayyyyyy :sad:
x0xsweetx0xkissesx0x: aww ty josh <3 how are ya bby?
hesmyobsession: you're a silly gooose you have to call me thisssss weeeekkkkeeendddddd
hotmcbstichbits: hey sexy i told you i would find you some nice people in vote/comments told me your screen name k ily sexy
hotmcbstichbits: hey sexy love
hesmyobsession: http://www.wouldyouhitt

scary stuff! but yeah <3 miss ya!
deathxr0se: sup joshcakes
hesmyobsession: :-o
benadito69: lmao why the fuck did you guys switch
SweetLyn: ew fuck no
hesmyobsession: i fucked my cat last night mmmm it was so good i shoved her pussy in my mouth
benadito69: lmao i said it had to be from lydia...not you, faggot
Des10E: Hmmm sounds interesting, I have some vids you'd probably like.
hesmyobsession: hey sexy girl
Des10E: Well I guess I'd have to say being the raped. Now I'm curious about your fantasy!
benadito69: lol yea
benadito69: ohhhhhh boobs...those really lydia's?
SweetLyn: I like mine better(:
trickynicki: i remember who you are from that one group, but im good on your comments thanks, that one was a bit too offensive for me so you can keep them for yourself
benadito69: like the titties in the what? huh?
SweetLyn: lol idont like that princessed bitch
Des10E: lol where did that come from?
SweetLyn: wtf boobs
& lol raped duh
benadito69: being a 300 lb woman, ravishing my naked body

hesmyobsession: omg can we talk on the phone
hesmyobsession: Call me later Joshface<3
hesmyobsession: omgivegotthemagicstick
hesmyobsession: i dont like tht song bc my ex bf said it reminded him of me >_< but im sure its beautiful coming out of your face<3
hesmyobsession: YayM<3
XmeganXisXemoX: you took like all your stuff outta your profile ugh
RAILHER: lol you're hot.
xKatherineex1: sick pic
your cute
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: Cutiee fo sho.
XmeganXisXemoX: i will so find you a damn elephant you bum. yet i forgot your password so message it to me <33
hesmyobsession: jackoff
SweetLyn: that was so hot lol
XmeganXisXemoX: you ho. :]]

thank you.
XmeganXisXemoX: so lyke;; my bf is a j.e.r.k&&you need to come &&beat him up; kayzz!??? tfkzn.
XmeganXisXemoX: i l0ve you boo. <3
hesmyobsession: Oh maybe we can talk tomorrow night instead :(
hesmyobsession: So do it.
hesmyobsession: I'm not busy ever anymore... And I would never think of you as that even if I am busy I can always make time for one of my favorite people<3
hesmyobsession: Josh you don't call me anymore :(
XmeganXisXemoX: shuddup :[[

i thought it was
a good pick
up line </3

&&you havent called
me in a while
you biootch. :[

i miss you. <3
XmeganXisXemoX: thats fucking great. <3

XmeganXisXemoX: eek its kinda big////but i knew you'd like it :]]
XmeganXisXemoX: you're sucha dork. but i totally had fun with you on the phone///you made me laugh like no other babehcakezz <3

i tried to call you cept you're probably asleep like a good kid should be;; hmm. i'm bored. ttyl sexylover thang. xox
SweetAngelLips: hello there sexy boy hehe
Maxxy: lol, Joshie im just getting old, i just want to grow a beard my hair before i die
Maxxy: i have facial hair Josh kidgrinlol
XmeganXisXemoX: <3
SweetLyn: You are so corny
btw chilltown>you
SweetLyn: lollnah
SweetLyn: Let me be the one to bury you
SweetLyn: rofl ew no dude. You know which one I want. But having both would be nice. I have a plan w/ this girl. To take over the world have oompaloompas work4free&buy out w&b
SweetLyn: he's sexy
SweetLyn: They are just irresistable , id so sex them hxc
SweetLyn: I fucking hate you now. Stupid bitch. I just watch it to see w&b anywayscool
SweetLyn: Oh do I have news to tell you later on. btw I'm making sure to watch our fav showheartthrob .Have funwink
SweetLyn: sup lover
hesmyobsession: the candyman can.
hawtmama4u: fuck you on your beef curtins rofl
hawtmama4u: omg josh the phone bone was awesome lol
TheClassicCrime: hey qt smile
Maxxy: nice hair yo
hawtmama4u: omg its you lol
SweetLyn: eh pretty shitty.It was all going good, then BAM life started sucking.
lol what about for you.msg me on aim/msn sometime slut
Hiya Joshy, how're you!?
leftbehind: hey chinky.
hxcKristin: WOW.. Your SOOO S E X Y Y Y< 3
hawtmama4u: ya i closed it for a lil but i ended up reopening it cause i was bored lol.. i been doing good but busy
hawtmama4u: hey there josh haven't talk to you in while how you been boy..
hesmyobsession: how come you're on a lot but never wanna chat with me anymore :(
hesmyobsession: josh ur the only boy i dont hate besides family<3
hesmyobsession: go to bed and find me a sl
hesmyobsession: I say this only because we're homies... Your default makes you look retarded... I would know<3
hesmyobsession: it very well might dear lol it just makes me think that the people cant read the 'CAPS' or 'Shift' key on their keyboards... I feel kind of sorry for them </3
ChineseFoodMindGames: what?
hesmyobsession: Josh u ahole tht stuff in ur turn offs is in my profile rofl and yes tYpIn LiKe DiZ does make me less attracted to people
XmeganXisXemoX: i lub dub you joshy ♥
benadito69: joooooooooooooooooooooo
shua sup niggs?!
hesmyobsession: How come ur not on msn slash werent cuz im not nemore lol
benadito69: ohhhhhhhhhh yea msn is gofuckyourself@hotmail.
com, my tits are SMALL, and my pussy is dry and like sand paper...come get this shit lmao
hesmyobsession: Josh<3
deathxr0se: jossssh
TheClassicCrime: How goes it sugarpants?
TheClassicCrime: hihihihihi <3
TheClassicCrime: Hey bby <3 IMU. !
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: Chyeah man =]
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: josh send me bangbucks
TheClassicCrime: Too bad, i add you to msn, and you NEVER get online hateface </3
Cthulhu: that's why i used it....

TheClassicCrime: where are you because im here, and your not.
hesmyobsession: took me out of ur profile :(
TheClassicCrime: sweetlittlegirl525@hotm ily heartthrob
hottiebitch: What's funnier than a dead baby?
A dead baby in a clown costume! that's fucking sick
hesmyobsession: <3.
hesmyobsession: you're always taking out more of my stuff :( sadsad oh well:( sorry about last nite hopefully we can talk tonight
hesmyobsession: Josh. Hi Josh<3
hesmyobsession: get on msnnnnn plez
hesmyobsession: aw you took some of our stuff out :( I miss you. I have tomorrow off<3
hesmyobsession: You're so loccoocoococoococo go loco for my cocoa puffs, milky milky cocoa puffs? hehehee
hesmyobsession: I like when you comment me back<3 lol
hesmyobsession: duh you did too get that email lol im on ur msn deleting messages like a wildman cuz u have too much JUNK mail ttyl lmuffin<3
hesmyobsession: Yo J-Unit. Waddup my n***a. Fa sho I'm coming over tomorra wat kinda g's wouldn't yo? Yea yo i killed some hos n shyt last nizight yeah waddup homayyyyyy iight payce
hesmyobsession: duh i was serious about prom lol its funny every time i go to chinese i say do you have pepsi or coke?
hesmyobsession: yea i know i was forced to work this weekend :( i have next friday off? you should come here and go to prom wit me lol tongue
bangbangxyourdead: It's called make damn sure, the tbs song.
SimplyMax: i already have 360, i recommend that shit..
SimplyMax: JOsh my good ol friend, did ps3 come out on your side of the pond?
hesmyobsession: get on msn biotch
SoundOfSulfur: im good
how are you josh
long time we never talk haha
hesmyobsession: rofl we'll make it fit, with LUBE
hesmyobsession: Will you have my e-babies<3
acutthroatkiss: Thanks, I guess.. lol.
myfavoritemistake: get on msn!
myfavoritemistake: Hey I was just thinking last night.. I miss you a lot! We need to watch a movie sometime<3
xobellalova4yaxo: hey its Daniela one l wink
but why would i hate you?..yeah aim me sometime you have it and if not msg me
appleJACK: lol
you know it
hotnheavy: it was my default i just changed it.
myfavoritemistake: aw I'msosorry I didn't read that til now... I'll be on tomorrow since I'm off work. I think about you whenever I go to Chinese lol and sometimes I tell people stories about our phone convos... lol I miss that! be on tomorrow!
myfavoritemistake: just wanted to say hey... so hey
deathxr0se: josh, you're awesome & ily.
BettySunglasses: 5'5"/5'6"
XdiesxforxloveX: thanks josh.
but it seems like noone likes the pic you commented.
and i need new ones like bad.
nice to hear from you though <3 bye
bvalks: It's spelled 'proactiv', you fucking poofter. I've used it, and just about everything else, and none of it works. In my case, acne isn't something that can be controlled. In your case, fatty, you can do cardio and lose your weight.

stfu, flamer.
VROOMVROOM: what is uppp?
deathxr0se: hihi. my e-bff FO LIFE!! heartheartheart. kekeke. ♥
hesmyobsession: you used to be a lot nicer & you used to care about our friendship :(
hesmyobsession: Idk when you changed but I wish you hadn't
myfavoritemistake: :(
hawtmama4u: me crazy no way thats you silly lol
myfavoritemistake: nono
hawtmama4u: just drop by to say hi to my favorite crazy boy lol
deathxr0se: you're like beyond awesome indeed. heartthrob
attractedtoyou: Central jersey.
deathxr0se: talking to you again really makes me smile and much happier. heartthrob
deathxr0se: josh, singing sean paul to you last night was pretty fuckin' awesome. let's do it again, lmao. i still want to see you dance on cam, that would be like the bomb-diggity! ♥
xstellax0: haha, im not sure his last name but he works at hollister smile
xstellax0: nope never, but my friend joe lives there smile
deathxr0se: no way, you're even more amazing, duhh.
SoundOfSulfur: lol back with my sister
deathxr0se: oh snap.
it's my old lover. renewed once again.
we have like so much more in common now, it's pretty amazing.
overmyhead: very cutesigned
ConcertFreak808: so....if you we're my weight. plus 20'd be 100. ^_^ yup.
ConcertFreak808: so....if you we're my weight. plus 20'd be 100. ^_^ yup.
hoopstar: hey thnx 4 the yes dude
colorblind: somebody got crazed watching Americas Next Top Model on Vh1 yesterday, eh?!
laurzt: nu uh!! YOU never talk to ME. frown
babiegirlnj4100: lol .. yeahh !
laurzt: eek you dont talk to me anymore. whore.
hotnheavy: oh thats my bestfriend Bethy.
her digits are.. well you'd have to message me for them.
hotnheavy: ily best other friend.
we never talk anymore.
miss you ♥
cutieface42: hey you're cute
BaMiH: wtf?
You dont know what the fuck you are talking about!
Oh and you should get some help with that "ass problem you have" they have acne treatments for it. smile
bloodyX0tears: wtf are you talking about
himynameisscott: lol They'd slap against her face.
himynameisscott: They are just so huge. I can imagine how tough it would be to take a picture of them together.
sunofalightbulb: Bethy's nudes, now kgo. bro, why have you been holding out on me?!?!!
screaming4something: I expect yours+bethys nude in my inbox by noon today.

germz: i yes'd you because i wanna stick it in your butt.
shagadelic: i wanna see bethy's nudes. SHOWSHOW.
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: Dude
can you send me bethy's nudes?
I accidentally deleted them.
vanishingmemories: lol@previously owned by fred flinstone.

anyways how are you?
omfgMike: Can I see your girlfriends boobs?
vanishingmemories: your fucking cutestuff:]k.

mybaybeeisjames: lol, yeah well Hows life treating u lol? Mine is grr8 lol.. i guess welp ttyl i suppose im rele bored
mybaybeeisjames: hey this is where i got your screen name from .. ((im the one from aim)) welp ttyl i gues
Philophobia: CUTE
AeroCrombie21: i know this. it is aeropostale and abercrombie mixed together. sorry
cartmanwifey1: yeah msn is workin
cartmanwifey1: yeah msn is workin
cartmanwifey1: LMAO
your lil brother is qt.
i should kidkanp himrofl
cartmanwifey1: hey josh.
i miss you.
i ♥ you.
your like one of my e-favs.
myfavoritemistake: I just wanted to say holla kthnx
BloSSoM2008: yes you are.
BloSSoM2008: lol you name your plants well you are the first i know of to do that. =]
BloSSoM2008: fine lmao herbert.
BloSSoM2008: omfg no i wanna use the name joe. lmao jk
BloSSoM2008: do you have something you would like it to say?
BloSSoM2008: Hmmm
How Bout you make me a sign!
lol no jk
How bout i make you a sign tomorrow.
when im actually at home and i have my digital camera
BloSSoM2008: lol i dont know how im supossed to do that.
Hmm. lol
all i do is eat alot, sleep alot, and go to ppls houses.
+ i get online alot. hmm idk =]
alyskababe: haha ur welcome
blueEyedBeachBarbie: me dog and your dog that would be beautiful love
alyskababe: ha u look stoned in that....ur hott 2 smile
blueEyedBeachBarbie: boy
blueEyedBeachBarbie: lol oh yeah? why should i name him sheep sheep?
blueEyedBeachBarbie: YOU=HOT=me=eek
blueEyedBeachBarbie: eek
cartmanwifey1: LMAO.
i forgot.
hawtmama4u: hiii josh hug
josh is <b>the best</b>
hawtmama4u: i dont talk to you much any more but thought i drop by and say hi hug
sexilover2006: damn you r fine as hell
hawtmama4u: omg its some crazy white boy on lol
hotnheavy: my muffin arse when shopping at the mall today and got ryan 985834 things.

hotnheavy: hihihi Joshua , ilu
hiimhotx: mm baby..sess me up sumtyme we can do it all night long call me 973-667-2222
AsStarsGoOut18: you are quite gorgeous.

and i might love you.

<3 melissa
catgirlj: hey hon hollar at me in 2 years when you are legal
EmoLoserBoy: Hey man, you seem like a cool guy.. im not gay but I just wanna help out your rating or whatever .. just YES for YES , Add for ADD type thing if you don't mind .. thx man
cartmanwifey1: man ugh
cartmanwifey1: Hey Love!!! <333
TahliaReynolds: you < everyone
i think thats how it goes!!
TahliaReynolds: thats sweet, but u r a hotti drool
TahliaReynolds: hey chicken! im great! how r u? u didnt answer my Q!
TahliaReynolds: y do u have a chick as ur default?
HeyitsJen: Kay, cool. He's a looker. smile
HeyitsJen: Who is the guy all the way to the right in your shout outs he's a hottie. Har har.
coolflurtygirl: you have a cute face and that girl above me is quite beautiful smile
hotnheavy: Joshua A.M. i love you very much.
This is just a random comment at 7.30pm
remember bestfriends last forever

poochy poo
sherrif: fuck off u stupid cunt. take ur mono brow and fuck off
hotnheavy: Talking to me is actually pointless i'm only intrested in talking to one person

im very aware of this
ENAKEY! When we meet we will so do push ups too <33 this summer shall be good
TahliaReynolds: hey josh hun, better me then you to go smile
hotnheavy: ily<3
brotha from a diff motha
hawtmama4u: hughughug nope i win lol
hawtmama4u: hug
hotnheavy: i have been in texas all day Josh.
i havent went to a renting place.
hotnheavy: im on moms..i have no aim...poo
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: ur soo hottsmile
hotnheavy: inlove eek yes we still have 38784765867543 yrs till were old but hey. we will even share the same pee pot.
hotnheavy: *sings* Josh yoooooooou are MY bestfriendddddddd
and i loooooooove you
laurzt: eek yay we're sls again bitch.
cartmanwifey1: hey you!!! i miss you :( hahahahahah
sextoy: Hi, I Love you no matter what. You are my bestfriend smile
AFIGENE: Yo I'm not gay or anything but the point is, wanna yes for yes? Hit me up with a yes and I'll do the same for you bro.
QueenoftheDnDLosers: *hiss...phft*
QueenoftheDnDLosers: Rawr?
hesmyobsession: hey ily <3
hotnheavy: Josh.
ily. and you left your boxers over here.
come get them.
kthx. cool
dreaminbutterfly31: are you in the shower?
CheeseLikeWoah: oo i found it,
it's joe randazzo and dean levinson
CheeseLikeWoah: UGH ... not sure i think juniors and a senior

i dont remember their last names but it was DEAN and JOE .
joe is obsessed with HIM the band
and dean is just dean.
ugh their both skaters
CheeseLikeWoah: HA, i know a few people from nutely.
hotnheavy: ew josh you sick fuck rofl
your pussy stinks.
blueeyes24: omg your a trip rofl but its cute
caffeineobsession: ... I'll get one regardless. i miss starbucks. dearly. it has been a month :(
caffeineobsession: i will, i will! ONCE they stop charging freaking $3.00 for every damn gallon of gasoline! bloody suburban rich people city. i told my parents we should've moved out of brentwood a LONG time ago. and now they see the wisdom in my persistance! ugh OK. I'l
caffeineobsession: lol hahahaa. what starbucks do YOU go to?!? LOL it's deeellicccious down here (southern thing?! meh) my apologies for your disastrous experience and consequential waste of moola(h) :( i shall try the iced latte.
caffeineobsession: ...and you spelled welsh correctly, meant to mention that before.
caffeineobsession: ... EFFING Americans everywhere... middle age is when I'll worry more about it...
caffeineobsession: AHA! it cut your comment off too! whoot. chyea. rock on to us (fractional europeans ? lol). shammmeee on consuming the juices and starbucks ( btw, friend, i MUST say, the pumpkin pie spice latte is awfully tasty) and cellulite is a problem that plagues A
caffeineobsession: ...chamomile tea especially) close freaking parentheses. what kind of cutoff is that?!?!
caffeineobsession: ... TEA! is pretty acidic and not too good for your teeth (hint, hint, the Englishmen -- I'M BLOODY JOKING! (to any other person reading this, my dad's British, and he makes jokes about this all the time haha), but good for stomach ailments and stuff (c
caffeineobsession: haha i was being facetious (well, PARTIALLY) about the bottled water thing lol. Since you mentioned it, however... DRINK MORE H2O! and you're right flavored water does defeat the purpose of genuine water. Additionally, it is disGUSting wannabe water. And
caffeineobsession: .... last week, actually (it's called smart water with a spritz of lime and mango)

curse the comment cutter-off things!
caffeineobsession: lol well I'm just delving into some honors physics and honors govt (can't say I'm any less bored than normally, lol) but busy all the same *shakes fist* argh! shall we start another mini-conversation on bottled water (i've just had the grossest in the
caffeineobsession: heyy! bro? lol. who is himynameisscott? and has he called you a slut innumerable times...? eh? and how ARE you?!
blueeyes24: im all right just put my kid on the bus and you have a good day at school ttyl
blueeyes24: Dropping in to say hi hug
cartmanwifey1: your sl is gorgeous!!!
hesmyobsession: ily
XdiesxforxloveX: you're gay to the extreme ,ill make you cry like the emo fag you are
HeyitsJen: FUCKER! When are we meeting? Seriously lets pick a day to go shopping. smile heartthrob
hotnheavy: haha i know!!!
hotnheavy: Joshy! <3 i've missed you so much i love you! yay

? did you orda chinese foo ? < wow old times i miss it ugh
hesmyobsession: yeah but u did josh we arent like we were and you know it :( im crying myself to sleep every night and I hate it but I love you and I don't wanna lose this idk what to do :(
hesmyobsession: OMFG U GOT OFF MSN LIKE THAT OR BLOCKED ME AND TOOK ME OUT OF UR FUCKING PROFILE AND YOU LOVE ME? YEAH RIGHT :( omg im going to cry you let her ruin our friendship </3
Raphaelx3: just as long as you don't wish it on here
then i guess it's good. =]

i don't want tiff to die, hooker. <3wink
colorblind: i made you a thread. smile
playahata: Damn straight. Too bad you're taken, you're so sexy behbeh!
hesmyobsession: im sorry josh :( i love you so i dont know what i would do if you werent around sometimes im just scared to lose you because you're one of very few people i love and trust I'm sorry Josh <3 ilyx infinity
hesmyobsession: </3 goodnight :( im sorry i guess for caring too much bc now im crying me=big baby </3
hesmyobsession: bethy>lydia & much prettier
hesmyobsession: im being replaced </3
hesmyobsession: dude im so pissed at u rage ur replacing me and im not even in ur profile :( okay then
JeNiiBaBii: I'm such a loser, I get it now
JeNiiBaBii: eek I did not
JeNiiBaBii: Josh rocks my socks grinlol
feetarefunky: Hey josh is pretty damn cool.

yes, i just talked about you you in your own comment box as if you wouldn't read it.
much love.
Raphaelx3: oo i didn't mean to make it go twice, but my computer hates me. </3

but you're welcome and thanks for the compliment. =]<3
Raphaelx3: so cute.<3
Raphaelx3: so cute. <3
FalseAffection: hi youre hot.
HAHAHAHAAA: but I want the pork fried rice pizza
mmeliaa: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhheysmile i duno what that was for. but you like it anywys
I want a fortune cookie
HAHAHAHAAA: your buffet is rightfully mine
its cold
HAHAHAHAAA: diet pessi?
hesmyobsession: slut
adi0sk83: Nice name fucker.
Nymphetamine: you have really nice eyes
hesmyobsession: thanks for givin me ur name slut :heatthrob:
himynameisscott: Josh is awesome grinlol
himynameisscott: slut
himynameisscott: you need a salute, you are FAKE
o0OMaNdYO0o: zOMG hotstuff Hiiiii!
benadito69: i seeing double?? lol
HeyitsJen: Thanks. We really need to talk more. Kthanks.
himynameisscott: YA GAY
SweetLyn: OO LA LA
blueeyes24: hey cutie I like the new name hehe
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