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Name Greg
Age 24
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State California
City Elk Grove
About Me
If you want my BB's msg me
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princessmonica9: Hey you.
BrittLovesYou2: Thanks for the yes... you receieved one also heartthrob
TigerxLily: ok I added yousmile xo
TigerxLily: awe your welcome. I'm good thanks, how're you? xo
TigerxLily: how're yea hunn? xo
simplykrys: haha thats funny i dont start school til tuesday
simplykrys: nothin whats up with you
simplykrys: heyy
SexymiaMia: Wow, you really are more mature than anyone I've met that's your age.
Gotsta be awesome being unique. lol
arica234: thanks 4 adding me you seem like a really awsome person to hang with
L0VExM3: hiya , no problemo ;] how`sz it goin?
shymija3O3: You're welcome and thanks back.
xkizzezxashx16: thanks for the yes.. your a cutie
ShatterMeBaby: anytime... cutie.
SexcSoccerChiick101: Hey, I know you don't like comments and you would prefer messages but I decided that I wanted to leave a comment....
haha. anyways..
I read your whole profile just like you asked.
Good things to know about you =]
you seem really freakin awesome.
princessmonica9: Greg,
You puzzle me.
You seem alot older than your actual age.
It makes me happy.
You seem like a fantastic person.
I'm glad you found me on here.
Finally some one who is actually worth my time to talk to.
Unlike every other ass hole that is tryin
XxLuckyGirlxX: heyy i really liked your profile. very sweet <3 loved the comment too, thanx babe! <3
preciousLOVER: no prob, what's up?
preciousLOVER: deffinetly, hottie.
AgaiNiGoUNnoTTiceD: its funny that you're from elk grove. my ex boyfriend mike lives there. haha, and all i did was glace and you and hit no. but really you are cute
xoxvampbloodxox: Thank you for the Yes. You seem like an Awesome guy!

illslityourthroat: Alright I went ahead and added you to msn...Talk to you later.
HesMine: hey QT whats up???
i think ur really cute and i did add you(if you didn't figure that out)
jodibabe: I think you are a really sexy guy and you have a lot in common with me i love alias and CSI and Rock on babe grinlol
irishrebel07: your welcome...your very cute btw! smile
EvilLoserFreakAlex: Wow... lol.. I was going to leave a "You're a cutie. Definite yes." comment... but after reading your profile I could say so much more. I loved reading it.. and you didn't sugar coat anything.. and wow.. I'm in awe lol.. Sorry I don't have a salute
Onlydarkness: No prob hun...I think everyone deserves a yes on here...unless they are rude to me smile
zoom31: hey, ur welcome
illslityourthroat: Your welcome....thanks for the yes back.....You have yahoo or msn?? jw well talk to you later..TooDleZ
pnkerockgrl: well thanks for the yes too smile if you want you can comment my pictures if you want smile talk to you ya soon
abbany: lolol, thats awesome! smile wink
Zjovana: Hey, you're very cute and you sound like an awesome guy!!
YeahhuRCoolxO: Oh no problem and thanx for the yes alsosmile
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: Hey your very welcome.
& I will. [:
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: ♥ Thanks for the yes.
You have mine also. ♥
Thrublueyes: absolutley no problem for the yes =P
SocialxThreatx: your welcome :] we can talk on aim sometime if u would like to
SunkissedHoosierBebe: No problem. Thanks for the yes! You're a cutie also!♥
Hit me up sometime on aim*
getbent: Your welcome sweety.
whats up?
smileygurl1090: hey, no problem... thanks for the yes too smile you seem pretty cool and i'll attempt to leave comments... i'm not so creative at making them :P
Manderz: Thanks For The Add And The Yes And Your Welcome For The Yes! smile
NavyGurl: no're a cutie grinlol
meandu4ever: no problem.
sure id ud like smile
xoAllyxo: Lol.
No Problem!
virtualxtacy: no problem, thank you too :P
DyingForYourKiss: Thanks for all the picture comments dear=]
DyingForYourKiss: Hey hun. You're welcome...& thank you too for the yes.<3
blackandpink: why wouldn't i give u a yes, ur so cute!
simplykrys: yeahh i can be a pretty good gangstar
xbrokenguitar: <3 anytime
xXLottyXx: heya... yeah thankyou too =] xx*
lipsofnangel: ah no problem for the yes .. lol so what's up ?
angelofmynightmare27: You are very welcome! <3
kinkyjersey: lol i noticed you said that you only talk to saluted users??? :( lol i really dont know what that is? but i dont think i am cuz i know nothin about it. my friends just put my pic on now i g2live wit it anyways ttyl cutiewink
aeylats: your welcomme!=]
JenniSays: hah that's fine.
i was just confused.
JenniSays: i'm sweaty?
uh.... i think you had sweet the first time.
lipsofnangel: hey thanx for the yes biggrin
JenniSays: for sure, you definitley deserved it =D
skittlekisses28: yw dear<3
gymnast124: thanks for the yes
twistedwhispers910: your welcome
x3bRiix3: any time cutie<33
Linds: Hehe, no problem, I should be thanking you for the yes <3
motoxbarbie: mmmhmm you're very welcome <3
RachiegirlXO: your welcome
pinksoftballgrly: no problemgrinlol
pinksoftballgrly: thanks for the yes<3
vanidadpoetica: No problem<3 And Thank you!!!
iwontletubrakemedown: ur very welcome
rocks2metallica: youre welcome
xglamorous: very welcome :] cutie
alishaxO: sexxyyy
anddmorgansays: hey cutie
Judbizzle: thanks for the yes too sexy
Littlemissvee: thank YOU for the yes
perfectlilangelgurl: hahasmile not a problem darling
&& thank you
shexysweetie: ur welcome
wrestlingchicx: You are welcome
blueeyedcutie18: thanks for the yes! You're cute!
playboyfreak456: anytime =]
ImportChick07: You're welcome smile
axpimpxchick22: pretty hott <3
gangstar922: k i added you on both =)
gangstar922: no problem.. whats up?
kalaXstatic: ha no problem :]
surferchickwelle: lol no problem.
she's gorgeous.
cute couple.
best wishes.
screammealullaby: yes i have msn. it is ... i will add you
GiggleFace: your welcome
sexysweetpea11: anytime..thanks for the yes as well!
sexililblonde: no problem and thank you too
surferchickwelle: no problem.
I'm not on AIM much.
My computer kinda freaks out whenever I go on.
Your girlfriend is a lucky girl.
winterangel: Anytime. I also thank you in return for the yessmile
DancerDiane07: not a problem hun.
screammealullaby: youre welcome. and thank you.. how are you?
xsecondxheartbeatx: That's fine.
I appreciate some honesty every now and then.
wrestlingchicx: ty 4 the yes
SexySupahStar: no problem smile
TrUeBeAuTy16: you are welcome and thank you for the yes also
tragicxdisaster: Not a problem
Thank you too
chelseaisprettyidk: awww np you too =)
xlovelyduckx: [bgcolor=#66FF33][color
=#111111]Lol well, when you get really bored, you tend to list and ramble on about things you like.. I just so happened to do that with my music. I'm kinda disappointed though, not all the music artist/bands I like are up there
shaeluvsuu: you`re welcome! thanks for the yes too!!
xlovelyduckx: No problem doll, thank you for the yes as well [=
FatallyYours77: hehe lol ok... so wats up
syracuselove1989: no problem and thank-you
XxTheKillxX: haha sure ok i'll add you
XxTheKillxX: no, no, no it not anoying i just wondered y you sent it twice lol its ok so whats up?
stupidkunt: you're welcome, gorgeous <3
XxTheKillxX: oh ya np you deserve it whats up?
x1xLiLsHaWtiEx8x: Thankz f0r da yes als0!
penguinsatemyhw22: thanks for the add smile
axhotpinkkiss: lol.thanks doll =]
JustASexyBoy: One of my Friends from School..dont worry about it..just something random id thought id say :P lol
greenhazelbaby: ur very welcome an thank u for the yes cutie <3
xkirstyx: Hey thanks 4 the add,, i added u to msn!! x
JustASexyBoy: ..You look like someone i know!!! But you still seem like a pertty cool guy. grinlol
SecretCrush008: aw thank you hun
SecretCrush008: nooooo lol well dern...what was the last thing you saw?
SecretCrush008: haha yeah i read it...bc i wish people would read mine and they dont lol...but thanks for the bday wish =]
uumm i have leadership camp on my bday and the day after for marching band..but this cousin and two of my best girl friends are going t
SecretCrush008: no problem...i read your profile..and i know i dont have a salute but my cousin sarah will tell you im real lol... ( dimplesx3 )
youresocliche: ok, thanks, and no problem
Jeanette: welcome :]
and thanks grinlol
LuLu016: your welcome.
Agirlnamedchelsxxoo: thank you.
but i only want you to leaaaave me comments if you feel compelled to smile
Agirlnamedchelsxxoo: i believe you left me three.
nycchickatheart4life: your welcome
brownxeyedxgurl: hey. thank you
aaaaaaabbbadc: thanks smile
youandme22: Thank you.
Aim = p0rtuquesedyme
zroomgiveittome: I yes'd you againsmile
LAUGHiNGxATxYOU: yes, love. what if i said no. would you be mad hehe =]
abbany: i added you to msn, thanks for the comment! smile
LAUGHiNGxATxYOU: whatchu mean?

greeeeeeeeeeg all these boys want me its weird. =] lol YAHOO, get on yahoo.
LAUGHiNGxATxYOU: Sweetie you`re so weird.<3
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