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Name Heather
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Texas
City Abilene
My Apps
Turn Ons
thick boys.
stickmen are for paper.
looks are superficial.
Turn Offs
smoking :]
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show i dont watch tv. :]
Movies anything w rob schnider and david spade
delta farce
talledaga nights
Music texas country
classic rock
just about anything
Book scribbler of dreams
Quote "dont do anything i wouldnt do... and if i'd do it do it twice. :] "
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getpumped87: miss you!
TheEko: thank you :]
Longhorn769: considr it done....
Longhorn769: damn sexxxi girl....and def. extra points for being a tx girl wink
OxSoKiSsAbLeOx: you're pretty.
anGelaww: SL will not fuck you and say your name. but, hey i know who ex-sl...jakeypoopoo...
Raider05: well thanks, your also gorgeous. hit me up if you would like to chat
puckflier22: your gorgeous as well sweetie
AiNoKea: If I'm amazingly gorgeous, then you are amazingly STUNNING. smile
origamimustache: oh why sweet of you to say.
nate154: Thank you so much! cutie smile
MustangMark: damn your incredibly hot
tbrindley22: haha thanx

not so bad urself!!
getpumped87: feel better!
getpumped87: feel better!
AngelinCrimson: haha oh yeah? well come get some :P
justindj2222: ooh really... and why would that be
charlym: HEY BABE !!!
BillaBoi: Just came back from school, relaxing now, you?
Bdunc4u: sexywink
NdwnVup: hey there sexy!! wats up babe?
QuarK21: Oh la la, back at ya.
BillaBoi: okay
charlym: U r beautiful babe !!!!
CrombIEboY17: thanks.. thats awesome haha... but yea ur hot too.. so whats up?
getpumped87: come on over!
getpumped87: i want you to have my children
BetweenUrThighs: nice pic sweetheart.. if i could gain weight.. i would.. lol
hsuballerjpprj: your welcome mister :]
hsuballerjpprj: your welcome mister :]
thepokerace: hey goodlookin! thanks for the yes smile
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a very beautiful lady Heather who has such beautiful eyes smile
aceswildtru: Very cute, Heather! grinlol
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