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Name Kylie.
Age 22
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country Canada
State Not Given
City Not Given
About Me
Send me a message if you are wanting on my friends list

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hanging out with friends
watching movies
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People who ignore me,
Comments are always good smile
Favorite Things
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RJcjy2k: gorgeous
whitephantom420: Lovin them looks girl wink. Very attractive!!
gopokez: Beautiful!
Jsully7445: what
Jsully7445: wow u are drop dead gorgeous whats up
preppypunk18: Wow! You are absolutely cute! You have beautiful eyes, a gorgeous smile, and I love your hair. I just thought you should know smile Beautiful.
rancid20: damn your a cutie
iamerik: hi there, add for add?smile
Deaner17: Damn girl your pretty cute! You have my yes for sure. Hit me up, lets chat?
tmoney82: cutie
sjohnson: mmmm, fine
XxRedDragoNxX: You're super cute, AND you're from Canada which is even better! grinlol
TwoLampShades: very cute
jcurr87: Beautiful girl smile
Brendan87: Np cutie, how are ya? where ya from in Canada
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a very beautiful lady who loves to have fun smile
armymedic022377: hi.. just wanted to say yes! u have a really cute smile!!
mrbaumfrey33: beautiful!!!
Matts01ES: Gorgous smile
aaronjames: you are absolutely gorgeous!!
Kensei: you're quite cute
Mandos: Hey there, I think you are a very beautiful girl. You have such amazing eyes smile
Deaner17: Damn you are lookin cute! Would love to chat with you. Hit me back.
bballer1025: wow you are very attractive!! def a yes from me!!
brianb89: you are beautiful
huckabees: have to say the same about you, i love your smile
iamerik: yup yup!
iamerik: no problem. your a cutie so i figured i'd give ya a smile ha
iamerik: smile
aceswildtru: What a cutie!
jevannlov: Hey sexy, how are you? Hope all is going well! add4add?
andrewo: very cute, yes'd
add4add? =]
bigpoppabear: hey wats up =)
gilmour93: well your gonna have to add me for pic comments! haha
Blasphemies: Haaai cutie grinlol
Blasphemies: Hai hai! :P How was your weekend?
BigOutdoorsMan: id like to add you. my names frank. hows it going?
Blasphemies: Heeey cutie smile
bigpoppabear: hey wats up tried sending u a message but it just logs me off =
ImJustSayin: You are very welcome!!!
thaplaya1210: You're very welcome grinlol
shroobs: oh thanks:]
tufgi88: anytime you hot little bubble you
tufgi88: I would "YES" you all night long!
ChelseaFC: thanks for the yes hun, you're very cute smile
livingthedream18: thanks wink
boilergolf: very pretty, got my yes
nhra347: Hey! Love the pic! Wana chat?
Jeremy06: such a cutie!
tufgi88: u r so pretty
EyEsCoLd: welcome ; ) add me if you want, i don't like having my pics public so if u wanted to check mine out add me. i could care less about your private pics though if thats what you think.
bbllstv23: hey wats goin on
Rec: You betcha. thumbsup wave
Rec: Hey what's up? You're very pretty. Nice profile as well. smile
shin00bi76: thanks for the yes cutie smile how's it going?
KingTeddy: your welcome love
teejhot: cute
Ramiel76: thanks for the yes cutie grinlol
armyguy08: you got my yes wink
kingfisher420: you are quite a beauty.
dedalus86: beautiful!
AsxIxLayxDying: you're welcome smile
AsxIxLayxDying: hi, cute picture
lisabelly: your very pretty
lisabelly: very sexysmile
ShaolinBenji: You're cuutee!
xXxThatOneKidxXx: thank you your very beautiful yourself!!! wink
armyguy08: you got my yes! smile
redfinzz: ...ur CUTE!!!
th31andonly: oh=[
th31andonly: oh i have aim.....
th31andonly: ur not very talkitive=[
th31andonly: oh, that sounds fun.. lol=]

i ride/race dirt bikes and sports mostly=]
th31andonly: its ok=]

so wut do u do for fun??
th31andonly: and it wont let me send u a request=[ says u dont accept them.. so i guess send me one=p
th31andonly: thats good=] so wut u do for fun??
th31andonly: would u like to a4a?
th31andonly: oh, lol hows ur day been??
th31andonly: thanks.=] your very beautiful your self... how are you doing??? wanna add4add???
norsefox1989: :O
dinodork: watching ali g indahouse lol, just got back from walkingthe dog im taking care of
dinodork: urrr cuter =) whats up
Tomdrury: lol
delirious88: Is it cos we got rhy-thm?
xKevDivine: Thanks. wink
PatchsThePirate: Thaks so are you...;]
cardinalfan4life: thanx you are 2
TommyBoy19: yes ...and you'd like it I am sure >smile
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Thanks for the yes cutie!!!!
gNarLy: I couldn't have been any more honest, ever, in my entire life!
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha yes
usafman: You're welcome hun
usafman: I know i'm prob too old for your tastes but I had to say you're beautiful
Rachiekisses: Damn gurl.. you got it going on!
xxgreekskaterboyx13x: your sooooo hot... and yes... i dont ever get on this
XTheNewCancerX: Cutie....Your default pic makes me want to kiss you.
sterlingsccr05: very hott! thanx for the yes!
TruePunkskater: better than sittin at home all day cause you cant work :p
TruePunkskater: oh (i miss school) lol work sucks, have a good day. smile
TruePunkskater: thats good to hear :p, whats up?
TruePunkskater: you got a yes for sure, rate me back please.
EricMichael: hey. I'm pretty sire i can lend you those shoes, but i got no clue if they will fit you wink
leestud: me, cute no way, you are adorable
SuperstaTicaddict: you have a nice face = ) date me? j/k
ilikebluejeans: If you keep telling me about ur deepthroat skills, I'll leave u a message everyday!!!
Lumpy: Or your email I mean =o
Lumpy: =b

Yes'm what's your screen name, i'm not on much, but I can try! =]
Lumpy: Date for kicking the habit? =]

Lumpy: Okok i'll just sit here =] without you the Canadian saying Eh to me! Jk, when is the date for the stopping? Or dunno..
Lumpy: I'm 2 1/2 hours away from the other side of that lake, so start walking now, i'll meet you in the middle of the lake =D
bubbleme55: i live like 4 hrs away from that lake maybe closer but i dnno im 4 hrs away from thunder-bay
Lumpy: Oo Ontario is big.. But you could still walk to my house or swim across lake superior =p
Lumpy: What part of Canada you livin' in??

I been to the west side at the Edmonton mall cause I used to live in Alaska.. =p
Lumpy: Thats good =]
I had to live with it for 19 years from my parents until they quit.. If you want a good thing to try.. Lookup Chantix =]
Lumpy: =]
Thanks for the comment.. So hows the.. Smoking going for ya? =o
usafman: Gorgeous hun
FatalXFrame: mmmmmhmmmm
FatalXFrame: welcome!
RetardoMcLadiesMan: Ahhhh!!!
RetardoMcLadiesMan: Ahhh, I been in school maybe a month now, got five ISS's haha.
DannySheehan: word playa/
haloman3: wow your beautiful
DannySheehan: so what's up dawg?
mrevan321: thanks for the yes. you're a cutie
MegaMiketkd: sleep good?
MegaMiketkd: trust me tho the crash alone is worth it
MegaMiketkd: haha awe hun you know when its time to your gona crash right
MegaMiketkd: alnighter wow how come
MegaMiketkd: anytime babe what are you up2?
RetardoMcLadiesMan: AHHH!!! My bad, lol. I haven't been on, haha. What's up cutie pie?
RetardoMcLadiesMan: Anytime, no problem, it's just the truth, haha.
sk8more420: lol well anyways what are you doing
sk8more420: lol i think you did
sk8more420: haha you already told me that but thank you
HXCSteven: thanx for the yes babe
RetardoMcLadiesMan: You're cute yourself =]
prldrummer90: So wheres your private pics hun!?
prldrummer90: So wheres your private pics hun!?
Emoboy69: Oh nothing my sister is still in the hospital
Emoboy69: sorry beenn really busy
blakex: no i do like talking to you.
and iam sorry that i always get offline later.
and/or that i dont talk much.
but lately i have had so much going on.
its frustrating,and i cant seem to get rid of all these problems that iam currently having.
iam sorry.<3
Emoboy69: Nothing bored tears lol
Emoboy69: hey whats going on chicka?
xxgreekskaterboyx13x: hahaha ill work on getting more pics... just for you! lol
I just gotta remember whos house i forgot my camera at haha
blakex: iam talking to you right now.
but your about to leave me to go take stupid exams!
blakex: i sorry i keep getting kicked off.
blakex: and this is the part where you comment me back.
blakex: Hi
hOxBcEQL: well aren't you just cute as hell
barbieryder: hello cutee
blakex: aww iam sorry.
and whenever i am online on MSN you arent.
well untill the very last moment.
when iam bout to get offline or something.
Kylie..learn better timing. lol

brentriceee: awh youre sweet
knightsA: gorgeous!
blakex: and how is my sexy lover?
txredneck84: you wasn't rude you were just honest so I respect that. Of course there are no hard feelings. here is another yes for you sweety
txredneck84: Understandable. You have your standards and you were honest so I respect that. I love that in a female so you still get a yes vote
txredneck84: you can vote no for me but I still have to vote yes for you because you are beautiful
blakex: haha. i got your request to be sexy lovers. and i went to accept it and accidently clicked deny.
but i sent you a request this time. lol
Exaltar: a juice box straw would be a good fit
Exaltar: haeuahea suck mine dickkkkkzzz
CrownRoyal357: lol do u like tall guys i miss u :P we should chat more
CrownRoyal357: lmao is being tall a bad thing?
CrownRoyal357: aww kylie :P lol i miss u to i havnt sen u on msn latley
JoeTrainer: haha y not lol
AECutiePie: Yes 4 yes?
AECutiePie: Your cute 2 thanks!
blakex: wish you were mine. smile
JBenavides: your one fuckin' hottie smile
kevinoisme: ur gorgeous yahoo me shortyduderockon
thelightguy: u look like a naughty girl but i bet your not
hotone4fems1: BEAUTIFUL
MMMMM: cute.
Mandos: very pretty
lilfucker: hey babe, its been a while lol
ILikeMusic: great music, very pretty, and ya can dance! grrrreat mix.
stmw: heyy
thx! =)
nametakenc2: OMG your sooo cute!
i would love to talk to you sometime....
your so preety
add me if you want
JMawesome: cuteness <3
dedalus86: beautiful!
NdwnVup: hey babe whats up?? your gorgious as hell, n you should def. msg me sumtime!!
abercrombieguy88: Thanks for the pic comment babe <3 wink
Bowlaboii216: thanks for the YES gorgeous!
Slipnica17: breaking benjamin kicks ass, you have an awesome taste in music... and your smokin hot... lol... ur awesome
espanol: fuck me!!!! ur so fucken hot! absolutly orgasmic! yummi! *creams pants*
itsmagick2007: ur really beautiful!!!!!!!
spyder004: thanks your not so bad yourself
Rachiekisses: hey you sexay!! thang lmao how u doin gurl haha I cant believe I'm actually on this site I must be bored lmao:P but yah haha I'll talk to u on msn and see u tommorow lmao(K)(L)
p.s. ur damn SEXAY! lmao:P
jimijames: beautiful!
Mikeyisbomb: your fly got my yes
Brokenbokken: cute
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