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Profile for ideepthroat (offline- last on: Jul 25, 13)
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Name jessi
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Texas
City Lewisville
About Me
im going to leave this blank so we have something to talk about...

want my bang bucks?
just ask. i dont want anything in return.

30838 people would bang you
609 people would not
My Apps
i dont make signs. i dont want signs.

too many people ask for signs and if i make one for one person, its unfair to the others.


andd also,
if you're going to say any of these, dont even bother.
1.) "hey miss deepthroat"
2.) "you think you can get all of mine down?"
3.) "comment my private pictures"
4.) the first message you send me has your phone number in it.
5.) "can i jack off to your pics?"
6.) "why no nudes?"
7.) "do you like to suck dick?"

what's sad about all the questions is, i just copied and pasted them from real messages.

if i add you or give you a yes, dont thank me, please, it gets super annoying. so you're welcome to anybody who actually reads my profile after i add them or give them a yes.
Turn Ons
surprise me.
Turn Offs
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show how about anything that keeps me interested. (:
Movies anything worth watching.
i like scary movies the most.
Music A Heartwell Ending♥
Alien Ant Farm♥
Alkaline Trio♥
All American Rejects♥
American Hi-Fi♥
A Perfect Circle♥
Armor for Sleep♥
A Static Lullaby♥
Avenged Sevenfold♥
Blink 182♥
Bloc Party♥
Brand New♥
Breaking Benjamin♥
Bring Me The Horizon♥
Bowling for Soup♥
Boys Night Out♥
Catherine Wheel♥
Dashboard Confessional♥
Fall Out Boy♥
Fear Before the March of Flames♥
Fountains of Wayne♥
Franz Ferdinad♥
From First to Last♥
Good Charlotte♥
Green Day♥
Guns n' Roses♥
Hawthorn Heights♥
Head Automatica♥
Heavy Heavy Low Low♥
Hollywood Undead♥
Hot Hot Heat♥
Jeffree Star♥
Jimmy Eat World♥
Kings of Leon♥
Linkin Park♥
Marcy Playground♥
Mindless Self Indulgence♥
Modest Mouse♥
New Found Glory♥
Nine Inch Nails♥
Number One Fan♥
Opiate for the Masses♥
Papa Roach♥
Phantom Planet♥
Plain White T's♥
Queens of the Stone Age♥
Rage Against the Machine♥
Red Hot Chili Peppers♥
Relient K♥
Rise Against♥
Senses Fail♥
Simple Plan♥
Smashing Pumpkins♥
Smile Empty Soul♥
Something Corporate♥
Starting Line♥
Static X♥
Story of the Year♥
Straylight Run♥
Sum 41♥
System of a Down♥
Taking Back Sunday♥
Tsunami Bomb♥
The Actual♥
The Ataris♥
The Adicts♥
The Bravery♥
The Cars♥
The Click Five♥
The Darkness♥
The Hives♥
The Juliana Theory♥
The Killers♥
The Matches♥
The Offspring♥
The Spill Canvas♥
The Used♥
The Vines♥
The White Stripes♥
Three Days Grace♥
Yeah Yeah Yeahs♥
Book i dont read as much as i should.
Quote Not Given
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ICQ ##Must be a Member to View##
Yahoo ##Must be a Member to View##
Have something to say? Leave a comment.
Hondatuner87: hey haven't talked to you in a have you been?
brianb89: you are gorgeous
dark4181: Hey beautiful. I agree with the guy below me. How's about a smile wink
australianforbeer19: i wouldnt mind seeing some pictures of you smiling. you are really beautiful, but look awfully sad
rhuwan: very cute smile
CptAwesome22: Umm... you're gorgeous and love some amazing music... I think I just fell in love!
CptAwesome22: Umm... you're gorgeous and love some amazing music... I think I just fell in love!
xxKyranxx: Thanx for the yes smile
Willndowed: Sensationally delicious! You are so insanely hot!
australianforbeer19: hey handsome
IM4U2TEASE: im doing great, thanks. what are you upto this morning?
IM4U2TEASE: how are you jessi?
MegaMiketkd: hiiiiiiii Miss youu!
demigod: lol i dont doubt those were all real questions too hahaha
Ripthesys7em: ... don't normally comment. But you've got good taste in music *thumbs up*, and you're pretty... double good for you.
sexymarine1065: you do not rot. you rock!
Menandwomen: You're welcome!
soccer1794: heyy u watch up how r ya?? im mikewink
soccer1794: heyy u watch up how r ya?? im mikewink
soccer1794: hey hun how r ya?? im mike nice to meet ya.. whats up?? hey do u have a msn or yahoo sn name i could have please?? thnkss!!smile
Kensei: well damn you're beautiful smile whats shaking?
kenny187: whats good ? hit me up
blah1324: you're very pretty. but you should smile more in your pics. smile
GR1NG0SU4V3: bored as can be
GR1NG0SU4V3: hey good looking,
how goes it?
DamonGregson: you probably get a thousand creepy emails every day telling you how hot you are, so i dont need to tell you what you already know. but im sending you a message because id like it if you talked to me so i can find out if you are as great a person as you lo
misfitslut: very cute ; D
TheFaKer101: YOU LIKE EMERY. this is good.
ecko802: Thanks for the yes
WelcomehoME11: 29,000? That's a lot of hits lol
GR1NG0SU4V3: thanks for the yes cutie
HarbringerOfSound: Very cute. smile
SONofAheyWATCHit: Thank ya for the yes smileo comment twice lol. I was readin your profile, I can't believe people actually sent you messages like that lol, people I swear.
SONofAheyWATCHit: Thank ya for the yes smile
SONofAheyWATCHit: Thank ya for the yes smile
yeahoksure: Thank you for the add ! smile
lifeiskorny: ihy</3
tenthoufists: ty for the yes cool
erictx26: hi smile how are you doing tonight?
SPanKy69XxX2: add meh?
Ambrose2: you are beautiful.
ChelseaFC: thanks for the yes, you're cute
KingTeddy: what a shame, lol
i love signs and making signs, lol
but its cool.
if you want i'll edit a pic for you... i love my photoshop. but if so you gotta pick the pic.
KingTeddy: Your very welcome but theirs no need to thank me sweety.
I am but posting what i'm thinking.
So if you dont mind my asking. Why dont you like signs?
KingTeddy: i would say thanks, but u dont like it, lol
so instead, i would like to take this time to say that you are a very beautiful young women.
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!
Tomgb: i love your music.
nhra347: hey babe, I gave you a yes, you're cute!
Funwithapples: lol, I just read your profile and I was going to comment on your music taste, which is good btw, but I immediately saw that comment from Balo, and shook my head in shame. cant people read? I don't get it
shiningsilence13: lawl. you certainly did pick the wrong sn for this site. . . just asking for creeps. such as balo there
Balo48: i wanna see how well u can deep throat...
justforher: thanks for the yes
woo hoo i am happy!!!!!!!!
shin00bi76: thanks for the yes cutie smile
bradles: hey jessi,thanx for the add. Lookin good if i say so myself take care.
annaxdarling: except bad-mouth them lol. ugh, so my most recent perv guy to talk to me was like forty, and extremely hairy. and he left me a message saying something like "i was wondering if you wer enaughty or nice" with some gross shit following lol. GROSS.
annaxdarling: i think its like that just about everywhere though hun haha. but what can ya do? shrug lol.
annaxdarling: haha thats so hilarious. i could imagine it being annoying lol. theres a lot of pervs on here. but i know a lot of really really cool ppl on here too.
annaxdarling: haha thats so hilarious. i could imagine it being annoying lol. theres a lot of pervs on here. but i know a lot of really really cool ppl on here too.
HardcoreSean111: Hey what's up??
annaxdarling: its ok. lol. im feeling better. i have a question though .why did you decide to go with your username, if you knew that picking it would get you pervs? but on your profile it says that obviously you dont want that?
annaxdarling: hmmmy day was actually a little crappy =/ had a horrible headache. glad yours was good though. =]
annaxdarling: lol how was your day hun? and btw you have amazing taste in music.
annaxdarling: thank you for the yes sweetie. you are gorgeous!
DOCTOR: the biggest this side of the mississippi.
DOCTOR: they call me jeremy the giraffe because i can deep throat big ding dongs
solipsistmillionaire: yup yup lol. I bet it's nice in Texas. I'm done with the cold already.
belowme247: Gottha love a girl with no gag reflexes wink
solipsistmillionaire: Non-stop school work during finals week. grinlol.
Makes me crazy lawl.
solipsistmillionaire: Not a problem. :]
What's up?
solipsistmillionaire: Cute.
JoeNycStyle: i envy the guy that wakes up next to you every day smile
JoeNycStyle: i envy the guy that wakes up next to you every day smile
af32hero: well if u wanna get on, my sn is af32hero =]
af32hero: just chillen, u on yahoo?
af32hero: r u really 19?
af32hero: hey love how r u?
LionsFan10: wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!
circa123: you're welcome!! Praise and love Jah bless!
circa123: Happy Holidays Jessi!!<3
spyder004: that works too
spyder004: that sucks well if your bored and want to chat on MSN send me your stuff
spyder004: so whats going on ?? im just sitting here bored
spyder004: cute
whatstheworldhates: lol sounds like a pro lol
whatstheworldhates: lol and u just went with it
whatstheworldhates: lol what made u pick that name lol
evileyes47: wll illgive u a yes and if u do ahppen to add me or give me a yes i wont say thank u so its all gd
whatstheworldhates: yah it did suck i was soo freezeing all day :( nice name on here
whatstheworldhates: im doing ok pretty sick now from standing in the cold for hours :(
whatstheworldhates: not alot about to head to bed..

soooo how are you doing
whatstheworldhates: hey girl

whats up
ItalianTXman4u: thanx for the add doll
ItalianTXman4u: thanx for the add doll
KrazyJust: thank you for the yes
colvin86: Nice to see your a HIM and a Used fan.... They are super Yummy. They both put on an amazing live show!!!!
harp84: Hey thanks for the add..
kingkronik420: id be lying out of my ass if i said i liked your whole music list,
but i DEFINATELY see some amazing bands in there

you say you like horrors,
wanna name a few so i can get an idea on what kind of horror you like?
slaytanic0666: you have some cool music listed on here give me a add?
LeandroVega: hmm, quite the provocative name you got there... your pics are sexy too.
SunsetxShootout: You're so cute!! =]
Thanks for the yes girl <33
DSGB69: god dam sexy as hell
xJobey: same just got back from skating.
jamesdeen: i like ur profile wish there was more info in it though
xJobey: whats up qt
URtwixFIX: You make it look so easy, being that gorgeous.
xJobey: wave
Ramiel76: gah sorry i wasn't supposed to thank you >_< my bad heh
Ramiel76: thanks for the yes grinlol
armymedic022377: Wow that is a crap ton of music u like...
sergeantcracker: afternoon :-D anything new and exciting?
scotty80100: thats good to hear hope to chat sometime
scotty80100: thats ok and how was your weekend hun if you want hit me up on yahoo
scotty80100: hello beautiful i will take some bang bucks lol
MegaMiketkd: i can do that too ya kno
MegaMiketkd: lol i dont expect you to but On the brightside now you'll always kno how much i cared where you been anyway i never see you on yahoo anymore
MegaMiketkd: lol im mad i put my real phone number tho lol switch the 4-3 around to a 34 u should text me ;-P
MegaMiketkd: im sorry i couldnt help to mess with you
MegaMiketkd: hey miss deepthroat think you can get all mine down ? can you comment my private pics? my phone number is 518 543 2349 lol
xRyan87x: You look like you're 12
paleshadow: *runz in picks your boogers and runz back out* har ha
Roach360: hey miss deepthroat, you think you can get all of mine down? you should comment my private pictures. when youre done that reach me at 416-555-5273

PS i hope you dont mind if i jack off to your pictures
chinaski: whew! good. i was worried there for a minute
chinaski: oops. sorry. i was too quick to thank. now i'm annoying, damnit!
chinaski: thanks for the yes
Xanderharris86: hope to speak with you soon :-)
MegaMiketkd: yeah i went on vaccation im home now tho lo
MegaMiketkd: so lol your birthday present lol... yeahh
Xanderharris86: well if you want to chat sometime my aim is xanderharris86 - don't be a stranger.
Xanderharris86: Haha, glad you like it :-) I like your face, it's nice too.
Xanderharris86: Oh, it's going with me, how's it going with you? :-)
Xanderharris86: Howdy :-)
mountainman523: ooo baby can you deepthroat me im like 15 inches...soft baby you'll love it im gonna rail you hard and then kill a giraffe after
BlazeXxX313: Thanks for yessing me ; )
menace2006: hot pic u look amazing
Jasonc12379: hey whats up?
hockeyguy1919: I dont have a myspace! so sue me
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: thanks for the yes!!! wink smile grinlol
CygnusHyperion: Cont.

"I want to hold you close
Soft breath, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I want to fucking tear you apart"
CygnusHyperion: For some reason, as soon as I looked at your profile I remembered that She Wants Revenge song.

"I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close
MustangMark: deepthroat huh? sounds like fun
l0stang3l: hey sup?
HotIrishguy: hey thx for the yes your gorgeous
waxurss: you are HAWT!!!!!!!!!11

gorgeous pics
solo36: Great now that you have commented metongue. You're amazingly beautiful, hit me up sometime.
solo36: You seem chill, how's it going?
K1NgXofXSp4deS: hahaha, wow, nice.

not much, prety dang bored. whats your AIM?
K1NgXofXSp4deS: so whats up cutie?
K1NgXofXSp4deS: youve got a damn good taste in music :]
Dirtyguy33: hey there sexc lil lady :P
madvsworld: that is one cute ass smile
ComitThs2Memry: hey thanks for adding me how are you
sexiboi4uuu: hey u!
scotty80100: hope you enjoyed yoru weekend
cfizzle10: damn sexy get at me mami
cfizzle10: damn sexy get at me mami
garythefirst: I loved your profile and your pics!!
allcity: With extreme prejudice I would hit this!
chocolate1689: just comin through to say hey
chocolate1689: just comin through to say hey
chocolate1689: just comin through to say hey
RustyDawg: Wow! I'm honored by your "yes", when a stunning beauty like yourself could have whatever her heart desired. Thank you. You are truly amazing...
peewhenshelf: frenchin los gatos
AceEnd22: Thank You
yairt2: have you been with an extremely dominant guy before?

i want your sn
yairt2: have you been with an extremely dominant guy before?

i want your sn
lauren88: your gorgeoussssssss, enough said smile
BtlrAngel2006: Your welcome!
ColoradoKing: Thanks 4 tha yes sweetiehug very kind of youflowers
sergeantcracker: HAPPY THURSDAY!!! whats new and exciting? fun plans for the weekend yet?
MaGiCalMisSy18: thanks for the yes in return hun

MaGiCalMisSy18: from dallas texas... smile
magnum22: how u doin 2night?
magnum22: its pretty funny................. these dudes obviously didnt read ur pro because u clearly state "dont thank me for the add, or for the yes. that gets really annoying." i just had to point that shit out lol neways THANKS 4 THE ADD : )
that was a joke
kng229: Thanks for the add hottie! How are ya?
MegaMiketkd: oh but theres soo much more id like to do
Xswtxtasyx: hey wassup
MegaMiketkd: i just thought id let you know lol
MegaMiketkd: hope you dont mind im putting you in the list underneath my turn ons
ejskippy: Thanks for the yes. You're really cute
ncman83: anytime gorgeous
kenny187: you are fucking beautiful my god fine. just thought you should know that
ncman83: ur so adorable.....and i love the batman shirt
expoken: Thanks for the yes! smile
BetweenUrThighs: hey what's up, gorgeous?
jphillips00806: you are beautiful
overhere: thanx for the yes God Bless TX
NdwnVup: hey sexy! watta you up to babe?
MegaMiketkd: is it wrong i wana know how much u can deep throat?
xETHANx: pretty good, just got home and i have a huge headache :(
bballer102005: oh wow!! def a yes from me!!
xETHANx: hey how're you !!
OvercastKid: eek you're alive!
DallasPimp: You're Gorgeous!.. jus curious.. are u really 18??
Baysideviper28: This girl right here, she's the prettiest in the whole world!
crazycajun03: Beautiful pics. Also love the bat shirt haha. Thanks for the yes
Rockyohips69: thanks for the yes.
HiGhRiSk: damn u beautiful shawty
codysmith1: that's goood.
i've had a pretty solid year... just really busy.
codysmith1: I've been pretty good.
just really busy.
are you having a good year?
codysmith1: I've been pretty good.
just really busy.
are you having a good year?
codysmith1: hey, how have you been? its been awhile

MeGziX1127: your gorgeous
robxb: sorry if i thanked you for the yes before actually reading your profile! my bad if that ever happened, lol. =]
XJackSkellingtonX: Hey there bat girl....Can I be your dark knight <3
sergeantcracker: i'm working quite a bit so yeah i have no life lol its sad :(
sergeantcracker: how is the new year treating you jessi? haven't talked to you in a while.
sergeantcracker: HIIIIIIIYA!!
Nathan730: i would love to be your bat boy
Mitchell69: loookin good hun.. love the shirt lol wink
R2Nugga57: You, miss, are very damn cute.
shaunjuan: Very Beautiful and Awesome taste in should listen to the Arctic Monkeys (if you haven't already)
imtheman: You're welcome!
Necro99: Nice music selection too. =D
Necro99: You're so beautiful. You definitely got my yes. =D
rush17: hey there you are really hot my friend
dedalus86: damn you look good!
imtheman: Very sexy!
kmm4344: very mature and intelligent. and, drop dead gorgeous!
beasybaby: wow i love ur sn
robxb: nananananananan batman! thanks for the yes =]
ttomlin85: nice name great pix
Morbidoddangel: hey whats up will you comment on my pics i just put 9 new ones up please ill give you bb to if you want your so fucking fine
tmdist: gorgeous pics =]/// nice music choices
Brokenbokken: you're quite the cutie doll
A1aHockeyDeviL: hey babe smile sup??
passedover688: what a coincidence, i eet oats too smile
worst4now: aim?
worst4now: hey cuteness!
staticx: did u give me a yes just cuz of my name :P
ANiceGuy4You: thanks for the add. Now that we are friends you should comment my pics. I'll return the favor when you do!
sjohnson: mmmm.... nice!
phatmatt690: wank
gomo: i want see u on cam :(
XTheNewCancerX: I love batman and you're adorable
XTheNewCancerX: I love batman and you're adorable
sublime666: i love your eyes smile...and that smile...and that cute ass face of yours. yeah, everything about you is pretty much perfect. can i have you??
BrutalSwine: Beautiful!
N0TH1NGFACE: YEHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sterlingsccr05: very sexy! thanx for the yes! by the way i love the batman shirt, i had one kinda like it lol
hardthunder: I'm game for a trip to tx for some deep throat fun.. will stick my tongue way deep inside for reciprocating pleasure!!!
Trier20: <333333
captainzero: thanks for the yes hottie grinlol
AlyssaBooRawr: i was wondering if you were looking for a sexy lover?
you can add my aim to get to know me smile

AlyssaBooRawr: i'm really good. your very pretty by the way.
AlyssaBooRawr: hey hun! how are you doing?
Jobforacowboy: he how you doing ? been a while since i have talked to ya :P you should add me to yahoo or somethin
erictx26: Hope you accept smile
cfnmfunanr2442: Hey, that's a lovely name... d; ) Nice and cute!
Jeremy06: beautiful
hard2tame: okay so dooooo u really deep throat? lol... or is that just a random name u made up
lunk: do you wanna chat on yahoo with me?
MegaMiketkd: im still kinda curious are you good at deep throating?
NewYorkFinest20s: really Cute ma wink
lunk: can i get your yahoo sweetie?
cheezyboy33: hey there beautiful!!! how was your weekend?!
cheezyboy33: yuppers!!! well i hope you have a wonderful weekend beautiful!!!
cheezyboy33: it wasnt too shabby!!! i went to toledo for work today so i got a 9 hour day outa doing nothing but sitting in a car!!! and i got free breakfast and lunch!!
cheezyboy33: HI!!! How was your day today sweetie?
cheezyboy33: I don't remember if i said this already but...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
cheezyboy33: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
cheezyboy33: tehe your very welcome!!! You listen to so much good music!!! its amazing!
cheezyboy33: hehe awww....yeah i bet you are tough! all though you are tiny and cute and you look extremely cuddly!!!
MegaMiketkd: lol thats pretty awesome not gona lie ive never got a deep throat? think you could do mine?
cheezyboy33: haha heck yeah it would!!! as long as i didnt lose you!!! then i would be traumatized!!!
cheezyboy33: haha! yes!!! Well you seem tiny so i could hold you and we could crowd surf together!!!
cheezyboy33: lol...well youve got me there! ive never crowdsurfed...ive always wanted too! but i want to do it with someone!!! Like a girl! Like a cute girl like you!!!
MegaMiketkd: im slightly curious lol can you deepthroat?
cheezyboy33: haha...well there has to be something crazy you did?!! Umm it would either have to be Extreme Sledding, letting my friend hit me with his car, or jumping outta my friends car
cheezyboy33: im peachy keen!!! really tired...i was up really late last night and i get up early for work so it just didnt work out!!! so what is the craziest thing you have ever done?
cheezyboy33: So how are you cutie??
cheezyboy33: Wow! You are incredibly beautiful! and pretty and cute!!! just thought i would let you know!
BLongCA04: you're most welcome smile you like a lot of good bands...i don't think i saw a single one on your list that i really dislike grinlol
zomgwtfbbq: thanks for the yes grinlol
BLongCA04: you're absolutely gorgeous smile
PaperTigerss: Thanks for the yes...Just kidding. wink QT
RyanAsploded: whats up cutie face?
RyanAsploded: hello cutie :]
Deaner17: "PERFECT"...thats all that really needs to be said...Babe, you are beatiful...I just got done looking at some of your pics, wow...You have my yes for sure, i hope i get yours...If your interested babe, comment back or message me...
Deaner17: "PERFECT"...thats all that really needs to be said...Babe, you are beatiful...I just got done looking at some of your pics, wow...You have my yes for sure, i hope i get yours...If your interested babe, comment back or message me...
TyKing: hmm very hot hun... thanks for the YES! how r ya?
moseph: thanks for the yes and you're gorgeous wink
NdwnVup: hey there!! your lookin good babe, you should def. msg me sometime if you feel the need ttyl sexy!
Binary0010: Nice lips grinlol
ballsofsteel: Hey chicky!! Thanks for the yes!!!.. you should add me.. maybe we can chat sometime!! :-) Thanks again!! :-)
NdwnVup: hey there sexy!! wats up babe?
jess1450: What it do? Hit me Up I stay in Plano. Lets have some fun ;P
codysmith1: well how has it been? college is a pretty good time
codysmith1: that's goood.
i've been pretty decent. just really busy. this is your senior year right?
codysmith1: hey, long time no talk. how have you been?
ASHmx107: Gorgeous!
Brokenbokken: how've you been deep throater?
ricin: wow, talk about a cute girl!
UGAfratastic: hey jessi, how was your weekend? are you near houston at all?
mrevan321: thanks for the yes back. you're really cute
A1aHockeyDeviL: your fuckin hot!! lol whats up?
thepokerace: hey good lookin!!! yahoo me? lol hit me back if ya get the chance!!
BetweenUrThighs: 18, huh.. so we can hang out now right? haha.. It's been a while.. How are you?
bloodtobleed: hello beautiful, how are you?
DeathByKiwi: Do da do ... Im bored ..
lifeiskorny: hey babe
i added some new pictures, you should go look =)
TheFaKer101: btw you listen to some damn good music
TheFaKer101: im sorry if i come off as slightly insane grinlol i get that alot. :P
TheFaKer101: im amazing. i love how you think the word "cool" is a turn on. lol just needed to throw that out there.
TheFaKer101: hola love, hows things?
nitrotechhardcore: yeah but your a stunner heartthrob
shaundykes: Lmao, not even if i were to do something for you? anything? :O
shaundykes: Lmao, sorry I just got curious haha. I would ask if you could send me some pics like that, but I know you wouldn't, would ya? Haha lmao.
shaundykes: So...uhhh.. If you deep throat, why not show it in your pictures? Haha leprechauns! grinlol
karona: your abso-fuckin-lutely gorgeous, thanks for the yes
NdwnVup: mmm lookin sexy babe! wats up ?
capt1eye: You are a very beautiful and attractive woman!! Got my yes smile
BloodOnOurHands: youre so cute =]
InTheBellyOfAShark: hey cutie
how are you?
HXCSteven: simply gorgeous bby.....
n3bs: cute smile and cute eyes, crzy username lol grinlol
haydenthehorse: Nice screenname btw, is it true? lol Anyways, you're amazingly pretty. Add me?
haydenthehorse: Thanks for the 10! You're gorgeous babe!
HXCSteven: you are very welcome gorgeous..
HXCSteven: simply gorgeous....
Luke18m: Thanks for the yes, you're super cute!
westcott79dh: nice
Robert007: your welcome sweetie
IskateAlmost3: umm listening to spongebob since its whats on tv..

and talking on here i suppose

how about you?
IskateAlmost3: got banned x_x
IskateAlmost3: codyy

IskateAlmost3: thanks cutie <3

um.. i thought about.. and i think i had you as a friend on my old account((codyy))

IskateAlmost3: im great. and yourself? grinlol
IskateAlmost3: hii cutie smile
katrinaeatsyourface: hmm so do you?
PAguy: hey hows it going? just checked out your profile and was wonderin if you wanted to chat? my yahoo is awg037 n aim is too, hope to ttyl!
P3T3: very pretty
Joker18Pain: I bet your one of the coolest people ever, you get my votesmile
Robert007: very sexy
sk8erjer17: not much. did you get a new camera?
circa123: HOT!!!
circa123: HOT!!!
sk8erjer17: hey cutie whats up? i miss talkin to you.
therealandywascool: you bring some games
therealandywascool: radness i dont know what we will doyet..
therealandywascool: come play at my place. im bored
therealandywascool: i dont know hahha
therealandywascool: i guess thats not too bad. sooo tell me something
therealandywascool: so upto anything fun, im bored as hell
therealandywascool: thank you for the yes smile
abraxas: you're hot. thanks for the yes.
JohnnyH: I added two new pics in my private folder wink
Silentstunna: you are so beautiful
jts420socal: heya =]
guitarzan1143: i love your music, you are pretty much awesome, you're a cutie to. =]
Degenerated: you = yummy :]
nybboy: Thank you for the yes, sexy!wink
gomo: remember me ? :p
jXj: your adorable!
turtlefur: hey, i jsut wanted to let ya know that you are friggin gorgeous!! you defintley have my yes :-)
JWes: hey gorgeous! flowers
i was jus lookin around to see who was on and i saw ya pic and ur very pretty! jus wanted to stop by and say hey, and see what ya were up to shrug
therollingstone001: why so sad?
Hardy22: thanks for the yes beautiful!
MadMonkeyBananaPants: Oh hell yeah hitit
eXtenTuNknoWn: nothing much... just woke up. pretty bored.
do you have aim? I'd rather talk there.
eXtenTuNknoWn: hah... so whats up?
eXtenTuNknoWn: Hey cutie... look'n good... comment back.
Brokenbokken: you're a cutie smile
WREL: u look sad :(, u look really cute tho wink yes for u!
MrTea: This is STUNNING! I Love this picture! You are Beautiful!
since1989: hi
hotone4fems1: BEAUTIFUL
ca86: very pretty
jeffmt: thanks smile added you
jeffmt: hey. you're really cute. got msn or aim or yahoo?
knightsA: gorgeous!
lifeiskorny: you're really pretty <3
TrueAmericanHubris: at the end of June i'm seeing both Rage and White Stripes in NYC and Boston, respectively =D
TrueAmericanHubris: i counted, due to boredom, and have discovered that I have seen 14 of your favorite bands play live.

they were all great
CakeShakeBonanza: niiice girl yes to you too
andrewXcore: you are very cute=]
thanks for the yes
spoka: the comment didnt work :/
do u have one by any chance?
spoka: hi whats up?
im justin
TrueAmericanHubris: Hi. Thanks for friending me. You're pretty and have awesome taste in music. Keep up the good work.
doyouwannahitdat: hey wuts ur aim
espanol: damn girl! ur so fucking hot! absolutly orgasmic! *creams pants* haha yumismile
tylerc0n: thanks for the yes and for bein sweet i like that alot!!!
seven007: sure thing hun
tinykermit4mistress: hi
sergeantcracker: Jessi!!! weeeeeeeeeee hi :-p happy saturday miss. whatcha up to?
sillyme: that is the sexiest screen name EVER! and ur pix are so hot and beautiful!
ZacMagnum: you're pretty!!
sergeantcracker: Morning Jessi smile
JBenavides: Fuckin hottie smile cute name
randysoldier: thanks for the yes sweety....
RyanAsploded: thanks for the yes cutie :]
sergeantcracker: Happy Easter *hugs*
MnMatraC: wow
a74Krayzie: i have sumn for u to deep throat haha grinlolgrinlol wink
RyanAsploded: my oh my, your cute :]
MnMatraC: oh my god. you're beautiful.
oneniteman: will u deep throat me?
BlueNovember: i have your poem at home... but im at work right now =/
sergeantcracker: hiya jessi!! have any fun plans for the weekend pretty lady?
dclarke: nothin really, my friend is possibly going to jail today so im waiting to call him =(
dclarke: heyyou, whats up?
prouditalian2006: You're cute! Hey, wanna be my sexy lover? wink
ShadowPrince: No prob... Anytime tiphat
ShadowPrince: Really beautiful! grinlol
brownie101010: thx for the yes gorgeous. u got mad taste in music
SatyricscoTT: holl3r
NdwnVup: hey gorgious whats up? def. msg me sumtime aight sexy?
ak907native: you got a good taste in music.
sergeantcracker: *waves @ jessi* hey miss!! *gives ya a cookie* whatcha doing up so late girl! go to bed :-p
Austinonfire: cutie!! : )
mlt11x: hey whats up gorgeous hope you are having a wonderful day hit me up sometime, if you have a myspace mine is
DylanStanderford: aw cute :]
NdwnVup: hey gorgious whats up? you should def. msg me sumtime babe, ttyl sexy
BlueNovember: almost finished =]
BlueNovember: mk.... when i get home tonight ill start on it
BlueNovember: yessum i would.... do you want me to?
BlueNovember: i didnt know what to say, so i made that up.

i could probably write you a "REAL" poem... only if you want.
BlueNovember: jessi wessi in a bathing suit... jessi wessi at the beach is cute... jessi wessi in a big city... jessi wessi, your smiles so pretty.
BlueNovember: shmank you!
BlueNovember: great great.... we won the first soccer game of the season tonight... 5-1

i score 2 goals and got 2 assists.... so most excellent night.
BlueNovember: how ya doing?
BlueNovember: werd to ya motha.
BlueNovember: ello... youre probably asleep but hi anyways
theronald: Hey hows it goin
sergeantcracker: i'm doing good jessi just sittin around bugging people. figured i'd come say hi since i haven't in a while smile
sergeantcracker: HIYA!! here have a cookie pretty lady smile how is your weekend going?
setnetjer: Thanks for the yes smile
BigTex83: come sit on my face
littlebudda: thanks for the yes
PinoyPartyBoy05: if thats really your personality you're kinda like me.cept a little shyer.which is adorable=)
TheProphesy: gorgeous=] thanks for the yes
blackwelw: hahahaha people with ick breath :P that's cute lol... all of ur bands rule by the way smile
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sk8erjer17: youd ont talk to me =(
a74Krayzie: so u deep throught huh ? :-D aha
STINKY1904AWN: Well Im shootin for originaltity. You have Unadulterated Beauty. Very Cute. MmHmmm. =D
makemebad: you are cute smile
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: Damn this pic is toooo says model all over it
DarkwingDuck: Simply Resplendent......
sk8erjer17: oh yeah. and you wont even talk to me?
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: Omg WoW is all i can say...Your pic's are really Hott!!!You are definately a Cutie...You can check my profile out and if your interested you can message me back..So hopefully i'll talk to you soon...Muah Ryan
sk8erjer17: wow...thats fucked up that you would even say that. dont be all emo you know i love you
sk8erjer17: yeah cool fuck you too
sk8erjer17: i love you awesome girl
sk8erjer17: awesome ignore me
sk8erjer17: i love you...
chancenc: very sexy
sk8erjer17: ok thanks for not talking to me today
AngelinCrimson: so hows life over all?
do you work anywhere?
AngelinCrimson: haha and whats with the name? i admit its an attention getter
AngelinCrimson: haha, you silly little kids with your silly little highschool
AngelinCrimson: yeah i suppose. so how was your day gorgeous?
AngelinCrimson: well, i have definitely been better. but i cant complain too much. went and saw a dane cook show special at a nearby theatre. his hbo vicious circle with additional footage. it was pretty damn funny
musicmantre: Hey Sexy! whats up? Thanks for Yes. Your Hott! wink
sk8erjer17: ooo guess what? i love ya
sk8erjer17: I <3 and miss you. you should get on msn n talk to me
AngelinCrimson: how are you?
sk8erjer17: hehe yay! =)
sk8erjer17: I <3 you =)
AngelinCrimson: so hi smile
BlueNovember: youre welcome
BlueNovember: that picture with the beads and choker is pretty sweet
sk8erjer17: yay for the best sexy lover ever!
sk8erjer17: you should get on msn n talk to me baby<3
AngelinCrimson: why are all the cute girls in tx?
rabbit2012: Ha, maybe u should wear this on your t-shirt lol[img]http://www.dohe
mdwire5: thanks for the add hun you're totally a hottie get at me sometime
g35ballin: dam<3
sk8erjer17: hey cutie thanks for the yes n the add...think we could chat sometime on aim or msn?
burnyourwings: im doing alright...and you?
burnyourwings: hey cutie
mdwire5: hey hun, you're a cutie and thanks for the yes..send me a message sometime
Baysideviper28: ME?!?! A Brown noser? Never!
Baysideviper28: Well I'd consider it, but then I wouldn't get to talk to you anymore and that's like horrible.
Baysideviper28: I dunno really, I think it's cause I've been without sleep for so long!
Baysideviper28: So rawr, my legs hurt haha. How are you?
galfordx3: hehe alrighty

well if ya wanna chat or anything jus let me know

galfordx3: dont know huh?

well if you wanna talk about anything ill listen

galfordx3: heyy thanks for the yes! =)

any perticular reason your sad?
Baysideviper28: i don't want you to literally shut up, lol just enjoy my t-shirt, gosh.
Baysideviper28: Haha shut up.
Baysideviper28: It has a picture of peter griffin and says "Everybody loves a big guy" lol
Baysideviper28: Hi I love you too!
I know you like family guy,
I got a family guy t-shirt today!
sergeantcracker: moring jessi how was your weekend?
SHANE118: hey whats up?
JDBTeen: Hey, i didn't know you were online. I'm doin good thanks, wondering why you live down the road and I still haven't seen you yet :-p NEwho. I'm in class and it's fixin to end so i'm turnin off my laptop, I'll turn it back on like 1ish so if you'
JDBTeen: umm I deeptongue :-p Hey babe, how're you dooin? AIM?
jonnycowboy: i have been attacked by boredom
jonnycowboy: helllo darlin ... how are you?
Mikeeeee: you're cute.
chuckinny: holy hotties, batgurl! yeah, you are mighty sexy
PHAHQ: holy u are a cute one
comeoniwannalayyou: your so sexy hunn
fstrthnlfe0219: jeeeeeez could you be any cuter? wanna bang? haha jk message me sometime.
DjFrEaK311: Hey there cutie hows you doin
SULLMAN5: you are so sexy, mmm hot kinky sex darling?
exodus669: Whats up Tex?
Baysideviper28: Boy oh boy, Baby girl I love you soooo much!
BansheeBoi23: MMmhmmYUMMsmilexoxox sup hun... mayb u wan watch MSN/yahoo?? its BiG!!smile
caliguy6969: ur a cutie
timmerz04: look at this hot
NdwnVup: hey watup? ur lookin damn sexy!! u should def. hit me up sumtime. .
Brutality: hey hows it going? =)
xt05: girl you are very pretty!!! I love the way you pull off the innocent punk look haha I'm jealous.. just showing some love here :-)
Shawnwhuggles: you are very nice! thanks for the add grinlol *huggles* ttyl
Firefighter30: Thanx for the yes vote. A huge YES right back at ya, well deserved I might Hope to hear from ya soon. Take care pretty one.
spongebry: You are so adorable ^_^ Thanks for the yes, gave one back to you too!
Luis9918: hey, you are really cute.

yup yup.
Ideals: very cutesmile
usmcbrian: such a smokin hot beauty!!
brett8403: sexc
cwayne86: wicked hot!
jja1990: hello beautiful!
FEARanLOATHINGsf: batman!!!!yes!!!!
turtlefur: i just wanted to say that i think you are gorgeous!! and you seem like youd be a really cool girl. id love to talk more. you definitely have my yes :-)
a559: hey
sup4fr34k: pweetttyyyy full... and you liek good music smile
monkeyontherock: i love batman whats up
sailor777: Thanx for the vote.
mikeasaurusrex: Batman pwns
sailor777: You are just gorgeous. Here is that YES. MMUUAAWWWWWWW
BetweenUrThighs: im bored.. lets make out
MaximaMike: Wow...Jessi youre gorgeous!!!
paulo001: wow, absolute stunner, comment me back, or my fotoz if u want cutie xoxo
mpower1506: thanks for the yes cutie grinlol
wtknght1: you are beautiful
adeptxxx: ...ignore the 2nd taste
adeptxxx: cutie <3 nice taste taste in music
bigpenfold: Beautiful
paraeso: Someone call the fire dept.... Your hot hot hot!!!!
dreddlokdave: thanks so much for the yes. it's amazing to get a yes off someone really pretty like you. thanks loads again x
aAa420aAa: very cute! grinlol
rymac182: wow...

that is all
wikk3dmind: very sexiii an ya kan add me if ya want kant ever hav 2 many sexi lady friends l88r
MikeasaurusRex: sup qt? smile

batman <3 haha
MikeasaurusRex: you're real cute smile
TonyT: thanks for the yes cutie
holistellerbeach: damn girl your defintly the sexiest on here... i'd love to hit that, i'd love to eat you out till you begged me to stop too... dammnnn
burleson8121: so hottt
SBbaseball: an absolute beauty Jessi...truly gorgeous!
ridegnu: thanks for the yes hottstuff
burleson8121: u r so beautiful
Blk4WhiteBBWs: You are so fucking hot.
TheFaKer101: rahaha!! batman owns!

you are amazzing!! msg me sumtime k?
RiddinSpinners: hey thanks for the yes....ur very B E A utiful...hit me back some time....peace out \ /
sexylatino18: hey there beautiful! id love to chat sumtime if ur up for it! let me know. gave u a yes! smile
JustBeingJustin: Very HOTTT!
HawthorneHornet: Thank you for the yes pretty miss
mobbster2: your soo beautifull..would you like to chat on yahoo sometime?
fmeplz: thnx babe
prot0fein: i'd so wanna stick it deep inside this lil hottie jackoff
CR25: mmmm you do do ya? *so hawt gurl* mmm
niceguy4u2005uk: hey thanks for the yes you are soooo cute drool
MikeasaurusRex: you're qt smile

whats up
Nessaja: heartthrobH0theartthrob
s7e7v7e7n: step aside it looks like we have a profesional here people haha, nice pics woot woot
champ72397: thanx for the yes, ur a hottie
MasterWolf: very nice pics your very beautful and have very lovely eyes as well
MrDon: you are incredible!!!...too cute!!!wink
xveignx: Thanks for the yes! smile
austinwarhola: cute girl
gsbk25: hey there, thanks for the yes. read my profile and message me sometime or if you'd like to leave a pic comment or two i'll return the favor. thanks again ttyl
BewareTheHunter: mmmm, nice
sokkerboi1991: nice tastes in bands.
nanananasuperman89: lol yeah
TorturedPersona: thanks for the yes sweetie, i love your taste in music!! UnderOATH... lovely. send me a message sometime, and maybe we can do an add4add?
JRP01980: tiphat Thank you for the Yes vote! You are Very Beautiful!
nanananasuperman89: lol yes its a compliment
fiasco23: wow ur absolutely stunning
darkstar024: hey wats goin on not much here bn bored waitin to go party or sumthin, well it said to ask about your yahoo name so im askin lol u can add me if ya want mine izzz darkstar_024 ttyl lates
nanananasuperman89: your super gorgeous make my heart feel funny like how i felt when i had to climb the rope in gym class
canuhdlethis: Damn girl you are fucking hot. But can you really deepthroat cas I've only had one girl that could ALLMOST go all the way down but other than her no one can
argylekid87: wow wow wow.
darkstar024: SeXy piks gurl i likey smile
mesa232323: I like your user name
themalemutekid: Hey qt..what's up with that name??
cmoney2k6: u could be my batgirl anytime
ghettoazntrackstar: thanks for the yes, gorgeous smile
hercules: do you really deepthroat??
ThongsRhoT: Hey gorgeous hope to talk to you again sexy
truecolours: Wow, hey gorgeous, thanks for the vote.... coming from you its an honor wink
dakota7: wow your hot ... you got my yes!
mark17: thanx for the sexy! hit me up sometime.
Jaydog2005: do you really deep throat? or are you just teasin
scorpio4: You're beautiful. :-)
recklessabandon84: you are amazingly gorgoues, awsome taste in music
sajed44: You're very pretty. :-)
bigdawg923: hey babe, thanks for the yes. You are hot as hell
ediko: good, well if u wanan chat or something, shoot me a message
wonderboy88: i was takin a look at ur pics n u think ur gross n ugly n that shit? FUCK THAT!! baby u gorgeous any day of the week!!
ediko: hows it goin
BlackHeartsNowReign: add me
KrazedKilla513: i was just goin back and lookin at people .. that voted me yes<3 ... so i just thought id drop bye and say wasup .. and thanx .. if i havent already lol
voced2006: Great profile awsome pics. A big YES from me.
firewalker186: Very sexy baby!! YES FOR U!!!
wvballer69: yea i bet u dont deepthroat lol jk contact me back
derailed: you are incredibly sexy...
BlackWolf: very gorgeous inlove
sofou: Good taste in music too smile
sofou: Thanks for the yes smile You look really good!! XoXo
NYCGuy: hey thanks for the yes smile
paulo001: sexy gorjuz beautiful stunning, absolute glamour!
eagleman9: gorgeous!
pimpilicious420: my god fine
lechuck421: awesome music!!!
Guttural: soooo gorgeous!!
BecauseImInABand: mad cute. insane cute.
chillinvilln: deep can u g o
HollabackFL: Very hot pics! Thanx for giving me a YES! Write me back if you wanna chat
chillinvilln: u are so fucking hot
spoiltheinvasion: super cute<3
paperthinhymn: you have an awesome list of bands there.
calisurfer0988: OMG YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
MotoX331: may i talk to you on aim?
MotoX331: may i talk to you on aim?
calisurfer0988: so totally beautiful
theronald: Wutup
panda826: Fuckin hot
Jonathan20: Thanks for the hit beautiful! smile
SimplyMax: hello cute girl, how are you?
ihavenousername: Nice name! but even nicer body and smile and face! you are gorgeous hun! You have my YES for sure! hitit
Josh671: wow you are absolutely gorgeous!!
MrStylin: jess . big TY for the return yes vote hun ..... i hope you like the comments!
sergeantcracker: hello hello whats goin on Jessi?
UpsNdownZZZ: Cute!!
Brokenbokken: come give me a visit then grinlol
Brokenbokken: yeah smile
Brokenbokken: any time... i didnt realize how scandelous your name is till now lol

you deep throat eh? haha
Brokenbokken: woah like cute smile
trumpet77386: Gorgeous pics, Hot username. Could I get a screenname?
KrazedKilla513: thanx 4 tha vote !!
rayomatic: haha i love ur sn
partyboi1089: very pretty
sergeantcracker: hi jessi!!!!!!!!!!!
HCObrandrep: nice username haha...thats shits hot
voced2006: Thankyou so much for the YES Texan girls are so nice.
singleservedfriend: i dont normally say things like this, but i would rail the shit outta you
Brutality: Totally cute =)
Jester4urfun: you are absolutely gorgeous
Justin4U: lol holy shit @ music.
zguy04: ooo your cute, love the screenname ;-)
torontoman: your a tramp skank
JerseyMike: Smokin hot thanks for the bang...
matthewthomas: hey your really hot. ,
deepthroating is one thing. . do you swalllow? wink
repoman42003: Your a very very gorgeous women. I would have to be blind or dead to say No to a Angel as extremely Gorgeous as you! A breath takingly, make my heart skip a beat, true Goddess for sure. You got my yes definately. Comment me back sometime beautiful
lsorice: I really love your face...
lsorice: I really love you face...
vanessajade: very pretty, you get my yes vote <3
SmokeItUp970: niceeeeee
kennalynzi09: Thanks for the yes
mellow267: Very sexy body and amazing eyes! Wish u lived closer! Added you to my friends list. Name is Matt, 17.
nick6933: hey sexy whats up u should add me to msn
OGWillC: that nigga billabong, and will you give me head?
davidbrandi05: WOW!
livinginyourashes: wow youre hot...

JVSocclax: youre quite welcome! stop by again sometime!
JVSocclax: great page you have here smile
dirtypirate13: wow thx for the yes hit me up sometime
rumble769: how could you say no to a girl that not only looks like that.....but has that kinda name as well?????
gtrkd0: hotttt! you are beautifuL!!!
flyer: add me
flyer: ur really sexy
NickDoc: lol wow
what a wonderful user name to have...
rockon28: Very Hott!!
crowinboots760: I might be big, but i have a big dick. smile
crowinboots760: cuteeee
JimxFear: hey there. you listen to sweet music. can I add you to msn?
TheBigShow: so so sooooo cute! smile
antonio314: Stay hot, & thnx
forthoseabouttorock: HI!!!
just thot id say hi.
Rochdalemark: U R SEXY smile YES FOR U smile COMMENT BACK
meforme: Nice music taste, and you are totally gorgeous!
pimpin4eva9: cutie
ricin: you are WOW
fly199: thanks for the yes ! love your bod...........wink
neeeder2020: hotttwink
wyht5000: love the username...
sexyD18: ur fackin sexaay!
generaladam: hmmm oh yeah
gomo: lol why this usernam ? lol
guero789: dam....ur gorgeous...u goy my vote...4 u eyes....
forthoseabouttorock: i love lookin at your pics your just dead sexxxahhhh (as fat bastard puts it).. and no im not crazy im sober lol. havnt been intoxicated in any way shape or form since the 16th. :(
markus8585: mmmmmm deepthroat
LyrikalXtaZ: gorgeous, beautiful, amazing...can i haVe YoU?
sqweak: dam your so fucking hot im beating off to u right now
megplyr4: hey when u get this hit me up on my
xspeedrcrx: Hey!!! Thanks for the yes cutie!!
goodapollo: nothin im just sittin here hella bored
goodapollo: hey cutie wats up?
XJESSEX: Your Welcome smile
XJESSEX: Great Taste in Music Sexy smile
Crantel: Horray for good taste im music!!!! smile
ellisd: curious as to whether or not you might be interested in exchanging words sometime wink Let me know...
psycho4r5: hey cutie, we should chat sometime message me
Dalejrlookalike: damn girl!! drool
GarBAGEheAD: Thanx for the yes it's an honor coming from someone as gorgeous as
JmmCracCrn: damn thanks for the yes your hot too lol i like ur screeen name hope its true wink
UrEvryDaySin: e - love!
SpecOpGrunt: any time any palce any second u name it ill hit that as hard and as fast
DylanStanderford: thats too dirty a name for some one so pretty
skcussihtedud: can you move to richardson? plz
goodapollo: im pretty good i sopose just chillin hella bored u?
stevo89: god damn...your are gorgous hun.. i love your eyes
goodapollo: hey there cutie pie wats up?
phatmatt690: WOWhititYour so Gorgeous, you get a definate YES!!! Send me a comment or message back plz
DudeManDudeYo: Incredibly Gorgeous, wow, very beautiful, definite Yes wink
slipknotfan101: wow hunn ur gorgeous message me bak plz xoxo
koebel69: ur a fox
koebel69: no prob
guero789: very hot and nice username
koebel69: ur a sexy biotch i wanna bang u hardcore
bravocompany: you are very beautiful.
SULLMAN5: sexy
lokal907ryder54: holy hell your sexy!
NickSolar: i love your big pretty eyes
HotDamnItsMark: lol for so little information on you u really buzzed up a storm (i bet the name has something to do with it if my detective skills serve me correctly smile)
emoJabu: hey there thanks for the yes ur cute
kason2369: i think i might love you... is that bad??
Breakdancer10: wow babe you really got something special thanks for the vote!
CR25: can i see some proof of your deep throating skills?
HealMyBleedingHeart: Thanks for joining my group love. Try to post whenever you get the chance xxx
betterlookingthanu: hi gorgeous!!!! drool
NarcissusNarcosis: thanks for the yes
add for add?
betterlookingthanu: ha ha! yeah...pretty gay!lol
betterlookingthanu: umm kinda gay right now....... yep......pretty
betterlookingthanu: hmmmm...*yay* sounds like fun.......
betterlookingthanu: same so yeah... texas huh? any fun there?
betterlookingthanu: ha ha cute.......... so whats up?
betterlookingthanu: hi gorgeous!
titomantom: heh, oh wait, comments work differently then i thought, guy on the top of this list
titomantom: so, a lot of people on this site creep me out. I am refering to the comment below mine.
CDNcowboy09: hey it could be worse, you could something wrong with you
Jacobmehbytom: woah...u are hot <33333 i like v much xxxxx
takingbackemo00: u got aim babe?
takingbackemo00: dam ur fine add for add? deep throat me
pimpin4life693: hey sexy whats up!
CR25: so you deep throat, huh.. :0)
wastedsacrifice: holy shit you look amazing:O
IsolatedHope: Heaven sent, Jessi <33
EMOtionsoverrun: ewwww football....

no good
cocksmith: you are pretty damn sexy
CDNcowboy09: my good lord you're gorgeous lol, too bad you're only 16 eh?
EMOtionsoverrun: well gee..thankya whats shaken tonight?
EMOtionsoverrun: well im sketching somthing awsome

i think your just jealous grinlol
EMOtionsoverrun: mmmm bored out of my mind

im just sketching out some ideas for class

yea..its that boring
EMOtionsoverrun: wow..your incredibly gorgeous

howdy grinlol

whats up?
Bkrieg: ur so pretty. i just can't help looking at you
AlmostFamous13: idk
but he sent u a message and i didnt like wut i saw sooo i just suspected sry
heartthrob JEN **i love randy**
AlmostFamous13: idk
but he sent u a message and i didnt like wut i saw sooo i just suspected sry
heartthrob JEN **i love randy**
SoldOnHalfAdream: Thanks for the yes babe smile Pretty
AlmostFamous13: yeah thats me ^^^^^^^^^
so like i was saying bak off
Balla4Life11: and what he sent u!!
Balla4Life11: and i saw wut u sent to him on this sn thing!!!
Balla4Life11: this is his gf
Balla4Life11: this is his gf
Balla4Life11: why dont u back off balla4life is my bf
BeerIsGood4theSoul: da da da dayum! def a hottie..u got my yes too...
xanderharris86: You're purty.
luvit247: hey cutie add 4 add?
ShelbyZ: Thanks for the yes!!!!
corey38: you are frigin hot
dacubbies2005: thanx 4 da yes Sexay
DDRFreak868: very cute!!
Curse: thanks for the yes wink
NickDoc: your very sexy grinlolgrinlol wink inlove thanks for the yessmile
Jeremy06: pritty cute
hollyny: ur very pretty
AvengerOFnothing: sweet looking girl, scary hot...(thats a good thing)
edisdead: nice nickname lol
cwayne86: wicked hot! dont change a thing!
SheenaMarie06: Thank you for the yes sweetie smile
krazyrunnerd: hitit
codysmith1: youur really pretty.
EightBallManager: Aww You Gave Me A Yesiloveyou Thanks Fah Tha Yesflowers Very Sweet Of You Babe!smile We Must Keep in Touch & Talk Sum More If You Like Hun?
deadsquirrel: I'm in love inlove
Artois: sexy...too bad I'm too old for ya...but I'd definitely hit it ;-)
dirtypirate13: very hot thx for the yes
Botchla9: Hey I'm from Wills Point...
well, which is about 45 minutes East of Dallas.
How's it going?
ireekofpenis: cute.
Age: hey u are very hopt hope to talk to u soon u got my vote
abirthdayrobot: thumbs up.
NationalDisgrace: hey beautifull hit msg me sometime if you wanna chat
MooreCherryz: hiya i yes'd ya!
youarecrazy: damn, hottie!!
slim00021: hot<3
JeremiahBeefCake: Breath-taking! Hit me up sometime gorgeous!-Jeremiah
NickDoc: pretty sexy
Bkrieg: i want u !! ur fuckin hott as hell damn
usmcss: Very Cute and SEXY as Hell !!! hitit
Mercy: you're way too hot.
juggaloco: ur so hot damn girl u got it going on
TexasTakeover: very nice, you definately got my yes
birdmanlilc: hello sexy, u sure are adorable in that pic of yours maybe i can see more later...*wishing*
xXTaraxX: beautiful
brettdawson: wow...holy god!!
sirfenwick: by the way, interesting name.
sirfenwick: i don't know, man. i think it's some sort of computer program that leaves the same message for every girl that joins here.
BetweenUrThighs: lmao.. i wonder why that guy up there always leaves that same comment including the (my gf and i) part, like girls really believe that..
Your a hottie sweetheart
crimsonromance88: your my hott why
wh3nineededyou: very very cute, id do ya hard, messege us (my gf and i)
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