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Profile for omgcupidshotme (offline- last on: Jun 12, 11)
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Name Katie
Age 26
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
About Me
My name is Katie.
I'm 22 years old.
My Apps

Turn Ons
Not Given
Turn Offs
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Dexter.
The Office.
Movies 27 Dresses.
American Psycho.
Donnie Darko.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Garden State.
Hard Candy.
Ice Age 1 2 & 3!!!!!
P.S. I Love You.
Requiem For A Dream.
Music Albert Hammond Jr.
The Beatles.
Brand New.
The Doors.
Hootie & The Blowfish.
Janis Joplin.
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Simon & Garfunkel.
Book Darkly Dreaming Dexter.
Dearly Devoted Dexter.
Dexter In The Dark.
Quote Throw me to the wolves because there's order in the pack.
Throw me to the sky because I know I'm coming back.
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gamedemon89: hi katie!
DOCTOR: nigga you got yahoo???
nymphowolf: Thanks for accepting! New friends are great to have here! <3Brian*
lavenderlindsey: hug
Rich: you still dating your dude? if not, why haven't we hung out yet?
Danimal6262: WOW... Very nice!

I also live in Orlando, hit me up if you like:
JELLOFORCE5000: Come back and talk to me. e. e. e.
Th0ul0w: you are all sorts of good looking smile
what's up?
jucketjam2k7: why hello there =)
supraspeed: Go duke go!!!
supraspeed: hey when was your bday?
supraspeed: hey there my love how was your day? when you get home i will give you a massage if it was stressful. lol
TwinTurboed: hey take me back
Rich: o.O
CuddleSlut: He SHOT YOU!? Was it premeditated or heat of the moment?

I'll find that rat won't go unavenged!
brianb89: your gorgeous
AmericanMuscle13: Hey what's going on gorgeous?
flcrusaders: hey there thanks for the add how r you
Willndowed: Sensationally delicious! You got gorgeous goin on!
manoucho: Gorge♥us
xxKyranxx: Hi qt smile
Jewbacca: get back here
TwinTurboed: whats up SL!!?!?!?!
TwinTurboed: hey my sl, whats up
IM4U2TEASE: i got plenty of ho's for you to buy up now. get to it lol lol
streetracer2117: hey! what are ya up to tonight?
Brett69: hey cutie, hit me up sometime
mattdevils: Oh its on.
EricSR16: so close, so cute..
no wonder ur already taken :(
somePhreak69911: you're very pretty.
streetracer2117: grinlol rawr
TK85: Hey miss, very hot and sexy! just thought i'd drop in and say hi... drop by sometimes.
supraspeed: why dont you want to be rated?
supraspeed: why dont you want to be rated?
IM4U2TEASE: hi katie
IronSack86: Nice privs
TwinTurboed: Yay! inlove inlove inlove
AlexThugg: You're gorgeous
madprofessor: Well hey there. Welcome to Orlando.
youstolemylighter: whats up.
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
volcomsurfer111: be my sl
ItaliaStudd: We should be s/l's smile
leftyhefty: hey katie how are you doing?????
leftyhefty: hey katie how are you doing?????
hungryhippo11: How is Miss FL doing this evening?
Darrin: hey cool ur on the top 10 congrats!
Acestevenson: you're amazing!
bleezy: thanks for the add cutie grinlol
HotDamnItsMark: =O Murderer! In all seriousness though, I love the books and show too. It's just surprising to find a girl who's into that stuff.
acynic: you're very pretty
HotDamnItsMark: You like Dexter quite a bit, are you secretly a serial killer?
ArmySpartan: Its a yes. Sorry.
ArmySpartan: Awww....
Brett69: your so gorgeous hopefully we can chat sometime
Westicles: So I'm Wes, I know how the moving to a new city thing goes, lol I just moved here to Corpus Christi TX a little over 2 weeks ago, how long ago did you make the move?
d3viant: youre cute
CptAwesome22: You liked the third Dexter book eh? I'm hesitant to read it because I heard about the whole voodoo thing! And I don't know how much I'll like that... However. You're freaking gorgeous just as an FYI haha.
gruveninmyvw: so pretty!
eliminat0r85: Hey gorgeous, how have you been? Have a good wknd?
oneandonlymamii: really cute n a great smile
Kensei: very pretty
musicous: Wow now there are 2 reasons to go to Orlando smile
Kensei: very pretty
Jewbacca: Remember when we were SL's?
Darrin: you look great
Xdisturbedpirate: hey whats up =]
proof153: i give every girl a no that expects bb's for a friends request its funny thou...
Darrin: hey, you look chula
juggaloco: gorgeous
A11Star: youre so cute xD
TJH88: Hey Gorgeous smile How are you?
wataw50: Hello beautiful, happy easter! wink How's your day going?
trav279: heyyy
theonly420: very cute..
ezreale: !!!
nhra347: Hey! Love ur pic!
AntiQuarantine: hey, i like the profile, simple yet effective.
TJH88: Hey smile
tru4youjrock: very sexi in my blue eyes
wudyalikfrieswththat: ahhh my bad I had no idea... I go to fayetteville every now and then kinda sucks there though damn army people
americanprettyboy87: hey there whats up just stopin by to see if u wanted to chat

wudyalikfrieswththat: is harrisburg close to fayetteville at all?
Arpegius: Dexter! Hellz yeah! XD
AGUSA6: thank u cupid.
nhra347: Hey whats up? I gave you a yes! wana chat?
demigod: i had 400 bbs now theyre gone :[
crxer: did i tell you that i want to PIITB?
BobbyDick469: Your hott I can't think of any word to describe you other than incredible a definite yes
LocalxCelebx19: wave
arrogantbastard: wink
LocalxCelebx19: <3
LocalxCelebx19: He's a lucky guy.
LocalxCelebx19: I think you're gorgeous and that's all that should
LocalxCelebx19: He only said no because he's fake and I heard he's a homosexual!
chevyRidinHigh89: beautiful smile
MikeLM: hey there =]
you're really pretty lady
nelly043: hey Katie! thanks for the add. your pictures are gorgeous! love em! what are you up too tonight?
capt1eye: Love the pics! You are a very beautiful girl smile
gomo: heyyy its been a long !! where are u ?
crxer: lil hottie
Zara: you have a really pretty face!

jewbacca: sup SL
statsstallone: damn bangbucks no one tells me how to send them...
jewbacca: I know, get aMSN, it works on macs, then we can truly express our feelings and shit.
jewbacca: me too, apparently since i dont even use that one. we are terrible internet lovers :(
jewbacca: oh wth, what do you have?
jewbacca: Fanfuckingtastic, but Duke still sucks. Give me your msn cuz Im listening to Anberlin and we need to talk about our new SL life together.
jewbacca: Hey lets be SL's, right now.
K1NgXofXSp4deS: whassup cutie :]
indridcold: lol omgoshcupidshotme....wh
at if he would have shot u n the face...sorry could not resist dum and dumberwink yer such a cutie. lookz r kill. hold my hand! big yes vote btwsmilesmile
TerriSchiavo: omggg i knew it. good lord, he got buff redface
eliminat0r85: Hey how have you been gorgeous?
eliminat0r85: Hey how have you been gorgeous?
oooowilloooo: hey girl ! i voted "yes" u r gorgeous !
menace2006: absolute bombshell
magik2187: very cute... get back at me sometime
BillyJ2005: hey whats up. i am from nc too =p thought i would leave u a message hit me up sometime if u wish =)

UcantCme350: wow... you got my yes! You should add me too! How you doin today lil lady?
svendust99: U are a cutie! How was your holiday? : )
oooowilloooo: hey i voted " yes " u r gorgeous !
tufgi88: hello there sexy girl
Pieeeeeee: Crap I only have 333 BB's
funkyb20: goregous....
mikeyowns: hi :] im mikey
wuts up
l0stang3l: so pretty
baughman9112000: YOUR A DOLL NICE PICS
Rec: You are really pretty :S You like Rob and Big, but CSI: Miami makes up for it. haha
tmoney82: id kisss your face
waxurss: cute ass!
ThePhantomOfDeath: your hot!!!!! id so fuck it!!
DeRomeo: beautiful. speachless
bluemonkey28: hi katie
angelphear: Congrats on making the top 10! You are BEAUTIFUL. =)
tufgi88: You are so incredibly gorgeous and hot and sexy and pretty and cute and scrumptious and stuff!
KarmaLoveBurns: What up g unit!
TJH88: hello gorgeous smile how are ya?
t0O0O0Of: you have a nice butt
WrXDriva4life: So now huh? whatsup
trav279: heyy there smile
nhra347: hey, your cute, gave you a yes!
Adam222: Hey what's up
trav279: heyysmile
NdwnVup: DAAAMN babe your sexy as HELL!! watta you up to ??
Kieran2k8: flippin stunning grinlol x
heyimshanelol: i wana fuc u
jewbacca: not sure yet, shes a friend of mine's roommate, didnt catch her name, though I do know her dad works at a place that makes elastic for socks?
jewbacca: Yea I don't recognize the name. I met a girl from Harrisburg yesterday though.
jewbacca: I dont think so, who is that?
jewbacca: Secret loooooooooooooooooovers
, yeah, that's what we areeee. Tryin so harrrrrrrrrrd to hide the way we feeel!
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a very beautiful lady Katie smile
cfizzle10: wow ur really cute
tmoney82: hi
MegaMiketkd: Beautiful thats about all i can Say...oh well i can say hi also!
thanks for blessing my Eyes
worst4now: wow ur gorgeous! I'm Charlie, hope we can talk soon
jewbacca: Thats a lot of bang bucks for an add ugh
mizzulaboy21: hi hun
letsgocavs23: thanks for the add! how are you? smile
keeler: cos ur fuckin CUTE
keeler: i wanna be your BUD
ryanp06: hey thanks for the add, your a cute one ;]
shaqinmiami: Katie is a badass name, and since your name is Katie, thanks to the transitive property of equality; you are a badass!
jag1973: If I got a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d have…five cents =) very lovely
craigalicious: eh. i don't think i do but if you do then i guess i do :P
t0O0O0Of: sup bby how does it feel to be matched with a man's man
NdwnVup: Damn your sexy babe! watta you up to?
keeler: hi,
take more pics.
raidber20: hello hello grinlol
gomo: i send u ticket plane for paris... u add me ? grinlol
spicaroo: hows you and michael!
syjh: left u a message. write back when u get the chance, thanx smile
penispuppet: wave
seanieboyle: ur definitely a top ten.wot a babe x
TJH88: you are SEXY
trav279: so ur adorable
the end.
brada7x: youre adorable. left ya a msg. txt me sometime 9105157502
ohiopapi06: You are SO prettywink
xRyan87x: Sup qt?
StaloneCuts: Oh now I remember you. Yeah, you are pretty attractive. Oh well. It's come time for me to fly.
xohalicia: You're hella qt
MadMonkeyBananaPants: You're a little hottie flowers hotstuff
nhra347: hey, gave you a yes, wana chat?
FPOON: you're kinda cute in a cute sorta way.
thegoonies61: howdy, whats shakin pretty lady?
gomo: WOWOW u are so gorgeous ! u should come here in france or join me on msn
thegoonies61: youre prdy damn cute and have good taste in movies, tv and music thumbsup
Freaksoonerman: sexc
Chldrnofbodm: mmm scrubs
XxXJay69XxX: hey hun whats up?
cbecks4: hey sweetheart
nhra347: hey, I gave you a yes, wanna chat?
NoahNoahNoah: youre gorgeous!
NdwnVup: hey hey sexy, wats up?
NdwnVup: hey hey sexy, wats up?
frankthetank87: thanks for the add. check out my page and pix and leave me a comment.
nachofriend: gorgeous =)
nofxiskewl: you're sooo gorgeous!!!
skuper: well babe im on my way to north carolina
RachelluvsU: I'm curious if you would ever talk to a girl on here!
scotty80100: very sexy hun
UGAfratastic: hey kate, how was your day? you've got some nice taste in movies and TV shows. would you give out your screenname for 1000 BBs?
double0kevin24: What's up lovely?
ufhottboy: of course u get a yes!
sergeantcracker: Hiya
whatyoulookingat: Have fun in the Bahamas! and sorry your Sl dumped you mine did that to me this week too.
shotgunXserenade: awww you're super pretty
jphillips00806: super hot!
ncman83: and ur a well....
secretagentman: hello wave2
therealandywascool: bbblah
jr19782007: hey
hockeyman3030: ooo wow thanks for the add gorgeous!
scobaru5: hi
Kingofthecourt: katie=perfection
mrpickle: look in your comment box. you'll find it. :p
mrpickle: and whoa! that fake is still around? :P
mrpickle: oh, V lines. i know about those. oh well, i fail. i have the goodies, but no lines pointing towards it. :(

does a happy trail count? lol j/k.
MaGiCalMisSy18: WOW UR BEAUTIFUL!!!.... DEFINITELY A YES!!!!!! smile
mrpickle: what is a sex line? confused
peteyshot: hey $300 well worth it your gorgeous
TyKing: hey miss.. lookin' so darn cute... how r ya? plz hit me back.
NdwnVup: hey there sexy! wats up babe?
bballer102005: oh wow!! def a yes from me!!
double0kevin24: i LOVE that you watch Dexter. SICK dude.
OvercastKid: lol I do that too when I need a break from online. grinlol
OvercastKid: Oh okay then. LOL it's been forever since we talked and then you closed your account for awhile. frown
OvercastKid: You don't remember me. wave
adeptxxx: youre sexy as hell
saccaliguy84: your gorgeous!!!!!!
mattjdean89: very sexy definetly got my yes smile
waxurss: how many bbs to see u on cam?
Kingofthecourt: how are you sweetie? you are insanely cute..LOVE IT!
MaGiCalMisSy18: ur super pretty
Ramiel76: very cute grinlol definately get a yes
secretagentman: hullo wave
keithrulz: u r very pretty
mizzulaboy21: hi lover heartthrob
BrutalSwine: Beautiful!
Trancee: you're pretty
angelaalways420: yeah you probablly should keep your ratings disabled to keep that 90% of yoursrofl
XTheNewCancerX: You're cute and you have my yes but your rating is disabled
n3t4n4lyst: Sure. You rate me, but I can't rate you or see what you rated me. I see how it is... :-P
Nasiello: so friggin cute *drool*
keithrulz: veryy pretty u r
NdwnVup: hey there sexy! wats up babe?
double0kevin24: Hey beautiful, how's life?
therealandywascool: =]
therealandywascool: blahhh
penispuppet: how are u doing? any plans for halloween?
ThisTimeNextYear: ive been listening to that song all day.
ThisTimeNextYear: you're so gorgeous.
Schneids: hey katie, just thought i'd say you're absolutely gorgeous! have a great night!
Swiggs: Thanks for the yes wink
waxurss: whats harrisburg near gorgeous?
XMIKEEDGEX: eh. you have a good tv selection, on the other hand, music, haha. no no, im kidding, i like bad music
joedirt0002: dammnn. who wouldnt hit that.
waxurss: north carolinian here, and damn u r cute, thinks for the add. wish u liked messengers, so we could chat sometime.
bamaboi82: beautiful
ShItHaPpEnS: aye girl your deff maddd GORGEOUS like wow ha hit me up sometime i mean you prolly wont but cant blame me for tryen right ? ha laters beautiful
dan182: hey hottie
pablo11: thanks for the yes
chickmagnet618201: gorgeous!
misfitslut: you are damn cute!
OvercastKid: lolrejected
simpleman31987: Duke is puke......ur gorgeous tho smile
Aaron8706: Very pretty!
Player: how's it going NC, love the pics
scubasteve4930: damnn
gibilini: so sexy!
insearchofsanity: i love your smile
dclarke: heyyyou, u seem to be like one of the coolest people ever, so whats up lol?
syjh: u should have more pics showing off ur lips. they are sexy as hell
timmerz04: very nice!
JOEY666SEX: what up yo
Brutality: You are extremely beautiful. cute face, amazing body, grand interests =). coool
Chuck8303: You're a QT, I gave you a yes
Barroomhero5353: your gorgeous =)
TDizzle85: am i not good enough for you??SNOB!!1
cpgraham: hey.. i sent you 200 bb...?
paperthinhymn: gahh so pretty
argylekid87: nice costume.
kehate: Strange. Can't think of why you are lacking in comments...
nametakenc2: hey you i love the pics and everything! i would love to get to know you better...anyway i think your soo cute and maybe we can talk sometime...add me or maybe you can give me your e-mail?
bigtickles: dont talk back to me!
bigtickles: i know this slut~~~~~
SULLMAN5: you are so fucking sexy babe lick
SULLMAN5: mmm hot kinky sex?
JBspecial49: Katie your beautiful
davidbrandi05: Umm.. wow! drool
paperthinhymn: hottest corset ever
Fumoffu: WOW UR HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
soregonmale: Very Cute!! Love the Pics!! Got My Vote!! Have a great Nite!! grinlol
JOEY666SEX: whats goin on
CyclingFan: Wow!
JBspecial49: stunning!!!
HomieTim: Damn, someone got hella bang bucks for bein on the top ten. Even from me, cuz hey, you're worth it. hitit
LatinPower03: very cute...nice body..stay pimpin 1luv J
giggles21: Your beautiful
BlairBear22: I love to find out if your personality is as beautiful as you are, I know that there is alot more to you then just the sexyness!...I wanna know your likes and dislikes, whats your fav color, your hobbies, what makes you laugh...its things like that, that
MichiganFootball1: you have amazing eyes!!! def. got my yes vote ! smile
Jay23: DAMN Hot! Def a Yes!!
baseballplaya5820: GO DEVILS!!!
foshonigga: :0 your gorgeous
iwantthatass: you are so fuckin hot
joecivic: beautiful smile
JWes: you are soo GORGEOUS!! id love to chat with ya some time hun
Teknique303: sexy
ManOfSteel4105: your taste in music = pretty much amazing
aggies5448: beautiful
Rodde: Beautiful, just beautiful!
webbybegins: great pictures
TonyT: thanks for the yes cutie whats up with u
collegeguy84: wow you are gorgeous
justhanginout: I JUST GET NO LOVE NEMORE
waxurss: hey gorgeous, ill send ya 200 how many to chat? or am i handsome enough to swing that without bbs?
theborisgexperience: Very nice, yes =)
JOEY666SEX: whats goin on yo
RatherRipped: hahaha I went on tour for a month.
RatherRipped: I'm back and I missed you!!
Chuck8303: super QT & such
argylekid87: BBs sent
Eggman1934: I have a comment, DAMN YOUR BEAUTIFUL!! A++
hockeyguy913: very cute..gimme a holler sometime!
imtheman: Sexy eyes and perfect body.
GayIDontMeanHappy: She is perfect.
nickUK: heyy hun, you're totally gorgeous!! definitely a yes
SpawnedCrow: nice pics
DonkeyDave: Finger Licking good dance
ziehfett: very nice
justhanginout: you don't <3 me anymore
sthird1976: i dont expect an add.. but dont hurt to compliment.. very very gorgeous...
hotone4fems1: VERY BEAUTIFUL
AllThingsGreek: I don't have 200 bang bucks.

argylekid87: what a horrible time to realize you only have 100 BBs left...
justhanginout: just saying hey cutie long time no see hope you're doing well
PieceOfWork: sexy
rocker2084: hey ur pretty cute
ducky23: damn ur sexy ya get my yes
jewbacca: Can I come touch your butt now?
PieceOfWork: sexy
Corey2: you so cute!!
itdiestoday884: if cupid had shot me, id beat his ass.
joshwoody: i don't have my own camera, otherwise i would gladly.
joshwoody: one, because of our striking resemblence, it was interesting to me. is there a caption claming it's me? no. the rest are pictures of myself.
joshwoody: not?
joshwoody: sexy
IHateSchool: how dare you call me a turn off!!!
skankypanky: hey love!~
RatherRipped: You are still my all time favorite. <3
Davibo: pretty
lightblade244: ~cutie~
jhawk69: damn...very sexy!!
concentrationface: GOD YES!
LilDawg: very cute def a yes!
NdwnVup: lookin gorgious!! holler at me sumtime sexy~!
br7: Wow
Nasiello: *poke* well hello there =p
straightface: hi im andy =]
ireekofpoo: ayy mamii
RatherRipped: OMG katie. hi
derailed: you're incredibly sexy
Nasiello: lol ok sorry
Nasiello: ok, I've got to ask.. what's so attractive about a guy so skinny he can fit into girls pants?
getdirty: wow beautiful pics!!
justhanginout: hey you hope you had a good weekend
paulo001: wow, looking very switched on sexy, comment me back if you want cutie xoxo
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: god you gorgous gurl!
JOEY666SEX: yo whats goin on
LordH: u + me = babys. probably.
ditbenik: you look so amazing!
justhanginout: hey katie.. how was ur weekend
spoiltheinvasion: so yeah, I want you<3
paulo001: sexy gorjuz beautiful... comment back if u want cutie xoxo
LimbNursery: you are HOT!
imdustin: hey message me!
justhanginout: hi katie
NdwnVup: damn your gorgious!! def. get back at me sumtime sexy!!!!
xoffminor: super cute.
nonvtec: You've gotta be the cutest girl I've seen on here, beautiful pics
justhanginout: night katie... nice talking to you... have a good one and sweet dreams
justhanginout: awww sorry to hear that you had a bad weekend.. i got pretty shit faced friday night.. just hung around and watched movies saturday... thats about it.. went and played pool on sunday
justhanginout: thats good to hear... did you have a good weekend? p.s. i'm joshua
justhanginout: no reason to be sorry but thank you very much anyways... how are you doing
justhanginout: not to much.. just got home from a jump... about to go take a long hot shower... dang my SL dumped me
justhanginout: hey cutie
spoiltheinvasion: whats shakin katiee
IHateSchool: does that sometimes..eventually it will stop =)
IHateSchool: it wouldnt let me..cuz it said i was already ur friend!!
i already left you pic commentsss
justhanginout: hey cutie whats up...
NuttBuster: damn baby you have a smokin hot body wink
SULLMAN5: you're so pretty babii
LilDawg: very hot i meant to say definately a yes!
LilDawg: v definately a yes!
justhanginout: just hanging out... nursing my hang over i guess... i think i need to start drinking again...
justhanginout: whats up beautiful
Corey2: Hello yourself!!
fpoon: geezzz, i didn't realize you were so cute & not fake.

& if that wasn't good enough E-FLOWERS. flowers
PLAYToY123: Wow your Hot!
spoiltheinvasion: too amazing
brentfnhanvey: same except making it.
and basically bored as hell.
how's your day going?
RatherRipped: smile
spenjamin: u look familiar
westieboy: you are soooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooo sexxxxy

Not really, have a nice day.
Dalejrlookalike: cute face,gooood bod! smile
nignog: Nice ass.
mattjft: oops i thought you said it was humid lol nvm
mattjft: oh man i feel bad for you then :(
hey hey try not to get too excited now lol
mattjft: 100?!?! was it humid too? cause thats the worst. he owns yours and every other girls heart lol
mattjft: chilled in my basement cause it was the only cool place around cause it was like 90 and humid outside =/ how was cry baby?
mattjft: not to bad. just cant really sleep. what did you do today
mattjft: wave2 how are yyou tonight smile
brentfnhanvey: ummm gorgeous....
what's going on with yoou?
Chitownsox3: You are so hot.
BeachBoy69: great pics, you seem pretty chill
LiLTiTo: hello sexy welcome
Megalicious69: you're pretty so i'm giving you a yes
RatherRipped: grinlol
RatherRipped: Wait, wait, wait. Your sexy lover no longer exists on here. I vote that I am the replacement!
LovinSocal: welcomehug
RatherRipped: Incredible, honestly. So beautiful.
gomo: where are the others pics in photobucket ?smile
markus8585: great pics smile very sexy
hollyny: very pretty
secretagentman: total cutie...
mattjft: thats a shame cause you dont look like one :(
mattjft: work then went to fenway to watch the red sox then work again today and then i slept all afternoon lol
why didnt you do anything?!
mattjft: glad to hear it smile
and who cares its just a saluuuuuuuute
what haveyou been up to this weekend smile
mattjft: well no but its always in the back of your head you know lol there are about a million fakes on here.
mattjft: yay you are real smile
nignog: I'd certainly hit it.
justhanginout: i'm sitting here trying to think of something original to say but i think all of my comments have been used... but yeah you're beautiful... kay thanks.. have a nice day
jester057: truely amazing
TRUkid626: heyy Katie.. =)
samara7: wave !
Moore1966: very pretty; yes for ya!
LilDawg: Just plain gorgeous!
Corey2: love the Corsette, you are the hottest female i've seen on here... say hi sometime
soldierof316: Very respectable, someone I wouldn't mind waking up to. ;>
mattyisjuicy: way cute
biggsff: Pretty hot. grinlol
elnino: Bien preciosa! Very, very pretty!
juggaloco: ur hot as hell
zeringer: Very pretty
joecivic: damn ur hottt
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