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Name Not Given
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Not Given
About Me
Hi I'm Erika! I have many nicknames including Foxi, Barbie, Rika, and Martie! And of course, my favorite Bambi, from my SL JJones =] I'm a girly girl who LOVES to party!!! I'm wild, crazy, and fun!! I love to laugh and just have a good time! Beer pong = <3 haha.

I'm a hugge flirt. grinlol

I'm a nice girl, and easy to talk to, so hit me up wink

I'm a tall girl, gotta love them long legs lol wink

I HATE drama!

I'm random. I'll do almost anything to have a good time- even if it's stupid lol.

I love music! I like many genres of music. My favorite rapper is Lil Wayne, but I also love bands like Story Of The Year and Silverstein. I love T.I. and Soulja Boy too!! People tell me the song Just Dance by Lady Gaga reminds them of me, because I love that song but I also love to dance and I'm always dancing! wink

Dancing is one of my favorite things ever.
I'm a very flexible person wink haha- I can do the back bend =D

I also love animals!!! I used to have a kiddy, who was my baby, but my parents got rid of her, and I'm very sad about it. =[

I believe honesty is VERY important and I absouletly HATE liars.

I love funny people. If you can make me laugh I probably already love you.

I love watching movies and cuddling haha.

I'm very sarcastic.

I absolutely LOVE the beach!!! I'm planning on living on one someday, hopefully!

I LOVE clothes. I love shopping and getting new clothes to wear. I love boots boots boots and SHOES lol! I want to go to college to become a fashion designer. If I'm not a fashion designer I'd think about being a vet or something similar to both of those.

I love big trucks. They're so sexyy!! Especially black ones wink

I have trust issues with boyss.
I don't understand why they do the stupid things they sometimes do.
I swear they don't have emotions.
Also I don't like slutty girls with no morals.

And that pretty much sums me up! =]
Wanna know anything else just message me!

<3 Barbie
My Apps
Dancing! <33
Turn Ons
*Abs are the biggest turn on ever!
*A guy who can be a little cocky can be a turn on.
*Dark hair
*Good smile and deff eyes!
*In shape
*Some guys in jerseys
*A guy who knows how to have fun
*A tough guy who shows his sweet side only to the girl he likes
*Guys with BIG trucks!!
*Big truck guys/SKATERS/DIRTBIKERS/snowboarders/bmxers
*Boys who can play the electric guitar
Turn Offs
*Bad breath
*Boys who don't care about your feelings
*Really outta shape boys
*Big beards
*Man whores
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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