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Profile for ghengis (offline- last on: Aug 28, 15)
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Name You can call me Al
Age 27
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
About Me
wave I'm a moderator on this site. Message me for any concerns, and yes I know there are a lot of problems with this website. I have facebook as well if you want to add me, just message me.

Notice - some of the site features do not work. Kindly send me a message if:

1.) You need your main default changed to another picture(ensure you upload it to your public album)
2.) Need an account approved
3.) Need a salute approved
4.) Need an account closed/suspended/unsuspended and so forth
5.) Have something cute or nice to say
6.) Would like to be my gf oti or irl
7.) Would like to say hey
8.) Need to know why your account is pending/suspended/or anything else, minus my phone number as I only give it out to a few people
9.) Let me know what kind of sandwich you would make me
10.) Have something worth while to say
11.) You have anything to report to me
12.) You want to join my new site that's in BETA wave
13.) You want to be my wife

This issues have been going on for years, so they probably won't be fixed until further notice.
Programming, music, business. I'm a developer, musician, producer, actor, comedian, and entrepreneur. I like long walks on the beach and saying fuck you a lot. I'm an asshole to some, loved by others, and love to help people when they are in need of being helped.

I play guitar, keyboards, among other instruments and spend some time producing music and bands. Traveling is great, maybe you should try it as well.
Turn Ons
Not you, I don't give a fuck. smoke
I'm an asshole, a prick, a dickhead, but don't get intimidated.
Turn Offs
to all my peeps wave and all the haters wave

Dumb Bitch smoke

To all my worthless ex girlfriends, you were great! rolleyes smoke

To all my worthwhile ex girlfriends, you are great! lick wink

To all the strippers smoke

To all my ladies smoke

To all the film producers, actors and actresses, my cats and dogs, all my thousands of fans, your mother, her mom, and her sisters, I thank you bow smoke
Favorite Things
TV Show Criminal Minds
Mob Stuff
Movies Any movie that's good.
Music Rock, Rap, Metal, Dubstep, All of it, except country. smoke
Book lol
Quote "HAY"
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