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Profile for BackSeatLoveChild (offline- last on: Aug 31, 10)
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Name McLovin
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Greece
State Not Given
City Athens
About Me
No No, Fuck that, were calling you McLovin!
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Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
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Music Not Given
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chadb25: wow you are stunningly beautiful! smile
bennyfr: still in approval ?
jennadiamond: Sexy girl!
drknockboootzz: hot hot amazing - im moving to greece :-)
twentyfoursomething: just came across your profile and i couldnt resist to leave you some comments, hope you dont mind smile
mortuus: You still around?
brianb89: you look so gorgeous in that picture love the little black dress and heels
GhostlyAura: hi^^
brianb89: dam do you look sexy in that little black dress and heels
brianb89: dam do you look sexy in that little black dress and heels
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a gorgeous lady smile
kindalazy: lol cute sn gorgeous
adrunkenbunny: message screwed up. there was supposed to be a down arrow pointing to the guy below me. pretend it's there smile
adrunkenbunny: / does that stuff ever work on you? ahah.
mortuus: yo imma fuck this til you cant handle it
ChrisM3: wheres my five?
Deaner17: Can you say perfect 10! Absolutely beautiful! Hit me back!
Nasiello: sweet bajeezus. you're gorgeous =O
tru4youjrock: sexi and hit in my blue eyes
Deaner17: Damn babe you are lookin good! Absolutely beautiful. Not even joking that smile could melt ice. Wish i could be that lucky guy that lays next to you in bed!
manoucho: Hey koukla, i very like Mykonos & Spetses !
ezreale: !!!
tru4youjrock: yessss u r veri sexi in my blue eyes
yunghung: ill make love to u in any backseat u want lol
SebTed: whats happenin?
CbFunk: i am your evil twin, front seat bastard child! muahahaha
singleservingfriend7: damn the way the guys talk your gods gift to man or something, dont get me wrong your beautiful but geez, i do dig the fact that the only two things on your profile, are hi mom and a superbad quote, thats all comedy
tru4youjrock: veri sexi inmy blue eyes
TwinTurboed: Hey, uhh uumm, well... I was wondering, uhh if like, um maybe, you would to umm like, to be my SL?? its okay if you dont, i totally understand, and am used to being rejected.
googooglox: dont get offended, you look pretty as a blonde but you look so much better as a burnette very beautiful, (no homo)
DidYouMissMe789: wow your beautiful
Texasballa08: Um I Love You
nelly043: you look great! wow! grinlolgrinlol
nic333: ur so beautiful if u wanna chat somtime my addy is
TyKing: Evil just pure EVIL! Hope all is well! lol
DabinRaionzu: whoa heyy there :]
PerfectxxxStorm: If interested in an Upgrade, let me know
draz429: damn girl, you are something else!
patsaphotog: hello grinlol
mortuus: PS fix this for me plz "Your request could not be sent because you already have a request to or from that person."

thx <3
mortuus: sup when r we fuckin?
lokojoe: You are an absolute definition of the perfect woman!!
dacubbies2005: Gorgeous
freaksoonerman09: sexy grr
HotDamnItsMark: Your username made me laugh. Hard. Thanks for making my day slightly better than it already is.
Brett69: hottie
Desireeisnaughty: your really beautiful.
Westicles: So McLovin, want to chat sometime??
Zargo1z: can't help but give you a yes
mortuus: Imma rage.
Jewbacca: Is there a school you go to to learn how to poke your ass out like that to make it look like you have one?
mortuus: You look amazing as a brunette. Don't go blonde ever againnnn.
Greeneydgrl5: you're sooo pretty <3
Hazey: b-town....would that be Barrie?
DSGB69: best pic ive seen on here
dan182: sexy
JRock5590: you are absolutely gorgeous!
bluemonkey28: can we do it?
repoman42003: I cant say what you have already heard. You are a stunningly gorgeous women. You do have my yes. Comment me back or picture comment me sometime
tru4youjrock: mwah veri sexi in my blue eyes
thediggydoc: wow very cute :-P
gonnell: You are the hottest girl on this site hands down and i love your beautiful smile, hit me back some time.
DutchMasta420: hey cutie, how r ya
BillyJ2005: Very nice you have my yes =)
joec2010: you are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
Acestevenson: amazinggg!
zaquis: you do look a bit like mclovin
DJFREAK311: Simply Amazing! Very beautiful
Darrin: Now that's a woman!
anthony23: sexyy
WatsonsHere: Hey there beautiful!!
LylMiSsy89: You're so pretty !
A11Star: You are stunning miss x
dan182: hey i love your hair
Acestevenson: it's about time you're #1... you're amazinggg
lokojoe: You have got the hottest profile pic ever!!
boilergolf: very pretty, got a yes from me
Kensei: you are a stunning woman
Kristianne: so im sure you hear this all the time, but you have an amazing body. totally jealous. congrats on making it to the top ten. =D
anthony23: gorgeous
sh3sg0ne: hello beautiful congrats on the top 10* gr8t pix
Wilson1111: You are beautiful. I love the nickname.. hehe... How you like punta cana?
twistedtat: lovin the profile the mclovin, makes me laugh....and yes she is gorgeous i agree with everyone else that as left a comment...she is absolutly amazing!
cockybalboa2: I've never been to your page before so I thought I would change that. I hope your night is going well smile
ACsore: gorgeouswink
gettcrunkkkk: Damnn girlie. You're gorgeouss. :]
trav279: heyy there smile
mortuus: Cry.
gomo: how can u be single !! stop lieing grinlol
KrashanG: Hiee .. I am Krashang you are So Gorgeous!
jdueke: Hello. I'm John, and you must ;]
TyFighter: damn, those legs go on forever
taz33: thats not suggestive. not atall..
bhill: you are beautiful. rate me
sKrOb: Fuck that wink
Acestevenson: wow.. sexiest girl on here!
ryetoast5: your so beautiful hun..just flat out gorgeous
ThaDom4263: oh my you are gorgeous
LionsFan10: wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!!
LionsFan10: wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!!
kieldirtydave: haha backseatlovechild thats awesome
LclCelebrity: You have beautiful eyez Love!
Rem: will you add me as a friend
dark4181: B-e-a-utiful
Hayden1986: your veryyyy gorgeous whatcha think of me?
menace2006: sexxxxy pic u look very hot
dedalus86: extremely sexy!

jamesdeen: u are a ''''''''''''''''sultry,
beutiful women
gomo: WOWOW request for loving.... u should come in france and get some shooting with me... u are so hot !!

u arent sleeping ? u are on msn ? lol trying to go into bed ?
lookb4ujump: damn girl you are fine!
foshizzle0099: mclovin.... hhahahaha fogul?
what is it really qutee?
jamesdeen: those eyes and eyelashes are verrrry beautiful , not to mention the rest of you
aaBBoy: Gawsh your a hottie
shaun247: morning cutie..hows the weekend goin
pimpdavid984: whats up sexy?
Sam566: wow amazing figure!! smile
baturalp: hi senorita
milos78: woww ur GORGEOUS like ur style sexy whit class amazing smile
bigboybarney: hey wats up
SinfulKnowledge: youre like a sexy sandwich
Brokenbokken: you're quite the pretty woman smile
shawn1981: you look amazing
arrogantbastard: HHEELLOO Cutie!!
sebastianhxc: yo u live pretty close to me. i live in sauga. and i noticed we yes'd each other b4 ;D
nine9inch: yummy
Acestevenson: you're soo amazing!
Hollister2217: Fuckable!
carlito1982hbk: wow just to damn gorgeous
af32hero: hey hotstuff. hows ur day goin??
hockeyguy1919: ooo wow what is up gorgeous!?
armyguy08: wow you are truly gorgeous!
KrazyKa0s: you are just too damn adorable.
shaun247: fuck it's hot today..watya wearin
gruveninmyvw: gorgeous!
cfizzle10: hey sexy get at me
scotty80100: absolutely gorgeous
stevehallny: you are gorgeous
Deaner17: DAMN...what else really needs to be said...i got an idea, babe, your beautiful, absolutely perfect. You have my yes for sure, i hope i get yours also. If you are interested then hit me back with a comment or a message, ttyl babe
nhra347: wow, you are hot, yes!
XXWetPantsXX: Cute!!
ben2k5: Wow, you look amazing.
os418: hey wats up sexilicious
ryetoast5: gorgeous..beautiful..lo
ve a comment back
hard2tame: You are gorgeous!!!!
Jaydude145: amazing. you are really sexy
DSGB69: damn canada chicks are SERIOUS
Christina927: wow very sexy dress! haha i want it!
Kupiq1986: very sexy
aftrdrknss53: damn.... lil hottie
lokojoe: You are amazingly hot!!!
nine9inch: damn! you're such a beauty xo great pics
canuck512: hehe fucking awesome movie smile
MaGiCalMisSy18: Stunning girl!
ill give you a yes... please comment my pics
ill return the favor... who knows we can add4add?!?!

SwankyTuna: Rofl.
mindimoon: your pretty
MaGiCalMisSy18: cute
CR25: u know u r damn dine girl geez lol
MustangMark: damn your the sexiest woman i have ever seen
keithrulz: simply gorgeous
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: gurl you are too fine!
prot0fein: mmm i think you're so fucking HAWT hotstuff drool
ur fuckin rite i'm givin u a yes grinlol

id give u even more if u were to come home w/ me twisted wink
DjPyro: U Look Fucking Gorgeous
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
SexAppeal12887: very sexy!!
AlyssaBooRawr: thanks for the yes.
bamaboi82: beautiful lol
freedumb35: I didn't mean to block your cock McLovin
davidbrandi05: You are hella sexy biggrin
garythefirst: beautiful, i wish i could vote for you a dozen times!!
Aarleegs: well mclovin ... you're really pretty! i love your eyes!!
joecivic: HOTTT smile
nelly043: haha mclovin. nice!
Paigefahie: thanx for the yes your beautiful
Darksnake: lol that fake driver license have a nice day anyway and hi cutie.
ILikeMusic: wow you are stunning! and how do you get the mclovin license plate? im still laughing
nat837: now you definitely deserve to be in the top're gorgeous!
dan182: hey hottie
crimsondragon: hhooootttt
penispuppet: how are you doing? smile
AuburnTigers07: damn babe you def have my yes... smile
NewYorkFinest20s: damn mamii u strait beautiful n dont let no1 tell u other wise wink naa mean soo dont be shy n get at me some time gorgeouz
holistellerbeach: Beautiful
joeypage: Heey your pretty gorgeous i must say smile
Maxxy: wave
Trackstar10: Hey there McLovin! How are you doing tonight?
tmoney82: sexy
Acestevenson: hey mclovin.. whats shakin
locoman: true hotty
lunk: fuck you
bigdaddy68: Hi...You are soooo pretty....*W*
JordanAK: Absolutely GorGeouS .... <3
Adam222: So are you a model ?
lunk: hey babe whats up?
NdwnVup: hey there gorgious!! wats up babe?
SkaterboiBenji: Woo hottie
DutchMasta420: hey gorgeous, how r ya
onehotbitch69: aww tys hun 4 the yes back
derailed: you're incredibly sexy
hollyny: you are so beautiful
ryetoast5: beautiful...gorgeous..l
ove a comment back
toque: another sexy canuck
chiwoj85: BEAUTIFUL!
garythefirst: yesssss!!!!you're beautiful!!!!
Aarleegs: you are really beautiful!!! =]
ShItHaPpEnS: heyy wats up gorgeous ?
Gabriel210: Wow you are absolutely stunning, definitely a YES!!
chancenc: very sexy
jdshookup: Very sexy! Welcome to the site!
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