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Profile for NikkiStarlight (offline- last on: Jan 23, 10)
Rating (go rate me)
Name I've been called worse
Age 37
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State New Jersey
City Not Given
About Me


i decided to not come here for two days. certain people who are VERY close to me, here, know how to reach me off of this site. i decided that if those people did not contact me to see where i am, how i am or why i have "disappeared", then there is really no reason for me to be here anymore.

im leaving behind a few amazing people i consider friends. goodbye.

*DO NOT ADD ME IF YOU ARE *NOT* SALUTED* - rejection is not easy to handle.

*I AM NOT GAY. BUT I WILL ADD GIRLS IF YOU REQUEST ME - SALUTE MANDATORY* - sorry but too many pervs out there pretending to be girls - gross:P

*I DO *NOT* HAVE NAKED PHOTOS ON HERE* - seriously, stop asking for them, its not attractive.

to my SL .. everyday is complete because you are a part of my life - [10:55] mrmonkey48: i <3 U - no one here has ever shown me the amount of love and respect you have. you are amazing ... forever grinlol

my best friends here ...

Caprgrttung - just because he deserves more happiness than life (or Ashley) will ever grant him <3
*I will still do my part and remain the good person I am- and wait*

ballsofsteel - his sincerity, wisdom and love is unfounded and I miss him so much. a real man - inside and out.

drew2004 - his loyalty and genuine heart is amazing. true friend forever. and he's in love with me grinlol

xthexjadedxspawn - thank you for being YOU ... an outstanding man and someone i proud to have in my life. xo

kort2005 - his honesty is brutal .. his love is for real .. and his pics are awesome! *Truly one of the greatest guys on Earth*

azriel3002 - rocks my socks - enough said.

penispuppet - tho you have decided life is taking you in other directions i will never forget the awesome person you are <3

My Apps

It doesn't really matter what my interests are ... you probably aren't interested in knowing what my interests are anyway ... Move along.

Pepsi Points. If you drink Pepsi, send me your codes. Thanks.

Turn Ons

Turn Offs

obviously cheaters. I'll add liars to that too. oh, and people who are of age and have SL's that are not. Perving the mind of a 15 year old is gross. k. thanks.

catty whores who message me and tell me to go away and leave their "man" alone ... bitch if he was YOUR man he wouldn't be calling me ...

i also can't stand the fucking girls who are jealous and have to make fun, call names and start shit ... seriously bitches, it's not that serious. get the fuck over it... and let me know if u feel the same way in ten years ...


Friends are like Clouds. Always present but sometimes drift away ... nikki

Favorite Things
TV Show i just watched the price is right. so i'll say that show.
Movies comedy. - super bad - fukking hillarious.
Home Alone & Home Alone 2. yay.
Music poker face. lady gaga.
Book like i have time to read books.
Green eggs n ham.
Quote If I could eat your jealousy, I'd never go hungry - nikki -

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