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Profile for NikkiStarlight (offline- last on: Jan 23, 10)
Rating (go rate me)
Name I've been called worse
Age 36
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State New Jersey
City Not Given
About Me


i decided to not come here for two days. certain people who are VERY close to me, here, know how to reach me off of this site. i decided that if those people did not contact me to see where i am, how i am or why i have "disappeared", then there is really no reason for me to be here anymore.

im leaving behind a few amazing people i consider friends. goodbye.

*DO NOT ADD ME IF YOU ARE *NOT* SALUTED* - rejection is not easy to handle.

*I AM NOT GAY. BUT I WILL ADD GIRLS IF YOU REQUEST ME - SALUTE MANDATORY* - sorry but too many pervs out there pretending to be girls - gross:P

*I DO *NOT* HAVE NAKED PHOTOS ON HERE* - seriously, stop asking for them, its not attractive.

to my SL .. everyday is complete because you are a part of my life - [10:55] mrmonkey48: i <3 U - no one here has ever shown me the amount of love and respect you have. you are amazing ... forever grinlol

my best friends here ...

Caprgrttung - just because he deserves more happiness than life (or Ashley) will ever grant him <3
*I will still do my part and remain the good person I am- and wait*

ballsofsteel - his sincerity, wisdom and love is unfounded and I miss him so much. a real man - inside and out.

drew2004 - his loyalty and genuine heart is amazing. true friend forever. and he's in love with me grinlol

xthexjadedxspawn - thank you for being YOU ... an outstanding man and someone i proud to have in my life. xo

kort2005 - his honesty is brutal .. his love is for real .. and his pics are awesome! *Truly one of the greatest guys on Earth*

azriel3002 - rocks my socks - enough said.

penispuppet - tho you have decided life is taking you in other directions i will never forget the awesome person you are <3

My Apps

It doesn't really matter what my interests are ... you probably aren't interested in knowing what my interests are anyway ... Move along.

Pepsi Points. If you drink Pepsi, send me your codes. Thanks.

Turn Ons

Turn Offs

obviously cheaters. I'll add liars to that too. oh, and people who are of age and have SL's that are not. Perving the mind of a 15 year old is gross. k. thanks.

catty whores who message me and tell me to go away and leave their "man" alone ... bitch if he was YOUR man he wouldn't be calling me ...

i also can't stand the fucking girls who are jealous and have to make fun, call names and start shit ... seriously bitches, it's not that serious. get the fuck over it... and let me know if u feel the same way in ten years ...


Friends are like Clouds. Always present but sometimes drift away ... nikki

Favorite Things
TV Show i just watched the price is right. so i'll say that show.
Movies comedy. - super bad - fukking hillarious.
Home Alone & Home Alone 2. yay.
Music poker face. lady gaga.
Book like i have time to read books.
Green eggs n ham.
Quote If I could eat your jealousy, I'd never go hungry - nikki -

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enderkensenbender: wanna see my asshole?
bigmonkeysandwich: One Whole Year hug
azriel3002: hey. How have you been?
bigmonkeysandwich: hug HI!!! How are you??
bigmonkeysandwich: Happy new year!!
BDSMfreak666: why are you on this site if you want ppl to leave you alone?
bigmonkeysandwich: Hi Nikki. Missed you.
irishfarmer82: sexy
bigmonkeysandwich: Miss you lover butt
aaronjames: you are gorgeous
bigmonkeysandwich: hug
ThExJadeDxSpawN: stupid thing, last part was this:

I'm more on messenger these days hug
ThExJadeDxSpawN: [bgcolor=#212121][color
=#E7E7E7]Babes I'm not on this as much these days because of the amount of "Saved By the Bell" intelligence that plagues this crap, but you have some extra power in the group since you deserve it smile
I'm more on messenger these d
bigmonkeysandwich: Miss you Nikki.
bigmonkeysandwich: lol. wow. I guess i didnt realize how tiring it is
XxxGodessxxX: fucking gay!!! yah sure msg me the other email. This thing has to get to you somehow lol
PENisPUPPET: miss you too grinlol loook at all the gifts you gave me! hehe
bigmonkeysandwich: Am not.
WoLfMaN1981: tongue
WoLfMaN1981: wow i dont even make the shoutouts anymore lame
PENisPUPPET: Nikki! =]
bigmonkeysandwich: hotstuff
bigmonkeysandwich: well thanks for letting me know gorgeous. miss you.
Raphaelx: Yeah my holiday weekend was pretty great.
How have things been with you??
BLinc: haha, yeah that would be nice. I feel the same way. being payed on fridays for my internet leisure would be nicesmile
Raphaelx: hey just dropping by to see how you've been doing
bigmonkeysandwich: Mwah
BLinc: yes we do have alot in common smile how have you been dear?
Marty0Mcfly: Miss me? <3
BLinc: thanks for the gift hun and it took me forever to get it lol said i recieved it april 13th haha i didnt get it till today
Drew2004: wave2 grinlol
bigmonkeysandwich: if you want my body and you think i'm sexy come on baby let me
RoO: thanks for the black heart, i have 2 now...that one and the one in my chest. biggrin have a great night!
ThExJadeDxSpawN: moon lol
screamOemo: stunning
Drew2004: wave
bigmonkeysandwich: If only things were different. Miss you Love.
bigmonkeysandwich: Miss you sexy lady. Hopefully we can talk soon.
bigmonkeysandwich: buttsmack
bigmonkeysandwich: not as cute as me
NikkiStarlight: LOL i have a fan. how cute.
chica: i know you post yourself. maybe whore was the wrong word to use on my part. i damn well know for sure people arent paying to see that shit. congrats, you've impressed some virgins.
DeskRage: i had deleted my old account, i was trying to find a new job and went MIA for a while, decided to come back to give me some type of entertainment while i'm still at my old job
bigmonkeysandwich: (.)(.) wave2 Hi Sexy Lady
chica: jealous of what?
ThExJadeDxSpawN: Just wanna remind ya, you're awesome hug
chica: you wanna take this outside? lol. you're rude and i know you whore yourself on that website. you aint no prize either lady. grow up
chica: obviously you since you sent me a friend request. i dont have vagina pics, sorry! maybe if your lucky we can trade lolz
bigmonkeysandwich: So about this whole you not being gay thing. Thats really going to screw up my fantasy. lol. miss you nikki.
bigmonkeysandwich: Morning sexy
ThExJadeDxSpawN: rofl Best comment ever tongue
and isn't the whole point to please her grinlol
ThExJadeDxSpawN: and I'm not gay nana
bigmonkeysandwich: Thanks Nikki wink
bigmonkeysandwich: Mwah
bigmonkeysandwich: Miss you love.
PhantomsSecondComing: thanks for the gifts... I miss you and love you too smile *muah*
nascarmaine: ty <3
nascarmaine: ty <3
nascarmaine: ty <3
nascarmaine: ty <3
chica: i bet you just want to post my pics on bangteens lol
bigmonkeysandwich: Morning Beautiful
LateNiteLuva19: lol no problem! what part of NJ are you from? i have some friends there that are like 28-34 years old.
XFatallyxGorgeousX: yea i thought that would be cool to get once and i can just picyure you with it. smile
Kailasho: [bgcolor=#000000][color
=#CC0099]Hey hun. Sry no word yet. We got internet and it didn't work. After dishing out money for it, so now we have to save money and get another different kind of internet. If you can f-ing believe it. Which is why i haven't b
gruveninmyvw: very pretty!
nascarmaine: got new pics...up to you which ones you look at :P
ThExJadeDxSpawN: Mwah yourself tongue
bigmonkeysandwich: How have you been sexy lady? Miss you.
WARERABBIT: ur hotter. smile
have a really nice day, dont be a stranger to mi page grinlol
WARERABBIT: ur hotter. smile
have a really nice day, dont be a stranger to mi page grinlol
PhantomsSecondComing: I miss you too... how you been?
Drew2004: Me?? no never tongue
Raphaelx: Hope you like your gift babe =]
bigmonkeysandwich: Sorry I actually had to work.. i know crazy.
ThExJadeDxSpawN: meh at the end of the day if it keeps us laughing and smiling, its all worth it right biggrin
ThExJadeDxSpawN: *who* can't...grrrrr
ThExJadeDxSpawN: and when I say friends, I mean those you can't get me out of their life, not REAL friends like you smile
ThExJadeDxSpawN: [bgcolor=#003333][color
=#3399FF]I still have them smile, yeah I disabled them because I have a few 'spies' and friends that keep eyeing them since I'm still on that stupid top 10 and of course some on here take this shit so serious, so I just hid them.[/c
bigmonkeysandwich: Where you been?
ThExJadeDxSpawN: If you're admiring me, you best not be wearing pants lol
wilstemptation: That dude must have had atleast 4 account....he is an ass :
ThExJadeDxSpawN: Are you now...and whatchu doing there tongue
AllUrsGirls: haha im glad to hear ur still alive...i gotta be honest, i was a lil worried there. lol
nascarmaine: :P how am I suppossed to vote yes for your sexy ass when you have it disabled?
tenthoufists: making a new account...will re-add ya later <3
kort2005: Nikki I was a scholarship athlete, i didnt get by on academic abilities through school rofl

have a great weekend - we REALLY need to talk more often!
Drew2004: hug
bigmonkeysandwich: Hmmm.. wonder how that happened.
bigmonkeysandwich: Welcome. not sure if that was the best place for it but you can do whatever you want with it. i have a couple more too.
bigmonkeysandwich: i'm here sexy. waiting for you.
Marty0Mcfly: Thankies Sweetie. We need to chat more
sh3sg0ne: im far from it but ur the hottie..
tenthoufists: what's going on today?
tenthoufists: morning sexy :P
tenthoufists: hello and nite :P sorry I'm off to bed hon <3
yoursecretadmirer125: um k.. thanks why
MrNobody: lol well tell me lol.
ThexJadedxSpawn: Whats up now?
HardcoreSteve79: hey there cutie wave
Drew2004: hughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughug
MrNobody: lol whats ya problem with my page lol?
kort2005: hug
bigmonkeysandwich: Thanks love
bigmonkeysandwich: wave morning
ThexJadedxSpawn: lol that is awesome smile
JD666: thanks same here.. so how are u
Drew2004: hug
Drew2004: hug
bigmonkeysandwich: Happy St. Patty's Love
bigmonkeysandwich: thanks i hope so too
ThexJadedxSpawn: well no diapers for me, but Huggles are always good grinlol
ThexJadedxSpawn: lol I thought that said Huggies rofl
bigmonkeysandwich: Morning gorgeous. How was your weekend?
bigmonkeysandwich: Finally is right.. Love you Nikki
candyapplecrush: f.y.i. i made a few exceptions for those who proved they weren't fake. thanks though! grinlol
ThexJadedxSpawn: Nothing little on me thank you nana
ThexJadedxSpawn: About??
bhill: you are beautiful.
bhill: you are beautiful. rate me
xxxxxdirtysouthxxxxx: Hi sweetie, how are you?
ThexJadedxSpawn: Ehhh even so come in the snow then grinlol
ThexJadedxSpawn: Um yeah its snowing here so come sit on me nana
bigmonkeysandwich: cant go wrong with that. have fun and dont hid from me too long. talk to you soon love.
bigmonkeysandwich: if he gets the breasts and thighs I want the legs
Drew2004: hug
SexAppeal12887: Ur awesom-O
ThexJadedxSpawn: Great now I'm hungry...LOOK what you did serve
ThexJadedxSpawn: Yo you got the breasts and probably the thighs, whatchu need KFC for nana
bigmonkeysandwich: I would love to entertain you around the clock but i must warn you i would be naked or possible in a loin cloth
kort2005: gooood morning to you too smile
rockstar4: just added you!
bigmonkeysandwich: Let me know when you dig yourself out of the snow sexy

ThexJadedxSpawn: lol you mean hair gel haha
ThexJadedxSpawn: I'd pee in your butt wave rofl
tenthoufists: exactly. speaking of fuck... :P
tenthoufists: sounds about normal in this world. blah getting sick of winter
tenthoufists: nm babes...what up with you?
tenthoufists: hey sexy :P
ThexJadedxSpawn: Perving the mind of a 15 year old is gross. k. thanks.

bigmonkeysandwich: Figured it was a pretty good one
rockstar4: so are you not going to add me back?
jhtalisman: Thank you for the gift doll.
kort2005: rofl that was pleasant nana
bigmonkeysandwich: Nikki. Why am i still wearing clothes.
DOCTOR: you should tell your friend Kailasho shes a cunt for taking my 3000 bbs and not adding me.
DOCTOR: with the jazz flowing from my dick freely. sounds beautiful doesnt it?
ThexJadedxSpawn: L!OL you do whatever tickles your fancy then tongue
brodi1208: howve ya been stranger?
ThexJadedxSpawn: Oh and Nikki I'm BACK luv hug
ThexJadedxSpawn: lol well see what you can do then tongue
kort2005: your comment made me LOL- thanks Nikki smile hug
bigmonkeysandwich: Good morning sexy. Mwahh xoxo. How are you feeling?
PhantomsSecondComing: woooooooooooooooooooooo
DOCTOR: return the land to the natives//stop nuclear warfare.
Djlarose: Aww thanks smile
PhantomsSecondComing: I miss you too, hope all is well... *smooches*
kort2005: she's the love intrest of mr doug funny!
DOCTOR: all pie is american.
DOCTOR: you mean the citrus for my jiblets?
Drew2004: heartthrob
Drew2004: flowers
PhantomsSecondComing: *muah*
JoshTheMan: Thanks for the add!!!
Baseball247: still so sexy
bigmonkeysandwich: damn right i am
DOCTOR: i'll get a nice tight pair and take some special st paddy's pics for you. i'll paint shamrocks on my buttcheeks too
SPanKy69XxX2: You are fucking gorgeous, You really should make me a sign
SPanKy69XxX2: Add me?
OiTheDrama: we can talk about that sometime. smile
DOCTOR: no. she's mad because i talk about nudes on the forums. but im really just making fun of everyone. not that i dislike nudes or anything.
NCMetalManiac2005: HIYA!!!
ThexJadedxSpawn: lol that was cute tongue
PhantomsSecondComing: I miss you too... hope your havin a good week
DOCTOR: i kinda hate board games. except fireball island
DOCTOR: yeah i guess. i dont really play cards or know how to. but i think when you have a bunch of numbers in numerical order its good
DOCTOR: punch the dealer in the face?
DOCTOR: peg me to all the hotspots in delaware plz
DOCTOR: we can honeymoon in delaware
DOCTOR: lets get married
DOCTOR: now we manhandle the masses with bear-like aggression
DOCTOR: they been feeding him pita non-stop
bigmonkeysandwich: wave
kort2005: wave
Drew2004: hug
DOCTOR: he's spending loud night. nothing to worry about.
ThexJadedxSpawn: wave just giving ya what ya gave me tongue
Drew2004: hug
skinner33078: hey there.
bigmonkeysandwich: HI wink
Drew2004: wave2
ThexJadedxSpawn: lol is that good or bad :P
mobbster2: muah
mobbster2: muah
OiTheDrama: hello hello!
bigmonkeysandwich: How did the game go?
PhantomsSecondComing: shes actually a friend of mine... so its ok grinlol
Drew2004: helloooo smile
Drew2004: NICHOLE smile wave2 hug
DENNIEW3: good morning.
nhra347: hey babe, I gave you a yes, you're cute, wana chat?
XxxGodessxxX: youre pathetic., and you dont look hot for your age you look your age. 31 now act it instead of insulting me, in other ppls profile comments., and throwing another hissy fit ITS THE FUCKING INTERNET
OiTheDrama: girl, we are the same age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!! we aren't old...we are just plain hawt. smile
OiTheDrama: ty for the add smile
DENNIEW3: now it's your turn.
DENNIEW3: i kept my word and left you the pic comments.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I put that pic up but why are you disappointed?
leora: yes yes yes
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Someone hacked into the WYHT servers and got my password, deleted all my info and pics, broke up with my SL and changed my forum name thing.
DENNIEW3: when i get home later i will get on that.
DENNIEW3: i dont care about naughty or dirty pics. im talking about just a plain old sign pic.
DENNIEW3: no, i just came across your sign pic
DENNIEW3: wheres my sign pics???
MikeRocksYouHardcore: For getting hacked? lol
NCMetalManiac2005: I'VE BEEN OK....AND YOURSELF?!!
FOOTBALLguy25: im sorry i have been extremely busy and just not myself lately ill get u a sign as soon as i can babe
PhantomsSecondComing: on piano I used to play lots of christmas music and beethoven
sayhellotojake: haha, thx nikki....n right back at u wink
DENNIEW3: comment left also.
DENNIEW3: comment lsft also.
ThexJadedxSpawn: I am uber aren't I lol
goodguy6t: Nikki is the absolute best! smile
DOCTOR: no friends on my list
WoLfMaN1981: eek
Drew2004: Missing ya hug
ThexJadedxSpawn: Been missing you too luv, just so you know hug
origamimustache: and thank you
thexjadedxspawn: Show your b....I mean Merry Xmas grinlol
PhantomsSecondComing: I miss you *muah* Merry Christmas gorgeous!
thexjadedxspawn: buttsmack And I did that not cuz it makes you believe you were bad but because well...there's no graphic for a reach up front tongue
PhantomsSecondComing: I'm missing you too
MikeRocksYouHardcore: [url]
DOCTOR: i love to reel them big fish pussies in. massive creatures that i mount on my wall. thats where we take shots in my house. under the giant fish pussies
DOCTOR: my fishing boots got stuck in the mud when i gone fishin'
kort2005: welll I don't want coal lol
thexjadedxspawn: Me naughty....what else did he say tongue
espanol: babe ur fuckn hot!
DOCTOR: no i dont stick my dick in the cheese grater
DOCTOR: yeah stairway accident came to mind but i thought a boot to the gut is more blunt. im a straight forward kinda guy.
DOCTOR: no, bastard children take 9 months just like the rest of them. so theres plenty of time for my hunny to get kicked in the stomach etc
Drew2004: xoxoxo smile
kort2005: monday morning i'l be here for ya smile
thexjadedxspawn: How bout I just rock the pleats right off your skirts....tongue
Marty0Mcfly: I miss you too mama-sex
kort2005: hug
Marty0Mcfly: I am this boy? :O
PhantomsSecondComing: I miss talkin to you too... you havent answered me on msn much lately
DOCTOR: i dunno if proud is the word but we're really excited about laying down the law
DOCTOR: yeah whoever said that is a bullshit liar because we're naming the kid humberto if its a boy
DOCTOR: me and lawanda are having a baby you know
PhantomsSecondComing: I bet you say hat to all the boys lol
shin00bi76: thanks for the yes cutie smile
PhantomsSecondComing: you're so sexy! smile
DOCTOR: and thats when i took the ax and chopped the tree down. i hacked at the bark and wood until it tipped over
DOCTOR: i WaNt P0rCuPiNe iN mY PeEhOlE
DOCTOR: can i sperm in my hand for you on chatcam?
Drew2004: flowers
thexjadedxspawn: wank
kort2005: rofl ohh yeah!
kort2005: Boo!
DOCTOR: quality heart fruit 4 $ale
MissFuckBuddy: im doing good. Hurt my neck on monday cause i slept wrong and im dealing with some crap with my ex sexylover but thats about it
p1r0kun: Well thanks.... but youve got me wayyy beat on that one =D
MissFuckBuddy: Hey girl i hope everything is goind well with you. Just wanted to say hi
thexjadedxspawn: come and get it tongue
PhantomsSecondComing: ohhhhhhhhhhh.... I used to pick fights and mouth off the old owner and the mods and shit of the site because they used to go out of their way to shit on people
SlutCake: They are for the auction for footballguy and i know what you mean cuz yesterday i had 37k and now i have 1k
PhantomsSecondComing: what do you mean banned? from what? I am unaware of things ahhhhhhhhhhh
kort2005: hiiiiiiiiiii
Drew2004: flowers
WoLfMaN1981: wave
HEFFAE: same to you.
Drew2004: hug
kort2005: i already did that actually and it helped for a little bit but its worn off ugh
kort2005: i still feel horrible today ugh what about you?
WoLfMaN1981: wave
Drew2004: hug wave2
Drew2004: redface
thexjadedxspawn: hope you're feeling better, I ain't by much
kort2005: nikki i have the worst flu ever this morning.. im going to go crawl in a hole and die now.
enderkensenbender: huh? i jerk it with both hands
DOCTOR: he has a sneaky left hand. im not sure if i can take him
enderkensenbender: yeah. i'd probably bet on doctor to win.
WoLfMaN1981: wave
thexjadedxspawn: working and sleeping a lot these days, barely on here anymore
thexjadedxspawn: Mine's more a sinus bug, and its made me all stuffed up :(
thexjadedxspawn: wave come suck the last remnants of this bug outta me :P
kort2005: Im standin already grinlol lol
DOCTOR: gnoc!
kort2005: i'll take that as a compliment grinlol
Rec: wave Hey you're really beautiful! Hope you're having a good day wave
Drew2004: hug
ironside: your a right lil hottie
Tyner23: that was cutesmile I'd love to hug youu
iowastud50658: hmm what do u mean i didn't last long??
thexjadedxspawn: lurker yesssssss tongue
bigmonkeysandwich: Hi smile I'm good. Its finally snowing which makes it being cold worth it. how have you been?
FOOTBALLguy25: lol im fine....u never did have to go tho....i always told u straight up everything....hope all is well no hard feelings see ya around
CanadianCurt: i been around. wink
PhantomsSecondComing: hey my sexy lover.... you are absolutely gorgeous... just thought you should know
SexAppeal12887: <3
Xquiz8z: np smile
Drew2004: heartthrob
Drew2004: wave2
FOOTBALLguy25: hey sexy lover....we have been apart too long come back to me hahaha see ya soon
KayMarie: thank you! smile
SexAppeal12887: heyy <3a!
tenthoufists: hi <3
HardcoreSteve79: heartthrob
xcheer4kellyx: where in Jersey are you from?
Drew2004: wave
thexjadedxspawn: serve like that right tongue
thexjadedxspawn: they're getting rocked alright, by my washing machine rofl
thexjadedxspawn: OMG you can see through the screen tongue cuz nope I ain't lol
Marty0Mcfly: Awwe my hott mama is on the top ten again. Sorry I missed your birfday.
iowastud50658: yeah ur right....i do enjoy myself a nice looking milf
thexjadedxspawn: moon
iowastud50658: well whats that got to do with anything
Drew2004: wave2
iowastud50658: i have alot of bang bucks, what do i get for them from u
FOOTBALLguy25: hello sexy hope everything is good at the house...missed ya tonight
Chaosnake: im glad to add yu, how do I get one of those amazing signs?
hard2tame: thanks hun smile
hard2tame: i knew i could count on you smile I need a nap!! Im soooo tired!
SexAppeal12887: how can one forget about u!! never that! how u doin <3
bigmonkeysandwich: Hi wink
Ronyd: hey there good looking
sandwichman: as sexy as always ;]
Drew2004: wave2
teejhot: u r gorgeous
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I don't but I couldn't care any less.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Anytime.
lishanlily: happy late bday smile i know i am really late, but i didnt have internet this weekend
tenthoufists: yes <3
emorevolution: thanks for the yes
emorevolution: if i could rate you it would be a yes
emorevolution: happy late birthday
MissFuckBuddy: Oh even though i made u a sign. I wanted to say happy birthday Nikki
FecalCatastrophe: hi there yourself....
p.s. yer cute
kort2005: birthday Nikki hug
cardsfan22: happy birthday Nikki
theXjadedXspawn: birthday sexpot grinlol
Michelle08: Yep grinlol I am going to make you a sign sometime today hope you have a good one hug
Michelle08: Happy birthday birthday
KrazyJust: thank you for the yes
FOOTBALLguy25: so ur my sexy lover now huh nikki....i think this is the beginning of a long happy relationship hahahaha
XFactor56: lol! i'll take that as a compliment! smile thanks!
sexximama0101: hey hun, would you want 2 completely take over doin the contest, ive been wayy busy tryin 2 get my house n everything in order..ill send u al my bbs if you do
XxxGodessxxX: haha HII NIKKI wave nana
XxxGodessxxX: Nikki!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hello.
RoXyByTCh19: Thanks Nikki. So much drama in this world! =[
[[Hugs back]]
theXjadedXspawn: Are ya now, yeah I start work tonight, and mmmm that extra hour of sleep helped grinlol
mj6140: u too dear
HardcoreSteve79: hope you are having a good weekend cutie. i miss seeing you post in my group lol
SexAppeal12887: Sup bella! I'm jus doin field training here In georgia til friday.
penispuppet: oh that is true! grinlol
HardcoreSteve79: hey there gorgeous heartthrob
NikkiStarlight: Nice try. They don't wear thongs in Alaska. Palin out lawed them :P
Marty0Mcfly: Well you might wanna try cheering up. I sent you bang bucks and a picture of me in a thong
Irishhottienj24: i have a BIG SUPRISE for you smile
I love you
AllUrsGirls: hi. lol
theXjadedXspawn: flowers you ok
Marty0Mcfly: Awww Baaaaybe whats wrong? your profile is less happier
theXjadedXspawn: I'm lost on this...what happened
theXjadedXspawn: what the...
SexAppeal12887: morning bella
theXjadedXspawn: See....what I tell ya grinlol
SexAppeal12887: i got it from u! morning!
kort2005: hahah thanks for the comment! grinlol
aaronjames: you are beautiful!!!!!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: yeah im not exactly sure what the whole story is, weither its all ture half true or not @ all... but whatever the case may be it was still a good read... although i wasnt fond of the ending how basically everyone died besides him... oddly enough i saw
buzz05: absolutely beautiful.
thanks for add.
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: and michael freys book a million lil pieces is amazing!!!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Thanks for the yes and the request/add!!!! smile wink grinlol
DeadManOnCampus: Hey thanks for the add sexy.. how are ya tonight?
monkey78: great lips!
penispuppet: lol mmaybe :P how to become e-popular?
MrNobody: fuk me im famous, and i should be on ur page, at the top! and i gto a haircut, look for a new pic soon.
SexAppeal12887: <3
Kurri: Thanks for the yes!
Caprgrttung: u................need to make some time for me- IM me or something will ya ?
IAmJacksColon: Haha, I do what I can, you know? Glad you appreciate it grinlol
IAmJacksColon: So you say you'll say things to blow my mind, eh? Give it a shot.

Rocking my world is not off limits, either.

Thanks for the yes, by the way.
Drew2004: hug
CanadianCurt: lmao!
penispuppet: much better ty redface
penispuppet: ouchie!
Piranha: I suppose youre my favorite person here
biltmore1977: thanks for the "yes"!
SexAppeal12887: Mmm love ya rawrin fist thing in tha morning!
biltmore1977: thanks for the add. you're so sexy!
SexAppeal12887: great morning Bella! hows my attention whore!?
XXJustinWoodXX: morning beautiful!
penispuppet: good morning tiphat
AnonAmbientLight: I'm doing ok. Just doing some school stuff. Dreadfully boring really. : \
AnonAmbientLight: Hey buddy. grinlol How has your week gone? grinlol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Thanks for the yes!!! wink smile grinlol
kort2005: lol that's an awesome name grinlol
enzo4re2005: im great. what are you doing hun?
penispuppet: oh bowing to me! :O now kiss my bum haha
theXjadedXspawn: one can only hope right grinlol
theXjadedXspawn: and where should I be tongue
kirbyr: no problem gorgeous, have to say something when you look sooooo good
Drew2004: how are you today smile
Elamazing: hey there, how is it going?
Piranha: Hi, Im sorta just hoping to run into fun people to talk to. I dont so much care who has what for pictures, I just think its funny that people will offer to 'sell' their photos, like theyre some sort of celebrity.
kort2005: hug g'morning sweetie
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ahh
TommyBoy19: Don't put em out there if you can't handle it ...and besides you are no prude
Drew2004: wave hellooo
Wilson1111: guess i'm going to have to figure them out on my own huh? I'm pretty good at though wink
Wilson1111: Alot since your that close :P Just out of curiousity what things is it that you do to rock someone's world...? If you dont mine me asking :-)
penispuppet: lol very niiice
CanadianCurt: lmao. i think i was just pouring a drink....
musikman2k2: Hey thanks for the yes - I love your hair! xx
Wilson1111: I didnt smile but thanks for the info smile So what's between wrong and right? I'm from paterson.
Wilson1111: I've yet to meet a girl that could rock my world... I'd love to have some one do so though :P You are gorgeous...
SquishFish: Very beautiful.... and a woman who knows what she wants is refreshing!
Caprgrttung: U...........need to make some time for a friend
Henrikku: rawr :d
PlatoGT: thanks for the vote and add!
Thugchild06: hey there beautiful
SexAppeal12887: have a goodnight sleep miss amazing!
TruThFullLie: not quite as you are sweetie..
harp84: hey cutie thanks for the add
madguitarist: No need to thank me. I can't take credit for you being beautiful enough to vote yes.
TXColby: You are are beautiful, sweet and amazing person
Drew2004: nikki is so sexy smile
Rob26: u r amazing if u r ever in MA let me know lol
SexAppeal12887: Oh nooo ima miss me some nikki!
kort2005: you too sweetie - have fun tonite, and be careful hug
If you see batman tell him hes a fgt mmkay? lol
kort2005: notta lotta, what's up witchu catwoman? wink
digitalcamguy: ummmmmmmmmmm nah that doesn't work out for me smile i have the day off so stay with me and talk dammit smile hee hee
digitalcamguy: hmmmmmmmm u obey well hee hee...wut else will ya follow hahahha :P j/k smile yes'd ya hottie wink

what'cha up to?
digitalcamguy: hmmmmmmmmm i wuz goin to yes ya wink but.....they're disabled smile take that option off for a sec and I'll yes ya darl smile
sh3sg0ne: congrats on the top 10 babe mauhhhhhhhh
Raphaelx: I never get any messages from you =[ and when i do leave you messages i never get a return message.
Raphaelx: Even though you barely talk to me anymore i still think you're amazing
cutelikesnoopyaz3: same here just chilling so hows life treating you??
SexAppeal12887: hehe u said i kickass!! smile yeah yeah!
SexAppeal12887: i assume....u like me! smile lol
HardcoreSteve79: hey gorgeous heartthrob
SexAppeal12887: Great morning to u, miss nikki! smile muah!!
LuverGrl612: Haha, well hey there! Gotta love jersey rite? smile
theXjadedXspawn: But I'm full...whatchu offering tongue
theXjadedXspawn: As did I, I ish sooooooo full eek
theXjadedXspawn: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaatchu doin tongue
Drew2004: so gorgeous smile
SexAppeal12887: hey hey huni bun how u doin?
XXJustinWoodXX: Hope all is well with ya beautiful! smile
SexAppeal12887: <3 tha comment. Wenever ur ready!!
SexAppeal12887: That comment got me all excited!! smile
EgYptSHUNBrwNEyes: haha thnx babygirl, send me an add if youd like ;-P thnx for the yes too btw cutie
RoXyByTCh19: Thank Ya Hunnies!!
SexAppeal12887: chat chat chat away wit me! lol aww lil baby!!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: LOSAH!!
SexAppeal12887: Lol that's good. Damn wat were u doin all night?? It sure wasn't me! I'm runnin on 4 1/2 hrs of sleep.
SexAppeal12887: How are ya today nik nik smile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: What?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Good morning Nikki.
bimmerBoi: thanks for the yes gorgeous
daleuger: haha definitely not a're not too shabby yourself eh smile
brodi1208: hehe tongue
there ya go
Mobbaffiliated: thanks for the add... ur wonderfulll =)
Lamont7650: thanks for the vote hun!
kort2005: why the brain pain Nikki?
HardcoreSteve79: hahaha deal. then i want a steve one pretty please? lol
cardsfan22: awww thank you so much for the photo comments, they were really sweet
lishanlily: hope u have fun at 6 flags!!! im jealous tongue
ARRUDA85: You can do whatever you want. As a matter of fact, i'll be in jersey dec.07 watching my eagles play the giants.
tenthoufists: quite the sexy pic in the naughty forum...made me hungry :P
tenthoufists: ok all squared away..ty hon. I'll be back later gotta pick up someone.
tenthoufists: check your inbox and I'm about to post on inner snctums message board in the ladies section
tenthoufists: I can link it but can't put the actual phto on the message board
tenthoufists: ok I'll try that on the other groups board :P
tenthoufists: I normally use to paste my pics but it does not allow explicit pics. they will get deleted if I upload those pics on there.
tenthoufists: not too bad....which site is good to use to post those types of pics. the one I use is only for the clean ones
tenthoufists: ty for the invite hon
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ahh
brodi1208: wink
MikeRocksYouHardcore: What?
tenthoufists: :P I would too babes <3
SexAppeal12887: Sounds good to me SeXy Lover smile
SexAppeal12887: Haha thanks for backin me up. And she gave me a NO. Wat do I get in return?
MrNobody: lol i am haven a normal convo with you, lol what do u want me to say? how is the weather or whats up?
MrNobody: that means im not all over you like ur the hottest thing since sliced bread lol. u got a bunch of other guys that do that, why you need me tellen you how hot you are and asken u to go on cam?
MrNobody: hahhaha i was the best what? and i am nice to you, i just dont kiss your ass anymore.
theXjadedXspawn: Just got back luv...tired and sore but I'm here
DOCTOR: there can be only one lord bennington
sinfulkiss: hiiiiiii =]
SexAppeal12887: hey hun!! ur top 10 again smile smile smile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: wtf are you talking about?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Since you talked to me about taking her out of my profile, maybe you should talk to her about taking me out of her profile.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Nikkiiiiiiii
theXjadedXspawn: you need to rub it more tongue
dommofdragon666: glad that i we meet here i hope deinner went well
tenthoufists: ah ok smile
tenthoufists: you'll have to message me with the link. it doesn't work.
lishanlily: wave2
SexAppeal12887: *spank* *spank* naughty starlight!! how u been?
theXjadedXspawn: lol well I never said I believed in sex only for those married tongue
BloodyRomance82: I sooo did not disappear!! i fell asleep putting my daughter to bed
MrNobody: lol or not lol but good try lol thumbsup
MrNobody: thanks! smile
MrNobody: thanks! smile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: You make me want to call you and talk to yousmile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ahhexplodeserveflowersshootmyselfhug
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I never said you were ignoring me silly pantslol
SexAppeal12887: <3 starlight!!
lishanlily: hmm never thought about it that way....see thats what i like about ya, you always seem to see the positives and dont seem to harp on the negatives
lishanlily: eww that sucks. i always hate having to change things around, especaily when u put so much effort into something.
lishanlily: i'm sorry to hear that. btw i love your quote well your whole page really tongue
lishanlily: ehh little under the weather but no biggie, y sleepless? everything otay?
lishanlily: morning chickie how was your night?
theXjadedXspawn: u ok luv?
theXjadedXspawn: Ummm whatchu offering tongue
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Talk to meeeee
SexAppeal12887: smile voted in both contests!!
mike18769: hit me up maybe we can get to know one another
mike18769: i live next door to you hows that i never seen you before ... i def would like to see you :p
MikeRocksYouHardcore: dance
Michelle08: he also is the hottest redface
SexAppeal12887: Haha cute :p I like big grins.
NikkiStarlight: OMFG. that is so mean :P
DOCTOR: honey bear thompson is being knighted in london this fall
DOCTOR: you got any excuses tonight roy?
DOCTOR: years of substance abuse in da houuuuse
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ugh
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Just wanted to talk to my non-gfsmile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Thought you were supposed to go out tonight? lol
SexAppeal12887: *HUGE HUG*
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Without me?! How could you...
MikeRocksYouHardcore: You left meahh
SexAppeal12887: muy bonita
theXjadedXspawn: clap you is a good student twisted
jamee00176: Thanks for being so damn perfect...yummy
MikeRocksYouHardcore: You do. You're an extremely sexy woman...
MikeRocksYouHardcore: jackoff
Bryce86: np wow no way your 30 you look like your about 25 in that picture lol
brodi1208: well hey nikki, how u doin?
theXjadedXspawn: Newsflash I have a dark background...NO DARK COLORS nana
theXjadedXspawn: Is that an early birthday present :P
theXjadedXspawn: Hey you got color dance
theXjadedXspawn: Tantalizing offer to say the least buttsmack grinlol
ezreale: you are very welcome.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Just in awe at the beauty I see before mybiggrin
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hey Bella Donnaheartthrob
SexAppeal12887: amazing miss nikki! smile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Coming from someone as beautiful as you, I have to say, we should hughug
DeMoN73: Ay,thanks for tha comment, but I ain got no idea what you mean it says I'm a girl. It don say that anywhere in my profile, an I don show up in girl ratings, an I show up in guy ratings.. idk, I'm confused =/
penispuppet: ty Nikki =]
MrNobody: k well u have it.
MrNobody: maybe u should say more then a few words to me lol.
kort2005: naah I drive the motherfucker lol
tenthoufists: rofl <3
JazMaTaz: your welcome
theXjadedXspawn: Not yet luv, I wish it was too
quitebored: Thank you for the add. Great pictures and you are very beautiful
DeMoN73: Ay, what's good? Thanks for tha add, hope to talk to you soon. Feel free to message me anytime, I respond =]] haha
SexAppeal12887: Haha I jus remeberd berkeley. I feel stupid. smile
RealDealofSexAppeal: Ah,I don't Just haven't What have you been up to?
RealDealofSexAppeal: Hey doll.How ya doing?hug I'm sorry again that I haven't been talkativefrown Just haven't been much into the site or anything lately.Usually when ya see me on,I'm just looking at
MrNobody: omg i have ben so fukn sick, like u dont even know, its ben bad the last 5 days, i just, i donno, i wanna be all better again!
hotscorp: hi nikki
how are u doing today
Henrikku: Hi whats up? :3 sexy ;D
NikkiStarlight: \/ confusing comment.
automech7053: So... if i already have your Yahoo name.... does that mean that i can add you? JK JK haha! How are ya babe?
tenthoufists: rofl go look at your sign pic in the inner sanctum sign thread
ungertaker: thanks for the add!
tenthoufists: :P I'll go work on yours.
tenthoufists: up to you hon. you can make what ya want for me and it can be in my inbox or in the inner snctum sign thread depending on how naughty or nice it is :P
tenthoufists: need a pic sign from me?
theXjadedXspawn: Getting phone calls about the storm...ya miss me grinlol
dommofdragon666: waz reading old coments u can be my couger anyday
DOCTOR: be more specific
malibu4t: No I was not in a hotel room I was in my barracks room and I wish I would have just gotten laid........would've made that day much better!
Chuckdiz87: no time sweet you! smile
malibu4t: I must say that is probably the best compliment I have ever heard gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
MrNobody: uh huh, spill women.
MrNobody: wats ur problem?
hotscorp: aww ok
so are u still busy
actually sum ppl reply sum dun..whether busy or not

so i simply ask it rite away:P
hotscorp: hi
why dun u reply nikki
milos78: hello sexy smile
On1800DummyCuervo: Yeah, that's a good description of me random and a turn on haha. Yeah I'll just say pay attention to 4 really close because it goes back to inbetween 2 and 3 then back to aftewards. It gets a little disorientating if you miss too many parts of it. But I
Drew2004: how are you doing gorgeous?
Drew2004: wave2
Wilikerz: Why thank you wink
dedalus86: beautiful!
CanadianCurt: good morning hun
On1800DummyCuervo: I sat down and watched Saw 1-4 in one night recently. That was a long evening to say the least. I know that's a pretty random comment but whatever lol.
theXjadedXspawn: hug I appreciate that luv, really I do smile
kort2005: ho to u too Nikki - hope ur nites going well smile
alwaysbored: wow. aren't you insanely pretty...
nsr0787: What's up girl? Hope you're doing okay and that life's treating you well! Keep bein' sexy. jackoff
hotscorp: hii
NikkiStarlight: No I actually turn ratings on and off randomly based on my mood for the day
Adam0504: lol there you a go, a yes for you :P how come you do that, so you people don't give you no's?
Adam0504: Hey i was gonna give you a yes but i guess i cant lol. hey i havent disabled my rateing....hint hint hint :P
DOCTOR: huh. im so drunk. all my friends have passed out and wokened up
CanadianCurt: hahaha....i wish! tongue
ManWHORE22: awwwh, well i'll make an exception in your case. lick
ManWHORE22: watch out, missy. i will bite that tongue...and gently suck it. tongue
ManWHORE22: because it's an alphabetical list, not prioritized. wink
Marty0Mcfly: Awe, I wuvs you.
NikkiStarlight: ok .. u didnt eat my pie : )~

so hush lol
MrNobody: lol everyone wants ur pie lol little do they know i had your pie and ate it too lol wink and imma be getten a new sl probly today, but stayen IRL single for a WHILE!!!!!
RealDealofSexAppeal: aawwww,thankssmile How are ya darlin?
JoEy50: i want some of ur pie can i have a piece lol
NikkiStarlight: LMAO @ MrNobody (mike) You're Uber Fucking Cool People ... and um Marty darling .. Moose Pie, Eskimo Pie .. who the fuck cares - ITS PIE !!!! eat up bitches
Marty0Mcfly: Mutha fucka I eat moose pie!
MrNobody: this chick is the shyt! u other bitches just playen if u think u can be like her!
hotscorp: hi
nice to c u online
DOCTOR: suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. thats what they all say haha
lishanlily: just droppin by to say hi hug
DOCTOR: not that it feels bad, its just not as good as what chicks are experiencing during the whole thing.
DOCTOR: it doesnt feel that good for us. if i made noise while having sex it would be an overexaggeration.
DOCTOR: vaginas are the best thing to stick your dick into
hotscorp: hey
hows ya cuttie
StNr: awesome thanks hello to you as well
Marty0Mcfly: YOU FUCKING SLUT!!! Just kidding I love you my little cougar wink
redfinzz: WoW!...u make my heart go thumpa thumpa!!!
tenthoufists: hi <3
CanadianCurt: good luck with that! LOL
StNr: hey whats up?
RealDealofSexAppeal: Yeah,I'll be on again latersmile ttys.
RealDealofSexAppeal: Hey hunni.How's it going? I'm heading to work for a little bit.I should be on when I get backsmile
CanadianCurt: good call! wink
Carly12: lol
your welcome =]
CanadianCurt: well howdy! wave
Carly12: your rating is bigger than that now silly!
yes i read peoples profiles
Raphaelx: Muahhhhhh miss ya love
OnCrimsonWings: definitely a yes wink
sportsguy1979: <blush> thank you, darling, you're too sweet.
BamBam078: U are so pretty! grinlol
BamBam078: aw you are so sweet! I think a lot about you too... Big kiss
dommofdragon666: what i am not special i see well still ur hot milf and apreicate the comments just hope we chat more and get know each other
RealDealofSexAppeal: tongue Well,I'm not sure everybody got hit with the wind storms.But I do know most of Ohio got A lot are still without power.
RealDealofSexAppeal: I lost my power Sunday as did about 2 million I just now got my net
RealDealofSexAppeal: Hey hey.How's it going hun?
Jeremy06: so beautiful!
theXjadedXspawn: oh then bounce to your hearts content lol
theXjadedXspawn: just woke up from another day of resting this damn flu away, but gonna try work tomorrow
theXjadedXspawn: honesty you like is it tongue
JoEy50: oh i think i might take a spanking lol
JoEy50: lol my bad ill substitute gorgeous for maam
JoEy50: no problem maam it was my pleasure
tenthoufists: rofl..I'll knock on the door :P
tenthoufists: haha...there are times I do need that :P
tenthoufists: rofl...I think it would be happier with you touching it :P
Becksgulper: You're very welcome. Thanks for the add, your pics are great!! Are all the girls in Jersey as pretty as you?
theXjadedXspawn: my page for one lol
theXjadedXspawn: come bounce wink grinlol
xrockdrummer: Hey Miss Darling Nikki, it is nice to start my morning with you smile
MrNobody: hahhaha why u jealous this time? Chelsea is gone.
dommofdragon666: well u can say that
DOCTOR: you want it in the butt so bad bb
MrNobody: oh so now u talk to me?
CoolGuyooo1: damn you're beautiful....i hope we get to know each look like someone worth getting to know...
tenthoufists: whip moon :P
dommofdragon666: hey how going thanks for add ur preetry dam hot if u wana chat sometime just hit me up on here or ask me for my msn or yahoo screen name
RealDealofSexAppeal: hahatongue
dv8r: I hope you take more pics. i'll be glued to my screen when you want me. lol
ManWHORE22: hehe, now thaaaat's fucking hot. i'd love to pull on yer hair hard from behind. tongue
XxxGodessxxX: not a problem pretty face thanks for the yes too <3
DOCTOR: not yet, i left a post on the find a lover forum, i think i'll go check it out haha
DOCTOR: yeah! i got dumped during those 5 days or so where i didnt sign on here
RealDealofSexAppeal: I love it.Keep em cominggrinlol I'll add them all over my profile like a guy does his bedroom
RealDealofSexAppeal: You should make me one that says Real Dealvilleheadbang
RealDealofSexAppeal: Look at my profilegrinlol
XXJustinWoodXX: Thank you so much for the add, hope we can chat soon!!
BamBam078: You are sooooo pretty grinlol
baturalp: hi senorita =)
ManWHORE22: well i certainly know it'd be a fun adventure. smile
RealDealofSexAppeal: aawwwhug
Vanessa04: yeah. lol
i have seen him twice live, so my life has been pretty much made. lol
Vanessa04: thanks for the add beautiful, how are you?
Duffmandan: hey pretty, how are you?
RealDealofSexAppeal: Long and smooth,heavy and groovetongue
RealDealofSexAppeal: Ya never did respond to my last I thought you stopped talking to
theXjadedXspawn: Well yeah cuz I got that job, so yeah pounce away grinlol
PoWeRxHoUsE: lol well thank yousmile, you are very beautiful
NikkiStarlight: mrnobody gives people the wrong idea ... dont get it twisted ...
MrNobody: nikki makes me hard when she's on cam!
RealDealofSexAppeal: haha,I know that's
RealDealofSexAppeal: How's life been treatin ya?
RealDealofSexAppeal: Ahhh,hadn't been on here much.Well,I have.But haven't chatted with anybody.How've ya been?
MrNobody: lol u think? lol im ight, long day at school.
MrNobody: how are you?
Longhorn769: absolutely my pleasure wink
MrNobody: u goen to post the sign i made you, or did i make it for the hell of it?
Longhorn769: who can possibly say no to freckles?!
Marty0Mcfly: Hahaha Ohh shut up. I'm not a silly ass, I'm a hott ass. When are you going to do something special for me? smile
Marty0Mcfly: [color=#006600][/color]
RealDealofSexAppeal: That's what I was thinking if they're thinking it's any better doing it that waytongue The best way to not catch anything is to make sure you keep one person or only make sure what you have is real with a person.
RealDealofSexAppeal: So,it's alright to sleep with different people all at different times,but not all at one time?lol Alrighty then!!tongue
RealDealofSexAppeal: Well,if you're talking sexually,I guess it's alright if you're into being gang
RealDealofSexAppeal: eekLike,in a sexual way or just as bfs or what?
EmeraldFire: n/p smile how are you today?
Marty0Mcfly: "and because I got ten years on you, I can say t" thats where it got cut off. Care to finish? lol and yes The Goonies is badass. But fuuuck you Back to the future kicked ass. Thats who Marty Mcfly is. The guy Michael J Fox played
NikkiStarlight: wow . no he didn't just put his business out there like that . smh @ u mike .
MrNobody: not when ur watchen my dick on cam though lol atleast i dont think u laugh lol.
MrNobody: lol i donno, do u liek my new fuken hair cut, if not your a fuken skank lol.

and ya i know. u were right, u were a good friend.
MrNobody: the number 6 girls looks like a fuken skank lol. congrats hun. and ya, i told her shes fake she told me, no shes not and closed her account lol!
joecivic: very HOTT. wink
MrNobody: well imma fix it, i forgot why im still playen along but me and a friend liek figured it all out, the real her lives like 20 mins from her lol. so we sent a face book message and were seeing if she has herd of the site and well we will see by tonight. but
MrNobody: u were right, i was wrong, ok, happy now?
MrNobody: lol um was that cuz i guessed what makes u sick or for something else?
MrNobody: lol is one of them my profile?
ajquick: Tom Cruise!? Eeeek! Hey.. atleast he looks good right?
RealDealofSexAppeal: Pretty much.Hardly anybody comments my pagefrown
theXjadedXspawn: Legit interview at the plant, suits, and questions and joyous times...oh my lol
theXjadedXspawn: go nana
theXjadedXspawn: Thanx luv....2 hours to go smile
Duffmandan: hey gorgeous. you seem like a really fun person and id love to get to know you better. so wanna chat!? if not its cool just let me no
RealDealofSexAppeal: Hey there darlin.How's it going?
MrNobody: i dont get you nikki, i really dont, u know my number, call me if u want to talk about anything or just bitch at me. I know ur angry, i will let u take it out on me if u want.
MrNobody: inbox me whats so out right mean, na i wanna hear it nikki. i can take it.
MrNobody: ok, wat u want from me then? to leave u alone and not talk to u ever again?
MrNobody: hey, i told ya i was here fro u to talk! u wouldent talk to me, so as far as i new nothen was wrong, so im sorry/
JRP01980: Thank you for the comment, You too are sexy! tiphat
DOCTOR: eating them is a total waste. its sacrilege
theXjadedXspawn: Waking up before my interview at the plant
DOCTOR: frozen boogers are better than runny snotz
RealDealofSexAppeal: haha.yes we arehug I'm bout to go get some doughnuts right here shortlygrinlol
sange22: wow stunning one of the sexiest ladies on this site in all matters
MrNobody: sup you!
MrNobody: send it to my Italian e-mail, u should have it.
BamBam078: hello beautifull smile
MrNobody: ic, hmmm well i donno, all i know is i cared and u said, ok wel i dont care that u care.
MrNobody: no but ur sayen ur last one didnt lol.
MrNobody: lol ok, HIIIIIIIIIIII lol i see u got a new sl lol who cares or w.e lol.
tenthoufists: ok sweet dreams smile
DOCTOR: i deleted them again. they might be back...who knows
tenthoufists: :P night owl huh?
tenthoufists: hello <3
aceoforbs: your very welcome smile
RealDealofSexAppeal: aawwww.Well don't feel bad.I'm tired and I have to go to work from 12-8:30 and miss a family reunionfrown
RealDealofSexAppeal: Good morning hun.How are ya?smile
theXjadedXspawn: You too sex........NIKKI lol

see I know the name victory
Nutini: yeah whateva have a nice day and suck it eazy...
NikkiStarlight: i wish people would start calling me by my name, Nikki...i have no idea who this 'sexy' girl is ...
sexyscuba68: hey sexy hows it going?
BamBam078: wow.. wish that i could say the same... going with you that is... grinlol
BamBam078: hi beautiful, how are you doing today?
DOCTOR: like cyndi lauper right?
DOCTOR: you like the girlies?
DOCTOR: the girls i get with dont even give head, fucking in public?? i doubt it. ive had sex in a strip club though
nhra347: wow, yes for sure, very cute!
DOCTOR: yeah i can haha. the left one, i didnt try the right, but i could probably do that one easier
DOCTOR: i never tried. but it wouldnt shock me if i could
DOCTOR: yeah. i mostly eat ham in sandwiches and thats it. but i'd take turkey and pastrami over ham any day. i been diggin the pastrami and swiss lately
RealDealofSexAppeal: Good,goodsmile
ballsofsteel: hey hey no prob.. welcome to the group... hope you like it in there!! :-)
RealDealofSexAppeal: Good morningsmile How are ya?
DOCTOR: no i go about my usual routine. drinking with friends at punk shows, the bar, band practice...wherever theres stuff to drink. i rarely drink at home
BamBam078: hey sexy, how are you doing today? grinlol
MrNobody: sup fool. lol
DOCTOR: yeah its not really my thing.
DOCTOR: i dont suck cock anymore
RealDealofSexAppeal: Yeah,me too.Can't wait till I go to TXgrinlol
MrNobody: theres only 2 bt's i know, booty town lol which dont make sense, and basic training which dont make sense, and fyi, its legal if u seduce me loll.
MrNobody: who or whats bt? and i got a girlfriend, u need to keep your cat in ur pants. lol
MrNobody: lol well im 21 living 21, so lol im older then ur lil illegal 17 y/o ass.
MrNobody: i hear u like lollipops, and where is the line drawn for being a kid?
MrNobody: lol who u competing for and against who? lol
MrNobody: lol me too, wat u wanna do about it? u never message me lol.
theXjadedXspawn: yeah the weather is all fucked up here, and just same ole boring shit which just wears ya down after awhile ugh
RealDealofSexAppeal: aaww,how's come?
theXjadedXspawn: ehh bout the same as yesterday, what about yours?
RealDealofSexAppeal: I'm feeling better.I think I may have just been feeling bad because of sinuses.I dunno.I ate something.So,I'm feeling a little better.Still lightheaded a little.
mindofnobody: ive been on vacation. hope to tlak to u soon
fourbrothers1: you seem to be a nice down to earth person
DOCTOR: its like macaroni shells with little bits of bacon and this creamy jizz-like ranch sauce. i was on the first season of cribs yo
DOCTOR: i have a bunch of the candy. i dont eat it. i just like the dispensers
theXjadedXspawn: Its a boring day overall ugh
sam566: ohh really.. lol. why's that?
sam566: what yah up 2 sexy??
kule: muah!!! lots of good morning kississ!!!!
mysterio13: why yes it is very early in the morning, alas i haven't slept well tonight
laythepipe89: very sexy
RealDealofSexAppeal: That is one of the most kick ass sign thingsgrinlol I'll put that on my profile when I fix it upgrinlolPointing over my pic.haha
NCMetalManiac2005: HEY WHATCHA DOIN'?!!
cutelikesnoopyaz3: lol i know i know soon sexy i promise k wink
Xsupermodel: send me them in a email = p
RealDealofSexAppeal: aaww,come on,tell I'll give ya a bang bucklol
RealDealofSexAppeal: Thanks.That's kick assgrinlol Where'd you make that at?smile
theXjadedXspawn: tongue my boy, when was he ever my boy lol
theXjadedXspawn: ooh a present...gimme gimme grinlol
gambler82784: thanks for the yes babe! very sexy grinlol
DOCTOR: the doctor is totally drunk. want a check up anyways?
theXjadedXspawn: Same here hunni
theXjadedXspawn: You doing better today luv?
brinkca: I did correct my error........I marked YES. Sorry about that Gorgeous.
brinkca: Sorry...I don't recall saying NO. I swear I put YES. I mean, why wouldn't I.....look at you. Very HOT!!
DOCTOR: oh damn....the front seat?
DOCTOR: i had no idea the law was such a dirty thing. please show me your world?
DOCTOR: what are some of the key words i should toss into my word bank?
DOCTOR: i do, just not usually at night. i dont have to work until 11 so i might catch a few hours between 7/8-10:30
DOCTOR: do you sleep? haha
MrNobody: where am i in your damn shout outs?
DOCTOR: oh definitely. watch out with the legal jargon though, it turns me on sometimes
DOCTOR: yeah, when's good for you? you best be having a big desk. i got lots of...paperwork to give you.
DOCTOR: yes. do you have your own office?
RealDealofSexAppeal: uuummm,
joshmofackindispain: into the dance scene?

come to atlanta
Baseball247: i love single momswink... especially good lookin ones
DOCTOR: i accidentally inserted my penis into a patients mouth and one of their loved ones just happened to be walking in for a visit. OOOOPS
RealDealofSexAppeal: Yeah,I think you oughta come and bitch slap himlol
RealDealofSexAppeal: aawww,why?lol
DOCTOR: sorry, i got sidetracked by this malpractice suit im dealing with wink
joshmofackindispain: you're not so bad yourself there mama
RealDealofSexAppeal: haha,suretongue
RealDealofSexAppeal: Long and smooth,heavy and groovegrinlol How about you?
theXjadedXspawn: hug its not much, but you can have that
theXjadedXspawn: Know what you need to do, just channel out your anger, don't keep it hidden, you'll feel MUCH better.
This is one of the happiest I've been online in a while smile
theXjadedXspawn: well some stuff IRL still sucks, but I got a 2 year old online burden finally over with so I'm happy about that smile
RealDealofSexAppeal: Good morning darlin.How are ya?
theXjadedXspawn: morning Nikki, you ok?
MrNobody: wait what? im so confused u got mad at me for like no reason, r u stressed? u can talk to me nikki.
RealDealofSexAppeal: Hey darlin.How's it going?
MrNobody: ok so what was ur deal last night nikki?
MrNobody: ok? this is weird ur acting weird nikki, just talk to me about w/e it is.
MrNobody: ok explain in a message cuz i dont understand at all.
MrNobody: i still dont understand why ur mad at me, i didnt do anything!
MrNobody: wait what? when do i make u mad? and how?
theXjadedXspawn: how bout I just return the add to my favs like you did smile
theXjadedXspawn: Great now I feel old, gnoc for your discretion lol
theXjadedXspawn: noooooo idea, before my time. We're not THAT old lol
theXjadedXspawn: depends how much goo you possess? rofl
theXjadedXspawn: Its all about fluid exit I think, and who enjoys it more lol
RealDealofSexAppeal: Yeah,I like being the Big Daddy pimpheadbang
theXjadedXspawn: Tuesday ain't god's day, besides athiests like me, just say fuck it and fuck lol
theXjadedXspawn: twisted I dunno did I biggrin
theXjadedXspawn: hey I'm the HARD one here woman, lets keep it with me that way, and you just be soft wink
theXjadedXspawn: yeah THAT got your attention alright lol
JessykaLyn22: LOL! First time for everything.
CTM77: good luck today
mobbster2: well why don't you cum sit on me n lemme find out for myself?
MrNobody: sup.
theXjadedXspawn: so if you pounce, is it like a kangaroo or is it like a rabbit on steroids? rofl
theXjadedXspawn: well there's other ways to make an impact but I'll take that one lol
kule: alieve and a nap is what worx for me....
BamBam078: hello to you too cutie.. How are you doing today?
MrNobody: lol u comment me to tell me ur goen to bed lol and thanks for the compliment, lol u sayen im a good guy to talk to lol that makes me feel good wink and those other compliments you said before were nice to hear too lol smile night
MrNobody: [bgcolor=#33CCFF][color
=#00FF00]lol i was thinking the same for you lol i sent a message or two i think but ya havent replyed so i figured you didnt wanna talk any more lol i'm always up for some chat, i never see ya on msn anymore lol so its like i d
waxurss: i think you know exactly what it means sexy
circa123: Thank you for the Yes!
letsgocavs23: Haha. I guess so! Dunno what a hard forehead woudl feel like!
misfitfiend92: Thanks for the yes grinlol
Whats up?
TheXjadedXspawN: Nah I don't need no fan, I can handle the heat properly grinlol
TheXjadedXspawN: I honestly dunno, I watched UFC 87 last night, went to bed around 3AM, then for some reason it was 8:30 and I couldn't go back to bed.
Maybe cuz I didn't wanna ruin my sheets rofl
TheXjadedXspawN: He created vag, why would he rest when he doesn't have too lol
TheXjadedXspawN: Cuz its god's day, isn't it a sin lol
TheXjadedXspawN: lol you mean I have to wake up to be horny? tongue
Damn I'll remember that one grinlol
TheXjadedXspawN: You too, but why am I up so early? tongue
TheXjadedXspawN: thanx for the add luv flowers
DOCTOR: jersey here i come!
DOCTOR: the world is going to shit. most of the girls i meet wont even have dick near their face. maybe its just my area?
LetMeSee: very sexy!!!
DOCTOR: no...i actually didnt think of that. she probably would have bit it off or something anyways haha
IlikeTHEwayYOUlook: i was up waitin for you to come never showed! lol
HerrMk01: You definetly can, it's a personal thing wink
DOCTOR: last time i let a girl near my balls she squished one of them in her mouth. it was horrible. be gentle
DOCTOR: im not sure. i dont have much else to offer besides a circumcized penis haha
DOCTOR: no i dont have a blue duck miss lippy. i have no ducks. i gave that one away
MrNobody: wat u mean? i'm still doen work on my profile, i took off the guido thing, didnt fit on my profile, and i might keep doen little changes till i like it all.
MrNobody: i'm upgraded now! smile
alwayzlooknatme: hey sexy :p
IlikeTHEwayYOUlook: aww well thank you very much! your quite the catch yourself! add?
CTM77: Morning!
MrNobody: lol i got that off a girl i know on myspace from jersey and tweaked it to fit Chicago too. cuz jersey ant the only ones with guidos lol and we do it right. and u never worked at the bamboo room lol thats down town Chicago and yes i have ben there lol.
Raphaelx: hehe is that you waiting for me to creep up behind you??
RealDealofSexAppeal: Well,hello there gorgeous.How's ya been? Sorry I hadn't been on yahoo lately.
mysterio13: and you're going to help me with that?
mysterio13: sorry kinda in and out still
cockybalboa2: lol I was just giving you a hard time :P

Do you mind if I add you?
sportsguy1979: RAWWWWWWWWWWWWR
cockybalboa2: Hmmm....I iz sad that you haven't come to say hi to me yet :P How's your night going?
MrNobody: lol rules are made to be broken lol and who said i broke rules for you lol?
williejt27: Thanks for the yes sweetie
BamBam078: just wanted to say it... cant wait to see some more grinlol
Raphaelx: Thanks Love im gonna try and have a good day but so far the start isnt so great...Hope you have a good day though <33 *hug and kisses*
CTM77: hey there smile yeah, it was nice wink We'll chat again tomorrow for sure
immicrowavable: heyy :]
ghettofabalous: sure hun add me
SexyPoolDude: well if i get killed in the military i need my assets to go to someone... but thats not the real reason im getting married...its because i love the woman im with very much and want her to go with me wherever the military sends me
MrNiceGuy85: Probably should have. Could have been a good time. wink
SexyPoolDude: haha nothing i going to be married in 12 days so i guess it might mean something after then.
SexyPoolDude: no problem babe... if i was 30 and not married...i'd love to know you!
KrAzYgUy: Boo on so wonder you have such a nice tan! smile Whats your plans for the weekend, anything fun?
KrAzYgUy: I understand that!! how close do you live to a beach?
KrAzYgUy: Saaaweeeeettt...Thanks for writing back! Are ya havin a good summer hun?
MrNiceGuy85: Thanks for the yes! wink
Ronyd: hey there looking good!
nntllc: I love eating sweet pussy and you look like you might have a sweet dish of twat on you somewhere.
AndyRS: yes, i can identify and stimulate most areas of the female body with ease wink trust me...i'm ALMOST a doctor haha
sportsguy1979: Right back at you, gorgeous.
immicrowavable: hi.
SexyPoolDude: super hot
BamBam078: you are more then welcome... hope to talk to you soon again... have a nice day and think of me when u..... wink
CooLDraGoN: kk....same here gorgeous
BamBam078: It does but i wanted to give you my adress... how else would you know where to go... LOL I cant give it here... everyone might show up... wink
BamBam078: I think we can work something out... if you really want to cum that way... i think i can do u a favour... wink do u yahoo perhaps?
BamBam078: We've got ourselves a deal then grinlol so when are you coming? By plane that is... grinlol
stam18: Hey! Thank you sooo for the add beauty! Great body you got wink
BamBam078: i cant promiss you will sleep a lott... wink
NJBlasT05: i added more pictures for u now
BamBam078: U are more then welcome... i know a nice place for you to sleep wink
BamBam078: No U are hot grinlol
latinpsycho87: hey wassup how r u? thanks for the comment ur f'n hot as well wink lol so yea im victor nice to meet u.
chinaski: and thanks for adding me
CooLDraGoN: lol...well I could I can do that anytime I think of do u want the what to
CooLDraGoN: k....well how do u want it?
CooLDraGoN: k will u should make a good sign fo
CooLDraGoN: hello to u u been beautiful?
CTM77: Well, that's a very good reason! wink
CTM77: What!!??? Why!?!?! lol
PinkHawttie88: Well thanks :]]

& yah... lolll I don't get why ppl like that start shit when someone else. They're just the ones who enjoy the drama, especially when they say they don't lol
Raphaelx: You seem like an amazing lady to get to know, Hope we can chat sometime.
ItalianoForte: cute pics...i like
origbadboy1970: Positively GORGEOUS!!
CourtneyRose: Ahaha that website on your profile... the cybering one.... that is fucking hilarious. Thanks for sharing.
PinkHawttie88: Not a problem. If you have issues with a girl, they're just mad dogging you and I wouldn't even trip over it, seriously. Do you know what kind of mentality they have? hahaha... how about none!! smile
tenthoufists: ty for the request. what is going on tonight?
tenthoufists: ty for the vote smile
PinkHawttie88: Wow, you look good for 30!!
superman489: no problem. but i didn't make you that beautiful, so no need to thank me
twentyfoursomething: your welcome smile may/can i read some of stories that you you wrote?
tylersagirlsnametoo: LOL you can't even write on the correct wall! wow. i feel bad for your kids. they'd be better off dying in their sleep tonight then living another day with you as their mother. i'll say a prayer tonight that die.
RealDealofSexAppeal: I'll enable it for yawink
BrooklynBrawler: yes! a definite beauty
twentyfoursomething: just couldnt resist to comment some of your pics..would love to read some of your stories that you wrote smile
DEF A YES!! wink
chinaski: thanks for the yes
NikkiStarlight: im pathetic. and you started shit with me. yea, okay... move it along now little girl ...
tylersagirlsnametoo: aww you're making fun of me for being the age you obviously wish you still were! you're 30+ and you're still STUDYING LOL you're fucking pathetic.
tylersagirlsnametoo: lol because a salute has anything to do with your age? wow you're old and stupid.
ttpzjackson: you are very cute..
IRISHMAN10: Hey sexy! So when you gonna make me a sign? smile
cockybalboa2: I just wanted to stop by and say hi smile How's your day going?
PRpLaYa80: thanks for the yes sweetie grinlol
tylersagirlsnametoo: ew. theres no way you're only 30.
DallasPimp: Gorgeous!!!
CTM77: Hope you had as much fun as I think you did!!!
kule: muah!!!!!
iAMaLOVERhater: heyy
laythepipe89: hey sexy
NJBlasT05: check ur message box hun i sent u something there...
sLAmmedcivic07: you're welcome
Cincyman: yay! check your messages
FenixTX28182: you do still owe me a present but no pressure... smile
Slither08: Oh great, one of the "bad guys" huh? lol j/k
But the appreciation for cuffs ic commendable wink
Slither08: thank you for the comment, and the respect, I appreciate both. Criminal Justice huh? Planning on joining the boys and girls in blue?
Slither08: thanks for the vote biggrin
Zindane: thanks for the yes and the friends request. you are a very beautiful woman
BlazeXxX313: nothing wrong with a little tube time
BlazeXxX313: Thankyou, that other lady made it seem like I watch tv all day.. I just clarified for her that my list of TV shows has been compiled throughout the years.. I don't just watch every show every single day of my life
boilergolf: very cute, got a yes from me
sjohnson: so durn purty
HardcoreSteve79: thank you doll
jsd032906: Total HOTTIE! Love the pics! If we were closer you would be in trouble! smile
Irishhottienj24: hey now.. you know you want it <3
love you mama
JoeNycStyle: mother nature called and wants sexy back smile
P0rnSt4r: Hey Sexy =) Thanks for the add. If you're interested, Wanna swap some photos? =)
MrNobody: hey if u wanna make me a sign, go for it.
CooLDraGoN: lol....well thnx...and creative I am....Im an artist so I have to at least have a good imagination
mindofnobody: SUPER BIGG HUGS
nsr0787: Haha nooooo way that's not even possible! I'd be in tits-heaven! Lol couldn't resist, my apologies! boobs Looks like I'm booking a flight to NJ right quick. wink
davidthompson21: i bet i could make you purrrr
Brokenbokken: haha... well, may I see a salute or picture to see that that beauty is really you? I'll return the favor in a gesture I'm sure you'd appreciate.
Brokenbokken: pretty
you should put up more pics and a salute
nhra347: wow, you get a yes!
TXColby: You are gorgeous
cutelikesnoopyaz3: just wanted to stop by and tell you how gorgoeus you are smile
IRISHMAN10: Let's make another baby wink
mindofnobody: good afternoon smile
dedalus86: gorgeous!
NikkiStarlight: OMG .. i said DUCK ... i said DUCK!

DOCTOR: of course you can play with my dick
nsr0787: Haha no joke... 3,000 miles... not TOO far, right!? It would definitely be worth the trip that's for sure. wink
sandwichman: you are gorgeous =]
kule: hope your morning is treating you well..... stay cool!
Chaim: Glad to hear that, sexy. Good morning. Hope you had sweet dreams wink
Mace18: How ya doing sexy?
nsr0787: You get a very loud and proud HELL YES from me! What a MILF... sorry I'm sure you've heard that several times but it definitely suits you. winkjackoff
Chaim: Why, thank you for the kind greetings. I hadn't heard from you in a few days, thought you forgot about me wink
mindofnobody: when are u not gonna be so busy so we can chit chat :-)
Hazey: your welcome sorry irerad it again and your right did not make much sense
Hazey: wild red head i bet
justhangin23: yes'm sure was.... lol was that not a good one?
CTM77: Thanks for the yes smile
justhangin23: outdoorsy girl... nice. dont get to see that very often. lol the jersey girl needs to come have a lil fun in TN
mindofnobody: hey you
IrishBoy101: yu are quite welcome beautiful
NYCGuy: Haha thanks, for you...I'd let this uniform hit the floor any day&night wink
DOCTOR: i was going to an 80s party in that pic...i only wear the bandanna every once in awhile wink
mindofnobody: im good. been busy too. just got back from florida. trying to adjust back to the time and catch up with all my friends. went out friday night did some skinny dipping. went out last night played some pool. worked today. doing some laundry now and maybe go
Chaim: Dropping back to do the same, hottie. wink
Irishhottienj24: hey sexy lady <3
EDiddy: passin back through to say hi to you too. wink lol. how ya doin gorgeous?
mindofnobody: hows ur weekend going ?
FenixTX28182: lol whatever you'd like to, im not picky smile
BreakStone: "well hot damn" right back at you. wink
sportsguy1979: good morning to you, hope you're doing well!
zapphire: thank you very much smile
CookieMonster1101: Nikki, it is pouring outside. And worst of all I am on call at work. So I am trapped inside my house! Wanna talk on AIM?
mindofnobody: hope to get to talk to u soon :-)
CookieMonster1101: what are you up to?
MagicalMissy18: hey nikki
hows ur day going?
i thought you were very pretty so rated you yes.
supaman63687: thanks for the comment! you are very pretty yourself! smile
Keester: can i count ur freckles with my tongue hehehe
CookieMonster1101: I sent you some bbs. BTW, thanks for the yes!
CookieMonster1101: I sent you some bbs. BTW, thanks for the yes!
getpumped87: awesome everything :-p
getpumped87: thanks for the vote!!!! how are you
jazzymanly: you look great!!!
NikkiStarlight: fuk it. need to have fun while i can right?!?!
Irishhottienj24: i love you. <3
way to make fun of me then sign up wink
Adam222: Hey whats up just seeing if you wanted to chat
CooLDraGoN: and thats awesome that you like dance and favorite


CooLDraGoN: well thnx gorgeous
kule: absolutely gorgeous!!
thenameisscot: Thanks for the yes beautiful!
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