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Name Ryan
Age 26
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Canada
State Not Given
City Brandon
About Me

I'm 5'8" brown hair, hazel eyes 165 lbs.

- I love going to the movie theater.

- I hate it when people constantly call others down.

- I love driving around for no reason.

- Grilling steak and burgers is heaven.

- Browsing the web for anything interesting

- Playing Guitar Hero!

- Playing Call of Duty 4 + Grand Theft Auto 4 on PS3

My Apps
- Music (anything with a good beat)
- Playing World Of Warcraft
- Cars / Driving
- Video Games
- Movies (Horror/Action/Thriller)
- Track + Field (100m, Long Jump)
- Law and the justice system
- Friends
- TV

Turn Ons
oh gawd! *melt* - Small boobies (big ones are okay too!) - Piercings are hawt! - Nice tummys! - Lower back tattoos -->- Curves
- Cuddling/Huggling
- Tight jeans
- Low rise jeans/pants (yoga pants to!)
- Booty shorts!
- Paleness
- Honesty
- Flirty, nice and a good sense of humor
- Girls that play video games : )
- Biting my neck --> oh gawd! *melt*
- Small boobies (big ones are okay too!)
- Piercings are hawt!
- Nice tummys!
- Lower back tattoos

Turn Offs
- Heavy Drinkers
- Heavy Druggies
- Snobby
- Cheaters
- B/O
- HUGE tits, like giagantic tits - wrong.
- Self-centered people
- Extremely rude people

Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show -CNN
-Colbert Report
-Conan O'Brien
-CSI (all)
-Disaster Detectives
-First 48
-How It's Made
-Jay Leno
-Judge Judy
-People's Court
-Spike TV Network
-Tech TV
-Top 10
-Top Gear (European Car Show)

Movies -Beerfest
-Gone in 60 Seconds
-Inside Man
-Lucky Number Slevin
-Minority Report
-National Treasure
-The Amittyville Horror
-The Da Vinci Code
-The Day After Tomorrow
-The Matrix 1, 2 & 3
-The Rock
-The Shawshank Redemption
-Underworld 1 & 2
-V for Vendetta
-You Me & Dupree

Music -Basshunter
-DJ Dean
-DJ Tiesto
-Paul Oakenfold
-Paul Van Dyk

Book Magazines
-Car and Driver
-Maximum PC
-Road and Track
-Scientific American

-Digital Fortress
-The Da Vinci Code

Quote Not Given
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sexablysweet: thank you
zroomgiveittome: <33
akvolleystudd: sexy boy smile
fldhckyiscoolsukkahs: yo. long time no talk. :] how are you?
AsianCherry: maybe we should chat on msn....might be a tad easier for us? lol
AsianCherry: awww work, work and more work huh? well we may have to change that now won't we? i always aim to make my SL's very happy *rawr* yes, let's get naughty... wink
AsianCherry: hey lover, how've u been handsome? how's ur weekend been? what's going on for the week. take it easy <333
AsianCherry: oh goodness. i love how u just asked me that. of course i'd be ur...SL. lol.
AsianCherry: well...all that can change you know. just ask me. do it. wink
AsianCherry: well everyway? redface lol how about....u be my SL? wink haha
AsianCherry: hehe ur very welcome. u want huh? in what way?
AsianCherry: hey gorgeous! thanks for the comment. mmm lookin good wink
xstellax0: :-P
xstellax0: are you ever gonna stop being hot?
probably not
goddddddddddddd <3
rocks2metallica: =( half of your comment got deleted
rocks2metallica: meh, i havent been up to too much lately. i missed you!!
rocks2metallica: OH MAN RYAN! i thought you died or something. I missed you!!!
AngelGirl5: thanx for the comments, and u look great too smile
AngelGirl5: thanx for the yes smile
HollywoodChica89: you're hot and you sound pretty cool. btw..techno music rocks. I like it a lot. doesn't get played too often tho.
HeyymissSunshinex: nice underoos.
xstellax0: ill stop by any day
sabbilicious: thanks for the comment smile
sexyaussiegirl: ur a hawtie smile and yes 4 u :P
iheartyou89: cutie smile wave2
loveleekristen: awww that's cute hahaha.
loveleekristen: wow I meet some of your turn ons smile
laceyxo: THANK YOU.
finally someone who actually reads my profile.
alyssonlane: thank you:]
floweredprincess: awe thanks for the comment, i think ur hot too
StrickenInfinity: lol @ the photo comment
aWifeyMateriala: sexyyy
sabbilicious: very hott
DOLLY69: ur hott
rocks2metallica: whats up?
xXxLostNfoundxXx: Gorgeous :]] <3
Fade2blackx: awww, thank you!!! smile
iheartyou89: thanks<3<3
rocks2metallica: i looooveeee you
squirt8815: what a cutie!!
sexycowgirl6969: your a hottie.I gave u a yes
lilsexichicka6d9: thanks
xisntlifejuicy69: Thanks hun smile
rocks2metallica: haha no im not! i won three times already lol

RyanB: Your gonna lose this one! heartthrob
rocks2metallica: haha loser lol

I heartthrob you though, so it's okay.
rocks2metallica: i doubt it lol


hey..the person who loses, owes the other one a sign.
RyanB: <3 you too! Time to kick ur but in pool! :P
rocks2metallica: I <3333 you!!
haughtysammy: not bad wink
EUPHORiCx3: awww, ok maybeee 2? rofll. im just kiddding. thanks for the comment & your way hotterr.
rocks2metallica:'re so sexy

and mine

rocks2metallica: you are hott

oh baby baby

and alllllll mine hahaha!
thanks, cutie smile
haha. well wrong window.
ahh yay for the stupid blonde. lmao
mander: aww well ty sir.
you're new.
IDIOTEQUE: Hahaha, why thank you.
southofdixie420: thanks babes!! so are u wink
xoTRACEYox: definatly a hottie smile
Krystar: thanks stud
RyanB: I had some shitty pics up, all I had was a web cam untill I borrowed my friends digital. They failed to see my true sexyness!
rocks2metallica: i think...
that your rating should be higher
sexycowgirl6969: u can add me to your friends list
gothic0sk8ter0chick: thanx for the yes sexy...grinlol
rocks2metallica: aww

sexy lovers


too cute!
sweet2bme: you have no here is onegrinlol hi!
FoxiChick3: Haha thanks hunnie!!
xox Erika xox
perfectlilangelgurl: hey hunn... from what i see your rele hot and u sound like a cool guy so hears a yes
iwantpaul: thank you wink
you too
Xoimurprincess: comment back por favor...hehe
sweet2bme: thank you for your yesgrinlol you got mine
sweet2bme: thank yougrinlol so are yougrinlol
allie23: thank ya ur so cute!
vpanos1787: Thanks for the are hott too...
kitten244: Ew, Vincent massey XD Just kidding...<__< We should hook up sometime, hang out...If you'd be interested?
kitten244: Thanks for the pic comment, so you really live in Brandon?
zroomgiveittome: thanks for the comment.. I voted you a yes cause your a total hottiesmile
kitten244: That douche rated me a yes, and I saw I read his profile. Absolutly hated it so I commented him, and rated him a big NO! XD
kitten244: I love video games...Thanks for the comment on my profile ^___^
rocks2metallica: thanks! you're wicked cute too!
Melissa16: awwww you're adorable and Canadian! What more could a girl want!
jessieshell: senarion circle (horde) and Deatwing (alliance) and I have one char on one of the new PVPRP servers... but I don't remember what the server was called.
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