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Profile for mobbster2 (offline- last on: Apr 17, 14)
Rating (go rate me)
Name Chris (ADD ME)
Age 29
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Monroeville
About Me
update sunday, August 4th 2008
IM A DADDY, my daughter.Angela Skye Caulfield she will be two years old on september 8th.she owns my heart and is the only thing i care about, and the reason i live the life i live, ..currently working two jobs..correction two shitty jobs..and no i dont care say what you want about them, (working security at a mall and obvernight at mcdonalds)im also currently undergoing training to get my cdl and go over the road trucking..maybe ill do local but i havent decided yet. Im getting my shit taken care of..if you are too..good..glad to hear it but dont knock me and the things i do...going on moreso about the "about me" section..i have lived on my own for over five years now, i had two in the albums down there, i was a hardcore partier a long tiem ago before i found out about my daughter..but i still know how to throw em back, and have a good time..although both are not necisarry to have one another..also i am a short mofo only standing 5'7'' and about 180lbs..blonde hair blue eyes and ive been told i have an amazing i beleive it, get to know me and maybe youll say the same.m very outgoing and love good times..anything else..just ask
If i yes you..and you no me..then its not out of spite, or vengence that i no you me im not out to "get you"..but chances are my vote will change..not because im mad that someone no'd me.i couldnt care less, the reason it is done by me this way is because i dont feel the need or can even fathom wanting somethng i cant ex and i had a discussion about this some time ago.she said do you want me...i i do not..she came back with a why not...arent i attractive enough or good enough for you.
i said no..its just that i know for a fact that you dont want whats the point in wanting something you cant have?..if you cannot see my reasoning in that then it doesnt matter just go chase butterflies or something...and i do not not going to yes you for the fact that you yes'd me, (unles its from a forum thread) just takes half the fun of the site glad to say that my percentage up there..has not been reset since ive had my account..i havent asked anyone to change their vote for me and while the occasional person will get the "wtf your ugly as hell why do you no me, you cant be picky" i will not bitch and moan about it..thats the most ill give that person..if im even in the mood

Yeah i forgot...I am absolutely INFATUATED with girls that have the snake bite lip peircings...omfg sex me here and now chlamydia or not. (luckily thats cured with pills)

My Apps












Turn Ons

girls who like the music i like

girls who kiss

girls who bite

girls who scratch

girls who put out......j/k lol

a good game of pididdle, if you dont kno0w what pididdle is then hit me up ill explain

i like short skirts

but most importantly i like straight forward, independent, girls who know what they want in a guy

real girls who dont play games..knows who she is and where shes going in life down to ride non-prissy girls
although the occasional priss needs her hair pulled too....
and of course..

picture comments

just dont be an ass
Turn Offs
Females that consume more than 20oz of haterade/day and feel the need to try n piss it on me, with their stupid and mindless comments, fake chicks piss me off, be real or go hide under a rock, preppy girls are ok but and i say but .....if your the type that flip out when they break a nail or daddy took your credit cards away.....dont talk to me....dependent girls are nothin but hos and tricks....and tricks are for kids. conceided females piss me off

girls who think their too good for people, and they are above them...its a stupid attitude to have and wont get you me youll find teaches many lessons, i have not only been part of some but i have witnessed them
Mushroom Hill Mobbsters
Favorite Things















Music metallica






toby keith

beasty boys

eve 6


3 doors down


tom petty


the clarks

dave matthews band

system of the downest


who can forget about disturbed


hawthorn heights

paul wall
Book wtf..i went to woody high i cant read you dumbasses, ive read a few in my day but id have to say my fav is the outsiders
Quote go pound salt, im here to cause your problems not listen to them, yea nigga yea, my train of thought derailed, IM IN A BITCHES MOUTH EVERY MORNING LIKE TOOTHPASTE.


what did 50 cent say to his grandmother when she knitted him a sweater
Gee You Knit
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Yahoo ##Must be a Member to View##
Have something to say? Leave a comment.
kisapmata: hey whats up! how are you doing??
id love your pic!awesome!!
i was bored right now..hit me up and chat!!

j.sandler atyah00..c0m
jsandler1 atlive..c0m

im on now..takecare always!!
hillbillymeg: grinlol showing some love back
notyour0rdinary: it's been a year since i've taken time off.
december won't come fast enough.
notyour0rdinary: i need a vacation lol
notyour0rdinary: lol. nana.

thank you for the comments by the way..
notyour0rdinary: i'm sure once my friends get out of work, someone will call me. usually my best friend comes over on wednesdays.
notyour0rdinary: i'm doing pretty good.
trying to enjoy my day off, even though so far my day is rather uneventful.

notyour0rdinary: so your music choices kick ass. headbang

lol. what's up?
punktuation: suppity? lolz
emodorkkid: im good how are you??? youre cute too =P
emodorkkid: im good how are you??? youre cute too =P
OhSoSinful: I think you already told me your name, I could be mistaken though.

Yeah, everyone should want to be like me. No big deal.
OhSoSinful: I'm the coolest person ever, so I don't shorten words. Except when I'm doing paperwork for my resident orders. That doesn't count.

Hi, I'm Heather.
ColoradoKing: I Love You!
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: Awww i miss u too hehe
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: hey hun wat up babe?
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: Rly? wow it was only 1130 here lol but yeah ill email my num
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: we can txt for a bit i can be on long.. im off the fne at midnght lol
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: lol well ill give u mre in a min hehe
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: lol thnks 4 da pics comments
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: well dat good hun i hope dat keeps up lol
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: well dats good babe how ur week going?
XXEmoPrincess4YouXX: lol im fine and how r u?
LilRebel: ATL is amazing. Where i was born and raised =)
DinosaurusRex: whys that?
DinosaurusRex: hahaha awhe i didnt mean to be an asshole im sorry
DinosaurusRex: my vw is for me only ;]
moco0822: Ditto on the relaxin'....I should be trying to catch some zzzzz's...5:30 will be here before I know it! Ugh to work and having responsibilities smile
moco0822: I'm great! How are you?
moco0822: No problem smile Thanks for the request!
antorocksyou: thankss smile
you're a sweetheart
SexyIckleBaby: what do you do for work again/
nice to have a relaxing day ... better if you can spend it with someone too
SexyIckleBaby: Hi wave2
How're you doing?
antorocksyou: thanks for the yes cutie (:
Brhplus: dude seriously i understand what u mean but 80 percent of my pro comments are made by you. really leave me alone :S
Brhplus: i wonder which "other" girl you are talkin about. cuz there is only 1. leave me alone fag
PinkTinky: hey there sexy.. thanks for the add request.. after reading your profile I find it rather odd that you don't read other people's profiles but yet you wrote a book!! j/k you take care hun..
misskayla907: whats up?
xCrimsonEcstasy: Thanks for the yes; I gave you a yes too & Im glad I did cuz you seem very cool [I took the time out to read your WHOLE profile]
I have a baby boy on the way so Im gonna have the joys of single mom even though I have a bf who isn't his real dad but accep
distraction: me too
distraction: i'm okay, how are you?
aag21glm: i think so too babe =]
aag21glm: okay im comin right now =D lol and you cant ever go back youre STUCK
theycallmemel: hello smile
aag21glm: okay, lol thats fine with me
aag21glm: lol yessss we sure do =] and dont hate it, i think its cute smile
aag21glm: =] i like what i know already and cant wait to get to know you more.
aag21glm: and youre amazing =]
aag21glm: sounds good to me =] some day
aag21glm: awwe =] you think so?
theycallmemel: very cute smile
xSuicidexSlutx: hey.
NikkiStarlight: grinlol
playbabyB: Hey wats up? I'm workin u?
SlutCake: lol. well how long were you trying to be a quitter? lol sounds funny
SlutCake: So how is your quitting smoking going?
shower20: hi there nice pic
well if u have a time u can hit me back on my yahoo messenger
see yah
xSuicidexSlutx: sup qtpie.
playbabyB: hey
KayMarie: haha okay, i'll be sure to let you know wink
KayMarie: Thank you for the yes and the add, suga!! smile
RoXyByTCh19: Aww well thank you
NikkiStarlight: hi
heyyytherelisa: heyy
ARiA: no problem
Sexton2b: ur welcome
lilcountry13: hell yea id hit that....your very sexy hun!!!!
babydoll619: =] cant wait
babydoll619: promise?
SweetBrunetteBabie07: Aw sucky I'm sorry work sucks
SweetBrunetteBabie07: I'm ok still tired but yeah lol how are you?
SweetBrunetteBabie07: Hey smile
NikkiStarlight: and tasty, too.
xoxDenisexox: thank you smile you are too
xSuicidexSlutx: hi lovely.
this is my other account.
its taintedbeauty88.
NikkiStarlight: your daughter has the same birthday as my son. he turns 4 this year.

oh and im sending a YES your way ... nothing hotter than a baby daddy =))
taintedbeauty88: amazing music you listen to.
Minus g-unit & 50 cent
xoxDenisexox: actualyl i dont really know but its alll good :P
xoxDenisexox: im ok u
xrawrxbitchx: thanks : )
BabyGurl4life: aww well that sucks that you had to shave for your job. thanks for the picture comments! lol they were cute!
BabyGurl4life: your welcome hun. i left you one more i think.
AlyssaFerShure: yeah. me too. my mom hates him now. he treats me like shit and everything now. i'm like what the fuck.
AlyssaFerShure: um sweetie.
read the dates.
AngelFuck: lol thank you
babygirlst3ph: hey sweetheart! how are you?
KrYsTaLz: yeah tree deffinatly won lol. yeah i got flown to shock trauma in baltimore city cus they thought i was gunna be really messed up. but i was alright. thank goodness!
KrYsTaLz: A big ass fuckin tree!
KrYsTaLz: Drinking and driving is bad. Especially when you murder your car smile
Sexibi0tch: Anytime you want it baby.
ZomgImKez: hey sexy man
XxTamixX: Heyyy wink Thanks for the add.....
blurkitty: thanks for the no
urbaby4: hey cutie add4add?
onyxelite: very nice profile m'dear!
daniconn20: i just thought i would leave you a comment on here because i have not in i dont know how long. how are you doing chris?
DollieLove: I was once a pididdle champion <3

How are you doing?
datbitch69: im good r u?!
datbitch69: mmm...hey there sex-c
SouthOfDixie420: lol nice rofl
XMARKSTHECADAVER: thanks for the yes !
BabyYouHadMe: you have to many damn pictures! lol but there good!
BabyYouHadMe: hey thanks for the add!
SouthOfDixie420: lol
SouthOfDixie420: lol ill be in PA soon enough, i cant wait to get up there i need to get my tat fixed! & see some old friends, maybe hit up the strip lol
SouthOfDixie420: lol yeah im tryin to get ready for work but it doesnt look like its gonna happen any time soon
SouthOfDixie420: lol yeah that is pretty damn good
SouthOfDixie420: LIT=long island iced tea
SouthOfDixie420: haha damn yeah LIT is my favorite drink buttt lately ive been doing more yegerbombs than anything
SouthOfDixie420: uh oh wink i might have to take you up on that
SouthOfDixie420: heyy whats been up?? im commin to the burgh in october!! ahh
StardustedRaven: haha of course i want to chat on yahoo with you..i will add you..oh and you play just the way i used to no one here in kansas seems to know what they game is..they all look at me like i'm fucking retarded
StardustedRaven: haha i love the game pididdle....wanna play?
monsterX2: Just the fact taht you read my profile was reason enough. lol =]
blondehxcbarbie: Hes been walkin since he was 10 months old. He talks a lil bit, but not much.
blondehxcbarbie: I have a boy, his name is Joey, hes 18 months old.
blondehxcbarbie: No, I dont like football. lol
blondehxcbarbie: Idk why it comes up Oliphant Furnace. 15401 is actually Uniontown's zipcode. So yea, I'm from Uniontown.
daniconn20: haha because i think you should be a one ladys man
daniconn20: it is not...grrrrr
daniconn20: wow your a ladys man arnt you lol
daniconn20: that guy is going too have too hurry up and do it because i have been waiting for a long time now
daniconn20: What A Sexy Man. I Would So Hit This.
SEXUALLYluvdLILgurl: Hey Babi Miss Me
shann23: well thank you! ha youre pretty sexy yourself!
Emza223: hey thanks for the yess gorgeous =)
y0jaim3: how about.. this wink
y0jaim3: lol ok.. chat away
y0jaim3: welcome sexy boy lol
cassandra0705: so why the NO????
ashhxx09: haha alright cool
ashhxx09: as long as you aren't tryin to be a perv we're cool. :]
babygirl54: np sweety
myspacewhore: thanks for the yes.
G1ZMO: lol thanks, my best guy friend gave it to me from the movie gremlins, becuz i act like gizmo lol
kissmylips69: haha alright
kissmylips69: hah what ones u want?
RAWRgoesMeMo: Thank you smile
PitBullPrincess: Nice Pic!
xOxGoodGirlxOx: sorry will change that...
MissFuckBuddy: hey u sry i havent sent u the signs yet. but i will. i promise just been busy
xoxAmanda2789xox: lol yeah, right now i live in wheeling.
nOliezxjuslOve: oh heyy thats cool. im pretty good smile how about you?
ashleyisKRUNK: Uh I messaged you back and im not getting anything back..
xoxAmanda2789xox: well right now i live like an hour from there lol but when i move to philly ill be like 4 hours away.
heids420: hahaha yea thats probably not the smartest
ashleyisKRUNK: It says your not on so how bout you imme my stuff is on my page.
xoxAmanda2789xox: hey thanx for the yes u deff got a yes from me =]
BryBabe: Thank you =]
BryBabe: Thank you for the yes. =]
ashleyisKRUNK: Are you online?
ashleyisKRUNK: yes i you have aim or something?
ashleyisKRUNK: hey thanks for the yes:]
ashleyisKRUNK: hey thanks for the yes:]
ashleyisKRUNK: hey thanks for the yes:]
KaylaMarie90: i imed u
sixty9volt: awe ty! =]
FIREYVIXEN: aww thanks you aren't so bad yourself wink
FIREYVIXEN: you are added babe
LilMissMegan: Well Thank Yousmile
LilMissMegan: Hey!smile
Thanks For The Yes And The Add
BaRbiEbRiTt: haha anytime sexy<33
BeautifulCurse: oh haha *giggling* thanks dude, yer fine urself ;-) mew-mew
inlondontonight: nothing much, how about yourself?
inlondontonight: hi
MyxLastxMistake: hey hunnie ... hit me up whenever ur free

BaRbiEbRiTt: yeah its okay. i just moved here from greentree.
xBeLively: yes i will im you, my sn is onnehitwonderr
BaRbiEbRiTt: i know where that is... i live in fc
xBeLively: hell yea im in love with the weed man
AmberMarie: yeah i hear ya there.well i think im just gonna give in and go to bed hun. have a good night =] i will talk to you later =]
BaRbiEbRiTt: chyea! xoxo
xBeLively: smoking like always and chillin what are you up to tonight
AmberMarie: im just wasting time online... kinda tired. contemplating sleep or not lol. what about you? =]
AmberMarie: oh :-P
AmberMarie: haha i wasnt upside down.. i was holding the camera above me :-P
xBeLively: thats real,
xBeLively: whats up?
craziblonde: aw i feel special
craziblonde: i'm gonna yes you too..cause you're cute
MyxLastxMistake: def good looking ... hope to hear from you soon sweetie

Bridgetthinksurhottx: Thank you. smile You're a cutie.

way2cute2boot88: awww thanks thats so sweet! i think your pretty hot wink
BUSTYandBLONDE69: sexy*
shygurl07: your welcome and thnx!!
addicted6to9love: oh well i use it for friendsships and such as well
addicted6to9love: not like what?
addicted6to9love: welli wish u 2 the best of luck
addicted6to9love: hahaha well while it may not necessarily be out of spite this entire site is about wanting someone you cant have.. unless you plan on tracking those who yes you down... but thats slightly creepy.
addicted6to9love: haha y did u wanna add me if you said no to me?
Fantasy0f1nn0cence: Thanx hun =).. nice profile.. Glad to see that you're makin everything work for you and ur baby. =)
KinkyFairyPornStar: Wow, it's been awhile since i've heard from ya...whats goin on?
sw33t4nds3xy: hey right me a message and i will give u my yahoo and aim
laceyxo: Thanks!! and sure!!
boycrazybabe2006: hey cutie, thanks for the yes!
Nana: Pretty good, yourself?
gagirl84: thanks for the yes, gorgeous! <3 back at ya
Drag0nHeart: LOVE
angelfire69: hey i love ur profile u seem like a really great person and ur not like some guys on here that are all fake and total pricks, hit me up sometime if u wanna chat
anatomizeYOU: i'm just working on an art project that i have due in one of my classes tomorrow. today has been an extremely boring day.
anatomizeYOU: aw, thanks for the bang bucks. smile how are you doing?
melanise83: hey just be kind, I was only asking a legitimate question. Its alright though, i understand people like you. Cheers smile
melanise83: okay tough guy, don't hate the player!hate the game
melanise83: Umm is your hand your only friend?
Drag0nHeart: hey sexy...its been a while since ive heard from ya
LookingForADaddy: send an add request maybe? haha
Drag0nHeart: damn!!! you're sexy!!! where the hell have you been hiding? lol
Drag0nHeart: leavin some love for the big man
yummytummy: quite cute smile
ZomgImKez: same same.
ZomgImKez: gooooooooood you?
doesnt10: .
Drag0nHeart: i'd love some candy!!! favorites are lollipops...i like to lick them and suck on*hint hint*
Thinkingtwice: you cant cash that in...its only good once
FaIrY: Stop having toughts about my dream! Gosh! lmao
FaIrY: Stupid yahoo!
xkizzezxashx16: haha thanks
FaIrY: *throws my bra on ur floor* mhmmm there ya go :P
sexymisskate: Very sexy!!
sammygurl: nah thatd be cool, ill add ya
sammygurl: lol will do.... just for you though.... so feel extra special k
sammygurl: ill have to figure out how to do it lol im naturally blonde yanno
sammygurl: lol well some people like it, others find it annoying
JennMWFinDC: Thanks for yes. Def. cutie! smile
xNormax: your welcome and thank you! oh and yes i do...
sammygurl: lol thankyou, youre pretty fine yourself
sammygurl: sure do, just add me....... thanx for the yes too xxx
Moelv: smile yes i do
yousuckxhardcore: No, I'm not stuck up, nor do I think I deserve 100%. I just thought it was pathetic that you first gave me a yes, but then you changed your vote after I gave you a no. There is only one reason for that, & that is that you cannot handle rejection.
yousuckxhardcore: Hahahahaha. I like how you changed your vote just because of my vote. Pathetic.
Telecastersoul: of course darlin' <3
Telecastersoul: Thanks for the yes handsome! smile

I def returned the yes.
susansexygal: hello i'm an exotic dancer from pa my job can be very tough and tiring.and i seen your pic u r very sexy so i gave u a yes so please return the favor and be generous and feel free to leave comments i love to hear what people have to say.xoxo
FaIrY: whats up hunnie
FaIrY: Hello :P
amberluvsyew: here at home and school which is C 7 AY anyways yea and i still dont have yahoo on this computer lol
DraculasBride: yes I add4add....yeah I thought my interests was funny also when I put that there lol
aAaXBellyDancerXaAa: your point is ?
smilethroughit: darling i'm not bitter. and i dont rate people based on what they rated me. i'm honest.
aAaXBellyDancerXaAa: WOw you know this is a yes or no question maybe you would bang me but i wouldnt to you i'm not abitch i do have the right to say no i owuldnt or would you rather me lie and say yes
ginNtonic: Not with guys.
smilethroughit: hi, i'm a lesbian. get over yourself.
anniieeeHOLLER: hey no problem, and yuppp i do.
gorgeoussXdisaster: yesss.
HiLAryLyNN51: add 4 add?? whats that ? lol
CanadianCurt: lol...i'll talk to Pops about starting a new crop next year wink
urDEVINePleasure: woohoo you own me in beach bums grinlol
shellyxxx: thanx ur cute x
FallenAngel669: sure what one do u have? i have them all except icq
FallenAngel669: Hey thats cool that your not to far from me either probably 30 minutes depending on the traffic u kno how it is round here sucks ass.. but cute thanks for the add
frontrowrugger: no problemo smile
BrightestxxStarr: it looks like your whacking off, lol
i like it though
its hot.
da216pimpstress: OH yeah--I forgot about that. You get like 2bbs per pic. lol
da216pimpstress: Your welcome. Cute pix smile Ill add you to my friends.
amandabanana: You're quite welcome hun. You're pretty good looking yourself.
kkelly074: nothing what bout you
kkelly074: aw thanks! you're not bad yourself
evry1luvameh: thanx for the add wink
Macey1536: good cuz ur ugly! i dont want u to vote me yes!
Cureana: ok well. just add me if thats not it.
Cureana: kick it good then
Cureana: thats lame. make it work! idk. but its all good. so uhhhh. idk
Cureana: well i think its dumb that we stoped talking. i mean. i only did it because she wrote me and blah. im mean. sorry for it though. you still needa get msn cuz i like that better.
Cureana: sounds pretty exciting i guess. ive been pretty good. new s/l. he is fucking great. we give eachother a lot of shit. its funny. but the fucker isnt on so im bored.
Cureana: im so sure you only talk to me when your single. but ok. whats new?
Cureana: im so sure you only talk to me when you single. but ok. whats new?
XxLuckyGirlxX: ohhh you're cute babe!
Drag0nHeart: "all you need is love"
Cureana: bummer. nor does mine. but he is away for a week. but. he is young. but thats fine.
xoBrittanyLynnox: Thank you. You're really cute yourself.
perfectlilangelgurl: mhmmsmile
PreciousSecrets37: hi
pr1nc3ss: biggrin i am just that damn good....i dunno about the bbs yet....
pr1nc3ss: im rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off of me, and sticks to you.....HAHHAHA
pr1nc3ss: hot sexiness <3
youmeanme: oh your welcome:p you wur on the list so i had too but even if you wurnt id of given you onegrinlol
Cureana: <3333 xxxx
Cureana: im sorry. i just got mad last night about the whole thing. it felt weird cuz she wrote me.
vodkadrinker4life: damn your so fine
Cureana: grinlol im getting on aim right now if it will let me <3
Drag0nHeart: you are sexy....LOVER!!!
Drag0nHeart: i miss you too
Cureana: pretty good n u? gonna be on late tonight? im gonna go to the movies again today with a friend so i wont be back till like 12ish
Cureana: :( havent talked to you in a trillion years.
XXshleeXX: oh really lol... lets go then
XXshleeXX: damn id hit that in a heart beat
pr1nc3ss: i too love the game piddiddle
blueyedcutiexc: thanks for the vote! hope it was a yes! smile
mobbster2: thanks babe...but whats with the 87.99..then the .01?
pclvnhapines: hey you..miss ya sendin ya my bb's if you dont mind
FuckingIsLove: No problem smile
angeleyes2481b: anytime cutie!
ZomgImKez: Okay.
SpicySteve: well youve got a lot of confidence...but dont be so sure winklol
ZomgImKez: Damn
so u can call uk then :P
SpicySteve: you'd like that wouldnchya..
Cureana: hey hun sorry i didnt say bye. i got in megga trouble cuz mom is lame. im always in trouble. :( but i will talk to your cute face later cuz you make me smile grinlol
ZomgImKez: lol thanks babe. i think...
ZomgImKez: No. its flattering. but ugly as.
ZomgImKez: have you got brain damage?!?! are you drunk???
ZomgImKez: Lol WHY would you want to flirt with me?
ZomgImKez: /Hides beer

what beer tongue
ZomgImKez: OMG so was i!!!
But i went with my gay best friend lol
ZomgImKez: eekfrom?
ZomgImKez: will do.

in a sec.
BeccaXxX: it said "tbh" tbh means to be honest.
Cureana: i will try. i got to start laundry and im in trouble cuz mom found out bot my lovely weekend type thing. she is kinda pissed that i gauged up my ear with a hairspray cap. how long you gonna be on for?
Cureana: me too. <3
Cureana: aww my s/l is better than any other. grinlol you make me smile sir. <3
ZomgImKez: Howsmy best friend doing?
LolKatie: wink
LolKatie: I didn't reset lol, Just changed it from all people to only members.
LolKatie: Hell if i know shrug
No votes were found. This could be because no members have voted on your picture or because someone voted on your picture but you have not voted on his or hers.
LolKatie: I have no 'no' votes ;/
Cureana: hope all that work is gonna pay off for you then. talk to you whenever <3
Cureana: havent talked to you in a bit. just wanted to say hey. =D
somethingstupid24: Thank you and you're welcome smile
thischickyishot: no problem. thanks to you too. and i totally love the profile! smile
djditzyblond: im very good how are you?
littlepimpangel: hey cutie
xJeNJeNzx: Anytimee.
ZomgImKez: sign= doneage.
NaughtiBabeAshley: hey youre cute
ZomgImKez: kkkkk
ZomgImKez: Kewlies. doing hair..and shall go make one..want it to say anything?
ZomgImKez: Notepad My dear.
ZomgImKez: wink lol. Ima make u a sign.
Ashlie777: ha yeah i will sign on tomorrow some time!
ZomgImKez: hehe best friends shower :P
packfudge3: thanks <33
ZomgImKez: we can take another one wink lol
Ashlie777: haha my yahoo is: boobsandbras and my aim is: ew Ashlie
ZomgImKez: Sounds Fun.
My hairs allfluffy.
Just got out the shower lol
ZomgImKez: must be fun.
ZomgImKez: what u work as?
ZomgImKez: Im booooooooored
arnt u tireD?
Ashlie777: good. well u shouldnt probably say today since i still need to go to bed!! so i will ttyl g2g bye. add me on hotmail:
ZomgImKez: do it later :P
Ashlie777: u are too thats why i gave a yes lol
ZomgImKez: zomg. 9 hrs without my best friend!
Ill cry!
lol so adding you to my profile later wink
ZomgImKez: LOL i just woke up!
english times :P
its 10.11am
ZomgImKez: Lol awwww ima miss seeing ur online status :P
ZomgImKez: Lol hun....are you ALWAYS online?
ashlleeyy: sexy sexy sexy
zroomgiveittome: Thanks for the commentsmile Your hot yourselfgrinlol
xxPiratexWenchxx: your cute^_^
BaBiGurl1365: Yup yup.
I would but I have to get off the computer.
My bed is calling my name and I'm so tired.
So talk to you later..

BaBiGurl1365: Okay I'll add you.
And also too yahoo.
babigurlizafreak: You are so DAMN sexii i could just eat u lol
AgAiNsTXmEXcHic06: your welcome hunwink

djditzyblond: you are very welcome sweety
TooRadForYerMom: hahah; thanks. you're cute too
debauchery: huh?
ZomgImKez: hehehe redface
debauchery: anytime hun wink
ZomgImKez: *Kisses* eek
ZomgImKez: ina group?or in GT?
ZomgImKez: Its where?
mobbster2: hey i got it made...its in my thread in vote/comment requests..i think its called comment and yes me...sumthin like that, lemme know whatyou think
mobbster2: ok ill make it real nice and tell me what you think its worth
ZomgImKez: lol as much as ya want. just nothign to high.and i dont mind what it says.
ZomgImKez: Not alot.its 9pm here
make me a sign please? ill pay ya grinlol
ZomgImKez: Ghay. i cant remember what we spoke about LOL.
anyways Hi.
ZomgImKez: Heartlesssoul.
Old account.
ZomgImKez: Its Funni.
do you remember me? because we have spoken b4 not long ago.
preciousLOVER: Hey you, how's it going?
LouderNow09: ha sweet.
and thank you also.
BaBiGurl1365: Okay thanks.
Do you have yahoo,msn or myspace?
BaBiGurl1365: Awwwe thanks for the add.
It's sweet of you.
You're pretty damn sexy!
aeylats: netime, netime!wink
yourloveisfake: your welcome, thanks also sweety
xxPiratexWenchxx: ^_^
Cureana: lol yea, pretty much. eh yea my aim is xxAnaeruCxx
Cureana: haha well what u see is what u get. for now atleast :]
emosexualXgirly: no prob :P
Cureana: haha thanks. ur cute :]
xBrok3nx: thanks for the add ...ur very hot
Georgesbabygirl09: thanks for the yes,a n the add!, ur a hottie!!!
Georgesbabygirl09: you def. get my yes.
Allykat07: no problem
simplykrys: HEY CUTIE
xoxoLaCeYxoxo: ..welcome!smile thanks
BrittLovesYou2: hehe no probgrinlol
Ana05: lol, that's too many pictures for me :P IM me on msn, yahoo, or aim if you'd like
Ana05: i think you had fun with my pics :P
SailingAway: No problem hun, comment away! haha =)
tightchik351: lol true true
tightchik351: cool cool
tightchik351: i havent quite figured it out yet what about you?
tightchik351: well i dont have an aim or a yahoo... and it was a really long time ago when i got this 'sn' and i didnt make it up... and the person who did said tight=cool....... so there
fallengrace: no problem.;-)
xfuel31x: thanks.. np tongue
xjesyka: haha. thanks smile right back at cha.
xjesyka: hey SEXi wink thanks for the yes and the add
xhockeyhottyx: aww thx sweetywink
basketballbabe50: your welcome cutie! ne time! :Pwink
babygrlnikki09: Your cute.
Wanna do an add4add ?
Got myspace ?
Add me ?

luvbunniehehe: cutie ^.^
zapatosbailan: Wow that made me laugh. I think I'll do the left one just fro that.
Drag0nHeart: hey you sexy thing, you...when can we...hang out...again?
a1xcalix: added
Thinkingtwice: i cant whats up
SexyIckleBaby: Aww thank you sweetie - that is nice for you to
Drag0nHeart: fk me plz i ms u sooo mch!!!! hugz n kss's....ur sl
Chelseaiscool: Hey no problem I'll get on it right now smile
Milf2004: lol well thats good
youdidit: hey cutie
babycrip: ok thanks for the no but that is all good well if u just want to talk to me than just hit me up k well i am bouncein
Milf2004: lol sorry but u wont get nudes from me... i have a bf
Milf2004: hay hun thanx for the add
Amanda84: when u want to find out let me know
Drag0nHeart: you better take that amber pic off there baby. you are MINE now...ALL mine!!! tee hee you are sexy as hell, by sexi boi
Drag0nHeart: you are SOOOOO hott
xoBUBBLESxo: np sweetie anytime your very handsome tho smile
XoToTaLyRadChIcKoX: no problem thank you wink
HeartlessSoul: *Shrugs* Doesnt bother me why should it bother you tongue Every guy says that..Meh
HeartlessSoul: No Probs smile Just telling truth grinlol
HeartlessSoul: Oooo! Your prettyfuls grinlolgrinlol
XoToTaLyRadChIcKoX: cute u got my yes wink
abbers: well my sn is OhDavey07 so add me sometime
abbers: np, it'd be cool to chat sometime smile
Browneyedgirly: Thanks too <3
laxordie: thanks =)
i just drove thru monroeville today, neeeat
GoddessOfFear: lol yes i do
KissMeOutOfDesire: thanks for the comment and for the yes, that was very classy of u asking my permission first! I like that! I am giving you 1000 handsome points!
slednecks10: no prob ... ur not too bad urself...
kutekat: thanks for the comment hun smile
HOURSofFUN: Why don't you come find out...
HOURSofFUN: wink
Thinkingtwice: hahaha yah plz
XxXsuicidalxTearsxXx: Hey babe,

thanks for leavin me a message..lookin good smile
XxXsuicidalxTearsxXx: Hey babe,

thanks for leavin me a message..lookin good smile
Kbaby15: Hey sexy just wanted to say whats up and thanks for saying yes to me to get back at me if you want
hotasfuk: me either for real but i dont have shit to do at the moment
punkrckrchic: hey thanx 4 the comment and i would love to chat sometime...ill add u to my yahoo
mich018: hey hun, how u doin? sry, i dont have yahoo or AIM.. only msn. but it hasnt been working lately :( I need to get it fixed.
southofdixie420: noo silly SV (Seneca Valley school district) i went there before i moved so alot of my friends are graduating
southofdixie420: haha im goin to PA when SV graduates umm in may i think to get my other tattoo
southofdixie420: added <3
southofdixie420: i lived like 10 miles north of pittsburgh in Cranberry
southofdixie420: heyy im from PA haha whats up?
thugget911: thanx hun! hit me up on aim or yahoo so we can chat ... aim - headshox64 yahoo- thugget911 -HoLlA!- *peanut*
vpanos1787: So my body makes you wander, huh? Well hit me up sometime...and we'll chat...
just add me lol =)
sweetntastay14: Chris is phunking off the hook sexy!
aww ty for the compliment&comment.
you're a hottie too =)
Nana: Hey, Yea I got it, Finally!
Youre super good lookin' Lets sex...Oh I mean talktonguejust kidding, Whats up though?
amberluvsyew: hey bitch lol <3 yews
amberluvsyew: hey cutie <3
vpanos1787: You are hott.....message me sometime....i give you a yes too..
vpanos1787: You are HOTT...hit me back
Karatafasadi: your welcome sexy and thanks in return
aeaven: hey whats goin' on
xxgcxgirlxx: Im glad u got a higher rating then me and ure not as cute as me :-) hahaha <3 Nicole Lynn
littlepimpangel: not much babe, how about you?
littlepimpangel: hey babe, i havent talked to you in ages! <333
kgs05: thanks for the yes smile
falloutgirl22: okay thanks and my sn is likewhoax8 if you wanna chat babe
falloutgirl22: we live so close
your cute<3
lilheather05: so hot
Stephie216: Hah, I probably will...I'll watch some of it at least. Yesss, I love football, lol. So, I take it that's who you're routing for? lol. <3
Stephie216: Bored? haha.
Stephie216: Hiiiii sweetheart, how are you?
JamieR123: lol hey. ohh yea...alright sounds good 2 me! ur real cute 2
ANIA77: yw wink
SexyKenzey16: mmm i wanna see everything....if ull let me!
SexyKenzey16: yeeeah we shall see!!
SexyKenzey16: u know i do..!
SexyKenzey16: Ha...what makes u say that?
SexyKenzey16: aww i cant change my age... but u know i like the older guys, hehe!!!
jesterss: fuck u dude.. im not gay.. ur in my fucking group ..
lilheather05: your freakin adorable babe!!!
kingofcrossoverz: well look ima put id 2 u lyke diz u ain hittin nuttin all nyte long u feel meh if u eva msg mah gurl sum shyd lyke dat again ima beat yo ass u feel meh n mah gurl iz (diamondmami) so keep yo shyd 2 yo self
kisses2manyboys: hehe thanks
kcmochickforever: lol this is kara off yahoo hotasfuk yea what u wrote my girl was so0o hot i wanna comment like that lol
kcmochickforever: very hott, i would hit that lol wink
hotasfuk: ok holla at me on yahoo if im on leave me ur sn for yahoo sexi
hotasfuk: ok holla at me on yahoo if im on leave me ur addy sexi
kyhoney: WOW you're cute! hitit
hotasfuk: hi sexi wuz up
InMyPants: thanksfortheyes<3
FallenAngel07: Could you please revote for me? I reset my rating...thanks =)
mobbster1: u is a ugly nigga
mobbster1: 2 much man
redheadshavefun2: Hey thanks for the yes. Your fuckin' sexy ass hell drool
Uangel2: You get my yes....your so sexy!!!!
BloSSoM2008: tonight?
BloSSoM2008: =)
istickcoinsinmyvac: redfaceback atchawink
SeXiLiLtHiNg8669: birthday
amber2005: it only takes the one yes... haha*
amber2005: did you give me a yes or no
Pris: Lol, looks like ya did! smile
Pris: Thnx boo! You're adorable! Hit me up sometime! I got Yahoo! Whoaitspris
DaddysGrrl: awww thanks for the comment babes. you're tooo sweet <33
Alex891: really cute<3 i love your eyes inlove
NaughtyBarbie: Thank You smile
MyBodySoHott69: lol..yeah thats ok
MyBodySoHott69: damn def. wood let u
Teddybear17: hey you sound very interseting you wanna chat some time here is my e-mail kissd_peach16@hotmail.c
My name is whitney and i am 18 yrs old
wannabesexy: hmmm... so should i back it up... or are you gonna push up on it??? just remember ill only give you what you can handle...... <3
l3elvlySuperlvlan: damn straight u still owe me that game of pididdle.
u best not forget
l3elvlySuperlvlan: haha
yeah that sounds like a good plan to me
l3elvlySuperlvlan: hell yeah, pididdle... headbang
we're gonna have to play that
as long as you dont drive one wink
lol playin
countrymegz6907: hey! just wanted to say your pretty dang sexy! you got a yes from me! well anyways! hit me up sumtime! laters! x0x.:Megz:.x0x
xToxicxBeautix: Thanx.
mrscena08: oh i wont? and y is that??? thanx for ur yes as well
yourdisaster: I'd love to chat with you.
FoxiiLoxii: awwww thank you for the compliments and the yes <3
yourdisaster: I'd probably love every single thing you'd do to me. heartthrob
Roxxy: hey thanks for the comments, you're not bad yourself.
tabby13: hey cutie!
an0thercheapkissx: hey thanks for the comment sweety smile
mobbster2: yeah so do i, hes a hottie haha
xlovemetonight: thanks. ill give you a yes.
IIhoneyII: lol otay
IIhoneyII: aww thanks n rawwr to u
hawtmama4u: ok
hawtmama4u: only put people in my shout outs that actually talk to me and get to know me
abbany: thanks for the comment smile that's really sweet of you! heartthrob
barbiebabe1257: awwwwwww thanx for the sweet comment n stuff! that was very nice of you :-)
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