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Name Brittany
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Not Given
About Me
My name is Brittany.
I'm 20.
Things rarely work out how I'd like them to.
I always end up falling for the wrong guy.
I make mistakes daily.
I'm told I'm way too nice.
I don't know where I'd be without my friends.
I have a hard time being mean to people.
I'm a good listener and advice giver.
I hate having people mad at me or knowing they're upset because of me.
I don't always make the right decisions.
I trust people too easily.
I tend to care about others feelings more than my own.
I love making others happy.
I like the safe feeling of holding hands and cuddling.
I'm no where near perfect.
I am me.
My Apps
Turn Ons

A nice smile and nice eyes will always grab my attention.
Intelligence is always a plus.
Honesty. I need to be able to trust you.
Knows when to joke around and when to take things seriously.
Someone I can be myself with and not have to worry about what they think.
Watching a movie and cuddling instead of going out all the time.
I'm really not too picky. Just ask. =]
Turn Offs

There's not a whole lot I don't like. You'll just have to get to know me and we can figure that out along the way.
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Music Anything country.
Quote Not Given
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Willndowed: captivating smile and gorgeous eyes you are a hottie!
Winkeypass5169: whats going on gorgeous
circa123: aww you're too cute!
jrowen82: thanks for the yes
BigOutdoorsMan: I just uploaded some new pix. Check them out and leave a comment. For every pic you comment, I will comment yours. smile
jskrilla: Hi Beautiful smile
theforefather: hit me up on msn..... ericestrada8811@hotmail
theforefather: im doing well... just doing the hole college thing. chat sometime?
theforefather: hey cutie... remember me?
Fooly: ON A TRAIN!!!
monay69: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
PerfectxxxStorm: Thanks for the yes
Jeremy06: so cute!
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!
blakeoman: wow your really sexy whats up?
crazyboy1990: thanks for the add smile
crazyboy1990: youre welcome wink
crazyboy1990: heyy , thanks for giving me a yes back smile
MILFCollector: you are definitely welcome
MILFCollector: Thank you for the yes
Jer33: ok my aim is jeremie33b and my msn is if you want to chat
Jer33: well right now lol i tried adding you on yahoo but it said it was in an invalid name.
Jer33: so...when are we going to chat?
Jer33: so...when are we going to chat?
moochie3004: thanks baby doll! biggrin
acrimony717: Hey thanks for the add, how are ya tonight sexy?
BLoNdeXXSkater: aim yahoo? let me know kk? :]
BLoNdeXXSkater: watching a movie and nothin much really, seen it a million times lol do you have aim or anything like that? its so much easier to talk on messengers lol
BLoNdeXXSkater: hi whats up?
ukat95: whatcha doing?
JoeNycStyle: can i wake up next to you some morning?? lol
armykozak: thank you for the yes
kingkronik420: got a job interview for AG
if i get the job ill be makin a grand a week lol
so i got my fingers crossed
kingkronik420: ahh you say that like its a bad thing
rain is awesome

lifes pretty boring lately, just waitin for wednesday to roll around
kingkronik420: ahh you say that like its a bad thing
rain is awesome

lifes pretty boring lately, just waitin for wednesday to roll around
kingkronik420: hows life treatin you?
bigDforYouGirl: thanks for the yes
kingkronik420: lol thats a hell of alot better than a no
i lost the ball to one of my lip studs
this is annoying
kingkronik420: "2. I think you're attractive.
It's not necessarily because I would "hit" you"

so, gorgeous, which is it
would ya "hit" me lol?

shin00bi76: thanks for the yes cutie :p
TheDevilsDemon: you got my yes
XXJustinWoodXX: Hope all has been well with you sweetie smile
DallasPimp: WOW!! Sorry to be rude! But Your Gorgeous!! smile
BLoNdeXXSkater: hi smile
Ramiel76: i've been sleeping most of mine away heh
ironside: hey sexy bum hows you? hows your weekend been? mine ok just spent today painting my fence and sorting out garden stuff really lol making my house all pretty lol hehe
Ramiel76: as good as can be expected heh, how about yourself??
Ramiel76: hey thanks for the yes smile
ironside: come snuggle up sexy bum,,, ive been painting my garden fence most of this afternoon and chatting to my neighbours lol,, there a right laugh,, im just shatterd now though hehe
ironside: lol basically slept most of saturday and sunday i had to do some decorating,,, felt like crap all i wanted to do is go back to bed,,, come here sexy and snuggle
ironside: im shatterd trying to catch up on sleep as me and my freinds did a games ans movies night on friday and i got fuck all sleep lol so trying to catch up on it lol
P3T3: very pretty
ironside: hell yeah always gotta have a safe room to hide in,,, god i hate getting up early,, went to bed about 1 am and got up at 6 am,,, sucks, come snuggle
ironside: i want possiably 2 or 3 kids in the future but god i dunno what id do if they turn out to be horrors id prob make a secret room in my house for me to hide away in lol
ironside: lol so couldnt handle that,,, i want kids at some point but i couldnt handle looking after loads,,, id be pulling my hair out or leaving them somewhere and running away lol
thebest3077: yo, its your cousin fightin for our country, tell him his country loves him for me, power to our soldiers!
ironside: lol i couldnt handle that,, all those kids and having to make sure they dont hurt themselfs etc,,, id be pulling my hair out lol
ironside: awwwww poor lil girlie,, mine was just boring and eh as usual,,,gotta have a shower and go out in a few hours to the pub etc to see my freinds
ironside: come here and wiggle that lil bum you sexy munchkin lol... how you been today so far babe?
ironside: god im tired,,, just woke up its 7.49 am,, i feel and look like shit lol
thebest3077: thanx for the yes, ur a hotty
ironside: awwww well glad your having fun lil girl thats what its all about,,,lil cutie
ironside: nice ,,, yeah i went to my local college so just went there which was so much fun,,, dunno how i passed seeing as the last year i was almost drunk everyday i used to do such retarded things lol
ironside: awwww glad you been having fun,,, yay school lol sooo much fun,, god i hated school,, i loved my college years,,those were best years of my life,,, now i just feel old,,,it was so many years ago,,*crys* lol
ironside: not much just working and going out and decorating my house,, i smell like white spirit as i had to get paint of me,, fun fun,,also been going to pub to see freinds etc and catch up,,, what about you babe?
ironside: im fine sexy legs ,, yeah i aint spoke to you in ages,,,i just got back from doing some shopping etc,, im knackerd,, come snuggle lol
Isaac829: yu have a good weekend too, sweetness
Isaac829: ty for the add.
zeppelin420: preciate the yes back. whats going on over there, anything good?
stevehallny: your welcome. nights going good thanks and yours?
stevehallny: very beautiful
theman4ueh: hey thank you for the yes miss
geniousmonkey: hey beautiful, i miss you
Eastsid3er: hellz yea id hit it!!! def smokin hott!!!
DXN987: nice
DXN987: ahh now that is no fun
DXN987: not too bad just chillen
DXN987: it's been awhile how are you?
MJT1990: thanks for the yes
MrNobody: your the sexiest sl ever!
a1rizzo: your realy cute smile
longbowcrewchief: thanks for the yes!
ncman83: well i am how about u....u can message me if u would like
ncman83: i hope it does all go well....and im no where near as cute as uwink
ncman83: ur are very pretty....and i wish ur cousin the best while he is over there
SunsetxShootout: thanks for the yes gorgeous =]
SunsetxShootout: thanks for the yes gorgeous =]
th31andonly: thank you for the yes.. your very beautiful=]
lWhiteyl: CUTE! grinlol
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: you are damn sexy gurl!
hollyny: you are beautiful
NdwnVup: hey sexy! watta you up to babe?
Ronyd: very cute
MissBacardiLove: your cousins hot! where's he stationed now?
Nathan730: wow very beautiful smile among other
shaneptc23: smile
InfyYum: You're welcome. smile You're too cute to pass up.
InfyYum: Well thanks for returning the Yes Brittany. smile Take good care of that cute smile.
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: we rarely get snow ever!!!! but we got dumped on this year!!!! it was great!!!! haha but shit we even got rain last week so that wasnt good 4 nething but shit!!!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: oh u thoguht i was talking bout that did u lol haha... mmmm rite... hahah
yeah no shit if its gona be cold i better be able to make snow or ice angels in some cases lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: right right the weather up n down up n down sorry my mind was in the gutter hahaha lol... yeah its been redicolous!!!!! we had prob over 2 good feet of snow all in december but all last week it was in the 30s n 40s in jan!!!! n so a foot or so melted...
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: up n down up n down up n down... what were we talking about again lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: yeah snow doesnt really stay when its 60 outside lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: hmmmmmm how much snow u guys got there??? did it all melt yet w the shit ass wearther???
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: yeah plus i think its safer... cuz if u fall its easier to get up and none of ur shit falls off so u wont have to chase it down the damn mtn lol!!!! plus boarders r jsut plain cooler n know how to have wayyyy more fun than sum damn skierfags lol hahaha
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: oh heck yes a girl snowboarder!!! there goes my heart lol... its not easy @ start but after a few times ull be able to go down the big slopes lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: snowboarder 4 shizzle!!!! w waht 4 boards n 4 jackets... yeah lol damn there went all my money 4 the past 3 years hahah
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: yeah breaks are amazing!!! 4 sho n it never ever feels good when u gota go back ever!!! lol awww all alone im sorry im not there to help ;P... my weeked was pretty good took a few spills on the hill but im better now grinlol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: y thank you so much!!! your too sweet!!!! hehe
hows ur week going? u know it is hump day today lol
TiburonX23: Hey so when are we going to get togther and chil together hun.
jaybee337: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
funkyb20: def not as cute as u but yea hit me up on aim ne time
funkyb20: hot
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: just hung out w familky n played cards so its been a better new years than sum of my past ones lol
davenissan: thank you for the vote
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: thank you so much 4 the happy thoguhts n wishes!!!! i know my new years will be aight hope urs was spectacular tho!!!! grinlol grinlol grinlol grinlol :P
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: awww everyone deserves some misletoe action or actually any action lol haha... im sorry tho im sure ull make do but friends are always good company... so hope u have a balll, get it, a ball on new years lol ok im corny im sorry haha
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: thanx qt pie i hope u have a most amazing new years too!!!! hehehe and ummm of course maybe some misletoe action hahah lol... yeha santa loved my juice hahaha lol!!!! yeah xmas is usally pretyt good to me grinlol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: i got everything i asked 4 so i cant complain!!! grinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlol eheheh n a lil coal but ts ok i caught santa and gave hima a white xmas all over his face hahha lmao
genelovesyou: Thanks for the yes babe you're awesome!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: ehhh i been working lame, but now im off 4 a bit so i plan to do a lot of playing in the snow lol!!! but xmas was good, how bout u qt??? santa didnt leave u coal did he???
degenerate108: i think your totally beautiful smile
ChrisVibe6: You're welcome also and you have a great holiday too smile
ChrisVibe6: Very hot, thanks for the yes smile
sterlingsccr05: not much just chillen in my apartment, u?
sterlingsccr05: hey sexy thanx for the add!
sterlingsccr05: wow! so amazingly gorgeous... thanx for he yes!
steelerjoe: steelers better pull it out tonight or we can kiss the playoffs goodbye
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: grinlol
Rockyohips69: yeah you get use to it.
DrPaul: bord as well. just got done w/ this semester. 5 weeks off from school.
Rockyohips69: yeah it really does. you really can't have friends around here either that makes it worse.
Rockyohips69: Its boring.
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: yeah he is a strange one!!!! lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: awww cute kitties... that damn dog of mine jsut grabbed another fish!!!! man i dont get it!!!1 what is up w him seriously, n my mom was flippin bricks lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: what are u talking about, theres only one things pigs like more than doughnuts is yellow snow!!! lol haha... i dont have a cat but theyre pretty frisky... funniest thing, my dad wen ce fishing n brought home some fish n my puppy pulled one out n ate half
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: haha so will mine!!!! in march... dogs are amazing!!!!!!! well ummm i guess you could say yellow say is more man made rather than el natural lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: hahah was it a yellow snowball fight? cuz those are the best to throw just not to get ht with one haha lol... ummm not too much work and then playing with my pup... hes so cute lol but he's a lil on the louder side, and itd be ok if he was a weee more
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: haha did u ace it??? well @ least pass thats the least u could hope 4 right lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: awwww, i hope u ace all of them!!!!! good luck!!!!!! grinlolgrinlolgrinlol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: ehhh i hate getting up @ 5 4 work every day!!!! so that kinda explains it a lil bit...
Rockyohips69: yeah i know because everything anyone needs in life is in Oklahoma.
BIGED24: you are very beautiful ... i see your cousin is a marine my brother and cousin are my brother is disabled now from iraq and my cousin is goin back soon
TiburonX23: srsly when are going home for winter, would love to get together talk, have fun etc, will take you out and all. It will be a good time.
TiburonX23: Lolz Hang*****. You knew what I meant. When are you heading home for winter break?
TiburonX23: Totally should roll through the Lancaster Area and we can hanf!
Rockyohips69: well ive never been there my whole life.
Rockyohips69: Thats a long way away from here.
steelerjoe: too bad about the steelers
Rockyohips69: where do you go to school at?
Rockyohips69: Nothin you.
TiburonX23: Bloomsburg where is that near LOL.
TiburonX23: *curses* where in PA are you again Forgot!
sempermac: very pretty
Rockyohips69: hey beautiful!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: yes it is!!! grinlol
steelerjoe: Hey Brittany!!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: that makes 2 of us!!!! grinlol
Lheok1108: what
Lheok1108: The paint is like makeup. Beauty enhancement.
jameson88: awesome.

not to much is up. how about you?

do you have msn or yahoo?
jameson88: hey sexy you wanna chat?
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: awww *blushes* well your amazingly cute!!!! grinlol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: super cute! smile
alex77: Hey gorgeous ty for the yes
DrPaul: not too bad, chillin watchin a movie on my laptop b4 i head to bed. 8:00 class in the morning :(
DrPaul: hey, thanks for the yes. whats up?
AlyssaBooRawr: i'm right there with you, my cousin is in the United States Marine Core too.
steelerjoe: Hi Brittany
JoeB: now you are just cute wink haha thank ya for the yes!
steelerjoe: hey brittany, how was your holiday? I wish this site was working
captainzero: any time at all! especially for a cutie like u wink
captainzero: thanks for the yes hottie grinlol
jameson88: hey listen sweetie, im tired of girls ignoreing my comments i send out on here so please write me back and be a little different than those other bitches.

do you have msn or yahoo?

if so i would love to chat with you.

steelerjoe: hi brittany hug
steelerjoe: hey brittney how's everything? happy thanksgiving
steelerjoe: good morning!! did you catch kitchen nightmares? if not you can catch it fox on demend
steelerjoe: good afternoon!! happy steelers monday
Deaner17: Thank you, my weekend is going rather well, better now that you are talking to me is your weekend going??
Deaner17: Ok babe, you are absolutely are sexy as hell...i just got done reading your profile and looking at some of your pics, and all i need to say is "perfect" have my yes for sure, i hope i get yours too, write back if your interested...
DutchMasta420: hey gorgeous, how r ya
steelerjoe: hiya brittney have you been watching kitchen nightmares?
robsummit: Hello "B"! How is it going @ Bloom! ?
jrrd5200: Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!!
Deameech: thx britt lol so what are you up too?
webb88: Sounds good hun! Let me know!
webb88: Sounds good hun! Let me know!
webb88: Bloomsburg...hmmmm. I'm not sure if I know where that is. *tries to think* haha Hey, if you want, message me sometime. Maybe we can chat on MSN or something.
webb88: *private message, I meant
webb88: No problem! smile What part of PA are you from, anyway?
webb88: Thanks for the yes, cutie! I just saw you were from PA, actually. Small world. haha
Deameech: beautiful and sounds like an amazing person lol
well thx hopefully i hear from yah
ballsofsteel: hey cutie thanks for voting yes for me.. have a good day chicky..:-)
dirrtywhiteboy08: Thanks for the yes sweet stuff
Greenside: TIS unfortunate id suppose...
Greenside: Hoorah Marine Corps! Good luck and Semper Fi to your Cousin! Supra YES to a Supra FOX! Accordint to your turn ons - physique possibly, im all youd ever need!
badfrog: gorgeous <3
MiddleManagement: Haha... is it that obvious?? wink
Ieat189: well sexy ladies like yourself deserve a yes
Ieat189: Thanks for the yes beautiful...
azgard: you look amazing
azgard: thanks for the yes youre pretty
DanielRay1983: Thanks for the yes beautiful!
SLuddy: ur an amazing gal!
HollisterBaseball: Wow you are gorgeous!
Definitely a YES!
Knoxman: You are so Strikingly Beautiful...
AlphaTangent: Can?? i prefer the word "IS" madam... I going to bed soon but could i add you to yahoo or msn and perhaps talk to you tomorrow madam???
AlphaTangent: completely understandable madam, you seem like a well mannered and mature young lady... a rare find these days
AlphaTangent: hmmmm... but will you ever drink????
AlphaTangent: hey sweety i just wanted to say... VIRGINS RULE!!!... keep it up darlin.. read my profile and drop me a msg sometime
brandon21: who ur fav player
brandon21: like u gurl
brandon21: cardinals are my team gurl
aaront1129: sexy picswink
chrisakadreaddeadly: wuss good beautiful hit me up if u wanna smile
jrrd5200: Hey there jsut thought i"d see how ya been and hope your haveing a great day.take care
steelerjoe: i was an extra recently for "the kill point" starring john leguizamo and donnie wahlberg.
steelerjoe: my girlfriend and I are going to canton to see the steelers 75th anniversity display
steelerjoe: pretty good I've been with my girl for almost a year now. how about aaron on hell's kitchen crying all the frickin time
steelerjoe: hi brittney it's been a long time. so how do you like hell's kitchen this season?
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: THanx 4 the yes!!! wink smile grinlol
brett8403: sexc
mck517: wow u r reallly hott
Rye37: so I see you boyfriend has a SAW
sydneyguy1982: You are welcome and thank you that is so sweet of you to say smile How are you?
sydneyguy1982: Thank you and you are so welcome beautiful Brittany flowers
YellaB: thankyou for the yes vote. i love em lol and what a great smile you have
sydneyguy1982: Aww thank you very much for the yes very beautiful Brittany flowers
eric43227: ur hott. thats all there is to it.

-ERic J
neostar: hey cutie i just took notice that you will be going to bloom next year. I will be up there frequently i don't live too far and i have a lot of friends that go there.. They love it .
neostar: got my yes. beautiful smile you got there girl
MakeSomeNoise: thxn for the yes hottie
css1984: hey there, thanks for the vote. have a great day and take care.
BuzzedTap: I am, I wish the same for you as well.
BuzzedTap: you seem to have a very cool personality from what i read
and a very beautiful face.
guitarzan1143: yeah it was amazing. i got it on dvd the day it came out in theaters. haha
guitarzan1143: thanks alot. your movie taste is almost as beautiful as you are =]
guitarzan1143: you sound like a very sweet girl, and you are definitely very pretty.
speedy36: i added you1
speedy36: do u have yahoo or msn?
speedy36: pretty good just really bored!
speedy36: hey how are you today?
KrazyKa0s: no problem. you deserve the compliment =)
KrazyKa0s: cutie.
tr1pled: YOu are beautiful babe!
tr1pled: great pix babe. HOpe you like my comments. Now were you being nice or would you really hit this?
bravesfan0627: wen we REALLY gonna hang out.. lol
bravesfan0627: y rnt u on aim?.. lol.. did you block me?. :-/
BehindBlueEyes: Very nice pics yay
YoungBlood7: p.s. get a cam lol
YoungBlood7: hey hottie <3
ACDiesel: ur definitely welcum
ACDiesel: lookin fine
geniousmonkey: howdy darlin would u care to chat some time i have yahoo and aol
DutchMasta420: hey u doin
CaliGuardBoi619: iss*
CaliGuardBoi619: baby ur my most favorite ever x2100000000000000000000
00000and1!!!!!! *k
zztop: hey you are sexy, do you want to trade more pics??
CaliGuardBoi619: well im def. all urs, so she can have my shirt. she'll just be saving me the trouble of taking it off for u : )
Meah: flowers
probrok: Hey Beautiful, thanks for the rating....;-)
slutboy832: You have a wonderful smile!!!
NYCGuy: Haha thanks, you're gonna make this recruit blush
NYCGuy: Thanks for the yes smile Was it for reason #1 or #2 though? lol
XXJustinWoodXX: Thanks for the add cutie!!
trentheffern: how do you do a salute?
therightstuff: You are very pretty!!
trentheffern: hahaha nice, shit who knows... if i get lonely enough its possible
trentheffern: ive been lookin, its been tough for me lately...
trentheffern: you're pretty good lookin yourself, i just wasnt meant for the orange county way of life :-P i dont really care about money or possesions... my life would be perfect if i just had a nice gf and enough cash to get by ya know?
trentheffern: everyone here is really snobby... everyones rich and it seems every kid exept me get anything they want from their parents, cars, cash, clothes... girls are so shallow here and only care about money and fashion. it seems im the only person whos actually s
trentheffern: wow, how is it there? i live in california... and i really dont like it too much
trentheffern: thanks :-) u live in pennsylvania?
trentheffern: most def...cutie
jrrd5200: I love the look and mostly the eye's, I love eyes
jrrd5200: pretty eye's and smile thanks for the yes
ShItHaPpEnS: well thats kewl kids are amazin well sometimes when there not bein brats even then there hella cute ha ! but aye ill deff hit u up on aim tommorow or suttin its pretty late ova here and im hella tired soo ill talk to u later nite ~adam~
ShItHaPpEnS: cool cool teacher is always a funn job soo im guessen u like kids ? ? well hey if u want hit me up in a message wit any name that you got like msn or suttin i dono let me know laters hunn
ShItHaPpEnS: well thats cool wat ya plan on goen for ?
seven007: aww well thank ya hun...
ShItHaPpEnS: yea college is a BLAST where you plan on goen ? when i get outta here i plan on goen back i did 2 semesters and cant wait to do more wink get at me ~adam~
ShItHaPpEnS: well thats cool graduation is tha best but congrats on that is deff cool congrats
ShItHaPpEnS: its goen alright boren over here over seas but other then that its goen iight how bout u ? ?
ShItHaPpEnS: aye thanks for the yes and the comment back hit me up sometime or suttin maybe chat it up if u want alrighty then get at me laters
seven007: wow u are stunning and your eye'z are gorgeous
ShItHaPpEnS: hey gurl madd cute hit me up sometime laters
Primetime021: Thanks for the add. Now that we are friends you have to comment my pics. I'll return the favor when you do!
cwizz90: ty for the yes
cwizz90: ty for the yes
DXN987: good to hear that
DXN987: it was alright, how about you?
DXN987: that's no fun
DXN987: nothing much, how about you?
DXN987: hey there
racerboy: your so preety
TotallyKissable05: smile
mulesofmo: no prob
lswisaun: you are GORGEOUS!!!!
RobsterAF: Hey there, thanks for the yes!
YoungBlood7: i'm not sure if it did.. whats ur msn?
nine9inch: YES i would! what a beauty, you look incredible baby xox
mcdimples1: cute babe
Richiethe1: Thank you for the vote =) your pretty yourself
neonrider: you are so gorgeous
flyboy757: lol you're cuter
flyboy757: what a beauty
joshbentley87: hey beautiful where r u from
jayluck82: Gorgeous! Love the smile smile
jimbob91: god must have took a life time to make something as prity as you
Defhead: Hey thanx for the add chika i grew up in buck county smile
ttpzjackson: You are very cute...
fishcp2: sooo cute ;]
Degenerated: mm. you = yummy :]
nhra347: wow, very hot, yes!
xMrPinkx: Thank
you very much
xMrPinkx: Very Gorgeous thanks for the yes
nbaumgar: Not much...I'm prettyboring:-P
nbaumgar: Hello, friend. Long time, no talk. What's happenin'?
CVballer2423: yeah same here pretty bored haha
CVballer2423: hey whats up your a cutie. hit me back sometime
sexiboi4uuu: bored outta my u hay yahoo or msn?
sexiboi4uuu: hey
JoeNycStyle: Mother nature called and she said she wants sexy back smile
RainbowWarriors: qt
JohnnyDramax3: PA is always boring LOL
JohnnyDramax3: hell yeah for PA! lol
beachbum03: hey cutie

you should get on msn

its been so long since we've talked
robsummit: U R a cutie! Say hey and soon! <3 U
hardhouseinc: hey, thanks so much for the yes. I got a whole flurry of hater nos and its nice to get a yes from such an adorable sweetheart. Tell your cousin semper fi and stay safe. I was a marine but never in Iraq. Those guys are real heroes over there. They hav
GiovanniBoss1976: thanks for the add hug
GiovanniBoss1976: heartthrob ly smile you have my yes , take care smile
varsityblues: Want to make snow angels?!?!?! :P
hardhouseinc: smile thanks cutie. Love your pics. Youre very pretty smile
Hart4ever: YOUR SO DAMN CUTE smile comment the pics sometime ;-)
varsityblues: thanks for the yes!!! heartthrob
ninjayoshi: thx 4 the yes!! XoXo
sajjy: You're very pretty. :-)
randompornstar: personally ive never had a complaint, and honestly ppl with thin little lips just cant pull it off
randompornstar: i heartthrob your lips! good lips usually means good kisserinlove
Jonathan20: Thanks for the hit beautiful!
ItsNick12588: thank you for the yes, you're gorgeous, u got one too smile
joeypage: Heey i just thought i would let you know that i think your gorgeoussmile and you diff get my yes!
Jamesbrazeauak: Very cute
Jamesbrazeauak: Very cute
mmastar: ive been alright how bout you
mmastar: hey sorry it took so long to get back to ya im doin alright im jsut cobfused about this whole site i dont get it lol
drummer420UW: fuckiing sexxy. :]
medicmoses: I'm in the military, and work at a military hospital in wash. DC, I'm glad to see you're cousin is coming home.
medicmoses: I like your profile, you have a way with words, you were able to give a vivid picture of you're personality. I wish you the best throughout College, and you'll make a great teacher! Peace.
robsummit: Hello Pretty how was the weekend for you? Hoping good and Looking forward to Bloom!
TheProphesy: thanks for the yes cutie =]
alex975: you are so sexi! i wanna kiss u
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
Raver1111: Hey, whats up I'm new to this whole wyht, but wow your hot. add me if you want.
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
mmastar: hey thanks for the yes beautiful ttyl
h011ister24: very sexy, definitely a YES!! how are you cutie?
eXtenTuNknoWn: hey cutie... lookn' good. comment back.
lameone: very cute hotstuff
soccerplayer9: thanks hun!
soccerplayer9: yea well you're so much more hotter!
soccerplayer9: hot!!!
SULLMAN5: you're gorgeous
sdguy10011: such a cute face...pretty eyes... great chest!
cheezpuff1098: hey im new at this and i have a question. A bunch of people have rated me, and i can see that under the "my stats" thing, but where it says "my rating" its at 0%...and it says i have no votes...why is this?
neonrider: you are so gorgeous
neonrider: you are so gorgeous
NdwnVup: hey sexy whats up?!! your gorgious, you should def. msg me sometime!!
jackass4161: lol thnx, u2! smile
waxurss: wanna chat sometime cutie?
jackass4161: readin ur profile... i think u seem like such a nice person!
lilfucker: np hun
lilfucker: thnx for the YESgrinlol
BeachBoy85: very sexy
abaroque: Hi there, just wanted to stop by and give you a big wet, sloppy kiss!
JagerBomb: babe u still did not send me none:( i made u sum plzz send babe
abaroque: Just showing you some sweet monkey lovin', my hot little mama
JagerBomb: it was ok and urs
JagerBomb: ya i would so date and fall in love with you
nbaumgar: I added you and now I'm talking to you!
nbaumgar: I Hear ya' there. Aim?
nbaumgar: I'm alright! How are you tonight? I was wondering, do you have a SN I could score??
nbaumgar: Hey you!
JagerBomb: cuz i allways liked u a lot and if u lived by me u would be my gf even tho u do live in pa but not by me lol so i would love u as my sexxie love
JagerBomb: im sry love im not on much:( i miss you and i wish u was my sexxie lover
JagerBomb: hi hun it was ok and urs
JagerBomb: hi hun it was ok and urs
mrhumpy: thank u smile
nbaumgar: DOn't be bored!! I'm bein' bored too!:(
nbaumgar: smile What are you up to tonight?
nbaumgar: THank you for the add and the yes...they make me smilesmile
randysoldier: check out my group, support your troops, there is a link on my profile, you can show some more support for your cousin there...
randysoldier: thanks for the yes sweety.
joshmiller111: Very nice !!!!!!!!!
JRP01980: You are very welcome!!! tiphat
JRP01980: tiphat Thank you for the "YES" vote! You are a cutie!!!
usmcbrian: sweet. sound like fun and i hope you win. you have a sweet body to go along with that beautiful face too by the way.
usmcbrian: thanks a lot. so big plans for thanksgiving?
usmcbrian: such a complete stunner!!
NdwnVup: hey sexy, lookin good. . msg me back sumtime!!
JagerBomb: im busey to lol
Devilboy2442: you are beautiful, we sould talk some time wink
GBall: Thanks for the yes, beautiful!
JagerBomb: hi babe ya im sry i been busey how are u
Ikeman: The whole place sucks. If I lived in those lame ass suburbs, I'd kill myself because my town were so lame.
Ikeman: I have family in Montgomery County. I'm sorry you have to live there. I also have family in Lehigh County.
SuperStaticAddict: Thanks <3 you too!
SuperStaticAddict: ooops.. disregard those last comments.. I got confused.. that other girl left a comment on my box and i thought it was you.. cuz you both have the same colored text and everything.. sorry
SuperStaticAddict: thanks 4 what?
SuperStaticAddict: thanks 4 what?
SuperStaticAddict: whats with the "haha's" thats two in a row on my comment box.. is SOMETHING funny j/k
SuperStaticAddict: bangin
Ikeman: Where in PA do you live?
TheIceman: Dude! thanks for the add
xRyan87x: Thanks for the yes QT. grinlol
automech7053: Hey! Thanks for the add wink
snowborder4life: ah yes, tis good ty muchly
snowborder4life: i dont know if you will get this, but is wyht working properly for you? for me, no one is online and i dont get any rating changes etc. could you get back to me?
thebluemongoose: so sexy!!
BCboy22: wow darlin the beauty runs deep in you god gorgeous on the inside and out smile
Tim25: hell ya, sooo hot.
VANQUISH: kisses to you too!
lswisaun: GORGEOUS!!!! YUMMY!!!! SEXY AS HELL!!!!
markymarkisback: Stunning.
Badone101: Not a problem and thank you smile
KoreusJaValta: just wanted to say hello
hotone4fems1: VERY BEAUTIFUL
josh2006k: Beautiful
LSUbaseball006: just thought id say hey! and thanks for the add!
ChristopherGibson: just like to give a shout out to my baby girl!
chilangocity: xzxwildcardxzx@hotmail.
thanks for the yes and you do look amazing beuty like yours is hard too come by have a good day
Chuck8303: You're a QT, I gave you a yes
JagerBomb: baby i want u as my sexy lover ur so pretty
xVillany: dang!
BigBlockGuy427: Sexy!! Very Very Sexy!!!
soregonmale: Beautiful!! Love the Pics!! Got my Vote!! Have a great nite!! grinlol
mark17: thanx for the yes sexy! hit me up sometime.
chilangocity: can i talk to u on msn?
clamhat4prez: i almost exploded from the sheer excitement in seeing your smile, you look so HAPPY grinlol
firefighterpa280: not here to hook up .. just here to make new friends but you are very sexy and i wish everone had your beuty so i had to vote yes and look forward to the return vote
SEXYFRED: you are aboslutely beautiful... add me to msn if oyu want hardcore_1153@hotmail.c
jason05: your very beautiful gurl hit me up
mrxamazing06: I LOVE U BABY
jobrown: ur hott
NdwnVup: damn ur sexy gurl!! wats up?
firefighterpa280: sorry about that lol
firefighterpa280: hay u i think u are very sexy and voted yes so can you return the favor to a hard working firefighter thank u
firefighterpa280: hello im Robfrom pa i seen your pic and you are very sexy so can you return the favor to a firefighter and vote a yes for a yes later
MaximaMike: are gorgeous!
bratttybrad: you look hotttttttttt cute and sexy =)
mrxamazing06: hey baby i hope ur haveing a nice day i love u baby
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha vote smile
mpower1506: anytime cutie grinlol
mpower1506: thanks for the yes
riko123: Thanx for the add x
paraeso: Someone call the Fire Dept.... Your Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!
masticate: thanks for the yes
CrombIEboY17: hey there whats up? thanks for the yes!
cpgraham: indeed! whered you disappear to?
cpgraham: n2m.. you? havent spoken to you for a bit
cpgraham: howdy tongue
dirtbikeracer: pretteh <3
xveignx: Thanks for the yes! smile
ihavenousername: thanks for the add hun! lick
ihavenousername: Beautiful! hitit you have my yes!
bud4u88: WOW ur beautiful
Jayburd: HEY CUTIE THX FOR THE YES!!! :]] <33 *SEXI*
bergwrestler: good luck with school and i hope everything works out with college. i have to wrestle the national champ(165) every day at practis next year... its going to be fun. im excited, lol.
bergwrestler: i see that you are a early ed major thats cool what do u want to teach? im going to college to get my major in early ed to im thinking 4th grade science
bergwrestler: sweat is he any good? i was ranked in the top 30 in the nation the beging of my senior year in hs (last year) but at the match b4 state i dislocated my elbow:(
bergwrestler: lol why is wrestling a plus?
bergwrestler: thx for the yes beautiful write me back some time
TurboRockArms: nuttin just bored...hit me up on aim its BKangin6lu
trubouncerlah23: your welcome and thank you for the sweet comment as well
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
TurboRockArms: hey cutie :]
Zindane: thank you for the yes and the add again
murdrctydevl: thanks for yessing me back wink
caligy688: ooo how i love ya <3
sofou: Thanks for the yes smile XoXo
clwinn: damn you are cute
gibilini: =)
gibilini: so pretty =)
RyanMoore: hiya yes'd ya (new account)
Nessaja: heartthrobh0Theartthrob
den6325: your so pretty brittney tty soon
flan1985: thanks for the request... u look familiar, do i know ya?
mobbster2: hey there..your sexy as heck get back at me
fullstress: very beautiful
TheEternalHappiness: thanks for the add! you're beautiful
ukat95: youre beautiful
SULLMAN5: sexy
Moore1966: hey there yes'd ya
Tylerjc01: your cute welcome to would you hit this
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