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Profile for yoursecretadmirer125 (offline- last on: Feb 11, 12)
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Name Casey Jane
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Does not want a sexy lover.
Country United States
State Florida
City a hick town
About Me
you must either have a salute or send 1000 bbs to be added

the basics-
Name: Casey
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 6, 1988
Relationship Status:Happily Married

i'm quite hyper at times... i am a country girl.. you can usually find me in a pair of jeans or shorts and flip flops... easly stressed out. i love my friends and family... i love meeting new ppl.. 90% of the time i'm in a good mood.. and i can be really nice.. but if you piss me off that is subject to change.. i can be girly.. usually i'm not.. some people would say i'm extremely picky when it comes to guys i like.. i mean i'll talk to anyone but when it comes to dating i'm picky.. i'm also (according to other people) highly oppionated which is okay with me.. i dont drink often, and i have never been drunk. i'm a major dork, but i see nothing wrong with it. i love to laugh and do a lot. i'm a 2 year old teacher in a daycare.

I am a mod in two different groups KiwiLoO and X-rated Hotties come check them both out.. Also I take bb donations to help run the contest and things!

i pretty much rate everyone a yes, unless you rate me a no then i rate you a no

A song written for me its called::
Casey the Whore - by The BK Rockers
Oh we have this grouped called Kiwi Loo
Us rockers stick together like glue
In come this girl we did not know
And damn has she put on just one great show

OH yes this casey is a post whore

But thats alright yes that ok don't start a fuss
All this means is that she will fit in with us
Oh casey oh case you whore yes you
If you wanna be rockin you must wait in the cue

My Apps
movies, guys, music, starbucks (strawberries and creme frap), shopping, hanging out with friends, my favorite animal would be dogs then tigers and lions, and kittens (i dont like full grown cats though), reading, being on the computer, my cellphone, my radio, pictures i love taking pictures! smores, bonfires with friends, the BEACH/lake/river/pool (pretty much any water)

Turn Ons
Hair color: any but mostly dark, i dont like bald but i dont like super long either.. a nice short hair cut is hot and so is medium in length Age: born on or before Feburary 6th, 1988 Height: 5'9 - 6'5, this basicly means taller than me but not super tall Eye Color: brown, blue, green, or hazel Weight: doesnt matter as long as they are bigger than me but not obsese or too muscular. Other: outgoing, no drinking, drugs, or smoking, likes to read, smart, funny, honest (no liars please), love his family, slightly jealous (but not like i wanna be the crap out of that guy for looking at my girl jealous), be willing to compromise, has to be able to take charge but no when to let go, pretty smile, doesnt mind shopping, must smell good, love kids, love movies, and music.. i'll add more later
oh yeah i'm straight. i'm not into girls sexually at all. sorry ladies

Turn Offs
smoking, drinking, drugs, guys who are all about sex, cheating, lying, lots of tattoos, a few are okay though. long hair.

There is no reason AT ALL for the letters [b, c, r, u and y] to be by themselves when you're speaking with me.
i'm horrible at things things but i gotta show my sl Jeremy some love <3
He's a sweet guy and he never fails to make me blush at least 5 times a day.
Favorite Things
TV Show one tree hill
america's next top model
family guy
law and order(c.i. and svu)
dead zone
burn notice
Movies chick flicks
Music Country
light rock
a little rap
Book pretty much anything that has me guessing whats gonna happen next.

"what is meant to be will always find its way"
"the truth is you dont know what will happen tomorrow, life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed"

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ICQ ##Must be a Member to View##
Yahoo ##Must be a Member to View##
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XxReddRagoNxX: [bgcolor=#003300][color
=#FF0000]Hey, Not even sure if you still come on this site. lol but if you do, remember me? think i had you on fb, but deleted everyone from wyht :/. its been so long, if you ever get this, you should really write back, i kind
datyunghustla: Hey today is my 20th b day wud u make me a sign?
JRockFromNY: yea i seen that..thats awesome!!! such a beautiful thing thats for sure!
JRockFromNY: same ol shit really.. just living!! hows all things with you?
JRockFromNY: ha yea i know!! its ok i dont mind having you there!!! whats goin on with ya???
RandomDad: hello cutie
diddy43: Enjoy the bbs for xrated cutie:-)
enderkensenbender: i wish i had a girl to send me nude photos
enderkensenbender: i cant believe you have all those folders and no nude pics. thats fucked up.
seantdot: sucks he got hurt but if he didnt he wouldnt be there so there is a silver lining...where will he get deployed to?
seantdot: thank god everythings was the make up session lol

is he away or still at home?
seantdot: not bad, had to work but not a lot
seantdot: hey beautiful Caseysmile how was your weekend
diddy43: sent ya some bbs for xrated hotties enjoy :-)
nhra347: haha love the pic, looks like you're fun!
twentyfoursomething: just came across your profile and couldnt resist to leave you some comments, hope you dont mind smile
dangsup: i did...dont have 1000bbs :P
worth a shot
Matts01ES: thanks for the yes!
Matts01ES: gorgeous
seantdot: Hiya gorgeousgrinlol Happy Eastergrinlol
IfuckedaMermaid: take zoo pics! smile what's your fav. animal?
IfuckedaMermaid: oh lucky! :] invite me plz :P
IfuckedaMermaid: yee-haw! <3 that's good sexy country girl :] I'm doing pretty good here looking forward to some warmer weather here gotta hit the beach
IfuckedaMermaid: lol aw that's too cute XD <3 how you doing Casey? grinlol we need to catch up wink
diddy43: More bb's for the group hun :-)
IlivetoParty: those are some serious wiked hot glasses!!
so adorable
diddy43: sent ya some bb's for xrated hotties :-) thanxs for the add to the group also
goalieman01: I saw that but I have tried to add a salute like 4 times and it wont let me for some reason :-(
goalieman01: I saw that but I have tried to add a salute like 4 times and it wont let me for some reason :-(
blazindoja: hey whats up
diddy43: your welcome hun
diddy43: Sent ya some bbs for xrated hotties :-)
Bigstick6: my bad i have the 1000bbs if i send u will add for sure???
BiggAaron87: sry im tryin to get my salute to load i didn't realize it failed
JRockFromNY: hell yeA smile im glad we have been are the best E-lover ever!! woot woot
diddy43: thanx for the add hun :-)
globaltrash: hi hotspecs! you don't talk to me anymore :(
jrowen82: I sent ya my BBs cause one I don't need them and two I would like to be your friend
notyour0rdinary: moon
globaltrash: hey casey jane!

how are you?
babyshorty21: can i get an invite to kiwi please?
jrowen82: np my computer was just messing with me lol oh well
IM4U2TEASE: hi. how are you?
jrowen82: yeah it didn't show up the first time I read it lol and i went back and read it again it was all there my computer tricks me alot
jrowen82: thanks for the BBs I am going to try and add you if ok
JRockFromNY: LOVE your new shoutout smile
globaltrash: :p
cockybalboa2: Hey Casey, I haven't been on here in quite a while but I wanted to stop by and say hi. I hope you're doing well smile
JRockFromNY: thanks for returning it! and yea you are the best SL ever! smile
SoullessGod87: Thanks for the add weirdo :P
brianb89: nice glasses lol
notyour0rdinary: [bgcolor=#F1F1F1][color
=#FF0066]exactly. people are friggin strange. i had a friend that used to type like that to me on AIM, i blocked her because she got on my nerves. she used more numbers in her words than anything. like 1's for i's 3's for e's and 5'
notyour0rdinary: err! or the thing where everything is capitals except the 'i' like this. ii LiiKE TO DRiiNK WiiTH Mii FRiiENDS.
notyour0rdinary: its so simple. either that or when people TyP3 lyyKe Dissss.
makes me want to punch them. hard.
notyour0rdinary: i HATE when people talk like that. i only do it jokingly once in a while. if it made you think "wtf" then mission accomplished.
notyour0rdinary: [bgcolor=#F1F1F1][color
=#FF0066]i couldn't think of anything else to say. i was using the letters you dislike people using when talking to you.

"There is no reason AT ALL for the letters [b, c, r, u and y] to be by themselves when you're speaking with
notyour0rdinary: casey jane, how u b? i c u over there, y u b'in so quite.
globaltrash: hello!
Mandos: Wow you are very pretty smile
LCDrummer: Gorgeous! HOw are you doing?
amie05: your on late
AkimboAlogo: US Rockers gotta stick together love! Hope to chat sometime soon! Thanks! Lottsa love, xo's ROCK ON! MJK
hardcoresteve79: heartthrob ya casey
FecalCatastrophe: well we have a smaller military so they're always looking
for people and i have schooling for computers and communications stuff.... and that's what the army is
in serious need of right now. there's a shortage of guys
who can do that
FecalCatastrophe: plus the paycheque helps also....
i've never heard of a soldier getting laid off lol
FecalCatastrophe: because i've always wanted to....
so i made the decision one morning to do it and
i followed through on it smile
FecalCatastrophe: not too bad.... i signed up for the army eek
FecalCatastrophe: lol you're still the only one i allow to call me that....
FecalCatastrophe: hallo miss casey jane hug
REC: Hey you are really pretty =} How are you today?
kingfisher420: hey casey, cant seem to send anyone messages. whats going on? you have a yahoo messenger? if ya do, giffdog420 is my handle. would love to talk to ya. i miss talking to ya
ghengis: jk wave
ghengis: jk wave
ghengis: we should get naked on cam for each other wave
gilmour93: I guess so
Raphaelx: oh well you got it quick then...Maybe you should text me sometime =]
Raphaelx: Oh okay well how long have you waited for it to come in??
Raphaelx: Oh that sucks and yeah tmobile is slow when it comes to ordering a new phone from them. I find it better to just get a phone off of ebay.
Raphaelx: What kinda phone is it?? Where did you order it from??
Raphaelx: Hey there Casey
How have you been doing??
Sublevime: Heyy, thanks for the yes! smile
shamrockin: yeah...a real blast. lol
shamrockin: cool i'll have to check it out later. I got to go to work for the night now :(
shamrockin: slacker! grinlol
shamrockin: and oh ya, it's punkboiclam. I tried to send it in a message but then I got logged out. lol
shamrockin: same, super long. until I got to come home and take a nap. which was nice but now I lost a lil bit of time on the homework I was hoping to get done.
shamrockin: ha ha, well you seem to be doing a good job with me wink so how's ya day been?
shamrockin: meh i'm fine with comments. I mean I would reply if you were to send me a message. it's not like i'm not gonna talk to you. lol. I just dont send em myself much...
shamrockin: well that's just lame then. i dunno, i've never had to use the message box for much on here. lol.
shamrockin: oooooh! and the whole password things makes much more sense now too. have you tried different broswers?
shamrockin: hmm, what messages? I hate forgetting passwords though, so I'm right on that page with' hard to take care multiples
FecalCatastrophe: as long as we were amused that's the important thing
FecalCatastrophe: maybe i should send your bf some steamy msg's redface

FecalCatastrophe: lol i've gotten that message like 8billion times
BigOutdoorsMan: I just uploaded some new pix. Check them out and leave a comment. For every pic you comment, I will comment yours. smile
yunghung: i wouldn't mind a secret admirer wink
rammjaxx: Hey you want to hold my hand and jump?
darkxilluminati: look at that sexy ass chick :P when you gonna send me some of those sexy ass pics you keep holdin out on me :P
ASLPLSLOLOMG: be friends with me!
ASLPLSLOLOMG: im not saluted but im real!!
seantdot: Hi Casey, how's your long weekend?
seantdot: Hiya was ur long weekend?
tufgi88: u look nice in that ice cream pic, very nice.
hardcoresteve79: hey there gorgeous
ThierryHenry: I know.. i'm a horrible sl. lol I'm never really home/online anymore.
ThierryHenry: Hey :p
irishfarmer82: Ty for the yes sexy hit me up sometime
Pernicious88: Hows it going??
Pernicious88: Beautiful!
bigmonkeysandwich: wahts up casey wave
enderkensenbender: i'll make a salute if you have nude pics
StNr: whats up sweetcheeks?
StNr: wave
ItaliaStudd: Sure you don't.rolleyes
ItaliaStudd: It's quite funny how when I said yes, you didn't vote. Only decided to vote until AFTER I changed my vote to a

Quite pathetic.
HardcoreSteve79: casey heartthrob
seantdot: Hiya Caseygrinlol
Henrikku: Bored as I donno.... You?
Henrikku: hah :3 Hi o/
Henrikku: o/
ladiezmanMARKyo: hey you
AEGuy82: Hey! Just droppin' by to say hello! smile
AfreyedKnot: i understand, i will, i just opened this one the other day, i havent even filled out my profile yet, i was told to ask the main mod, cyber soemthing, i emailed a bunch but he never replied, but ok ill make one and try ya again :p
mwYnic: haha that's cool though. what are you reading these days? i'm reading a dirty job by christopher moore. been into him lately.
how's your weekend been?
likeabadstar: haha thanks sweetie ur so nice smile
xIcarusx: heeeyyyyy there pretty lady! hows it going?
jayjay71787: hey
SunshineMania1986: The way you act in B.S, your sudden vote of a no after I switched mine from a yes to a no, it's all amusing.
SunshineMania1986: We had our little grudge what, 2. 2 1/2 years ago and you still can't get over it? Rather comical.
SunshineMania1986: Oh you know exactly what I'm talking about.
SunshineMania1986: Immature girl can't let go of a grudge. Oh well.
kcinick: Join the club. haha lazy day in bed on msn. wooot =]
kcinick: Yeah,. Its nice and warm in this bathtub right now.. lols =] What are you up too?
kcinick: Oh how I wish I lived in florida!! So warm i'm sure! =[
Jared911: lol yeah you're right about that one, but I hadn't been on for a min. So it is what it is ya know. I was cyber dumped now I'm all cyber broken hearted!
BigOutdoorsMan: ok i just did
BigOutdoorsMan: i just made the page, they are approving it. I have two salutes waiting to be approved
cockybalboa2: Hey Casey, how was your day?
HardcoreSteve79: hope you feel better casey :hugs:
Bozzniac: hey there....whuts up??
xIcarusx: you have been making me drool far too often lately :P
KJ27: birthday happy birthday from beyond sexyyyy!
lawnboy5: Well then more for me right!? haha
lawnboy5: what? you are sexy as hell. and a total sweetie! there has god to be dudes all over you
lawnboy5: Its okay hun.. you are pretty popular.. I am sure there are a lot of dudes getting at you
lawnboy5: LOL usually you ignore.. (or don't get?) my messages
lawnboy5: Holy crap she is talking to me!?
lawnboy5: Happy B day!
kriptonic505: it was my please Casey smile
i just wish one day i could go to the beach with a gorgeous girl like u hotstuff
id love to talk with u more when u get the chance grinlol
cockybalboa2: Hello Casey smile Did you have a good 4th of July?
CHAOSisFUNNY: Thanks for the vote smile
baseba11: tan lines are killer
StNr: it's ok I enjoyed
StNr: cool i should nap i got work at midnight
and was just drooling over your picture teasing :p
StNr: yeah I hear ya bored as hell here right now
StNr: been alright can't really complain, yourself?
StNr: hey how ya been stranger it's been forever
tufgi88: sure thing babe
tufgi88: cutie pa tootie
yourfriend: hiya! very cute!
TJH88: Hey, its been a few days since we talked! do ya miss me, i have been pretty busy hangin out with friends so i havent been on. ill make it up to ya! :P
xIcarusx: rawr. lovely pics lately babe!
automech7053: thanks for the add sexy! how are ya?
kcinick: Im doing good. Just got in from a band gig =] How are you?
kcinick: Hello gorgeous =]
phillychad: very sexy.
aramis491: A country girl, from Florida??? What do you consider country?
amg9651: awesome. what movie you see? really need to catch up on my movies. been awhile and i have nooo idea whats out right now. damn u japan!
IowaBoy54: haha naw its k.
IowaBoy54: haha she might have just not updated her profile right away. now im with Sheslethal (christine)
IowaBoy54: we stoped being sls like 2 weeks ago
amg9651: hey there. not too much here. just hanging out on my lunch break. been a pretty uneventful day. how bout yourself?
jayjay71787: yea same here
NikkiStarlight: hi. i just thought id tell u that i think u're pretty awesome
kriptonic505: hey Casey thanks for the add, ur very cute urself grinlol
jayjay71787: im good how you been
nhra347: hey, whats up? I gave you a yes!
murdrctydevl: ok cool, thanks, ill try that
murdrctydevl: its cool, well im stayin at my friends apartment because i cant stand my nasty roommate back at the barracks but i need to go back tomorrow and grab some stuff anyway, so ill grab my camera and make one.... but how do i make one where they wont deny it? i
murdrctydevl: thaNKS for the comment=) could i add you? i dont have a salute yet, i did but it wasnt approved and i dont know why, i wasnt naked and i had a piece of paper with my screen name and everything, i dunno what was wrong with it lol...but ill make one
tijasonw: not a lot. how you doing?
xIcarusx: *waves* hi cutie!
Raphaelx: hey there my lovely friend
Drew2004: wave2 hey casey
HoTcHiCk200616: Ty for the bday wishes!
HoTcHiCk200616: Ty for the bday wishes!
cockybalboa2: Well 'ello there miss. How are you this evening?
Raphaelx: hehe you sure are =]
Raphaelx: hehe sexy school teacher
Raphaelx: LOL you wouldn't have to teach me anything I just always wanted my own teacher :-p
tufgi88: oh not much, you?
Raphaelx: be my school teacher?
Raphaelx: exactly smile
Raphaelx: oh youre a sweetheart and untill you prove me wrong youre always be a sweetheart
Raphaelx: hehe anytime cause its all true smile
Raphaelx: awe see now i wish I had a cute and sweet teacher like yiurself
Raphaelx: awe well now you got time to think of something
Raphaelx: Oh wow im sorry i misread that from lack of sleep last night.
Hmm well wish i knew what kids at 2 and 3 liked to do so i could help you out a bit.
Raphaelx: Awe well i hope that you did awesome on your test and as for the painting what kinda stuff do you like??
Raphaelx: Im doing rather well.
How are you doing on this tuesday morning??
xIcarusx: goooooooddd morning!
Raphaelx: Hello there Casey Jane
letshugitout: i know, i think im gonna stay hidden under my cover till it warms up. it shouldn't be that long
letshugitout: i saw your interests, the smores and bonfire sounds perfect for this cold fl weather
letshugitout: mmh your profile reminded me how long its been since i had a smore
xIcarusx: awww poor thing :( Im sure it will get better soon
xIcarusx: its cold in florida and I dont understand that. that isnt supposed to happen
xIcarusx: cold in florida does not compute. Im confused lol
xIcarusx: you weenie :P it was in the 60s here today I think. pretty warm really
stangstreet: i guess you have a point
stangstreet: im on your friends list without a salute i must be good
stangstreet: lol ill work on it
stangstreet: i miss you too my favorite redneck
xIcarusx: doing quite well actually hehe. nice and warm here!
xIcarusx: how are you doll? thanks for the addie smile
xIcarusx: hhiiiiii
Abe24: haha i am messing you can stay in there wink
hotsauce32786: like taking pics
Abe24: dont make me copy and paste you begging haha
hotsauce32786: thought you might lol
hotsauce32786: why thank you. i read that you liked blue eyes lol. you have a ton of pics!
sayhellotojake: y'know that cute little scrunched face u make in most of your pics? lol
Abe24: Hello my cute lil sexy lover wink
baseball1212: do you have yahoo ypu should add me alson1212
baseball1212: wow just wanted to say i think your beautiful
BreakStone: thanks for the yes
Swiggs: Thanks for the yes wink
FecalCatastrophe: lol you dork tongue
FecalCatastrophe: rofl
i loved it to too hence why it made it into my profile
FecalCatastrophe: lol i'm pretty sure i sent you that sign in a message
HoTcHiCk200616: hey where u live at in florida?
CanadianCurt: i'm just dandy! how about you? whatcha up to today?
ladiezmanMARKyo: casseeeyyy
xlikeabadstarx: hey, im pretty are u?
FecalCatastrophe: i miss youuuuuuuuu hopefully we'll get to talk today
FecalCatastrophe: lol and ur not? i'm working on it doll
sjohnson: hey hey good lookin wink
VinylBurns: Yeppers.

I guess I get much too bored for just one.
FecalCatastrophe: well at least i get a few mins to talk to you
FecalCatastrophe: lol you need to be on msn
FecalCatastrophe: thanks sexy...... lol i already wished you merry christmas
on the phone though smile
sugartootz34: wasnt to bad, but ive figured out ive gotten old by the fact I got excited over a new goose down blanket lol
sugartootz34: Merry Christmas Darlin. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. smile
KJ27: Merry Christmas girl!!!! =]
FecalCatastrophe: my gauges are hawt... no xmas call for you...
well there might be
expoken: Thanks for the yes! ^_^
FecalCatastrophe: sorry my love i'll re-add you to it
Abe24: O i didnt see that
Abe24: because i am not sitting 400 bbs shy at the moment haha
Abe24: I must be special wink
Austin182: ah that sucks I hate that kind of drama
Austin182: cause I was traveling somewhere which I made it today smile
sorry bout the drama hug
Austin182: I'm good on the road dance you?
KJ27: wow thats alot of so sorry hun.
things will get better just give it time!
KJ27: wow uve had a shitty week. im so sorry! i really hope things get better for youu!
KJ27: haha oh so true
KJ27: good good good <3
KJ27: yeah. its better to vent it then keep it in
KJ27: yeah and e-drama its ridiculous u know what i mean
KJ27: yeah thats how it always seems to happen!
but theres people on here who like u to me being one of them so just try not to think about it! and be happpyyy smile lol
KJ27: I know how u feel ive been there, on here too actaully. it was not a good time.
but life moves on and you forget some of the stupid shit that happened.
KJ27: good good..its the internet no reason to let it get to you.
KJ27: Cheer upp!!<33
Austin182: Hello wave
Austin182: good thanks for asking
Austin182: grinlol okay thanks
hows it going?
Austin182: Hey um why did I get booted from high rollers :(
jayjay71787: oh thats cool
NdwnVup: damn gurl your sexy!! watta you up to babe?
jayjay71787: not bad finally found a job but its seasonal
how have u been
TheDevilsDemon: thankz for putting the group sig in your profile
jayjay71787: now im ahead by alot
Pepedelqueso: Well, thank you very much! You're a cutie yourself wink Nice profile by the way...very thorough...
jayjay71787: i havent posted in there in forever and im still on top lol
jayjay71787: hey whats up long time no talk
supersailor2202000: your sexy wanan play with me bueatyful.
zeppelin391: hey guess what, "i read your profile"
nhra347: hey, whats up? i gave you a yes; wana chat?
Duffmandan: im sorry, lol i wasnt trying to be funny. i just find it easier to talk via messages. but if ud rather not, thats up to you
Duffmandan: if you realllyyy wanna know. message me and we can discuss haha
Duffmandan: ohhh you knowww. just some fun stuff, nothing big!! tongue wink
Duffmandan: lol alright fine! keep it! lol anddd i read your profile and could have just gotten added for free too. but its ok, i guess i just deserve some extra special treatment? wink
CanadianCurt: thanks Casey! hug
HardcoreSteve79: hey there babycakes
HardcoreSteve79: heartthrob
bdawg30301: i was just randomly sending it to people for the hell of it
bdawg30301: i'm bryan. i'm sure that doesnt help much but i'm one of blairs friends on here
bdawg30301: thats alans gf
corruptedchic: on a 4 year from the caribbean
HardcoreSteve79: i know hun. i am only kidding. that and i have way worse pics on here myself lol
carver1984: damn you got my vote sexy
longbowcrewchief: Rawr!
atlantaguy4u: how are you gonna punish me?
atlantaguy4u: lol my bad!!! thought it was your friend or something. do you forgive me?
atlantaguy4u: oh dear god nevermind then HAHA
DouglasDANK: Doubtful that Tebow will win the Heisman 2 years in a row (that's rare) but it's possible; I HATE the Gators (I'm an LSU fan) and even I have to give him his props. He might not be the best all-around player, but for what they use him for, he's awesome.
tenthoufists: ah you mean the dymond dude..all good then :P
tenthoufists: :P I'm creepy anyways
tenthoufists: lol nvm it was just relating to a post in one of the group threads
tenthoufists: rofl yeah I think they do creep out many :P
beastlybeast: Haha that's great; if I need to drop a few pounds for football, I'll just eat there twice a day
beastlybeast: I watched supersize me the other day; definitely plenty of mcdonalds lol
beastlybeast: Haha my bad...English slang...scallies are just what we call little shits who go around starting fights, robbing people, generally being antisocial. They have this affinity for mcdonalds *shrugs*
beastlybeast: Meh, same here a bit...of course macdonalds is now the place for all the scallies to hang around before breaking things grinlol
beastlybeast: I quite like it in wintertime, but you can def have too much of it...where else can you go to pretend to be academic lol?? (that's what everyone does here)
beastlybeast: Hey, thank you v much for the yes...but the best starbucks is clearly the chocolate creme frap grinlol x
NdwnVup: Damn your sexy babe! watta you up to?
longbowcrewchief: I bet you knew you were gonna win this one didn't ya?
FecalCatastrophe: well that's usually a good thing when everyone likes ya smile
longbowcrewchief: Than I guess I have to realise dancing isn't all THAT important :p
longbowcrewchief: Uh oh! I could teach ya!
FecalCatastrophe: haha well you're a nice girl i don't see how anyone could not like you :P
FecalCatastrophe: that's no good.... i'm not like that.... but i just say some things that sensitive people can't take sometimes.... lol i need to put a leash on my tounge somedays lol
FecalCatastrophe: lol not too bad.... work went pretty good.... well i think
some people got mad at me today.... cuz i was in one of
those moods where i like to tease everyone lol
FecalCatastrophe: smile
do how are you today?
FecalCatastrophe: well yer more important than a car..... material things are
of no importance
FecalCatastrophe: i hope yer ok darling
FecalCatastrophe: not too bad.... how have you been girl?
jphillips00806: mmmmm your lookin sexy!
yeahoksure: TY for the add ! smile
yeahoksure: Thank you ! smile
FecalCatastrophe: wave your sexy smile
ajquick: will you be my secret?
sugartootz34: Ill take your no, along with your jealousy and alan. smile
kap1style68: hey thanx for the add...
JRock3001: Doing well thank you. Staying really busy most of the time. What have you been up to?
JRock3001: Just stopping by to say hello to a very very very beautiful girl. How have you been doing?
Irishdrinker30: im great.. just laying here being lazy right now haha.. and you!?
Irishdrinker30: well hello there beautiful! smile
thedskierman: Hey thanks for the add.. see you in the groups
Carly12: XD not a cheerleader =]
the girl everyone hates
ufhottboy: yeah for sure...wyht is real slow too...message me with ur screennames tho n ill IM ya so we can talk more! i added u too wink
ufhottboy: not too much just watchin this movie bored...wanting to talk to u! lol
ufhottboy: def a yes babe, hows ur day goin?
scotty80100: no need when true how was your day
scotty80100: wow stunning gorgeous
MrSteven: Wow, you're sexy! How are you? smile

atlantaguy4u: yeah I HATE being sick too. sorry to hear that. want me to come make you some soup?
atlantaguy4u: oh not much just workin and eatin lunch you hon?
atlantaguy4u: well thank you!! likewise smile
britishjay: you're really stunning!!
Kieran2k8: this gurl is hott :P
xsandman: this morning.... my shower!
xsandman: no, just as long as you fuck me good and hard! bondage
Dyingtolive7702: Did I pay for you?
Dyingtolive7702: Do ppl really pay you 400 bbs an add?
AFJeff19: bow Definite YES, you're gorgeous
xsandman: You just want me to take you so we can hook up while im there! redface
xsandman: You're just totally jealous! You would have an AMAZING time! I might try and go this year.
xsandman: lol, i was talking about going to the Florida/Georgia game.... i went to the game all 4 years i was in college, plus 3 times after i graduated. Last year was the first year i missed the game.
xsandman: I also graduated from UF, so i want all 4 years i was there, plus 3 times after i graduated. lol
xsandman: Haha, you're telling me like i have never been. Last year was the first year i missed the game in 7 years!
xsandman: Very nice!!! You would have a blast at UF! I loved it there, and visit when i can! I might try and go to the Florida/Georgia game in Jax!
MagicalMissy18: hey pretty lady??!! add4add?
xsandman: You should definitely give it a shot! Never know unless you apply! I LOVED it there!
masebase12: what do u mean my fav?
frankthetank87: thanks for the add. check out my page and give me a comment!
masebase12: why do uhave to work all day my cam is working and your at work poopy
masebase12: hey sorry about last night i didnt feel well after dinner and jusy passed out :(
cockybalboa2: haha damn! That is a helluva lot of clothes...most of mine are just band shirts but I have like 40 of those lol. I bet you look cute in all of your clothes though wink
cockybalboa2: lol oh ok i gotcha :P For 2 years??!! Holy shit haha....I think I wea all my shirts in like a 3 week span lmao
cockybalboa2: Oh now that sucks ass....I hate when rain spoils my plans too :( Well I will have to see this cute new shirt so I'll be sending an add grinlol
cockybalboa2: hey there, thanks for the yes grinlol How was your weekend?
saintjimmy924: thanks for the add
masebase12: you better get back online
GiovanniBoss1976: thanks for the comment .. your default pic = hotstuff
Isaac829: ty for the add.
Drew2004: ahh hug im so so sorry Casey
masebase12: yeah thats me rocking the jack black
stevehallny: thats one very nice ass in that mirror
stevehallny: i am really admiring what a sexy referee you are and those beautiful thighs
CanadianCurt: lol....i'm creeptastic!
Drew2004: Congratulations Casey!! grinlol
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Yeah you like fat guys who live on the other end of the country anyway, oh well, no loss on my end
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I want you grinlol
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I don't think your uglyconfused

I think you're pretty good looking with an amazzzing body and fantastic ass
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Think about it, what do you gain by hating me? You get nothing but stress and stress and do some serious emotional damage. Do you even know what you hate me for?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: You should learn to forgive and forget. If not forgive then definately forget
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Don't hate
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Sorry. You like to hold grudges eh?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hey Cassie, remember me?
masebase12: when i see in yours you write alan ill write u in
masebase12: hello good looking
Drew2004: wave2
gotillskills: Thanks 4 the add.If your bored and not doing anything feel free to leave me some pic comments in a few of my albums. Ill return the favor or send bbs if u want em.
nuckerman: hehe damn cute and sexy grinlol
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
Drew2004: You are so damn beautiful!
skandaluzrob: hey whats up
MXRider250f: really tired
MXRider250f: lol sup
yourstouse: nice ass damn
NdwnVup: hey there sexy! wats up babe?
A1aHockeyDeviL: cutie smile
DutchMasta420: hey gorgeous, how u doin
therightstuff: Lol I know I should and I will!
therightstuff: Aww I am sorry sexy I dont have any messengers, but would love to chat with you on here or I do have myspace!
captainzero: Hey there! It's too bad I got a no, especially from a cutie like you grinlol but I always like meeting new people so hit me up some time if u are bored and want to get to know me grinlol
speedy36: i will send the bbs when i get them!
CrashBTwo: eh, bout to head off to work. but it's easier when you don't try to make everyone around you happy and just pick the ones that are rally worth it
CrashBTwo: haha, thanks gorgeous, i'd be your marine any day
DutchMasta420: hey cutie, how r ya
lilTank: thanx for the yes hottie
NdwnVup: mm damn ur sexy babe!! watta u up 2 ?
StNr: thanks for the add
firefighter1640: Sorry you left the shower room... Hope no one offended you in any way!
Hardy22: thanks for the yes beautiful!
mitchhasanitch: Thanks for the add.
Deaner17: Omg are, i usually dont leave comments, but for you babe, have my yes for sure...i hope i get yours...and please, write back..
NdwnVup: wow your gorgious babe! watta u up 2?
bamaboi82: ty sweetheart damn good looking yah self
bamaboi82: ur a cutie
v3rysl0wbl0nd3: lol well thanks smile
UcantCme350: im doin goood... kinda bored though... I need some entertainment! What are you up to?
UcantCme350: hey there lil lady... how you doin tonight?
kikbak: You're cute!...reeeally cute!!
jayjay71787: ur photos aint coming up
gotillskills: thanks for the add. comment some of my pics and ill return the favor
AlphaTangent: answer your phone dum-dum
MrTea: I love your profile pic, its amazing, you look stunning! Beautiful!
sexymarine1065: yea...your fuckin beautiful
jayjay71787: im in ny which makes it better
jayjay71787: ny is deff better
btwnbaseballer13: sorry i meant 89.62 and 89.64
btwnbaseballer13: well, i click on "rate me" then click no, ans your rating is 89.62, then i go back and click yes and it goes up to 88.64,
i just tried it
btwnbaseballer13: but ive done it
btwnbaseballer13: alright, thats wierd, cuz i never upgraded,
btwnbaseballer13: yup
ca86: Very pretty
btwnbaseballer13: what? you cant just click on my picture then just click yes?
btwnbaseballer13: y is that?
btwnbaseballer13: u should change me to yes
lifeinblacknwhite: thanks smile
saywhat13: cutie!
Knoxman: You are so Strikingly Beautiful...
MikeRocksYouHardcore: You're in high demand because horny guys think you have nudes in your private folder. Even though you said you don't, they want to see anyway, hoping you lied or w/e
bballer102005: very cute
RiddalynAbuser: fuck me over backwards and thanks for the yes
alwaysbored: hmmmm....i might actually try that then...if you aren't a coffee drinker either then you probably have good taste in other stuff...i'll let you know if i ever try it..
alwaysbored: ohhhhh..that's even better! i definitely love the summer outfits on cute girls...oh i was just messin' with ya...i'm not a big fan of starbucks..never have been....EVERYBODY i know loves that place though...
alwaysbored: oh well thank defintiely are as well and the fact that you get by with just jeans, t-shirt and flip flops is great in my book too.....i just don't agree with the whole starbucks thing...haha smile
alwaysbored: haha, I can imagine you send that to a lot of guys on here....hope you are having a great day
Knoxman: You are so Strikingly Beautiful....
jayfromjersey: Can you say "In a heartbeat"!!
BeachBoy85: ok
BeachBoy85: no thanks
needsumthing2do: no thanks necessary u dserve it! lol
needsumthing2do: very hot!
CoffinDancer: But a good hearted rivilary just adds flare to it wink
CoffinDancer: And what would that age?
CoffinDancer: I'll be back over that way in a few weeks wink
CoffinDancer: frown
CoffinDancer: Competition is healthy, but I'm only 2 hours away wink
CoffinDancer: I would, but that would be totally up to you hunwink
CoffinDancer: We might have to change that eek
CoffinDancer: WHAT?! Why hun? You can't be that pickylol
CoffinDancer: Nope...really haven't been looking. Just been working my little bum offfrown
How about you?
CoffinDancer: [bgcolor=#919191]My ex fiance' got a job offer in Atlanta, lived there for 5 years, went back to Jax for awhile, then moved out to Arizona & got married to someone else, divorced & moved back to my hometown of Tallahassee[/bg
CoffinDancer: I overlooked that somehow...sorry, but I doubled it wink
CoffinDancer: Lived off of Kingsley on Belair in O.P. for awhile, then over on the southside near Baymeadows.
CoffinDancer: Doing good, just really tired from working 2 weeks w/out a day off. What side of Jax are you on/ I lived there off & on for about 10 years.
CoffinDancer: Noles all the way babe! How are you today cutiepie?
YellaB: Thanks sooooo much for the yes vote smile
chinaski: thanks for the yes!
HollisterBaseball: Wow you are gorgeous! Definitely a yes! Message me cutie!
KrAzYgUy: i wouldnt be pissed if you were my
mpower1506: thx 4 the yes hottie grinlol
NavyOS84: total beauty!
AlphaTangent: i'll give you another chance to read my profile before i add you madam
Silenther0: hmm, suuuuure. I agree though, but I'm still pretty new and kind of scared to put a lot of stuff in mine... haha
Silenther0: seems a lot more real or genuine than most everyone on here.. but you no'd :(
Silenther0: I think your profile won me over :P
turtlefur: hey babe, i just wanted to tell ya that i think you are like perfect. by far the sexiest girl on this site. you have my yes
SweetSuffering: nothing much, how about yourself?
LiLTiTo: a year today
boilergolf: you are cute, got a yes from me
JohnnyH: Thanks for the add
JA2shady: hey whats up
derailed: very sexy
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