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Profile for sharkmaninohio (offline- last on: Apr 4, 14)
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Name really ? that's the top ten girls ? lame ......
Age 51
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Ohio
City BFE
About Me
wanna see nude of WildnCrazyKid, hit me up, i got the link to them


i don't use my bang bucks, so if you need some, send me comments and i'll give some to you

i just wanna find someone special, and treat with all the love and
respect i have to offer, , aren't there any younger ladies, that like nice, single, hard working, caring older guys, that want to be treated like you deserve ....
guy stuff, you know, , sports and crap
Turn Ons
ask me and i'll tell you ....
Turn Offs
yea, , , , i got a few
ok, look, if you're not getting on this site, or haven't been on in the last 6 months, you're not gettin a rating from me, , dam, , wait, if u aint been on, you can't read this, , crap, , get lost .... and lose your account already ....
Favorite Things
TV Show get to it later
Movies get to it later
Music loud music is the best
Book no time to read
Quote too spontaneous to make quotes
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RadiCOOL: happy birthday!!! <3
imlauren: thank u smile
WickedLinz: Xoxo
stormalicious: yes sir i would let you =]
DollyJacks: Hey there.
lilxpixiexdust: hahaha did i.. lol nice i guess that will teach me to make a profile when im dead ass tired
lilxpixiexdust: Showin your page a little love!!!! <3 <3

xobabeox: awe thanks =]
Lesley80: Hey,I love u & miss U!Cant wait 2 see u again!
libragirl86: Hello.Thank you for your picture comment.By the way you look like one of my close friends.That's very strange.
sexablysweet: happy belated birthday. hope you had a good one.
wisco: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYYY smile <33 hahah
MeCHELL: what exactly do you have for me?
gurldancer: happy belated birthday smile
toxickiss27: Read your profile and what-not, letting you know I'm not fake but I'll be your friend. (:
Jungledw5: Yea that's totally what I was xing out. lol.
prettyinpinkprincess: heyy good lookin smile
badgirlx31: :(
mindaforgirls: omg that was so hott , can i turn my friends on to you smile
jennadiamond: Thank you for all the kind words :]
badgirlx31: hello moto lol
ugochick: I know, right? Yeah, I'm pretty brilliant.
badgirlx31: nice talk we had on the phone lastnight hope u enjoyed it
badgirlx31: hi
badgirlx31: that felt so good inside me
badgirlx31: no way
badgirlx31: when can i come over?
Infatuated343: mwa thx yu
AMagicCarpetRide: i hope your weekend is going great!
navygrl2009: Hey good lookin man,
How are you doing today? well stay handsome okay. later.
KristaAnne: awww thank you! :]
hotjannette: thanks for the comment hun
KristaAnne: Thank you :]
sexilady69: u r a bad boy,lol!
DollyVicious: Lol awww : )
marienicole90: thanx.!
oxlilashleeoxo: i cant see your pics for some reason, but hi! thanks for the add! =)
badgirlx31: what u got for me hun
xFiVESTRiDESX: thanks for the comments sweetheart =] sorry i havent been on =[ im me sometime
bsns: why thank you :]
ily123: thankyou smile
beffers: You are such a sweet guy!!!!!!!!!!!
beffers: Thank you. I know I'm pretty, but pretty girls are all over this site.
xambellinax: aw well thanks!! i havent got to be on here in FOREVER!
MandixLicious: thank you
VegasChristine: it's true - I totally want you baby !!! ;-)
MALLORY614: hey smile
HawttMami: hhaha, thx for the comment. I'm flattered, but I'm not sure I could do that....besides I don't think that marriage will be fitting into my life for a VERY LONG TIME! haha..dont are you doing btw?
MissesCandice: haha, thank you =)
tearsofblood117: thanks
XoXSnowbunnieXoX: ty for the comments
singmeamelody: oh i have before, you're hawt for your age smile
singmeamelody: i'd like to think so sharkman wink
singmeamelody: sorry. college life has been insane, so much homework!!
singmeamelody: so damn busy, how have you been?
singmeamelody: hey thanks!
badgirlx31: awww your sweet
ashlyn1: thanks smile
HottieLexie: you're welcome and thanks hun smile
XcXemoXchic: Thanks for the sweet comments
julia899: thanks i'm doing good just got done with work and bored
julia899: hey there how are you?
XcXemoXchic: smile
XcXemoXchic: I dunno
crzybtch69: well here's another. lol
crzybtch69: what kind?
ohsusanna: u have something for me huh?
hollister089: yes i know i did it to be funny..i tried to change it but it wont let me :(
ohsusanna: and it would be impossible to do on the tire
ohsusanna: Ok, gotcha!
ohsusanna: u think so huh?
ohsusanna: i'd make u scream all right...
HawttMami: wll thank you. i hope so too. he was always that 'what if' in my life and now we have that chance, and hopfully i does work out this time.
HawttMami: your welcome for the add. not a problem. and thank you very much for the comments and the best wishes. being the type of site this is, i definantly didnt expect that smile but thank you.
ohsusanna: practicing for the ride is the best one lol
badgirlx31: thanks not 2 much here
ohsusanna: just did. we both are on a comment roll, let us keep it up!
ohsusanna: so sweet. you are doing a good job of describing it in your comments smile
ohsusanna: i seriously don't mind at all, and thanks for thinking i'm a hottie!
ohsusanna: i like people who speak their mind actually, it's refreshing.
emoXgirl: hey how r u doing
CrYiNgShAmE: thanx for the comment smile
chantelle1987: have your way mmm.. i certainly like the sound of thatwink
LykDatAss: you leave the most beautiful comments ever
LykDatAss: you mean you wanna use your fingers to pinch my nipps?
Don't you think you can use them some other way?
I bet you can make me look like "that" few different ways
Glyzinie: awww thanks ^_^
Glyzinie: Ive been awake like 20 out of 24hrs and try to refix my sleep pattern i am a weeee bit out of it X[
Glyzinie: Thanks :p But I'd be lucky if i woke up looking like that! I am known for bad bed head hahah XD
Glyzinie: haha! someones popularz!
Glyzinie: Yeah its pretty unique idk tattoos in general hurt, some places more then others my fairy and my ribecage was the worst
Glyzinie: Thanks for all the comments, :p and you're right that shit DID hurt. ALOT
Lolita18: yeah, it`s annoying that they haven`t fixed it yet.
chantelle1987: mmmm hey therewink way to greet me hehee..! just rip those clothes off babe, in the heat of the passion.
Glyzinie: Aww thanks *^_^*
Glyzinie: Thanks
badgirlx31: not much here
comingattractions: Thanks for understanding wink
comingattractions: No problem, you're a handsome man, so deal
comingattractions: You're pretty hot for 47
comingattractions: Thanks for thinking I'm a goddess
Dancer4u2watch90: awww thank you smile i'm fine!
SamIam2: mwahhh thanks!!!
SamIam2: (_/)
( '.' )
()_() hello you!
danii09: awww thanks
backseatlovexxx: YAY football!

Im watching it too,

who are you rooting for?

backseatlovexxx: Awwww

Im doing well,

and you?

hannahbee: i'm doing good thanks
sexilady69: hello wht r ur plans today sweetie?
shedevil95: thx 4 the leg comment
badgirlx31: i like to cook and bake to
badgirlx31: sure can hun
wiredsavvy: thanks for the sweet comments!{♥_♥}
Lolita18: aw pretty good thanks smile
amie05: send bb's
I3RAWL: hm yes winter's very cold in the german south ;D
I3RAWL: ooh thank you =) if you want to you can look at my gallery, i've uploaded some pics (:
I3RAWL: yea i've already seen it, i'm also not able to write message to anybody.. sucks
I3RAWL: thanks for the comment =)
badgirlx31: nope im 31 was born in 77
badgirlx31: thank you for all the pic comments
badgirlx31: thank you
OoohBritt: It was declined for default can you believe that?
OoohBritt: Thank you.
singmeamelody: Thanks!
angel3y3s: hey there how are you hun?? =)
backseatlovexxx: Thank you thank you
comingattractions: thanks for the comment smile
hotstuff2008tn: happy late b;day!
CoUNTerfeit: have a great weekend! smile
crystalmarie9224: Thank you for all the nice compliments. Do you wear your sunglasses at night? grinlol
EtzChaim: Thank you for the compliment. smile
kt44: happy birthday!
OoohBritt: Thank you smile
OoohBritt: Hahahaha :P
buhbuhbecca: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! your like the sweetest thing ever! i hope you have a great one this year
barbies2007: happy birthday!
bellastar97: I miss you too sweetie! Happy Early Birthday!!!
eatme14: Hey daddy smile muah
ErIkA92: Hey there.. Just swung by to say hi... *sighs* .. im bored :(
hotstuff2008tn: heyhey there cutie long time no see. you stayin in shape for the beach this summer>?
UhOhXoXOreo: heyy thyank you it made me smile most people probally think blue hair is soo weird
EccentricBeauty: glad you like my picture wink
hotstuff2008tn: hey sweets! You look cool as ever in shades smile *muah*
abbeyyy18: LOL..hmm..
Sweetcakes21: ~Lol why yes that is my mean face~ 8-)
laxdolcexvita: Lyke oh muh gah.. you so sexy!
BabiCakess: thank u
bananasandapples: only better
abbeyyy18: Haha noo.
But thank yaa.
kinkykristi: why are you guys fighting?
HollySO06: you're so sweet heartthrob
brendamage2009: hi.. thanks for the yes... smile
RebeccaBranum08: thank=]
annaxdarling: awe thank you hun you are so sweet inlove
jessicax0: have a merry xmas and a safe new year babe.
much love
xoSHAYxo: thank you =)
bellastar97: ty so much for the pic comments today sweetie and a very merry christmas to you too!!!
isamiami: i see got alot of fans haha
isamiami: thanks for the commet =)
gossipgirl06: Hey thanks for the comment =) <33
RebeccaBranum08: thanks ;]
everyone likes it but my mom and sister;[
kinkykristi: i made u ten signs go get themgrinlol
kinkykristi: wrong one it says hottie haha
jess136: Awww. Thanks and down boy lol smile
Pegaida: hey...i like the sunglasses.
Tj19: hahah ok smile mucho lovo
AngermAnAgement: No
steph8808: hey
aprilkd: Thanks for the comment! smile
cherryfloatlol2: oh yes im a big clean freak and that's my guest bed room but it has the biggest mirror
xambellinax: nahh. but i might start believing it if you keep telling me!
Jolie5: Thanks for the yes! You're cool :-)
sasbunny: hehe thanks babe!
thesasha08: haha see i'm not the only woman you say that to.
xambellinax: aw. shes doin just fine.
and yourself =]
xambellinax: lol. they totally ditched me to go get fucked up.
bitches huh?
amandaakaay: Thanks for the comments!
LiLLuvEr: well thank you. but theres alot of pretty girls on here.
MiSSDiMPLES: i c yur a chest man..
dezzarae: guess not.
dezzarae: haha thank youuuu
bananasandapples: i guess im flexible smile
Natuska19: hi hunny i missed ya too!!!! wats been good with usmile
lyssa23: awsmile
MySexyEyes: Thank you so much for being a great friend
ktlogan: ok.
sylwigley: why do u love it?
celeritas9: haha I'm good, I'm about to go to work... ugh
I feel so lazy
IamSoSeduct1vex2o: Furious
celeritas9: Thank you smile
sweetgirl19: Mr Cool, Hi
SmExiiLaDii: I Fuckin Love You. You Are So Sexy You Rock>>>
shakdup: lol if u reallly really wanna do sumthin for me lol tell your friends to rate me lol (hopefully yes) im trying to boost my bangability
shakdup: add more pic comments so i can c them
ktlogan: nothing laying on my couch.
SkumWorm: Thank you for the picture comment. = )
jts: I know i am lol I was preg when I took that pic.
jts: why thank you!
hotness1010: Hey if u got a myspace add me
winterslight: yhanks
MissesCandice: Aww, thank you smile of course I'll add you as a friend, you seem very nice.
kinkykristi: im greatgrinlol
how r u?
UhOhXoXOreo: thanks =] your aweosome
Giggles4U: Thanks =]
kinkykristi: i fixed it mkaygrinlol
Mirandaisgross: smile
jessa82: just you sweetheart
celine: hey there! it was nice talking to you sweety! hope to hear from you soon! kisses! good night!
Danni2008: Thanks for the add.
CrYiNgShAmE: hello hun smile
Becca88: i hear someone is thinking about you too!! <3
heather2234: Thanks so much for the comment!
KAYYLO: I know right
Lovely1482: awww... thank you for the compliments sweetie smile
KAYYLO: aww thanks.. :]
itsjordonbitch: thanks for the comments smile
bellaxocassandra: Thanks for the yes<3
iknowsomethingudont: i really nice one
iknowsomethingudont: yes you can buy me a car!!!
iknowsomethingudont: thank you so much for all the picture comments i really appreciate them without a doubt!
chloebrooklyn032708: such sweetness but me stll not on ur site!!! ha ha ha <3 sharkman!!!He is the hottest man on WYHT!! =)
chloebrooklyn032708: hmmmm...if u love me so much...add me to ur profile??? hmmmm?? And thankyou for the comments!! Muah!!
Z0MB13BABY: Cute, tylersagirlsnametoo must be blind!
KimberlyMatthews: It wasn't camping gear behind me, it was junk, lol
chloebrooklyn032708: [color=#FF00CC]Awwww You are the sweetest man in the whole wide world!! =D I wish I knew why the guy who I thought would be saying what you say to me never treated me as good as you!! I guess only you see that I am seems like everyone I know e
stephbez: hey thanks 4 the add
chloebrooklyn032708: Lee Sweetie how are you!! =D I am sooo happy to see you on! I missed you...and u are the sexiest guy on WYHT!! How is ur night?
etarded: thanks for the picture comments smile
chloebrooklyn032708: Goin nighty...Loves ya hun. and God there are sooo many skankies on ur prfile! Me not one of them! =] But I still love ya!
megholland90: so i looked at ur pics. mmmm very sexy. i so wanna fuck you
steph8808: not really sure but thank you soo much
steph8808: hi there
debbie28: tylersagirlsnametoo she a bitch and a cunt too
dodgegirl22: haha thanks for the comment - no baby in that crib - its at my moms...for when my nephew is there or some other little ones from the relatives.
lovins: haha, sweetie.
iyamanotoc: wow thanks can u add me in ym? carla_garcia81
Mirandaisgross: Thanks for all the nice comments
TwistedTinkerbelle: kk i just added u.
Xoimurprincess: i hope i talk to u today.
skibunnyangel: *muah* your a sweety smile
desirableblondie89: hey
KalyIsTheShit: u send me too many comments got me all blushin n shit n then i look at the age part ...damn lol
Xoimurprincess: all of u need to back off this is my man!
bellastar97: YOu are so sweet thank you for all the compliments baby!! I definately gave you a yes and I asked you to be my friend smile
EroticSultry: awww thank you!!
Mianas: in a year
AlliexCat: Thanx for the great comments... would love for them ALL to happen!!
alycat: ~hey sexxy bitches~
alycat: ~hey sexxy bitches~
meganjoy: Hey there. Thanks for the pic comment! smile
devona: hey <3 thanks for all the picture comments.
hotvballchicky: i was 15 in that red bikini pic wink
loveangel: you're the best smile
I love you baby
hotvballchicky: bad boy wink
kaylakickass: I was gonna tell you something then I forgot, lol.
Oh! I replied to your text today, but for some reason, I must've been doped up on pain medicine that it sent to my friend eric, and he replied with, "what are you talking about.."

cause i said, "a
debbie28: think you for the yes , u can add me too
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