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Age 22
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Virginia
City Fieldale
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CantBeSaved heartthrob - i love you darlin, youre my fave boo. always. xoxo. heartthrob
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danceallnight78: hey "ellie" just wanted to drop by and say hello :-)
Mandos: Very pretty
Pers1stence: Thank you for the gift and the complimenttongue Ever come to Va Beach?? wink
danceallnight78: hey lizzie, took a little vacation, back now, and i see you're still beautiful
brknglassyndrme: no problem. <3333
ejskippy567: maybe i will sometime:p
ejskippy567: can i have pics vids and shows? how big are those? im a psycho killer. and i cant stand dramawink lol miss youuuu
xSuicidexSlutx: nothing been bored ugh
xSuicidexSlutx: hi hunni.
i know its been awhile sup?
misfitfiend92: yeee
what's up?
misfitfiend92: thank you for the no smile
metalmatt888: Whatty
Henrikku: Yes grinlol
brewcrew1982: true true.
HxCryan: lol same
brewcrew1982: not too bad really. just a lil tired
HxCryan: hehe so whats up?
brewcrew1982: hey there hows it going?
HxCryan: awe your adorable <33
BreakStone: thanks for the yes
automech7053: Hey! do you talk on Yahoo or MSN any? smile
IdRatherBeMe: hehe, how sweet. "blushes"
IdRatherBeMe: Oh everything is great here! Just enjoying life :p
I've missed you too, was begging to think you forgot about me hehe.
IdRatherBeMe: hi there! It has been a while. I'm doing fine, how are you? & thank you! xox
emorevolution: when am i getting my psych lesson?
aceswildtru: You're adorable, Lizzie! smile
cycloneman33: u r very sexy
emorevolution: love the heart necklace
emorevolution: thanks for the yes cutie
caomhinex: miss you sexy!
emorevolution: very sexy yes from me
penispuppet: ty grinlol gotta love them
Maggot87: Hey cutie.
LoveMeDead: aww thank youu :]]
whatyoulookingat: you just want me to picture message you my penor? rofl
whatyoulookingat: hey liz, im doing great, how about you?
danceallnight78: turn on ur yahoo :-)
danceallnight78: hey lizzie, saw you online and wanted to say hello!
danceallnight78: just stopping by to leave some love lizzie!
lookb4ujump: nice rack
caomhinex: wooo! sl again! grinlol xxx
lisabelly: thank u for the yes.u are sooo sexxxy
ShaolinBenji: Here and there... Work mostly..... That and skateboardingg
AsStarsGoOut: thanks ^_^.
and you're quite pretty and deserved the yes.
dinodork: np =) you are too, whats up?
ivehadenough03: Thank you sweetheart
EricIsEdge: lmao. Eric, duhhhh.

haha. i just wanted to get your attention.

it worrked.
Maggot87: Haha, nice picture comment.
Maggot87: Awesome, I'll definitely add you when I get a chance to get on.
Maggot87: No problem, cutie. I might possibly be on yahoo sometime this weekend, hit me up then and we'll see, I could always use someone to talk to.
smdcrazy: no sweetie, you're the one who's gorgeous wink
redfinzz: ...ur CUTE!!!
shaun247: fuck it's hot today..watya wearin
Coleon: Thank you liz!your beautiful!!
britishjay: you are definitely striking!
britishjay: well come climb up on my lap then love!
britishjay: i wish!
caomhinex: aww - i miss you too! xxx
sandwichman: you are very very welcome.
sandwichman: you are gorgeous =]
xspeedrcrx: muah!!
i put up more pics too..
danceallnight78: just stopping by to say hello lizzie
jordanj08: Thanks for the yes
doctaluv0627: cool that would be nice. does it allow nudity?
doctaluv0627: babe what are you doing?
Tomdrury: you to

sexymarine brian?

i had no idea there was drama in FD

well you can't just leave without giving me MSN or something
where have you been this whole time?
DJMoE: Aww that is too cute.
koSETHko: well of corse <3
DJMoE: Yeah, haha. Its cool though, thats why I have great friends. Doin anything tonight chica?
happy valentines day to you baby. <3
DJMoE: Nothing much here, just guy hating, hahahaha. What about you?
doctaluv0627: if only I was there to warm you up and give you some lovin.
doctaluv0627: happy valentines day hun how are you?
DJMoE: You 2 babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy shittttt lizzieeee
how are you babyyy <333 ily&my
stabbedbygrace: about to head out to get a drink with the girls next door. we should chat sometime. love your pix by the way
stabbedbygrace: thanks beautiful. what's going on with you tonight?
Tomdrury: not a prob, how goes.
sultry: I miss you too hun. I'm doing very well
UKAndy: I <3 You More smile x
UKAndy: grinlol x
MyBinaryUniverse: thank you, you are very pretty aswell.
whatyoulookingat: im doing alright babe how about you.
mrmanatee: yeah, pretty much exactly. Got aim or anythin'?
mrmanatee: Oh golly gee. You're exactly my type.
Maxxy: ok i promise smile
Maxxy: <3
PoWeRxHoUsE: thank you for the yes
Misunderstood: ok i will see what i can do come i never seen you online ne more?
Misunderstood: lol i will try but i cant promise they will listen lol
Misunderstood: yea i know ya suck hehe and of course i like it why wouldnt i crazy gurl wink and i dunno the lil birdies in my head hehe
Jasonc12379: your welcome
its nice to meet you (=
Misunderstood: yeah i know you suck damn lol....but its ok i understand you dont want me :( so how ya been
Misunderstood: well if you would hurry up and get to texas i could prove it asap but your too scared to come here
Misunderstood: haha me im far from it silly child smile id rock your world any day of the week hehe
Misunderstood: well come on quit talking shit and do it lol i know your scared hehe
Misunderstood: well your a babe and id totally let you do me hehe grinlol
Maxxy: /kisses your red cheeks smile
Maxxy: oh you are welcome <3 flowers
HardcoreSteve79: some post with me doll
doctaluv0627: mango is fine he misses you and your fine figure.
doctaluv0627: hi hun how are you?
HardcoreSteve79: hey there doll
doctaluv0627: yea I hear you some of them can be real assholes. I also have messengers so you can see mango live.
doctaluv0627: I think I know where that is but my niece knows how to get around better lol. Do you have a bf?
doctaluv0627: aww I hope you could fix it I know this website could be gay sometimes. I recently went to nc in December. What part do you live in? I went to Burlington.
doctaluv0627: that would be nice but he lives in new york but our family lives there and we go on vacations. How do you feel about me. I think you're such a cool person. You and Mango make a nice couple. I thought that you were going to post the sign hmm.
doctaluv0627: oh ok he will be ready to make you signs later too were watching football lol. Thanks again for showing him love. You're the only one that did that for him.
doctaluv0627: Mango says meow meow--he loves you too. does he get a naughty sign too? He loves making you signs. I just gave him a bath.
airik89: thanks so are you =]
doctaluv0627: you're welcome too hun.. I think Mango and you are the same age in cat years lol. I think we are in a group together also but I don't remember since I don't post much.
Voraax: Thank you! =)
doctaluv0627: how old are you? Mango is 2 lol.
doctaluv0627: k thanks people are home that's why I havent made it. That's a nice sign though. I really appreciate it.
Necro99: You are way cuter. =D
amorningofsleep: why thank you lil miss sexypants
anGelaww: aww, thank you babe. you too. grinlol
taintedbeauty88: I try.
taintedbeauty88: it was no problem sweetie.
doctaluv0627: k he does nudes ill get him when he shows up. He likes to hide but he's big now not a kitten :-(
doctaluv0627: ok he will make you one. What does he get?
doctaluv0627: mango makes signs too.
doctaluv0627: thanks for the comment mango loves you.
mastertim20: drop dead sexy
bikersk8rkid: Thanks, I think.
EricMichael: thx for the comment sexy. really amde my day wink
Glaedr: Alright, I added you. Get on whenever you have the chance. smile
Glaedr: Haha, thanks.
Do you have MSN or something?
Glaedr: Freaking bah? haha.
Elaborate please, you're quite the looker too. (;
STFUxRETARD: thanks hun that was sweet of you smile how are you doing ?
xspeedrcrx: hehe... i do need to work that in somewhere don't i?
xspeedrcrx: ehhh... working... looking at pics... the usual...
xspeedrcrx: what r u doing?
xspeedrcrx: muah!!
XJackSkellingtonX: Layin' in bed bored and tired
XJackSkellingtonX: Hey what's up?
eckogurlie12: Thanks. =]
eckogurlie12: You are so beautiful.
STFUxRETARD: im doing great . i just saw you online an wanted to say hi smile
STFUxRETARD: hey hun! how are you doing today ?
koSETHko: thanx! ;]
makes me one, no one has b4. frown
crimsondragon: well ur welcome.. happy ur not insulted.. and from what i can see they look pritty nice
UKAndy: wink All clean now hehe x
DJMoE: Lizzie = The hottest biotch to ever come out of Virginia
<3 Always
DJMoE: I <3 Lizzie <3<3
UKAndy: grinlol Ditto Princess, thanks for the yes grinlol x
STFUxRETARD: your welcome smile
Thedrizzlebell: Why thank you. By the way, it's "epitome" not "epitimy"
mrevan321: grr too bad you're not on msn=[
xHEARTsxandxskullsx: thanks =]
mrevan321: grr get on msn hottie=]
nuckerman: rawr! tap all you want then! PS got msn?
nuckerman: not gonna lie, pretty girl and fantastic breasts, rawr!
nhra347: sounds
m on yahoo or msn
nhra347: wow, ur amazing, yes!

you make me blushhhhh biggrin
redknight: thx 4 the yes wink
eddd: hey smile
it has been quiet some time
SMFC07: ur welcomesmile have u got msn?
fromthevillebaby: thnx lisa..youre pretty cute in the battle in our for me babe...mwaah!
Jona: I don't have msn frown only aim.
DJMoE: Good hun how are you?
BillyB1989: hey thank you message me if you want to talk

TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
Brokenbokken: I definitely can, but be careful snuggling me. I bite.
Brokenbokken: Well I think the kitten should come snuggle up in my lap then :P
Brokenbokken: Mouse or kitten? either way you look like a fun pet smile lol
FatalXFrame: thank youu! :]
TeXaSToRNaDo: My pleasure.. Thank-You :]
thoughtlessdestiny: ha thx
mrevan321: Well you're gorgeouser lol
mrevan321: Well you're gorgeouser lol
thoughtlessdestiny: lol..good one.
thoughtlessdestiny: x-mas..!
mrevan321: thank you. so are you
EmoRyan89: i wish haha....
EmoRyan89: i do not mind at all
i would welcome the conversation
kyleXisXinXlove: Thank you very much.
=) I try.
thoughtlessdestiny: Nothing rlly..till next week smile
thoughtlessdestiny: thx. whats been up?
AsxIxLayxDying: I've never understood whats so good about it haha
AsxIxLayxDying: Haha, thank you cutie
AsxIxLayxDying: you're much welcome smile
thoughtlessdestiny: thxx for addin me on ur profile and everything.
thoughtlessdestiny: no prob. thx for tha invite. lol ur the first one to.
screamfukdafreeworld: hey
thatcraziguy: thx for the yes back lizzie :P
sexywhitegangsta85: well ty.not much messege me and we will talk
sexywhitegangsta85: well thanks can you comment some of my pics
sexywhitegangsta85: thanks for the yes i hope its ok that i added you
DJMoE: Thanks for the add hun
superman0001: aww i feel special smile
superman0001: hey girl yes i do.. smile
MyxGayxUsername: lol thanks smile
BrothaSoFly: cool
MasterOfTheUniverse: Hey thanks for the add smile
danceallnight78: hey liza, just dropped by to say hello :-)
aFakeJamaican: Yessss now i will never need to look for x's and oh's again!!
aFakeJamaican: welcome hottie grinlol
creedcarter: thanks for the yess
TheBongSquad: How sweet. Thank you ^____^
danceallnight78: thank you for the yes beautiful lady, bang bucks on the way
metalamy: haha, connections are awsome huh, hahah
i will, diffently
im not big into icp, but they are pretty good, so woo who
xHEARTsxandxskullsx: thank you.
i do believe i sent you an invite to join encore, if you ever get bored, feel free to join. you can meet a ton of people
metalamy: cause you got the hook ups , thats awsome, haha
i dont have myspace, but i will look them up, i got my ways, haha
hell fire mafia? right?
metalamy: oh ya, its loads of fun, taking up lots of time too, gave me something to do so ya, haha, well i love conerts, im going to the slayer concert coming up here in sept, i cant wait, and ur right, i havent heard of any of them, and we have the crappyest loc
metalamy: well gosh, fine im flawless, haha, ot ot oh, who you go see?
im being lame and putting the album covers in my cds i own folder in apb. order, then cronc. order, woo who
metalamy: i dont know about flawless, but thank you muchies

so whatz going on
metalamy: aww, thank you, thats sweet of ya to say, i think ur cute
no worriez
chancenc: wow very sexy
CharlestonArtboy: oh, so you're 18 now? ;-)
CharlestonArtboy: hey, new account? :-P
juggaloco: gorgeous
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