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Profile for AngermAnAgement (offline- last on: Apr 9, 14)
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Name You don't care
Age 22
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Not Given
State Not Given
City A Shady Place For Shady People
About Me
O hai
My name is Kayla
I'm 21
I'm a pharmacy technician, going to be pharmacist
I play a lot of video games
I am single
I love my cats Tato and Bean
I like to sleep in just my underwear
I'm sensitive
I have a tattoo
I'm loving
I'm faithful
My Apps
Making money
Halo; swat
Rescuing abandoned kittens
Caring about others
Eating healthy
Zombie Slaying
Turn Ons
Animal Lover
Loves sex
Big shoulders
Turn Offs
Someone who gives up on me
A shout out to myself for being the most real, honest, and loving person I've ever known

& my buddy
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote When is someone going to actually care enough to be afraid of losing me?
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Downonme69: Hot and Beautiful!
baseballplaya06: Wow Wow Wow
Wilikerz: smile
Drew2004: I do care!!
JamesBombed00420: hey do you remember me?
demigod: Check ur myspace
DallasPimp: Your So Gorgeous! smile seriously! smile
DOCTOR: i wanna pull down my pants and show you my dick and balls
LoveMeDead: meow
LoveMeDead: miss you!
Nasiello: you're fine. not every day can be wonderful
Nasiello: I'm sorry... didn't mean for that. well, I'm off. I hope things get better, and if not, you're more than welcome to vent to me when I Get back if that would be of any help to you missy.
Nasiello: well if it makes you feel any better, someone else is always doing worse than you. it's the law of averages. there are far too many people around for you to be the worst of the bunch
Nasiello: you say that... but not feeling doesn't work out any better. I've tried it. there's that one song lyric... I guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all. it sums it up pretty well.
Nasiello: about the same on the mood thing... but I'm gonna watch UFC in about 20. how come you're down missy?
Nasiello: what's up cutie?
Nasiello: hmm, then it's only shady during certain parts of the day?
Nasiello: what exactly makes a "shady place" shady?
LoveMeDead: what's going on?
sammyb2006: no problem u are so cute
LoveMeDead: xox
Chuck8303: you look like amber from teenmom
LoveMeDead: miss you chicky boo
LoveMeDead: you're amazing too! <3
bobstanzo: WOW VERY HOT HON (:
puntteam2002: you....a dirty mind??? i dont believe itsmile
mmmmsexylips69: soooooo cute heartthrob
shener18: hi how are you ? how is your day goin? you look very nice happy to seee you in here
shener18: hi how are you ? how is your day goin? you look very nice happy to seee you in here
ghengis: its okay :(
ghengis: yeah. ever since i moved. no one talks to me anymore.
ghengis: lifes boring, people suck
ghengis: no reason to lie
PossessedYogurt: Ah boys, They'll get you every time lol Hope it all works out for ya. If not, forget him!
PossessedYogurt: Wht made you add that extra bit at the beginning of your about me? A boy?
sh3sg0ne: hello beautiful gorgeous eyes. congrats on the top10*
bobstanzo: very hot honsmile
bballer1025: im doing pretty well, just working in my office so that kind of lame
bballer1025: you're welcome, how are you doing?
bballer1025: wow you are very pretty!!
Dancer4u2watch90: omg you dork, add me! hahaha :P
missle187: hey cutie thanks for the yes
missle187: hey cutie thanks for the yes
MidNightWish: wow you sounds like a really interesting person...hi!
wasd: im just killing time before work, fun i know. id love if i was lucky enough for one of ur messenger names hun smile
wasd: well hiya gorgeous, watcha up to?
manoucho: No, it's not.
I'm ironic as often as you, but not with you...
manoucho: SO attractive...
puntteam2002: that was the best profile ive ever readsmile
Wilikerz: smile You are too awesome!
Wilikerz: <3<3<3<3<
I'm on T.V.!
Wilikerz: got me
Wilikerz: what?
Wilikerz: <3
Wilikerz: Really
Wilikerz: loves ju
ManOfSteel4105: hahaha hokay. pleasure to meet you, friend who is not from France but speaks French. :]
ManOfSteel4105: France eh. parlez-vous francais? :]
baseballplaya06: you're welcome
baseballplaya06: you are so gorgeous smile
IfuckedaMermaid: hey hun grinlol
Wilikerz: A kaylaface is the best kind of face
dedalus86: absolutely gorgeous!
puntteam2002: hiiiiii! you shoudl go on aim and chatsmile
puntteam2002: hey cutie. miss talking to ya!
DOCTOR: in lots of cases, longer is better!
DOCTOR: draw pubes on the gnomes first though
brianb89: i love your eyes
MikeRotch: Must be my lucky day indeed smile
MikeRotch: Welllllllllllllllllll, I can be pretty damn sarcastic at yeah smile
MikeRotch: lol you wouldn't do that to me, would you??
Chri25: your very welcome. smile
Chri25: very sexy
MikeRotch: haha "kind of retarded" is a really weird middle name to have :|
puntteam2002: hey sweety i miss you. you should go on aimsmile
waxurss: msn or yahoo? screenname?
waxurss: sexy, care to chat?
puntteam2002: miss you pretty girl whats up?
bendover871: the yes lol
bendover871: thnxsmile
bendover871: mm gorgeous
Wilikerz: <3
armymedic022377: i didnt know there were ninjas in france tho...
armymedic022377: ninjas are cooler then pirates!
Adam222: Well your welcome sexy :-)
Adam222: Really like your nose ring its cute
puntteam2002: well i think i llove it now too haha. who sings it sweety?
puntteam2002: did you write the about me section yourself? i really like itsmile
lylMISSY89: Thank you :]
lylMISSY89: You have gorgeous eyes
Bdunc4u: :] <3 u 2 cuttie :*
Bdunc4u: fucking sexy babe smile
thetrifactor: I am great, but could be a bit better if we could chat sometime...
thetrifactor: Hey! How you doing tonight?
zomgwtfbbq: kayla
Chuck8303: Hey, bored on wyht? try out the forums.
Aim2High2101: you're welcome
Aim2High2101: thanks for the yes, you are gorgeous Kayla
aaronjames: you are gorgeous!!
puntteam2002: i see you cut a considerable amount out of your profile...too bad i loved reading about yousmile how ya been?
enderkensenbender: you look good naked. thats all
derailed: are just insanely hot.
IM4U2TEASE: what happened? whyd yall break-up? wanna be my girlfriend???
IM4U2TEASE: ahhhh life is good. ive gone through 3 gfs in 3 months. =(

hows your relationship goin?
IM4U2TEASE: howya been beautiful?
Prose: No probs :]]] & I got bored of my profile so I had to chance it and I just happened to be listening to that song at the time hehehe.. I've changed it again tho, iuno how long those lyrics will last on there hahaha
Prose: Haaa haaaah at least I let you know :P
Prose: Lol @ that quote from lucas15deal, he sent me the exact same thing hahaha. Also, thanks for the pic comment hun! You're pretty stunning yourself!! You look much older than 18 in your main pic thingy lol
lollipop22: Your correspondence needs a little improvement. :P
Wilikerz: I love you too
lollipop22: How've you been?
lollipop22: Hey stranger
Wilikerz: bestest <3
ChaoticBrew32: Thanks for the yes ! You are wicked pretty !
lisabelly: i agreesmile sad sux,bored you can get over fast
lisabelly: yeah im a little bored too.but other then that,im goodsmile
lisabelly: your very welcome,how are you?
lisabelly: hello,your very prettysmile
baseballstud03: whats going on gorgeous
Wilikerz: Not at all
Wilikerz: rawr
Opey2003: whats new
Wilikerz: Lets Roxxor baby!
Wilikerz: If we are going to make millions of babies, we better get started right nao!
Wilikerz: I love you
dageneral: sounds like some busy days
dageneral: so whats ya been up to
dageneral: haha yea i was gonna get one but got a lexus instead
TheNumber1Contender: Hey stranger, how was your weekend? Is that your ride?
dageneral: nice car
FrenkelIV: I'd say that it is a good thing. Girls that are unsure of themselves and answer every question with "I don't know" are annoying! I just got off of work. Are you in high school still?
FrenkelIV: I'd say rhat it is a good thing. Girls that are unsure of themselves and answer every question with "I don't know" are annoying! I just got off of work. Are you in high school still?
FrenkelIV: Hey, that is a very detailed profile! What's up?
zomgwtfbbq: hai
a4a2r0n: fuckin hot!!! i'd hit it all night!!!
evanturner: He'll probably make me bad at everything I do if I go near him.
evanturner: Tate Forcier sucks, tell him quit throwing picks and quit pretending he can run a zone read
evanturner: oh, hey.
lollipop22: Hey stranger. How are you doin'?
Willndowed: Sensationally delicious! You got gorgeous goin on!
Wilikerz: Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.
puntteam2002: where you been looking for guys at? haha sounds like the wrong places.
puntteam2002: what? nobody likes scratching biting and teasing and being sweet? where do i sign up?
Deaner17: So so so so sexy! Baby you are lookin hot as hell! It would make my day if you hit me back!
Opey2003: so what are ya up to tonight?
SeanLuke88: Whats up?
TheNumber1Contender: Haha yes I'm hearing you there, those crazy bloody controls never exactly do wat you want them too! The only half decent game I have played on the wii is grand slam tennis, but even that can get frustrating haha. Do you have call of duty modern warfare 2
TheNumber1Contender: Very cool, I'm playing Flashpoint as we speak, but I'm getting owned! Haha
TheNumber1Contender: Haha No worries cutie, wat games do you play?
TheNumber1Contender: Awesome profile, you seem very sweet. Hate snow falling on ur seat made me lol. If you ever come to Australia look me up haha, or atleast let me add u to my xbox live :p
IM4U2TEASE: i hope you had a wonderful day beautiful hug
Wilikerz: I love you too tongue
Wilikerz: <3
soccer1794: i bet u dooooo ! wink n im sure i can give to to u rough.. n much much more prob :0
soccer1794: yuppp! ul like it FREAK ha jk
soccer1794: awww ill be gentle i promisee smile hahah
soccer1794: whoaaaa... dont make me beat ur lil butt...!
soccer1794: yayyyyyy.... ok next week.. be there! of ill cryyy... and u better be nice to me then... n not beat me up or threten ul kill me :( lol
soccer1794: lol smile for realllllll marry me? pleaseee pleaaseeeeee
BIGROB72991: hey beautiful , how you been
soccer1794: sooo ur hott !?
IM4U2TEASE: whoa!!!! wtf???? have you changed your password? i will resend it right now
IM4U2TEASE: lol.... of all the mail you and i have had back and forth you delete/trash can the one i sent you a sign in. thats sure tell sign you dont wanna be talked to anymore =(
IM4U2TEASE: you have mail beautiful <3
IM4U2TEASE: you should just drop the drama with him kayla. it NOT worth it. shouldnt be feeing into him. what is your fav color(s)
AngermAnAgement: Ghengis says you're immature anyways :P
AngermAnAgement: Besides, you wouldn't know what the adult life is, when you're too busy harassing girls via internet.
AngermAnAgement: You're telling me to grow up? When you're the one stealing my pictures, and using them because I deleted you from my friends list???
ItaliaStudd: Or maybe I just don't like immature drama on my page. smile

You should grow up, the adult life can be quite fun.
IM4U2TEASE: the asshole has me blocked lol. i cant comment on his page grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
BoondockSaint: it would help if any of them were online right now lol... there used to be more. i guess either they left or they are no longer mods. cuz i used to know a couple cool ones
BoondockSaint: yeah. i dont know the mods on this site that well. not anymore at least. sorry. otherwise id try to expedite the process
BoondockSaint: so have you reported him to either site?
tooinnocent4you: i never woulda guessed it with all you say on your pro and the large amount of pix you post
tooinnocent4you: so are you a shy person?
tooinnocent4you: why arent you?
tooinnocent4you: whats a really cool group to join?
IM4U2TEASE: my opinion on what ItaliaStudd is doing is a form of rape. sexual preditors like him must be dealt with swiftly and harshly.
IM4U2TEASE: let the rain fall down on that bitch kayla hug he is the one that cant get anyone in real life. the women know how he is. thats why he uses the internet now to abuse women. pathetic fuckstain
AngermAnAgement: Of me in the shower?
AngermAnAgement: Haha speak for yourself, torturing poor young girls because you can't get any :[ Correcting spelling, that doesn't need to be corrected :[ I could have a lot of guys, not being conceited or anything, and you know it, why do you think you used that picture
ItaliaStudd: Oh man look at you, raging on the intraweb and getting attention from guys who want you cause no one wants you in person. smile
IM4U2TEASE: if kayla wanted ppl on bangteens to see her pix, then she will open an account there and allow them to. it is her decision and her decision only as to who gets to see her pix. not yours asshole!!!!
Wilikerz: Just a lowlife, the world is full of them.
IM4U2TEASE: dude you were out of pocket for posting her pic on another site. who the fuck do you think you are. how can you live with yourself, betraying women like you do?
AngermAnAgement: So therefore, you are a bitch that I want brought down.
AngermAnAgement: HAHAH, apparently you didn't graduate from high school either, dumb ass. Google "discusting" and tell me what comes up. And yeah.. I did say that, you fucking used my picture without my permission, extremely shitty, and rude. You had no right. So therefo
ItaliaStudd: Because you're tellin that tooinnocent4you chick that you'll TALK to me about it, then say you're going to "bring that bitch down." And it's discusting*
AngermAnAgement: How the hell am I two faced?! You're just a disgusting man, who is really probably about 40, can't get any pussy, preying on fresh young women and their almost naked pictures.
ItaliaStudd: Well you're two faced so I don't care. smile
AngermAnAgement: LOL I'm the shady skank, when you're the one stealing my pictures! Nasty fuck.
ItaliaStudd: Oh well, you're a shady skank so bye. You're blocked now. smile
K1NgXofXSp4deS: you deleted me :[
ItaliaStudd: Absolutely hun. I'll change it immediately. smile
tooinnocent4you: i hope that piece of shit isnt on my friends list
The1337: yeah i know... i'm selfish so i never really understood why people go spreading those pics everywhere.
The1337: cuz i've been deleted... it's ok though... i think i understand your frustration.
The1337: awwww :(
blazindoja: not to much just hanging out waiting for the day to start off y u deletein freinds
blazindoja: hey whats up
AnonAmbientLight: Crazy girl. :P
K1NgXofXSp4deS: kaylaaaaa
babyshorty21: i am truely sorry to hear that. rest assure kayla it was not me that did that. i understand your agony though. if there is anything i can do to help you let me know. us bishes gotta stick together. know what i mean jellybean?
tooinnocent4you: try to find out the site name, the forum and the user that posted it. lemme know then cuz i can possibly help you figure out who did this to you
tooinnocent4you: [bgcolor=#339900]it coulda been your friend that posted it. atleast weboth know it wasnt me. i just got added. thank you. your friend isnt bein awfully helpful . u should know the site name and user that posted it[/bgcolor
tooinnocent4you: lemme guess... bangteens
tooinnocent4you: say what? thats terrible!!! just go to that group and you will see who posted
babyshorty21: why was i deleted? ]:
tooinnocent4you: i had an awesome day. other than it being long at work it was great. im glad to be home, freshly showered and relaxing. ahhhhhhhhhh. what are you up to tonight?
IM4U2TEASE: i cant see that album. its pvt =(
can you messege it to me?
IM4U2TEASE: may i see the picture that was wrongfully posted without your permission? do you know who posted it?
IM4U2TEASE: look at my friends list. i have a handfull of friends and i trust everyone of them and they trust me. a friends list is what it says, FRIENDS. see what im sayin? i just dont add anyone
IM4U2TEASE: im glad im not gettin deleted. for the life of me i will never fucking understand why ppl have to be such assholes and to that shit to others. im sorry you were betrayed like that hug
IM4U2TEASE: you feelin better tonight kayla?
Wilikerz: <3
BoondockSaint: just chilling and checking out your pics
albert12985: Eh elmo doesnt have you by much maybe a hair hahah just kidding
Wilikerz: Best girl in the world
tooinnocent4you: hi kayla. hows your day?
wcat2006: Thanks for the add and the compliment! You're beautiful too! Hit me up if you'd like to chat sometime and get to know each other. I have a yahoo ID. Let me know if you'd like it!
BoondockSaint: hey. whats goin on?
IM4U2TEASE: dont be sad. heres a hug. embrace it and think of the good from it. let it make you smile
IM4U2TEASE: trust is earned. trust is very hard to earn from another after being burned so many times. i feel your pain and disappointment. i am in the same boat as you.
IM4U2TEASE: guys your age are not mature. you are and you are headin in the right direction with your life. find you a man that respects you and is supportive and willing to go with you on your path
IM4U2TEASE: ever thought of leavin boys alone and tryin a MAN?
IM4U2TEASE: why do you always have that annoyed face for? whats eatin at you?
puntteam2002: you're very welcome. id love to chat and learn more sometime if you're interested of coursesmile have a wonderful nightsmile
Westicles: Hey my gamer tag is MarKis0105 on xbox, do you play call of duty?
lWhiteyl: definitely a cute smile grinlol
puntteam2002: stunning.
bricktop24: Hey there! Thanks for the add and hope you are having a great night smile
JonnyBoy235: awww maybe u just need a cheer up from me!!!
JonnyBoy235: hows it goin cutie?!?
Hayden1986: hey there gorgeous whatcha think of my picccc.....?
jakehhtt11: thanks for the yes
lollipop22: Not bad. How was your holiday season?
brianb89: you are gorgeous
notkewl: no problemsmile what are you up to tonight?
cbecks4: whats up?
lollipop22: Hey stranger. How ya been?
notkewl: Thanks for the add babe! you are a beautiful woman! hope you have a great day!smile
xHannahxSuicidex: lol
xHannahxSuicidex: nice tits.
SmokingPope: awesome ;-)
ItaliaStudd: Oh snap, I don't recall a creepy laugh!
caliguy6969: thats good to hear! im great. what are you up to?
caliguy6969: yw cutie! how are you doing?
ItaliaStudd: I don't remember a laugh from the yellow guy?
ItaliaStudd: ...beak!wink
ItaliaStudd: Yeah but he has a nice looong...
ItaliaStudd: He's a good buddy to have!!
caliguy6969: your a cutie
tDUB2486: wave hey how's it going?
IM4U2TEASE: this year im playing santa and i dont give presents to good girls. so tell me, have you been naughty or nice this past year?
TheNaj: what about biting? and choking?
IM4U2TEASE: hi kayla. how are you?
crazytrain044: hey do u have msn or yahoo?>
Brett69: yeah lol same here! i cant wait til christmas break what about u?
Brett69: yeah lol same here! i cant wait til christmas break what about u?
Brett69: i've just been staying busy with finals this week
Brett69: i've just been staying busy with finals this week
Brett69: whats up?
gruveninmyvw: gorgeous!
zomgwtfbbq: sup
TheNaj: god... you're beautiful
dacubbies2005: hey how are you doing 2nite cutez
evanturner: I rly rly rly rly rly want to see your body ;x
gruveninmyvw: you are very welcomesmile
gruveninmyvw: beautiful eyes!
baseballfreak30: super sexy!!! hit me up sometime if you want
RoughNeckF14: yeah you and i both i was knocking back Zs until about 2 o'clock today lol it was well worth it!!!
RoughNeckF14: im doing ok just living life and having fun,,, how was your veterans day>?
RoughNeckF14: im doing ok just living life and having fun,,, how was your veterans day>?
RoughNeckF14: hey love long time no talk how have you been?
lollipop22: Oh, well um, haha, my bad.
kenny81: holy shit you're gorgeous
lollipop22: Sucks ass, doesn't it? What are you going to school for?
blazindoja: hey whats up ure gorgeous
lollipop22: You're welcome. Eh, I have a small head cold right now that's annoying but otherwise I'm just fine. Whatcha' been upto?
lollipop22: Hey girl. How ya been?
blazindoja: hey whats up lets chat it up
nic333: yummy baby yes yesyes
Balo48: good lord u are sexy grinlol
demigod: nice nip lol
demigod: nice nip lol
lollipop22: Sorry, the comment was cut off. So, gaming, what's your preferences in games?
lollipop22: Pretty damn excited. I just pre-ordered my Metallica Live at Nimes DVD that's due out Nov. 23rd. I'm a HUGE Metallica fan and this is their first live dvd they've had out since S&M.

And you're pulling two pay checks as well, I see. I work 2 jobs a
lollipop22: Hey you. How's it goin'?
jbone2212: i wishhh u got on msn sometime
AnonAmbientLight: Alright cool. I'll call you tomorrow about the details.
AnonAmbientLight: Orginal? Well we could always just film ourselves as ourselves wink That's pretty orginal. I'm sure there's not another video like it out there
Max4drt: hey whats up gorgeous?
AnonAmbientLight: Hehe, well thats another porno we'll have to make. :P
AnonAmbientLight: I dress up from time to time. Why? You want to come with next time?
AnonAmbientLight: Hey cutie <3 Love your pics. Very beautiful. smile
lollipop22: So where do you work? If you don't mind me asking.
lollipop22: Yeah, I hear ya there. I had to work pretty late as well and said oh fuck it and just hung out after wards.
lollipop22: Thank ya! Did you have a good one?
lollipop22: Hey there. I just went to my friends list and saw you on and realized we've never actually "met" (haha) so I just wanted to say helloooo. Happy Halloween!
crazytrain044: go on aim and im me, i'm online lol.
crazytrain044: yo whats ur yahoo? im me on aim at kingkhan22
TrainU09: thanks for the yes sexy wink
Hayden1986: hey there gorgeous cute ass pic whatcha think of mine? lol.
badboydunbeenturned: hey, just stopping in to say that u have grown into a VERY amazingly beautiful woman josh is a lucky dude. peace out
badboydunbeenturned: hey, just stopping in to say that u have grown into a VERY amazingly beautiful woman josh is a lucky dude. peace out
philthy1: nice pic! wink
jbone2212: well go on now and tlak to me for a ffew min
jbone2212: hey so do u ever get on msn?
jbone2212: ok cutie just get on and talk to me
jbone2212: hey so i never got your msn
soccer1794: add my msn!!! wink
soccer1794: oo ok well u should def give me ur msn for usre! id lovee to talk to u more wink
soccer1794: oo ok well u should def give me ur msn for usre! id lovee to talk to u more wink
jbone2212: well can i get whichever ur on more :P
jbone2212: np np do you have any messengerS?
jbone2212: hey thanks for the add :P your def wayy gorgeous
soccer1794: good good cutieewink do u ever get on any messengers hun? that would be greattt to talk more!!
soccer1794: hey hun how r ya im mike? do u use ne messengers hun?smile
UA2008: That is a verrrrrrrrrry nice bod!
AdventWrath: gorgeousss
zomgwtfbbq: i love you too
demigod: eriks fail :[
Wilikerz: <3
stillballin7: hi cutie
gruveninmyvw: wow.
AnonAmbientLight: Thanks for the pic comment. grinlol

*sigh* That same picture also got turned down to be my default picture. Every single picture i offer for a default gets declined. :(
UndeadPoet: Yeah. why not. What you got in mind.
UndeadPoet: Awww ok. Good to meet you. Rabbit at your sevice.
UndeadPoet: grinlol Hit me up if bored yahellllll. dlrabbitlb. Ps. Smootchs
UndeadPoet: Really. smile HI
UndeadPoet: OH YES YES YES
MrJoshMAN: ahh lobe yew tooo
teejOFlegend: whats your gamer tag
teejOFlegend: wanna play?
teejOFlegend: do you play 360 online?
Wilikerz: yesrlly
Wilikerz: <3
Wilikerz: haha doesn't bother me
MrJoshMAN: me neiver i donn think
MrJoshMAN: i didnt delete nethinggggggg
zomgwtfbbq: haha calm down
Wilikerz: Kayla!, you let the cat out of the bag!
Marinman101: silly site won;t let me msg you - keeps logging me out :P
AngelinCrimson: what up yo?
Wilikerz: right har
Wilikerz: zomg best girl ever
rockyoursocksoff: thanks for the add, drop me a line anytime.
rockyoursocksoff: thanks for the add, drop me a line anytime.
sexiboi4uuu: msg me ur messenger pls smile
Wilikerz: =O (my face for astonishment, and also for hotdogs)
ImxThatxDudex23: Haha not as silly as you gayla...I mean kayla lol.
zomgwtfbbq: you need to cb the hell out of me for saturday night
ImxThatxDudex23: I def am not the silly one...just look at your gamertag haha.
sexiboi4uuu: hey thnx for the add!
demigod: kaylas awakes?
aarty21: hey hit me up on aim or msn baby dam i would hit that lol :Psmile smile smile smile smile smile smile
zomgwtfbbq: CB failed :(
zomgwtfbbq: CB CB CB CB CB CB
zomgwtfbbq: o ya you totally did
enderkensenbender: show me your tits. im bored and you look kinda slutty. thanks
zomgwtfbbq: o hai why are you never on aim when i wanna talk to you -_-
daverulz22: haha yep!!!
daverulz22: you can take your anger out on me wink
demigod: misss kaylas :[
demigod: misss kaylas :[
AnonAmbientLight: You know in those cartoons where you have the fox or whatever see a pretty girl and they go "PHAAAHHHHAAHHHH" its the sound of them not being able to breathe. It's like getting punched in the gut, but instead of a fist, its a ball of hottness.
NateRW21: You're gorgeous!
gruveninmyvw: um....yes.
andre2123: ur so hot, just thought u should know that
zomgwtfbbq: give me your bangbucks >:[
CHAOSisFUNNY: thanks for the vote grinlol
nickisthesex: hey babe i miss you and ur never on msn
Kensei: I want to bite your lip
wilstemptation: Beautiful eyes biggrin Gave ya a yes
bigtony84: Hey help me out Check out my channel and subscribe if you like
SteveO27: very nice yes from me
SteveO27: very nice yes from me
twistedtat: love your eyes, beautiful, thanx for the yes....gorgeous!
Menandwomen: :]
worst4now: wow u r gorgeous! im charlie hit me up sometime!
Wilikerz: everyone above and below me has the IQ of a peanut
juggaloco: sexy and gorgeous
juggaloco: sexy and gorgeous
juggaloco: sexy and gorgeous
MrJoshMAN: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
love you
PocketsOnSwole: Your Very Welcome!! smile
Sivahn: Thank's for the yes
PocketsOnSwole: Youre Gorgeous Hun!! smile
trentheffern: haha no problem
trentheffern: i love your eyes
MrJoshMAN: kaylakaylakaylakaylakay
ILikeMusic: Wow you are looking amazing! Mind if I asked where ya moved to? haha
demigod: o and if u could doo all of that and send me gold and jewels that would just be the cherry on top. thx kaylasbabs I'll send a Currier to come pick up my first chest of gold and jewels in the morning. his name is Henry, he doesn't speak english he will be
demigod: zomg kayla u neeed to stop doing that right now! u kno what inappropriate thing im talking about! stopitstopitstopit!!! ;o ur reallly reallly zomg superbad!
MrJoshMAN: hmm?!???!? -_- angry face if you're questioning me
MrJoshMAN: love you to smile
MrJoshMAN: ok good, i believe you grinlol
MrJoshMAN: yeeeeeep so what? talking on the phone? ahhhh......ohh you can thinka somethin else to
lkey vampires are even close? im pretty sure that i dont like sparkley vampires. hahahah so thats supposed to make me feel like sparlkey vampires
MrJoshMAN: im talking to you on the phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
MrJoshMAN: of course they are >_<
MrJoshMAN: only if ur the most perfect girl ever! grinlol
MrJoshMAN: whaaaaaaa?
MrJoshMAN: shoosh

MrJoshMAN: haha yayyyyyyyyyyyyy i like commenting you
MrJoshMAN: hey >_< josh will most deffinetly comment kayla i just havent lately cuz im only on wyht to see if i got a message, and i NEVER do so i just leave haha im sorryyyyyyyyy

you have gorgeous eyes, and lips, damn ur beautiful kayla

good thing ur mine wink
wilstemptation: you have gorgeous eyes biggrin very pretty, yes for you smile
Jeremy06: your eyes your lips damn hun your so beautiful!
broomeage: what?
gunner237: those have to be the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen
CrombIEboY17: haha well i'm sure it is going up if texas is going up.. it cant be lower than texas that makes perfect sense to me
Hazey: love your eyes
shaggy72401: so how are you
broomeage: I know! I haven't talked to you in forever it feels like.
broomeage: When Bruce Willis was dead at the end of Sixth Sense, I jizzed in my pants.
nbaumgar: Total jailbait, but wicked eyes!!! smile
shaggy72401: you have very sexy eyes
CrombIEboY17: thats better than texas ha.. texas is a cheap ass state to live in though for the most part
CrombIEboY17: ha! well thats better than what i'm making right now lol..what is minimum wage there? its only 6.55 here in texas but going up to 7.25 in july
CrombIEboY17: haha cuz i just figured u had some outrageously good connections
CrombIEboY17: lol i woulda thought you would be makin at least 500 a week or more
CrombIEboY17: haha where do u work? i bet u make a crapload of money
CrombIEboY17: haha i'll be willing to trade?
CrombIEboY17: haha well thats not life is way more boring then yours. i dont have a job right now & i dont go to school either. i have the most free time in the world
CrombIEboY17: cool cool smile and basically the same thing here. just got through watching a really boring basketball game haha there wasnt anything else on how's life? lol
CrombIEboY17: heyy there smile whats up?
MrJoshMAN: just shtopin by to say looooooooove you!
MrJoshMAN: just shtopin by to say looooooooove you!
MrJoshMAN: iiiiiiiiiiiim about readyyyyyyyy to killlll my phone with my REAL vampire powers -_-
notahunk: my pleasure smile
notahunk: cute...definite yes
demigod: shush pwnd
demigod: there will be a kayla of love as soon as i have the means of producing that show. most of the "bacholers" will be either fuckin crazy psycho like Vietnam vet crazy, or like 700 pound male and female twins. 1 tranny, maybe a guy in an iron lung. some regul
MrJoshMAN: ssssss NOT a sparkely vampire smile
bigtony84: I've made a new video like always rate comment and subscribe
MrJoshMAN: noooot me :P hahaha
ufhottboy: hey babe how have u been?
MrJoshMAN: kaylaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

come over NOW
MrJoshMAN: i love you to baby
MrJoshMAN: i love you soooo much that when i say this no one else in teh universe or surrounding ones even come close to loving you or anyone as much as i love you!
MrJoshMAN: i luff you a bunch a lot a bunch a lot a bunch a lot a bunch a lot a bunch a loooooooooooooot muah muah muah
MrJoshMAN: baby of course i miss you! i just havent checked nething on wyht ina while :( come hereeee
demigod: nonononononon fuck ur new roomates abc family! they are all penis's and need to go home right meow ;0 where do i sign up for the reality show Kayla of love?
MrJoshMAN: start teachin grinlol
MrJoshMAN: teach me teach me teach me! wink
MrJoshMAN: HAHA nooooooo smile
MrJoshMAN: i donnt wantt kaYla angrie to josh cuz joshs' gramerr sukes
MrJoshMAN: hahahahahahah so u put good grammer there? shush it
MrJoshMAN: damn haha
dan182: love your hair
MrJoshMAN: hahaaaa MOOF i am your FASAAAA
MrJoshMAN: one was from the lionking
thediggydoc: thanks
MrJoshMAN: what about the other ones smile
thediggydoc: thanks for the yes gal have a great nite
MrJoshMAN: thank you future wife and mother of my children with silly names ! smile wink
MrJoshMAN: kaylaaaaaa!


remember that:P
MrJoshMAN: kayla! im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im so
MrJoshMAN: love love love love love love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! grinlol
nascarmaine: ty for the vote cool
MrJoshMAN: *starts usein some mad skills thatr better then kaylas ninja skills*
MrJoshMAN: ohhhhhh hush now :P
demigod: i miss kaylas too it must be a bug or something going around.... ;0 erix make sillys
zomgwtfbbq: no, i miss you. i thought you didn't want to talk to me anymore.
MrJoshMAN: shhhhhhhh haha lets pretend
MrJoshMAN: youuuuu better! or else :P your ninja skills are no match for my...something skills haha besides all i gotta do to beat ur secret weapon is close my eyes!! and try my hardest not to peek
murf2007: sure would:")
phillychad: very sexy.
MrJoshMAN: ilyilyilyilyilyilyilyil
mtschmidt: you're pretty damn gorgeous
MrJoshMAN: i i i i i i :(:(:(:(:(:(:( grrrrrwar! :(
demigod: ZOMG FUCK UR NEW ROOMATES anmd ur ABC family ;0
Rhino599: you got some of the most blazin blu eyes ever created thyre amazing!
MrJoshMAN: i fucking LOVE you k thx
Juggernaut75: THX
MrJoshMAN: i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you kiss kiss kiss hug hug hug kiss hug kiss hug muah!
crazywhitekid19: hey sexy whats up?
livingthedream18: thanks wink
Bdunc4u: sexy!
MrJoshMAN: i love you i love you i love you i love you kiss kiss kiss kiss hug hug hug hug muah!!! u love you baby!
MrJoshMAN: prrrrrrrrrrrrrromise? smile
MrJoshMAN: aaaaaas long as i still get you smile cuz ilyyyyysfm
MrJoshMAN: whyyyyy
BeanTown55178: Hawt....
BeanTown55178: Hawt....
MrJoshMAN: haha :x i love you to
MrJoshMAN: i need u more smile
MrJoshMAN: uh huh!!! :P
MrJoshMAN: of course there is
MrJoshMAN: ily tie and ur perfecter
MrJoshMAN: ily and ur amazing
MrJoshMAN: ur the cutest girl ever in the whole world grinlol
gman99: im good what are you up to at the moment?
gman99: hey there hows it going?
crazyboy1990: heyy , thanks for giving me a yes back smile
MrJoshMAN: grahhhh i miss you
thenameschris16: thanks for the yes,gorgeous. =P
MrJoshMAN: as;dlkfja;skldfjl; askjfl;askdfj :(
MrJoshMAN: ily
MILFCollector: Thank you for the yes. smile
MrJoshMAN: grWAR i think im getting sick

MrJoshMAN: a;lskdjf;alskdfhi
DJFREAK311: Thanks for the add cutie =)
CR25: very fine smile
MrJoshMAN: ilym kayla smile
MrJoshMAN: haha ily kayla :P
MrJoshMAN: shh haha ik that :P
Pernicious88: Soooo hott
MrJoshMAN: your mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine smile
MrJoshMAN: kaylaaaaaa :( i love you more then anybody in the world will ever love you

member that
Jewseph: Just wanted to say that I am so so so happy that your #2 Turn Master Chief :}
lifeiskorny: you're username really matches you
nothing like a hot girl with anger problems rofl.
HAMMYSAGE: u r so sexy wink
lifeiskorny: haha your profile is very blunt and straight to the point, i love how you don't put up with bullshit. it's refreshing to see at least one girl on here not stupid as fuck.
arrogantbastard: Thanks!! You're a cutie!!!
MrJoshMAN: lkajsdfhlksdfh grr i gotta go to work :( like now grwar haha im already like a billion hours late
AlmightyCramer: lookin' good, keep it up
countrycutie528: Haha! No problem, I just thought it was funny!
countrycutie528: Haha! No problem, I just thought it was funny!
mdesevigne: TDWP OWNS!=D
trentalicous: i know exactly where ur coming from lol theyre either douchebags, dumbasses, or both haha
trentalicous: i hate workin in the mornings, but shit id prob be sayin the oppisite if i worked nights, i need to find a new one though, i aint gettin paid shit lol
trentalicous: yeah, me too, i just gata work in the mornin and im not tryin to go in all hungover and shit, but its kool, just means i gata party harder next time right? haha
trentalicous: its iight, id rather be out gettin shit faced though haha
trentalicous: kool beans, im doin pretty much the same, gettin insperation for some new riffs lol
trentalicous: whats up??
trentalicous: hello there =D
mortuus: You have the Master Chief in yoru turn ons. Freak.
mortuus: Halo freak.
deadaim02: u get a def yes smile
countrycutie528: Cute profile! lolz! You go girl, don't take boy's shit! lolz! Yes I actually read your profile! lolz!
BoondockSaint: yup and yw
MrJoshMAN: haha ur so cute
mortuus: Why do you have a headset?
dan182: hey im kinky too i got hand cuffs i like to tie up my female friends and tickle them wink can i tickle you
MrJoshMAN: i love you! *kiss*
BoondockSaint: your prof name gave me an idea for a quote
BoondockSaint: thanks for the yes and the add
ForgetMeNotxox: any time sweetheart smile
MrJoshMAN: love you kaylaaaa
dan182: hey cutie i bet my tongue is longer lol how are ya i love your hair and your eyes blonds rule
bigpoppabear: ur welcome cutey
bigpoppabear: ur welcome cutey
deadaim02: u are amazing wow u are gorgeous very sexy wink hit me up sometime beautiful
WildAnimal69: You are one sexy lady. I love the tongue ring wink
MrJoshMAN: haha whatr u jeezin about :P
MrJoshMAN: haha yeah smile i love her tons smile
Codizil1: atta boy ;-)
JFKHottie4u: yea congrads joshman!!!! she is really pretty so lucky
MrJoshMAN: haha ya win some ya lose some i guess smile shell always be mine tho smile we agreed

Codizil1: what a jerk haha jk jk :-) compliments on the beautiful lady joshman haha
MrJoshMAN: i love you more smile and NO he can not have you, ur mine smile k thx
Codizil1: so gorgeous can i have you? :-)
MrJoshMAN: asl;dkfjasdl;kfjpretty sure i miss you :'(
tru4youjrock: veri sexi in my blue eyes
MrJoshMAN: id have to say ur the cutest girl alive smile
MrJoshMAN: haha noooo im not :P u are
demigod: since when do u wear glasses and look 20+
MrJoshMAN: doesnt mean i cant miss u :P
MrJoshMAN: i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu smile

me smile
moonfirez: yeah I am ridiculously tired as well
moonfirez: hi, how are you tonight?
BewareTheHunter: thanks for the yes
NdwnVup: DDDAMMM your sexy!! wats up babe!!
MrJoshMAN: josh loves youuuuu!
MrJoshMAN: i dont want you to explode!!!! how bout you would.....give me a huger hug then before smile
britishjay: no problem. just being honest. so what are you up to today?
MrJoshMAN: ilytfmtee
MrJoshMAN: good mornin babyy smile
MrJoshMAN: tehe iiiiii love you so much smile k thx
MrJoshMAN: hey everybody who reads this. kayla. is mine smile hahahah love you babe!!!!
noose: wowzers
MrJoshMAN: josh misses his kayla LOTS :(
gonnell: wow, hit me back some time
MrJoshMAN: no no no u are
MrJoshMAN: k love yousmile

dl;fjk ;gha
MrJoshMAN: <3<3<3<3<




MrJoshMAN: but i dont :( ilu!
MrJoshMAN: wait whaaaaaaaat
MrJoshMAN: wait whaaaaaaaat
MrJoshMAN: wait whaaaaaaaat
MrJoshMAN: blahhhhhhh i miss you more
camelass: thats for sure
camelass: ah yes school. one thing i dont miss
aaBBoy: Ur main pic silly
aaBBoy: Love it!
MrJoshMAN: josh misses you
camelass: yes but how many hours a week do you work? =P
camelass: i work too much =[ whats your excuse?
camelass: about the same. tired too
camelass: whatsup
camelass: hiya
Wilikerz: moon
baumfrey69: gorgeous!
Wilikerz: lol booty
juzchilling4twenty: thanks for the ad whats up
MustangMark: sexy
Wilikerz: soisoisoisoisoisoisoiso
AnonAmbientLight: Thanks =] You're pretty cute too.
papagimpz: Hey thanks for the add

MrJoshMAN: love you!
OhMusicBoy: You're gorgeous <3
MrJoshMAN: haha mkay :P
MrJoshMAN: im on wyht talking to you at my registerrrrr! smile
zomgwtfbbq: it means i miss you and we haven't talked in a long time which is pretty much the opposite of what things used to be. it means that i need you because you keep me grounded, you help me make sense of things. and it means that i love you.
MrJoshMAN: but less then how much ilu grinlol haha
MrJoshMAN: iiiiiiii lllllloooooovvvvveeeee YYYYOOOOOUUUUUU k thx good
zomgwtfbbq: you know, some people need you...
MrJoshMAN: babyyyy i looooove you! <3 dont EVER forget that MUAH
nelly043: ohhh i've been better lol but not too bad considering last night was a pretty crazy time! lol
DXN987: how are ya cutie?
MrJoshMAN: ohhhhhh you are grinlol haha i can prove it *pulls mirror out*
therealandywascool: miss ignorey pants
MrJoshMAN: howssssssssss my sexy sexy sexy sexy lover doing smile
nelly043: how are you?
DXN987: hey there
ak420stnr: so yea..i just wanted to let u know that i think u are extremely gorgeous
ALEX327: sexci shorti nuff said
Wilikerz: I'm in your comments

Pwning the nubs
MrJoshMAN: hey guess what love you k thx bye grinlol
Josh30Thayer: hey you..hows life :-)
iamerik: haha dork.

how are you?
foshonigga: thanks babe smile
do you have msn?
IlikeTHEwayYOUlook: heyy how are ya? your really cute smile
Raphaelx: Hello there Kayla.
How was your weekend??
Morenogatinho: hey you are gorgeous.. do u have msn messenger?! you wont regret.. byue
foshonigga: hey
your gorgeous
pinkfloyd19952000: and now thanks for the add
CrombIEboY17: haha whatever you say.. so how was your weekend?
CrombIEboY17: thanks babe smile you have like the most cutest face and an outta this world body to match it.. so yeah BAMMM ur smoking hott haha
CrombIEboY17: sure.. you make it sound interesting putting it in terms like that lol
CrombIEboY17: because usually really good looking girls such as yourself from this site dont talk to me when i try talking to em lol so yeah im surprised you talked back but im sure glad ya did haha
Jeremy06: damn u r beautiful!
CrombIEboY17: haha yeah it took me a shitload amount of time to read ur profile but it was worth it lol and im surprised you responded back haha..but yeah noo problem smile
davidbrandi05: You are stunning. I luv your eyes smile
CrombIEboY17: hey there! whats up? interesting profile. get back at me if ya want smile
MrSteven: Hmm sometimes. only when I mean it though!

And i definitely do wink
MrSteven: wow, you're so pretty!
Can I have you? haha.

MrJoshMAN: haha then come here!!! damn u
MrJoshMAN: haha i can handle that i think smile only if ur mine tho
MrJoshMAN: haha noooooo ur cute
MrJoshMAN: haha hmmmmmm i could have fun with that
MrJoshMAN: haha whaaaaat do i get?
MrJoshMAN: haha i dont want u?!? somethings wrong in ur head baby

baby girl i want you.....more then you know

i want you hear right now

u dont know what id do to you..wink
MrJoshMAN: haha its true!! ur my gf remember smile
MrJoshMAN: only for you tho grinlol
MrJoshMAN: only for you tho grinlol
lilprincess6868: wow hun u r gorgeous!
Piranha: My my... touchy
pinkfloyd19952000: thanks for the yes
circa123: haha yeah! I read your whole profile which was quite extensive might I add. I can tell you have great energy and you're probably a handfull! You seem to be a good mixture of everything but know who you are and thats ok with you. I admire that in a perosn.
circa123: You're quite welcome ma'am! i think you should look at writing books or something.
circa123: whoa dude you are a very articulate 17 year old. Nice profile!
Piranha: Youre amazing! Thanks for adding me
SPE657: TY for the yes!
Sbhguitarist: i knew Iwouldnt have to try hard to convince you =P
Sbhguitarist: correction,im sexy, your silly
Swiggs: Yea i actually just got my hair cut again today and a lot of people have said it looks good but from the front view i think i look like moe from the three stooges
Swiggs: yeah had to get rid of it in the real world but o well it happens
Swiggs: too bad i dont have my long hair anymore tho :(
Swiggs: Thanks for the yes wink
Squails: You're quite welcome. Keep on Shining On (!)
Sbhguitarist: yeah i like working with my hands. im king of legos lol, well was
Sbhguitarist: omgosh iactually read your profile, I think im going into massage therapy in the fall =)
Sbhguitarist: never know, your family could have drugged you, and made you have ababy and you just dont remember it, it happens, like on dateline and stuffs
Sbhguitarist: because adding another your gorgeous hot or beautiful comment would just be lame, I like to mix itup
Sbhguitarist: me either, but I was just trying to ruin agood thing
joshua1983: thanks for the yes sexy
capt1eye: Love the pics! You are a very beautiful girl smile
kevin8171992: hey can i add u
zomgwtfbbq: your tongue... is it biggened?
moonfirez: is 6'2 tall enough?
XtasyEffect: I'm Pretty Fucking Tired. lol. Hows Life Going With You? Kicking Ass In Games? xD
zomgwtfbbq: nooo you won't get me to say it againnn
zomgwtfbbq: no
zomgwtfbbq: she wants to suck on your penis... that's a good thing
Hayden1986: i wouldnt lie im telling you the honest to god truth that is seriously me... lol everything under your turn ons is me.
zomgwtfbbq: i'll be the iron chef of pounding vag
TrueLgoti: Thought the comment would get a laugh outta ya.

By your reaction. Success! Haha.
Hope you're havin' a fun day. smile
MidNightWish: youre gorgeous
Hayden1986: hey gorgeous how you doing?

whatcha think of my pic?
XtasyEffect: Dude. Your Profile. Is Truly. Amazing. How Are you Tonight? Er, Or Today, Whenever You Read It xD lol
zomgwtfbbq: i get it now ^_^
zomgwtfbbq: o no i thought you meant you liked 3 irl and i was like wtf
zomgwtfbbq: do you mean 3 like 3===D or 3 like left middle right? cause idk how to do left middle right. i only have left right.
zomgwtfbbq: idk how to do that
zomgwtfbbq: ok here
zomgwtfbbq: you wish
zomgwtfbbq: and stfu
zomgwtfbbq: gnoc
zomgwtfbbq: noooooooooooooo dont eat it.. you'll ruin it!
zomgwtfbbq: no you dontttttttttttttttttttt
zomgwtfbbq: you left me? is that what?
kitkicker: fun stuff eh? lol
kitkicker: doin great, thanks, just relaxing tonight!
kitkicker: thanks for the yes gorgeous... how are you?
SoullessGod87: Thanks for the add. If you got Gears 2 we should play it sometime, if you want.
Raphaelx: you are beautiful.
What games do you play on xbox live??
zomgwtfbbq: i love you toooo
zomgwtfbbq: why? :[
Dancer4u2watch90: baaaaabe! i miss you so much!
zomgwtfbbq: you tryin to trick me? O_o
zomgwtfbbq: wait... wat
zomgwtfbbq: did i just lose my virginity?
zomgwtfbbq: btw GIVE ME TEH NOODZ
zomgwtfbbq: true ^_~
zomgwtfbbq: in my fuckin recliner that i spend my life in
zomgwtfbbq: well where ya been ya dick
Rec: My pleasure. wink
Rec: Very beautiful! smile
heyitsmikeo: its going pretty well... very eventful haha
heyitsmikeo: youre gorgeous smile

hows it goin?
NdwnVup: you have the SEXIEST EYES AND LIPS ive eva seen babe!! seriously your beautiful!
Tomdrury: merry xmas sexy.
Lostsockpatrol: Happy Hollidayhorray
zomgwtfbbq: your banananana is gonna get smooshed D: D: D: call the police
zomgwtfbbq: dirtier
zomgwtfbbq: that sounds dirty
zomgwtfbbq: i'll beat you with a pan.. i mean what
zomgwtfbbq: so you....spank.... pans? interesting choice
zomgwtfbbq: why ? D:
zomgwtfbbq: i practice a lot
zomgwtfbbq: i dont know what you do in your spare time
Arsehole: cool. you need messengers :p
zomgwtfbbq: no zombie teets are going in my mouth
zomgwtfbbq: YA FUCKIN ZOMBIE
zomgwtfbbq: :$
zomgwtfbbq: o hai
Arsehole: not overly bad. what's new??
Lefthanded: thank you, your default picture is very beautiful as well!
CYREAL: nice pic ma ya bomb
Arsehole: how have you been? long time no talk
aLcOhoLicpanda: well thanks :]
kieldirtydave: i always end up seeing your photo somewhere and it always your lips that stick out and im like *drool* just had to say that
automech7053: what was your yahoo name again? smile
SapphireRomance: very beautiful
bywlasthero: hey there thx for the add and the yes! wassup
JONATHANJD: thanks for the vote :-)
zomgwtfbbq: stfu
zomgwtfbbq: how do you know that?
zomgwtfbbq: hey, i know you
evileyesonme: ohh thanks hehe -hhug-
evileyesonme: can i add u to friends ????
curtythestudman: grinlol
curtythestudman: Thanks for the Yes Gorgeous!
JoeNycStyle: lol how u doing this morning?
JoeNycStyle: had to give u some tongue lol
JoeNycStyle: :P
LetsGIP: hey whats goin on?
NdwnVup: damn gurl your sexy!! watta you up to babe?
ak420stnr: you are absolutely gorgeous and you have amazing eyes
Dumpling: Thanks ^^
bdyche: thanks. you're pretty damn gorgeous too.
af32hero: well i hop everything works out love
af32hero: really??? why not? can i add u on myspace n yahoo??
af32hero: so u seem like a sweetheart, ur bf is a lucky guy!! :(
af32hero: thats good ur a christian...oh and im super protective, so u would let me be huh?? lol
af32hero: oh good to know. so did u really go thru anger management?? and how is master chief a turn on??
af32hero: Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?
mrperfect25569: What things do you have then aim? Just send me your screen names in a message
mrperfect25569: same....lets talk on yahoo (:
mrperfect25569: heyyy....whatsup??
Rhino599: you have a amazingly beautiful blue eyes! keep spreadin the loove!
Funwithapples: thanks for the yes
goodapollo: oh no it is clearly you that is the cutie smile

lets be friends k?
Dancer4u2watch90: hey babygirl, i miss ya tons!
tufgi88: you have some pretty eyes
zomgwtfbbq: and i didnt even feel it!
ACDiesel: doing alright, not too much going on
ChelseaFC: ayo, thanks for the yes beautiful smile
cycloneman33: wow very sexy
sundance: love this picture
jamesdeen: you look beautiful in your new pic
Drago44: Heyy thanx for the yes babe :-)
automech7053: Hey! Whats your MNS name again? lol
teejhot: sexy
jamesdeen: what is so cool, i do whatever i want i live with my brother in 5 bedroom 3 story house lol
jamesdeen: ok just mowed the yard, im home alone till about 830pm
jamesdeen: how was your day sweetness
shaggy72401: yea its always fun lol
shaggy72401: same here just picking the place up
shaggy72401: im good so what are you up too today
shaggy72401: hey whats up how are you
ACDiesel: wink so how's it goin?
jag1973: If I got a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have....five cents! smile One of the most sincere profiles I've read on WYHT yet. Thanks for being real. Added you as my friend.
NavyOS84: anytime sweetheart =)
NavyOS84: Very beautiful! you deff have my yes!
ACDiesel: thx for the yes
disavian: love the pout
albert12985: Your welcome sexy!!!!!!!!
albert12985: Your purttttttttyyyyy
biltmore1977: thanks for the "yes"!
NdwnVup: ommmmg ur sexy babe!! what are you up to?
ridegnu: thanks for the yes
shaqinmiami: Get on msn! :]
automech7053: Whats your MSN name? wink
zomgwtfbbq: what?
zomgwtfbbq: yes yes.
i love you too
ngravedanger: sometimes im rad.
jgodby1: aw, thanks. you are, too!
automech7053: haha well that sucks, cause in wasnt on here! lol. whats your name on there?
automech7053: so when are we gonna talk on MSN? :P lol
penispuppet: good just about to have a nap though i'm tired out =] woke up too early
penispuppet: good just about to have a nap though i'm tired out =] woke up too early
penispuppet: hey how's it going? =]
P3T3: very pretty
hotscorp: hiyaa
hows ya
hotscorp: hiyaa
hows ya
penispuppet: sweet sounds like fun =] I just got back from my friends house I'm going to nap then have dinner and I go in to work later ahh
penispuppet: any special plans for the weekend?
penispuppet: yeah well I'm pretty silly and I thought it was funny haha
penispuppet: sweet pretty good dance
penispuppet: redface how are you doing Kayla? smile
texasfbal: your very hot
rebelboy61219: hey thanks for the add sexy
hotscorp: hmm ok
im bored
hotscorp: hey wasup
nice recent pics
hows ya
ali20: Hey =]
nice pics smile
you have very pretty eyes
Ramiel76: hey thanks for the yes grinlol
thisguy1: Haha baby why did you send me masterchief lol your so weird but i love it =]
sharkmaninohio: what a sexy beautiful young lady smile
zomgwtfbbq: i love you tooooo
DaDonJuan9: youuuuu should be =P lol
DaDonJuan9: =( always the others ruinin my time to talk to someone cool
DaDonJuan9: sooo...i like how u gave me ur sn, and yet
ur NEVER ONLine! Lol
log: well hello! how are you tonite
bigmo: Jus wanted to drop by and tell you how beautiful you are.
BreakStone: oh, you are most DEFINITELY welcome
BreakStone: thank you for the yes smile
lethalhickeys: oh i know!
sometimes i just wonder why i dont ALWAYS use my advice LOL.
lethalhickeys: grossss lol next time some loser sends me one im going to be like wow thats small you shouldnt be posting things like that people can go blind lmao.
log: yes! i have a supporter for guys with no shaved legs! esta BUENO!!!
lethalhickeys: the message you print screen`d in your turn offs makes me laugh cause a few hrs ago some creepy guy sent me a pic of his peen to my mail - awaaakward lmao.
lethalhickeys: awhhh well adorable is better then cute!!!! :P but thanks grinlol
lethalhickeys: mainly because i feel it gets way too overused like a broken record and considering im pretty tiny i get called it alot and to an extent its okay,but sometimes it makes me wonder why people cant say 'pretty' or good looking you know lol
log: so i just started a thread and i have to ask you. why do girls like guys with shaved legs
xelementalityx07x: Ahahah oh man, i think if i ever found my sister on a website like this i would throw up violently for many many days... but thank you!smile
you're pretty hot yahself
log: yes yes yes! i will be sure to show it to you when i am finished with it!
log: it was amazing. i am going to recreate it.
log: i made my own up. his name was Senior Dick. he had all sorts of powers. the force was one of them. and he battled abunch of evil villians. it was a silent film too so it was just plain amazing
log: myself getting scared with horror movies sometimes too
log: fer sure. and a world with out movies. well. i dont know where would be at. it would be alot less entertaining. i have not made a horror movie yet. i have made a super hero movie. which i lost :( sad day. that was the greatest movie i ever made. i find m
log: i got some movies up on myspace. there ok but i lost all i my good works
log: i like making funny movies. and i like making movies to songs. i loved doing it in school so i took it up as a hobby. and i did it for a while but then i moved out and i broke my camera so i had stopped for a long time and now i will continue doing it. i
log: sure do. i am going to start making movies again by the end of this month. im getting a video camera
log: well good for you. thats good you know what you want to do. i myself and into construction and making movies. thats my passion. i love seeing what i can make with my hands. its motovating.
log: early childhood development. like teaching little kids? thats pretty cool. get to efffect little kids and make this world a little better.
log: and what do you want to do for the rest of your life. its a sad day when people ruin there lives for drugs. ive been down that road and its a long windy road that just goes in circles. but i changed that. it ruined my life. but i fixed it and am quite hap
log: hmm. yes school. i miss it really. sometimes. not all the time. maybe your enjoying cuz you get to be around your friends again everyday and get to start a better future for yourself.
log: Well im just super fantastic amazingly awesome. i dont know about yourself but thats how i feel. today is a good day. yes yes it is. got away from my psychotic boss for 2 days! YAY! ^_^ how are you on this wonderis day
log: hello kayla. im timmy! nice to meet you.
lethalhickeys: ah thats alright no need to explain its probably easier for the both of us to understand just how it is right now lol.
lethalhickeys: awh i started school last week. its pretty boring right now and its my first year of college too. hopefully as it gets more into the year my classes will get abit intresting,but the teachers are nice :]
lethalhickeys: thanks dear :]
how are ya?
lethalhickeys: thanks for the yes :]
you are very pretty.
i like your blonde hair lol i miss mine :(
ca86: Very pretty
Wilikerz: heartthrob
Wilikerz: What a sweet girl
Shuaz: Woah, you are STUNNING! Thanks for brightening up my crummy Friday with your profile pic <3
sk8erjer17: whats your aim name babe?
sk8erjer17: whats your aim name babe?
sk8erjer17: wellllll what do you use a lot?
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Thanks for the yes!!! wink smile grinlol
sk8erjer17: whats up babe? yo uneed to get on msn more
erchamion: you'll have to excuse me for my pointless blathering. i'm a little on the bored side and i need to stop thinking.
erchamion: does that mean it's still open? score!
erchamion: wow, your yahoo sn is vagina? that isn't fair...that's what i wanted my sn to be...
nickisthesex: n2mu?
legendkiller26: That's cool, we should chat sometime hun ;]
misfit4lyfe: lucky rj, your very pretty
legendkiller26: hey whats up beautiful?
nickisthesex: hey
musicinfilm: so nothing wrong with me haha
musicinfilm: nothing wrong with silly
musicinfilm: see that sounds hardcore ;]
musicinfilm: should have kicked back haha
musicinfilm: that's very hardcore of you haha
musicinfilm: set your goals
musicinfilm: nothing much just listening to music
musicinfilm: haha i am that, too. what's up?
musicinfilm: because I'm right haha.
musicinfilm: yes you are. you can't disagree. :]
musicinfilm: i am? how so?
musicinfilm: thanks, but that's you.
knightofdesire: thankyou for the yes sweetie;p
rebelscguy20: his hydrolic hip thrusting action would surely kill you lol. wanna chat on msn? you seem pretty badass.
rebelscguy20: beautiful pics, i know master chief woulda wanna get allll over that....too bad he'd crush you lol.
BoyMeetsWorld456: You are so cute. You know that?
benjrh: yeah sometimes the private accounts dont work right.
I sent you another friend request. Even though were friends.
Try again in a little bit. smile
benjrh: wink But I did... Gladly! haha Check out mine. smile
benjrh: haha... smile Alright I will comment all of them!

Your welcome to comment mine. :P Not sure if your like it or not haha!

I need to add some more "private" photos eventually. Just need to decide how much "private" material I want to show. wink
benjrh: haha oh it got cut off... I said... your welcome for the photo comments. wink

smile Want to be friends?
benjrh: Hey thanks for the comment back so fast! ... Yeah. Im brutal bored too... Had a long day. Needed to go into work at 7 am so I was up at like 5:30 lol... ugrh! So Im basically too tired to go out and do anything.

So just on WYHT. oh, and of course. wink Y
benjrh: Hey... I was looking threw my "yes" votes and saw you. smile So I decided to say hi. Nice to meet you! I'm Ben! And your gorgeous! Thanks for checkin out my profile!
NdwnVup: hey hey sexy, wat up?
NymphetamineRose: Hey hun, thanks for joining my group. I would love for you to post anytime you feel the need xx
thisguy1: Haha I'm an ass? lol...I think I'm gonna tear you apart this weekend =]
thisguy1: haha well now its my default on myspace so evertime you see me on your top your gonna go a good way =] lol
thisguy1: Haha why can't you look at that picture anymore? =]
thisguy1: hey baby =] just thought id leave you a comment and tell you i miss you =]
CbFunk: uber hottie! grinlol
automech7053: hey babe! how ya been? So when are we gonna talk on MSN? lol
kriptonic505: but but non for me? =(
kriptonic505: ur welcome hun i commented a few pics hope u like em
kriptonic505: ur gorgeous hun =)
TommyGun08: Thanks for the yes cutie smile
sk8erjer17: you on msn love?
twinkeltowes: thank you, your a cutie also
yoitstylo: Haha, no problem =]
you tooo =]]]
thisguy1: hah i seen it...hey guess what...i miss you =]
Damanoftheyear: thanx for the yes
indridcold: wow yer eyez n this pic!
yoitstylo: aw, haha thanks =]]]
indridcold: good thing u added me to friendz im like a little ball of happy lawlzwink fa shoo fa shooooo
indridcold: :/ thats not good...*sigh* just lack of fun stuff or bummed out?
indridcold: liez all liezwink howz the night life?
indridcold: takes one to know one! wink and while im on the subject...omg im sooo hooked on zuma! retarded game...why did i start playing it:O
indridcold: i'm an rj...i want to b in the <3 club! smile yer lookz r kill babe!
hxcdustin: glad you think so.
cause i surely think the same of you.
Dancer4u2watch90: so yea, i totally miss you :(
sk8erjer17: okay. whats your msn love?
sk8erjer17: saaaaad. get on msn n talk to me?
sk8erjer17: and why wouldnt i want to? lol i text you but you never text back =(
thisguy1: haha you make me smile too baby
sk8erjer17: how come yo unever talk to me anymore pretty lady?
lisabelly: YOUR SO CUTE):
hotscorp: hey sexy

lets have some fun...on my cam..wat u say
thisguy1: haha babe i love the picture comment....i think you face is instant vagina wetness/dick hardness haha
nhra347: wow, you get a yes!
essenceofenigma: Ahh, I see. Well if you want someone to talk to, just message me or something. I'm bored and I'm also a good listener.. But you'd probably feel a bit awkward so it's understandable.
essenceofenigma: Just got done watching a really stupid movie.. Called Shrooms.. Why the bad mood, if you feel like sharing..
essenceofenigma: what's up?
BoBoBoBo: Not my cat.
BoBoBoBo: I wanted to name him Thor.
BoBoBoBo: I'll tell Mini Moose you said that.
BoBoBoBo: You have a very long profile. I like that.
JuneBug1486: Thanks for the yes babydoll
essenceofenigma: You look stunning, to say the least.. Beautiful eyes, smile, hair.. Definitely one of the most attractive women I've seen on here yet.. Nevertheless, I must vote!
littlebudda: thanks for the yes
Dancer4u2watch90: i sooooo miss you!
thisguy1: haha well yeah i put it there but only because its truuueee =]
Dancer4u2watch90: hey sweetie
DaDonJuan9: cus ur never on msn so i can talk to u =( Lol
DaDonJuan9: loser =P lol
firefox: ok sorry i over react alot
firefox: ok cuz i read your profile after i rated you xD
firefox: i rated you but before you get freaked out or anything just read like the first couple lines of my profile
Dancer4u2watch90: girl, get online and talk to me smile
DaDonJuan9: coo =)....and i say u dont go to sleep and u stay on longer =D, think thats the best idea for urryone haha
Dancer4u2watch90: omg get back on msn babe! haha i thought u had gone to sleep!
DaDonJuan9: hope ye dont mind meh ask ya for msn sn, so that i have more oppurtunities to say that u suck in halo haha
DaDonJuan9: pretty =)
Dancer4u2watch90: i'm gonna watch a movie with the roomies babe. i'll be back in like an hour and a half....don't you dare go to bed! love you!
Dancer4u2watch90: tell me about it! what happened? message it to me if you want, or get on msn woman
Dancer4u2watch90: babe i miss you! sorry i was gone with my parents this weekend. hope we talk soon! muah!
DXN987: not too bad, been busy
DXN987: hey there been awhile how are you?
givetomek: wats ur tag my friends rock halo all the time lol
KissTheCook75: Thank you for the Yes
bikersk8rkid: Okay.
bikersk8rkid: No I think you are. smile I'm just a sexy loverless maybe cute.
oneinsanemarine: master chief is cool, but cortana is hot!
bikersk8rkid: Well shit I don't want you freaking out on me haha.
bikersk8rkid: I was really horny and hard last night. Not like I would have done anything with or to you, just it would be poking you. I'm too big and thick. :/
bikersk8rkid: I think last night would have been a bad time anyways. HAHA
bikersk8rkid: Aw you will come with me? LIAR
bikersk8rkid: To add to the comment below this "Ps. I'm the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet."
Add me since I can't add you.
bikersk8rkid: [bgcolor=#000000]Oh if you think that much of me, wait until you get to know me more. I'm more then just what you just said, no disapointmeant there. I'm going to bed darling, no one wants to come, so I'm going alone. :([/b
bikersk8rkid: [bgcolor=#000000]Well maybe I will get on with you, if I can find a set up for it. LoL. Yeah I was like I wonder when Kayla is going to reply. I love her fucking name and she's so fucking adorable (sexy and beautiful). haha[/
bikersk8rkid: I haven't seen someones webcam in so freaking long, I don't even remember.
bikersk8rkid: Sorry took me awhile to reply. I was laying down tetx messaging and thinking about you. LOL. Um yeah sure if you want to get on webcam.
bikersk8rkid: If you make me a sign picture and be my sexy lover. HAHA
bikersk8rkid: Depends. smile
bikersk8rkid: Well you can have me. grinlol
bikersk8rkid: Why not?
bikersk8rkid: Well that too. I remember reading something that said you were taken buy "thisguy1" or something.
bikersk8rkid: Because I'm tall and your taken. haha
bikersk8rkid: Well I'm sorry. :(
countryboybarry: thanks for the yes hun.. keep rockin out that Halo
bikersk8rkid: Is that bad?
chance1321x: sexy
HurlEyPreP219: no probs hun:P
KingHermit: dude u seem like a bitch
cockybalboa2: Hey Kayla, how are you today?
bravo08: thanks for the're great, check out my priv. pics if u wanna

LoveToTouch: You Are Effin Gorgeous! smile
xxundy1ngpass1onxx: eh its ok. sucks being lonely and having noone. :O
xxundy1ngpass1onxx: your really cute, :]

hows life been treating ya darling
AliVe4PlEaSuRe: ur a cutie ; ]~
ohcrikies: canandaigua cool i go to Flcc
cockybalboa2: I just stopped by to hit you with a yes cutie grinlol
ballsofsteel: hahah that s ok chicky.. dont worry bout it.. it was a while ago when we added eachother.. and we hadnt talked much since we added eachother.. so anyway sorry its been so long and that we hadnt talked much..:-) how are ya? :-D
CrazyBlackMan111: wow you amaze me smile
ballsofsteel: hey hey chicky.. just sending some love your way i miss seeing ya around.. its been toooo long!! hit me up anytime PLEASE..:-)
extentunknown: You're damn pretty smile
Tomdrury: i want you to hurt me
ashtonville: your profile might just have been the most entertaining thing ive read since i was born! lol
<3s vrey cute, and honest! tall guys and head lol ill totally remember that
xx take care hotstuff
kriptonic505: orrr u could jus ignore me lol
NdwnVup: damn your sexy babe!! whats up?
Wilikerz: WAX
cfizzle10: damn sexy get at me
overhere: thanx for the yes
ibreakdrumsticks: kayla is the sexiest girl on would you hit this! <333
karldiddy: Damn sexy!!! thanks for the Yes! IM me Karldiddy on AIM hitit
Lead6uitar77: what is up Kayla?
Mandos: very pretty
Lead6uitar77: I'm pretty alright, Feel Uhg, I've been bored out of my mind and I'm even more bored since I graduated.
Your lack of a music section is bugging me
Lead6uitar77: you seem purdy cool, how goes it?
NdwnVup: hey there sexy! wats up babE?
DXN987: i'm doing pretty well
pplsuck1: beautiful!!
DXN987: oops wrong comment, how are you?
DXN987: hmmm i see you :(
SDASOIfan1: you have amazing eyes
DXN987: hello
MagicalMISSY18: yay kkk

did u rate me?
MagicalMISSY18: hey cutie
hows ur night? lets be friends...?!
rated u yes too smile
travmeatwad: Pretty much the same.. Finals start on Wednesday.. and then Friday is my last day..

I can't wait for summer to start. grinlol
travmeatwad: Haha yepp.. that was me. grinlol

Right now I'm just bored, listening to music.

What have you been up to lately? We haven't talked in forever.
travmeatwad: Hm.. I was wondering why you looked so familiar.. and then I realized we used to talk. Haha.

What's up?
zomgwtfbbq: liesssssss
JoeNycStyle: 3 things
1 - yummy lol
2 - dyme 10
3 - i lost your number can i get it again lol jk
You Are F'ing SEXY!!!!...Damn Girl You Need To Holla At Ya Boi....wink

ColdVeinSociety333: im just as thrilled as ya wink
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha yes sexi smile
ColdVeinSociety333: Thanks for the pic comments love wink I am all yours if ya want me to be...
ChuGotItMeing: damn! someone's getting a yes wink
Dmac1135: oh anytime!wink
Dmac1135: wow! amazing!
automech7053: cool cool. whats your name on there?
automech7053: Same here. Do you ever talk on AIM or Yahoo? smile
automech7053: IM ok... kinda bored today tho! lol Doin anything fun?
automech7053: Hey cutie! How are ya? Thanks for the add!
waxurss: cute pics
Jordn: why so terrible? anything i can do to cheer you up? smile
Wilikerz: Sweet, beautiful, sexy...I don't think you could get any better.
DXN987: That's ok I want to hear it.
DXN987: Oh god, What happened?
DXN987: I'm ok. What's the matter?
champ72397: thanx for the yes, ur a cutie
DXN987: hey there how are you?
Jordn: how you doin today? if you have msn you should add me...its faster smile
Jordn: hey there thanks for the yes smile
wondersofthc: come on now babe
wondersofthc: aim or yahoo??
miketallicax: you should be my slave again >=P
Lostsockpatrol: Well i'm so confused and I guess that was meant for someone else :P redface laaahlaaahlaaaah I get it.
Lostsockpatrol: I guess theres must be two of you. sneaky sneaky. And here I was gonna send you a frosty!
Lostsockpatrol: Thats exactly what you last said! :p
Lostsockpatrol: lmao no it didn't! Don't think those thoughts.
Lostsockpatrol: you should go get one! vanilla creamyness is worth it
ColdVeinSociety333: Well thats good wink So how ya like New York? I friend of mine is always trying to get me to move out there
Lostsockpatrol: Chyea! They have like two flavors at wendys.
Lostsockpatrol: vanilla frosty ! mmmhmmmm. Then i'll brag about how good it is to everyone!
Lostsockpatrol: Now im hungry for a frosty!!!! Maybe i should go get one mmmmm
ColdVeinSociety333: Naw your crazy for thinking that love wink

O really, well there nothing wrong with that lol hopefully all your friends understand wink
Lostsockpatrol: Yess. Tummy aches are no fun. I'd rather have a brain freeze from a frosty.
ColdVeinSociety333: Pssh Adorable is all you wink Ya I hear ya wish I knewwhat to do too! I hate working semi late fri. and not having plans till like last min. during the nite...
hanginlo: thanx for the yes gorgeous
ColdVeinSociety333: Thanks hun but im no wheres near as cute as ya wink im good jus got home from work and im a bit tired lol it sucks...
ColdVeinSociety333: Thanks for the yes cutie love the pix very beautiful wink so how are ya? -Ryan-
Ashadow: nm jus finished playing some halo 3 bit bored. hows life been treating you?
Ashadow: whats up beautiful havent talked to you ina while
sk8erjer17: im good, you only have aim right? wanna just text?
sk8erjer17: eh not too much. how you been? we should chat sometime
miketallicax: im full of surprizes hahahaha, just meet me and see =P
sk8erjer17: hey, what have you been up to?
miketallicax: workin my fuckin ass off, im probably gonna move somewhere get some land somehow and start building my own house soon enough =D
menace2006: very hott
miketallicax: i know! sup?
NdwnVup: hey there gorgious!! watta you up to sexy?
andrewo: Maybeee =]
andrewo: I'm single =]
andrewo: Yours?
Dangerous10K: A perfect 10 for sure!!
boxerjoeandson: wow you have the nicest eyes on here
britishjay: whatever you like. cute, funny, sexy. whatever you wanna do
The1337: wicked cute girl =)
britishjay: hmmm. you should. and send em to me hehe.
applejuice: you know, I'm actually not even really in the mood to run right now.

I suppose you may have me, without a chase

if you'd like.
britishjay: so you have more pix. no biggie if not. just curious.
britishjay: yes of course. i have only been in the states since last summer.
applejuice: no!

you'll have to catch me first! nana
britishjay: oh no big deal i was only curious. i am in NY city for film school
britishjay: where in NY are you?
britishjay: i would like to break something but not my promise. hehe
britishjay: mmmm..............promi
se.........i would do...............well THINGS to you. lol
britishjay: i think that would be best..........don't you?
britishjay: babysitting and bored. no should have a cute english boy over to keep you company. lol. oh i came back to the flat early tonight. we were out until 5am last night.
britishjay: thanks. you are an amazing beauty. what are you into tonight?
Bowlaboii216: thanks for the YES gorgeous!
parsons123: good, cause you got me wantin you already. message mesexy
parsons123: cute as hell btw. is 20 too old tho?
Hollisterhope07: awww thanks sweetie
Hollisterhope07: you are gorgeous hun =]
Boivin16: I'd definately scratch and bite if you wanted me to.

I'd hit itsmileGimme a rate
Shuaz: Ohh, thanks for brightening up my crummy night with such a gorgeous photo!! I love the expression... and the hair.. and everything
dreddlokdave: thanks loads for the yes vote. what an amazing suprise!!
you've just made my day. cheers smile
goebelbb: hello there a yes from me and nice profile and i must say love the bugatti veryon. or however its spelled. its one of my dream cars lol.
Joshua13W: well shit girl! i-m me Joshua13W
Joshua13W: how bad? lol. u got aim beautiful?
Joshua13W: nooo. ur the gorgeous one....fuckin sexy!
Joshua13W: whut is up gorgeous!
zomgwtfbbq: i has one tooooooo D:
Kieran2k8: haha thanks :P cant believe the bugatti veyron and master chief on your profile u r flippin gorjuss didnt expect it :P x
zomgwtfbbq: boner
KMKpatrick: wats ur link?
mayo714: idk...but ilove those blue eyes of yours....just gazing into them is a treat
KMKpatrick: u got a myspace?
KMKpatrick: Hey
AznRunsAlot: thanks for the yes, gorgeous smile
ColoradoKing: Just telling tha truthsmile
ColoradoKing: Its very sweet of you hun:flowers
zomgwtfbbq: i <3 you.. grinlol
ArmyMane08: So is 6'5 tall enough?? LOL!!! Anyways you are beautiful! Holla back at me sometime!

ColoradoKing: Thank you so much 4 tha yeshug
MaGiCalMisSy18: just stoppin by to tell you..... your a very pretty girl
punisher000: lmfao i bet, i think you would need more than just seat belts:P
mhardy19: hey you
punisher000: haha oh yeahsmile ill get right on that:P u would so wreck it the first day LOL
dave1967: sexey
punisher000: aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
eeeeeee ME TOO, yeah they are only like half a million to a million dollars..HAHA
punisher000: hehe not even:P somedays i pretend i am hot LOLsmile pretty sure you are the gorgeous one! and that is coool that u play halo! and u totally have a veyron on your profile, so you have excellent taste in automobilesgrinlol over 1000 hp, yeah they rock LOLsmile im ac
punisher000: haha *blushes* naah, im not that great really,
r890 he is my #8 if u wanna check him out!
punisher000: HAHA yeah he for sure is:P well thats what everyone says at least!!!!
punisher000: haha yeah, my brother is actually a grade 4 general, 5 stars, he dosent lose, i call him a douche because he plays so much LOL Twlsted iZ PrO that is him, look him up on bungie lol
punisher000: haha yeah, i dont play too often though with work and everything elsesmile but was just looking thru my friends since im hardly on here and noticed you loved halo:P
punisher000: omg you love halo 3 that is cooolsmile punisher890, youshould totally add me on there, check out my rank (general brigader), yeah i have the recon helmet and armorsmile
af32hero: heyyy you! so i am diggin those eyes and lips!!! thank you for the yes smile
badboydunbeenturned: thanks for the comment babe feel free to messege me if you like, i am enjoying reading your profile I am 6 foot 4 inches halo 3 is gods gift to mankind and proof we are to be happy and well i would love to keep talking to you
badboydunbeenturned: you are very beautiful kayla and iwould love to get to know you a little better
Ashadow: blazinshadoww
add my gamertag =p
Ashadow: halo 3 is da shit maybe we can play sum time =p
Amanda900: can i see your private pics
guitarzan1143: do you mind me asking why you're a mess? everything cool?
guitarzan1143: you just sound so perfect.
hitit bow
kng229: 5'3"? So I tower over you lol.. that's alright I like short sexy girls ;-)
kng229: That sucks! So how tall are you? I see you like tall guys, I'm 6'5"!
kng229: Any big plans for the weekend?
kng229: Yeah me too :-( just got home now things are winding down!
kng229: Hey hottie how are ya tonight?
zomgwtfbbq: and i feel special =]
zomgwtfbbq: i ammmmmmmm on aim!
ncman83: y thank i get a chance to keep it or do i have to give it back
ncman83: i happen to think ur very cute......"runs by and grabs ur heart and dives into a group of bushes....peeks out okay i think i got away with it"
XXWetPantsXX: CUTE!!
RoughNeckF14: I don't know sweety maybe you should go to the doctor and get straightened out lol
RoughNeckF14: It seems Your back is always hurting what's wrong with it
RoughNeckF14: Well that's good there is nothing better than being level headed. So what you doing?
RoughNeckF14: Hmmm sounds like you know what you want?
RoughNeckF14: Really now you think so?
akzgerman: haha im not gonna lie:P put it this way "ide hit it" lol
RoughNeckF14: Really now lol think you could handle me?
goodapollo: thanx for the yes pretty girl
RoughNeckF14: Yeah I know right??? But the only problem is once you have had me massage you like that one time all other massages wouldn't be worth it to you anymore! So you would have to keep me around lol...
RoughNeckF14: To bad you live so far away I could make your head neck and back stop hurting I have magic hands so I've been told!
RoughNeckF14: Gah you lazy ass! Well I hope you feel Better darlin! What's wrong witcha
RoughNeckF14: Hmm well let's see my day consisted of sleeping sleep and more sleeping. Lol and I threw the football with my nephews what a great Sunday!!!
strongfunandyours: damn you look so hott.. thanks for adding me to your friends. what do u think of me?
RoughNeckF14: Its ok I should be moving soon so that might help. How was your day
RoughNeckF14: Maybe I should do the same but I've gone so far into this trying to make things work that I might be in over my head
Well I dunno damn woman problems ya know? I made some progress with her over the last week and I thought we were doing good but tonight turned into a fight... So I dunno
RoughNeckF14: I'm ok still dealing with a ton of fucked up problems and I'm about to ape shit
RoughNeckF14: Hey beautiful how have you been?
ANiceGuy4You: Thanks for the add. Now that we are friends you should comment my pics. I'll return the favor when you do!
ANiceGuy4You: Thanks for the add. Now that we are friends you should comment my pics. I'll return the favor when you do!
ryetoast5: stunning eyes...gorgeous girl
marcgalgano: your welcome
magnum22: ur only 16, mybad........i thought u was atleast 18!!
magnum22: whats so funny? im jus say that u make a nigga wana___________________
________!!! i'll let u fill in tha blank. lol
magnum22: aye bay bay..... u 2 muthafuckin cute! cum n holla at cha boy!
adamvollans: anytime wink
hammysage: i would hit it all night long
adamvollans: hmmm extremely gorgeous!
peteyshot: yeah absolutely
peteyshot: haha metoo me too
GrandmasterHokge: So how you this fine evening?
peteyshot: im really good thanks!, you still bored and awake too lol
GrandmasterHokge: Thanks for the yes
peteyshot: hii beautiful how are youu?
a1rizzo: love your eyes
ryetoast5: gorgeous..beautiful..
seaoffaces44: you're beautiful, and you have a terrific sound great. Just wanted to say thanks for the yes and I'd talk to you sweetly anyday of the week. wink
RoughNeckF14: Extremly tired but for some reason i cant sleep.... OH yeah its called insomnia lolol what you doing up this time of the night?
RoughNeckF14: Your very welcome!!! how are you doing?
RoughNeckF14: Hey Kayla i just thought i would stop by and say Hey and that you are Def. gonna get a yes you are beautiful!!!
mhardy19: yes i am!smile
mhardy19: well you're mine too!
expoken: Thank you for the yes! smile
zomgwtfbbq: no wayyy
jeremy264087: oo.. u r so funny..o.. thanks for the yes and the add on
jeremy264087: no i;m retared what does mhm
jeremy264087: sweet..i would too but it hard when u r i a rv 5 to 7 months out of the year...which but i love what i do
jeremy264087: oo.u got me...haha u play online???????
jeremy264087: pk the message about dising yourself was post to go to someone else
jeremy264087: i heard thought the grap vine u like halo 3 me too it is like my
jeremy264087: don't reag the last comment it was for someone else sorry..
jeremy264087: you should dis youself like that it not good for the i think he is cool
jeremy264087: well there might be a change in the stick dude at the
jeremy264087: I read your whole profile and I think i love u..j/k names jeremy hit me up sometime
mhardy19: i am?!
TyKing: I wanna make babies with you... lots of them!
TyKing: haha ur awsome, i miss talking to ya!
zomgwtfbbq: i try
TyKing: would u be mad if i told u, i miss ya and want ya? lol
zomgwtfbbq: indeed you do
zomgwtfbbq: b00b
justforher: so how are you
aAa420aAa: Oh yea, I'd rail ya. :P
justforher: Awwww^_^ well I try.wave2
justforher: thanx cutie
0_o ahhhh
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
prettyprncss87: yes princesscrys87
prettyprncss87: ok babe.. so whats your sn for msn or w.e you usE?
prettyprncss87: hey hun want to chat?
prettyprncss87: hey hun want to chat?
zomgwtfbbq: .
zomgwtfbbq: you
zomgwtfbbq: miss
zomgwtfbbq: i
ChrisVibe6: You are HOT...thanks for the yes smile
funkyb20: u are sooooo hot
Necro99: You're so beautiful. You definitely got my yes. =D
DaDonJuan9: preety =)
dedalus86: fucking gorgeous!
kmm4344: amazingly beautiful! and, very friendly.
justforfunAARON: thanx 4 the YES cutie!!!
sterlingsccr05: sexy!!! thanx for the yes!
alienstar4: you're pretty.
EricMichael: lol very nice.
cause i played that sound on google and it sounded like a roaring elk... that had me confused wink
but thx for the compliment, you look really great yourself
EricMichael: ? lol i actually had to google that one to see if it is a real character....
wadeinthewater: well you are making this a bit difficult now
wadeinthewater: well then i suppose yahoo will have to do
wadeinthewater: and now peanut? hey do you have msn? it says to ask for aim and yahoo but i do prefer msn if possible
wadeinthewater: oh ok...well i can handle that are gorgeous
wadeinthewater: perfect is such a strong word...what is the reason for that?
xiphos: pff, bring it on! you aint got nuttin on meh! i'll bust a cap yo! sorry, dont normally talk gangstaish, but felt it was necessary haha.
xiphos: yeah, i believe i am right on this one. but its ok, i'll forgive you smile
xiphos: umm...i think you have me confused for yourself on being adorable wink
miketallicax: sup? <3
JUSTIN8601: Thanxz for the yes tiphat
miketallicax: how come?
destrto: Hey thanks for the yes!! your really cute!!
miketallicax: i miss talking to you =O ..your so fun and sexay :P (that means talk to me damnit lol)
Joker18Pain: your one cool chicksmile
zomgwtfbbq: there was one time when i thought about things too much at once and my head exploded. true story.
pranxter301: hey there-thanx for the add and the yes...hit me up on yahoo sometime if you wanna talk =^D
joeypage: Heey Theree !!
I just wanted to let you know that i think you are very Goorgeous grinlol
zomgwtfbbq: hmm, i can't come up with a clever comment =[
K1NgXofXSp4deS: well you should hit me up on there sometime babe, my screename's F34R n LoATh1nG
K1NgXofXSp4deS: you seem sweet yourself smile do you have an instant messenger to talk on, this stuffs confusing lol
K1NgXofXSp4deS: urrr cuuuter smile
jamesdeen: any way u woud add me
jamesdeen: id like to try and manage ur anger
homosexualsaregay: fucking alcholics. i hate them.
miketallicax: <3
mil3nk0: thanks darlin you look pretty good urself
homosexualsaregay: oh i got my stomach kicked in
with some internal bruising or some shit.

it sucks
punisher000: hi! totally appreciate the yes, thank you, hope you have a great day!! (i get to go to work in like 10 min)
homosexualsaregay: imy2 baby.
whats going on?
shawn1911: u are soooo sexy smile
miketallicax: i put u in my shoutouts :P
deadcorpse6: shiiit your cute as shit
homosexualsaregay: pssshaww. wink
homosexualsaregay: liar liar pants on fire! .. hanging off a telephone wire?
homosexualsaregay: smile your perfect.
principaldixon: Aww, thanks! Whats your AIM?
morganth: i dont think i have ever been actually interested in reading a profile before yours :P your personallity is off the hook, i mean you got these very good morals that you strickly stick by but once somebody speacial breaks down your guard and makes you hap
homosexualsaregay: nobody like meee!
homosexualsaregay: what makes you say that? haha (:
homosexualsaregay: only for you. duh
homosexualsaregay: -kisses screen-
homosexualsaregay: i'd love to kiss you
your so adoreable.
homosexualsaregay: it's good to know. smile
homosexualsaregay: is that a good thing?
homosexualsaregay: i'm 6'2. err 6'3 not sure
i know its one of those.
homosexualsaregay: you too. (:
homosexualsaregay: noo.
i steal my internet from my neighbours :|
homosexualsaregay: aw
im sorry to hear that
if i had a phone id so call you
homosexualsaregay: it's okay lady
hows your weekend been treating you?
homosexualsaregay: i think im getting sick. :/
homosexualsaregay: my tummy box feels broken.
homosexualsaregay: look who's talking.
how are you?
homosexualsaregay: smile
miketallicax: my penis wants to move to your vag XD
miketallicax: ugh why dont u live here >=O
stephen16: not sure maybe
miketallicax: feeling like shiznat.. but shaven... u should so come here and lick me all over and make me feel better :P
stephen16: peanut are evil
miketallicax: peanut? lol
stephen16: oh that just what you think
stephen16: cow make the best pork every
stephen16: well i'm cool in the way of randomless, pointless thing cause there is no one better then me in that way cause it alone life of randomless
stephen16: cause i'm cool
stephen16: does it have to mean something
stephen16: don't let the apple bite
stephen16: oh i'm just good
stephen16: Cool so how are you.
stephen16: yes I love pie
stephen16: It most be the monkey???
bamaboi82: you very welcome
bamaboi82: o and wow one hell of a profile you have as well
bamaboi82: lol well im hopeing so. but i guess ill take your word 4 it.
recklessabandon84: You are welcomed
bamaboi82: lmmfao me either ill hope it was a goo dthing im p.k by the way
bamaboi82: ty
recklessabandon84: Lovely, beautiful eyes.
bamaboi82: lol peanut? whats that mean. and you very welcome
bamaboi82: beautiful girl lips eyes a lil of it all
miketallicax: sounds like a plan.. do i get to all out dominate you? ^.^
miketallicax: hehe kayla is on i didnt even realize i just woke up lol well then... *humps hard enough to feel thru the interwebz*
miketallicax: *humps*
thegreattacoman: awwwww. why are u sad babe??
thepokerace: hey hottlips. thanks for the yes smile
ShItHaPpEnS: heey ive been like waiting for you to come online ha so we can talk but i dont see you on i saw you sent me a message and yea i wasnt here my badd hunn ha but hit me up laters cuttie
babygurl325: thank you hun...ur pretty too
ShItHaPpEnS: ha no problamo and yes i most certainly do have aim my name on there is srtokedalot hit me up gorgeous wink
ShItHaPpEnS: hahah well glad to hear you like and by the way your profile is long as hell HA but you seem like a chill girl your madd gorgeous wit a hint of cuttie and deffinetly seem like you got a chill personality we should deff chat it up sometime or something ha
obeyhockeyguy: thanks you are really cute yourself..........
ShItHaPpEnS: GORGOEUS for real for real hit me up sometime you prolly wont but cant blame me for tryen right ? ha laters gorgeous
miketallicax: my sexiest beoootch grinlol
miketallicax: my sexy lover <3
miketallicax: i wish :P
DaSchnozz: lol

i just watched that movie tonight

and we watched the curb stomp in slow mow

you sooooooo just made my night that much better

not that i get a kick out of curb stompings...a very sick thing to do..just a great movie..and a very powerful pa
Deaner17: Omg are, i usually dont leave comments, but for you babe, have my yes for sure...i hope i get yours...and please, write back..
Jeremy06: hey there sexy
morganth: you look very gorgeous in this pic, i can tell your a sweetie too =) *kiss on hand* keep up the good work.
PoWeRxHoUsE: thank you for the yes
jdes06: oh that sucks. im sorry
johnnyridesquads: your my best friend kayluh
johnnyridesquads: i love you
jdes06: i miss you too. why arent you doin so well?
jdes06: how you doin miss kayla?
sltchrissyxx: absolutly gorgeous
mandaskank: hey kayaaa
mandaskank: ik some randoms guys sexii lover cause he wanted me to be his hahaha...ya you should..but im going to tenisee by myself for a week on sunday and i going to my dads on thursady till sunday and i have to git my wisdom teeth out tommorow haha
TyKing: i wanna do silly things to u right now hun! lol
joshfuckingparsons: wow thanks, got msn?:P
mandaskank: I LOVE KAYAA..shes mine!!
joshfuckingparsons: hey hun ur gorgeous, wanna add me on msn? my names
mandaskank: kayyya ily
mandaskank: sexiii kayaaa
ILikeMusic: pretty. american history x owns.
BucNoMore11: ha, the "bite the curb" clip from American history x
BucNoMore11: sweet Am. his X clip
legendkiller26: beautiful :]
brett8403: sexc
DressedToKillYou: got yahoo?
Ieat189: lol mine is if you want to Chat sometime
Ieat189: do you have yahoomessenger beautiful??
Ieat189: Thanx for the yes beautiful
armyman79: The hair the eyes just georgeous
TyKing: hmmm very hot hun...
HollabackFL: Very hot pics! Thanx for the yes, write me back if ya wanna chat
sk8erjer17: wow what? you fucking ignore me constantly.
a0xaliciax0a: lol i totalllllyy agree haha! i misss yous!
a0xaliciax0a: lol i totalllllyy agree haha! i misss yous!
sk8erjer17: am i wasting my time?
sk8erjer17: okay fuck it. call someone else. total bullshit
sk8erjer17: you can if you want to. if not then whatever
sk8erjer17: i guess you arent gonna call me back...
dedalus86: gorgeous!
sk8erjer17: ...why wont you talk to me? =(
sk8erjer17: god your adorable, i <3 you
sk8erjer17: your amazing, i <3 you
aceswildtru: You're super-cute! smile
Shuaz: hey, thanks for brightening up my night with such a gorgeous photo... you're beautiful!! =D
babeilldoitall4u: stopppp :(
sk8erjer17: get on aim n msg me cutie, sk8rjer16
babeilldoitall4u: :(
PrinceOfC4t5: I like you...wanna chat
babeilldoitall4u: we should tie!
babeilldoitall4u: yeahhh you are!!!!!!!!!
babeilldoitall4u: no i dont :(
babeilldoitall4u: why would you tell me to go to bed? you're making me sad :( i want to compliment u baby
babeilldoitall4u: a peanut baby? why ? hehe
homosexualsaregay: `cuz it's soo fucking hot,i'm dying. :(
homosexualsaregay: trying to stay awake.
Joshua13W: sitting here tired as hell...and its too hot to go to bed....hbu?
Joshua13W: well ty
Joshua13W: he he....yea
homosexualsaregay: as are you, what's going on?
Joshua13W: y not? ur a beautiful girl
Joshua13W: i dont see y
Joshua13W: im lonely
MnMatraC: wow...i had to hit yes twice ^.^
babeilldoitall4u: *blushing* hehe well you are too!
babeilldoitall4u: no :(
babeilldoitall4u: well you areeeee =]
waxurss: can i get your yahoo?
HawthorneHornet: thanks for the yes beautiful
babeilldoitall4u: no im not! you are hehe
papajohn: mmm so sexy would love to undress u and see the rest..
babeilldoitall4u: why the hearts? lol
wolfer1543: i miss you too.. i was in your town tuesday...
outofcontrole: i forgot the name of that move that move could you tell me you know the clip of the guy smaching that black guys head in
outofcontrole: you fucking hot
lilsexyjeffgirl07: Wat's up?
How r ya hun?
outofcontrole: you could give me your # if you whant to talk
outofcontrole: hows thangs going where you live
sk8erjer17: you have msn messenger? or do you wanna text?
sk8erjer17: you should get msn cutie.
Degenerated: cuuuuutie :]
deadaim02: hello gorgeous wink
wolfer1543: i miss my lil hotness....
lilsexyjeffgirl07: I'm doin good hun
lilsexyjeffgirl07: Wat's up hun?
How r ya?
wolfer1543: I miss ya kayla. call me sometime. <3
xDUSTINx: fucking head stomp!
BurningHumanoid: hey cutie, what's ur aim sn?
wolfer1543: 314-0666
wolfer1543: i work till 11 hun.. call my cell. i think i sent you my number.
wolfer1543: i am online right now!! you need to call me tomorrow!! hei me up on aim!
wolfer1543: hey sexy, what have ya been up too??
lilsexyjeffgirl07: Hey hun
i'm doin good
lilsexyjeffgirl07: Wat's up?
How r ya?
alakalaboo: hey. lets race.
wolfer1543: mmmmm your lip ring is soo sexy.
MaximaMike: look amazing!!!
AliVe4PlEaSuRe: hi babe u look so adorable, get bak to me with a aim sn gorgeous ; ]~
sobethewhoisme: Well thanks. Umm nothin really is up. What bout you?
collegeguy84: you are gorgeous
lostDj: <><><>
Slippery When Wet
- there is enough druel in here, you could scoop it up with a bulldozer -
lostDj: cuteasholyfuckinshit
sobethewhoisme: Hey, You seem pretty cool. I like your profile. And your very pretty
slfmadebilionair: thanks for the yes!
a0xaliciax0a: heyyyy loverrr lol, yeah i was soo tired!!!!
good i hate her soo much lol...!! =] whats up chico
what are you doin tonight
duket440: what a beautiful girl you are kayla
lilsexyjeffgirl07: Hey hun wat's ur aim s/n?
duket440: very beautiful smile
dclarke: heyy, whats up?
lilsexyjeffgirl07: If u have aim u shou;d im me
luv ya
xveignx: grinlol
lilsexyjeffgirl07: Do u have aim?
lilsexyjeffgirl07: yup n/p
could we b friend's
lilsexyjeffgirl07: ur very pretty
lilsexyjeffgirl07: hey hun thanx for the yess
ur pretty
aaclubber: u should be on more than add me cengelkoyhiyari@hotmail
aaclubber: uhm i was watchin foot ( euro 2008) yes i am bored too do u have msn?
aaclubber: same her whatcha doin honey
xveignx: Thanks for the yes! smile
aaclubber: .hy .how are u
RobsterAF: pretty. thanks for the yes. welcome to become a friend anytime.
travmeatwad: Heyy.. how are you? smile
abraxas: I'm awwwweesommeeee! you?
abraxas: Haaayyyyyy cutie cutie cutie
abraxas: awww... thankies! <3333... you're 10x hotter though...
abraxas: Heeeyyyy!!! Thanks for the yes =) <333
andbtwslobonmyknob: i'm happy to say i'm the proud owner if the cutest sexy lover and best friend
karona: your abso-fuckin-lutely gorgeous, thanks for the yes
moochie3004: lol, thank ya babe! smile
hextasy: hi, have aim?
andbtwslobonmyknob: hey cutie
andbtwslobonmyknob: jfld;ajlfksd
a0xaliciax0a: heyyyy babiii girl lol, i love you caboodles!!
NetTrash: Yeahh I know how you feel. I've been helping my mom with my neice all day
NetTrash: I'm good how about you??
NetTrash: Thank you gorgeous
hollyny: your welcome hon your a babe to
hollyny: mmmmmm do you ever have sexy lips
MarkInMB: You live in a nice place - I love the Finger Lakes. Oh, and you're very pretty!
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