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Name Rashell.
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Not Given
State New York
City ohh, new yorkk.
About Me
Would you hit this.

-lifes never easy,
your always gonna get hurt,
you just have to find the right person,
worth suffering with :]

-hii. im rashell, obv.
[pronounced as; ruhhhhhh-shelllllll.]
If your gonna be a disgusting pervert, dont even waste your time.
I wont respond.
I HATE my profile picture now, but it wont let me change it!!
Inputtt?? Anywhooo.
I promise my profile wont bore you.
FAR from faaaaake.
Shit just got REAL.
Facebook it bitch.

Im fascinated by art, hence the reason i go to college for it.
I have roadrage, & im surprised i havent jumped out of my car & beat somebody up yet who didnt use their blinker.
I love to exercise.
i would literally KILL myself if i ever got overweight.
I love summer & fall.
Swimming, bbq's, mudding, hoodies, leaves, colors.
im a country girl at heart.
I have a 07 sunfire, for now
Its not amazing, but im getting there.
I have ten tattoos, and ten piercings.

-yes i do have a bestfriend,
his name is michael,
and no i dont fuck him.
he's gay, and pretty much my world.
the ORIGINAL batman && robin wink

& when i ever get time off, im partyingg, drinkingg, and being with friendsss.
I dont get drunk, i get AMAZING.
Im a freak, & if you dont like it dont talk to me.
Turn Ons
i love hot, dirty, sweaty, ass spanking, hair pulling sex :]
with "him" onlyyy.

When men are the actual MAN in a relationship!
Push me up against a car like a rag doll & kiss me in a thunderstorm with no intentions to stop.
Turn Offs
-bad breath
big gross eye brows.
guys extremely overweight, atleast 40 years of age, or has a 5 foot receiding hairline; sorry not trying to being rude, but no thank you.

Favorite Things
TV Show Everybody Loves Raymond <3
Movies Everything, im a movie fanatic.
You name it, i no it (:
Music five finger death punch.

Too manyyy, i love to read.
Quote "when your feeling lonely, just look at the space between your fingers, and remember mine fit perfectly in between."

"there selling make believe, and i dont buy that here."
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CptAwesome22: I am definitely not the cutest ever wink That clearly belongs to you. But thankkkkkk you. Hope your Valentine's Day is AMAZING
charlietheunicorn: Thank you for the add!
TwinTurboed: thanks! but youre way hotter i wish i had you
mikeylikesit82: Hey rashell how you doing over there? Your lookin real sexy
bcballer1408: not really into tattoos, but you can pull them off for sure
Hazey: my gawd babe rockin body!
adrunkenbunny: you're sweet smile thanks for the kind comment.
tommyjohn99: you are freaking def get my yes if you will rate me...rate me honestly please
locoman: Looking over ur profile. There is a lot to say, but I'm going to have to just leave it at this , it must have been that worm when you were 5
themjeans1104: I'm not complicated, lol..
confidentguy88: Hey Jus was checking out ur profile...thought u said u weren't a complicated individual lol smile
brianb89: Gorgeous
codytk: lol girls tend to love that picture and guys always make fun of me for it
happydunce: hey sexy, i dont know if you remember me but i got AIM for you now finally lol so let me know if you would like to chat sometime! =)
shaqinmiami: You are intriguing.
TwinTurboed: Hey umm uhhhhhhhhhhhh welll, i was like wondering ummmmmmmmmm if maybe uhh like, you wanted to maybe umm like be my SL or something????
IM4U2TEASE: good luck with you in becomming a nurse hug i do footings for a living. i have a ""work"" folder opento public on my profile
IM4U2TEASE: what do you do for work?
IM4U2TEASE: im doing fantastic today, thanks. what are you up to?
IM4U2TEASE: how are you today rashell?
TK85: Very hot miss, love the profile!
AdventWrath: hehe<333 gorgeous
AdventWrath: msg me back soon!<3
AdventWrath: pure hawtness
CptAwesome22: Haha that's awesome! Good thing he got you home though no problem!!! Was the bumblebee a hit at least?

And my night was very good! Tons of fun so I can't complain! I'm excited for the pictures for sure!!! Lol
CptAwesome22: Hello! smile How was your Halloween last night? Did you have a ton of fun?!
CptAwesome22: Only one more day and Halloween pictures of a cute bumblebee show up!!! grinlol So excited haha.
escape08: damn smile
sterlingsccr05: very sexy! thanks for the yes smile
earlsta: oh hey how are youu?
moonpie815: Lol I won't tell anyone.
boilergolf: very pretty, got a yes from me
CptAwesome22: Oh! And... it wasn't a trampoline. It was just a bench I was jumping off of haha. And a good angle.
TrainU09: It's on the 17th. Why you wanting to move? Too busy/expensive?
CptAwesome22: Haha you're not corny at all! I'd be excited to get them to show up for sure! That would be a hell of a birthday party at the least. And yes... WYHT style is pretty much the coolest way to roll ever. I wish I could do it 24/7
CptAwesome22: Haha and yes. An internet present. I haven't full defined what that was yet... But. I'm thinking that about the only thing that works is a photo haha. Or a Happy Birthday sign. Just do it WYHT style I suppose!
CptAwesome22: Oh! And my birthday is on the 8th! So you beat me haha. But I've already turned 21, so I know how crazy your party might be. I should get you an awesome interwebz present somehow!
CptAwesome22: Epic fail on my part. I meant I'd just be a flower if I knew where you were partying. That way I could dream of being pollinated by your hottness? Haha. Or at least just have a matching costume for you.
CptAwesome22: Lol that is pretty cool too. I initially wanted to be a Lego, but it's just too uncomfortable haha. I'm going super simple and putting some dots on a white t-shirt... It's so lame, but I want to be comfortable! I'd totally be a flower if I knew where you
CptAwesome22: I'm doing really well! grinlol I'm SUPER looking forward to Sunday now! That sounds like a ridiculously cute outfit!

I'm going to be kind of lame and just be dice though haha. It's not too elaborate but I needed something cheap so I could save money lol. Yo
moonpie815: HEY! WTF is up with that? I swear I just saw you run past my place naked screaming something about a pokemon trying to touch your bum. Do we need to call Dr. Jeffery again?
CptAwesome22: Well thank you! smile How's your day been going so far? Any good plans for Halloween yet? You better out up pictures of your costume if you have one too! Or else!!! :P
TrainU09: are you really from NYC? I'm gonna be out there in a few weeks for John Mayer!
CptAwesome22: Thank you for the comment! I got nothing on you though smile You are absolutely gorgeousss. And seriously... Themjeans is a perfect name for you haha. I've NEVER seen a girl make them look as good as you do smile
datyunghustla: thanx you are very hott too.
TwinTurboed: hey, wnna see my dick
shaqinmiami: Those gosh darn overweight spiders!
Hahaha. Nothing really new with me, i'm on my lunch break from work, then i get off work and have like 3 hours of homework to do, and studying for a test i'll fail. UGH, haha.
Speaking of awkward, that "UGH" was prett
avenged52: haha i double dog dare you. yeah i met em at a frat house that they played at, my friends frat
moonpie815: I love my quotes. I always think of one and then forget to add it though. Gets on my nerves lol.

Whatchu up to this disgusting (Seattle blows) tuesday?
avenged52: i've met them! they're bomb. see colorado is just better already grinlol
avenged52: haha i'd love to! we can come back to the 303 (my area code) haha wink
avenged52: w/e i was gonna come kidnap you wink
avenged52: whats cookin good lookin? i'm hangin, not going to class...haha
avenged52: hey there girly whats up
shaqinmiami: Talk to me, loser.
moonpie815: HOW DID YOU FIND OUT!?!?!?!??!?!
Damn you're a crafty one. lol

Nawww im not 36, but i am obese. fer sher.
moonpie815: its far more eclectic than that. I just tried to do one band/artist per letter smile

CRAP... i just realized im 36 years old and morbidly obese. Cna I still talk to you lol
shaqinmiami: Where did you goooo
moonpie815: you seem just weird enough for me to talk to you grinlol lol
shaqinmiami: do we know eachother? Cuz i wasn't sure, but you seemed familiar, hahaah.
shaqinmiami: Oh hai
avenged52: aww why are you being over worked? take a break :P
and talk to me more often!! haha
avenged52: whats up?
falcon87: i know the basis of what i want. its goin on the left of my chest about the size of a fist, goin to be a tiger photorealistic but the only thing i'm not sure how i want it drawn yet.
ericsmithh: Thanks for the add gorgeous
avenged52: got get some! haha i'm just hangin i got today off so i'm kickin it grinlol
avenged52: hey don't trip chocolate chip! it's all good! what you up to?
luckycasper: palim
avenged52: hey whats cookin good lokin
ZigxZagxZach: hey is yer aim workin yet i wanna talkgrinlol
CrombIEboY17: your welcome smile how are you?
philthy1: no prob i see u got a nice taste in music and tv shows lol
jeffdogg48091: thank you for the pic comment sweetheart. hope you're having a great day
soccer1794: thnkssmile how how r ya? from ny?
falcon87: lol. i would probably forget what it meant too. i have a zippo that has love on it. i'm workin on getting a tat on my chest it would be my first cuz i've been moving around so much i haven't had the money to get one. but yea 5fdp is awesome in concert!
thenameisscot: Thanks for the yes Beautiful!
nycguy420: you're not online :-p
nycguy420: Hey sweetie whats your aim
avenged52: haha well you know where i am so...get over here! then you'll be by me grinlol
ZigxZagxZach: Music is a major passion it runs through my sould heart and your Aim working yet?
derailed: you're very sexy
ZigxZagxZach: Hell yea a Friend with Weed is a Friend inded lolgrinlol.
Yea i been playing Guitar for about 2 and half yrs im all pretty much self left handed but i play n learned on a right handed guitar and the strings are still strung for a right handed perso
avenged52: what do you say that you ditch work and come chill with me?
ZigxZagxZach: Ahh! thats such a buzzkill im sorry hun id so wake n bake with ya but im clear in Illinois lol.i think on my day off im going to learn some acoustic covers havent picked em out yet but i know ill learn sumthing breathtaking
ZigxZagxZach: Aww hehe well its true yer dam Gorgeousgrinlol!
Anyways Good Morning i just woke up time to wake n bake haha todays my day off from work
ZigxZagxZach: lol i just cant get over the fact of how dam Gorgeous u aregrinlol
rutherkj: an interview and class ... then going out ha... ps i wish u had more pics so i could comment them ha!
rutherkj: well thanks wink! so whats goin on?
avenged52: i just got home from takin my dad to work. and now i'm just hangin maybe do some studying in a lil bit
avenged52: well good mornin gorgeous whats up?
soccer1794: hey there how r ya im mikesmile thnks for the add.. ur a real cutieewink
avenged52: hey no problems!!! we'll make it happen another day smile
yunghung: thanx for the pic comments...ur extremely attracitve! haha
jints: thnks for the yes, id LOV to chat more, would u wanna chat?
rutherkj: thanks for the pic comment ur such a hottie!
GardnerD: thanks for accepting my friend request. gave you a yes smile ttyl
falcon87: true, i love the side tats on girls. for some reason no matter what it is it always looks good.whats your chinese symbols say.
avenged52: gay! i'm sorry :( well guess we'll have to talk on aim or w/e another time :P
ZigxZagxZach: Ahhh thats shity im sorry!
yea i got aim msn n yahoo im just bored smokin bongs n i wont be able to sleep for awhile:( just im all sore n up from work
avenged52: so what ya doin? lol
falcon87: hey i like what i can see of your tats. how many do you have?
ZigxZagxZach: Yea in rap i like Tech n9ne,Kottonmouth Kings,Icp,Immortal Technique,Lil wyte,Lil wayne thats about it lol.Yea AIM sucks lol u have msn er yahoo?.And fersure its a killer Fact we dig alot of the same taste in music its a huge intrest in my eyeswink
avenged52: jump on your roomies laptop than :P
avenged52: it's so been longer than 5 mins =P
ZigxZagxZach: Right on!.yea id say my bands gotta be Lamb of god,Parkway Drive,As i Lay dying,Job for a cowboy,The Devila wears prada,Bring me the Horzion, im musically diverse only thing i dont do is alot of techno,country,r&b,main
stream rap u have any messnger
avenged52: hahahahahahahaha how funny well i'll wait then :P
avenged52: bummer...well idk use aim express? hahaha
ZigxZagxZach: Hell yea Lamb of God is by far one of my fav bands!
Im a Musician i cover alot of lamb of god i also cover metalcore and death metal n sum regular vocals as well
avenged52: lol you should just use meebo like i do! haha
ZigxZagxZach: i dont think yer a spazzo lol its all good hun.
Yea i just got home from work like half hour ago im pretty fuckin sore:.thanks for the pic comments fersurewink
avenged52: dang your comp does blow lol it's takin you a coon's age to get on...
ZigxZagxZach: Lol thanks its just hair man!
im Zach nice to meet you.
avenged52: lol well i'll be waiting grinlol
ZigxZagxZach: stunningwink
avenged52: ahhhhh shittt son...can't wait...hurry your fine ass up!!
avenged52: haha well that whole band is awesome. my sn is darksyn7x for AIM hahahaha smile
avenged52: syn is amazing. he's mine and my bro's idol. i play bass guitar, he plays guitar. him and his friend are amazing.
so do you have any IM's or shit...cuz that'd be
avenged52: so i requested you to be my SL if thats cool with you,because i think you're rad =P
avenged52: lol like a7x is an understatement i like worship the ground they walk on hahaha. those are some pretty rad bands. i love rap too hahaha. mine and my bro's band are like an a7x cover band/progressive metal band xD
avenged52: my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! damn right it's betta then yours! haha. some 5FDP huh...what kinda music you into?
what kinda car you drive? where do you work now?
avenged52: hahaha, you got junk in yo trunk! haha it's nice smile
so any whoo...i see that that convo is a spiralling one about lets save our selves the trouble hahaha. what you doin? whats on your mind?
avenged52: hahaha thats whats up wink you gots a purdy smile =D
and what bout my badonk? have you seen it?...thats pretty fat...i have a pic of it xD
avenged52: hahahaha how did i do that?
ahhh snap i better get my fat ass to DIA to pick you up =P
avenged52: i'm fat i'm fat i'm fat i'm fat i'm you on your way to colorado yet?
avenged52: yeah i need to get my fat ass in shape...the last bit of my comment got cut off...i wanna try out for a semi pro team!
so we could totally run together! i'd totally chase that fine ass of yours! hahahaha xD
avenged52: and 12.1 is pretty good for a girl in the 100 mine was 11.5 so you could keep up with me! =P
avenged52: haha a year isn't that great. i was 2nd string varsity for 1 year behind a sophomore so i didn't wanna wait till my sr year to start. and the team i was playing for sucked donkey dick. i'm outa football shape now lol, but i wanna get back into it and try
avenged52: oh sick! what was your best 100 time?
i loved pole
i played football till my freshman year in college, 1 year of college football, wish i was still playin
avenged52: hahaha like i said though i'm a football player =P so yeah. yeah? what'd you do in track? i ran the 100 4x1 and pole vault
avenged52: haha you probably would...if it's not a football...i throw worse than a girl lol
haha you're more than pretty! and you don't need me to make you feel that way! haha you're drop dead gorgeous!
avenged52: lol you don't like the snow? i bet you'd like it if we played in it!! =)
oh god i had a long's nice to finally come home, and be lucky enough to talk to a sexy girl like yourself!
avenged52: haha it snowed over here! i love the snow! and i had class from 9 till 5, didn't get home till like 7 though.
avenged52: haha it's all good wink so any who how was your day?
avenged52: colorado from NY? thats pretty far...thats like halfway across the states hahaha. but if it's not too far for you then hey hey wink hahahaha. and right now my brain is full of junk...well not junk...but lots of info that's overwhelming haha
avenged52: oh brain is almost moosh...seriously lol. well chicago like i said for fashion! or...colorado(thats where i live) wink hahaha j/p
avenged52: haha yeah it's hard as shit i've gone 3 semesters with out a break. my brain hurts haha. fashion?! thats rad!!!! you should try chicago they have an awesome fashion program(i only know that cuz one of my ex
s is there for that)
avenged52: hahahaha thanks! you're fricken gorgeous yourself!!! i'm just kickin it just got home from school not too long ago.
avenged52: hey there whats up? thanks for the add
one2cook: Thank you!!! So are you might I add!! smile
jdueke: i added you.. im knightz fb 07
jdueke: let me get ur AIM babe
aceswildtru: Wow, REALLY sexy! grinlol
cardsfan22: So what's up?
cardsfan22: aww well thank you sweetie
cardsfan22: You are very cute!!
philthy1: Great pic! wink
ki4life: good deal, im just relaxing and enjoying my day off, what do you like to do for fun?
nebraskaz71: very hot, thanks for add whats ur myspace
ki4life: hey thanks for the add, whats going on?
jbone2212: hey your def way hot you think i could get ur aim sn?
five0matt: thanks for the add and the great comment, if you want to talk, i'm on aim, usmcmatt81.
juggaloco: damn youre smokin hot and drop dead gorgeous
bElOwZeRo262005: haha right on
ghengis: lol nope, you are. and thanks, you're sweet. :3
bElOwZeRo262005: im gonna put up some more pics hun?
bElOwZeRo262005: thanks for the are really making my day
ghengis: lol you're talking about yourself, sweet one :3
ghengis: haha, yes you are grinlol
ghengis: perfect redface
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