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Profile for Prowler06 (offline- last on: Nov 22, 09)
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Name Not Given
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State South Dakota
City Not Given
About Me
-I'm 20.
-I'm 6'1''.
-I'm about 175 lbs.
-I'm a soon to be senior in college.
-I have blue eyes and blonde hair. (as u can tell)
-I love comments, pic comments especially, and messages and friend adds.
-I joined WouldYouHitThis on Dec. 24, 2005.

*13153* people would bang me
-2540- people would not
My Apps
Turn Ons
pretty, sweet girls, girls who knows what they want
Turn Offs
Not Given
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show That 70's Show, Colbert Report, Intervention
Movies Pineapple Express, Superbad, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club to name a few.
Music Rap or rock
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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ktktkt: hey whatre you doingg?
CoUNTerfeit: thanks for the yes! smile
eminemgurl15: Long time noo talkk :]
xxCrazyxWhitexGurlxx: Burnsville
xxCrazyxWhitexGurlxx: Burnsville
cheeseLIKEwoah: haha well im not your ex,
so dont be creeped out
xxsouljagirlxx: thanks for the yes, i gave you one as well!
LiPs19: I'll give you it your cute...I'd hit it!
LiPs19: I'll give you it your cute...I'd hit it!
LiPs19: I'll give you it your cute...I'd hit it!
kristyg48: no i didnt .. ahh . lol
hmm what did you do today . whats new?
kristyg48: hey there . jus thought i say it right away
... your hot!
xXx6stalkerxXx6: your hot yes thanx
baybgurl16: like the car...and you are cute too....hehe...
socalled12: thanks for the pic comment. im just sittin here bored. you?
socalled12: hey
RowdyRedneckGirl: Your adorable.
babycakes0714: your eyes are gorgeous
pinksoftballgrly: thanks for the yes
BryBabe: Thank you for the yes. =]
rdnckmuddbogger4: Thank's for the yes and the add !! smile
NotSoBeautiful: I know, I'm awesome. Haha.
NotSoBeautiful: Thanks for the pic comment =)
Fallybowz: yes because i admire guys who wear hollister lol
IdRatherBeMe: thank you for the yes = ]
lipgloss16: Yesir thanx for the yes hun
ktsngr5665: thanks for the yes smile
lkdickinson: im pretty sure we got our pictures done in the same place chris lommel?
xohazeleyedangelox: hey adorable whats goin on??
mcknztod: thanks for the comment!
tiffanieCNT: your cute :]
xXxANGELBEARxXx: you can jump on in anytime you want
Lya: Well, thats what you should have a picture of.

They look nice. But are hard to drive.
Lya: meh. photos are photos. but that car..
Lya: Oh no, its not the door your getting in, its the car its self and the look on your face. If it were yours, you wouldve been much happier.
IndianaHoosierBebe: You're gorgeous. Thank you for the add hunnay!<3
KrIsTeN831: OO! a Hollister boy!
Missshelby: thank u sweet heart..ur so cute!
MetalValkyrie: Ty 4 the yes cutie! smile
MetalValkyrie: Ty 4 the yes cutie! smile
BrittanyBaby16: hey!!! your hott to!!!!
SaraMarie88: haha you dont have to be sorry.....your still hot tho.....abs or no abs
cinna142003: not much just sitten around bein bored!
cinna142003: hey cutie what's up?
Hannah19: hey hey,thanks for the pic comment,Im still a bit confused about how to use this thing though lol
so do u have myspace?

Hannah x
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: haah .. well thank u very much hun!
sammy22: your a hottie!. leave me one!
kAYkAY08: yay for the sexii hollisterr boie<3
jusplainme23: you look so tired in all of your pictures.
Telecastersoul: Thanks for the yes sweetheart! I def returned it. <3
sexymissyloveyou: you are so hot... i swear
x1Lipsxofxanxangel1x: thanx for the yes smile I gave you one back cutie wink
superflymegan: cuuuuuuuteeee. =]
CJ11: Hey thanx for the yes grinlol
Jogurl06: sorry
barbiexface: nice pics handsome face!
Leigh: Ooo new friends. =]
crazydanzr: oo your welcome babe!
lipsofnangel: biggrin hey thanx for the yes <33
alishaxO: sExY~
SunkissedHoosierBebe: You are one cute guy! ♥
kimslove: not cute at all sorry....not!!!!
lyndZloo: you have really pretty eyes.
JustVogue: hey, you're gorgeous! im so sorry for the "no" ... grinlol
lackofcolor7: very hott
dollface2k603: You're a cutie!
futuremilf6991: thanks 4 the yes
carmenspice: aw thanks yer hot.
CarolinaLadyRebels14: thanks i jus put a new pic on here its under the folder summer 2006 =]
IwAnTtHoSeGrIlLz: Gorgeous!
xoBUBBLESxo: your really cute.. and i love the fact that you play sports <3
caelyn: Hey. Thx for the yes and the comment.. grinlol
honeypothottie: thanks for the YES u are hot
Kaulabug: don't i have you on msn? haha
JuCIY1: your soo hotttt
xMissxMurderx: Luv the pics cutie! Thanks 4 the yes!
twirlinkutie: oh i kno wat ya mean .. shure
twirlinkutie: wats that?
twirlinkutie: wats that?
sexiathlete24: Thanks lol
twirlinkutie: thanks for th pic comments!!! ur soo hot!
sexiathlete24: Thanks! I like how its spelled too!
BrittneyMuah: hot.
Jessyka928: Hey cutie whats goin on?
chicksdigguys2004: hey Josh i am really sry for lieing to you about who i am so here i go telling you the truth. My name is Courtney and i am 16 years old attending Palmer High School. I love sports and activities and all. that was the only way i could get an account is if
cherrycokegoddess: nothing much. man youre tall!
cherrycokegoddess: hey whats up?

Appey19: hey thanx for tha comment on my pic!♥
summerhottie20: ur a cutie
x0xchrissiex0x: thanks for the comment cutie smile
xtropicalbreezx: ooo very very cute... i like... alot
Sin02004: You are really hot hun!
xoxsexxieangelxox: sexxie
crazybeautifulxoxo: well thank yah
wtfXmikejoans: aww thnks ur sweet cutie :]
Jessica0607: Hey, I am Jessica... Thanks for voting for me!! Anyways, whats up?? ttyl!

GangsturrLover07: Thanks! u too
EmoGummiBear: Thanks! Lol.
melissa3800: Thanks for the no!!!!!!!! later
softballchick13: i love your smile.. you sohuld do it more often
Diskobee: thanks for the yes<3
xkellyxbabiex: hey thanks for the pic comment!
you're a hottie too :]
texashottie01: hey whats goin on cutie? just thought i would drop by to leave a comment. thanx for the pic comment...cute is a cute lovin it..haha anywho talk to you later sweety
sexybabe667: hot wink
WildSwtCrazyGirl08: thanks for the pic comment! You're gorgeous!
tiredoftearz08: thanks sweetie for the pic comment! smile
tiredoftearz08: hey there! whats up?
lilandrea: pic
lilandrea: thats for that comment
BrittanyDawn: Thanx for the yes!!! lol You get my yes too! lol
missnewbootay: thanks for the yessmile
AmberAtrocity: Thanks for the yes dollsmile
Danielewith1L: awe thanks
pinkpostive: thanks wink your very kind
lilshay16: hey cutie thanx for the yes.....
dearjustinletsskank: Heyy whats goin on

You sound pretttty neato

<3 ttyl
KyleeKay: mitchell
urlilbabygirl421: your really hot...!
KyleeKay: where are you from in sd?
sarahooty: if it's halloween then there def. isnt anything slutty about it! haha
DyMePeiiCe: aww your absolutely adorable <3
sweetpoptartz07: Hey!! i thought id write you a ll somethingwink ur very kute and u def got my YESS!! U seem really interesting also.. if youd like to talk message mewink
foreverforgotten: thanks
preppilicious16: You are handsome :]
bara: hey cutie ! =)
britts23: Your very good-looking.. smile
handbook2love: hahaha, I wounder what I look like when I'm really confused!
you just brighted my day with that picture comment it made me laugh :]
kaseyjean: Hey thanks for the add..your a to ya later!
bigbootykutie: well thank ya!!!! your pretty cute yourself
lsr240: Thank you! You're pretty cute yourself!

aaaSEXIGURLaaa: ur very sexy,,got my yesss
xoLUCKY: What a stud!!
HCObaby1922: aw thanks for the pic comment sweetie!
kaytiee: and thank for thinking i'm pretty grinlol
Lindsay18: Thanks for the yes! You love comments so I hope you get a little "lovin'" from this... smile
naudie40oz: thanks babe! u too smile
taylorchristianne78: Hey! You're on my MSN!! Aww you're cute too honey!
fadedddreamss: A gorgeous, blue-eyed, blonde-haired tall boy that plays basketball; what more could a girl want? smile
s10chick: So cute :-)
dolphinsangel01: uh am i sucker for
tiredoftearz08: hey! thnx for the yes an the pic comment!! lol comment back!! laterz
diver22: thanks smile ur cute 2!
deadasdisco: Your so unbelievably adorablesmile
Jesserpete: hey hun. thanks for the comment... ♥
LolSxy8: hey, thanks for the comment lol. well...i could change it, but then it wouldnt be so cool...!
Kayshanicole: Hey ur really cute. Thanks for the yes i gave u one in return! I hope we talk more add4add?
likewoah89: you are sooooooooooo cute! hit me up any time...
MindenQT: lol thanks... Trucker hats are so hot because LOOK WHOS WEARING IT haha lol.. j/k im not conceided
whatBECCAowns: hey hun. <3

how are you doinggg ?
great i hope.
abbers: well thanks for the picture comment smile
BarbieFreak: Very very cute =) That's also really hott that you're so tall hehe
LTown: hahh amen to that. i'm doing prety good... i'm just waiting for it to get later.what'ca up too tonihgt?
LTown: thank you! how you doing this lovely day?
Katie71610: Hello.
Thanks alot!
Your super cute =)
Talk to ya later <3
whatBECCAowns: pshhh.

<33 your one good lookin guy for sure.

craziibiotch: lol awe thanks..sure i will
craziibiotch: dont you already have one though??..and yeah i
xoxAmanda2789xox: hey thanx for the yes u deff got a yes from me smile
MotoXchick87: wow ur gorgeous!
x33OneWish: aww thanks =]
craziibiotch: lol i was just making know..haha..thanks though!
craziibiotch: was that a good damn or a bad damm??
suckmybigtoenucca: you are too cute <3
luvstoeat: hey hottie thanx for hittin me up ur real fine urself!!! ~Heather~
StrumMyHeartStrings: My dad lives there..visitation and such
StrumMyHeartStrings: Cool...I go to aberdeen..woo hoo highfive
IxLikeItxUpThexButt: thanks for the comment, cutie!
kissesxxx: your very cute
Ox18hEaThErNyCoL18xO: u got AIM or yahoo? message me .. : ).. heather
Ox18hEaThErNyCoL18xO: yer a cutie : )
bAr13iE69: aww thnx 4 the pic comments!!! u are such a hottie!
ally9109: very cute!
MysteriousGurl07: Thanks for the yes grinlol
flamingocasserole: haha no, thats what we call the one that gave her that name!!!
Your adorable
oDaniix: Thanks for the yes. Ur hot x3.
iliveinapoptart: your really cute!
Kadielynn32: hey thanks much for the yes!
Heather05: Add My New Name to Your Friends List smile ... uwishuknew
Heather05: Thanx for the comment. <3 You are soooo gorgous !!
blueeyedbeauty07: such a cutie!
CarolinaLadyRebels14: thanks!~!!
CarolinaLadyRebels14: heyy sexy!
meandu4ever: hey cutie! wut u up to?
mirmir: Thanks for the yes hun! &hearts Your pictures are really good. ^_^
BrOoKeNiCoLe330: thanks your hott yourself
naturalblonde7: thanks for the comment! i think you're "very pretty" too...alright......pret
ty hot
kristi18: not much you? I'm just checking my e-mail and all that fun stuff. And I'm snowed in so i"m bored
kristi18: hey whats up? I havent heard from you in a long time. But anyways I hope to talk to you soon.
brunette7: thanx for the pic not so bad yourself

ninar022: hey i see you voted me a yes.. your pretty hott
burtonite: alright...mmm I wonder if I can send it to you through here.
burtonite: you've got no idea how much you look like my friend. its weird. lol
XuRsWe3tEsTxSinX: Your a hawtttie.
wilstemptation: thanks for the yes! wink
laurennnxo: thanks for the comment, youre very cute yourself wink
SeXcIXLaYXLaY: thnks hun
hikenakd36: oh ok..well i was just curious!! thanks darlin..and your welcome..byes
hikenakd36: i just have one come u put no when u put "nice" on my pic? just curious
hikenakd36: thanks for the comment hun **muah!*
ThrowedYungWun: you lookin really cute
kristi18: you are very cute
beautifultarrah: aww, thank you so much! yuo're not so bad eitherwink hehe.
EUPHORiCx3: thank you for the comment wink. your sweet & very cutee.
kristi18: awww..your cute!!!!
carebear32: not a problem babe!
XxM3L1SS4xX: thanks for the pic comment.. i need to update tho.. i have a tat now.. but its not that great.. i didnt get it done professionally.. but i still think it looks ok.. lol.. ttyl.. peace
Aleshia: Hey.....Thanks for the complement......So what are you up to?
heehaw: ha.. ur funny lol...
heehaw: hey
heehaw: Wow, ur kinda hot...hmmm....yeppers
heehaw: hey what up hommie
heehaw: hey whtas up hommie? lol
hesmyobsession: so do u have ne messengers? <3 holla wink
crazybeautiful211: haha thanks that was really sweet of you lol and yeah i always do
xjesyka: hey... thanks for the yes and the comment... oh and i wouldn't mind lookin' at your goodies! -JESYKA smile
europeanhottness: aw well thank you're a sweet heart.
just4lea06: dont like guys
europeanhottness: hey thanks for the pic comment lol why am i lucky>?
SABRINAMANGO: thanks for the comment sweetie...your pretty cute yourself smile
Chicagointrigue411: thanks for the vote!
Chicagointrigue411: aww ur a cutie pie
TaylorrXamazing: no problem
Daleigh: lol thanks u too
Daleigh: cutie!!!!!
Crazycutie6933: hey thnx 4 the yes..i srry i put no,,but ur a cutie no doudt!so..i dunno ur kinda getten a re vote haha..umm ur a yes/no i dunno so yes lol srry im comfuessed!
xgis4gangter: aww thanks you are tooo
xgis4gangter: aww thanks you are tooo
armyangel: ~*~!!!WoW!!!~*~ U'r a cutie
lovelycaligirl: thank u =)
areanne: well ok thats all i needed to kno
areanne: how am i racist against white/americans?i have a boifrend thats white and how can u prove that huh:Pif u want me to give u a yes just tell me i just put no cuz i just click so srry if ur offended
sayrahh: so hot ♥
HeartlessAngel: When you put it like that, nothing. But it looks peacful...and so do you. I was trying to make it a complament lol
crazyblondie1988: hey you're pretty good and i like tall guys too
babeypinkbabey: haha a hug? *gives you a hug* is that all ya wanted?
babeypinkbabey: said you'd wanna do something to me....so0o wat would that something b haha....its ; ) buh no
hesmyobsession: thanks for the yes sexy
babeypinkbabey: ohh really? and wat would you like to do? wink
babeypinkbabey: of course im smiling cuz i saw a pic of you! cuz ur soo dang hott!!
ChelsBryant06: HEY.. i meant yes.. but i said no.. <3 .. please forgive me !
Onlywishfulthinking: you look like a movie star yo.
or something to that effect.
greenhazelbaby: im not mad i swear i just saythat to every person that gives me a no thats all im not mad smile
greenhazelbaby: thanks for the no
Leahbonita: I could be like all these other girls and say "Omg u r lyke so cute lets chat!" But, I'm just going to tell you that I like your hair and it's pretty darn cool that you play basketball.

Thank you for the yes, by the way.
brunettexbabe204: aw thanks for the pic comment your very cute
ifer813: hey hottie. thanks for the yes. we should chat some time
SweetyPie31888: thanks for your comment!! you are really hott :-)
JoyisaPunk: ;D
XONickleOX: wow ur hott
painfulcompassion: Sorry...thought you were being mean. You're not ugly...just not someone I would shag. lol. Not my type. Sorry. Thanks for writing me back though. I swear I'm not usually that mean. (pinky promise). haha
shay2gurl: HeY!! Whats up! ur pretty hott urself!
nAtAshAhUtChiSON08: hey! thanks for the add! ur a cutie!*smile
sexyjenna: Cute. פx
hotstuffallie: want to be my sexy lover
hotstuffallie: hi
hotstuffallie: hey you voted yes for me thanks your pretty hot
dramaqueen014: i would def. hit that!!
SarahCanRockafella: wow your really cute =]
x0kristi560x: so hott!
InnocentBeotch: Am I one of those fat ugly girls who vote you a "no" because I'm pissed at the world??? lol KIDDING!!!! You have my yes
beachsexii: definitely getting my yes! without a doubt
babeypinkbabey: wow!! total hottie!!
abbers: thanks for returning the yes vote...ur a good looking guy, take care smile
JennyBear07: very hot thanks for the yes i voted yes to you too~jen~
ToolReject15: Very Cute ♥
myc10bball10: Hey Babe! ur sexy
x3iheartemoboysx3: thank you so do you <33
dancinchick: u r sooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!
eminemgurl15: H-O-T-T~!~
XxxsexiebiachxxX: lol thanx it was my default !! but everyone was like oh there is no wat your 15 n stuff so i was like flip it !! lol
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