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Profile for Goody317 (offline- last on: Feb 24, 12)
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Name Goody
Age 28
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State New York
City NY
About Me
Nobody reads profiles, fuck you.

If you read this I love you.
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Sweetkisses23: I remember you too! how could I forget my fine ass rapper from the UK...never! smile
lilmamma: LOL why i gotta be a bitch..LMFAO
sexxiebebekalee: I'm actually engaged lol
sexxiebebekalee: haha we're not tall actually & she is naturally blonde
sexxiebebekalee: yes that is my momma lol
takenbeauty: ha thanks...its an old pic though from like '07. as for your it but you don't have much on it. lol
lyssa23: its is yours going?!
lyssa23: Yeah smile
lyssa23: haha ohhh yeah?!
lyssa23: Lol nah I'm just teasin :P
lyssa23: haha understandable i'd perv my profile if i were you too :P haha jk jk.
lyssa23: Lol thanks so what are you up to?
lyssa23: I work at a pizza place and a gas station
lyssa23: Not much just getting ready for work
lyssa23: haha yeahh im glad you see that smile
badgirlx31: i didnt delete you
lyssa23: haha i dont think... i know i am :P
badgirlx31: lol
badgirlx31: most people dont read profiles anymore
badgirlx31: i took alook at your profile
rogue88: yes
Vera: no.
SugarCunt: Thank you (:
ZombiesEATPussy: I'm just sayinnnn..!!
ZombiesEATPussy: I'm just sayinnnn..!!
ZombiesEATPussy: Lol, theres nothing TO read on your profile.
XOAshleyJennaMarieOX: mhm....kkkk.
XOAshleyJennaMarieOX: i dont think im screaming.
haha, nevermind.
XOAshleyJennaMarieOX: are you gonna talk?
rebelgirl03: thank u for the comment
Teresa8324: well thanks!!
lilmamma: lmao. im not a dick.. that hurt my jk jk
lilmamma: haha. good.
lilmamma: lmao.. Merce'des don't fall IN love w/ ive learned my lesson.
lilmamma: is what true?
lilmamma: lmao
lilmamma: lol.. ty smile
lilmamma: just kinda huh? lol. well thank you.
xrawrxbitchx: yeah its sweet_but_naughty_222@h
xrawrxbitchx: hanging around chatting online :]
kinda not much to do anymore.
xrawrxbitchx: hey whats up thanks for the add and the pic comment =]
ILOVETUFF4EVER: hey wht is up
earthbound: yes i have msn
NaughtiGyrl6969: Indeed You Have... We Used To Talk On MSN.
DazedZoso: one more person n we can play monkey in the middle.
CrazyInLove2491: It's not smile
DazedZoso: okay heres a little more spanish for you then wink el chico tiene una pelota
DazedZoso: im smooth enough for it.
DazedZoso: i was aiming more for like 500 points can we come to a deal i passed it both times.
DazedZoso: good good 7th grade paid off afterall.
xLETSxGOxFORxAxRIDEx: awe smile
xLETSxGOxFORxAxRIDEx: oh are you now?
DazedZoso: did i spell lama like the animal.? idk. anyway se llama es Saamtnhan. spelt just like that.
DazedZoso: hola como se llama
xLETSxGOxFORxAxRIDEx: spanisha nd italian
xosp0iledxo92: hahahaha go for it
audly27: not really...
audly27: i have a checklist?
PictureTHISx3: I wish I was able to just leave. It'd be great. I could use a drive right now.
PictureTHISx3: Honey, if only I had the gas.
xosp0iledxo92: hahah thanks i know its wonderful smile
hockeybb16: i do toooooo.
but have fun =)
CrazyChance89: yeah i do
hockeybb16: are you serious? just for the weekend?
hockeybb16: =P haha. what are you up to this weekend?
vittoriasecret91: because my name isnt Victoria its Vittoria.
hockeybb16: i have that effect on peoplee
hockeybb16: hahaha, hottt.
hockeybb16: yeeepp, weird eh?
hockeybb16: in your covers. =O
xxglitterdarlaxx: yea you can do a PS of me...
PuRdYMoUtH: Hey sweetie, yea I got msn maybe I'll giv it too you sumtime.
derpp: hah hellloo boy! how are you doing tonight eh eh?
oiudlukgdincufz: u dnt havvv a saluteee thoo
hockeybb16: always.
hockeybb16: yeah i guess i could buy a bigger one?
hockeybb16: i don't need your flattery, i can just look in a mirror. ; ) haha.
hockeybb16: hah-obv the girls you talk to are not up to par on the lingoo.
hockeybb16: mad muscles im stacked babe
oiudlukgdincufz: yehhh i haveeee msssnn msg me n ill send u it
oiudlukgdincufz: howww r uuuu
MaGiCalMisSy18: thanks wanna yes4yes?
hockeybb16: oh really, everyone thinks the opposite. i have mad muscles--people shake in their pants because of me.
hockeybb16: yepp what can i say im a lover not a fighter.
hockeybb16: i know you are, you totally are.
hockeybb16: haha grr. not cool.
hockeybb16: yea canada's a silly place. and maybe i will =)
hockeybb16: spring break, thats just what they call it in canada.
hockeybb16: i go to new york tons, i meet be there for reading week.
hockeybb16: new york, florida, california, atlantic city, las vegas, and a few other spots.
hockeybb16: tons, its a great vacation spot.
hockeybb16: leave it alone,
its ballin' ; )
hockeybb16: haha im actually from pickering, ontario.
hockeybb16: nope? theres a country named djibouti though.
xLETSxGOxFORxAxRIDEx: thanks for comment
Jessie89er: smile thank ya hun *kiss*
BarbieFreak: Thanks, you too.
babylette977: bout u
babylette977: i do but i dnt realli give them to ppl i havent talkd to a lilbit
babylette977: hey sexy wats up
Tcsgirl23: Yeah you can
shellbell317: 317 was me and my ex's anniversary. i dont like that day much anymore - nor that number.
shellbell317: hi
mmprozacookies: hiii
dreamaway: hey ..
twistedwhispers910: hey whats up
urdreamgurl7: way2cute4u_10@hotmail.c
XoChelseaBabyXo: hey :]]
whiterosefallen: fallen_rose131@hotmail.
whiterosefallen: yep
whiterosefallen: yep
dodgegirl22: wranglers_r_The_best@ho
Danielle0588: yea i am everyonce in awhile OMG HOW R U DOIN!! i havent talked to u in liike fer ever!!!
ThIsOnEAlBaNiAnGiRl: hahaha ill win this argument for sure hehe nothin much just chillin...whats up with you?
ThIsOnEAlBaNiAnGiRl: im hot?? not as hot as u hunny
Spoiledlilbrat: omg u got this to?
oXcandieXo: hey sexy long time no talk,, IM me some time im sure u have it tho:
Sexychar: you are sooo hot hun
Sexychar: you are sooo hot hun
nice2meatyou: i dont use it
hourglass87: u are a hottie u have my yes
hourglass87: u are a hottie u have my yes
LindseyPaige: o trust me i would let ya haha
konstantine2: single.
lost058: i dont use any messengers really i mean i have a sn lildevilishgrl46 but i am rarley on it
XTinalovesu: shrug
make one?
lost058: i dont have aim anymore
barbiesxxx: thanks so much!!!!!
englishchic: ya ill add u
SABRINAMANGO: thanks sweetie
your pretty cute yourselff
browneyedchica16: thats cool but i cant talk spanish lmao
browneyedchica16: yea is that good or bad?
browneyedchica16: no puert rican n white
immicrowavable: hey hotstuff
hipnotiicxeyes: It's just a school that specifically teaches makeup for high fashion, TV, and special effects. It's in southern Manhattan.
xobellalova4yaxo: someone did those pics for me i could never do that lol
englishchic: hey ya im all good how r u
laceyxo: sure! !
xxLindsayShayxx: aw thank you.
DaViDsPrInCeSs: Geeeeeee thanks smile lol <3 Jess
barrelracern: ur very gorgeous, totally would hit that lol!!! ~ Nicole ~ <333
BRASILEIRA: obrigado wink
osuchick: io io?
GirlieGirl17: Thanx for the compliment on the smile babe =)
GirlieGirl17: Thanks babe. Your a hottie yourself tho! =)
CallMeBrie: Hola.

If you'd like to photoshop that picture of me, be my guest.

sugarnspice8522: of course i'll marry you lol
carmelapple85: it says enthushastic learner
Milf2004: aww such a cute
alishaeady: thanks baby... so are u, lovin that stomach, hell yes
HottsexyAngel19: my sis and me,your really hottt!!!
IIhoneyII: oohh kay
IIhoneyII: waiting for me to do what
IIhoneyII: hey hows it going
IIhoneyII: ha ha smile
IIhoneyII: just send it again
IIhoneyII: anytime
IIhoneyII: ha ha no still playing
flyforawhitegirl: hell u seen yourself??? u the effin hot one
SarahElizabeth: i am..

right now im working on my protfolio.
and then looking for an agent. i've had some offers already !
i'm moving to toronto in june.
loveangel: thanks for the add good looking! :P
HottsexyAngel19: hey ur hottt!!!!
XxPLAYGIRLxX: Sup baby...*MUAH*
l3eautiful: lol not with me you aren't :P
l3eautiful: very sexy babes, thank you for the comment, i'd tap that.. *taps it* lol jk <3
Danielle0588: oh shyt look at dyz loser haha j/k i havent talked to u inna min how u doin babez?
xxrachixx: hey ur sexi lol, gimi a msg sumtym if ya wanna x
x0xSpArKeLSx0x: aw well thanxx for the comment.. not bad urself.. holla at u latah!
SexyIckleBaby: Hey - how are you...yeah sure you can about you message me urs and i will add you smile
XxPLAYGIRLxX: Fuckin beautiful!!! *MUAH*
phipdawg: You're smokin' wink
ch0ked: i love my colors
XxPLAYGIRLxX: DAYUM.....Eminem got nothin standin next to you!! mmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm
oXcandieXo: what? ok.. hi :-D
sexyitalianchick05: such a hottie!!
UhOhAshwey420: thankx you look quite yummy yourself :P
oXcandieXo: mmm baby, hit me up sometime
bellaafricana88: yea sure
ThaBaddestBitch: damn boy, thanx, ur pretty hot too wink
MandaNykole07: SEXIE
gothic0sk8ter0chick: you dont have to ask me if you can add me to yahoo...ofcourse you can...feel free to anytime
gothic0sk8ter0chick: not much about you?
xDreamOfOnlyMeX: i want u hehe
patriotsbabe54: aw thanks for the comment cutie
ginger23: Hey sexi you are so cute i know i tell you that all the time lol
babyPimpette69: BoI WhErE YoU BeEn?!?!
Fantasy0f1nn0cence: thanx babe!
xplictnoise: id love to
OxShugaBabiOx: dayum babii! yOu are fine!! mmm i wOuldnt hit it jus' Once id hit that erryday! smile hOlluhh bakk atcha guhl! muwuah xOx

FatallyYours77: ya lol its fatallyyours77
xplictnoise: bay ridge
kutcherlover15: well damn thank you
xxcinderella05xx: You are WAAY too hott.
SugarBoobs: you have msn?
caligirl831: cute..!!
s3xk1tt3n69: Hey whats up?
IIhoneyII: kay i will not too much longer gotta vacuem then im done woo hoo lol
IIhoneyII: yeah ill be on there in a lil bit though just tryin to get a lil cleanin done first smile
IIhoneyII: umm let c its prolly like that cause im harldly on messenger mabys its not that ur blocke its cause im not always on it
MissQT2u: OMG! DAMN! Holy Shit! that is what i call fine! lol
s3xk1tt3n69: Seskay BIATCH
IIhoneyII: why would i block u
IIhoneyII: no but could be lol
BeautifulLilGirl: Damn baby you is hot too
skaterbabe41: Still lookin fine as f*ck!...
s3xk1tt3n69: AHhHH Kisses to my sexy luvaaaa!
BroeknHearts: Your A Cutie!
BadGurlBoo: ooo hott u doin today?
s3xk1tt3n69: PSHHH EMINEM! 10 TIMES BETTER THAN EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plyboyhunni0420: DAMN hottie! Hit me up sometime =)
Danielle0588: omg ur so fine thanx 4 addin look like Eminem id hit it anyday
L0velyTears: wow you look just like eminem you got my yes
xoxoiwannaknowxoxo: Damn baby yer effin hot! i would def hit that all night...-rawr-
OoeasthunnioO: you have the hottest body ive ever seen. i'd def. hit it.
skaterbabe41: Still fine as
need4speed2nv: ~*Hey Cutie*~
littlegin84: Thanks!! You are fucking hot yourself, you definatly got my yes as well!!!
Kisses15: ur hottt too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heartthrob
southofdixie420: WHAT A SEXi BABi!!
yallwannahitthis: Loving the body... maybe you should bring it closer sometime wink xXx
MeganMason: hehe ur so fucking hot my god!! id sooo fuck u any day!!! hit me up hot stuff
kinkykc: id hit it again and again baby u gorgeous!! xxx
piercedntattooedchic: yummy
sleepystoner: hitit
Heatherlf: thats a beautiful stomach
WantedByNoOne: hey thanks for the comment babe your pretty damn fine yourself
kutcherlover15: aww thank you
xmarix2k5x: Thankies Sooooo much!! =D
LadyD13: thx hun! ur sexy as hell....nice body! def give u a yes!
princessjame82: awl thanks babe!! ur def hott urself!! and wow you get me YES!
LilFreddy689: thanks for the comment! u r too!!<3
sexyteenfreak: thankz fir the comment ur cute
Kimberlea: So cyute.
SxCaNgEl69: heyyyy gorjuzz how u doin
CountryGRLgradeA: Your So FiiiZZine hitit2
PuNkChIcK1705: hey Goody! just thought i drop a line see how u r doin. well ttyl Sexy!*hugs and kissses*
PlayboyBunny84: i think ur so fine that i gotta let everyone know more then once =P
PlayboyBunny84: damn sexy boy... =P
PlayboyBunny84: =D 8> (heart)
hottsexyange17: my name is crystal_saunders15 wow very very sexy thanx for the comment i hope to talk to you sooon hitit heartthrob iloveyou whip bye baby
litlebluefairy: Wow i like your body! and ur a cuty too. yes i care to chat!!
HollisterChick656: damn u hott man so sexy!!
Kisses15: daym u fine boi!!!!!!!!!!!hitit heartthrob
Pashun: Wow!! Got that eminem look going --yummy!
SexyAmanda: YOu do look like eminem...ohhhh lala
ShAnAnEr: can you say mine?
BarelyBen1: U kinda look like Eminem
ThuggzAngel: way to sexy and way to coo, u got everything go'n for ya sexy
ASEXISHORTY: ur wayy hott babysmile
SexyKitty1969: hey my sexy eminem baby you know what you are sexy as hell and i would meet up with you anyday to hit that
OoeasthunnioO: omg! you got my yes if you wouldn't lemme hit that i'm sorry but i'd have to rape u. wink haha xoxoxo
Rita16: man your HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PhillYzOnliBabyGurl: HEy papi... wut good... holla atcha rican!....*Uno*
surenababygirl: ey papi you looking hella fine to holla back at diz mexican mami
YoungChix69: SEXIII ASS HELLZ!!!!!!!
txangel4881: damn no doubt id hit it too
NaughtyNotNice: Hey baby your lookin damn fine!
theXskiesXbleed: i know most everyone says you look like eminem.. lol but thats what i thought too! lol you may be tired of hear'n that, but its the truth lol, and eminem is sexy! therefore you are too! lol grinlol
teXxaNcuTiie: hah thanks..u look like eminem
blazinhotchick69: wow, thanks so much for the comment baby. you are a complete angel!!! you're really gorgeous and i wish that i could kiss your lips!!! hotstuff
devilgirl1324: ur a big hottiewhip
xmetallicangelx: I'd hit it. wink hit me up sexy.
applesweet: u're fine as fuck babe
babiegurlJen: verry sexxii wink
bootyful6t9: eyy ur cute too baybee
iixkerrixii: yes. i know. im going to ny this summer.. and i was wondering if elmhurst was on LI .. lol
sexximomma: DAMN!! ur a hottie all tha way!! and u kinda look like eminem.....ur just alot hotter..hit me back sumtime *mauh*~Hailey~
SexyStoner420: thaxz for the comment! u look like eminem! ur HOT also! holla back on aol if u want
iixkerrixii: Holy shit, you look like eminem.. <3 thats sexy!! -drool-
usosexzie00: I know u wanna hit this Goody....but...yah just cant wink
Analicious: I love you
yOurmiirAcle: yOu lOok bettterrr!!!! ;]
babiegurlie: thanks hun your cute and hott too lol mwa (K)
AzNBaBiidOll: dAyUmN bOii .. u 2 fIiInE !! hOllA bAc At mEh iF u wAnnA tAlk !! *kIzZ kIsS* --ChErrY !! heartthrob
mezrella: well you look like eminem...... and well i am a juggalette and you can figure out the rest...lmfao
chadiddy: i know u get it a lot...but yea u do look like 50 cent .
butterflychica: You kinda remind me of Eminem ^_^ Thanks for the comment! ~Meg~
origmstrbtggenius: youre cute smile and i used to live fairly close to you...valley stream, NY. but ive long since moved...lets chat sometime smile
banghim04: wow you LOOK LIKE EMINEM IN A WAY! LOL YOUR ADORABLE(K) thanks for the comment
igotgame: ya looks like EM dawg, keep it gangsta manne



oXAbrcrmbiBabeXo: MmMmM very sexi!
kinkymonkey: oooooo la la.. dayum babe.. u fuckin sexxy as hell!! hit me up xoxo
yOurmiirAcle: ahhh sOOo sexii ;] muahz
SeXeHsArAh: wow i agree with all the girls who say u look like eminem...u are HOT!!
HtOwnGuRL: Damn baby!
BritCutie13: thats for the hit you good lookin too and look like eminem
xoflaminhottie1ox: ya hes a hottie
sexykitten11: hey there sexy i just wanted to say hey and that u are fine as hell u should im m sometime on aol my name is ghettogirl10988 so hit me up sometime peace
laurie131: omg ur such a cutiewink msg me bak if u wanna chat hun! ttyl
shortie17: Kickass! I must agree you look like Marshall Mathers.
coolj20032002: hey u do look like eminem i saw a guy that looked like 50 cent u two should hook up lol
oOTaKeMyBrEaThAwAyOo: see i told u u looked like eminem listen to all those girls lol
oOTaKeMyBrEaThAwAyOo: very very sexy babe!!
Infectedxgoose: oooooow baby
iLspiLLmyheArt4u4057: u look like eminem lol
apatheticsarah: will the real slim shady please stand up. lol that means u, buddy...
dymedoutshorty4: omg HI you look so like EMINEM you are hott lol hit me back boo
SoccerChickie: daMMM u look like eminem sexay
lilsexythang1160: hey, ur really cute~!~ u do look like eminem, which is definatly a good thing~!~
mistie: i jus hafta say if i was wearing any panties right now theyd be soaked. ur fine as hell.
sexykitten11: u are fucking fine as hell boy voted u a yes
banghim04: you look like eminem: hot
Likeavirgin: Your such a cutie!!!wink
Analicious: mmm yummy smile
skaterbabe41: Hey fine ass holla back at yo gurl

phattygurl1293: damn... slim shady in the makin...u look good boy! hit me back
cheerallnight4ubabe: damn sexyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id hit that anyday lol
KdiRtY: aww your such a cutie!! =)
bROkENPROMiSE: omggggggggggg your sooooo hottttttttttttttttttttt
karenzurpimp: u look good
babygurl34185: damn.... baby u r fine as hell i would hit that.... check me out
getsnobetta: You DO look like Eminem...just gawd...I'd hit it twice
xXsxiiplayboibabiiXx: yo lukin damn fine boii
KN0CK0UT: your lookin fly =]
xXsxiiplayboibabiiXx: damn damn id hit this fine man.....your soo sexii
pinktink143: I'd hit it! ; ) mwa! you're a cutie
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