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Profile for DipSetHolla305 (offline- last on: Aug 27, 12)
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Name Derek
Age 26
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
My Apps
football and rugby and jus havin fun....hit me up if u wanna i like meetin nu ppl.
Turn Ons
everythang( especially asians n latinos) i like a gurl who's got her head on str8 and is goin sumwhere wit her life
Turn Offs
fake ppl and haters, ugly gurls that think they look good and bums that don't do ne thang wit their life
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Chapelle's Show, Rap City, Simpsons, WWE and espn all day
Movies Don't Be A Menace, The Notebook( say wut u want but thas mah shit), Boyz n the Hood, Godfather, 8 Mile, Goodfellas
Music Rap, RnB, Rock, Mike jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Lil Wayne, Disturbed, Slipknot, Lamb of god, Pastor Troy, Lil Jon, Dipset and pretty much ne thang as long as it ain't country
Book Never Die Easy, The Heisman, Return to Glory, Junction Boys, Mind Gym
Quote "Put a Dick in ya Mouf"
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kisapmata: hi how are you?wanna chat with me.
you look hot and handsome,id love to know more about you.
if you dont mind add me up.


im on now..takecare always!!
bulbolnisam: hi! whats up?
nice pic... if you have time to chat, just hit me up,,
LaNh: GD you're hott!!! Mmmmm....
Danielle0702: God DAM YOUR FINE!!!
hottazhell69: welcome cutie.
hottazhell69: HELLOOO SEXXXY
hottazhell69: HELLOOO SEXXXY
allikat: looking good
aintshecute91: i wouldd wink
o0obabyyo0o: thanks for the yes
i returned one..
ur super sexciee !!
<33 def would hit that wink
iwillneverneglectyou: lol, not at all
iwillneverneglectyou: lol, no it doesnt snow year round.
it snows for a good 7 months about, but for te past like 3 years we havent really gotten any snow, we get it.. but then its almost completely gone the next day
and summer gets pretty hot, for an alaskan anyway
iwillneverneglectyou: haha, yeah dude
i go swimming all the time
it really isnt that cold though
unless you go when its becoming winter
then you jump in and your ass will be out in two seconds, lol
unless your not a pussy
iwillneverneglectyou: it is beautiful
specailly when the snow falls and creates a white sheet on the ground, ugh
i love it here, i dont think i could ever leave
summers are just as great too
iwillneverneglectyou: Yeah, .. it is.
iwillneverneglectyou: talk about making me shake, your way cute. and you like the notebook. smile
lish2069: hey sexi whas gud?
cutiepie0618: your hott!
CheerBubbles19: definitely gorgeous, message me sometime
octoberpearl: mmmm looks real good baby
shipleymm: that is a whole lot of hottness
prexiegurl: DAMN!!!...holla back at cha gurl
sweetgal: hey baby whats up
sweetgal: mmmmmmmm baby if u was here ill be sucking your dick
bhindhazleyes07: you are very welcome hun
BabyShy420: thanx for the yes cutie..
sweetNsassi420: very sexi!
whippedcream710: DaYuM you gotta hella nice bodysmile
IndianaGrl20: Oh hell Yea, now your what I am talking about baby. Man o Man if I could have my way with you. U would not be dissapointed. U got my vote sexy but do I get yours?
kinkykc: underated! ur the most gorgeous guy on this syte! xx
DaBratInPink: DAYU*MM... god damn u are soo mutha fuckan sexy
PartyGurl1: Ur beautiful
prexiegurl: DAMN!!!...holla back at cha gurl
DiSLiLBoOdo69: ohh god damn you are sexi would you hit this
hesmyobsession: sexy
kinkykc: gorgeous!! xxxxx
kinkykc: my sexy lover ur sooo fukin gorgeous!!! xxx
kinkykc: this boy is just perfect!! x
spectacularbabigrl: dddaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm
nnnnnnnnn.............. mm mm .. sexiii
hootchiemama: thankssmile
hootchiemama: hey babie, ur fynesmile
julietsdemon: u look GREAT! lol im me sometime moondew_daego on yahoo
perfektionz: ahh hit me up sumtime alright if u dont ima be dissapointed
dAnIxeLLe741: you are so hot
eyecandie3238: I would totally let you beat.
Chingyslovergirl: mmmmm damn sexy, Id let u beat.
Emza223: your are fucking sexy!! damn :P hit me up soon grinlolgrinlolgrinlol
BeautifulDisaster07: Damnnnn someone is rlly Hot<3
DaBtOwNgUrL: hellllllllllla yeah id hit it anytime
vietgal4shois14: damn u fine
Ashlayme18: hey! whats up? get back with me if u want.... my screen name is thuggurl_je@yahoo or thuggurl_bw69@yahoo....

alicious421: young but sexy!!
Lisha07: DAMN...... you are fine!!!!! I love your body!!!!! smile
pinksunset: wow

your gorgeous
cutiepie279: ha.thanks look really good 2!damn.
cutiepie279: haha.thanks.that pic is kinda old though.

SexieLexie11: yummy,
cutiepie279: my god youre hot!
bookiecookie03: Im I that ugly
addicted2349: very hott. leave me a comment some time
italianteaze069: omg u are so hot hit me up sometime
runnerka22: very hot for a youngin wink
Jusyounme: hot
tweakinjas: oh my god can i have some of that
a69sexiegurl: heartthrob HAPPY VALENTINES DAY SWEETIEheartthrob!!!!!!!
super1sexyhottie: sexy as a Motha fuker hit me back PLAY BOY
AAARHONDAAA: id love to hit that babyboy-holla at ya girl im in columbus too!!!
x0SweetHunni: Lookin good
browneyez08: thanx! we should talk sometime.... cuz damn!
browneyez08: thanx! we should talk sometime.... cuz damn!
browneyez08: you're most definately a cutie!!
girlgoddess3: wow boi your me back if you like....mandi
babygurl4lyfe129: DAMN..workin out makes poeple look like you..U look mad good..U shoud holla at me sumtime..And yeah id def hit that fo shore...
hunni0069: oooo sooooo hot!!
foxracinbaby05: damn ur sexy! thanx 4 the yes
CaramelBabe06: dam boi u sexy as hell, holla at cha gurl i know u like my pic
BabyBob02: PRETTY FINE THERE CUTIEwink it is fer sure
MadlyInLoveWithMatt: thanx for the yes ^.^
mami3352: damn pa u fine!! yummy..
ClaudiaAkANaNa: Damn you Fine!!
gangstaboo4u: DDDDDDDDayum! lol
LaTiNaNgEl: hey there, it seems u have voted for me but i can't see it uness i vote for u, however im not sure exactly how to do it, would u mind explaining it to me??
xmzxgreenxeyezx: damn u fine
perfektionz: mm id hit that mad body!!
xcassiex04x: this is my boy derek isnt he hottttttt
juicybluEyes: so so sexy!!
PussyPink: so damn hot woooow
BooBooSami87: WoW!! Nice bod.. hit me up sometime
Christinaplaygirl2: hey add me Too_sexy4you69@hotmail.
DiamondPrincess01: yea he's fine!! thats y he already has a sexy lover
sExYgUrL2k420: ur fine
tink: wow very hot!! xoxo
babygurlsosexy: damn baby u fyne as hell....
CuMGiMmESuMLuViN: hey whats up ... mai sister amanda thinks your hott and she wants to talk to you ... hit it up //// ps i added you to mai AIM
rodeogirl1: wow!!!
PlatinumRed2256: ur a hottie! hit me up sometime!~
BaBeGrL18: damn boy you look hella sexy.. check me out and if u like what u see hit me back..peace
kleezmomi: Aww ur sucha' cutie wink
caramelcutie: wow..where have i seen u before?..maybe it was spanish class, or track..haha..u do look good tho, im not even gonna
babygurlsosexy: Dayum baby....u fyne as hell
Phatbooty: ok!! lets get this...YOUR FUCKIN HOT!!!!!!!! yummy....holla at cho gurl!!x0x0
ItsAllMe: darlin please, i beg u, hit me, as hard as u want!wink hehe!
u r hot!
twister10088: DAmN!!
AnNaStAsIaMaRiE: mm i like that i like that
selfishbrat619: damn ur fine!
DiamondPrincess01: U look great!! ur one of the few best looking guyz i have seen on here!!! thx for the yes... well ill talk to u later
mudv121: you ave a nice body smile
snoopy38: u got a nice ass bodi n nice eyes wink
cuddlytiger17: damn ur hot! *whistles* reow fisk fisk. wink
XxtwinkiesaregoodxX: damn you're fine! thanks for the yes biggrin hit me up sometime
berrypunniepinay: you are sooo fuckin hot
xOxSuNsHiNexOx: damn papi i love ya body hehe soo soo soo sexy and you so fiine holla back and leave me a comment mwah*
blAZEditAliANcHUlA: dam u mad sexyy .. hit me up <3
applesweet: mmm god damn u're fine!!
cowgirl: ....hello you doinwink
stits: DAAAaYMMMn oo baby i like what i see
hawtiewithabody: wow your so hot if you wanna talkyou know what ta do wink
babiiphatt: hey..u look good smile
JaDiE: nm ..u lookin damn good!!!
JaDiE: wuddup cutie!!
mandy08: hey your pritty cute!
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