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Profile for Jonnyquest (offline- last on: Jan 1, 10)
Rating (go rate me)
Name Jonnyquest
Age 34
Webcam? yes
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country Canada
State British Columbia
City Vancouver
About Me
allwas up for chatting or cam chat
My Apps
Sk8ing, punk rock, ska, snowboarding, surfing, sex, Bmx, Girls, wakeboarding
Turn Ons
outgoing, cute bums, open, funny, fun, Can just be them selfs
Turn Offs
Not Given
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show 70show, amazing Race, family guy, UFC,
Movies all
Music every thing
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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JenniePooh85: ur welcome and thanks for the add
JenniePooh85: thanks for the vote sweetie
Tsihcrana: Haha, that was so cute, i was cruising your profile, then noticed i had a friend add, lol. Thanks for the yes. smile
Melody38: you very welcome and thank you also!
pakangkang15: hey! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
Megsimoo: you're most welcome smile
XMARKSTHECADAVER: thanks for the yes smile
KMarie2008luvsgrlz: hey, it's nothing personal...ur jus a guy. & i'm a lesbian.
xobellalova4yaxo: thanks for the yes, i returned the vote. =]
< sorry about the last comment, i pressed comment without typing anything redface
xxVampirexxFirexx: np hunn smile
badkitty19: very sexy wink
xjanedoe: thanks for the yes =]
sexytiff01: helll ya u got a deff yes from me !! smilesmilesmile
eaglelake99753: yes! I'd hit this thanks for the yes!
DancingAngelx3: Anyy time sweety <3
Mitsui: any time, cutie :]
kayarebee: welcome gorgeous.
DKrissy420: no problem cutie
samysalsaxx: super gorgeous
mikeysgirl89: you have a very sexy smile
mischeviouss33: you are a cutie, sir.
mikeysgirl89: you're a very atractive man. hit me up some time
foreverOTB: your welcome <3
sexpot68: hey to you too sexy!
sexpot68: hello gorgeous!
HeavensFinest: Not a problem heartthrob
bl0nd3vix3n: ur hot
xxPASSIONxx: heyy how are you?
xcheer4kellyx: major hottie!!
Mic66588: Thank you too, cutie!
drc007: thank you as well
mandyx3: youre welcome babe.
savannah5: thanks for the yes!
laura53: not only r u hot your canadian soo thank you!!!
naughtymonkey2006: anytime darling!
OLuckieLadieO: yw johnny..ur hott what do u expect :P
MeganBee: i love your pics
teresa17: thanx for the yes
xoxAmanda2789xox: hey thanx for the yes sexy u deff got a yes from me smile
FIREYVIXEN: hey sexy how ya been...its been a long time
AngelGirl5: u are welcome
AngelGirl5: thanx for the yes u are cute wink
cz1190: why are you so cuutee??
xEXSxANDxOHSx: you're gorgeous... should def not be single. =]
Hottiepahtottie: Sweet...How are you?
Hottiepahtottie: u so cute smile
xEXSxANDxOHSx: hey thanks for the yes. you're gorgeous babe.
akvolleystudd: your gorgeous thnxs for the yes :]
Keekee412: anytime, ur a cutie, whats ur msn
meginAK: i put some new pics up. u should check them out! smile
innocenticee666: your welcome =]
Gothbaby89: thanks for the yes =]
blondekgurl: np anytime u r sexy and your tattoos r hot!!!
blueeyedsoutherngal: thanks for the yes. You def. get one back from me sexy
xXxJesi420xXx: thanks for the yes
bluedragon102: sexy
xoxsexyladyxox: Effin' Hott!
hazella: You're sexy! wink
LilestPunkMunkie: I want to play let's find the tatoos wink you can play find the piercings wink rawwwwrrr
angeleyes82: god you are fuckin sexy as hell babe..
princessbaby339: ur hotttt
XxXJenXxX: HeLLo ThErE! ThAnKs FoR tHeRe ThE aDd! <33
sweetmissourigirl4u: ty for the yes u definately get one right back ... love that smile it looks so innocent but i bet u are bad boy arent u ? smile keep smilin
LittleBabyG1rl: Boarder oh thats hot


schatzee: u r beautiful!!! lol
shorty0688: hey gorgeous
tat2dkitten666: Yes i'll marry you.!! You didnt even have to ask! hehe jk .Seirous... your style is Killa! Your a damm Hottie!
angeleyes82: mmmmm damn you are so fuckin fine!!!!! it was good talkin to ya lastnight hope to do it again soon.. wink
underURwindow: so hot.
cz1190: mmm canadian boys are soo hot.
im gonna move to canada k?
cz1190: thanks for the add cutieee! =]]
ginabilling: Johnny Quest rocked! "here, Bandit"
XxLuckyGirlxX: nice ass babe. :o)
hitonme: no thankyou for the yes, you got one cause your hot not just cause i wanted to return that favor i am the honest girls on here if your ugly you will get a no... haha so feel good YOUR HOTT
just1calorieevil: thanks for the yes sexy heartthrob
ImSingleNLookin: Gorgeous n thnx 4 the yes!
wicked17babe2008: so adorable!
ValeOfTears: Thnx for the yess
punkchic12stones: your so pretty
wrestlingchicx: you are very welcome
fashionexpert514: u -r definitely hot..thanks for the yes.
hesmyobsession: havent talked to you in awhile, jus thought i'd say hey!
krissyg: whats you msn name is it ok if i add you
aZOMBIE: wow you're gorgeous <3
hottiewithanattitude: checking my body out are u hehe
sweet2bme: aww thanks for the yesgrinlol your a cutiegrinlol and i like the snowboarding picture..hotness..I love snowboardersgrinlol
hondaimportermanda: thanx for the Yes cutie! Have a great day!
CareBearLove: god you are fucking hot!<3
uglyXduckling: thanks for the yes cutie!
MrsBrightside117: iimmmmmmmmm going to canada in april smile
CanadianGirlFunk: nuttin better then a hottie punk man
softballchick627: Hey, Your welcome ;-)
tootsie15: hey Want some Bangbucks?
hottiewithanattitude: hey u....u need to get on cam for me i miss u so much
srfrgrl: omg. you board. i miss one thing about living up north. my snowboard. :(
tootsie15: Ilove ur Smile..its soo cute.. hit me up <3
xXxsexxyxXx511: very hott
AshleyRenae: thank u for the YES .. u deff get mine ~*AsH*~
Juggalette985: very sexi add me on yahoo skittlezlover985
AudreyRose: .:beautiful:.
klee62485: Hey thanks for the yes...I just started this thing last night...
leatherbabe00: WOW WHAT U CUTIE U R!!!!!!!
xoxjeanniexox: so hot wink
nelliebelliewi: Your so fuckin hot id bang u in a heart beat!
IndianaGrl20: Oh wow, now your what I am talking about baby! I would so fucking rock your world baby! If you think U can keep up then CUM get you some. U for sure got my vote... but do I get yours?
MrsBrightside117: umm so whens that trip to NY youre planning..? haha
addictedtolipgloss: mmmmmmmmm
shorty2005: sexah
rAyNe: you are one sexy guy smile
hollistachick89: why did you say no to me?!
Fantasy0f1nn0cence: hehe thanx babe!
aaaaaaabbbadc: thanks for the yes baby ur gorgeuos smile
RkyHorrorShow: ello love.. just thought I'd stop by and say hi :P
caliGurl707: Damn you are definatly a QT So hot talk to you later maybe...butterfly_95490 hit me back babe
romanceistragic: ok no messages from rude. *humps your leg*
XsunshineXdazeX: your soooo cute! nice tattoo haha :P mmhmm i'd hit it!
rednecklover: hey hottie ill be in cnada when im 18 hells yea you no why lol only 2 years sexy maybeill see you
XSarahLovesYouX: sooo sexy sweety
heidi2005: awwww thank you sweetie so r u
woulduhitthis19: Killer tattooo....super sexy
Geminihottie: hey sexy what are you up too
romanceistragic: thankyou for the yes <3
romanceistragic: aiiii papi! yes for you!
Babeths: soooooo hot:P
youmeanme: thankssmile
xxhonee4uxx: wow ur soo hott♥
hesmyobsession: aww thank u gorgeous heartthrob
iadoreyou: Thanks your VERY sexy
darknangell: you are fuckin hottt bioy
xXtoxictearsXx: cute
BlueEyes1827: Well thank you babe, lookin good yourself smile
crysisababe: hey dude wats up ? well just want to say hi and tell u ur pretty fuckin hott! hit me up sometiem ! do you have msn or yahoo
onelittlehottie: Thanx gorgeous smile
xBadNewsx: Adorable
akhockey29: thanks hun, but you are the HOTTIE!!!
ilovecheese75: ^_^ You are so very cute. *Makes heart out of hands*
SexyPunkie: thanks..i like your style boy.
BacardixBaBy23: Yumm
kellyad03: Hey, thanks.. very sexy, ttyl
LadyJ: Damn..Just went threw your pics your Hella Sexy lol..
LadyJ: Thanx for you Comment sweety!!xoxox
songfiredream: hey. got your message and wanted to check out your profile. you're gorgeous and seem really cool. hit me back sometime
Crystal702: wink soo sexy
irwickedchic84: thanx for the coment ur very hott
lost058: very hot
xlightningchickx: thanks doll. you're pretty damn sexy yourself.
blondisious69: aww thanks for the comment! your really sweet and gorgeous!

BabyCakes19: HeLL YeS BaBy GRRRRR ; )~
kla4u: OMG U R SO HOT! holla back baby! *muah*
KrazieGirl: wow you're fucking georgous!! I'd hit it any day!
Emily1616: Gorgeous!!!!!
pinkpimpstress19: Your gorgeous!! Got my Yes for sure honey!! Hit me Up sometime!
Jonnyquest: hmm
akbabe32: hey sexy lover!! how are you doing, i am doing good, just sitting here being bored. talk to you later.
heartthrob iloveyou
goobxbritt: (hitit)
goobxbritt: damn boy ur fine!* message me sometime!* wanna be my sexy lover? hehe (theone)
Krystar: Mmmm*drools*Mmmmm
MadlyInLoveWithMatt: thank you for the yes
ilovesk83rz0690: smile Hot.
yourwife: Thanks for the yes! I think your a hottie, and I would hit it!
lucky13jeska: ur cute!
CrackIsAddictive: Sexy wink
babysoft19: wow damn boy! yous a hottie
snugglebo: lol hey hun i didnt know you signed up.. but hey your hott so its all good messgae me sometime hun..~theresa~
sexxysaugusbabe143: ya im the first one to comment on you! your a hottie u kinda look like my ex in a way! but ur way hotter!!!!!
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