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Name Not Given
Age 22
Webcam? yes
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country Canada
State Not Given
City Not Given
About Me
Let's break the ice with the answers to some commonly asked questions: 38 DD, yes they're real, yes I smoke pot, no I'm not a stoner and yes, i am awesome. The last one was more of a statement you'll find yourself saying a lot.
My Apps
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Turn Ons
I like tall guys, tattoos and a guy with a sense of humor. Good taste in music is always a plus as well.
Turn Offs
If you smell like shit. Guys who only want one thing and make it painfully obvious. Also crocs.. hidious and I cannot take a guy seriously with crocs on.
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Dexter, The Walking Dead, Shameless, Sons Of Anarchy, The Office, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother..
Movies The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas
Music I used to have a big band list on here but lets face it, who actually reads it? So I'll name a couple I listen to on a regular basis. Alkaline trio, Avenged Sevenfold, The Misfits, David Bazan, Bon Iver, Black Label Society.. My music taste is all over the place.
Book I Am Ozzy and basically all of the Dexter books.
Quote " Trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."- Kurt Cobain
"You only know you've been high when you're feeling low"
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Dushmer: hi...
ezreale: lol. poor attempt at me trying to make you smile.
ezreale: lol. poor attempt at me trying to make you smile.
ezreale: lol! i had you first. wink we just homies from way back yo. lol
YouCantHaveMe: I'm great. What's new with you??
YouCantHaveMe: Haven't seen you in ages wave how are you?
ezreale: are the only reason i come is to hard to keep contact with you outside of here. :(
ezreale: you and i both. i thought you fell off from the planet. :(
ezreale: :( i miss my sl!
ezreale: :(
FrFghtr85: You are just amazing, such a hottie
nebraskaz71: How the heck is my fergie
brukland: You're welcome Gorgeous smile
AdventWrath: You are absolutely gorgeous
jaydbd79: Thanks for the add you are gorgeous!
ImNotPretty: Thanks for the kind words Alanna! I do love to shop and love manis, and yes gay friends are the best ones a girl can have!
heyitsmikeo: Well you're absolutely welcome grinlol
heyitsmikeo: You don't need to thank me for speaking the truth smile nut you're welcome. And I truely stand by my comment, you look absolutely stunning. I wish to thank you for talking with me smile
footballstr53: I
puntteam2002: haha yes really you crazy ass girl!
puntteam2002: i dont know why im saying this but i think i actually miss you haha
pimpdavid984: Very sexy
brukland: smile thank you
nebraskaz71: u know u love deez nutz
nebraskaz71: Lettuce be reality, u mad u mad? Come at me bro! I know u be jelly. I kid i kid i just trollin, hollaz
WAwakeboarder: Wow really u said that.. u said it ur self u dont get on this much so u didnt care about the sexy lover but then u say something like that.. im glad i dumped u from sexy lover there was not point we dont even hardly talk anymore!
WAwakeboarder: Wow really u said that.. u said it ur self u dont get on this much so u didnt care about the sexy lover but then u say something like that.. im glad i dumped u from sexy lover there was not point we dont even hardly talk anymore!
WAwakeboarder: haha its ok im not on this very much also but we can talk on msn! and i just wanted a gorgeous sexy lover wink
WAwakeboarder: Hey whats ur msn again?
WAwakeboarder: haha. its ok im not sayin they are a bad thing.. just cant believe i havent been on this in forever. But how u been and whats new in ur life.. u still got msn?
WAwakeboarder: ha whats up girl.. long time no talk. How u been?
wasd: ive been pretty good. watcha been up to? and i like the new pic addition, i was starting to have withdrawls wink lol
wasd: havent seen u in a while, how have you been beautiful?
shener18: lookin so sexy babe (:
PENisPUPPET: hello mate =]
chini: hey u are hottttttt
puntteam2002: ! im on msn
puntteam2002: hey im gonna be on msn! hit me up smile its on my profile if you forgot!
wasd: pleeassssee :p
wasd: not a whole lot, how bout you? and think im lucky enough for a messenger name? smile
wasd: soo cute, every time you add a pic its sexier and sexier wink
puntteam2002: dude i seriously lost all my contacts...add me back or give me you msn haha i miss you!
puntteam2002: haha ya probably. well give me your sn again so i can add you back.
puntteam2002: heyyyy i miss you! whats up?
nebraskaz71: ive actually been gone a few weeks lol
wasd: anytime hun smile so how are you besides being adorable in your pics? :p
puntteam2002: dude hit me up on msn i lost all my contacts!
ezreale: ?2me2?
PENisPUPPET: been a while I don't think i have you on my new msn! ;(
PENisPUPPET: howdy partna wink
GroovyBeast: I could REALLY go for some watermelon Right now...seriously...
GroovyBeast: Ya im just here for the punch and pie..but I haven't found the snack bar:(
GroovyBeast: yea didn't he die? I would be like Johnnie Cochran:GHOST LAWYER,or something?And yes thank you for reminding me of his unjudgedomgrinlol
GroovyBeast: Ahh you are sarcastic,It's good though keeps me on my toes,But I got at least enough black in me to be Johnnie Cochran
aLcOhoLicpanda: i'll take that as a no wink
GroovyBeast: Soooorrrrryyy lmao my friends call me the judge cuz I have the final say ^_^
GroovyBeast: lol some people don't know there asses from elbows though!
aLcOhoLicpanda: lol i think the exact same way.. except i wake up for work at 6:30 lol

do you have msn?
aLcOhoLicpanda: ahh, wilson, also a very good choice. i'm doing just fine. extremely tired however, but not ready to go to sleep. :(
aLcOhoLicpanda: hahah, way to sound like mr rogers there :p

how's it goin?
GroovyBeast: You are super fine babe, I can't believe you don't have got mine at leastwink
aLcOhoLicpanda: wave
lostdrifter: thanx gorgeous
automech7053: hey whats your msn? smile
nebraskaz71: I shall do what i want!
PAguy: haha ohhh musta been in my head then wink
PAguy: hey sexy :P
britishjay: ok. i'll be right up there to pick u up. lol. wear something cute!
puntteam2002: actually you have a nice everything
puntteam2002: you have an amazing ass. just thought you should knowwink
britishjay: getting ready to head out on nearly a month long road trip all around the U.S. with one of my flatmates. should be loads of laughs.
CbFunk: oooooooooh your super easy to talk to, my bad i thought it said something else :P
britishjay: thanks love. what are you up to this summer?
PAguy: haha hey hows it hangin butt :P
PAguy: was doin good til this babe called me an ass :P shes gonna get a good spankin haha. sounds like im 12 fun week planned?
PAguy: heyyy bumm, hows it hangin?
PAguy: well seductive you are :P. haha id take that look from you any time wink and gnight if you go, catch me next time we re on missy
PAguy: haha well that blows, how are you doin now? i hope not that bored :P
puntteam2002: duuuuude im on msn. hit me up mrs skiba
puntteam2002: well then he doesn't know he's a pretty lucky guy! you might wanna notify him haha. and thanks i like my taste in music. we should chat sometime. id love to learn moresmile my messengers are on my profile if you're interested at all my dear.
puntteam2002: nice matt skiba! i see you have a wonderful taste in musicsmile
ManOfSteel4105: elbow bump!
kindalazy: well shit. lets skip the formalities of names and all that crap and just do the grown up dance?
davidSPITTLE: *cough*
davidSPITTLE: Well I forgive you. . .this time wink
davidSPITTLE: you're a slow responder to messages ahh
Deaner17: Baby you are beautiful! Enough said. Hit me back!
pimpjarome: why thank you :]
ribsfan: Never start no static, I just get it off my chest. Never had to battle with no bulletproof vest
letsgocavs23: my super duper sexy lover wink
fireman3869: yes for you
funeone01: Haha, yeah I usually am off this site...lately not so much ;O
funeone01: That really sucks. I have a ton of HW and studying to do tonight AND work tomorrow. I don't know how I'm gonna get all this bs done =/ What are you up to?
funeone01: haha, well I'm glad you're good. I guess lately I've been wasting time on the internet as well..but mostly doing homework..which sucks so bad! kill me, please lol
funeone01: Hey stranger, long time no talk =/ How have you been??
xxKyranxx: Thanx for the yes
mattdevils: hey boo
mushroomman1up69: bet......way sexier....
mushroomman1up69: hahah well i do know cuz i can clearly see ur u r pretty fukn hott...!!!
mushroomman1up69: nah i mean ur way hottt like hotter than a rockstar
mushroomman1up69: yua....way rockstar hott....!!!
notkewl: Thanks for the add babe! you are remarkably gorgeous! hope you have a great day!smile
DaddyLoves2Give: anytime smile
tooinnocent4you: nm other than checkin out my ponies. what about you?
tooinnocent4you: hiwave
evanturner: I want to have you for christmas ;x
automech7053: same here... just had to work sunday, so that wasnt to cool!
automech7053: So did u have a good weekend? smile
Nasiello: god I'd love that so damn much
Nasiello: change that "would" into a will. and you've got yourself a deal smile
Nasiello: well in that case, you should be mine grinlol
Nasiello: oh no, I know I'm a good guy. but you could get an amazing guy =P
Nasiello: you if you think you can't do better lol
Nasiello: you can't lie just because you're cute =P
Nasiello: your sexy lover is a nerd, you could do so much better :p
Nasiello: lol it's ok. I'm only in germany for another 7-10 months.
Nasiello: that we could. bleh, be closer *pouts*
Nasiello: i don't know... bu why do you have to be so far? I'd definitely make you all mine if you were here grinlol
Nasiello: more than ok? really?
Nasiello: well make it happen then. jeez. lol although, would you be ok with being mine for a loong time?
Nasiello: not being here and having fun... OR being all mine =[
Nasiello: you're already invited, you don't need an excuse. hell, you can come to any show I ever go to. you just have to come hang out with me a ton and I'll bring you every time grinlol
Nasiello: you can come without having to carry my fat ass. *hug*
Nasiello: well good. maybe I can keep your attention for a bit. and yea, I'm not even sure if I can stand long enough to go to the show, so definitely not getting in a pit for a while
Nasiello: you were blown away? by me? REALLY? wow grinlol

and i just had some minor knee surgery. walking normal is pretty difficult now lol
Nasiello: lol I'm not that strong lately. yaayy surgery. and I'm not that hot =P
Nasiello: I'm all for it. I'll take you to shows all the time if you come out here =P
Nasiello: yea, I like option 2 also. *tackles you* it was an AWESOME show. I was in the pit for all 4 bands. it was crazy. I was so exhausted. if I can, I'm going to see in flames, killswitch engage, and every time I die on monday
Nasiello: lol it was awesome. my friend got to play cowbell on stage with anti flag. OH, and shh, that quote is something like 5 years old =P
automech7053: Thanks for the add wink
Nasiello: why must the cutest ones be in canada? OH I saw dallas green and the rest of alexisonfire here in germany 2 weeks ago with anti-flag and four year strong
AnonymouslyInLove: lol psssh. i'm on all the time. maybe if you didn't tease me with being on msn when you're really not, haha.
bowchicawowwow: whatcha up to?
AnonymouslyInLove: but she taaaaaalks to me lol. and i can't text you. my phone got shut off, since i was unemployed for three months. it'll be a few weeks before I can get it back on.
bowchicawowwow: haha what are you up to?? do you use msn or yahoo?
bowchicawowwow: youre bomb! =)
hottiechiaratti4: your pretty cute!
ChaoticBrew32: yes it is a long song. i am having trouble with the clean open chord part. i am use to playing bass and not strumming chords. feels like my fingers are playing twister..(:
ChaoticBrew32: hows the jamming going cutie? im trying to learn metallicas "the day that never comes" tricky
FSUTrickMan: youre wondering what im wondering?
FSUTrickMan: you know what im wonderin?
FSUTrickMan: did you get my response to "isnt that what i said?"
FSUTrickMan: you mean not understanding?
FSUTrickMan: what are you laughing at
FSUTrickMan: /game
PeterWilson: lol i still find it funnysmile
RoughNeckF14: well i cant help myself when i see a pretty girl it just does something to me!!!
RoughNeckF14: Youre welcome sweety!
FSUTrickMan: guess we dont talk much anymore
RoughNeckF14: WOW you are gorgeous! absolutely a yes from me doll!!!
xVolcomstarx: i know i got a new phone and i dont have a computer in my room but i might be able to download MSN on my phone. smile so ya miss talkin to me huh?
xVolcomstarx: haha yeah i know :/ hey if you want i can get on MSN smile
xVolcomstarx: ive been good. living in michigan now and just got a new job after my last job closed down. now i live closer to you haha
WAwakeboarder: haha no im sure i started them all!
xVolcomstarx: haha no im not dead im alive dont worry. =P how have you been?
WAwakeboarder: ha yeah.. but ur not on mine.. and i remember i think i started all the convos so.. doesnt look like we have a chance if ur the only one with it!! wink
xVolcomstarx: heyyy you smile miss me much?
WAwakeboarder: well i dont have ur msn.. so we wont really be able to talk anymore
stillballin7: hey sexy
WAwakeboarder: ha well im gonna be on a lot.. so might wanna start talking to me again.. whats urs?
WAwakeboarder: im on right now.. add me kelsowakeboarder@hotmai
WAwakeboarder: haha no lies.. oh and u should hit me up on msn i got my webcam working now..
WAwakeboarder: i know.. ive been extremly busy and working all the time.. and cant have my cell when i work.. so its holding me back from texting you!!
ABrad45: very pretty grinlol
WAwakeboarder: ha how u doing stranger.. its been awhile.. ?
WAwakeboarder: hey Tiny!
Zargo1z: great face great body. this photo doesn't do you justice lol
dacubbies2005: it's cool wat r u into
dacubbies2005: yep yep, u like football
dacubbies2005: just chilling watching college football and probably gonna go out later 2nite
dacubbies2005: so how are you doing grinlol
dacubbies2005: thank you for the yes gorgeous grinlol
blazindoja: hey whats going on i was just wondering if u might want to chat sometime i prefer yahoo msg but let me know if your interested
enderkensenbender: im bored. want a camshow?
spidermannn: msn????
Blade1423: Not muchh just chillllen add me
Blade1423: =O Amazing;
AGUSA6: yes they r, dont lie. smile they look good tho
AGUSA6: pfft you know I can tell a complainer by her lips and u got some biggggg ones.

haha jk smile lame..

how ya been
AGUSA6: ya well come over and make it better complainer. ha, but whats been going on w/you?
AGUSA6: pretty good i tried writin u a message but this thing is acting pretty ghetto
acynic: gorgeous
AGUSA6: haha well come over here than :( how u been tho cutie
armyairborne01: thanks for the add
solidbiker: you're way gorgeous. add me on msn -
spidermannn: i like them 2 but the used is 18923878373987498282977
480014 times better and their new cd is more lol
spidermannn: oh u suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
spidermannn: yeah a lil.....he had to had surgury on his voice box at the end of thier last cd he had like a sist growing on it or somthing
spidermannn: there deep.....i kill them
jrrricks: Hey, messages broken on here, I'd love to chat on yahoo or msn, see my profile to add me. You sound awesome!
spidermannn: its a must have
spidermannn: hahaha u gotta go get the cd./...i love the whole album but i love everything they put out
spidermannn: go youtube or dl lol kissing you goodbye...... blood on my hands is the fisrt vid and get men are all the same....their awesome
wufwufwuf: FINALLY someone understands :P
quickslvrsnwbrdr: hey, long time no talk, what have you been up too
wufwufwuf: you're puttin out then
wufwufwuf: hell yeah its a date :]
wufwufwuf: haha well maybe you can mentor me some time =)
wufwufwuf: yeah i used up all my good ones anyway haha
wufwufwuf: smile))))))))
wufwufwuf: =o
TwinTurboed: i still think youre super cute though wink
TwinTurboed: sorry i still think youre super cute though wink
Marty0Mcfly: He's sexyyyy
outlawtorn18: Agreed, unless its cuddles, lmfaowave
outlawtorn18: lol I do, great quality in a person, too much seriousness is kinda lame
outlawtorn18: lol you're silly, i like that
outlawtorn18: lol, well that's pretty neat if you ask me. We alsp both listen to Dallas lol
outlawtorn18: I have an aunt there, and i know one girl on this site from PEI lol surprising i've only been there like twice, my whole life lol
outlawtorn18: Halifaxwavelol
outlawtorn18: heh, that's probably true, cuz you have him in your profile :P I saw him live once at a small theater in Halifax, it was soooooo gooood haha.
outlawtorn18: lol. yay. I love Dallas smile
xAnimusx: thanks for the yes sexy
Marty0Mcfly: Dude, Uncle Buck is like the best movie John Candy was in, Aside from his role in Home Alone
Marty0Mcfly: Til then, you're left watching the little rascals. I'll watch John Candy's fat ass in Uncle Buck, GO!
mrcammando: you to cutie
Marty0Mcfly: :P I guess the deal is off until we can find a trusty judge
Marty0Mcfly: It's just a guess. Who will be the judge of our asses? thats our real problem.
kookoo4coco: ok you win this round but ill get you back
Marty0Mcfly: Probly because you'll never show display your butt
Marty0Mcfly: And if you lose... You get a jackhammer in the vag
kookoo4coco: now see I didnt agree to this
Marty0Mcfly: Oh dear madam... who will have my life? or will I have to off myself. Am I allowed to go out in an awesome way? Like head butting a land mine? or wait wait, I can inhale a whole can of AXE body spray
kookoo4coco: I approve
Marty0Mcfly: What will be at stake here? If I lose?
kookoo4coco: Fine but none of that oatmeal crap
kookoo4coco: Oh perhaps baking pies
Marty0Mcfly: This is true, I might have a picture on here somewhere, I havent updated anything in a while though. We'll have a butt contest some day
kookoo4coco: soooooooooo many might I suggest an indoor activity
Marty0Mcfly: =O Absolutely not. I have no self confidence... Except I have a nice butt, I think... do I?
Marty0Mcfly: Is it really now? I wouldn't know. Mine is without flaw though. =)
kookoo4coco: Id let u pick something u wanted to do after
Marty0Mcfly: Wow you should really get some anti acne medicine for that thing. :P
LyLMissy89: thank youu :]
Marty0Mcfly: Nice. I'm your neighbor. I live over in Alaska. I'm waving to you.
Marty0Mcfly: Thats usually the best way to be. I'm too much of a dick to some girls because they cant take a joke. So do you really live in Canada? which part?
Marty0Mcfly: Didn't really think so, any girl that claims shes never really serious is "hittable" to me. I enjoy girls who aren't emotional
kookoo4coco: Yay!! Hanah Montana marathon at my house
Marty0Mcfly: Hmm whoops. I thought I yessed you
kookoo4coco: So u wouldnt watch with me?*tear*
kookoo4coco: Watching national geographic my love lol u?
kookoo4coco: but I already did my love
kookoo4coco: Thank you for the comment gorgeous
LyLMissy89: wave You're really pretty.
ShaolinBenji: Ty for the yes
circa123: aww a girl pierced mine and she wasn't too it took her a little was free so it's all good! Do you have any other gnarly piercings?
circa123: haha right on dude...i got mine pierced at a 14..then i gauged it. Probably worse than the actual piercing!! whew it was meeean!
irishfarmer82: Ty for the yes hit me up some time if ya want to sexy
Ender6: hey whatsup sweetiesmile
Ender6: im serious sweetie!! haha.grinlol but you are sooo gorgeousgrinlol
Ender6: i know sim sorry. i was just clicking no for each person last night. wether or not my opinion mattered. but really i would :p lol. sorry!!
Ender6: you already have a sexy lover:( lol
LuckOfTheIrish247: hey there

ahogge: lol. well i DID send that yesterday ;p ha. but ok, ill let you get back to me on it. but hopefully youll have a good day.
enderkensenbender: yeah i know. i dont take the internet serious enough most of the time.
enderkensenbender: wanna chat?
enderkensenbender: boy, do you listen to some shitty music!
ahogge: smile. I love that show. Along with family guy and house. Lol. And yea I know :-/ I really need some sleep ha. So how's ur day been?
ahogge: haha and by the way... im watching the office wink
ahogge: Aw ha. I hear you on that. I'm not ready to go to work lol. But my morning has lasted forever in a way. I couldn't sleep at all last night :( I've been up since 6am yesterday. :- /
ahogge: smile heyy. How's your morning going so far Hun
circa123: aww i know you sent me that message yesterday but i didnt get into anything! My life is pretty boring right now but today im gonna work on a song im writing and probably go skate. What about you??
circa123: why thank you!
circa123: thank you for your vote! You're adorable!!<3
Zargo1z: very nice, love the hair
JMEisGOD: You are stunning, i really like the look of canada after joining this site. Are you sure you can hold a conversation about anything?
BlAzEoNe18: I'm good..
BlAzEoNe18: no problem how are ya?
BlAzEoNe18: Gorgeous!!
Wilson1111: BYOB huh??? You like Coronas? Well that's awesome!! I'll be there in a second lol. How was the party? Had fun?
Wilson1111: Ofcourse I'd love to go to the party in your pants :P
Wilson1111: lol Is that right? Am I invited?
Wilson1111: So where's the party?
Wilson1111: Oh well, I hope you have fun smile I know.. I hate monday's period. lol
WAwakeboarder: yeah.. its really hard to drive and text with my phone..
Wilson1111: Partying on a sunday! Must be nice lol. I wish I could. I work tomorrow :(
Wilson1111: Mine has been the same as yours lol. Boring and working. No parties though?
WAwakeboarder: LIES.................. i texted u back after i got out.. i said Miss!
Wilson1111: Atleast right smile how's your weekend been so far?
WAwakeboarder: ha see u dont even text me anymore jeez
Wilson1111: Lol I'd be lying if only said to you.. but I sent to like two others on my friends list to make them laugh.
Wilson1111: Lol I figured that would get me a response. Instead of the usual hey sexy can I have ur messenger?
WAwakeboarder: ha yeah thanks i felt special... haha
Wilson1111: Hey baby wanna come over to myspace, so I can twitter your yahoo until you google all over my facebook?
WAwakeboarder: Well i tried but u stopped talkin to me lastnight..
WAwakeboarder: just cause its a personal thing between us...
WAwakeboarder: haha yeah.. i think so! but i got a secret for you... ill have to tell you later "wink wink"
BoatsAndHoes: thanks for the yes babe grinlol
WAwakeboarder: Just want u to know ur sexy.. even with clothes on wink
DaBears17: Thank you sexy for the yes!
WAwakeboarder: Well i think you are cute!! so... there now u have!
WAwakeboarder: did someone ever tell you that your kinda cute?
WAwakeboarder: Hey gorgeous wanted to drop in and say hi!!!!
BlakeDanger: Sorry Banana I have been gone for a few days, did ya miss me? I will leave anytime you want!
ChaoticBrew32: VERY welcome. wheres the pics of you jamming? hehe
ChaoticBrew32: thanks for the yes beautiful!! your VERY attractive looking !
nitsuj: simply stunning
af1alfonso: georgeus! <3
CptAwesome22: Lol I'm glad you're in love too... Because I'm pretty sure I was since the moment I read that you liked Alkaline Trio as well. How bouts we start planning the wedding when I send you a message?
CptAwesome22: Thank you for the yes! You seem like a really sweet girl and would be fun to talk to sometime if you're ever up for a chat! AMAZING taste in music too. Alkaline Trio is definitely one of my favorites.
boilergolf: you are quite welcome!
soccer1794: ur welcomesmile hey do u have a msn or yahoo name i could talk to u on? id love to talk more to u !! smile
BlakeDanger: I think that is great the weather has got to be better than Michigan.
BlakeDanger: I agree! Where would you like to go Beautiful?
BlakeDanger: Good Lord Yes it has been!!
xVolcomstarx: HEY! sorry i havent been on at all. i moved up to michigan and have been in the process of getting all my stuff here. whats goin on?
finster50: O ya, why's that darlin? It's really nice here btw, you should move out west grinlol
BlakeDanger: Not alot going on today--booooo LOL
BlakeDanger: Cute sn for a cute Canadian Girl
finster50: Well i know so, they have you wink
finster50: Ya that totally sux, PEI is so lucky!
finster50: O, you're way on the other side of the country :(
finster50: Hey where in Canada do you live if you don't mind?
finster50: Thanx for the comments darlin, you are a total sweetheart!
ManOfSteel4105: you'd better believe it
ManOfSteel4105: Elbow bump!
yingyang: helloo sexywink
whitesox0519: you're gorgeous!
jennaflirt2219: oh thats not cool but isnt it boring most places.. unless you have like tons of free time and money than it woudnt
ManOfSteel4105: spanked? haha. really?
ManOfSteel4105: consequences? oh boyyy. that would be bad news bears
ManOfSteel4105: oh, I know. replaced, it shall be.
ezreale: new alexisonfire=amazing! how are you?
jennaflirt2219: Well that is cool, sounds like an interesting place just by the name! lol I heard there is alot of hot people in canada, I have met a cuzn married a girl from canada. She is really funny and hot herself!! lol She says that most people there are li
ManOfSteel4105: elbow bump! haha
ManOfSteel4105: haha you won't believe me, but I almost said elbow bump. no joke.
ManOfSteel4105: hmm how about a chest bump? not original though, I suppose.
ManOfSteel4105: I did. Unless you have something better in mind?
ManOfSteel4105: well I'm no Tiger Woods...haha
jennaflirt2219: What that you are beautiful!! Its the truth so you are very welcome!! I am sweet So where you from?
jennaflirt2219: I am doing good, thanks. You commented back fast, are you bored? I know I am!!
ManOfSteel4105: haha yeah. trademark.
jennaflirt2219: Just wanted to drop in and say hi!! and to just say You are very pretty!!
ManOfSteel4105: I know the feeling all too well. It blows, for lack of better words. How about a high five to make you feel better? haha
ManOfSteel4105: haha I have no idea either. craziness. I am just vegetating on the couch after a tough workout. how bout you?
ManOfSteel4105: I suppose. haha
ManOfSteel4105: hmm I am going to put it out on the line and say good thing. haha.
ManOfSteel4105: hmm, can be simultaneously a good and bad thing, I'd say. haha
ManOfSteel4105: that's from a song isn't it? get trippy or something like that? haha high five!
tobleedice: oh i bet it would redface
ManOfSteel4105: oh but it is. crazy squared!
mrmagilakutty: Well, night.
tobleedice: well damn that's why i'm inviting you next time
mrmagilakutty: Alannabanana
mrmagilakutty: You're doing fairly well at rhyming.
areyoureadingthis: hey gal! what's shakin' with you? smile
mrmagilakutty: Basically.
lolcats: ;D
tobleedice: wow i live on the 2nd floor, you went out of your way to bring a fuckin ladder and everything. next time make yourself useful, climb inside and join the party :3
mrmagilakutty: Instinct, yo.
mrmagilakutty: How does the fish know to swim?
tobleedice: hey wtf, you were hacking into my hidden cam the other night? you're supposed to pay the monthly fee for that site you know
lolcats: i get my share
mrmagilakutty: Only a schmidge.
tobleedice: exactly... !
lolcats: oh you know it
mrmagilakutty: I guess, but only a little bit.
tobleedice: yeah that's probably not far off, but there's only one way to be sure what my sex face looks like winkredface
lolcats: just being my awesome self.
mrmagilakutty: I don't need a lot of encouragement to drink.
lolcats: fuckin' right.
tobleedice: only if i was making that face?
mrmagilakutty: Okay.
lolcats: well you are just lovely
lolcats: oh ty bb
LevisGuy569: Guess I would be out of luck then!
LevisGuy569: Maybe not beg, rather ask nicely!!!
ezreale: wink
ManOfSteel4105: that's crazy talk. they're wicked good.
ezreale: will not argue that w/ya. he is also amazing live. you have good taste.
ManOfSteel4105: sure do. love em.
ManOfSteel4105: hooray "nerd-om" (and alktrio/the spill canvas. heyo)
LevisGuy569: Well, maybe I would beg you!!!
Codean420: thanks for adding me hottie check out my pix
givetomek: no way nice try tho
givetomek: ur so cute babe
LevisGuy569: I'd let you have my baby!!!
Baseball2006: thanks for the pic comment sometime? add me on msn if youd like
talk to ya soon
Bdunc4u: hott! smile
spyder004: i dont think i am but thanks that you do
Deltagamma20111: ew
spyder004: thanks for the yes
xVolcomstarx: so when are you coming to pick me up so we can go get you a shirt for tomorrow.. im waiting lol
sydneyguy1982: You are so welcome beautiful and thank you for the yes flowers How are you? smile
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a beautiful lady smile
yunghung: u like bananas alanna?
BlAzEoNe18: thanks for the yes!
jdes06: Just a few cities in BC. but they were beautiful
jdes06: ow ow ow. thats cool smile
i LOOOOVE canada
jdes06: eh. its only 130... i kinda have a crazy schedule... what part of canada are you from
jdes06: i think i might go to lunch with a friend and then do some homework and clean a lil. i had friends over last night
jdes06: your very welcome smile what you up to today
jdes06: hahah. cause its soooo boring just being plain. right? but you do have pretty eyes smile
ChelseaFC: well thank you babe
ChelseaFC: just stating a fact
ChelseaFC: thanks for the yes hun, you're very pretty smile
letsgocavs23: you're welcome smile
jdes06: hahah its a compliment. lol
waxurss: nice screenname. ill hit ya up tonight if thats cool, lemme know.
bryman: hahahahah thatd be really scary if u have one
bryman: still nooooooooo lol i dont like penis and i have one and u dont. so there for you are the sexier one. bahahahahah
shootthestars: hows it going? getting the hang of the site?
waxurss: whichever u r on the most.....
nebraskaz71: got yaho or msn?
nebraskaz71: good but bored, wanna chat sometime?
nebraskaz71: how U doin
derailed: you're very sexy
waxurss: i try gorgeous, i try.
waxurss: well then, whats up with me getting a screenname? per say msn or yahoo maybe?
waxurss: hey, whats the chances of us - me and you- chatting?
eri1536onaim: well thank you, right back at ya smile
CR25: sexy to the max hun
ufhottboy: whats up ms alanna? i hope i qualify as cute to you wink
trancee: you are very pretty
i gave you a yes
Deltagamma20111: Your ugly
BattousaiX20: you should vote me a yes too then lol
BattousaiX20: def yes
avenged52: hahaha thanks, and that's whats up B-)
surfbummer: You are welcome gorgeous!
ACsore: Gorgeoussmile
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