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Profile for yoursecretadmirer125 (offline- last on: Feb 12, 12)
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Name Casey Jane
Age 27
Webcam? no
Taken? Does not want a sexy lover.
Country United States
State Florida
City a hick town
About Me
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the basics-
Name: Casey
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 6, 1988
Relationship Status:Happily Married

i'm quite hyper at times... i am a country girl.. you can usually find me in a pair of jeans or shorts and flip flops... easly stressed out. i love my friends and family... i love meeting new ppl.. 90% of the time i'm in a good mood.. and i can be really nice.. but if you piss me off that is subject to change.. i can be girly.. usually i'm not.. some people would say i'm extremely picky when it comes to guys i like.. i mean i'll talk to anyone but when it comes to dating i'm picky.. i'm also (according to other people) highly oppionated which is okay with me.. i dont drink often, and i have never been drunk. i'm a major dork, but i see nothing wrong with it. i love to laugh and do a lot. i'm a 2 year old teacher in a daycare.

I am a mod in two different groups KiwiLoO and X-rated Hotties come check them both out.. Also I take bb donations to help run the contest and things!

i pretty much rate everyone a yes, unless you rate me a no then i rate you a no

A song written for me its called::
Casey the Whore - by The BK Rockers
Oh we have this grouped called Kiwi Loo
Us rockers stick together like glue
In come this girl we did not know
And damn has she put on just one great show

OH yes this casey is a post whore

But thats alright yes that ok don't start a fuss
All this means is that she will fit in with us
Oh casey oh case you whore yes you
If you wanna be rockin you must wait in the cue

My Apps
movies, guys, music, starbucks (strawberries and creme frap), shopping, hanging out with friends, my favorite animal would be dogs then tigers and lions, and kittens (i dont like full grown cats though), reading, being on the computer, my cellphone, my radio, pictures i love taking pictures! smores, bonfires with friends, the BEACH/lake/river/pool (pretty much any water)

Turn Ons
Hair color: any but mostly dark, i dont like bald but i dont like super long either.. a nice short hair cut is hot and so is medium in length Age: born on or before Feburary 6th, 1988 Height: 5'9 - 6'5, this basicly means taller than me but not super tall Eye Color: brown, blue, green, or hazel Weight: doesnt matter as long as they are bigger than me but not obsese or too muscular. Other: outgoing, no drinking, drugs, or smoking, likes to read, smart, funny, honest (no liars please), love his family, slightly jealous (but not like i wanna be the crap out of that guy for looking at my girl jealous), be willing to compromise, has to be able to take charge but no when to let go, pretty smile, doesnt mind shopping, must smell good, love kids, love movies, and music.. i'll add more later
oh yeah i'm straight. i'm not into girls sexually at all. sorry ladies

Turn Offs
smoking, drinking, drugs, guys who are all about sex, cheating, lying, lots of tattoos, a few are okay though. long hair.

There is no reason AT ALL for the letters [b, c, r, u and y] to be by themselves when you're speaking with me.
i'm horrible at things things but i gotta show my sl Jeremy some love <3
He's a sweet guy and he never fails to make me blush at least 5 times a day.
Favorite Things
TV Show one tree hill
america's next top model
family guy
law and order(c.i. and svu)
dead zone
burn notice
Movies chick flicks
Music Country
light rock
a little rap
Book pretty much anything that has me guessing whats gonna happen next.

"what is meant to be will always find its way"
"the truth is you dont know what will happen tomorrow, life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed"

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