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Profile for link (offline- last on: Jul 30, 12)
Rating (go rate me)
Name Link
Age 30
Webcam? no
Taken? Does not want a sexy lover.
Country United States
State Minnesota
City Not Given
My Apps
Hockey, Teaching exotic mammals with opposable thumbs the deadly art form of knife fighting. Kicking it with my emperor penguin that carries a back pack full of my beverage of choice.
Turn Ons
Not Given
Turn Offs
Not Given
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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jedbakla: hi how are u doing? wanna chat? lol.. cause
its boring here at my crib, i have nothing to
do.. can we chat? btw here is my addy, on
yah00 and msn. and
seeya there..
xEXSxANDxOHSx: wave2
xEXSxANDxOHSx: wave2 Hey stranger. heartthrob
monay69: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
Arby11886: hey how are ya?
xEXSxANDxOHSx: wave2
Semcac: underage...
hesmyobsession: smile
hesmyobsession: buttsmack
xEXSxANDxOHSx: heyyyyyyyy, you're freakin hot!! hehe hey sweety. Love talking to ya. You so need to come to Cali so we can FINALLY chill!! inlove
XxGcxGirlxX: ty for the pic comment :-p
xEXSxANDxOHSx: well supposed to be here till Aug 2nd but I'm thinking bout staying out here for good. grinlol you should come see me!!
xEXSxANDxOHSx: jackoff eek Guess what?!? I'm finally in Rochester!!!! grinlol
KyleeKay: lol. nice comment...and yes. tongue

how've you been? <3
HonEYBaBY62: Yes Holy Grail is exceptionally better. The Meaning of Life had it's moments. It's the only one I don't own yet.
HonEYBaBY62: Yes!
I hoped somebody would notice it was from The Life Of Brian!
NurseBrit: Thanks hottie
xEXSxANDxOHSx: wave2
CanadianA: Meh...whatever it was was entertaining for sure.highfive
CanadianA: That last one made me rofl IRL...too cute.
aDozenFuries: grinlol totally... but only if you want to that is.
aDozenFuries: ♥ you should totally be my SL... mmmhmmm *nods* ♥
aDozenFuries: hug heartthrob <3
aDozenFuries: Here's your ring heartthrob
LindseeSauresRexx: thankx
xDreamOfOnlyMeX: heysmile
rockinHockeychick23: Lol. Thats awsome. I love Hockey.
rockinHockeychick23: Hey thanks for the yes. Thats awsome that you like Hockey.
tinagirl32: Done. Hours ago.
tinagirl32: Take your clothes off, babeh.
Glissenz: Hey well, I was trying to send you a hello so I hope I didn't send like three lines of nothing to you. It was nice to hear from you. I have always enjoyed your comments and seeing you on the site. smile
lysha: Thanks
samanthathomas: thanx for the yes babe<3
wrestlingchicx: thank you for the yes
hesmyobsession: link you hooker you got an upgrade<3
mzitalia: thanx 4 the yes babe!!
adozenfuries: hug Just wanted to say Hey to the sweetest and coolest guy like ever!! heartthrob
SashaDonna: i just might :p
SashaDonna: i wanna grab those ears wink
JelloPuddin: woah.. very long time
adozenfuries: thank you bby!! hug
tinagirl32: MmmHmm.. You don't need to call me jesus though, I don't want people to know the truth. smile <3
creampuff007: Thanks!! You too <3
chrissydolllovesbrit: thanks 4 the yes hun wink add4add?
hesmyobsession: Back at you? lol
xDreamOfOnlyMeX: hey how r u?
adozenfuries: wave2 hug
SweetSprinter07: lol...thanks for the pic comment...I guess it did smile
tinagirl32: ooooh babebh
how are you/?
adozenfuries: hug you've got to be the sweetest and most awesome guy I've ever talked to!! Hopefully we can hang out while I'm in rochester!!! hug
XxLuckyGirlxX: haha, i gotta do what i gotta do. :-P
adozenfuries: hug heartthrob I can't wait to go back to MN and hopefully see you!!
myfavoritemistake: lol what can i say sorry about that?
hesmyobsession: lol ur crazy
KyleeKay: duh. =D
KyleeKay: not that you aren't a cutei too =P
allisonraeee: thanks you too
perfectlilangelgurl: thanks for the yes hunn
adozenfuries: heartthrob inlove
tinagirl32: in my mouth?
thank you. <3
elegantelisabeth: many thanks stranger

aZOMBIE: thanks. <3
TaciaLei: same. school. work. got all this college stuff to start doing. and a big trip this summer.
TaciaLei: wave2 how ya been?
imoneweirdchicka: Thanks for the comment, love some of the sketches you did.
sweet4u420: Thanks babe!!!! but ya right. lol
tinagirl32: you should think that iloveyou
adozenfuries: such an effin hottie and a sweety!! heartthrob grinlol
tinagirl32: oooh babeh, you know it!
tinagirl32: you like it. <3
hesmyobsession: ummm You know it? lol
hesmyobsession: Hi. You suck >_< kthnx
hesmyobsession: lol stfu
psychochick: thanx your hot too!
aww well ty.
you're a hottie too =)
crystleh: thanks for the yes.. yer hawt wink
ThatWildOne: Well you can't say I didn't try.
ThatWildOne: Nudes. Thanks slut.
adozenfuries: your welcome!! ya, it is pretty cold out and I am staying warm... hopefully your doin the same!!
adozenfuries: hehe thanks sweety. Your deff cute yourself!! <3
flyforawhitegirl: u are hot babe! thnx for the yes
Rebelicous: Thanks darlin'.
SABRINAMANGO: thanks gorgeuss smile
cutetokillfor: thanks
Lynz2137: yeah, that's about the same situation with me. I miss the old days when I thought wyht was fun.
Lynz2137: well good luck with that. I know I'm not on much any more, but I always enjoyed talking with you. You're a cool dude smile
Trendyistaken: hey ...thanx ^_^
Lynz2137: have you been?
PerfectEyez: yup yup. hehe
tinagirl32: aww Hey hun smile
The fact that you even remember me is totally flattering.
sweet4u420: ty babe <3 so r u smile
Glissenz: Thank you for your yes vote. I gave you a yes as well..I love hockey.. watching it live.. nice picture..
myfavoritemistake: ur rating is 666 lol and dont lie ur never on *cries* and u never call :( lol
CrazedKitten: Heya cutie, Long time.. Ya still have that helmet wink
myfavoritemistake: gar i miss you
myfavoritemistake: prolly in bed at that time lol
myfavoritemistake: peanut? god dang it where are you
myfavoritemistake: *giggle* boogar grinlol
SexxiSara1990: ~!* Hey Baby Thanks For The Yes, Ur hawt Ur Self*!~
purringKITTY: Thanks for the yes... a big yes right back at ya..
myfavoritemistake: lol ur missing out on me confused rofl i miss ya!<3
sweetie28692000: thanx for the yes hun your hot as hell
myfavoritemistake: i see how it is wink
DemonicPride666: smile heartthrob
myfavoritemistake: that's funny cuz now it says link: sausage link sausage rofl
myfavoritemistake: what a cute hottie grinlol
AshleyRenae: thank u for the YES .. u deff get mine ~*AsH*~
hesmyobsession: hey sexy rofl
ImTheCIA: HEY JONNNN what's the boy won? I miss talking to you but i'm like never home anymore. How's it been minus the insane drunken nights? WE NEED TO BRING AC BACK!!! Help me!! rofl We can do it!! hug ♥ AllyCIA
BiGBoobies: Thanks wink
tinagirl32: OH MY HOT SEX!!!

l3elvlySuperlvlan: your sigs and drawings kick ass
oh, and you're hot too wink
skyttlz: wow, supermodel sexy. I bet you shave your nuts.
sommar1202: very hot and sexy....drool
wHOaiTSjESs: biggrin
l3elvlySuperlvlan: ...very hot...
BrokenxLovexSongs: thanks for the yes hun <33
TieHerDown: thanks. mine are nothing compared to yours wow. thats talent.
ur1stepbehind: well my profile i pretty much copied right off of myspace, cpixel, and/or vote me off (other sites i am on). I do not know about the ip thing
ur1stepbehind: well, i am real, i dont know about the other account. Um, i really don't know what i am supposed to say. I have no reason to hide who i am. But you did catch me off guard with "emmy". i havent told anyone that nickname
ur1stepbehind: i'm not saying it is not but I have my own pictures, my own everything why would i go make things up
bumpandgrindwithme: aww, thanks! you're hella sexy, too <3
kas476: Hockey players are hot!!!!
xsunshynex: thanks for the comment
kikkie6t9a: thanx
sweetlisablue: hotstuff
XtremeBoo: Where the Fuck you Been Man - long time no See
rebelchick04: aww ur a hottie!! heartthrob
QTay04: thanks. hotstuff
nothingsxforever: hot!!!
missyleasha: Thanks For the Comment Hunny!!! you're a cutie yourself!!!
GypsieBlu: hockey players are oh so sexy!! i luv hockey
Lucy01: t-a-s-t-y hotstuff
AlliLuvsU69: sooo sexy!!! I like the pic of you and the tree wink lol <3<3

underURwindow: what a hottie! heartthrob
trish1123: hey sweetie!!! how you been doin?
CrazedKitten: Heya Link.. Hope you had a good holiday! smile I miss talking to ya.. Hope you're doing good! hug heartthrob
xPinkBoxersx: Why thank you sir heartthrob
TakeMyHeart: heh thanks=)
x3MaybexMemories: Thank you! <3
AlishaBabe15: you are delicious..
ImTheCIA: i don't remember it now, i just remember you were in it. it was totally sexual. just kidding hehe. well it mighta wink
AlliLuvsU69: sooo sooo sooo sexy!

<3 Alli <3
Starryn1ght420: thanks hun
TakeMyHeart: thank ya very much! you play hockey?! awesome...and goalie...even more guys rock.
JeNiiBaBii: I have never left you a commment so here is one
angelita4e: ...i'm going through withdrawls already haha ....tongue

hope you're having fun and not toooo drunk tongue hug
angelita4e: you have got to be one of the most awesome guys i've met on this site. iloveyou sweet stuff!!! and dont forget.. u will be supporting me in a few years wink ...haha... hug
ImTheCIA: iiii love linkkkk wink hug
angelita4e: it's a damn joke rage ....grrrr
angelita4e: iloveyou sweet stuff!!!! ....i still hear that puddin pop wants your cock... so beeee careful!!!!! haha

BjPrincessMe: Well lookie here..i found a hottie :P
ratingsitessuck: LOSER hug you rock! buttsmack
xPinkBoxersx: Thank you lovely =D
BirdtownBoy: way to rep the NW Subs of the Twin Cities bro. Robbinsdale checkin in. Peace
wezzie: hug love you hug
angelita4e: eek be careful for puddin pop..i hear she wants your cock haha
<33 heartthrob hug luv ya hun!!!
YourBabygirl: You're a cutie smile
ConfinedxInsanity: meh thanks for the no... oh well cya in the forums
Kristanbball: hug
Kristanbball: we dont talk anymore :( and i miss you!! <3
JelloPuddin: ohhh gosh link hotstuff
you know how i feel about you heartthrob
SwEeTcHeEkS: hahaha. rock.
Sezzy: Thanks hun. heartthrob I think you're sexy, too. smile
angelita4e: miss talking to you hun!!! hug

xXjenJENXx: Why thank you hugheartthrob
JerzeyChika398: aww thanx. ur really sweet, thanx for being there
angelita4e: heartthrob ....
angelita4e: awww poor poor link was being molested by my cuddle bunny... mad ....that shall never happen again... smile i am back hug .... heartthrob
CrazedKitten: hug heartthrob hotstuff I'll have what you got tongue with a side order of whip cream wink
TaciaLei: Link hug I miss ya! Haven't seen you in the forums for a while!! heartthrob
link: frown
feetarefunky: nope. sorry. remember: alpha males, we need!
you tried, that's all that counts!
feetarefunky: lol you look way to vulnerable in your priv. pictures.
oXditzybrunettXo: ur drawings are awesome!
feetarefunky: you rock my e-socks.

and yes, you make me giggle sometimes, too. wink
angelita4e: emy heartthrobs you... you are such a sweetie, def. hottie and you make me laugh ...not to mention our conversations are always so... think interesting.... biggrin
ashiibabii5: hottttttieeeee heartthrob
XxXDarkAngelXxX: awwie thank youhug Very cute yourself
link: lol its just the auto-lighting of a webcam if I used photoshop there would be no glare
bike4life: your face is a weird color. don't use photoshop to give yourself a fake tan, it never turns out right.
xxjaninexx: ur a hottie
CrazedKitten: Hello sexi... wanted to say Merry Christmas.. and... nice bum wink
wezzie: hug
xxjaninexx: thanx 4 the msg!! ur hott 2!!!
Hetata: haha cute picture to compliment a cute face
xtearfulletter: -random hate-
sorry smile
xoxMissxSammyxox: hey hun thanx for the comment! :-D

xtearfulletter: U = GAY.
Lynz2137: I love your new pic wink
InkIsMyWeapon: Thank you. =) <3
dancerbabe05: thanks for the comment hun smile
link: clap
simplepleasures: you are so adorable....thanks for being honest...i really do appreciate it!!
CrazedKitten: hey sexy rawr.. your so hot tongue I haven't gotten any entertaining messages lately heartthrob
CrazedKitten: hey sexy rawr.. your so hot tongue I haven't gotten any entertaining messages lately heartthrob
TessieTina727: mmmmmmmmmmmm god damn hockey!!
im2sexa2touch: hey sexy not bad ur slef hit me u up sometime
sweetbaby04: hey...hug you seem like a really cool guy..I'm really glad I'm talkin to ya!! <3 really sexy too hotstuff ttyl
TaciaLei: Link, you're super sexy hug
hottieblonde: thanx...ur pretty cute urself
angelfromheaven: iloveyou
trish1123: a comment from you is always worth having hug
UsingMarilyn: id hit it!!
ThatWildOne: lol aww thanx sweetheart
trish1123: lol, not like i needed what?
forevrkisses: hotstuff
Veronique: thx!!ur sexy too!!
hollywoodkate: LAMO at above post... anyway, I love your artwork, btw your cute...
jennykatherine: soo ur real ugly and u look like ur old enuff to be sum1'z dad...i say no to yo ass too
x0xpreciousx0x: Hmm too hot smile thnx for the yes hun
angelfromheaven: hey! its Tessia....I see u in the forums sometimes...but we never talk! I dont even know your name frown I think we should talk sometime!!! Your really hott!! hotstuff heartthrob
link: my comments ran dry
link: ..
xlovexfewx: ha, im devirginizing your comments...

link: smile
xojordixo: aww thanks babe ur a hottie ;-)
ShootingStar64: nice drawlings <3
hollistercandy: wow very cute
SeXyGuRl143: ThNx HuNnI =)
InnocentBaybee: thanks
HotMomma1721: Lookin pretty good yourself!! ; )
Maeis4lovers: thanks for the comment, same to you ;*)
jessica54914: thank you, you are very sexy yourself :-)
Zainyzanna: cutie. so I say yes!
kimmy1516: damnnnnn your so sexy merci for the comment
breezy531: hey hun- thanks for the're pretty fine yourself..but you need to smile more smile also, cool drawings, I like them
Jen4831: Thanks for the comment babe! I must say though, you're HOT! smile Very sexy indeed!
sjcowgirl36: hey doll thanks for tha comment your hot to
britneyFHC: Hey Hottie!! You Are GoRgEoUs!!! wink
vengeful: Cuteness.
xtearfulletter: aw, thanks for the comment. Your cute, toowink
xttwisttxtinax: very very hot yourself wink lol i wish i could hug your tree lol.. man
QT89: thanks. :-)
ur very cute!!
inurdream27: thanks for the message!
ChelseaRae: cutie
xosamii6: hey cutie !
lilbtch0408: hmm your sexy too... hit me back if you wanna talk
beachbuni2: super
x0x Cayti
trish1123: thanks sweetie hug
candi16: fuckin right your hott
candi16: Your hott...Im from owatonna mn wanna chat some more??
rebelchick04: hockey players are sooooooo hot!!!! lol very hot talk to ya lata
WanaBloASouthernBeau: good lord. hot and u play hockey, def, plus rite thurr
BlingBling69: awe thanx yoO r 2
CrackIsAddictive: thanks for the comment, youre pretty cute yourself wink
BabiGurl04: thanx hun
trish1123: so sexy.....hitit
caliegurlie428: ur a cutie smile
Xtellmeurdreams0: haha thanks for helping me in my thread! your sooo awesome and such a sweetie! muah!
egyptianhunnie37: thnx babe ur reeel cute 2 =)
angelbabycakes: Awww..thanks! smile You too! wink
NotNow: ooo la la - a goaltender......hmm, i be Steve Yzerman i can score you :P
haughtbabe: Hey just leaving ya a commentsmile You're really cute! hehe
ashleyjane: You are very very cutesmile
VipHonEy06: aw thanx for the comment ur reall nice
angeldust666: Hmmm very cute.

Defiantly fuckable.
Sxymamii16: whoa sexiness lol you get a deff. yes from me babes smile
caliegurlie428: thanks for the comment, ur hella hot also!
darlin270: total cutie!
luckybaby123: ur really hot
bsktballchik444: thankya grinlol you too
ohiogrl03: lol i dont know...i really dont workout alot though, i use to in hs cuz i ran track but not too much anymore
dawn: Thanks for the comment!
hollist3rg1rl: lol
AngelicPilipinaKiten: thank youuuuu <333 tongue
ohiogrl03: haha eat all day long, hardly exercise n just sit around.....i dont know, i havent worked out in a loooong time.
Cutiegurl0528: i like ne thing but country 2
abercrombie87: very cute smile
Ookiss4luckoO: very sexy
YourADream2Me: dam, u look awsome. i love trees! *kiss*
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