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Name Rashell.
Age 26
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Not Given
State New York
City ohh, new yorkk.
About Me
Would you hit this.

-lifes never easy,
your always gonna get hurt,
you just have to find the right person,
worth suffering with :]

-hii. im rashell, obv.
[pronounced as; ruhhhhhh-shelllllll.]
If your gonna be a disgusting pervert, dont even waste your time.
I wont respond.
I HATE my profile picture now, but it wont let me change it!!
Inputtt?? Anywhooo.
I promise my profile wont bore you.
FAR from faaaaake.
Shit just got REAL.
Facebook it bitch.

Im fascinated by art, hence the reason i go to college for it.
I have roadrage, & im surprised i havent jumped out of my car & beat somebody up yet who didnt use their blinker.
I love to exercise.
i would literally KILL myself if i ever got overweight.
I love summer & fall.
Swimming, bbq's, mudding, hoodies, leaves, colors.
im a country girl at heart.
I have a 07 sunfire, for now
Its not amazing, but im getting there.
I have ten tattoos, and ten piercings.

-yes i do have a bestfriend,
his name is michael,
and no i dont fuck him.
he's gay, and pretty much my world.
the ORIGINAL batman && robin wink

& when i ever get time off, im partyingg, drinkingg, and being with friendsss.
I dont get drunk, i get AMAZING.
Im a freak, & if you dont like it dont talk to me.
Turn Ons
i love hot, dirty, sweaty, ass spanking, hair pulling sex :]
with "him" onlyyy.

When men are the actual MAN in a relationship!
Push me up against a car like a rag doll & kiss me in a thunderstorm with no intentions to stop.
Turn Offs
-bad breath
big gross eye brows.
guys extremely overweight, atleast 40 years of age, or has a 5 foot receiding hairline; sorry not trying to being rude, but no thank you.

Favorite Things
TV Show Everybody Loves Raymond <3
Movies Everything, im a movie fanatic.
You name it, i no it (:
Music five finger death punch.

Too manyyy, i love to read.
Quote "when your feeling lonely, just look at the space between your fingers, and remember mine fit perfectly in between."

"there selling make believe, and i dont buy that here."
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