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Name Infamous Jayburd
Age 26
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Arkansas
City Lost
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onlyme1990: hi there.. how are you doin..? hmm.. you got yahoo messenger so we can chat..? if you want you can hit me up at
so we can know each other..
tiredoftearz08: who's that ugly ass girl you got pics of in your profile?
DarbyCrash: holy hell your fucking hot !!!
UnwantedChild: wow, you are damn good lookin.. thanks for the yes ^_^
degeboilunor: hi how are u doing? wanna chat? lol.. cause its boring here at my crib, i have nothing to do.. can we chat? btw here is my addy,
. hope to see u
tiredoftearz08: baby i'm on yahoo (:
tiredoftearz08: baby i miss you. i need you.
tiredoftearz08: you are the best, most amazing, most wonderful boyfriend aka future husband in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tiredoftearz08: you are the best, most amazing, most wonderful boyfriend aka future husband in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tiredoftearz08: i love you baby
tiredoftearz08: baby get an yahoo :(
tiredoftearz08: i keep keep keep missing you. i really wish your phone was working baby. i need to hear your voice. i just wanted to tell you happy sweetest day and i wish i could spend it with you. i love you so much baby.
GangstaxBabii: lol.. yea its been like tht for a while. dk whats wrong with it. =/
tiredoftearz08: [bgcolor=#00FF00]i keep keep keep missing you. i really wish your phone was working baby. i need to hear your voice. i just wanted to tell you happy sweetest day and i wish i could spend it with you. i love you so much baby. [
tiredoftearz08: I LOVE YOU MORE BABY!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!
tiredoftearz08: I LOVE YOU MORE BABY!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!
tiredoftearz08: baby!!! (:
pwet: hey! whats up?
nice pic..
if u have time to chat, just hit me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
tiredoftearz08: babyy i miss you &&i love youu
HaychBomb: the broodwich is my favorite! haha! *muah*
pwet: hey! whats up?
nice pic..
if u have time to chat, just hit me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
LyLMissy89: Very welcome grinlol
LyLMissy89: smile ..I like your tats too, btw.
LyLMissy89: wave Thanks for the yes qt :]
btownprincess69: Thank you =)
tiredoftearz08: heyyyyyy your online!!!!!!!!!
just1calorieevil: sweetheart i miss and love you so much!
just1calorieevil: i love, love, love, love you!!!!! muah
lilmamma: Wow.... haha.. don't really know what to say except for that u r gorgeous smile
just1calorieevil: your amazing, im so in love with you <3
hc336004: Everyone loves you boo haha
just1calorieevil: hi <3
sweetxokisses: hey stranger. how have you been?
hc336004: To my Sexy Lover

Youre great

I heart you
just1calorieevil: hah im not crazy
hc336004: whoa crazy^^ chill
just1calorieevil: leave my man alone hc336004!!
hc336004: lol I want that massage with served with some aloe (im a little burnt right now) and i would like a side order of sex haha :-p

we need to plan to talk haha ... thats sad
tiredoftearz08: thought i'd say hey and see how you are..
hc336004: rawr Missing you!

lol For real I miss you ever time .:(
just1calorieevil: im sooooooooooooooooo glad your home!! MUAH i love you sweetie smile
FenderChick: ur awesome to!

and very cute <3
just1calorieevil: love you jay <3
just1calorieevil: i miss you, please get better
just1calorieevil: muah
xoxAmanda2789xox: thanks for the yes sexy you deff got a yes from me :]]
BtxMegARoo: Thank you for the yes!
You're a cutie!
AbbydeDabby13: thanks for the yes!!!
SmoochieBoochie: hey thanks for the add....your cute sir
Mic66588: Thanks babes for the comment. grinlol
sexyalexis: sexxah
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: Little girl? How dare you! *smack*
emoliciouslyME: hey thanks for the seem hella cool!
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: Do not argue with me boy. You are wrong. mad
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: I am not. redface
imaxloserxsoxlovexme: wave You are cute.
CaitlinLee: thanks for the yes.
how are you doing?
hititorquitit: thanks!!!!! smile
babycakes23: haha thanx
babycakes23: haha thanx for the comment on my photo
artislove: thanks for the add =)
blondeygurl03: Oh anytime!! smile
blondeygurl03: Thanks for the yes!
ghettoxfab: Thank you for the picture comment! [:
truesexymami: sexy smile
Urrealcountrygirl: THANK YOU! SEXI
Swtstff08: hi.
Mic66588: Heyyoo! Thanks for the comments... You are seriously the most interesting person to look at in photos... You're amazing. Love the pictures!!! grinlol
legallyblonde502: i yes'd you cutie :]
XxBootyLyssaxX: awwwwwww i miss you too
just1calorieevil: WTF HAPPENED TO YOU. we used to be so close baby
XxBootyLyssaxX: how r u boo
XxBootyLyssaxX: whts up hun
sweetxokisses: i love how its like your a stranger now. i guess things change
veggievixen42: thanks i like 'em
mmMmLoviN: I know what you are, but what am I. thankyouu. <33
just1calorieevil: where the hell have you been!!!! ive missed you so much
GurlieGurl: very cute ;-)
babygirl6907: ur hot as hell
cream84: wow you actually said yes to me ??? Im amazed, your so beautiful I thought for sure I was dreaming lol
tiredoftearz08: muah!! ♥
gagirl84: very cute<3
frylockgoddess: I think I see you while I'm at work, I think you pass through sometimes going to the mall. Cause you look familar.
taintedbeauty88: Hey;
I just added you onto msn.
tiredoftearz08: YESSIRRR!!! I MOST DEF. AM WANTING TO BE YOUR SEXY LOVER!!!!!! smile PLEASE? *puppydog face* hehe
Magz69: <3
Magz69: Thnx for the pic comments babe.
<3 xox
krista578: amazing thanks for asking so should add me to msn
tiredoftearz08: thanks for the comment babe
krista578: how are you ?
krista578: helllo
sweetxokisses: where have you been?
MySticalEyes55: U are one of the hottest guys on here and u seem really coo and fun to talk to, hit me up sometime.MWAHz

LoveSicTears: very sexii!! <3
sweetxokisses: where have you been? i miss you so much
sweetxokisses: i dont have your number anymore. i lost it
mikeysgirl89: very hot you got my yes!!!
sweetxokisses: its officail. i miss you hun =(
tragicxdisaster: Long time no talk mister!
just1calorieevil: i miss you :(
sweetxokisses: are you still alive. cause you havent been answering your phone. i hope things are ok. i just wanted to let you know i miss you!
sweetxokisses: i love the conversations we have
and when you tell me you love me. you make me feel special
i love you <3
youwantthis2006: IM IN LOVE WITH YOU
kAyLuHh: hiii

sweetxokisses: hey lover. how are you doing? i miss you. i hope all is well. i took some new pictures for you. to bad i dont have your phone number.
sweetxokisses: oh any way you would like sweetie
Biteme19: thanks for the yes cutie
SweetxKoupsie: Heeeyyyy!
hahaha.. you have to be 7-10 uears older then me for me to like you .. LOL! NOT TRUE ... haah .. you such a cutie!!!
tiredoftearz08: Hey are you? jus checkin on my babii

I LOVE YOU! heartthrob
sweetxokisses: awe is my baby ok? if not ill come play doctor and make you ALL better smile
and i dont think so. i miss you more hun. so prove it
sweetxokisses: heyy sweetie. how are you doing?
i missss you
aloneintheworld840: y thank you hehehe, i added you on MSN!
aloneintheworld840: dang..! ur really really really fine!! hehe <3
ghengis: fag
aheartinabox: hot as hell, and i lovee your style
just1calorieevil: your so mine <3 haha
sweetxokisses: heyy babe. i just took two new pictures. one in the naughty section and one in the regular section. let me know what you think love.
and i think you should be MY sexy lover smile
sweetxokisses: oh hunnie trust me. i could handle it.
now you on the other hand. wouldnt know what to do with yourself. but i would help you out
and the kids would be the SHIT. so lets get started
well i should send you some pictures on your phone? well it would help
sweetxokisses: you wouldnt know how to handle it wink
but it would be a good time
and the kids would be cute haha
sweetxokisses: lets make babies <3
xbreakdownxgirlx: you're gorgeous darlin! hehe heartthrob
sweetxokisses: how has your sexy ass been doing?
tragicxdisaster: gorgeous boy.

I <3 you.

You made my day today!
mizzkriss05: Where u been at ...damn
tiredoftearz08: I LOVE YOU BABII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333
mizzkriss05: Damn where have u been? havnt talked to ya in like FOREVER
sweetxokisses: of course its you .
and you can have fun with them anytime babe :]
sweetxokisses: oh no doubt . you wouldnt leave unsatisfied
sweetxokisses: oh no doubt . you wouldnt leave unsatisfied
sweetxokisses: shit you should move down here .
i would show you a good time
and in response to that picture comment i would much rather have you in there smile
damn boy . you are to fine
tiredoftearz08: I LOVE YOUheartthrob
sweetxokisses: hey babe. havent talked to you in a while . how are you? i see your still sexy as ever :]
girlxunloved: Hola.
you should sooo make me a sign :]
chandizzle: you breaked up with me lol.
chandizzle: I don't know.. just 'cause.
chandizzle: ew you're mean.
rach1990: nice!!!
mizzkriss05: Juss thought I'd drop by to show my man some love...take care hun wink
Buy1Get1Free: Hey there! I havent talked to you in are you doing!?
Buy1Get1Free: Hey there! I havent talked to you in are you doing!?
sooo guess what, i don't have to work tonight! thank god!
&&&&& i looooove youinlove

ok bye.<33.
wildncrazydanzr: post comments on my privat picx
KayLuhh: [bgcolor=#FF99CC][color
=#111111]ook boo. i just wanted to tell you i love you! and i really want you to try & remember what you were going to tell me..lolz. damnit! why couldn't you of told me when we were on the phone on my lunch break!!?!? grr. you are
Is it wrong to find your friends... incredibly sexy?? lol
kkelly074: you're so nice!
kkelly074: aw thanks!
sokerchik3: problem...ur effin hot!
SxCw0gBiAtCh69: o0o0o0o i found it! hehe *steals the msn addy* hehe =P ill add you now kk.. anyways just commented on some of your hott pictures.. you got more pictures than me!! hehe good work! =P MWAH x x x
SxCw0gBiAtCh69: awww you madd boy! yeah ofcourse we'll have a chat =) you hottie you=P hehe. so you have msn or something?? thanks for the comments babe MWAH!!! x x x
KayLuhh: i love you!
chandizzle: yeh, definitely miss you too :( kk i added you on msn.. luvs ya<3
babygrlnikki09: your shirt is adorableee.
hmmm your cuteeee. =]
message me sometime ?
kayluhh: hey boo.
hondaimportermanda: Somebodys a hottie! && gets mii yes! heartthrob
mizzkriss05: Hey..juss wanted to drop by and show ur page some luv...Take Care..and Keep Doing What U Doing Hun!!!
Much Love
greenhazelbaby: loser <3
Buy1Get1Free: Hey hey, what you been up 2!?
HottieKelly: wow your incrediably sexy...
kayluhh: jay..i LOVE you TONS!
don't you forget that either.

babygurl32: awwww. thanks for the picture comment. wink
Brittany77: lol well thanks babe and your hot as hell wink hope to hear from you soon haha bye
Buy1Get1Free: Hey! What you been up 2??
ShhItsASecret: lol I know this is kinda late, but you're welcome for the yes :]
sexishedevil: hehe you make me giggle thanx for the comments smilesmile
sweetxokisses: haha i think not . . . you are georgous . . .
you should hit me up on aim one day . . .
beckyxolynn . . . i would LOVE to talk to you
tiredoftearz08: ILY!!!! smile
sweetxokisses: i know you hear this all the time but your absolutely georgous . . . thanks for the yes babe smile
Cyinadekissesatnight: No problem thanks for the yes also..
*Emo Hugs And Kisses*
aa2006: he any time xxx i was on here b4 but got booted , xx is that a new pic lookin fukin sexy babe xx
abith: good photography wink
rockrgurl21: wow, thanks, i'm glad that you think so :]
Siaaany91: hey babe uk? omg i duno whther it was u who wantd me to add u on yahoo or what lol
SweetxKoupsie: I saved it!! TAHNK YOU SOO MUCH!
chandizzle: boo! whats up love?
sexyheather4life: anytime
Buy1Get1Free: Oh fun fun!! Are you still going to make me a sign to put on here??
Buy1Get1Free: Im doing pretty good...a little bored. lol Just sittin here watchin tv. What you doing?
Buy1Get1Free: Im doing pretty good...a little bored. lol Just sittin here watchin tv. What you doing?
Buy1Get1Free: Hey there sexy!! How was your day today?
mizzkriss05: what can i a real hottie hun wink
bangtoyguns: hottie :p
mizzkriss05: it'll be up there in a couple!!!! Juss Never really took the time to make one !!! :$
mizzkriss05: ur more than welcome for hta yes hun..i'd definitly be ur sexi too bad u already have a sexii lover huh
Buy1Get1Free: Lol, thank you for singin to me...that was cute!!! Oh your going to make me a sign, YEA! But you are going to have to show me to put it on here cus i dont know how to do that hahahaha.......
luvableblonde1: no problem sexywink
Buy1Get1Free: Im doing great actually cus today is me BIRTHDAY!!! lol so im doing well.....what you been up 2?
babygrlnikki09: gorgeouss. =]
murderotica7: Hahaah thank you. You're pretty cute yourself. =]
DeannaHope: lol aw i really loled hehe get it boyyyyyy.
JenniferNichole: no problem, Thanks for the yes as
Buy1Get1Free: Hey, what you been up 2!?
justscreamitxx: hah. anytime <3
DirtyXxXNeedles: awh your welcome sweety <3
xfuel31x: np smile
sexclilshortie: MWA (",)
chandizzle: I'm good how are you?
lorraine: hey hun whats poppin?? havent talked to you in a couple days just droppen by to see whats up and how youve been ans stuff so yea ttyl hopefully
pr3ttyinpink: thanks for the yes too and you're hot wow
Me4everChrissy: Awww...thank yousmile Your soooo sweetheartthrob
aWifeyMateriala: i wanna lick ur sexy bodddddd
skibunnyangel: hehe i love my toaster studdles biach wink
skibunnyangel: aww! thanks for the pic comment sexxy wink ur sweet
SmAcKdAt: Thanks for the pic comments cutie
SmAcKdAt: Thanks no prob
SarahSyco: very handsome... <3
virginvicki: no prob and ty 4 the yes as well
chandizzle: hey hunni whats up?
bleedinglostwords: <3 ~*Thank YOU for the yes. You are fucking AMAZING*~ <3
allornothing7: No its not :P hehe
allornothing7: Oh you are sooooo the sweetest hottest guy ever <3
bikersk8rkid: Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the friend request.
theydrewblood: No problem =)
& thank you.
chandizzle: awwe im that special eh? lol go for it smile
tooqt2binsane: no thank you for the yes tongue you're gorgeous.
eminemgurl15: np cutieee
x0xAsHl3iGhx0x: that could posibly happen lol.....
x0xAsHl3iGhx0x: anytime.. your fine as hell! lol <3
xKittenx: aweee, thanks babe
x0xAsHl3iGhx0x: oh my god! your fine as hell!!!!!! just lettin you kno! hit me up if ya wanna chat sometime! <3
xToxicxVanityx: your a cuttie <3 thanx for the yes
sweetsweetfantasy: You are so f-ing hot!!!!!
josefina1: haha yah
you're cute
ByondParadise21: lol you are welcome hun...and thank you you are very sexy yourself smile
diver22: haha and ur so much hotter than everyone elsee evurr
ThaBaddestBitch: hey no problem, u deserve it, awesome pics too grinlol
cerealisyummie: lol youre welcome, thank you too
sexychika123: np sexy
Rothica: *winky*wink*
Dorklover101: Talk about sexxi... lol you're hott *wink wink* thank you for the yes too!
girlxunloved: your hawt yourself :]
blondie16: hey wtas goin on?
chandizzle: pretty sure I heart this boy. <33
bytchgyrl: you are fuckin-aye sexc....i wouldn't mind gettin me a lil sumpin sumpin from ya!!!lol...hit me up!
everythingisnotok: awww i think your a hotttiiewink
Krisssta: thanks for the yes to! you're very cute smile
dancerGrl17: thanks for add hun! you're too cute:P
ghettoxfab: Aww, thank you darlin!! [:
ghettoxfab: You damn fine as hell, boy! [:
Monique03: Thanks hun ur hot urself wink
megg10: well thanks! you are absolutly adorable!!
compl3tlextrue07: if you want.. im me compl3tlextrue07 aimwink
compl3tlextrue07: Hey... thank you for the YES tooo.. n ill comment ur pics when my computa stop being stupid ur realy kute by the way:-D
HoneyBaby62: hey no problemgrinlol

your hottt
blueberryyumyumgurli: omg yes, you are fine lol - gurli
nicolex: Mmmh, fine.
tiredoftearz08: lol ILY more grinlol
imXsoXugly: HEYYY RAWWR is my word yo... Lol.. Newhoo you are welcoomme
aLullaby: Aww your welcome <3
You're cute.
xHypnotiic: Thanks for the picture comment =]
bballheat15: ..i'm hot? the hottest guy i've seen in a long time on this site! ever want to come to michigan you let me
NaughtyCobra: grinlol You're very welcome.
dee88: hey sexc :P
aheartinabox: trying (and failing miserably) to curl my hair haha
aheartinabox: hey babe youre totally hot ♥
what are you up to?
mustangcougargal: thanks for the vote cutie!
xbloodyxboo: thank you for the comments hun
lilyo: Lol! You're adorableee!!!
No problem. (:

xkizzezxashx16: yummy.. yourwelcome and thanks for that yes
DavidsPrincess: Your very welcome Jay smile and ur added <333 Jess
sugaplum: anyday babe!!! smile
sugaplum: your very welcome smile
jasmine123: awww well thanks and i would give u a yes any day
wickercreel: a hot vid sounds interesting....surprise
wickercreel: so hottie what do i get for....lets say 5000 bbs
xobellalova4yaxo: hey babe thx for the comment and yeah we should def. talk if you have aim let me know and ill im you or something
xobellalova4yaxo: thx for the yes hun
i yes'd you back
♥ message me back to chat
VirusOfLife: lol no no thank YOU
hollisterBoo: Your welcome!!! and thank you for the yes!!!
hollisterBoo: Your welcome!!! and thank you for the yes!!!
gorgeoussXdisaster: woahh babe thankss! you're like stunningg. =)
knifeparty: Lol, a yes well deserved.
Oxycodonex: Your a sweety and thanks for the yes back hun...your cute wink
cassiebc5: Hottie!
cassiebc5: Hottie!
riotgurl055: yes no problem. you're kinda fire.
Littlemissvee: thanks cutie! you're so cute aww <3
LoveIsSuicidal00: Hey!! No problem. It wasn't a hard decision. You're gorgeous. Thanks for the yes as well. =]
xXxJesi420xXx: hot thanks for the yes
Telecastersoul: Hehe you're quite welcome handsomesmile
FuNeRaLoFhEaRtS: hey! thanxxx 4 the yes^_^
chandizzle: smile
greenhazelbaby: same
Buy1Get1Free: Thank you for the pic comment!! lol So how are you doing today?
greenhazelbaby: whts up
greenhazelbaby: hi :-/
lorraine: damn look at this sexy boi lol... holla at me want some more comments!\
chandizzle: heck yes you can smile
Siaaany91: yeah i think i did and with gd reason wink
tiredoftearz08: lol I LOVE YOU TOO smile
dansbabygirl69: ty for the yes baby boy ur a cutie
tigerlilly0509: thanks for the are quite the cutie yourself too <3
AuburnLover08: thank you for the comments, the add, and the yes!
tarnished332003: Thanx for the yes vote sweetie...stay sexy
blondie16: hey thanks for the yes!! ttyl hottie!!
tarnished332003: Thanx for the yes vote sweetie..stay sexy
tarnished332003: Thanx for the yes vote sweetie..stay sexy
Rebecky: thanx for the yes cutie smile
aWifeyMateriala: no problem babewink
sexualkitten18: hey thanx for the commment..your banging LOL
somethingsexy: Hey thanks for the comments.. i heart comments<3 You're pretty cute.. keep it up;-)
ForgottenAngel5674: you're welcome babe. smile
Wink1989: You are hott!!!
Zjovana: HOT!
AsianCherry: haha thanks hun. no prob at all for the yes. its a GOOD yes wink
Buy1Get1Free: Nothing much just about to lay in the bed and watch some tv and your welcome for the add! lol
falulu209: Well you are very welcome ^_^
chandizzle: you wish you were this cool.. wink
frontrowrugger: INTERNET BOYFRIEND! haha

wow.nerdy smile
chandizzle: Mineee :P
chandizzle: umm this boy is pretty much gorgeous. smile
bangerskater08: awwh...
i wish i could=]
lonestarwaltzin: thanks baby!
brokenAngel47: np. lol. wink
frontrowrugger: ok say that again
SweetxKoupsie: Awwee Yes i have commented myself haha!!! and YAY!!!! i can't waitsmile
Buy1Get1Free: Lol, your welcome! Chat later. Bye
SweetxKoupsie: LOL! very cutesmilesmile... i still think yu should make one for mesmilesmileheartthrob
andyssexygirl1: dude baby your like wooooooo on fire
blueeyedjax: heyy thanks for the comment boyy, ur very welcome u deserve a yes cuz ur sexy, niiice pics!!
brokenAngel47: thanks for the yes.
frontrowrugger: *blush*
thanks darlin smile
how's it goin?
bangerskater08: ;-)
oh i deffinantly would
and thanks=]
Lou69Lou: Hey!! Why wouldn't I say yes?? You are gorgeous!! Hey ya know, Jonesboro isn't that far from here =)
sweetmaryjane420: thanx for the comment cutie thanx for the yes
xstillxfallingx: hey hun, thansk for the comment, you're pretty sexy yourself
AshleyAnnxoxo: Hey Jay Thanks fo rthe yes back! and hun you desreved the yes because you are smoking HOT! wink
underURwindow: thanks for the comment! <3333
SuperWoman1503: Wow, you're gorgeous!
heartsnstarsx3: Oh uhm, you're welcome? =]
sexxthis: thanks hun and np <333 ur hawt
DyingForYourKiss: Awh thanks for the comment cutie=]
chitonu: Someone's happy! grinlol No need to thank me, silly. I think you're very attractive. :">
Shaggzzz: problem!! you deserved itsmile
lorraine: damn your a cutie got my yes but get back at me
bangerskater08: heeey...
no problem...
thank you for the yes...
you're cute...
AND you have a crotch rocket...
uhDuhitsArada: hey np =] and thanx
sweetmija420: You're welcum! Thank you also smile Add4add??
magicalmissy18: dammmn baby
JenniSays: i want your shirt.
Emmybabiee: ahhh hey hey smile no probb bebehhh....
otch1 if u want ittt smile puhheace
unifydrebelution: I work at AE too. =] Thanks for the comment.
VolleyballShell: Yea..Thank you too.
Ifeelnutss: no problem!
sugalovin4u69: your welcome.. your a cutie...
dreameraustere: sexy
tiredoftearz08: lol i love you babii! your so cute...oh and check your yahoo email...i couldnt send it through wyht so i sent it there smile

iloveyou *blows you a kiss*
emilee101: :]
Jennyx3: you're welcome youre gorgeousssssssssss
KristixMarie: your comments were all very sweet .. ThAnK YoU smile
corinnenicole: yer hot
brwneyz: not a prob babe.. its well deserved... <3
xtinkx: Hey! Thanks for the yes! Nice pictures you have -- very cute smile
KraziGirl20: No problem your hot too!
HOTTIEALERT: thanx cutie
ElectricHeart: haha canada maan!
mylynn91: don't take it personally, you are cute, just not my type! thanks for the yes tho!!!
crackker: thanks for the yes cutie
ImSoMe: Wow.. now urrr gorgous.. <3 Thanx for da yess.. xxo Kayla
shad0wx5: i think i should be thankin you for the 10 =]
stonedcarebear: Anytime sexy!
wicked17babe2008: hehe yw u deserved it!
tiredoftearz08: hey sweetie! just sayin heyyy!! lol

<3<3<3<3 smile
TerrifiedxHeart: Yur welcome
danielLexo: yourr very welcomee =) <3
memyselfandi: haha netime =)
ZombiesEATPussy: Oh def. no problem at all darling.

Anytime <333
wicked17babe2008: wow ur gorgeous!
glitternsparkle: wow u really think im cute?? thats cool cuz ur pretty sexy urself!!=] i sent u a friend request on myspace, did u get it??
boobabyxoxo: no prob wat so eva!
fashionexpert514: thanks for the yes....
laceyxo: lol thank you
btw your a hawtie, i love your pictures!
laceyxo: np !
ThisDarkenedHeart: your welcome =)
adozenfuries: you're welcome, thanks for the yes back!! <3
shanniebaby: very cute
beautifullove: aww thanx. ur a cutie!! nice pictures wink
omglaurennn: thank you too. hug
singlehottie52285: Thanks for the comment sexy...looking good...real good..muah xoxox...Hottie
isuckdick: You're welcome! Thank you too wink
pinksoftballgrly: thanks for the yes♥
emodorkkid: hey no problem. thanks for mine too smile
xXOnlyOneXx: your welcome.. thanks for the yes back
lilducky689: you are very cute your self ;-)
eAgLeS4cHeEr: i do to love you so stop
StuckInWideacre: hell yeah
ilovealvin: np and thanks for teh yes
Skittles004: heyy, thanx for the yes! ur so damn sexy!
Shananna: anytime... youre sexy!! lol definately hott
poisonfairie: hey thanks for the yes love. Yes right back to yousmile
twistedwhispers910: hey thank you for the comments on my pic and pro and the yes....
hesmyobsession: no problem, you're adorable<3
tragicxdisaster: No problem at all doll
:] Your cute.
crazywtgrl4eva: o0o yah no problem ur SEXY AS FUK!!!
Giggles4U: haha...oh well that works. My bad!
Giggles4U: Lol aww that's sweet!grinlol Why have you missed me?
Giggles4U: Haha..well hugs are always good. I could have really used one last night, though!
sassyone: Thanks for the yes sweety!!
BoiCrazy4L: nah. you's hott !=p
amazinglybeautiful: aww thanks for the comment!
BoiCrazy4L: yeah np. ur really hott.
GheTToQuEEn: your welcomee smile
ch0ked: Aww your welcome cutie smile
amers08: hey hun. thanks back at ya for the yes wink you look mighty fine yourself
MOREoSWEEToSOUL: no problem! you're so cute...
ShawnaMama: No're a hottie!!! wink
blueyedcutiexc: awww cute
h4l31gh: No problemsmile
iamfisk: thanks for the yes. im a fan of your face as well smile
abbany: of course!! you deserve it!
sexxiishorrtyy: thanks hehe
aShLeYnIcOLex3: tHANX f0R tHE yES uR h0TT. mSG mE s0METIME=)
baileysawesome: thank you. i think you're how and thats why i gave you the yes. :-)
Smizzle: WELCOME
xLBunnyx: Anytime babe. Thanks for the yes FIRST <3.
Amanda1422: Gorgeous!
NotSoInnocent16: no your welcome your gorgeous
jordiejameson: no problem darlin grinlol thank you right back!!
skleinschrodt: Hey you thanx for the pic comment, you're very hot!!
caliHottie1: thanks for the yes babe<3
SweetSprinter07: You are very welcome smile Thank you, also!
rockrgurl21: hey babe:] you're sexy!
littlepimpangel: bullshit. but you're fucking hot like whoa. eek why no sl?
littlepimpangel: whoa hot.
BarbieFreak: You're welcome, you're definitely a cutie/hottie =] Thanks for the yes back =]
x3MaybexMemories: Aw you're welcome :]
emmmyy: of course :]
XxSuicidalAngelxX: no problem.. i think you're hot..
Ni6645: Your welcome smile
RawrItsAshley: Not a problem cutiesmile
bgarner81: thanks for the pic comment sexy!
booboo08: hey, no problem
yourloveisfake: your very welcome! and thank you also cutie =)
axhotpinkkiss: lol no problem babe =]
TrAvEsUdA: thx for YOUR yes smile <3 have a good night hun. *mwah*
Latinask8r25: u for the yes...heehee
amoramor: no problem
thought you deserved the yes
so you got it. =)
ThisGurlRox69: Hey ur welcome for the yes anytime Babe wink
oxwhisperxo: anytime suga
beautysXtragedy: im good. just watching my cousin vinny, and just going on back and forth online. what are you up to this weekend?
beautysXtragedy: your welcome hun =]
what's going on
how're you?
iheartmymarcobish: np... ty2 smile
iheartyou89: hey =]
you're welcome for the yes.
Ximara: don't say thanks,pa..u deserve it!! wink sexy!
imthetrueshorty: no prob!
ana96: yeah GORGEOUS xxx
xNormax: oh no problem...thank you from the yes too!! <3
ana96: fukin gorgeous
eAgLeS4cHeEr: hey baby i miss you too
kissmylips69: oh np at all, whats kicken chicken lol grinlol <3
abbany: no thank you sweety! grinlol
xoBrittanyLynnox: You're welcome. Thank you also. smile
Bleed4you696: no problem love. thank you as well
angelsmile4ever: no prob hun anytime smile
Cureana: welcome grinlol
Sweetie18: aww...thanx for the comment!!
You're welcome sweetheart and thank you for mine.
Leigh: No problem. <3
stainedblueeyes: hun, if i didn't give you a yes i would be a lesbian
Chelseaiscool: Thanks and no prob =)
lysha: No problem hun
CheerBubbles19: definitely gorgeous, message me sometime?
motoxbarbie: awww thanx!
mmmhmmm you're welcome :-)
RugBurn: oh no problem smile
tiredoftearz08: aww your too sweet

your a cutie :P

tiredoftearz08:!! quit lyin :P lol
tiredoftearz08: awww well thank you sweetie

your a real hottie wink smile
SarahW: Very Hotsmile
tiredoftearz08: not a problem at all def. deserved that yes

your fine as hell babe smile
kkelly074: thank you for the yes, you are gorgeous!
cz1190: not a problem =]
Shawty2Serious: yea your hot so no prob!!! thanks for tha yes also!!!
AngelAaliyah: hey wink np! you're hot! thank you for the yes too smile
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: Oh really?
& who says? [;
JYB4LYFE: ::winks, then a big smile::
youmeanme: man i hope i didnt mess what i said up:p
JYB4LYFE: no prob cutie!!
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: LMAO.
I don't have it wrong.
You > Me.

End of Story. smile
Megalicious69: no problem. you're the cute one.
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: Haha.
Well you welcome.
& thanks.
sexysweetpea11: no problem thanks for the yes as well!!
youmeanme: oh hey your welcome and thank you too... grinlol i couldnt of given yah a no you look to good:p and sound interestingsmile i read profiles lol
XxOmgLikeYourFacexX: Hey, thanks for the yes.
Your gorgeous.
& you have mine back.<3
lightningxliz: you deserve a yes
your really cute!!
illslityourthroat: Your welcome hun<3.
bondagebabe666: you are very welcome. thanks for the yes as well.
lipsofnangel: oh get real, lol , you > me
syracuselove1989: y/w hun and thank-you smile
lipsofnangel: hey no problem thank you. your very cute so it was easy lol smile ..
PrincessJasmin: no problem
greenhazelbaby: ONLY TO U <333333
greenhazelbaby: ur the sweetest guys i know smile i heart u <3
behindjoo: yup no problem
Michelle08: Hey can you make me a sign Please i got bbs for one biggrin
SweetxKoupsie: ahaha!!! Thanx!!!:Psmile
SweetxKoupsie: Gorgeous<333
FaIrY: no need to say it twice **jumps in the shower with you**
cutiewifbooty: lol naw baby thats all u
cutiewifbooty: NP SEXXCCII <3
FaIrY: of course! you are deffinitally a hottie<3<3
EclipseChic714: np
brwneydbabe05: hey gOrGeOuS thnx for the yes, droppin by to leave u one too!! <3
VVild0ne: Hey babe .. lookin good wink
Faye69: Thanks for the yes sexy wink
AliNicole: hey no big! yes for a sexy man. smile
lovesucks: good idea<3
danielley: No problem, thank youu smile
LittleDevil69: Thank you!... For the photo comments by the way they were sweet!smile
alyssonlane: kind of bored..but chillin
eAgLeS4cHeEr: ofcourse <3
xOKathleen: oh yw smile
greenhazelbaby: sounds fun
ill make u some signs when i woke up more lol
greenhazelbaby: chilling washing clothes being tired

u doing anything today

im alyssa by the way
lovesucks: :( i wanted to win
LittleDevil69: No Problemsmile and thank you for the yes hehewink
eAgLeS4cHeEr: i dont know what it is about you..but everytime i get a messege from you my heart beats faster and your just an amazing kid <3
vanillaangel: You're welcome! Thanks for mine too! <3 Muah
greenhazelbaby: ur very welcome an thank u <3

soo whts up
lovesucks: nah youre the cutest
alyssonlane: hey, how are you?
lovesucks: lol awww. youre so cute<3
Giggles4U: lol oh my new comment to that is "wow thats some squeaky cleaness right there..haha"
Giggles4U: lol i am soo "blonde" sometimes..but oh well shit happens..right? lol
Giggles4U: lol im stupid..i just accidently commented myself! lol anyways..woah. crazy stuff!
Giggles4U: lol i see..sometimes that happens to me. sometimes my eyes are green...i think i have a few pics of them like that. its soo weird right? haha
Giggles4U: lol why thank you, good looking sir! your eyes are very nice as well grinlol
lovesucks: im good, how are you
lovesucks: hi goodlooking<3
IDIOTEQUE: No problem.
Thank you for the yes as well. smile
Michelle08: your welcome
hey do you have msn or yahoo?
jenniferjean08: anytime!
Dallasfan101: ohh no problem ur a hottie
Dallasfan101: ohh no problem ur a hottie
alabamapinksax: your such a hottie!!!!!! iloveyou
allornothing7: Hey to you too pretty boy :P
Thank you also.
bgarner81: i might just do that.
bgarner81: yup were always in jb.
bgarner81: your most welcome. are u really from jb?
summatimeblonde: hey sexy
sexylady14: sexxy ;0)
babyk16: Hey Thank you for the yes! =)
bgarner81: hey thanks for the yes =]
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