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Profile for Dancetoit (offline- last on: Oct 7, 11)
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Name .
Age 24
Webcam? yes
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State California
City I left my heart here
About Me
Shortly after meeting, I will invite you back to my place. You'll accept because, like most men, you are a delusional piece of shit with high hopes of fucking me. My coy smile and aesthetic appeal will distract you from the ultimate disgust hidden in my eyes which is beginning to surface. I'm going to drug you and you will be knocked out cold. During your inebriation, I'm going to tie you up, meathook you by your virgin asshole and slice you open wide. After you wake up I will go to town on your pathetic, frail body with tire iron. Your bruises will be legendary. Deep, red, raised gashes intricately mixed with the black welts that surround the thick empty pits where your mouth, teeth and eyes used to be. You won't be able to feel much after I'm done cauterizing whats left of your wounds. Next, i'm going to take this knife and slice along your jugular and let you bleed out while I pour gasoline down your throat. A simple match will take care of the rest, your half-living corpse ignited in flames will finally rid you of your disease.

I am loud, blunt, gollable, selfish, obnoxious, goofy, weird, and can be quite the little brat. Can't see me at my worst, you sure as hell won't be able to see me at my best...

Darling.....You look beautiful tonight...
My Apps
I am a year round club simmer, and a dancer dance, wake boarding, running, working out, photography, cooking, I have done so much already and i am excited to try new things, i have done things from running in the cold cold winter a half marathon in Las Vegas, to white river rafting on hot summer days.

Turn Ons

Sensual, Sexy, Kinky, Crazy, Freaky, Lustful, Rough, Lace, Amazing, Soft, Silk, Stilettos, Kisses, Biting, Scratching, Thrash, Lip Biting, Corsets, Desire, Massage, Ecstasy, Lust, Push, Wrestle, Straddle, Tease, Tickle ....


Turn Offs
Not Given
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Television rots your brains out.
But i still watch:
Buffy the Vampire slayer (hot)
House (amusing)

Movies The Nightmare Before Christmas
Pretty woman
Beetle Juice
Nightmare on Elm Street Series
Edward Scissor Hands
Garden State
The Notebook
Igby goes down
Drowning Mona
Shes the Man
Donnie Darko
Butterfly Effect
Pan's Labyrinth
Sweeney Todd
A Walk to Remember
Double double toil n trouble
The Dark Knight
Corpse Bride
Assorted Porn Movies
To name a few.... popcorn
Music Green Day, Metallica, Guns and Roses, System of a down, Switch foot, Creed, Eminem, Baby Bash, Jay-z, Maria Carey, 50 cent, Puff Daddy, John Mayer, Black Eyed Peas, Three Days Grace, Hinder, Beyonce, Some Avril Laveign, Hoku, T.a.t.u, Alichia Keys, Aqua, Ashanti, Blink182, Coldplay, Evanessance, Fountains of Wayne, Kelly Clarkson, Lifehouse, Mandy Moore, Mario Winan, Matchbox Twenty, Missy Elliot, New Found Glory, Omarion, Outkast, Simple Plan, Usher, Vanessa Carlton, My Chemical Romance, Pretty Ricky, Franky J, Yellowcard, 2Doors Down, Kanye West, The Killers, Donnas, Dizze Rascal, Dj Sammy, Destinys child, Theory of a dead man, Sfd, Papa roach, Mac dre, The Eagles, Crossfade, Christina Vidal, 112, Viper, Danny C, Goo goo dolls, Sky sweetnam, nickel back, Chris Brown, Julez Santana, Nelly, Paul Wall, Atreyu, Pussycat dolls, Frontline, Sartina Paris, Olivia, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Jeffree Fuckin Star, Cassie, Fallout Boy, Velvet Revolver, The Wild Boys, Akon, Bubba Sparks, Ho'onu'a, postal service, The Higher, T Pain, Emery, The Medic Droid, smitty, sublime, The Beatles, Preschool Tea Party Massacre, Buckcherry, Cascada, Millionaires, As I lay dying, Scary kids scaring kids, Moby, Aiden, Mushroomhead, Deftones, Stutterfly, Disturbed, Korn, Jet lag Gemini, Kenotia, Morning of, 30 seconds to Mars, ...
Book I read them by the wagon load
Quote "In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and rock you, and take your grief and make it my own. When you cry, I cry, and when you hurt, I hurt. And together we will try to hold back the floods of tears and despair and make it through the potholed streets of life."

"We're all on our way out. Act accordingly." -Jack Nicholson

"Why must you make me unpack my heart with words?!" -Hamlet

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therightstuff: Well ur gorgeous, but just slightly disturbed lol! Criminal minds has nothing on u!
shaqinmiami: Sexy can I?
travisty: Hey gorgeous ... I sent u a message read it when u get a chance and give me some sort of response if u would ... I miss ya hope ur doing good hug heartthrob
shaqinmiami: Find out where your "about me" section is from! Oh, and text me.
Chuck8303: That's because I am.
puntteam2002: evening miss
Nasiello: well hello cutie.
CptAwesome22: Tori. Lets make love! And Chatroulette! Haha
supimchris: i did you on chatroulette <3
CptAwesome22: P.S. Just cause I'm creepy and cyber stalk you, can we do the humping like in that picture on your profile? Pretty please?
CptAwesome22: Whooooo! grinlol *Humps back!* Haha if only I really could :P
SeanLuke88: hey
ASLPLSLOLOMG: haha awesome!!
LevisGuy569: damn, i'd fuck that pussy raw
CptAwesome22: Hey grinlol How goes it? You need to come visit Washington! K? Ready, set, go!!! P.S. You're still REALLLY gorgeous!
JunkieDego: You are sexy... hows cali? Im trying to get out there next month for a wedding! Never been there, kinda worried!
puntteam2002: real life is rated R and not so polished. You seem to understand that and i have a tremendous respect for that. How's SF? i miss it.
brianjhollo: So damn beautiful! Keep the new pics coming.
CptAwesome22: It will be! smile I get to nerd out and go to a video game conference... Yeah... I'm never going to get laid :P
CptAwesome22: Hi smile I wanted to harass you while you were online! Hope your day is going wellz.
wasd: hmmm, youre adorable to say the least, but seriously, who do i hafta blow around here to get a response from you? :p
ca86: Very pretty. Yes for u.
CptAwesome22: smile wink grinlol
jonnycowboy: Hismile
shener18: you look very nice happy to see you smile wanna chat with me?
hard2tame: Whats your FB link?! smile
CptAwesome22: Hey Torrri! smile I hope your weekend went well! Anddd... Just a long shot, but do you have a skype! I got a webcam today and don't have anyone to chit chat with! But I want to try it out!
brianjhollo: Thanks for the add, how are you?
CptAwesome22: *Kicks you in the shin* That was to get your attention. ALSO to prove I'm not always nice. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
ezreale: i miss stutterfly...not to mention i think secret and whisper broke up as well. :(
tDUB2486: hey! how are you? it's been forever! i wanna talk to you again :(
nitsuj: sup girl
ghengis: hi gf redface
Deadsexy69: Brutal description of my demise... Sounds like fun.
CptAwesome22: Haha its okayyyy! I always feel like a stalker/creeper type so I'm glad you think its sweet smile Thats a good sign at least. So don't feel bad! But at the same time you just seem awesome so... Yes! You should be better so I can get to know you more! :P
CptAwesome22: Sowwie for being a total perv smile But your new profile picture is a great great choice! Hopeeee you're having an awesome summer!
drknockboootzz: hey pretty smile ur list of turn-ons is extensive grinlol
brianjhollo: My god, you are gorgeous. That is all.
imrich04: hey sweetie! just wanted to stop in a see how you are doing...miss ya and love ya!
iamdave2485: hey there im new to this and you are absolutly amazing.... hit me up.....
....please dont be a stranger smile Soldier there smile
drknockboootzz: LOL @ tom cruise & brittney spears getting wanked on
LevisGuy569: i'd let you have my babies
smblkcj7: very very beautiful
dedalus86: incredibly sexy!
WoLfMaN1981: i miss you <3
jojoflow: hi there wow your a hottie
WoLfMaN1981: <3
ScoBu5: Just to let you know....I FUCKING Love your profile!!
travisty: hey you long time no talk ... i just wanted to say hello i miss you ...
IfuckedaMermaid: <3
drknockboootzz: congrats ur in the top 10!!
greenalkaline: wow wheres the hell yes button lol
manoucho: You're so gangsta ! ♥
manoucho: You're so gangsta ! ♥
tDUB2486: I miss talking to you
TalibKweli: left your heart there, beautiful song and city smile
TalibKweli: left your heart there, beautiful song and city smile
IfuckedaMermaid: heartthrob
puntteam2002: evening miss. how are things? smile
TwinTurboed: you wanna fuck me dont you
armymedic022377: hey.. hows cali tonite...
jcurr87: beautiful and intelligent, from rading your profile smile I love it!
TwoLampShades: beautiful and very sexy
DARKnessWITHIN: txt me back sometime
kenny81: good to see i'm not the only one awake. cool pics
kindalazy: so are we gonna do the grown up dance or what?
kindalazy: hi dan
BigAC88: Hey there, how's it goin? :-)
tDUB2486: so why don't we ever talk anymore?? :(
WoLfMaN1981: <3
imamachine: Did you make up that whole about me section?
jonnycowboy: Your freakn' awesome!
shaqinmiami: Hi.
gotillskills: Thanks for the add and yes. I just reactivated my profile ive got bored with the site for a while. Would u leave me some photo comments and ill return the favor
totallyfab: heyy :]
kindalazy: hate to foil your profile plot, but my asshole is no virgin babycakes wink
kenny81: your profile is terrifying
puntteam2002: hello from sd to sf! gott rep the west coast! how are you? smile
CptAwesome22: I'm coming to bother you yet again! :P Can we start all the fun business in your turn ons now? I want to be like the cartoon guy or what not and just going crazy all over people?
shaqinmiami: oh hai
CptAwesome22: grinlol I don't know how to wave back... but... I totally would if I could
CptAwesome22: Rawr. I have come back to harass you. Mostly cause you're pretty funny. And also highly attractive. So... that means I HAVE to try to talk to you! HAVE to. It's obligated by my hormones.
WoLfMaN1981: <3
hooch101: first off your a masochists dream girl lol...second of all very good with your about me but you can do much better with your dismal pain felt hello
TwinTurboed: You hear that??? im the epitome. Lets do it smile
enderkensenbender: yeah, he's the epitome of what wyht should be. possibly the internet in general
TwinTurboed: yeah what enderkensenbender said
enderkensenbender: be turbo ed's lover
TwinTurboed: hey be my SL
evanturner: well, hey ;x
thalastd0n: You are my kinda girl!!!
puntteam2002: i left my heart there a few times as well. great place to be smile
Brendan87: absolutely beautiful <3
jaket53: hahahaha, I love your about me! classic!! grinlol
drknockboootzz: hiiiii tori-gorgeous-danceahol
other-side!! smile
how are you and dance moves coming along? LOL & wtfs up with he-man busting nuts on all these ppl including tom cruise and b-spears
evanturner: let me see yo body ;3
shaqinmiami: So you comment my picture, but you don't respond to my comments/messages? Lameeeee. Respond. Dooooo it.
Devilman778833: Wow. Realism and cynicism meets the movie hard candy. (Im referring to the what you do to stupid chauvinistic guys at top). Thats some cold yet funny shit

Can we be friends? lol
Willndowed: Sensationally delicious! You got gorgeous goin on!
heyletsgo: Hey girl, thx's for the add
JunkieDego: Haha very interesting profile.
raptor3617: Hey thanks for adding me. how are you?
Winkeypass5169: hey tori you are really cute nice to meet you
CptAwesome22: Helllllllllo! smile How's it going?! Hope your getting all caught up with that work not problem and head less issues with the mail! I think you still deserve me a conversation full of dirty talk someday though! You teased about it!
IRISHMAN10: Will you rape me please!!!! smile
Brett69: hey cutie..hit me up sometime wink
pimphardest16: your fucking wierd
ASLPLSLOLOMG: i like you
ASLPLSLOLOMG: i like you
puntteam2002: i spent a lot of time in SF. great city. i envy you for living there lol
bowchicawowwow: message me ur aim so i can say hii!
jevannlov: where are the pics in the lingerie party album? lol
Chldrnofbodm: qtqtqt
puntteam2002: bay all the way!
JackNoCoke: Thanks for the pic comment. Dont sell yourself short on the benching. Maybe youll get as much as I do, one day. haha.
JackNoCoke: Thanks for the pic comment. Dont sell yourself short on the benching. Maybe youll get as much as I do, one day. haha.
ChrisM3: wave
axmodel: You have an incredible body Tori. You must light up that west coast with your beautiful smile smile
WoLfMaN1981: <3
JRock5590: Hey beautiful =) how are you?
bowchicawowwow: you are just soo fucking hottt! what are you up to?? on aim or msn?
Mandos: You are very beautiful smile
bcballer1408: could i get your msn? smile
ASLPLSLOLOMG: tori, I like your name!
CptAwesome22: Hey smile How's it going?! You... should probably get online cause I'm super duper bored and need someone to talk to. Also. You're super gorgeous!
CptAwesome22: Hey smile How's it going?! You... should probably get online cause I'm super duper bored and need someone to talk to. Also. You're super gorgeous!
CptAwesome22: Hey! How's it going? smile I hope your life is going good! You still need to get on MSN one of these days again! :-P That would be awesome!
zaquis: no i am hot as hell & i own
CR25: sexy as fuck girl holla at me, comment my pics!
brianb89: gorgeous
kingfisher420: nice, i have ditched many for a cheeseburger.
DarthAnt: hi, love.
philthy1: very hot pic wink
thediggydoc: very cute
Nasiello: hmm, I'm oddly intrigued by your threat of torture and death by flames. have you ever done that to someone? =P
shroobs: lawl, your profile makes me laugh :]
REC: You told me to add you on AIM and MSN before you left. I did, but you were never on ;(
puntteam2002: you are very welcome ma'am. if you'd care to chat sometime i'd be very much obliged.
puntteam2002: to put it quite're profile was a breath of fresh air. i'm intrigued smile
REC: Toriiiiiii where u been qt?
ilikepigtails: definitely and yes :3
ilikepigtails: your natural pics look 100000000000000 x better than your slutty pics ;D
CRaptors: Hey miss, how are you? you have very lovely lady humps! :-) hope all is well.
lilblue318: The notebook and A walk to Remember are 2 of my fav movies
enderkensenbender: i can see your tits right through that shirt
wouterbmx: beautiful
coldforsakenangel666: love the profile sweetheart
shaqinmiami: Weiner.
MarlonMonroe: beautiful beyond belief
papajohn: DAMMMMN GIRL.. verry fine
rutherkj: very very hot!
UA2008: Nice ass!
ChrisChaos: Hmm, my friend said the same thing... and you know what.. guys do lie more, but they lie about small things like... what time they got home last night.... girls tell BIG lies like "it's your baby!"
BigOutdoorsMan: I just uploaded some new pix. Check them out and leave a comment. For every pic you comment, I will comment yours. smile
puntteam2002: im really high right now and your profile makes perfect sense. i really like it.
chillinvilln: hey sexy smile
Westicles: So after reading your profile, I am feeling indifferent, im listening to Tool, so that first part was enhanced, definitely something I usually dont see on here. I love it.
JESUSojackhammer: nice profile intro.
FonzieMOB4LYFE: Hey Tori, thanx for the addsmile How are you ?
monotonelifestyle: dig the profile ESPECIALY the first half. I like that fear of falling asleep first when with someone. and music taste is bitchin as well. take care smile
Lsdtheway2b: your super hot wink
getpumped87: your pics on your page are crazy :-p
mmkthnx: I have to say that I enjoyed reading that first part of your profile. Quite gruesome yet I found some odd humor in it; simply because it's different than what I'd find on this site. Also you're pretty! and I totally mean that in the most non lesbian way L
True: wow, and to think I was going to bed. But after reading all that I'm slightly afraid I'll have nightmares.
ImaFknPrincess: youre gorgeous.
RedLiner85: I really hope u dont think that about all men. U know there is some men that are out there that usually like a woman for who she is and not whats down there.
Mistatriksta707: the first part of your profile scared the crap outta me!
badunn: Totally gorgeous! I love your profile, starts out pretty morbid though, lol... You have a great personality and awesome sense of humor! you def seem cool, I espcially like you're "ICQ comment" ;-) lol, very clever!
Zargo1z: wow
EmptyRevolver: nice
Marty0Mcfly: Don't eat me :(
TwinTurboed: Hey did you write all that stuff in your about me? It's funny, I liked it.
Marty0Mcfly: You Are Crazy smile
WoLfMaN1981: hey lover =]
SunshineMania1986: Hi. =]
shweebop96: Damn girl your beautiful! give me a shout hunny smile
AGUSA6: you're that girl but your turns on are kinda revealing
AGUSA6: depends, smart as in smart-ass...or the obvious battle you have with trying to be good and trying to be honest (clues-your turn ons)..

but it's alright I'm not really into girls who shag it up alot...i prefer the convo/vibe/depth first ha NOT saying yo
AGUSA6: your turn on's contradict your bs about me.
kriptonic505: hi there tori, just wanted to say whats up and see whats going on! uve been on my friends list but weve never really talked id love to get to know u better! have a good one, take care missy grinlol
kriptonic505: hi there tori, just wanted to say whats up and see whats going on! uve been on my friends list but weve never really talked id love to get to know u better! have a good one, take care missy grinlol
MrNobody: lol id love to see that and anythign else u wanna show me wink
MrNobody: i dont believe it. imma need some kinda proof smile
niceguy3787: i was totally going to say hi to you until i read ur profile...i'll just remember not to let you take me back to your place wink
forevereverlasting: im gonna be in eugene in a few weeks too!!
TalibKweli: doodie is such a great site
dan182: love your hair
supremeKi: hey long time no talk how u been
mars: reading your turn ons turned me on

...just sayin
DaDonJuan9: pretty =)
demigod: yay for psychopathic murderers
ManOfSteel4105: legosss! :]
WoLfMaN1981: inlove
Kristianne: i LOVE you profile. haha. i love the graphics, the randomness, but most of all.. that story about what you will do.. haha. very different and unqiue. =D
austin0nfire: oh my gawd! that is some profile... lol
Vandal: And why haven't I noticed someone actually from my area?!shrug...weird.
Vandal: fuck yea I live around the north bay. Santa Rosa/Sonoma County. Where in the bay is it gonna be?
Vandal: you live in Frisco?
linkinparknx: Love your shirt wink
Chuck8303: add me slut.
Rich: so are you from the 2 pics i can see. :]
SONofAheyWATCHit: lookin amazing smile
Meah: Hey Freak!!!!!!!!
YouCantHaveMe: what's up qt?
YouCantHaveMe: wave
trblone: Thankyou miss I'm never on MSN anymore :(
Valse: Hello
Marmites: yo i got nothin to do for the next 45-60 minutes u wanna sort a brotha out
IbanezShredder: haha i love the profile. nice stuff!
argylekid87: o hay girl.
puntteam2002: your profile was very intriguing to say the absolute least... my aim is zach22rbf and my yahoo is puntteam2002. have a great day...or don't.
REC: Toriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii girl whats upppppppp!
CrombIEboY17: heyy there smile whats up?
drknockboootzz: what made u stop talking with me
bigtony84: I've made a new video like always rate comment and subscribe
bigtony84: I've made a new video like always rate comment and subscribe
TuxidoMask: hey girl whats going on ?
SunshineMania1986: Toriii!!
hard2tame: Did you abandon ship on me?!? Where u been?!
fonetik: The beginning of your about me is akin to listening to The Acacia Strain, only you're a woman and they aren't.
mtnhunter: HMMMM ... You redefine beauty and it is good..
artemis0010101: how's it goin cutey?
codysmith1: i'm infatuated
drknockboootzz: hiiii toriii =) u r totally right about failing by msging u...LOL
i love ur ace ventura pic whats up how was ur weekend in the bay?
GatarHero: hey wats up
SunshineMania1986: How are ya?
SunshineMania1986: Hi Tory.
danceallnight78: gotta love those beauty marks....
Jam0r: you're gorgeous!
ACsore: gorgeoussmile
SynysterGates11: haha i would just like to say that you're about me section is amazing. well put.
BlockOfCheese: You seem fun and are very gorgeous. Have a good day.
PENisPUPPET: hola wave
cbecks4: hey, what's up!
silentpimp2007: lmao ur profile cracks me up but u do get ur point across haha...thanks for the add hun!
thundoor69: hi Tori, how are things going for you today?
tufgi88: hi!
Djlarose: nm
diddy43: hey you just wanted to say i think your a hottie hope your having a good day ttyl
Djlarose: Thanks.. and you never answered me
ChelseaFC: so is snicker doodle, she enjoys gumming our cats head lol
ChelseaFC: awe, that's cute smile
youlookdhotteronwyht: NO you are not shush!
youlookdhotteronwyht: NOOO i'm leaving soon!
RAILHER: fuck darling, youre dp is freaking ADORABLE.
True: A little boys shirt?! Oh that's not even fair.
ChelseaFC: P.S. I like the top of your about me section, is that from scratch?
ChelseaFC: thanks, i enjoy facial expressions, they speak louder than words in pictures, because you can't talk in pictures :p
True: You are pleasantly twisted.
BTW, where did you get that amazing LEGOs t-shirt!
baddestb1tch: wave
baddestb1tch: wave
Mobbaffiliated: so im pretty happy were friendsss
sexymarine1065: so whats goin on?
Mobbaffiliated: amazing musi choicesss as well!
Mobbaffiliated: thatss a pretty morbidd about mee... i dunno kindaa scaryyy i hope there is a sweet side too ya
Mobbaffiliated: thatss a pretty morbidd about mee... i dunno kindaa scaryyy i hope there is a sweet side too ya
Brett69: hey sexy! whats up?
drknockboootzz: you little ho how dare u ditch me for a cheeseburger rage
lol jp duh
baddestb1tch: wave read ur msgs
sexymarine1065: so how are you doin?
cod4makesmeswear: Why is your lingerie party album empty?!?!?! that needs to have pics pronto.
drknockboootzz: you are so cute i even like your moleheartthrob
sexymarine1065: you have amazing taste in music! and your profile made me smile. i love your intro. very hostile. might i suggest using battery acid on the genatils?
alear1981: haha ur profile is very Dexter, i like it!
jag1973: If a got a nickel every time I saw a person as beautiful as you, I’d have….5 cents! =) very lovely
jessebob: Effin sexxy
hard2tame: There's my long lost love!!! How have you been?!?!
fUktHaT: cali girls rock
sayhellotojake: <-- crushin a little n laughin at ur profile a lot, haha
baddestb1tch: whip
Chaosnake: hey, how've you been?
Meah: think You still have the same number? I texted you the other day.
Meah: You don't love me anymore, we never talk.
graveDIggEr: fucking losers...thats who

you like the stones?
blakeoman: hi there how are u?
ur really pretty
drknockboootzz: hey girl! hows ur weekend goin in the City so far?
automech7053: heyyyy! so do you talk on msn any? smile
trav279: heyyy smile
majik: Oh baby drool
nhra347: hey! Gave you a yes!
REC: Sup girl u tryna fux? wink I'm totally down!
REC: LOL Ty bby wink
Marmites: it's okay cuz u qt
Marmites: it's okay cuz u qt
Marmites: it's okay cuz u qt
DaDonJuan9: pretty
drknockboootzz: hey cutie how YOU doin tongue no sodomy. LOL maybe buttsmack but nono on the abusing of the man redface
Marmites: your 'about me' will haunt my nightmares for a long time wave

I'm never picking up a chick again frown
Shameless1986: He is a Dutch Warmblood. heehee I like your profile. It makes me giggle...
KumpleteHottie: :'(
Marmites: :3
KumpleteHottie: </3
enderkensenbender: more like a mako shark
enderkensenbender: you're such a gross slob. you remind me so much of horace grant with the goggles on
enderkensenbender: suck a flawless loaf out of my ass and i hope you choke on my poo crumbs you bleached bimbo
winston459: look im not even being serious. i am just pissing everyone off because i am bored. i dont take this site seriously. so dont take anything i say seriously. im just an asshole.
winston459: lol you're such a fat whore. hahaha go blow off some cock cause i bet it's the only way you got good grades in school. you fuckin shallow worthless piece of shit that is a waste of oxygen. someone should really fuckin kill you.
winston459: fuckin fat whore.
REC: LOL! smile You know im just playinnn
bcballer1408: could i get your msn? smile
Avatar3436: Thanks for the add, what's good with you?
REC: LOL smile Sure sure. I bet you read it all the time because ur so self absorbed.
REC: Tori you so finnnnnnnnnnnnne girl shittttt. Your profile is kinda awesome Im glad I finally read it. LOL
drknockboootzz: yesssssss i cant wait til wyht lets me see ur privates jilloff

LOL i think she (jilloff) is so much more expressive than this guy jackoff
drknockboootzz: where'
ur welcome smile
drknockboootzz: apparently, you are drooling at a pic of me. i see this and im like why isnt she on my friends list. so im adding u. plus i like your turn ons - that list was tyte wink

and then u missed an ughsmilie by typing :uhg: after 'disrespectful man gets no
wilstemptation: lol just had to say i love your profile...that beginning was great rofl
trblone: hax
nailNhummer: Oh how badly i would like to be back on the piers...
trblone: y r u not on msn
hard2tame: check your mail smile
artemis0010101: I had to goto bed! ahh I work for a living!
bcballer1408: heyy
Kieran2k8: you look soo hot babes! hows life? loving your default by the way you look amazing :P xXx
StNr: woohoo thank you
nhra347: Hey! Love the pic! Wana chat?
artemis0010101: lawls, braces suck
i got a cut in my mouth
how do i fix that? :3
trav279: heyy there smile
hard2tame: im on there... where r u ?
WoLfMaN1981: wave
hard2tame: check your messages again lol
Ssakii: Ah, must be the new wyht trend, im too old to keep up now ugh
Well i hope its a trend.. if its their way of getting you to swoon theyre way off base
hard2tame: check your messages smile
hard2tame: check your messages smile
tr1ks: alright well i must say the first paragraph of your profile certainly did scare the shit out of me. but after reading through it you come off as an energetic, funny person and i would be honored if you would be kind enough to chat with me =)
i promise i
Melissab711: Where in SF are you from? I used to live there over by cow palace. P.S. I'm not a lesbo lol
hard2tame: how was the workout hun smile
drknockboootzz: haha did you really laugh that hard it seemed like a good bellly laugh. LOL. why havent we talked before i remember coming across (not in the dirty way!!) ur pic one day a while ago n being like hm she looks pretty good. huh whatsup cutie clearly the ball
nofxiskewl: p.s. i have one too
nofxiskewl: too bad that's in san fran, otherwise i'd be there wink

but wait, you have a cam, what's your sn?
Pernicious88: That pic with the knife is soooooooooo sexy.. And your hella fine!!!
KumpleteHottie: smile

i like talkin 2 u
drknockboootzz: i would totally go back to your place because I of course, AM a delusional piece of shit with high hopes (tremendously high, too high even) of fucking you.

there. I said it. plz dont sodomize me please
nofxiskewl: touchy, feely, and sadistic, not mention hot. where do i sign up?
aceswildtru: Wow, you're GORGEOUS! grinlol
c3white: uhm, im kinda scared to talk to you hun, the whole meat hook in my virgin ass really through me off :S
discombober02: so what part of frisco are you from?
comoneymaker: Dam your body is out of controll!
umbaseball15: oh. sorry
wataw50: Hello Tori, how was your day?
KissMeImIrish7: hi tori smile
how are u?
umbaseball15: all i see when i look at your name is TIT
hard2tame: this has been a long moment... write me on there
Henrikku: oh hai! :p
hard2tame: so...... Im on msn... are you still arguing with that guy? You are not very good at writing back on there lol
Baseballgod15: hello
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!
tmoney82: fat
DarknessWithin: thats good that u havent quit yet wink
DarknessWithin: so what is new victoria

seeing as ur never on anymore tongue
DarknessWithin: gnoc
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!
cfizzle10: verrrry pretty
cfizzle10: verrrry pretty
automech7053: hey! how are ya cutie? smile
REC: Toriiiiiiii happy valentines dayyyyyyyyyyyyy! heartthrob
ezreale: mmhmmmm...hard to find ppl. like you. how did you come up w/your about me section?
ezreale: i love........your personality! it's so awesome.
shaun247: yd u get rid of ur lingerie foldder
manoucho: S E X Y !
singleservingfriend7: :p
singleservingfriend7: :p
DarknessWithin: ass/
milos78: not sleeping??
CrombIEboY17: hey there! whats up? interesting profile.. well get back at me if you want smile
shadowplayer69: remind me not 2 piss u off and i might be able 2 talk 2 u
shadowplayer69: remind me not 2 piss u off and i might be able 2 talk 2 u
beanoz: fuckin beautiful! thanx for the add! great pics!
sergeantcracker: haha great profile! any fun plans for the weekend yet?
circa123: dude your profile is fucking SWEET!! Bahaha!!
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!
mrsfunrabbit: i was wondering if you could add me please.
Jeremy06: damn your a cutie!
trblone: 2:15pm :(

trblone: I'll bring anything you want, baby.. they're nunchucks btw LOL
trblone: HOT. :( Yours?
trblone: I'm on mine too, as it's 104 here.. :(
nelly043: tori! you're incredible. love your pictures smile and that is one graphic "about me" section lol nice.
trblone: Whatcya doin'?
trblone: Oh hay gurl wink
Meah: There you go the first step on the road to recovery is admiting you have a problem
Meah: I cant be gay.
Meah: What the gay photo? Nothing wrong with it its just that you are gay.
Meah: I say you are.
alphadude21: dang you're a cute one, we should chat it up sometime
kcinick: You are very gorgeous!
DarknessWithin: hello wave2
kcxf: i know your plot though
kcxf: are you really gunna kill me?
umbaseball15: mmmmm
TheUntouchable1986: hai to you to
LordAwesome: Well, I could say a whole bunch of useless stuff, but I guess since you're interested in photography, you could have a look at my work.

what do you like to photograph?
IND3LIBL30N3: Let me know. We can stare at each other for awhile.
Meah: ahh
Meah: Yours is bigger ugh
Meah: I have an erection
nhra347: Wow, I gave you a yes! Wana chat?
tmoney82: omfg thanks for shwoing me your amazing nudes. u rock tori!
IND3LIBL30N3: When are you going to put pictures in your "lingerie party" album!?
shener18: wats up? you look wonderful wanna chat? do u have msn or yahoo? kiss XX)
Jeremy06: your so sexy!
Derronm2004: holy shit!
Derronm2004: holy shit!
mortuus: wuts ur msn shitbag
ecko802: Thanks for the add babe How are you?
kcxf: yyy
kcxf: heyyy
indridcold: omg yer ace ventura pic is soooo baller status! lol yer lookz r pretty kill toowink big yes vote from me, actually if i could vote yese 213 times i was going to but it would only let me vote once....*sigh* wink
KrAzYgUy: hi hun
trblone: You're pretty, the end. tiphat
whatstheworldhates: i will i got 20 bucks today its a good start lol
whatstheworldhates: Merry Xmas Tori have a good one
ryetoast5: cute..gorgeous eyes...
MikeRocksYouHardcore: </3
artemis0010101: I love you like fat chicks love cake
eddiebot: check your msgsgsgsgs
ReZ420: so i think ur profile is the first that ive read all the way thru and u have some great shit on here.
ReZ420: so i think ur profile is the first that ive rad all the way thru and u have some great shit on here.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Beotch
ForgetMeNotxox: haha i have add, too. and i have to say that I pretty much died laughing when i saw the picture of the guy shitting in his sleep haha.
Boivin16: I'd hit it

Gimme a rate
umbaseball15: emo heartbroken u dumped me bby.
Switchblade: wave2
drknockboootzz: oh wow you serious? hotstuff
thanks for the lovely comment, lovely. SF is the shit im originally from the baysmile
terrific choice of jim carrey photo grinlol
drknockboootzz: oh wow you serious hotstuff
thanks for the lovely comment, lovely. SF is the shit im originally from the baysmile
eddiebot: check your msgs!!
Meah: bored
jamiebabby: lmao thanks for the comment fuck if i were bi or a lez i would totally sit on my own face. lol whatsupp ?
higod33: lol im just kidding ! :P
nice variety of music
higod33: no need to be a whore ...
tDUB2486: i <3 u
demigod: green girl is still hawt
nsr0787: Hey I saw you said you'll be on periodically but I thought I'd hit you up. If you're still livin' in the bay you're only about an hour away from me! Hit me back I'd love to get to know you better... if your profile is any indication, we'll get along juuuu
Reddragnlady: very funny profile, I have to admit it made me giggle!
Sam566: hey cutie
xJobey: whats up qt?
xJobey: wave
shaun247: wonderin why ur alll smiles
shaun247: wats up smiley
kcxf: o well ok that makes complete sense
kcxf: Silly
alexdepaul: hey, nice profile, loving the he-man picture! good taste in films too grinlol
alwaysbored: hi tori. you're pretty.
Brett69: sexy!
countrycutie528: Cute picture!
AIMTheSlickDude: LaLa times 2!!! whats up
mrperfect25569: very beautiful! whats up???
whatstheworldhates: hey you.. how have u been
KrAzYgUy: Finals are coming up soon right? Prepared? Aim totally works for me!!
menace2006: very hott
bikersk8rkid: Meah - I agree, so buy her a new one. grinlol
Meah: well your phone sucks then
Meah: I texted u a few times
tmoney82: I PUKED WHEN I GOT HOME :(
Meah: flowers
sasbunny: Hahah the bay is the shit giiirlll. yeah like 45 minutes! haha.
KrAzYgUy: Aww homework...eww!! What are you studying hon? Does msn work for you?
KrAzYgUy: It def. could have been a lot better! Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Chldrnofbodm: Haha I just got back from a staff meeting at the ski resort I'm gonna be working at
eddiebot: MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!
ArthurIzzo: whats going on miss =)
KrAzYgUy: Ohh, Im sorry!! Nick would be the name, and you havent seen saw V yet?
blush: Thank you, baby!! grinlol
KrAzYgUy: Hi Tori!
eMByson: its a sperm
its smiling just for u wink
UGAfratastic: hey tori, prettiest salute pic i've seen...and nooo not cuz of your cleavage lol, but those gorgeous eyes. Can you msg me w/ your AIM?
eMByson: you is cute redface
eMByson: wave
beccabear23: annnd you are too! smile
beccabear23: thank you! smile i had to go translate that but thank you ha :P
blush: Thanks for the birthday greetings! dance
TrueGenius: NO did you want to take human creation to the next level?

TrueGenius: Yes me too?
TrueGenius: No comprende...

lol jk

Hi my name is Ryan, and you are?
TrueGenius: NO french

i am not that romantic.
Chldrnofbodm: Your avatar is like, amazing.

Just sayin'
TrueGenius: Why hello there ^.^
ktm125: your so sexy baby i should be 100%
supremeKi: hey u seem really kool and ur gorgous too love the profile people like u are fun to talk to so wutsup
menace2006: sexxxxxxxy
arrogantbastard: You're a cutie!!smile
ufhottboy: i just messaged u hun wink
bikersk8rkid: I think you should text message me! Coming to this website on my phone kills my battery really fast. MySpace & FaceBook doesn't. So I'm on there a lot. (503)975-0658
kenny81: wow you are so gorgeous smile
good morning!
bikersk8rkid: So what do you want?
bikersk8rkid: Yeah why wouldn't I remember you. Hell I remember seeing you when I was in San Fransico, but you wont know that. grinlol
nelly043: nice pictures. and profile. pretty good stuff smile
massoud: hey hun! finally speaking talking to you thats nice smile
DeMoN73: Thanks for tha comment, but I am back in tha states now, an got some new ink, so I will be postin some new pics up soon, an as I get more an more, will be postin those up as well. Check back an keep updated =]]
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ugh
MikeRocksYouHardcore: A majority of the people on this site don't think so.shrug
ttpzjackson: you are very cute..
dageneral: hey whats goin on how r u
ILikeMusic: "Silly cheese dicks" I laughed. I'm up there on the ADD scale so I periodically paid attention to your profile. Enjoyed the parts I saw. Lots of pictures which is always good. Great movies n music listed. Oh and you're gorgeous! OK I'm done rambling. Over
Lefthanded: haha! your comment made me laugh, thanks!
trav279: heyyyy...
milos78: send me ur aim smile
zjtrumann: you sound like you just possibly mite be "the shit"
latinpsycho87: hey there how are you?
waxurss: hey gorgeous, care to chat sometime?
milos78: you sexy american you smile
Meah: I shall try the phone soon.. I am bad at calling people or texting I always forget .. But i will make sure I do one of them soon...

DBeck: lick
NdwnVup: god baby your so sexy!! wats up?
Meah: Would It be out of line if I told you I love you LO!L

We never talk anymore emo
automech7053: hey! cute new pictures babe smile How are ya? Get on MSN any? smile
eddiebot: what might those be
eddiebot: how would you make me smile? tongue
eddiebot: lol how am i supposed to tell you i have new pics when youre never online?!
prodrew511: you are really sexy. can i please get your aim or yahoo?
DBeck: mm protein shake
UGAfratastic: best quote ever right? lol. can i get your msn screenname?
tmoney82: burp
rupp0003: DAMN!
shaqinmiami: We should talk on aimmmmmmmm.
Crim122: lucky, I am so jealous :(
bigtoetony: lmao! that ace ventura picture cracks me up
jamesdeen: i will do whatever u want me to too it
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a very beautiful lady Tori who loves to have alot of fun smile
Meah: I am starting to miss you.
digitalcamguy: wellllllllllllll how long u goin to be on aim :P smile
digitalcamguy: hey gorjussssssssssssssssss
ssssss smile wuttup? smile u on aim? smile
camaroguy87: Hey i am just putting this out there but i think we have allot in common,I know you said you wouldn't think of meeting someone off here but...I would like to get to know you drop me you're screen name if interested !!! Jeremy
umbaseball15: hotstuff
MikeRocksYouHardcore: HILARIOUS moviesmile

I'm ready to go in coach! I know there's a lot riding on this but it's all psychological!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: roflI saw Ace Ventura today on TBS!
umbaseball15: ooo bby. jackoff right now? haha
umbaseball15: drool
umbaseball15: redface
umbaseball15: mmm nom nom nom nom
ShutUpSean: HEY
whatstheworldhates: thanks for the pic comment you are more cute then me though
umbaseball15: you want a taste, bby? grinlol
Lamont7650: hey there hun! how are you?
Lamont7650: hey there hun! how are you?
umbaseball15: why yes, you are.
umbaseball15: daaaamn. my SL is hot.
circa123:'re so sexy..
circa123: damn girl...
Meah: Nudes to my inbox K go grinlol
ChrisMRHOCKEY22: gorgeous babe
Flyinmetal: yes, how may I help you?
tmoney82: so boring.
umbaseball15: heyy sexy bum
tejanopirate: what are you doing up so early?
umbaseball15: ill bet they doo
circa123: so sexy!! gaah dang!!
umbaseball15: faaaaake- we should be SLs.
Ramiel76: definately get a yes grinlol very hot!
bowchicawowwow: i wanna be on you.
DOCTOR: score!
DOCTOR: im handicapped. do i get to come to the front of the line in my electric wheelchair?
DOCTOR: can i see yo titties babydoll?
DOCTOR: your default is so gay. id still rub my cokk on your neck tho
Meah: I should be in your shout outs and you should text or call more often
umbaseball15: Jordan has been doing the school thing lately but he will be back for u soon <3
ShutUpSean: i dunno, music events generally cost money. and i don't like paying money.
ShutUpSean: can't dude, it costs money and i have school.
ShutUpSean: random like beer shits
ShutUpSean: hey when're we gonna sex
DarknessWithin: no its true
DarknessWithin: oops mean hey
DarknessWithin: ty smile
xlikeabadstarx: yea i saw the dark knight and i wanna see it again was really good

i wish i had some icecream to eat :(
xlikeabadstarx: sounds like u had a pretty good sorry ur so hot though...u need to find a way to cool off
xlikeabadstarx: im pretty good...i just woke up but i wish i was still sleeping haha. my weekend was alright just worked saturday morning and thats about it. how was urs?
digitalcamguy: ooooooooooo yer gorjussssssssssss smile yum.....yes to uuuuuu
xlikeabadstarx: hi smile how are u tonight?
xlikeabadstarx: hi smile how are u tonight?
Tidalwave: whats new
arrogantbastard: You're beautiful!!!
nhra347: wow, you are very sexy, I gave you a yes.
ezreale: i love whole pf and all. shows you have a personality. that is most definitely an a +
Umbaseball15: youre 45 and have a penis and i love it.
Umbaseball15: you are SOOOOO fake i know it
Umbaseball15: LOL well ur in my top 10
Umbaseball15: why arent you in the top 10?
stevehallny: hi sexy
xRyan87x: Hai QT wave
Meah: ugh
xRyan87x: TheGreatRhino87 ... add me up ! smile
MagicalMissy18: lol thanks cutie
xRyan87x: Sweeeeeeet good to hear. Wanna talk on MSN or AIM some time?
Tidalwave: smile
Tidalwave: your body is amazing btw
Tidalwave: that coming from you, thanks smile
xRyan87x: hug Mine was great, other than having to work. I went to some club I've never been to before on Friday, had a lot of fun. Didn't get drunk, but had fun. How about your weekend?
MagicalMissy18: lol your fine the way u r baby
lookb4ujump: damn girl you are fine!!!!
MagicalMissy18: sexy sexy smile
Umbaseball15: i'd let you redface
stevehallny: you are so beautiful wish you were riding me instead of that horse
URtwixFIX: Your nothing less than spectacular. Your too beautiful
sharkmaninohio: hey ,, whats up
xRyan87x: You know, the bands that people listen to and then brag about how they listen to a band not a lot of people know about. lol It depends on my mood though. Sometimes rap, sometimes I wanna rock out.
xRyan87x: [bgcolor=#000000][color
=#9933FF]Word, I agree. I think I like you already. I stopped filling out my profile a year or so ago LOL. But yeah I listen to rap/hip hop and rock/alternative nowadays. I don't get into those underground rock bands though.[/color
xRyan87x: Perfect! Nothing better than a drunken high pitched voiced prom queen. lol You got quite the variety in music. Pretty cool to see that you don't just listen to one genre.
xRyan87x: So Tori is it? Nice to meet you. Figured I'd properly introduce myself. You're quite the beautiful girl. For some reason though I always thought you were like, 17. confused
Molsonmike95: heey smile
Brakoo: Hello to you miss Tori, what's keeping your crazy self busy lately ? wink
J3rrygarcia: who's 2doors down?
J3rrygarcia: midnight toker
eddiebot: you say that like i dont have a real guitar!
capt1eye: You are a very beautiful and sexy girl, got my yes!! smile
Meah: long time no talk... miss u
Meah: hmmmm
kap1style68: thanx for the add sexi
Amazing2313: awww!!! so cute!!!
dedalus86: gorgeous!
Meah: /ignored

Love it
MagicalMissy18: lol ur cute
im not hittin on ya girlie
dont worry
DoodleHead: Decided to stay in Australia for now. I'll work overseas once I get my degree no doubt. I've been to your city by the way smile
MagicalMissy18: ur profile cracks me upppp
thanks for the cute pix comments
MagicalMissy18: ur profile cracks me upppp
thanks for the cute pix comments
DoodleHead: I considered going to a college over there!
DoodleHead: University of Adelaide tongue Schooling here is different to over there kinda.
Meah: no never 4 me
Meah: but thats not you. You are better then that
Meah: Not much hun. What u up too? how you been?
Meah: wave
DoodleHead: Thankyou. Oh sounds fun. I found out I passed all my subjects last semester today as well. I go back to University in a week and a half.
DoodleHead: That's good smile My day was alright. It was my birthday, but it's now 1:20 am here. How's you day going so far?
DoodleHead: Really really.
DoodleHead: The short answer is yes.
DoodleHead: I meant to say hello but redface took over
DoodleHead: redface
moochie3004: thanks hun! but ur ADORABLE! thumbsup
pomon87: hey wats goin on ? hows ur mornin going?
cockybalboa2: omfg what IS that pic on your profile??!! Haha that is WEIRD :P
penispuppet: I can ride my bike with no handle bars dance
Meah: grinlol

Meah: LOl well lets see what you would win with?
Meah: LOL

U goober
Meah: LOl why do i need to do the contest again?
Meah: lol

Im James wink thats why grinlol
Meah: wave
Dyingtolive7702: ahahaha
Qris: Well I asked and didn't receive so that disproves your axiom.
Dyingtolive7702: wrinkles add character, so they say.
Qris: Not bad. It was fairly uneventful though.

Would have preferred to be having sex and eating steak.
Qris: Oh so much is up.

PM me your messenger if you're gonna be that slow with comments
Qris: sup?
sLAmmedcivic07: i work in a machine shop more or less..we deal with government contracts.

fresh air sounds grand right about now
sLAmmedcivic07: at work right now...maybe beach later. =)
sLAmmedcivic07: srsly i am on the way down south
sLAmmedcivic07: so are you going to carlsbad...and if you head south you will be passing through me
mattmatt: judt relaxing eating some chips
what u up to today?
sLAmmedcivic07: la jolla is near san diego
i am like 25 min from l.a.
mattmatt: whats up>
mattmatt: hey =]
mattmatt: hey =]
sLAmmedcivic07: about 2 hours south of me
sLAmmedcivic07: do i?
i am in the san fernando valley
artemis0010101: lol i have no hair now. Look in 2008 file :P
Brakoo: I was thinking about you when I took that pic, that was so smoooooooooooooth ! NOT ! Tell me miss Tori, how was your weekend and what kept you busy ?
Brakoo: I'll tell you the truth about my singing, I don't really sing better than you I just open my mouth bigger than yours and it creates this illusion.

PS : You're fun too so let's talk ! smile
eddiebot: whats that supposed to mean!?
Meah: If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?
ShaolinBenji: Super cute <3
wolferdan7: Thanks for the add Cutie
Meah: Whats the hub up bub? whats you bogol? care to talk about it.
Meah: winner
Meah: gnoc

I wana lick your nose

can i suck your knee ?

your shins are so sexy

pervy enough for ya?
Chldrnofbodm: Man, I haven't been up there since my 6th grade school trip D:

I'm over by l.a
Chldrnofbodm: Well time to stalk you.

Where in cali do you live? lol
Chldrnofbodm: redface You're such a swee talker. LOL
Chldrnofbodm: Nowai, I look like a shane lol
Meah: lol because i like u as a person I dont see as one of these internet whores.. your special wink
Meah: Ok what pic?
Meah: Yea tell me what you want and msg it to me I will do it when I have itme
Meah: bored
Brakoo: Good evening ! How are you gonna be celebrating Canada's day tomorrow ? :-p
Tidalwave: *kidnaps you*
Brakoo: Hello there ! How is miss Tori the swimmer doing ?
Brakoo: We should be allowed to kick slow people in those crowds just so we can make it to the ride faster.

Damn tomorrow is my day off and another rainy day, I think someone out there is after me and trying to ruin my summer ! So what have you been up to toda
Brakoo: Good guess then, how did your swimming went ?

As for me well my day was good, it was super crowded there and we didn't get to do that many ride but we did have a blast that's for sure. Anyway I got my season ticket now so I'll go back a few times f
Brakoo: Haha, I have a feeling you looked ip up online or something because yeah it's exactly what it is. Hi Tori by the way, my name is Maxime or Max like most people call me.

Swimming competitively or just for fun ?
Brakoo: Hey you, the cutie without a real name ! What the hell are you up to today ? I'm gonna make you jealous by saying that I'm going to La Ronde today.... now I bet you have no clue what that is. :-o
kenny81: wow so pretty
BuzzedTap: You have good taste as well
(My list is short, I haven't updated it in a couple years :] )
BuzzedTap: Fan flappin tastic shirt!
Brakoo: everything I can to get in your pants. In all seriousness though I'm very good at making other people laugh and see the light side of life, it's so easy anyway. wink
Brakoo: I can eat the food you cook, read your litterature, wear the clothes you design, hold a decent conversation with you, give you money to spend and cook you food to eat !

I win ? Only thing I could win with that is lamest attempt at doing everything I c
Brakoo: A dancer and a swimmer, impressive ! It does make up for being evil then. What else are you skilled with ?
Brakoo: Haha, yeah I'll give you a lap dance then !

I didn't download it, I found it on youtube and listened to it from there. I find downloading music to be evil. wink
Brakoo: I'm listening to that song now, is it a lap dance song ? You want me to give you a lap dance on that song... is that it ?
Brakoo: PS : What are we dancing to anyway ?
Brakoo: Good and lap dances are funner ? To give or receive ? I never gave one so I'd like some enlightment on that matter.
WoLfMaN1981: haha ur talking about chaos theory in your profile..ily already haha
Brakoo: Just so you know, the shirt is something I started wearing after we made out and it was to chase everyone else away so it would be easier for me to be kept to you.... does that make sense ?
Brakoo: Thanks for trying to warm me up but right now it's much warmer.... ok come warm me up anyway. We can never have enough of human heat.
Brakoo: I looked at the swimming pics and I just can't figure out which one you have, must be the nice latex cap that's confusing me... hey it might not be latex but let's pretend it is. wink
RamiMah: very cuteee... i likee mwahhhh
yairt2: aim?
peterpiper6969: My day was pretty good, about to call it a night now though. And yours??
penispuppet: Rawr =O
peterpiper6969: haha ass hole?? me??? nah, im a good guy wink you are hot yourself!
Ambrose2: very beautiful. yes from me.
shaun247: i like your hair
DBeck: i was serious. my day was alright, i am tired tho, been up since 6ish.
DBeck: wow that's alot, we better get started right away.
DBeck: how many? they would be pretty hot.
DBeck: fake white teefs :(
svendust99: hi there! how's it going this morning? I just saw u online and thought I'd say hi : ) Have a good one.
karldiddy: HOT!! drool
eddiebot: lol you need more pictures
MUD: smile
keeler: show pix

then give me your MSN/AIM
GiovanniBoss1976: Tori you're always so sweet grinlol <3
penispuppet: aw hello kitty! that's cute grinlol I played mario smash brothers and mario kart =] so much fun I want one hehe
penispuppet: aw boo that sucks hug I mowed the lawn today and played wii for the first time with some friends
penispuppet: hey! smile how was your weekend?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hey join my group Sexy Party!!
Djlarose: haha thanks.. I cant get on aim :(
Djlarose: haha sweet. That didnt take long
Djlarose: How are the cupcakes coming?
Djlarose: I miss you :P
godxspeed: yeh. all that mess is gone now. i have no luck with piercings.
CVballer2423: thank you
lifeiskorny: hiiii you're cute
hope you're having a good weekend
CVballer2423: hey whats up, a definent yes from me hit me up sometime.
trblone: Up your nose with a rubber hose.
trblone: In your pocket with a red hot rocket.
trblone: Tug Plug.
trblone: Tramp stamp.
trblone: Loosey goosey.
trblone: Back Rack
Meah: /or not

trblone: Ants in pants
Meah: Thats too many numbers rage
Meah: gnoc



whats wrong with your phone?
trblone: Wrong thong.
trblone: Go low.
Djlarose: :P
trblone: Lick the dick.
trblone: Soap of hope.
natemish: whoa your hott
natemish: whoa your hott
natemish: whoa your hott
trblone: Touch the crutch.
trblone: Tinkle my sprinkle, Miss Wrinkle!
trblone: Paddle my taddle!
paperthinhymn: just waiting for my ass huh
paperthinhymn: oh really now? so if i see you i just pull you to the front?
paperthinhymn: which means you'll have to get in line
paperthinhymn: you werent suppose to tell everyone that! now they all will want this...everyone...geeee
paperthinhymn: remember the time we had a comment war, and i won, that was fun
trblone: Like.. fat?

In your pocket like a red hot rocket!
trblone: Plad is the new fad.
eddiebot: hope your day gets better
therealandywascool: ....big enough
eddiebot: hey!
where have you been!?
Deniiis: Whats up?
Deniiis: wave
Umbaseball15: cheers! haha
gongshow: you brought sexy back, nice
Umbaseball15: haha. we can drink anything you like cool
lWhiteyl: i'm def going to go with chocolate chip

and the ones from costco are the ones that give me mouth-gazims, mmm lol :p
lWhiteyl: indeed it is... :(

but muffins are just as yummy but without the heroic-like addiction of cheesecake grinlol

i have one every morning for breakfast~
lWhiteyl: mm, i still have my boxes full in my basement.. i can't let go of so many good times :p
lWhiteyl: oh and that's a sweet sweet lego t-shirt your wearing in that one picture grinlol
lWhiteyl: nu uh, im like the cheesecake master ok? lol

but my 2nd choice is just as awesome so ill give you the cheesecake tittle, <3 muffins too :p
lWhiteyl: awesome birth mark above your lips, like me grinlol

cute wink
eddiebot: aw why do you have a sexy lover!? i need one :(
eddiebot: lol sarcasm? or seriously?
eddiebot: that picture was taken at practice for the band i used to be in which was named "Get Serious"
eddiebot: lol theres a kind of funny story about me being "so serious"
JustinCOD: damn it! you were suppose to tell me! when are you coming back?
eddiebot: yea smile and i always figured its entertaining to watch when people get really into it
eddiebot: haha i dunno...what else would make ya do this? drool
lol wink

p.s. why cant we ever be on at the same time??
eddiebot: wow not one but TWO comments smile what did i do to deserve those??
artemis0010101: if you cant read it then why use it?!
Tidalwave: hey sexy wink
artemis0010101: probably lol
see for yourself.
artemis0010101: LOL dork. they're bigger than that I joined military :P
atleast when I flex. I'm still twiggy
artemis0010101: Know your place is society, wench. Men make the rules. You make babies and sit around and watch lifetime.
artemis0010101: You know I'm allowed to beat you with a stick no wider than my thumb....that won't do any good. Now if it were no wider than a wrist, that'll put you in your place
artemis0010101: More to a woman than a body? Blasphemy! Next you're gonna tell me you want equal rights & want to vote.
Djlarose: I just had 8 friends move to Dallas and they love it. I could transfer jobs there as well.. so Ive been researching it and its pretty much as close as Im looking for. Might be more what you are as well.
Djlarose: You should try Dallas
Djlarose: Vegas is a lot more than the strip. Thats what I like about it. Booming economy. Cheap living. Plus it has the strip and its close to cali. New York is very very expensive. Id never live there. Plus its got the New England weather that I hate. Its
Djlarose: Thats one of the most expensive cities in the country though. Im not sure if Id want to venture into that. I was thinking Vegas, Dallas, maybe Pheonix. Southwest cities. Ive got friends all over. I just dont want to go somewhere alone and start over
Djlarose: People are very down to earth here. Id just like a happy medium though.
mq19: cute
Djlarose: Yeah exactly. I liked it there. Well, you can move to Vermont. No tans at all. Lots of flannel. Cow tipping is still in fashion, and most girls dont even bother shaving their legs in the winter if they are single. Complete opposite
Djlarose: Its on the coast midway between San Diego and LA. Cali is nice.. there are a lot of places out there that are way worse. I could name a bunch that are in fact lol
Djlarose: I used to live in Cali. Camp Pendleton for 3 years. I miss it. Id go back in a heartbeat if I could afford it
Djlarose: Aww thank you! smile. How far away are you?
DBeck: way to hang up ugh
Djlarose: I love the lego shirt haha its great
Umbaseball15: smile
DBeck: smile
DBeck: <3
SLAMMEDcivic07: There is so much more you could eat that isn't polluted with who knows what
SLAMMEDcivic07: random is sexy though
SLAMMEDcivic07: rannnndom
SLAMMEDcivic07: Not really sure yet...gonna go out for sure..but where i have yet to decide
SexyxPunk: Hey sweetie, sign pic is posted =]
SLAMMEDcivic07: wave
SexyxPunk: heyy smile
Deniiis: Lol thats what they said, ill make one eventually
Deniiis: Lol people keep thinking that im
MaGiCalMisSy18: your very pretty smile
travisty: o hush .. i do not, just a lot of people =/
Deniiis: Omg hiii
travisty: LOL, how is that? and hey dollface!
SDBOI: Well Hello!smile
keeler: hi wanna kiss
Tidalwave: yes I am a photographer, "plug" http://www.sextonphotog
Tidalwave: I know you don't care but you should check out my new photos
pixle: I think you meant "J'adore". :x

And thanks.
FENDY: I did not understand too, but I will write with a translator online, like you, because I am a copier unimaginative. I hope it will have an effect! * Fingers crossed *
hydroguy65: thanks for the comment purdy ladygrinlol
FENDY: Okay, that... doesn't mean anything. YOU FAIL. It's ok though, it's ok, come here hug
FENDY: Pssh you should have lied, I was so impressed frown
FENDY: lol c'est mignon, did you use an online translator or did you learn a school?
FENDY: Who? *googles*
Oh come on, I'm so much hotter! lol
Thank you ;D
penispuppet: hey partna dance
DBeck: u look pretty flat to me. rofl u should pm me ur AIM or MSN =()
DBeck: oh my. how much more toned do you need to be?!
DBeck: never tried that. I always use GNC Whey. LOL tho, I think Ice cream might defeat the purpose of protein shakes tongue
DBeck: whaaat. I drink like 4 a day. What kind do you have? Do you use milk or water?
DBeck: lick
Mmmmm: I rather be yours. :x
ShutUpSean: Tits. Where in CA do you live?
PolishBagel: where the fuck did you find a Lego woman shirt?!
ShutUpSean: I won't shower first.
ShutUpSean: I'll crush you!
ShutUpSean: I dunno, it's warm in there.
ShutUpSean: Hey, you be nice. I'll absorb you through my gut and digest you.
ShutUpSean: Abe's my dad.
ShutUpSean: I'm a fuckin badass.
ZooYorkRyder181: sup cutie
milos78: Io sono grandesmilehehe!!
milos78: awww grazie tantesmilecome stai bellissimasmile!!
Alexander666: you are
DBeck: oh nice. well I am glad you did well. I don't have much knowledge about swimming. One of my good friends was a swimmer though.
DBeck: what event do you compete in?
Mmmmm: Have I talked you into beinh my sl yet :x
Mmmmm: Are you calling me tonightt!
DBeck: oh you have a swim competition? good luck smile
DBeck: lol remember that new hot sign you were gonna make me? biggrin
DBeck: redface thanks, i workout.
DBeck: the correct answer for that last comment is ripped.

you're so.. ripped.
DBeck: lol don't mess with me like that. My imagination was starting to do some work.
DBeck: can't be, no way. it looks real now. lol.
DBeck: is it really?!
DBeck: last saturday, lol, we won. smile
Mmmmm: Make me a bangin' bod sign
Mmmmm: I HATE YOU.
DBeck: I am still stuck here doing school. In a town 20 times smaller than san francisco :( But our team is going to the national championship game so i guess that's cool.
DBeck: oh that should be fun. are u good at dancing and stuff?
DBeck: weee
DBeck: k now i look like a stalker.
DBeck: oh and this last one because i want u.
DBeck: wow, all these commentssmilesmile, I gotta return the favor. Except you must be sick of all the comments you get.
DBeck: flowers
DBeck: Really?! grinlol It's gonna be hard to top the one I already have. How's san francisco btw?
FatSlutsAndPeanuts: The pleasure is all mine.

Ps, your rather attractive yourself
aLcOhoLicPanda: i haven't actually. i meant to, but i never got around to it. i take it it's good?
FatSlutsAndPeanuts: Yes.

I'm jared BTW.

aLcOhoLicPanda: glad you agree :] major cool points.
Mmmmm: I know you want to.
Mmmmm: DO EEET.
mortuus: or read a cook book.
BarbieFreak: Haha, I feel ya. I do that same thing. And thank you. :] I've always liked brown eyes, there more natural I guess you could say.
automech7053: Thanks for the add beautiful wink Hows ur day?
mortuus: Your cooking scares me :(
mortuus: I'm a much better cook than that pile of slop. I'll cook for ya.
mortuus: That looks like absolute shit that'd make you sick : /
BarbieFreak: Yeah, they usually know what they're talking about. The hairdressers. I like the style of yours a lot.
BarbieFreak: Oh yah. My hairdresser did that to me last year and I was really pissed. Cut it off to my shoulders when it was down to the small of my back..
ILikeMusic: great music, great sense of humor, and a great smile
BarbieFreak: Thank you, you are too. And I love your hair.
Mmmmm: Show me your bod some more.

How are you. :0
Mmmmm: Hi. you're qt.
Gamer8712: so i see u moved to turkey...niice =P
sweetsufferING: I hope my name was feeling you up like I would have been =P
sweetsufferING: eek are you fucking serious? jackoff
Meah: soonish?
DBeck: I think you'll do good.
The class is social interaction. Actually a class that directly applies to my major and has to do with the real world.
Meah: bored
dmr086: damn u look good
Tsaritsa: No, ma'am. Choke and Lullaby are actually my favorites.
nine9inch: mmmm id love to hit that!
uNoWhO: lol aww well ya lasted longer than i could have lol
TRAVISTY: psh not cool ugh
Meah: Doing good , and yourself
uNoWhO: lol aww how long did that last for beautiful?
DBeck: wow that's awesome. When you get all big and famous you'll have to invite me out to your mansion. grinlol
My day was actually pretty good, I'm still sick but I nailed an exam in one of my classes.
therealandywascool: will you come with if i leave?
Meah: wave

DBeck: so you're gettin' into modeling huh?
uNoWhO: haha lots and lots of meat and of course ill eat it all lol
uNoWhO: haha niceee :P im about 2 have a large pizza :P
uNoWhO: haha awww i want some 2 :P ill be over 2 have some with ya in like 5 mins
DBeck: lol what's wrong with 5'7"?
DBeck: oh and lick
uNoWhO: lol goin out 2 have what hun? and nahh u already have a great bod
DBeck: i was so close to saying 5'6". But changed at the last second. It was meant to be inlove
DBeck: somewhere over 6'4". I am going to guess you are 5'7.
uNoWhO: haha awww cutie *hugs* i would have woke up with ya and done em with ya if i was there :P wink the things we do 2 have a body as good as urs huh :P
uNoWhO: omg grr its not showin the colour :(
uNoWhO: [bgcolor=#006699][color
=#F1F1F1]aww thanks babe *hugs* thats cool lol workin out huh wink that explains how u have such a great bod lol yeah it was pretty good just saw some friends and stuff goin out for dinner and drinkin 2morow night did u have a go
DBeck: i knew a girl who was 4'11. She came up to my belly button.
uNoWhO: [bgcolor=#006699][color
=#F1F1F1]aww thanks babe *hugs* thats cool lol workin out huh wink that explains how u have such a great bod lol yeah it was pretty good just saw some friends and stuff goin out for dinner and drinkin 2morow night did u have a good
uNoWhO: lol wink well i can tell your lovely hun

im not bad its my bday 2day so got the day off and people commin over lol
uNoWhO: :P how are ya beautiful
DrinkMyChildren: Very lovely ^_^ lol
DrinkMyChildren: If only you knew how long ago I wrote this profile lol

However, I would let her have my way with me!
sweetsuffering: sexy!
sweetsuffering: pics or it didn't happen
sweetsuffering: what's up cute girl
Meah: sounds fun
Meah: flowers
Meah: meah think it did
Meah: did my comment work?
Meah: grinlol grinlol grinlol cant wait hun hug
Meah: grinlol grinlol grinlol cant wait hun hug
Meah: LOl if your phone is turned off you cant text darling
Meah: That explanis why the texts i sent dont get a responce
SDBOI: That knife looks sharp!! O shit I'm scured. lol
Gamer8712: i need u baby!
rololov: sexy
DSGB69: jeez...incredible
sWEeTsuffering: wink
Abe24: hey are you?
Gamer8712: u always have my number here for ya =)
cantstoprockin420: Sexy as hell!
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
JoeNycStyle: mother nature called, she wants the glasses and sexy back? lol smile
richc1991: I love you girl you're gorgeous haha.
Would you ever bang me haha jw.
DjPyro: U Look Gorgeous
Brokenbokken: haha your picture reminds me of gypsy obviously

There's far sexier gypsies than that one.
Deftly avoided the mention of me biting eh? hahaha
Brokenbokken: I want to bite you gypsy girl
Brokenbokken: Boring as hell
and yours cupcake?
richc1991: Heyy not much
Just chillin
How about you?
Brokenbokken: Sweetheart? Nah. Just a boy who knows how to articulate and sweet talk. smile

It's pretty easy when all you have to do is be honest tho.
Brokenbokken: Well you must be a blast then because you're quite the looker.
Brokenbokken: You're far cuter than I m'dear
brendan07: haha alright then!
Brokenbokken: you're gorgeous
brendan07: haha yeah i do, where you wanna get married?
Gamer8712: how bout u make love to me
mrpickle: same. had tons of good food, played Friends trivia and games like Aggravation, Yahtzee, and Pictionary, and then had a mini pizza party afterwards. grinlol
mrpickle: long time, no see. wave2

so how was your Thanksgiving?
Pavement: >:[
that's my game face
Pavement: Then we will be forced to enter deadly combat!
Pavement: put down your weapon
the1bastard: LoL
the1bastard: ahh don't cut me.
ThexJadedxSpawn: OK so where do I look familiar from Tori...I got time to have those questions answered grinlol
bigdaddy68: wow...that pic is awesome...very original.
XNastyBoiJC: u cute!
IM4U2TEASE: im doing great. what did you do this weekend?
IM4U2TEASE: hello. how are you this evening?
Matt1989: very cute pics...definetly got my yes
travisty: thank you hug
CoffinDancer: My day was actually pretty good for a monday. I honestly can't complain...not that it would do any good even if I didshrug How was yours hun?
CoffinDancer: redface smile
I've never asked him to PS a pic for me, but he's done sigs for me & he's a good guy like that anyways. I don't care how many goats he bangsrofl
CoffinDancer: Now he needs to do me one, but I'm fugly so he won'tlol
CoffinDancer: Muy bien vistosasmile So did you like your pic Travis did?
CoffinDancer: wave Hi Bonita smile
KrogerSaves: haha same here dorkwink
u gotta learn to be a better play arounder.
so any good plans for tonight?
KrogerSaves: weak lol
well u were till the cockyness :P
KrogerSaves: babe. your killin it
CRISTIAN23: hey sexy
jeffmt: thanks for adding me. got msn or aim or yahoo?
haroldactal: hello again, pretty facer. how ya been?
travisty: welcome hug
ThexJadedxSpawn: [bgcolor=#000099][color
=#CC99CC]Maybe..but yeah if you think that, lets catch up another time. My dad is having cancer surgery right now, and I'm logging off for the next few days.
I might pop on and off for messages, but not much else frown[/colo
ThexJadedxSpawn: Really...have we talked before?
ThexJadedxSpawn: hmmmmm
travisty: so beautiful heartthrob
lunk: hey gorgeous can i get your msn or yahoo?
milos78: pleasure is all mine babesmileyou are really AMAZING!!
milos78: stop it or i will fall in love whit you lolsmileyou are soo gorgeous baby!!
milos78: your italian is veryy good,you learn or somehing lol
milos78: prego amoresmile
milos78: great comments amore lol grazie tantesmile
Gamer8712: cool cool, do keep me updated with u cause i love to see
Gamer8712: i know it, hope all has gotten better for u
marineforlife1982: Hey sexy hows your day?
Timmy1985: I've never said it to anyone. If I had, I wouldn't be a virgin who's never been kissed.
SweetSuffering: I agree, so get it, take pics and make signs and slip an upskirt pic in there tooeek
SweetSuffering: I don't like the last oneugh
haroldactal: you just made me smile quite big. <333
haroldactal: Wow, babe... you are absolutely freaking gorgeous.
SweetSuffering: I like girls that look like hoes if they are cute and it's for Halloweensmile
SweetSuffering: damn that 3rd one seriously is sexy as hell
SweetSuffering: LO!L I was gonna say, you aren't chunky or anything laugh I think you might be cute even if you werethink
SweetSuffering: the second one is way hotter than the first. Why are you looking in plus sizeshuh
SweetSuffering: holy fuck!!! if you're that, I want pics and signsjackoff
SweetSuffering: I'm not dressing up for Halloween and what the hell is it that you're beinghuh and yes I do careredface
Timmy1985: nah, I'd be more excited to make out with you, our lips locked for minutes on end.
SweetSuffering: yes I did, it was all whitesmile
marineforlife1982: you're a cute girl and i was wondering if you care to talk?
SweetSuffering: I'm hopingahh
SweetSuffering: no it isn't, I was hoping you'd have some kind of nude or close to nudesugh you're so damn cute
SweetSuffering: shootmyself damn it!!
SweetSuffering: where's the nudes at Toriugh
jjbillitz: come on over wink
jjbillitz: i party on the weekends, used to be a lot worse with it, i think youd have fun with me
iwasamistake: eh yourself
jjbillitz: i wasnt assuming anything just asked, the only thing i though is you like to dance which i guess can be counted as partying
jjbillitz: nah it takes a lot for me to get a hang over, most likely if i dont sleep well after drinking. do you party a lot?
x0xSWEETx0xKISSESx0x: Awww ty hunni, you're rather beautiful yourself smile
mattyO: Just saying hi .. great pics and lol nice profile some great comments you get there erm .. LOL the lowest common denominator of people can usually be found on the net eh?
GiovanniBoss1976: Thanks for all the comments Tori redface
jjbillitz: thats no fun, you shouldve came over last night wink i had a few people over for my sisters friends birthday
jjbillitz: im doing good, it is still the weekend, just working way too much. how has your weekend been?
jjbillitz: Hey Cutie, hows it going?
derailed: are gorgeous
Shuaz: Whoa, this photo cheered me up on an otherwise gloomy night. You're just gorgeous! Thanks for brightening up my mood <3
DXN987: what's up?
DXN987: hola
DXN987: hols
The1337: True...i may have stolen those pics and be some disgusting fat's hard to disguise on cam though :P
MUD: no...not really :(
MUD: i got a pony nana
xoxsexycrysxox: how's it goin sexxy
MUD: i want a sign from you darling
Meah: lol just dont like to bother people i was today cause i was like hey have not spoke to her in a few days and them boom theres a comment
Meah: Its alive..
I was just think about texting you to see if u where ok
Meah: wave
bikersk8rkid: K.
bikersk8rkid: K.
bikersk8rkid: Nothing new huh, just getting lead on like always.
bikersk8rkid: :( Now I understand everything. :/
bikersk8rkid: You make sign pictures for other people but me? how fucking fucked up is that fucking shit?
jts420socal: oi vey huh??
GiovanniBoss1976: Tori you're sweet , hot and beautiful ... now that's a pefect combination drool <3
thepokerace: hey cutie, how are u?
CrashBTwo: You make me miss Cali even more the I already did.
Kupiq1986: very hot
jts420socal: yeah, i'm pretty sure we should get married.
bamaboi82: dead tired but its been well been alot of people and alot of thinsg going on here i have slept like on hour. so im hella tired and i cant sleep till some one gets . to bring my lil newphew . but over all im good and your self?
bamaboi82: lol yeah you could say that
bamaboi82: lol well i said hott once be4 haha
SPanKy69XxX2: Make me some signs!

and one like i have in my profile
bamaboi82: cute
CanadianCurt: i try my best to look bad! lol.

i love you too! heartthrob
NdwnVup: mm damn ur sexy babe!! watta u up 2 ?
onehotbitch69: hi hun i am lookin 4 new freinds would u want to add 4 add and yes 4 yes
Meah: bored
Meah: wave
Meah: flowers
Imp: I like the way you think. Let's run away to Vegas and get married. K?
I'll dress up in a wedding gown and you can wear the tuxedo. You know...cause we're rule breakers.
Imp: Pretty?! Pretty is a word that I would use to describe you. Isn't it against the rules to call a man "pretty"?
boilergolf: very pretty, got a yes from me
bcflex: yumm
bcflex: purrr =]
bcflex: ahhhh!!
Hilton1588: Subtle is for patient people. Come jump on top of me.
Hilton1588: Trying to seduce me, hmm?
poptard: sup qt =)
Meah: im drunk just got i was gona text or call but its 7 am my time 6 yours i guess meah

SweetSuffering: you're welcome babe
SweetSuffering: smile you are way to cute Tori
SweetSuffering: it was cuteredface
SweetSuffering: LOL,wtf?
CHRISTIna927: gorgeous
RichieIsKing5: hey whats up beautiful? how are you
PhatBoyMatt: thanks for the vote! got msn? msg me back
Meah: meah ignored now i'm not special enough to talk to lol
Meah: meah or u gave me wrong number
Meah: frown that sucks ill resend
Meah: lol

you told me it was ok to stalk you
Meah: i sent a text to your phone
Meah: flowers


JFede007: just 2 let you know i think u are beautiful
GiovanniBoss1976: nana lmfao
westcott79dh: very sexy
SuperStaticAddict: no, just tellin it how it IS
klimo12: im pretty good but i broke my ankle lastnight :(
klimo12: well some has to do it hehe smile how are you today gorgeous
SuperStaticAddict: p.s. Tongue is spelt "T-o-n-g-u-e" not "T-o-u-n-g-e" just a heads up.
SweetSuffering: well send it to melick
SuperStaticAddict: [color=#990099]sounds like a plan stan. i cant really dance too well, considering my knee is all messed up from playing basketball, and it wont seem to get better. but every now and then ill get jiggy with it... anyways, i have to clean my room/dishes/
SuperStaticAddict: i'm good thanks, yourself? you're into dancing i see? can you "crank that" yoouuuuuuuuu j/k. i'm sure you've heard of soulja boy
SuperStaticAddict: hey, thanks dear. i must say that i really like your hair, it (along with your face) reminds me of tiffani amber thiessen back in her S.B.T.B days = ) Looks good
klimo12: well id break up with mine for you smile
CanadianCurt: rawr
srtboost: hey whats up u have msn
klimo12: well you should hehe smile and maybe we should be sexy lovers what do you say?
stabbedbygrace: its been pretty good. had class and worked for 4 hours. got a little cold but i'll live. how bout u?
klimo12: you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen smile next time you come come to a football game with me smile
klimo12: you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen smile next time you come come to a football game with me smile
stabbedbygrace: you're a real stunner.........just thought you should know!!
bikersk8rkid: Ya sure anytime, I love helping out others, I feel like it's my job. We can chat when ever you feel like it darling, that's all up to you. wink
bikersk8rkid: You brat stop blamming shit on your self. You didn't keep me up one bit, I woke up just like you did. Go figure I just woke up not to long ago, 1:17pm. how sad.
SLAMMEDcivic07: It is in the San Fernando Valley...I am like 20 minutes or so from Los Angeles.

SLAMMEDcivic07: I figure life is too short to beat around the song and dance for me. I dig your neon multi-colored Dinosaur.
SLAMMEDcivic07: thumbsup Thanks cutie pie.
bigbmanb: Oh my gosh you are beauiful. Best wishes for you lovely lady.
unfortunate18: I don't know if anyone has ever told you that you have beautiful lips... but you do. You look like you have a sweet personality too. Any guy would be lucky to be with you.
bikersk8rkid: Have a good night sleep unless your staying up, then have a good day. Sorry to leave ya.
themachine: why you yes me just wondering?
themachine: why you yes me just wondering?
themachine: why you yes me just wondering?
MasterOfTheUniverse: Hey thanks for the add smile
CanadianCurt: as if! your comments are currently making me redface
CanadianCurt: omg! you're such a sweetie!
rawkme: ya you are amazingly beautiful :P
McLovin: you got it!
McLovin: lol k what do you want?
McLovin: i found a goat, is 1 enough to marry you?
IM4U2TEASE: hello. how are you?
rockintothenight: yeah its been good workin my ass off lol youre gorgeous! xo
DXN987: what's up?
gotillskills: No no no. Thank you. Your gorgeous. You should definately shoot me a message on here. BTW Your signs kick ass.
Gabriel210: yea i went to a crunk ass party yesterday and i sill kinda have a headache(lol)
Gabriel210: your welcome!!!... so whats up?
Gabriel210: Wow you are absolutely stunning, definitely a YES!!
McLovin: you touch it
McLovin: stop thinking about penis face
DXN987: hey there
McLovin: shaving my penis face
McLovin: whats new homo?
McLovin: thats a whole lot of stuff for a small girl =P
pomon87: im ok bored though... are u on any messegers?
pomon87: hey beautiful how are u? thanks for the add
McLovin: my day was ok, i locked myself out of the house, had to wait for 2 hours for someone to come home,lol
nothing much for the weekend, you?
McLovin: lol i didnt call you fat redface
McLovin: lol Brtish men see a fair share of fat chicks here
McLovin: give me a call and ill feed you
McLovin: =O srs?
McLovin: embrace me
Deaner17: ok babe...when i leave a comment for most people its usually short and just to the point...but you, you are different i would leave you a three page comment lol...well babe, you are beatiful, you got my yes, i hope i get yours ...
dafida86: nice boobs
BomberBen: the rest of those movies are crap though.

BomberBen: of mice and men is a great movie. the malkovich/sinise one? i watched it in high school. top flick.
mortuus: Why won't you let me rail you :(
McLovin: annnnnd commented
McLovin: you are my queen!
McLovin: lol whats pathetic?

im drinking tea!
McLovin: hello munchkin
rickrick1: brb
GiovanniBoss1976: your very welcome <3 smile
GiovanniBoss1976: Tori you are simply dynamite <3 drool
DXN987: what's up?
DXN987: hey there
NdwnVup: mmm lookin sexy babe!! watta u up to 2nite?
FatalXFrame: hiiiiiiiii
HXCSteven: well at least you have confidence in yourself,i like that.
HXCSteven: true,and i mean your gorgeous,and i bet you have an amazing personality too
HXCSteven: you must be blind sweetheart,im not much to look at
HXCSteven: meh,you must have me confused with yourself
HXCSteven: simply gorgeous love....
AMISHgIRL: [bgcolor=#F1F1F1]Sorry.
I have tried like 30 times to send u a message.
it wont go thru.

That is one I did.
Any ideas what u want?
McLovin: redface
*smooches back
McLovin: gimme a smooch!
McLovin: its an old piccy smile
mortuus: Oh, so just recent. I see.
mortuus: Whoa you're hot. When did that happen?
McLovin: groovy smile
McLovin: heartthrob
joecivic: hott... and sexy hair too smile
bamaboi82: you very very welcome mess me sometime if yah would like. or add me .
bamaboi82: hawt/ very beautiful girl
juggalohomie420: OMG hands down one of the hottest girls on this site.
MUD: smile
ryetoast5: your gorgeous..amazing ..and beautiful love a comment back
NdwnVup: hey there sexy!! wats up babe?
McLovin: no im getting laid somewhere else
Ratta0000: ha you look great, i like the style
rickrick1: get naked
germz: sex hair is hot though. lol

take pics of your new hair when you get the chance, i wanna
germz: my day is going good.......everything i do is sexy, cool, dirty, and

how bout you cutie?
germz: i think id be considered the stupid one here. :P
germz: oh.......

whoops. lol
germz: how am i a liar?

or did i take that wrong? lol
whatyoulookingat: detroit, michigan?
Brokenbokken: you're cute smile
kikbak: You're cute!...reeeally cute!!
davidspittle: hahaha I got your message, and responded!
davidspittle: orly? wut u meen?
davidspittle: PS ADD ME ALREADY!
davidspittle: I think c. You're afraid to look upon my hooge paynus wink
davidspittle: You take so long to check your messages!
AlcoholicPanda: well thank you.

i guess i'll just have to deal with my jealousy for now ;p
AlcoholicPanda: hahah. i try.
but i'm guessing it's to no avail.
AlcoholicPanda: butttttttt there seems to be one thing missing.

and that's a sign from you.
AlcoholicPanda: so i'm kinda jealous of those signs. what might it take to get one of my own? smile
sh3sg0ne: welcome 2 wyht sorry to bother u
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