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Name Not Given
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Not Given
About Me
Hi I'm Erika! I have many nicknames including Foxi, Barbie, Rika, and Martie! And of course, my favorite Bambi, from my SL JJones =] I'm a girly girl who LOVES to party!!! I'm wild, crazy, and fun!! I love to laugh and just have a good time! Beer pong = <3 haha.

I'm a hugge flirt. grinlol

I'm a nice girl, and easy to talk to, so hit me up wink

I'm a tall girl, gotta love them long legs lol wink

I HATE drama!

I'm random. I'll do almost anything to have a good time- even if it's stupid lol.

I love music! I like many genres of music. My favorite rapper is Lil Wayne, but I also love bands like Story Of The Year and Silverstein. I love T.I. and Soulja Boy too!! People tell me the song Just Dance by Lady Gaga reminds them of me, because I love that song but I also love to dance and I'm always dancing! wink

Dancing is one of my favorite things ever.
I'm a very flexible person wink haha- I can do the back bend =D

I also love animals!!! I used to have a kiddy, who was my baby, but my parents got rid of her, and I'm very sad about it. =[

I believe honesty is VERY important and I absouletly HATE liars.

I love funny people. If you can make me laugh I probably already love you.

I love watching movies and cuddling haha.

I'm very sarcastic.

I absolutely LOVE the beach!!! I'm planning on living on one someday, hopefully!

I LOVE clothes. I love shopping and getting new clothes to wear. I love boots boots boots and SHOES lol! I want to go to college to become a fashion designer. If I'm not a fashion designer I'd think about being a vet or something similar to both of those.

I love big trucks. They're so sexyy!! Especially black ones wink

I have trust issues with boyss.
I don't understand why they do the stupid things they sometimes do.
I swear they don't have emotions.
Also I don't like slutty girls with no morals.

And that pretty much sums me up! =]
Wanna know anything else just message me!

<3 Barbie
My Apps
Dancing! <33
Turn Ons
*Abs are the biggest turn on ever!
*A guy who can be a little cocky can be a turn on.
*Dark hair
*Good smile and deff eyes!
*In shape
*Some guys in jerseys
*A guy who knows how to have fun
*A tough guy who shows his sweet side only to the girl he likes
*Guys with BIG trucks!!
*Big truck guys/SKATERS/DIRTBIKERS/snowboarders/bmxers
*Boys who can play the electric guitar
Turn Offs
*Bad breath
*Boys who don't care about your feelings
*Really outta shape boys
*Big beards
*Man whores
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
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JBPoker: Hey! So, I haven't talked to you in a while, what's been up? You need to come to the eastside of Milwaukee soon so we can party!
Willndowed: well they are mostly mutts, but one is of the dachshund/terrier persuasion and the other is spaniel and I think mabye pug LOL.. they are soo cute LOL just like you

whats your screen name, well talk on there? maybe ill think of the question
Willndowed: doing great just relaxing after my awesome walk with my dogs
CooLDraGoN: your welcome...not much just working a
crazytrain044: whats ur yahoo
sexychiera: thanks for the add cutie
wanna chat sometime?
Willndowed: you are quite welcome and even more so deserving... so how are you doing today?
FSUTrickMan: its kind of personal, you may even consider it offensive or rude

you just need to give me your screen name or cell # so i could text ya
Willndowed: Simply sensational... you are gorgeous!
crazytrain044: yo u wanna judge or what?
umbaseball15: yes of course i do.
cobenco: yea i have aim but i never get on there?
FSUTrickMan: not a
FSUTrickMan: hey there
youve been quiet lately
umbaseball15: heyy you smile
BLinc: np the pleasure is mine
JBPoker: well, hey, I could invite you to our next party, just hit me up, and do you have a myspace?
travdawg007: you are very welcome...i am good yourself?
travdawg007: you are very welcome...and i am good just been writing an english paper all day
erchamion: Lol.
BLinc: Hey thanks for the yes vote love your eyes
datyunghustla: Sweet gettin squeeky clean?? allready did that 2day
Cheeeeeeeeese: i'm doing well, watching some football, what are you up to?
datyunghustla: ur welcome and not much just bored outta my mind how about u?
crazytrain044: whats your s/n? aim? msn? yahoo?

I'll tell you the details on there.
erchamion: We aren't speaking enough.
You don't log on here very much, do you?
AsxIxLayxDying: you're completely stunning!
erchamion: :(
redrumxtc: if i had some money i would consider it lol. but if i ever happen to pass through i know who i'm calling.
erchamion: Well, that's certainly not as much fun, but if you prefer it, then whatever makes you happy.
Do you think there are others ways to combine them, though?
erchamion: So, have you decided between being a vet or fashion designer yet?
Or are you going to give my last idea a shot?
Because, you know, coming from me, it's genius. Even though I don't quite remember what it was...
redrumxtc: i'm all rested. lol. and i have 2 weeks off work. now i need peeps to drink with
redrumxtc: i do feel old lol. havent slept in days because i've been going out too much.
redrumxtc: went to the bar last night. i'll be recovering for a few days so i'm just going to watch movies tonight.
FSUTrickMan: yep, good luck tryin to get me to tell you what else i was thinkin
redrumxtc: same here. so ready for the weekend lol
do you have any plans yet?
StNr: ah no problem, ah the weather is gorgeous here
sorry to hear its not so hot there
FSUTrickMan: youre welcome hun, it was hard to restrain myself to only saying that
redrumxtc: oh no problem smile
how are you doing?
sydneyguy1982: I am glad to hear you are doing well smile. I am fine myself. I wish you still used any of the messengers i would love to chat with you anytime
AfreyedKnot: You're very welcome and thank you too!smile
StNr: I'm doing good just really bored, yourself?
StNr: what ya up too sweets?
StNr: damn you are absolutely freakin gorgeous
sydneyguy1982: Aww you are always so welcome gorgeous Erika flowers How are you?
erchamion: Designing clothes for animals...that're sick...
Or something.
erchamion: Ever consider combining the two?
erchamion: Fashion designer or vet, hm? That’s an odd combination.
umbaseball15: exactly the same, right now, me too smile
umbaseball15: whats up loverr? <3
soccer1794: im good n wat bout u? u dont happen to have a msn or yahoo name do ya.. its much easier to talk on there then these messages lol.. let me no hun
soccer1794: heyy hun wats up im mikesmile ur a cutiee!!
umbaseball15: lol yeah kinda weird. i like it though ;]]
sydneyguy1982: You are so welcome very beautiful Erika flowers How are you today?
Ilyich: I live on the beach... come visit me. lol
umbaseball15: oh reawwwy. i cuter.
umbaseball15: what about him??
JuggaloNail: thanks for the add goegeous
umbaseball15: awesome, i miss you so much =]
DallasCowboys09: ur very welcum hun smile, but im goood, how u doin
DallasCowboys09: sexc
umbaseball15: come back to me, bambi!
hideffhannah: Thank u~
Brot2Ubyaflnbmb: hey your beautiful, i wish i was a cheese head now
Chaosnake: hey, you seem pretty cool, hit me up on Yahoo sometime
Isingforasspix: don't ask XD..... so i demand huggles call me sometime or gtfo yahoo =D
marksthespot88: anytime cutie grinlol
umbaseball15: i love them long legs bambi :]]
CooLDraGoN: thnx...yea that is too bad
sydneyguy1982: Hello Erika how are you? smile
CooLDraGoN: damn your absolutely are you
rweich: yes please talk to me.
umbaseball15: no, YOU're cute. so put up more pics of your cute face. smile thanks.
buffalotrace: just chillin and you?
johnny10252006: yup
umbaseball15: i need a beerski...
umbaseball15: hahah. youre not a bimbo! youre bambi. and the bimbos thing is a joke, they dont really turn me on, but you do :] haha
johnny10252006: yeah and i get another 1 today
sydneyguy1982: You are so welcome gorgeous flowers How are you?
johnny10252006: on my hip and two more on my arms
umbaseball15: im in your profile redface
hotsauce32786: pretty sure that goes for you too
hotsauce32786: lol oh ok. damn
hotsauce32786: if you get more topless pics i do too lol
ListenIdiot: YES! lol Okay, I don't think you're fake, I never did, I was jk w/u. Later. smile
hotsauce32786: seem real to me
umbaseball15: welll thats what i meant silly..
im sleeeepy.
hotsauce32786: nothing. just hanging at home. u?
ListenIdiot: Explain it? Real easy. Jordan is the real person behind your fake profile. rofl
umbaseball15: we should.
i wish u had aim or msn.
hotsauce32786: yea ill work on that
umbaseball15: i know. i am about to show him the sign you made for me ;]
that sign is pretty old tho... we should make new ones :]]
hotsauce32786: lol ill see what i can do. the abs? or the others?
umbaseball15: and yes, you're my bambi and only mine. <3
ListenIdiot: "soooooo many pix" means squat. There are fake profiles that have had 100's of pix AND vids (that were stolen, of course.
umbaseball15: wellll pick out the game u want to go to- and we will definitely be drinking afterward.
ListenIdiot: You ARE fake. Where's your salute? Uh-huh, didn't think so.
umbaseball15: when should i come get it?
johnny10252006: i got like 3 more now that i would love to show u
taz33: you are so pretty
buffalotrace: HI!
bickywide: thanks for the pic comment babe =]
ListenIdiot: lol @ you giving me a no. I don't take offense, being that the vote came from a fake profile.
ctravis18: you're welcome sweetie =]
umbaseball15: & i do want a senior picture, i guess ill have to come get one.
until then, more pictures of you please :]]]
umbaseball15: lol. well she is still pushing them up! <3
and what picture is soo cute? a picture of me?? smile
umbaseball15: oh, and be my SL pleaaaase smile
johnny10252006: hey thanks for the yes well im a marine and im out in cali right now right by tha beach so u would love it and i love to dance too
cod4makesmeswear: Definitely not a problem smile .. and i'm alright, just really glad its the weekend!! and how about you??
JoeXballs: hey cutie thanks for the yes
derailed: you are gorgeous
shin00bi76: you're realy cute smile
rweich: ok well email me or talk to me on aim.
isaacaol: you soooo cute and hot and sexy very cute
rweich: no problem! can we talk more?
sydneyguy1982: Hello gorgeous Erika how have you been? smile
umbaseball15: heartthrob
umbaseball15: welcome

umbaseball15: wait, sorry. its [center ] then [/center ] without spaces.
umbaseball15: [c ] in front of it, then [ /c ] behind it. without the spaces.
umbaseball15: LOL. oh our boy will be named after me? Jorjor Jr.? hahah, i love it. miss youuu sweetiepie.
umbaseball15: jordan misses bambi
Umbaseball15: No way- its Bambi! hey babe whats goin on??
stevehallny: cool thanks girl
stevehallny: your welcome beautiful
stevehallny: you are so beuatiful
drknockboootzz: anytime babE!! how YOU doin? happy belated bday!
ItalianTXman4u: Happy Birthday baby doll!
expoken: Thanks for the yes! smile
Umbaseball15: oww ow ;]
gomo: WOWO very sexy !!! u should found a bf easyy
networkflooder: No Problem how are you?
Umbaseball15: i miss you too! i dont go on myspace much anymore- iduno if you do or not...but i for real miss u too bambi. lol..
Umbaseball15: HEY! are you coming back on here more?? heartthrob
Umbaseball15: hii bby <33
viridislumen: hi, how are you? my name is joshua. i hope you and I can become friends
tapout14: thanks for the pic comment your pretty hot yourself
drknockboootzz: ahah sure thing cutie - how many did i leave? rofl
Knicks82040: wow babe lookin really good all sweet and shyt very nice
umbasebaLL15: miss you girl
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: grinlol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: so how were ur first days of school?
jride24: lovin the yes
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: and u can play with my haif anytime... wink grinlol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: well u are super cute, have an adorable smile, and gorgeous hair!!!!! did i mention that u were cute...
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Thanks 4 the yes!!!! ; ) smile grinlol
umbasebaLL15: can i be in ur shoutouts love??
searchforitall: hey foxi what's up! i haven't talked to ya in a while
Adam0504: No problem, so how is your summer going?
xspeedrcrx: any time... leave some back sometime...
TwoBigfeet: Gorgeous.
umbasebaLL15: mmmm mine. smile <3
umbasebaLL15: mine. heartthrob
umbasebaLL15: mmmm. it makes me hot- ur the sexiest SL ever. <333
umbasebaLL15: ps.
umbasebaLL15: so hurry up and acceptt my lover request!
bevers08: preciate it so are you
PyroPlayer753: im doing alright, things could be better but thats life for ya, i cant wait for the weekend, even tho i have no plans. got anything fun going on ?
PyroPlayer753: Hows life going?
PyroPlayer753: hows your summer going?
umbAseball15: bammbi has another SL and its still not jjones... emo

jk love, miss ya
CrombIEboY17: ur welcome!
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very beautiful Erika how are you? smile
CrombIEboY17: heyy thanks for the yes!
umbAseball15: [bgcolor=#FF9900]hmmm well those are some pretty high stakes there my bambi... pretty tempting- but since im already getting you your car, i guess i will have to come , cuz that hottub is sounding DAMN good right now... <3[/bgcol
UMbaseball15: almost positive huh? well then i guess we have a bet. what are the stakes?
JBenavides: Fuckin beautiful smile
shadowfire240: love to chat with u on MSN or YAHOO!!!!
UMbaseball15: oh so you dont thinl ill actually show up huh? i can see this turning into a little bet of some sort.... and i never back down from a bet, miss sexy pants.
UMbaseball15: haha well u know id break up w/ anyone for u in a heartbeat. and ill be seeing u this summer- u know it sounds tempting for you too wink
P0etess: ty smile
P0etess: so pretty smile
wakeboarder01: you are absolutely gorgeous!!!
UMbaseball15: i miss my bambi.
dmit424: i'm doing okay, what about yourself? smile
UMbaseball15: well u should effin' break up with him then wink
duket440: you're such a beautiful girl
sydneyguy1982: oh and Happy Easter smile
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very beautiful Erika I just thought i would say hello and see how you are? I have not heard from you in so long i hope everything has been ok?
penispuppet: sweet pretty good thx Erika =)
UMbaseball15: well WTF every time i get dumped or break up w/ mine...i want YOU but youre taken! lol... :( - break up w/ yours and ill give u some SEXY love grinlol
UMbaseball15: see how what is, babycakes?
penispuppet: hey Erika lookin great how are u doin?
bloodtobleed: awesome you're hot and you like cutting hair... I'm going to school for hair design
UMbaseball15: hey my bambi babe grinlol
UMbaseball15: no...its more like - you over every other girl heartthrob
xxpskxxaol: you are absolutely gorgeous...
UMbaseball15: i love my bambi simpson more!!!
UMbaseball15: i love my bambi simpson.heartthrob
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: I'm doing ok I guess, other than being broke and not having a computer at the moment.
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: I paid someone else bangbucks to make it for me. grinlol
UMbaseball15: <33333333
zpheels55: thanks = ] i put you in my favorites to <3
itsmagick2007: your really pretty i like ur eyes
zpheels55: oo not bad how about yourself = ]
sydneyguy1982: im glad to hear you are doing well smile my msn is
themachine: aww sorry to hear that baby :(
sydneyguy1982: My day was great beautiful Erika how was your day? WOuld you like to chat on msn sometime?
zpheels55: np <3 your beautiful
zpheels55: np <3 your beautiful
themachine: Awww whats wrong sexii
sydneyguy1982: Hello there beautiful Erika im glad to hear you are doing well smile Im doing great myself if you would like to chat anytime i would love to hear from you <-3
themachine: i am good and you baby
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very beautiful Erika how are you? smile
themachine: hey there beautiful
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
UMbaseball15: this be jjones...where my j-simpson at ? holla
FSUTrickMan: the boobie/face one?
UMbaseball15: u dont...u love cody
UMbaseball15: i miss u more.... like a lot. U should be MY sl.... :[

love ya lots babe..
UMbaseball15: <3
UMbaseball15: miss you dearly :(
HandzUp187z: Watcha doin right now
HandzUp187z: i thought id say it anyway since im suck a funny guy....holla atcha boi
HandzUp187z: id hit that ALOTTA times
FunlovinBren: nice to meet u Im good
themachine: come over my place and i will try and make it better smile
themachine: nothing really that new here lol thats good so you have a 3 day weekend smile
bikersk8rkid: Aw thank you baby.
themachine: whats new bby
UMbaseball15: pshshshshs ohhh please
UMbaseball15: well text message my ass mroe often then wink <333333333
themachine: where have you been hiding at bby
UMbaseball15: do me kgo wink
UMbaseball15: well youre the one who signs off msn while we are talking....:(
AngelinCrimson: haha. one does what one can
UMbaseball15: nope youre wrong...cuz YOU are MINE
Johnbabe911: i'm doing good how u doing beautiful
Johnbabe911: thank you sweetie :P
Johnbabe911: thx for being hot
menace2006: very nice pic absolutely gorgouse
BetterMan1: hot piece of ass you say? =P rawr babe ttyl
UMbaseball15: youur special pic for me did the trick heartthrob

add my new email jordanjones27@hotmail.c
om. and send me a msgh.... im on that alot now
UMbaseball15: you know exactly how to turn me much love sweetie <3
UMbaseball15: youre the best..... heartthrob
UMbaseball15: the word is... we should be lovers. lol. and i never talk to her anymore.. and i talk to you. HOW COME you are never online :(
UMbaseball15: all you would have to do is say the word and you could be my sl.
UMbaseball15: im sooo baddd...and you love it.
TaylorsInnocent: Why be jealous ur gorgeous
UMbaseball15: lets have sexxxxxxxxxxx!!
Stnr: welcome cutie
XxForumRidrxX: lol uhm actually its a piercing needle going through my lip not a toothpick.
themachine: soo what you doing tonight and this weekend baby
themachine: 2 me you are a real angel smile
themachine: awww no wings on this angel :(
themachine: niceeeeeeeeee be me sexy angel and fly over here babe lol
Just18me: Pretty good. Just missin' your beautiful self like crazy!!!
Just18me: flowers
UMbaseball15: heyy sexxy heartthrob
searchforitall: hey congrats on making the dance team and i hope you're doing good at school... your comment surprised me cause we haven't talked in a bit :P but i'm sorry about your bf doing something or not doing something that you dumped him for i dunno but yeah co
UMbaseball15: ohh damnn babe im real scurrrred! haha, im glad you came back to me, when u getting online or on msn again? hit me up sometime. love.

themachine: awww what did you do hun lol

u can be my naughty girl anytime lol
themachine: aww i missed you hun... i been good alil lonely though... soo how is school going
UMbaseball15: miss u like crazzy
UMbaseball15: aw i miss u too baby... whereve u been lately?
searchforitall: 2 weeks later we broke up :P haha so what's new in your life hun?
themachine: ok hun nighty night
themachine: anytime babe so where have you been you havent been online in along time lol
themachine: nope its not new lol hope you leg gets better soon though those are some sexy legs to be hurting lol
themachine: im tired drunk horny after all that nothing really new lol
themachine: awww why does ur legs hurt babe need me to kiss them all better
searchforitall: Well 1... to party... 2 to learn about chemical engineering.... grinlol my college is a drinking school with an engineering problem..... but it's actually one of the best schools in the nation it's great
STINKY1904AWN: Your a cutie.
themachine: aww thanks hun smile nothing new here just been really tired lately lol what about you my fav sexy lady of wyht
UMbaseball15: thats extremely hot! today huh??? well congrats... lets celebrate?
xspeedrcrx: want an upgrade?
UMbaseball15: about gorgeous heartthrob
chevelle100: oh yeah pacsun?
searchforitall: Uh not a lot just at college i met a girl grinlol and it's super!
Just18me: I'm not too bad. How bout your beautiful self?
chevelle100: Im good and you? whats your msn?
Woonchie: if you wish
Woonchie: i miss you too! haven't had much of a target for my thongs lately:P
searchforitall: haha it's cool so yeah what's up?
themachine: yeah its not that fun alone but i had nothing else too do tonight lol
themachine: lol yeah if i was with a chick and not alone lol
themachine: im getting drunk and abit horny at the moment
themachine: welcome qt so what you up to tonight
themachine: aww sotty to hear that hun im here for you though smile
dtackle731: no problem u r vary cute
themachine: i am doing fine i guess... aww whats wrong
themachine: how are you doing qt
Maxxy: qt girl smile
RyanMoore: hiya yes'd ya (new account)
firewalker186: TOTALLY HOT!! WOW!!!
Brokenbokken: good, how are you?
kbriz32: ur welcome, thank u 2!!
niceguy4u2005uk: aww are sooo cute
themachine: voted for you sexy thing
searchforitall: dude everyone loves talking about random stuff i say random shit all the time like tonight we were laying on the grass and i was like damn... this is some nice grass just out of no where but yeah message me on msn:
TRUkid626: yw.. You're very cute, and seem like a sweet person from what you included in your profile.. :hugs:
themachine: thanks hun you are a sweetheart 2 smile
searchforitall: haha so do you normally go into an arcade with a camera?
searchforitall: haha aww it's okay if you're jail bait smile i was one too when i was young ... not really
anotherday: ah but it would be very scary :p
anotherday: lol, id drive myself insane if there was! and anyone else for that matter!
searchforitall: haha yeah bu don't worry dorks are hot .... but apparently illegal by 3 years
XSLAYERX360: Your Welcome smile
Nessaja: heartthrobH0theartthrob
searchforitall: aww anytime hun smile
themachine: mine isnt either but to my eyes yours looks perfact lol
themachine: looks perfact too me
themachine: anytime beautiful
Moore1966: thanks for the comments back; yes'd ya
themachine: i have alot of pets i guess thats from working in a pet store lol
themachine: thanks for the pic comments cutie
beerthirdy: yeah!!!!! cute but too young.....sorry
beerthirdy: you voted no........:(
beerthirdy: :(
andywascool: no probs =]
andywascool: aww thats cute smile
andywascool: not heaps happening here, hows about you?
gibilini: haha, this is true, now it says ask for your msn if you want it... um, do you think i could get it? smile
gibilini: yeah, me too, played golf and i bowled in a league tonigt, yeah, i know, im good at the faggety sports, and im good at the non faggety sports too wink ahaha
hope to chat with you soon, take it easy <3
gibilini: im pretty good, how are you cutie?
PAguy: wanna chat sumtime?
PAguy: hey whats up?
Megalicious69: i saw your comment about my belly button piercing. i love that's so cute (got it at hot topic...they have cool rings there like that one and a fairy) i got my piercing done for free cuz i knew the guy who owned the shop but anywho on to what i
Megalicious69: np. you seem very sweet yourself and your friend (can't remember his name but he's woonchie on here) seems pretty cool too. highfive for my fellow wisconsinities
Megalicious69: no problem. i love leaving random nice comments on peoples' profiles just to brighten their day.
Megalicious69: you're pretty smile
hotchik69: Your pretty.
[ Not being lesbo or anything ]
&& you seem like a cool person.
Just18me: You're so very welcome!!!
Just18me: Thank you but you're the one that's SO beautiful!!!
Acer512: well, im glad you think so grinlol
im not too good, but i try
Acer512: me? just practicing guitar. and you my attractive friend?
Acer512: hello pretty lady grinlol
nickuk: haha yeah same here really
nickuk: hey thats ok, im not up to much, how about you?
holisterboy311: hey whats up beautiful! i left you some comments on your pics hope you like them
nickuk: heyy hun, you're totaly gorgeous!! definatly a yes
Woonchie: what! no hot, sexy private pics! thats no fun:P lol
pauly34: thanks for the yes sexy
Woonchie: :O who's ur sexy lover:O
Woonchie: eh, i'm not doin to bout urself? and dont worry bout the foot thing, didnt hurt or nething:P
SexyBlondie254: hmmm u should pm me with ur msn name so we can chat cuz im like seriously boredgrinlol
SexyBlondie254: awww ur welcome sweets i have plenty of bbs so ill own uwink
kandyismyweakness: your welcome i will bid more for you
impurewangsta: no thank you
kandyismyweakness: hey you beautiful
WarriorSean88: wow amazlingly beautiful! smile
murdrctydevl: thanks for the add back , well yes back actually, heh
RoleModel813:'re body is pretty amazing
Petevg: you're a total to me Pete
LilDawg: no doubt girl ur def a cutie and deserve it, thanks for the comment sweetherat
LilDawg: very cute definitely a yes!
Brokenbokken: If it would make you smile O:-) lol
Brokenbokken: we can watching family guy and futurama and spoon smile lol
Brokenbokken: what if i gave you a big hug and lifted you in the air and spun you around and then we would go hang out smile lol
Brokenbokken: aw im doing fine
anyway i can bring out your cute lil smile?
and maybe make youre day a lil happier smile
Brokenbokken: so how are you doing sunshine?
Brokenbokken: well ill let you play with it if youre good smile
Brokenbokken: you're really cute
PAguy: hey wanna chat sumtime? hit me up if u do wink
omfgitlaurasohood: he he thanks...ur too cute :]
SmileEmptySoulx3: msg me for the add
NdwnVup: damn!! your gorgious gurl!! hit me back sexy!!
TheTexasKid: Hey! You look beautiful, and you seem cool too, Hopefully i can talk to you sometimesmile. I gave you a yes
RyanB: You're sooo damn hawt! wow! SEXY! drool wink
LtsBang2gether: thnx i blame the gym!
abirthdayrobot: you should cut my hair and design clothes for me, so that i can say that i get my hair cut by and have my clothes designed by the cutest girl of all time. that's what you should do.
gibilini: thanks a lot hun smile
Steven heartthrob
gibilini: hey, just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous
Abercrombiezombie: likewise
mark17: thanx for the yes sexy! hit me up sometime
blarenation: my day was alright.. how about urs? :]
sydneyguy1982: Aww that is so sweet of you to say :hugs: heartthrob
bigwillie1819: Well you get a no because you gave me one. I dont appericate it
mrhumpy: thnx for the yes cutie smile
youngripped: ok watever i fucken wit ya but guess u dont want to fuck wit me
youngripped: ye but wats wrond wit my face huh
youngripped: no reason y not huh well look again i have more pics chick
youngripped: no reason y not huh well look again i have more pics chick
fearless734: anytime cutie
sydneyguy1982: You are so very welcome very beautiful Erika flowers
nickuk: heyy hun, your totaly gorgeous!! definatly a yes
wildroz85: were is Kewaskum i am from wisconsin... but i never heard of that b4, small town?
sydneyguy1982: You may be only 15 but already you are one very beautiful young lady so you just received a YES from me smile
chilipepperman: very sexy smile
reconbyforce: hey cutie hit me back sometime
hotdude904: nothin i was checkin see who was new on here and u popped ur from wisconsin thats cool...ur a cheese head are
elizaletters: you're cute
blarenation: u are a real cutie, have anymore pics
hotdude904: hey cutie whats up
alucardunit1: damn cute
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